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New York Passenger List of Goswick's 1851-1891  (view 1910 census of Goswicks)

Oct.08,1904 arrival on ship "Orizaba" at Ellis Island from Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas

1871 England Gastick's
1871 England Goswick's& Gostwick
1891 England & Wales Goswicks 1860 Soloman
1870 1880, 1900 1910 1920 & 1930
Note: some of these listed as "Goswick" in 1920 were given that surname when they arrived in America from different countries, and are not necessarily a Goswick or Gostwick descendant.


July 10,1870 Whitfield Co.Ga. Militia dist 627 Image page 9
P.O. Telton?
hh# 481
Greenburg Goswick age 20 Ga. b.ca. 1850
Martha J. age 16 (wife) Ga.


July 22, 1870 Meigs Co. Ohio, Salisbury twp Image page 72 P.O. Chester
hh# 165
John Goswick/Gosuch? age 59 Pa
Rachel age 54 Pa
David age 22 Ohio
Rachel age 16 Ohio
Nicholas age 14 Ohio


1880 Murray Co.Ga. death records 1910 Whitfiled Co.Ga1880 Custer Co. Montana  1880 Brown County Indiana   1880 Rock Island, Ill.John M.Goswick 1880 Eva Goswick

1900 Dawsonville,Ga.  1900 Atlanta, Ga1900 Forsythe Co.Ga.  1900 Fulton Co.Ga.   1900 Gordon Co.Ga..  1900 Hopkins Co.Ky.  1900 Brown Co. Indiana  1900 Clay Co.Ark  1900 Pollard Ar. 1900 Johnson Ar.Clay Co. 1900 Rock Island Ill. John M Goswick  1900 Eva G. Rogers

1910 Brown Co.Indiana  1910 Forsythe Co.Ga1910  Gordon Co.Ga.  1910 Hall Co.Ga.  1910 Milton Co.Ga.  1910 Murray Co. Ga.  1910 Whitfield Co.Ga.  1910 Rock Island Ill. John M. Goswick

1920 Alabama 6/17/02 1920 Arizona    1920 Arkansas  
1920 Colorado 6/17/02  1920 Florida   1920 Charles & Theodore Rogers

1920 Forsythe Co.Ga.   1920 Fulton Co. Ga.   1920 Gordon Co.Ga1920 Milton Co.Ga.

 1920 Murray Co.Ga.6/17/02 1920 Whitfield Co.Ga.  

1920 Rock Island Illinois, Moline Twp.  1920 Indiana

   1920 Iowa   
1920 Cook Co. Ill. Chicago2/23/02

1920 Kansas 6/18/02  1920 Kentucky 6/17/02  1920 Maryland 

  1920  Minnesota     1920 Missouri    1920 Sheridan Co. Nebraska 

1920 North Carolina    1920 Ward Co. North Dakota   1920 Ohio   6/17/02

1920 Oklahoma6/17/02  1920 Wasco Co. Oregon   1920 Luzerene Co. Pa. Luzerene Township
1920 Westmorland Co. Pa. East Huntington    1920 Philadelphia Co. Pa. 

1920 Texas   1920 Tennessee    
1920 New York Census

1920 Virginia 7/28/02



Researched by: Kay (Goswick) Kennemore


1920 New York, Erie Township, Buffalo City,

Listed as Goswick, and found as:
Anthony Goscick age 22 born N.Y. b.ca.1898
V. (spelling unlegable) wife age 22


1920 New York, Kings Co. Brooklyn Township
Lawrence Goswick age 24 born Texas.(b.ca. 1896)  boarder in home of W.N. Meya??



1920 New York Kings Co. Brooklyn Township

Morris GOSWICK age 27 born Russia/Poland (b.ca. 1893)
wife (name unleg) age 22 born Russia
Ida (dau) age 6 born N.Y. ca. 1914
dau (name unleg) age 4 born N.Y. ca. 1916
dau (name unleg age 1 born N.Y. ca. 1919
Hester? Goldburk? (MOTHER) AGE 53 born ca. 1867 Eucador, S. America
(dau) name unleg age 24
Rose? (dau) age 17
(son) name unleg age 25
(The last three are listed as Goldburks, and ch of Hester?) The film is very hard to read.



