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Surname Meaning

BALHATCHETT, BALHATCHET bal-? tin mine and unknown second element 11
BAIN, BANE, BEAN byan, little


BANDRY ban-dre, farm on a height


BARGUS, BURGUS bargos, buzzard, or poss: bar-(c)gos, top of the woods


BARAGWANATH, BARAGWANETH, BARAGWANOTH bara gwaneth, wheaten bread, Charnock prefers bar gwaneth, the top of the wheat field


BARFETT poss: from place name Trebarfoot, Poundstock parish


BARICOAT bar-i-cos, over the wood, I am of the opinion that this surname might be from Devon


BARNICOAT, BARNICUTT, BARNICKOAT, BARNICOT, BARNICOTE, BARNICOTT poss: from bar an cos, top of the wood, I am of the opinion that this surname might be from Devon


BASHER. BASSHER unknown meaning found as early as the 16th c in The Lizard 92
BASSETT, BASSET poss: bassya, become lower, short stature?


BASTARD poss: bos-arth, high dwelling




BASWEDNACK poss: bos Winnoc, Winnoc's dwelling


BATH, BACH, BACHE, BAGG, BACK The name is most likely English, perhaps originating in the City of Bath, however some Cornish with this surname may be derived from; bath, boar; poss: bagh, a nook or corner, BATH is by far the most common


BATHER when Cornish, poss: bather, bathorI, a coiner or banker 0
BEAGLEHOLE bugel hal, herdsman of the moor 29
BEDELL, BODELL, BEADELL, BIDDLE, BEADLE bod Dell, dwelling of Dell 19
BEHENNA, BOHENNA bod Hennah, dwelling of Hannah; or byghenna, smaller 104
BEITH likely a personal name, as found in Trebeath, Egloskerry parish 1
BELL a (p)bell, far off, distant dweller,  p mutates to b, most BELLs are not of Cornish origin 39
BENALLACK, BONALLACK banallek, broom brake 60
BENNETTO, BENETTO children of Bennet or Benedict 55
BENNEY, BENNY, BINNEY, BUNNEY, BUNNY, BONNEY, PENNEY, BENOY, BONEY poss: bonny, cluster or clump of ores 912
BERRYMAN, BERRIMAN poss: man of St. Buryan 902
BERSEY, BURSEY unknown meaning 53
BERTY, BURTHY, BERTHO (p)berthy, bushes (p mutates to b) 0
BESCOBY bos Scoby, dwelling of Scoby 0
BESKEEN bos keyn, dwelling on the ridge, or bos cun, abode of dogs, poss: bos cun, dwelling of chief 6
BEST best, moss 464
BESWARICK, BESWARRICK bos gwarthek, dwelling of cattle, or bos Worec, dwelling of Worec 35
BESWETHERICK bos (g)wydhal, dwelling by the thicket, or bos Gwydhylek, dwelling of the Irishman (g is dropped) 111
BEVAN poss: of Welsh origin, ab Evan, son of Evan 31
BICE, BYSSE poss: bys, finger, perhaps a narrow strip of land, only BICE was found in 1881 95
BIDDICK, BIDDOCK from personal name Budic, or budhek, victorious 142
BINES poss: from surname Carbines, carn byan, little rock mass 2
BLAMEY poss: Cornish form of Bellamy


BLEE poss: a breakaway from BLIGH & BLIGHT, the Cornish white witch Tamsin Blight was known also as Tammy Blee.


BLIGHT, BLIGH, BLYTHE, BLYTH blydh, wolf, by far BLIGHT is the most common 500
BOADEN, BODEN bod en, dwelling with suffix en, hence a dwelling in a group of dwellings, only one BODEN was found in 1881


BOASE, BOAS, BOSE, BORES bos res, dwelling by the ford, only BOASE & BOAS were found in 1881 156
BOAST, BOST poss: nickname from bost, brag or boast 0
BODENHAM bod Dynham, dwelling of Dynham 0
BODIELLA bod Ella, dwelling of Ella 0
BODILLY, BADDELY bod Ella, dwelling of Ella 67
BODINNAR, BODINAR, BODINNER, BODENNER, BERDINNAR bod Ynyr, or bod EnerI, dwelling of Ynyr 49
BODY, BODDY, BODDIE poss: bod-dy, special kind of house in a group of houses 226
BOLITHO poss: bod lethyow, dwelling with dairies 256
BOND unknown meaning. 337
BONE unknown meaning. 296
BONYTHON bos Nectan, dwelling of Nectan 15
BORLASE, BORLACE, BURLACE, BURLASE bur-(g)las, green bank (g is dropped) 199
BOSANKETH, BOSANQUET bos Angawd, dwelling of Angawd  
BOSANKO, BOSANKOE, BESANKO bos ancow, dwelling of death, or bos an cos, dwelling in the wood 141
BOSCAWEN bos scawen, dwelling of the elder tree, poss: bos Gawen, dwelling of Gawen 5
BOSENCE bos syns, dwelling of the holy men, or a sacred dwelling  
BOSUSTOW, BOSISTO, BOSISTOW bos Ustoc, dwelling of Ustoc, poss: bos-ysow, corn abode 61
BOSVARGIS, BOSVURGUS, BUSVARGUS, BOSVARGOES bos (b)vargos, dwelling of the buzzard or poss: bos (b)var-(c)gos, dwelling at the top of the wood, place-name in St. Just. b mutates to v & c mutates to g 0
BOSWARVA bos worweth, end dwelling, poss: bos Gwrwydd, dwelling of Gwrwyyd 0
BOTHERAS porth Eres, cove or landing place of Eres 25
BOTTERELL, BOTTRELL, BOTRAL, BOTRALL prob. from place in Brittany, Tibida Boterel 165
BOUNDY, BOUNDAY, BOUNDEY bownd-dy, house by the miner's claim 147
BOWDEN, BAWDEN Cornish form of Baudouin 1559
BRANWELL poss: bran-iel, lowland frequented by crows 39
BRAY bre, hill 1418
BRITTON, BRITTEN, BRIDDON descendants of Breton immigrant 12
BROCK brogh, badger 114
BROCKENSHAW, BROKENSHIRE poss: bro-kensa, first or chief in region, BROKENSHIRE is by far the most popular 263
BUCKETT, BOKETH, BOWKETT bos keth, dwelling of the serf or bondman 41
BUDDLE poss: corruption of Bodell 73
BULLOCK, BULLOCKE bulgh with diminutive yk, little hare-lipped man 235
BUNT poss: bans, high place, cliff 340
BURROWS, BARROW, BORROW burrow, embankments or entrenchments 401
BUSCOMBE, BUSCOMB, BISCOMBE poss: bos cum, valley abode 141
BUSE, BEW, BEWES bew, lively


BUZZA bossow, dwellings 105
BUZZACOTT, BURSECOTT poss: Bersey's dwelling 0

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