1850-60 Anderson Co


Goswick Genealogies
by: Kay (Goswick) Kennemore

1880 Scott Co.Tn. index
Picture of headstone of Bird GOSWICK-
Civil war papers of Fred Gosewisch/Fred'k GOGWICK (listed both ways)

1850 Anderson Co.Tn. A-23------------------------------1860 Anderson Co.Tn. A-88

John Gossett age 51 N.C. ca. 1799--------------------John age 55
Betsy age 39 Tn. 1811------------------------------------Elizabeth age 47
Peggy(Margaret) 17 b. 1833----------------------------missing
Bird age 15 b.ca.1835-------------------------------------married
Caroline age 13 b.ca.1837-------------------------------missing
Alexander age 11 b.ca. 1839----------------------------Alexander age 23
James age 8 b.ca.1842------------------------------------James age 17
Susy age 6 b.ca. 1844-------------------------------------Susan age 15
Katharine age 4 b. ca.1846------------------------------Katharine age 13
Elizabeth C. age 2 b. 1848-------------------------------missing
                                                                               + Anna age 10 b.ca.1850
                                                                                  Jane age 8 b.ca. 1852
                                                                                  Joseph age 3 b.ca. 1857

                                                                              1860 Anderson Co.Tn. A-157
                                                                              Bird Gossett age 23 b.ca. 1835
                                                                                   Katherine age 29
                                                                                   Elizabeth age 1 b.ca. 1859

A John Goswick (m) Dec. 15,1827 Franklin Co. N.C. "Polly" (Mary) Wright.

John Gossett is missing one son since 1840 census who may be"Frederick"Goswick who enlisted in c/w at Bollinger Co. Mo..

Bird Goswick died in c/w and is buried at Stewart Co.Tn. National Cemetery, Headstone says Bird GOSWICK born in Ky.

Headstone of Bird Goswick taken by Libbie (wife of James Goswick)
James Goswick sitting next to headstone of Bird Goswick.


1880 Scott Co. Tn. census(soundex film)

Alexander Gossett age 41 b. 1839
Maggie age 25 b. 1855
John W. age 11 b.ca. 1869
James age 9 b. ca. 1871
Thomas R. age 6 b.ca. 1874
Edward age 5 b.ca. 1874
Fredrick age 2 b. 1878
Burdie (fe) age 1 b. 1879
W.S. Greaves age 24 (male)