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Surname Meaning
GALE, GALL, GALLIE unknown meaning 90
GARLAND from placename Tregarland in Morval parish 166
GAY, GAYE (k)ge, hedge, (k mutates to g) 247
GEACH unknown meaning 262
GEAKE poss: (k)ge-ek, hedged (k mutates to g) 123
GEAR an ger, the hill fort 2
GEE unknown meaning 8
GERRANS from parish Gerrans which itself is derived from Cornish King Gerent 76
GEW (k)gew, field enclosure, (k mutates to g) 0
GIDDY, GEDYE gedyer, guide 104
GILL poss: from gell, brown or tawny 601
GILLIS poss: from gell, brown or tawny 12
GLASS, GLASSE glas, green or blue 14
GLASSON glesyn, grass plot 393
GLYNN, GLINN, GLYN glyn, deep valley 19
GLOYN, GLOYNE glow-(pr)en, charcoal 28
GLUBB poss: gleb, damp or moist 9
GLUYAS from parish name St. Gluvias 92
GOARD, GOURD, GORD poss: a derivation of COAD, hence the meaning an-goth, woodland (c mutates to g) 97
GODDEN, GOODEN, GOODWIN, GOODING, GODDING unknown meaning, has been suggested that it means good friend, perhaps not Cornish 12
GODOLPHIN godolghyn, rising ground 26
GOFF, GOUGH, GOFFE unknown meaning 7
GOLDSWORTHY poss: gol-erewy, field of a feast or fair 468
GOLLEY, GOLLIE, GOLLY gol-ey, feast or fair place 82
GONINAN, GONINON (k)ge-onnen, hedge of ash trees, (k mutates to g) 23
GONEW, GONOW gonyow, downs. A name found in St. Ives, usually an alias of the STEPHENS family, probably from place of same name in Lelant.


GOOL, GOLE goles, bottom 4
GORDON poss: from gordhyans, honour 4
GOSS cors, bog with rushes 62
GOVER, GOVIER gover, brook, stream 12
GOVETT poss: from goves, smiths 34
GREEP, GRIPE, GREPE an (c)gryb, crest or ridge (c mutates to g) 15
GREET an (c)grug(t), barrow or mound (c mutates to g) 176
GREY, GRAY gre, flock or herd 243
GRIBBEN, GRIBBIN, GRIBBON (c)gryb-yn, narrow ridge or crest (c mutates to g) 84
GRIBBLE (c)gryb-a-bell, the distant ridge (c mutates to g) 214
GRIGG, GREGG, GRIG gregga, to cackle 483
GROSE an (c)grows, the cross (c mutates to g) 510
GRYLLS, GRILLS poss: gryll, a cricket 111
GUE an (k)gew, paddock, (k mutates to g) 0
GUMMOW, GUMMOE, GUMMO cummow, small valleys 117
GUNDRY gun-dre, homestead or farm on the down 117
GWAVAS gwavas, winter abode 0
GWENNAP, GWENAP from parish name Gwennap 23
GWINNEL poss: from gwennol, a swallow 0
GWYNN gwyn, white 2

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