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Surname Meaning
TALLACK talek, big-browed 110
TALLING, TALLON, TALLAN, TALLAND from personal name Talon 49
TANGYE tan-(k)gy, fire dog (k mutates to g) 50
TASKIS, TASKES tal-skes, sheltered front 45
TEAGUE, TEAGLE te(k)g, fair or beautiful (k mutates to g), only 7 TEAGLEs were found in 1881 368
TERRILL, TERRELL. TERALL, TERIL, TYRELL from personal name Terril 190
THEW, THOW (d)thu, dark (d mutates to th) 0
THORNE, THORN poss: from thron, nose or point of land 89
TIDDY, TYHYDDY, TYHIDDY from the place Tehidy; poss: teghyjy, retreat or poss: chy heyjy, duck's house. 183
TILLY, TILLEY poss: tylly, deserve, or worth 41
TINK, TYNK tynk, finch 35
TINNEY, TINNY poss: tanow, fires. poss: dinnow, forts. 109
TIPPETT, TIPPIT, TIPPET Cornish form of Thibaud 59
TOLL When Cornish poss: from Toll Farm in near Gunwalloe, there have been TOLLs residing here as far back as the 1500s; tol, hole. 55
TOMAN poss: tomen, earth bank 65
TONKIN, TONKYN, TONKING diminutive form of Anthony 1073
TRAHAIR, TREHERE, TRAHAR, TRAHER tre(g)her, tailor (g is dropped) or tre-hir, long farm 69
TRANNACK tre-Vranoc, homestead of Branoc (b mutates to v) or tre-(G)wethenoc, Gwethenoc's farm (g is dropped), the origin depends on the locale 4
TRATHEN, TRATHAN trethen, small sandy patch 78
TREAGO, TRAGO poss: tre-Jago, Jago's farm 1
TREAGOVE tre-gof, homestead of the smith 7
TREASE, TREAS, TREICE, TRAISE, TRAYES, TRAYS tre-res, homestead by the ford 124
TREBARTHA poss: tre-wartha, higher farm 0
TREBARTHEN poss: tre-(p)berthy, homestead with bushes, (p mutates to b) 0
TREBELL, TREBBLE, TREBLE tre-(p)bell, distant homestead, (p mutates to b) 24
TREBILCOCK tre-bilgack, farm in place of heaps, or poss: tre-(p)byl-cok, homestead with cuckoo haunted hillock? (p mutates to b) 390
TREDINNICK, TREDINICK tre-dynek, homestead near little fort, or tre-redanack, homestead by fern brake 131
TREDREA, TREDRAY unknown meaning 69
TREDWEN poss: tre-res-(gw)wyn, dwelling by the fair ford, (gw mutates to w) 14
TREEN tre-theen, homestead by a cliff castle 0
TREEV, TREEVE poss: tre-an-Yuf, the Lord's farm 0
TREFFRY, TREFRY tre-(b)vre, homestead or farm on a hill (b mutates to v) or tre-fry, Fry's farm 48
TREFUSIS unknown meaning 0
TREGALE tre-an-Galla, farm of the Gaul 1
TREGANOWAN poss: tre-ganow, homestead at the hollow, or poss: tre-gonyow, homestead on the downs, poss: a variant of TREGONNING? 10
TREGARTHEN, TREGERTHEN, TREGURTHA tre-c(g)ar(dh)then, homestead with a thicket, (c mutates to g) (dh mutates to th) or poss: tre-gerthan, rowan-tree farm 41
TREGASKES, TREGASKIS tre-goskis, homestead or farm in a sheltered place 115
TREGAY, TREGEA, TREGO tre-(k)ge, homestead with hedge, (k mutates to g) 43
TREGEAGLE, TREGAGLE tre-(c)gagal, farm of dung, (c mutates to g) 6
TREGEAR, TREGEARE, TREGERE tre-ger, homestead by fort  
TREGELLAS, TREGELLES poss: tre-(k)gellys, lost or hidden farm, or poss: tre-(C)Gelest, Celest's farm 63
TREGEMBO tre-chy-(k)gember, farm by a house where streams meet, (k mutates to g) 52
TREGENNA, TREGUNNA tre-(K)Genna, Kenna's farm, or poss: tre-gonyow, homestead on downs? 114
TREGENZA, TREGENSA tre-(k)gensa, first or formost farm 116
TREGGIDEN, TREGIDDEN poss: tre-(C)Gudyn, Cudyn's farm, place found in St. Keverne. (c mutates to g) 0
TREGIDGO, TREGIDGA poss: tre-(k)gy-chyow, farm with kennels 59
TREGIDEON, TREGIDION poss: tre-Goedhyan, Goedhyan's farm, old version of Gwithian 0