1920 Chicago

1920 Cook Co. Chicago, Ill.
Mary Goswick age 41 born Iowa ca. 1879 parents "Polish"
Mary was boarding in home of the Holtenhoff ? family.  Mrs. Holtenholl's name was "Stella" age 37 born in Wisc., parents born Va. and Scotland/English.

John Goswick age 35 born Poland ca. 1885 parents Polish
John was boarding in home of family named "Labza"?, Mrs. Mary Labza was age 31 born ca.1889 Poland, parents born poland.

1920 Cook Co. Chicago Ill.

Louis   GARSWICK age 59 born ca. 1861 Norway. parents born Norway
Mary (wife) age 48 born ca. 1872 born "Bohemia"??? parents same.
(There were two boarders in home with different surnames, but no children listed)


Sarah Garswick born Jan. 11,1878 died July 1962 Resided Illinois

Lena L. Garswick born May 27,1916 died Jan.17,1990 resided 64123 Kansas City, Jackson Co.Mo.

Thomas Garswick born Feb.10,1932 died Apr. 1983 resided Bartlett, Cook Co. Ill.

Elaine G. Garswick born Sep.04, 1936 died July 2, 2000 resided Schaumburg, Cook Co.Ill.

Patrick B. Garswick born Sep.09,1949 died June 3,2001 resided #72 (ss issued in Mo. 1961)

Michael Garswick born Feb.16,1960 died Nov.1980 resided Bartlett, Cook Co. Ill.




1920 Rock Island, Illinois, Moline Township
John M. Goswick age 56 born Georgia ca. 1864 parents born "France"????
Rose M. (wife) age 39 born Iowa
Charles M. (son) age 20 born Ill. ca. 1900 Father Ga. mother Iowa
Gwendolan R. (dau) age 14 born Ill. ca. 1906 father Ga. Mother Iowa
Cholotiel F. (dau) age 11 born Ill. ca. 1909
Lazella ?(dau) age 3 months born Ill. ca. 1920



1920, Jan.02 Westmorland, East Huntington, Pa. Ruffsdale Dist.

Jan 27,1920 Westmorland co. Pa. East Huntington, Ruffsdale Dist.
William Goswick age 52 born ca. 1868 Maryland Father S.C. mother Md.
Artie (wife) age 52 born Pa. Father Pa. Mother Va.
Jaxon (Father) age 76 b.ca. 1844 S.C. Father S.C. Mother Maryland
(Note: William's father was: William Henry Jackson Goswick born 1844 S.C., altho this man is listed as: Jaxon, it is most likely "Jackson"

1920, Jan 13 Westmorland Co. East Huntington, Hempfield Township

Anna Goswick age 46 born Pa. ca. 1874 (widow)
Ralph R. (son) age 23 born Pa. ca. 1897
Opal M. (dau) age 22 born Pa. b.ca.1898
Minnie age 16 (dau) born Pa. b.ca.1904
Anna J. age 13 (dau) born Pa. b.ca.1907


Jess B. Goswick age 24 born Pa. ca. 1896
Amy V. (wife) age 22 born Pa.
Walter B. age 3 born Pa. ca. 1917
Harold W. age 3 months old born Pa. ca. 1920

Ruth Goswick age 3 years 11 months old born Pa. ca. 1917 Living in home of and listed as: StepDaughter of: Jacob E. and Mary C. (age 25) Whitzel

Reed M. Goswick age 20 born Va.
Azaler (wife) age 19
Bruce W. (son) age 13 months born Pa.
Anna Kennamar age 50 born Pa.
Benny E. Kennamar age 11 born Pa.



1920 Philadelphia Co. Pa. Philadelphia Township, Jan. 2
Jacob Goswick age 41 born ca. 1879 Poland
Viola (wife) age 29 born Pa.
Mary (dau) age 3 born Pa.
Anna (dau) age 3 born Pa. (twins)
Edward (son) age 12 months old born Pa.

