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Surname Meaning
SANDRY, SAUNDRY, SANDREY sentry, sanctuary or poss: varaint of SAUNDERS 216
SANDERS, SAUNDERS Cornish form of Alexander 686
SARA, SARAH unknown meaning 253
SAWLE, SAUL, SAULE, SOWELL, SOWEL poss: personal name Sawel or pss: Cornish form of personal name Saul 139
SAYCE saws, Saxon 0
SCABERIUS poss: variant of SCOBORYO 0
SCADDAN, SCADDON, SCADDEN poss: breakaway from Rosecaddon, Manaccan parish. Cadon was a Cornish personal name 37
SCOBEY unknown meaning 13
SCOBLE, SCOBEL, SCOBELL unknown meaning 167
SCOBORYO, SKYBURIOW skyberyow, barns. 0
SCOWN, SCAWN scawen, elder tree 58
SELLICK, SELLECK poss: from personal name Salac 16
SEMMENS, SEMMONS, SEMENS unknown meaning 407
SERPELL, SERPLE unknown meaning, seems to originate in St Dominick parish, Charnock suggests sarf-pol or serpent pool, however I doubt this as it would properly be rendered pol-sarf. 54
SHOLL unknown meaning 19
SHUGG, CHUGG poss: chogha, chough or jackdaw 45
SKEWES, SKEWS, SKEWIS, SKUES skewys, sheltered place 263
SLOGGETT, SLOGGATT poss: a personal name 104
SNELL snel, quick, speedy 707
SOADY, SOADEY saw-dy, safe house 124
SOWDEN, SOWDON souder-den, soldier-man 212
SPARGO, SPARGOE from place name Spargo, Mabe parish 453
SPARNON spernen, thorn bush 17
STEVENS, STEPHENS, STEAVENS Cornish form of Stephen 3664
SWEET poss: from personal name Sweeta 263

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