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Surname Meaning
EATHORNE, EATHORN eythyn, furze bush 101
EDDY, EAD, EADE, EDE poss: from personal name Udy or Ide 1373
EDYVEAN, EDDYVEAN, EDYVANE poss: Edno-(b)vyan, little Uthno (b mutates to v), or poss: Udy-(b)vyan, little and personal name Udy, signifying Udy junior? (b mutates to v) 103
ELLACOTT, ELLACOT, ELECOTT poss: hybrid Cornish/Anglo Saxon Elli's cottage 46
ELLENS, ELLINS, ELLING elyn, corner, or poss: elyl, probably a plot of ground 16
ELLERY, ELERY elergh(y), swans 138
ELLIOTT, ELLIOT, ELIOTT from personal name Elli 311
ELLIS poss: children of Elli 669
ENDEAN, ANDAIN, ANDEAN, ANDEN an den, the man (prob. a leading man) ENDEAN is the most common by far 138
ENNIS, ENYS, ENNES enys, island or remote place 21
ENNOR poss: enor, honour 42
EUSTICE, EUSTACE, EUSTIS, EUSTES unknown meaning, EUSTICE is the most common by far 242
EVA, EVEA poss: from personal name Hyviu, only 1 of the entries in 1881 was EVEA 361
EVANS Celtic form of John, but possible the name is Welsh even when in Cornwall 505

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