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Surname Meaning
MABIN, MABYN from parish St. Mabyn 1
MABLIN map-lyen, clerk or clergyman 0
MADDERN, MADRON from parish name Madron 315
MADDOCK, MADDOX, MADDICK personal name Madoc 21
MAGOR, MEAGOR, MEAGER, MAJOR magor, ruin, old walls 341
MAILE, MALE, MAEL, MAYLE, MAYEL poss: from personal name Mael 83
MAKER magor, ruin, old walls or from parish name Maker 42
MANHIRE, MINEAR, MENNEER, MENEAR men-hyr, long stone, usually meaning a standing stone 417
MANKEE, MANKEY men-kea, stone hedge 0
MANUEL, MANUEL, MANUAL, MANNEL, MANELL, MANNELL Cornish form of Emmanuel, or poss: men-hewol, lookout stone 231
MARRACK marghak, knight 32
MARTIN, MARTINS, MARTYN patronymic name son of Martin, found throughout Britain 3205
MAY unknown meaning 1230
MAYNE, MAINE, MAIN men, stone 135
MENADUE meneth-du, dark hill 42
MENAGUE menegh, monks 0
MENHENICK, MENHINICK, MENWYNICK from place-name Menwynick , men-(gw)wyn-ek, whitish stone 124
MENHENITT, MENHENIOTT from parish name Menheniot 92
MENNA meneth, mountain, in Cornwall this would be a tall hill, place-name Menna in St. Dennis & Ladock both places recorded with earlier spelling Meneth. 0
MERRICK, MERICK morek, maritime 2
MERRIN, MERREN, MURRIN from parish name St. Merryn 12
MESSA messa, to gather acorns 13
MILDREN unknown meaning 126
MINERS poss: a variant of MINEAR 213
MITCHEL, MITCHELL, MICHEL, MICHELL Myghal, Conish form of Michael 2967
MITCHELMORE Myghal-mur, great Michael, probably Saint Michael 11
MOON mon, slender or slim 33
MORCOM, MORCOMB, MORCUM mor-cum, valley leading to the sea 428
MORGAN from Welsh and possibly Cornish personal name Morgan 54
MORRISH, MORISH from personal name Morris 153
MOUNTER mun-tyr, mineral land 5
MOYLE mol, bald or bare 809
MULFRA mol-(b)vre, bare hill (b mutates to v)


MUNDY, MUNDAY, MONDAY mun-dy, mineral house 99
MYLOR from parish name Mylor 0

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