Jan 5 & 6 City of Philadelphia Pa. (boarding house)
Helen Goswick age 52 (widow) born ca. 1868 Russia



1920 Luzerne Co. Pennsylvania, Luzerne Township
Anthony Gorswick age 29 b.ca. 1891 Poland
Mary (wife) age 19 born Pa.
Stanley age 5 months born Pa.



1920 Murray Co. Ga. Shuck Pen Township

Levi Goswick age 49 born ca. 1871 Ga. Father S.C. Mother Ga.
Rosie (wife) age 50 born Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Marion Goswick (brother) age 37 born ca. 1883 Ga. Father S.C. Mother Ga.
Roxie (sister-in-law) age 32 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Raney (niece) age 11 born Ga.
Ruth (niece) age 5 born Ga.
Marlynne? (niece) age 6 months old

Tom Goswick age 36 born ca. 1884 Ga. parents born Ga.
Leathie (wife) age 31 born Ga.
Eugene (son) age 13 born ca. 1907 Ga.
Troy (son) age 9 born ca. 1911 Ga.
Fletcher (son) age 5 born ca. 1915 Ga.

update 6/17/02

1920 Murray Co.Ga. Township 8
household # 33
William M. GORWICK age 66 born ca. 1854 Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Minnie (wife) age 47 born Ga.
Julia (dau) age 16 born ca. 1904 Ga.
Henry (son) age 12 born ca. 1908
Marian (son) age 9 born ca. 1911

Household # 34
Moses GORWICK age 21 born Ga. ca. 1899
Daisy (wife) age 23 born Ga.


1920 Whitfield Co.Ga. Carbondale Township

James J. Goswick age 35 born ca. 1885 Ga. parents born Ga.
Marie? (wife) age 35 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Marian (son) age 17 born ca. 1903 Ga.
Annie (dau) age 15 born ca. 1905 Ga.
Horace (son) age 14 born ca. 1906 Ga.
Lillie (dau) age 12 born ca, 1908 Ga.
Jimmie (dau) age 10 born ca. 1910
Gladys (dau) age 8 born ca. 1912 Ga.
Walter (son) age 5 born ca. 1915 Ga.

1920 Whitfield Co.Ga. Dalton Township
L.A. Goswick age 23 born ca. 1897 Ga. parents born Ga.
Mary Lou (wife) age 21 born Tx. parents born Tx.
Walter (son) age 4 born ca. 1916 Ga. Father Ga. Mother Tx.
Grady (son) 2 months old b.ca. 1920 Ga.

1920 Forsythe Co.Ga. Settendown ? Township
John H. Sutton age 69 born Ga.
Sarah F. Goswick (sister) age 73 born Ga. ca. 1847


1920 Fulton Co.Ga. Atlanta Township
Fred E. Goswick age 45 born ca. 1875 Ga. parents born Ga.
Marietta (wife) age 40 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Nillie May (dau) age 7 born ca. 1913 Ga.
Cora Evelyn (dau) age 3 born ca. 1917 Ga.
Millie Russell (female) Boarder age 35 born Ga.


1920 Sheridan Co. Nebraska Hays Spring Township
John Gaswick age 50 born ca. 1892 Norway, parents born Norway
Mary (wife) age 49 born Bohemia?
Charles T. (son) age 16 born ca. 1904 Nebraska
Lillian E. (dau) age 15 born ca. 1905 South Dakota
George (son) age 13 born ca. 1907 S. Dakota
Mary A. (dau) age 11 born ca. 1909 S. Dakota
Caroline Pesicake? (sister-in law) age 53? born Bohemia?


1920 Gordon Co.Ga. Plainville Township
William Miller age 61 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Margaret A/H. age 54 born Ga. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Emmergene Goswick age 4 born ca. 1916 Ga. Parents born Ga. (listed as "GranDaugh"

Eugene Goswick age 38 born ca. 1882 Ga. parents born Ga.
Elizabeth (wife) age 25 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Alice R. (dau) age 14 born ca.1906 Texas Father born Ga. Mother born Tx.
Miller (son) age 8 born ca.1912 Tx. Father born Ga. Mother born Ga.
Margaret E. (dau) age 6 born ca. 1914 Ga. parents born Ga.
Bulah D. (dau) age 3 born ca. 1917 Ga. parents born Ga.
Lottie E. (dau) age 1 month old born Ga. ca. 1900 parents born Ga.

