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Surname Meaning
DADDOW poss: da-dow, the good 66
DANING, DANNAN, DANNING poss: from place Bodannan, St. Endellion parish, bos Annan, dwelling of Annan 11
DAWE unknown meaning; if Cornish or West Country poss: from Cornish Dewy, David. Many Cornish words have dew as a prefix, an interesting possibility is Dewnek, a person from Devon, a place where the name is found in numbers. Found in Fowey, Cornwall as early as 1377. Dawlish in Devon possibly derives from du = dark or black and a second element. 604
DEANE, DEAN den, man 57
DELL poss: personal name Dell, poss: dol, a dale (doubtful) 12
DENNIS, DINNIS, DINAS dynas, castle or hill fort. 378
DERRICK, DERICK derowek, oak grove 8
DERRY, DERREY derow, oak trees 39
DEVERIL, DEVERAL dowr-iel, stream within fertile banks 0
DEW du, dark, black, sombre 12
DILLY personal name Dili 1
DINHAM, DENHAM, DYNHAM poss: dynyon, hill forts 4
DINNER, DENNER from saint Diner 69
DOBLE, DOBELL unknown meaning 92
DOLLEY, DOLLY, DOLEY poss: dol-y(n), narrow meadow with a stream 22
DOW poss: du, dark or black 3
DOWER dowr, water 144
DOWLING, DOWLYN poss: deulyn, knees? or poss: dow-lyn, water pool 2
DOWRICK dowr-yk, little water 150
DRAKE unknown origin, poss: tre-yk, little homestead 69
DRAY tre, homestead 4
DREW poss: tro, turn or twist or poss: dryw, wren 342
DUNGEY poss: dyn-jy, house by hill fort, poss: dun-ke, hill enclosed by a hedge 93
DUSTOW poss: from parish name Davidstow, or from personal name Ustoc 37
DYER tyor, thatcher 483

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