TREGILGAS, TREGILGUS tre-Gilgis, Gilgas' farm 76
TREGLOWN, TREGLOAN, TREGLAWN, TREGLOHAN, TREGLOYNE, TREGLOWAN tre-(k)ge-loghyn, homestead with hedge by the little lake, (k mutates to g) 148
TREGLYN poss: tre-(k)ge-lyn, homestead with hedge by a pool, (k mutates to g) or poss: a variant of TREGLOYNE 0
TREGONING, TREGONNING tre-(k)ge-onnen, homestead with hedge of ash trees, (k mutates to g), or tre-(C)Gonan, Conan's farm 358
TREGOWETH poss: tre-(c)goweth, homestead of companion, (c mutates to g) 4
TREGURTHA poss: tre-Gortha, Gortha's farm 33
TREHANE poss: tre-Iahan, John's farm or tre-Uanno, Uanno's farm 30
TREHEARNE unknown meaning 0
TRELAWNEY, TRELAWNY tre-lonow, homestead of groves, or tre-launow, farm in clearing 12
TRELEASE tre-lys, homestead by the court or hall 63
TRELEAVEN, TRELEVEN, TRELIVING tre-leven, Leven's farm 201
TRELEGGAN, TRELIGGAN, TRELOGGAN, TRELOGGIN, TRELEGAN, TRELEGON, TRELIGAN, TRELOGAN, TRELYGYN poss: tre-leghen, farm in the slate area. Possibly from Treleggan in Constantine parish.  3
TRELOAR tre-lowarth, garden farm 486
TREMAINE, TREMAIN, TREMAYNE tre-meyn, farm by a stone 425
TREMBATH, TRENBATH tre-an-bagh, homestead in the nook or corner, or tre-an-bath, the boar's farm 428
TRENBERTH, TREMBERTH tre-an-berth, farm by the bush 69
TREMBETH tre-an-beth, homestead by the grave 38
TREMBETHOW tre-an-bethow, homestead by the graves 0
TREMEARNE poss: tre-merans, farm of death 0
TREMEER, TREMEAR, TREMERE tre-mur, great farm 12
TREMELLING, TREMELLIN, TREMELLEN tre-melyn, mill farm 61
TREMENHEERE tre-men-hyr, homestead by the standing stone or long stone 0
TREMETHICK, TREMETHIC tre-methag, doctor's farm 28
TREMEWAN, TREMEWEN tre-Mewan, Mewan's farm 50
TRENANCE tre-nans, homestead in valley 10
TRENEAR, TRENEER tre-an-yer, chicken (hen) farm 88
TRENERRY, TRENERY, TRENARY tre(v)-an-erow, homestead in the field 207
TRENGOVE, TRENGROVE tre-an-go(f)v, the smith's homestead (f mutates to v) 138
TRENGROUSE tre-an-grows, homestead by the cross 9
TRENHAILE tre-an-hal, homestead on the down or moor 14
TRENOUTH, TRENOWETH, TRENOWTH tre-noweth, new farm 74
TRENOWDEN tre-Renowden, Renowden's farm, Renowden is Cornish form of Renaud or Reginald 0
TRENWITH tre-Iunwith, Iunwith's farm 42
TREPRESS tre-pras, homestead in meadow 0
TRERISE, TRERICE tre-res, homestead by ford 79
TRESAWNA tre-saunyow, homestead near deep clefts in sea cliffs. 5
TRESCOWTHICK, TRESCOTHICK, TRECOTHICK, TRESKOWICKE? tre-scawek, homestead of elder grove 18
TRESISE, TREZISE tre-Saws, homestead of the Saxon 288
TRESTAIN tre-sten, homestead at tin bearing area 14
TRESTRAIL tre-strayl, homestead of mat or carpet maker 73
TRETHAKE tre-(D)Thaoc, Daoc's farm, (d mutates to th) 7
TRETHEWEY, TRETHEWY tre-(D)Thewi, Dewi's farm, Dewi is Cornish form of David, (d mutates to th) 506
TRETHOWAN tre-(D)Thewin, homestead of Dewin, (d mutates to th) 140
TREVAIL, TREVEAL tre-(M)Vael, homestead of Mael, (m mutates to v) or tre-(B)Veli, Beli's farm (b mutates to v) 70
TREVAIN, TREVAINS, TREVEAN, TREVEYNES, TREVEANS, TREVAN, TREVEIGHAN poss: tre-(b)vyhan, little farm (b mutates to v) TREVAN might be not a variant but a separate surname 40
TREVAN prob: from place-name Trevan, Probus which was Talfan in 1361, hence poss: tal-ban, high-hillside. 17
TREVANION trev-Enyon, Enyon's farm (tre becomes trev before a vowel) 0
TREVARTHA trev-Affa, Affa's farm (tre becomes trev before a vowel) 3