Ruper J. Goswick (also listed as Rufus J), age 36 born ca. 1884 Ga. parents born Ga.
Vada O. (wife) age 35 born Ga.
Era J. (dau) age 9 born ca. 1911 Ga.
R. J. (son) age 8 born ca. 1912 Tx. parents born Ga.
Maurice (son) age 6 born ca. 1914 Ga.
Tillman (son) age 2 born ca. 1918 Ga.

Mary J. Goswick age 64 b.ca. 1856 Ga. (widow)
John Miller (brother) age 68 born Ga.



1910 Whitfield co. Georgia, Upper Tenth Dist.

Walter Gossett age 75 born ca. 1835 S.C. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Sarah (wife)age 60 born Ga. Father N.C. Mother N.C.

Spencer Gossett age 57 born ca. 1853 Tn. Father S.C. Mother N.C.
Martha (wife) age 52 born Ga. parents born Ga.
Walter F? (son) age 23 born Tn. Father Tn. Mother Ga.
Opal (dau) age 23 Tn. Father Tn. Mother Ga.
Joseph? R. age 22 born Tn. Father Tn. Mother Ga.
Fannie? (g-dau) age 8 born Ga. parents born Ga.

George C. Gossett age 42 born ca. 1868 Tn. Father S.C. Mother N.C.
Allice (wife) age 35 born Ga. parents born Ga.
          (no children in household)

Alexander Gossett age 35 born ca. 1875 Tn. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Lora/Dora ? (wife) age 29 born ga. parents born Ga.
Thomas (son) age 8 born Ga. Father Tn. Mother Ga.
Amey (dau) age 5 born Ga. Father Tn. Mother Ga.


1880 Federal Census Mortality Schedule Murray County, GA


1880 Murray Co.Georgia Death Records

Murray 407 GOSWICK, Emma 8m F W S GA TN GA OCT 8m
Murray 407 GOSWICK, Martha 23 F W M GA GA GA KH OCT Typhoid 4
Murray 407 GOSWICK, Sarah 30 F W M GA GA GA KH JAN Typhoid 1

Emma Goswick age 8 was born ca. 1872
Martha Goswick age 23 was born ca. 1857
Sarah Goswick age 30 was born ca. 1850

William Madison Goswick born 1859/60 Tn. first married Jan.10,1877 Murray Co.Ga. Martha Cash and they had one child' Mary Jane" who was born ca. 1878




1920 Ramsey Co. Missesota, North Saint Paul Township

Margaret Goswick age 64 b.ca.1856(widow) born Iowa, Father born Switz, Mother born Switz.
Lizzie E. (daughter) age 25 (Single) born Minnesota
Emil (son) age 32 (widower) born Minn.
Edith L. age 25 (daughter) Single born Minn.
Guy (grandson) age 1 and 1/2 born Mn.

1920 Hennepin Co. Minnesota, Minneapolis Twp.
Emil Goswick age 33 born ca. 1887 Nebraska
Cecelia age 32 born Neb.
Harold (son) age 11 born Minnesota
Guilda? age 8 Ms.
Sylvia age 7 born Mn.
Mary age 4 born Mn.
Mable 4 months old born Mn.

1920 Hennepin Co. Minnesota, Poor Farm
Frank Goswick age 76 born ca. 1844 Bohemia, Father born Check, Mother born Bohemia

1920 LeSueur Co. Minnesota Lanesburg Twp.
William Goswick age 58 born ca. 1862 Mn. Father born Germany, Mother born Germany
Joahanna age 59 born Mn.
Carl (son) age 27 born Mn. Father born Mn. Mother born Mn.


