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Surname Meaning
VAGUE, VAGE poss: brakaway from place name Trevague, Altarnun parish 85
VARCOE, VERCOE, VARKER, VARCAR probably Mark's children (m mutates to v) 610
VARFULL poss: (f)vordh-uhel, high road (f mutates to v) 0
VIAN, VINE, VYAN, VIANT (b)vyhan, little (b mutates to v) 286
VEAL, VEALL, VEALE, VEIL, VAIL from personal name Beli, no VAILs were found in 1881 574
VEAR (m)veor, big or great (m mutates to v) 0
VELLACOTT poss: (m)velyn-cot, mill wood (m mutates to v) 0
VELLAM (m)velyn, mill (m mutates to v) 0
VELLANOWETH, VELLENOWETH (m)velyn-noweth, new mill (m mutates to v) 53
VELLNOWARTH, VELNOWARTH (m)velyn-(gw)varth, high mill or highest mill, (m mutates to v) (gw mutates to v) 0
VENNER, VENNOR (m)veneth, hill (m mutates to v) 82
VENNING (m)ven-wyn, white stone (m mutates to v) 168
VENTON (f)venton, spring or well (f mutates to v) 37
VERRAN, VERRANT, VERRENT, VERREN, VERAN, VERRIN poss: from ver, short, hence short of stature 188
VIAL, VIALL variant of VEAL 92
VICARY, VICKERY, VICORY if Cornish poss: vycarjy, vicarage 38
VIGUS poss: var-cos, top of wood 52
VINCENT, VINSON ooss: (f)venton, well or spring (f mutates to v) 636
VINGOE, VINGO poss: (m)ven-(k)gy, stone dog (m mutates to v) (k mutates to g) 93
VISICK poss: from place-name Trevisick, trev-ysak, homestead with corn field 42
VIVIAN, VYVIAN, VYVYAN from personal name Vivian 549
VOSPER (f)vos-por, pasture by ditch (f mutates to v) 192
VOS, VOSE, VOSS (f)vos, ditch or rampart (f mutates to v) 20

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