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Surname Meaning
REES, REECE res, ford 72
REPPER, RIPPER from place name Bareppa, Mawnan parish & Berepper, in several parishes these being derived from the French beau-repere, meaning beautiful retreat 57
RESCORLA, ROSCORLA ros-corlan, heath of sheepfold, or res-corlan, ford or sheepfold 106
RESEIGH res-segh, dry ford 67
RESKELLY, ROSKELLY, ROSKILLY res-kelly, ford by the grove, or ros-kelly, heath by the grove 215
RICE, RYCE res, ford 114
RESTARICK res-dowrak, ford of watery place, or ros-dowrak, heath of watery place 1
RETALLACK, RETALLICK res-talek, ford at base of short, steep slope. 298
ROACH, ROCHE from parish name Roche, derived from the French roche, meaning rock, only 5 ROCHEs were found in 1881 256
RODDA poss: a personal name 565
ROSCARROCK ros-carrek, rocky heath or promontory 0
ROSCROW, ROSKROW ros-crow, heath with a hut 37
ROSDEW ros-du, black heath or dark heath 0
ROSEMAYLE ros-Mael, Mael's heath 0
ROSEMERGEY, ROSEMURGY, ROSEMURGY ros-mergh-(dy), horse-house (stable) on the heath or moor 8
ROSEWALL res-(g)wal, ford by the wall (g is dropped) 79
ROSEWARNE ros-(g)wern, heath with alders, or heath by swamp 137
ROSKRUGE ros-cru(k)g, heath of the mound or barrow (k mutates to g) 32
ROSS ros, heath or moor 10
ROWE, ROW, RAWE Cornish form of Ralph 4541
ROWSE, ROUSE, ROWS ros, heath or moor, only 10 ROWs were found in 1881 411
RULE, RAWLE, ROWLE, ROWELL from personal name Ryual 541
RUSE, ROSE ros, heath or moor, RUSE is far more common in 1881 162
RYALL from personal name Ryual 44

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