Cornish surnames K

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Surname Meaning
KEAST kest, straw basket 640
KEAT, KEATS, KIET, KEATT, KEET, KEITH, KEATH keth, slave or serf 162
KEEL kel, shelter 1
KEEN, KEANE ky-yn, little dog or poss: cun, dogs 50
KEIGWIN ky-gwin, white dog 5
KELLOW kellyow, groves 231
KELLY, KELLEY kelly, grove 271
KELYNACK kelynek, holly grove 88
KEMP, KEMPE poss: from kempen, neat or tidy 345
KEMPTHORNE, KEMPTHORN, KIMPTHORN poss: kempen-?, neat or tidy and uncertain second element 92
KERNICK, CORNICK, KARNECK carnak, rocky 106
KERSEY kersy, fens 3
KESKEYS ker-skewys, sheltered camp 21
KESTLE, KESTELL, KESSELL kestel, earthwork fort 288
KEVERNE, KEVERN from parish name St. Keverne 202
KEVETH ker-(m)vergh, camp of horses (m mutates to v) 7
KEY, KEYS from parish name Kea 138
KILLICK culyek, cock 0
KILLIGREW kelly-gre, grove of herd 0
KIMBER Kembrek, Welsh 0
KINGDON poss: cun-dyn, chief fort, I have not included KINGDOM in the count 64
KINGHORN from personal name Kynhorn, kyn-hoern, iron chief 0
KINSEY poss: kensa, first or foremost 0
KINVER cun-va, dog's place 22
KIRBY, KERBY poss: cryb-ek, ridged 15
KITTO, KITTOW, KITTOE poss: Kit's children, Kit is a pet form of Christopher 321
KIVELL, KIVEL poss: personal name Gyfel 1
KLISKEY cowl-lesky, burn up completely 14
KNEEBONE breakaway from Carnebone, Wendron parish which is derived from carn-Ebwen, Ebwen's rock-pile 255
KNUCKEY, KNUCKY kenegen, boggy place 230
KYMBRELL, KYMBREL, KIMBRELL unknown meaning, poss: relating to Kembry, Wales 22

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