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Surname Meaning
HALES, HALE, HAIL hal, moor 21
HALVOSE, HALVOSO from the place Halvose in Manaccan; hal-fos which means moor ditch, or the plural form hal-fos-ow 1
HAMMETT, HAMMET unknown meaning 35
HAMMILL, HAMMELL, HAMEL, HAMMIL from personal name Hamil 67
HAMPTON unknown meaning 228
HANCOCK hen-gok, great grandfather, ancestor 932
HARE hyr, long 29
HART poss: horth, ram 196
HARVEY poss: arva, to arm 1498
HAWKEY, HOCKEY unknown meaning, but found predominately in Cornwall, earliest known occurance in Cornwall is 1402. When found elsewhere the lines usually trace back to Cornwall. There once was a surname TREHAWKEY, and there is a place called Trehawke. 325
HAYNE, HEYNES, HAIN, HAINES poss: hen, old, HAYNE is the most common by far in 1881 131
HEAL, HEALE hel, hall 31
HEARN, HEARNE, HERN hern, plural form of hern, iron 81
HELLYAR, HELLYER, HELLIER poss: Cornish dialect hellyer, slater or from helgher, huntsman 94
HENDRA, HENDER hen-dra, old place 254
HENDY, HENDEY hen-dy, old house 187
HENDRY hen-dre, old farm 20
HITCHENS, HICHENS poss: variation of HUTCHENS 537
HOBBA, HOBBAH hobba, riding horse 50
HOCKING, HOCKIN, HOCKEN, HOCKYN unknown meaning, according to Roger Hocking, the first occurence of the surname in the area was around 1100 when a Fleming trader emigrated from Bruges or Ghent to Bideford Devon. Poss: derivred from Germanic hock meaning tall, hence Hock-yn; the tall one. 2073
HOLLOW hallow, moors 249
HOLMAN if found in Cornwall poss: hal-men, moorstone


HONEY pet form of Hannibal? 364
HORNE, HORN horn, iron 23
HOSKING, HOSKIN, HOSKEN, HOSKYN heskyn, sedge-marsh, the surname HOSKINS is not a Cornish name, however when found in Cornwall it may actually be a variant of HOSKIN 2210
HOWELL from personal name Howel 19
HUDDY huth-dy, shady house 112
HUGH, HUGHES from personal name Hugh 131
HUGHNANS poss: Hugh-nans, Hugh's valley, or poss: ugh-nans, high valley, poss: an early variant of HUTHNANCE 0
HUNKIN, HUNKING, HUNKEN unknown meaning 243
HURDEN, HURDON from place name Hurdon in Altarnun parish 37
HUTCHENS, HUTCHINS, HUTCHING, HUTCHINGS diminutive of personal name Hugh 261
HUTHNANCE huth-nans, shady or sheltered valley, note this doesn't follow the normal word order, therefore is open to a degree of doubt. Likely named for the place-name Huthnance. 30

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