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1920 Wasco Co. Oregon, Prec. #4
John H. Goswick age 30 born ca. 1890 Ky. Father born Ga. Mother born Ky.
Minnie (wife) age 38 born Calif. Father born US, Mother born Indiana



1920 Davidson Co. Tn. Nashville Township
Ishmael J. Goswick age 33 born ca. 1887 Georgia, Father US, Mother Ga.
(boarding in home of Porter's)

1920 Shelby Co. Tn. Memphis Township
John T. Goswick age 46 born ca. 1874 Ga. Parents born Ga.
Cora age 36 born Ala. parents born N.C.
Bernice (dau) age 7 born Tn.
Burt Malone (brother-in-law) age 34 born Ala.

1920 Shelby Co. Tn. Memphis Township
William E. Goswick age 50 born ca. 1870 Ga. parents born Ga.
Laura age 47 born Ga.
Jessie (dau) age 25 born Ga.
Dollie (dau) age 21 born Ga.




1920 Ward Co. North Dakota, Berthold Township
Conrad GUSWICK age 48 born ca. 1872 Norway, Father born Norway, Mother born Norway
Mattie (wife) age 47 born Norway
Erald (son) age 17 born Norway
Harold (son) age 9 born N. Dakota
Floyd (son) age 7 born N. Dakota



1920 Logan Co. Ky, Lewisburg Township
Mrs. Meraia ? Brister? age 75 born Ky.
Hildred Goswick (granddaughter) age 16 born Ky. parents born Ky.
Robert B. Goswick (grandson) age 10 born Ky. parents born Ky.
  (view 1930 Robert B.Goswick)

Hildred Goswick is probably Betty H.Goswick 1910 census with Robert & Mary Goswick)

1920 Logan Co.Ky. Lewisburg Dist.#4
James Harris age 36 born Ky.
Lula age 33 born ca. 1887 Ky. Father b: S.C. Mother b: Ky. (dau of William & Arkansas Goswick)
Glen age 14 b.ca. 1906 Ky.
Clifton age 12 born ca. 1908
Mable age 9 born ca. 1911
William H. age 4 born ca. 1916

Neighbors are:
William Goswick age 69 born ca. 1851 S.C. Father b.N.C. Mother born S.C.
Arkansas age 62 born Ky. parents born Ky.
Kentucky death records: William GASWICK died Feb.04,1923 age 72 Logan Co.Ky. "Note: spelling of Surname"

1920 Campbell Co. Ky. Dist. #4, Fort Thomas Township
Jacob GOSSWICK   age 44 b.ca. 1876 Ky. father born Ger. Mother born Ger.
Nellie (wife) age 42 Ky.
Mary (dau) age 22 born Ky.



1920 Dallas County Iowa, Adel Township
Barbara Goswick age 60 (widow) b.ca. 1860 Pa. Parents born Pa.
Rhoda (dau) age 20 born ca. 1900 Iowa, Father born Illinois, Mother born Pa.



1920 Jasper Co. Missouri, Galena Township
George W. Goswick age 36 born ca. 1884 Ky. Father born Ga. Mother born Ky.
Iva R. (wife) age 25 born Mo. Parents born Mo.



1920 Duval Co. Florida, Jacksonville Township
Robert E.  Goswick age 54 born ca. 1866 Ga. Father born Ga. Mother born Ga.
Mattie V. (wife) age 43 born Ga. parents born Ga.

Robert Elbert Goswick died 1943 Jacksonville, Fla. cert# 3079



1920 McIntosh Co. Oklahome, Checotah Township
Thomas Goswick age 30 born Ar. Father Ar. Mother US
Margarette age 20 born Tx. Father Ala. Mother US
Mary age 4 born Ok.
George age 2 born Ok>

1920 Pushmataha ? Co. Ok. Kosoma township
William A. Callan age 45 born Ar.
Lillie (wife) age 24 born Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.
Olan B. Callan age 14 born Ar.
Mary Callan age 12 born Ar.
Benton GASSWICK age 10 born Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.
(Note: Thomas Goswick in Mcintosh Co. Ok. was father of Benton Goswick.  Benton's mother was Lillie (Dial) Goswick, Callan.



1920 Yell Co.Arkansas Reed Keathly Township
J.P. Goswick age 52 born Ar. Father born Ala. Mother born Ms.
Rebecca age 47 born Mo. Father Tn. Mother Mo.
Martha age 15 born Ar.
Floyd age 13 born Ar.
Florence age 12 born Ar.
George age 6 born Ar.