TREVARTHEN, TREVARTON, TREVERTON trev-Arthien, Arthien's homestead (tre becomes trev before a vowel) 256
TREVASKIS, TREVASKES tre-(M)Vaelscoet, Maelscoet's homestead (m mutates to v) 120
TREVEAN tre-(b)vyhan, little farm (b mutates to v) 1
TREVELLICK poss: trev-Elec, Elec's farm (tre becomes trev before a vowel), or poss: tre-(m)velynyk, homestead by the little mill (m mutates to v) 9
TREVELYAN, TREVILLION, TREVILIAN tre-(M)Vilian, Milian's homestead (m mutates to v) 56
TREVENA, TREVENNA tre-(m)veneth, homestead on hill, or tre-(m)vun, homestead with mineral (m mutates to v) 203
TREVENEN, TREVENNEN tre-(m)veyn wyn, homestead of white stones, or poss: tre-venen, homestead of the woman 43
TREVETHAN, TREVETHEN tre-(b)vuthyn, homestead in a meadow (b mutates to v) 173
TREVETHICK, TREVITHICK tre-(B)Vudic, Budic's homestead (b mutates to v) 174
TREVIGLAS, TREVEGLOS trev-eglos, church farm 0
TREVISA trev-ysa, lowest homestead (tre becomes trev before a vowel) 0
TREVIVIAN Itre-hiuin, yew farm, or poss: tre-Vyvyan, Vyvian's homestead ? 7
TREVOR tre-(M)Vor, Mor's homestead. Mor is a Cornish personal name. 0
TREVORROW, TREVERROW, TREVARROW tre-vorrow, homestead by the track, TREVORROW is by far the most common in 1881 259
TREW, TRUE unknown meaning 7
TREWARTHA tre-wartha, higher farm 52
TREWAVAS tre-(g)wavas, winter homestead (g is dropped) 14
TREWEEK, TREWEEKE, TREWEEKS tre-(g)wyk, homestead at wood (g is dropped) 170
TREWEN, TREWIN, TREWYN, TREWEEN tre-(g)wyn, white or fair homestead (g is dropped) 244
TREWERN, TREWERNE, TREWARN, TREWREN tre-Uren, Uren's farm, or poss: tre-(g)wern, homestead by swamp (g is dropped) 88
TREWHELLA, TREWELLA tre-u(g)whella, highest homestead (g is dropped) 236
TREWOLLA poss: tre-(g)wallow, homestead by ramparts (g is dropped), it is quite possible and widely believed that this is simply an older form of TREWHELLA. The arms allowed to John TREWOLLA in 1573, contain three owls, a bit of word play? tre-ula, Cornish for three owls. 8
TREWORGIE poss: tre-(Gw)wrgy, Gwrgy's farm (gw mutates to w) 0
TREZONA, TRESAWNE, TRESAWNA poss: tre-saunyow, homestead by deep clefts in cliffs 61
TRIGGS from Trigg, one of the Hundreds of Cornwall 138
TRINIMAN, TRENAMAN, TRENEMAN, TRINAMAN, TRINNAMAN poss: tre-nawmen, homestead by the nine stones 36
TRIPCONY, TRIPCONEY poss: tre-Kynan, Kynan's homestead, the k should have mutated to g though. Kynan is poss: a form of Conan although there is a place-name Tregonning, tre-Gonan, or Conan's homestead so perhaps the two surnames are the same? A further poss: meaning, tre-conyn, rabbit farm, again the lack mutation is a problem 88
TRIPP unknown meaning 152
TROON tre-wun, homestead on the down 42
TROUNSON tre-rounsyn, homestead of donkey or nag 89
TROWAN tref-oghen, homestead of oxen 0
TRUDGIAN, TRUDGEON, TRUDGEN, TRUDGAN poss: tre-ojyon, homestead of oxen 298
TRURAN, TRUAN tre-Uren, Uren's farm, or poss: tre-(g)wern, homestead by swamp 183
TRURO Likely derived from the place-name Truro.Obscure meaning poss: tri-(b)erow, meaning tree boilings, possibly from the three fast moving rivers that flow into the tidal creek here. 5
TRUSCOTT unknown meaning 796
TRUSSELL tre-(G)wystyl, Gwystyl's farm (g is dropped) 0
TRYTHALL tre-(G)wrethal, Gwrethal's farm (g is dropped) 99
TURK when Cornish, towarghek, peaty 1
TYACK tyak, farmer or peasant 156

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