1920 Logan Co. Arkansas, Ellsworth Township
Minta Goswick age 16 born Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.
(in home of J.H. and Mary M. Morgan)

1920 Clay County Arkansas Pollard Township
Floyd H. Goswick age 24 born AR. ca. 1896 Father US, Mother US.
Flora E. (Ezell)age 21 born ca. 1899 Mo. Father Ar. Mother Ill.
Jewell O. (dau) age 3 born ca. 1917 Mo. Father Ar. Mother Mo.
Alma J. (dau) age 15 months born ca. 1918 Mo. Father AR. Mother Mo.
Elton L. (son) age 6 months born ca. 1918 Ar. Father AR. Mother Mo.



1920 Forsythe Co. North Carolina , Winston Salem Township
Hal W. Goswick age 45 born ca. 1875 N.C. Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Evelyn (wife) age 39 born N.C. parents born N.C.
Alva L. (dau) age 18 born N.C.
Evelyn (dau) age 15 born N.C.
Harry W.,Jr. (son) age 13 born N.C.
Martha Cash (mother) age 69 born ca. 1851 N.C. parents born N.C.

1920 Franklin Co. N.C. Franklinton Township
Jason Goswick age 63 born ca. 1857 N.C. parents born N.C.
Annie age 62 born N.C.
Henry (son) age 28 born N.C.
Eli (son) age 26 born N.C.
Susie (dau-in-law) age 26 born N.C.
Frank (son) age 19 born N.C.

William S. Goswick age 37 born N.C.
Lula age 37 born N.C.
Tommie age 8
Henry C. age 6
Robert T. age 4
Joseph R. age 2/12



1920 Yavapai Co. Arizona, Camp Verde Township
William M. Goswick age 41 born ca. 1879 Ok. Father born Tn. Mother born Ar.
Louisa (wife) age 31 born Az.
(Altho the census list William as William M. he is listed in bible records as: William J. & married Louisa "Lou" Casner")

1920 Yavapai Co.Arizona, Camp Verde Twp.
Giles Wesley Goswick age 31 born ca. 1889 Mo. Father born Tn. Mother born Ar.
Merle Eve age 23 born Az. Father born Ky. Mother born Ks.
Jewel (daughter) age 3 born Az. Father born Mo. Mother born Az.
George (son) age 6 months born Az. Father born Mo. Mother born Az.

1920 Gila Co. Arizona, Roosevelt Twp.
Helen H. Goswick age 16 born Colorado, Father born Mo. Mother born Ar.
Nora I. Goswick age 13 born Colorado, Father born Mo. Mother born Ar.
(Both girls in home of Mary age 45 born Ar. and Allen B. McKane, and listed as: Step-Daughters)

1920 Gila Co.Arizona, Roosevelt Twp>
A.M. Packard age 25
Bell (wife) age 24 born N.M. Father born Mo. Mother born Ar.
Ruth A. (daughter) age 6 born Az.

1920 Gila Co.Arizona, Roosevelt Twp.
William Packard age 42
Rhoda A. "Adeline" age 27 born Tx. Father born Mo. Mother born Ar.
William F. age 8 born Az.
Horace age 5 born Az.
Monroe W. age 1 born Az.



1920 Crawford Co. Ohio, Polk Township
Bertha Goswick age 18 born ca. 1902 Ohio, Father born Ohio, Mother born Ohio

1920 Muskingum Co. Ohio, Zanesville Township, E.D. 136
Marion M. GORWICK (FEMALE) age 74 born Ohio ca. 1846 Father Ohio, Mother N.Y.
Lee R/B? (son) 46 Ohio b.ca. 1874
Ralph (son) age 48 born ca. 1872
Ernest (son) age 43 born ca. 1877
Charles (son) age 41 born ca. 1879
Jessie (dau) age 39 born ca. 1881
Frances (dau) age 36 born ca. 1884
(census shows the Father was born in Ohio, and Mother in Ohio)

1920 Portage Co. OHio, Shalersville Twp.
Albert L. GORWICK age 40 born Ohio, Father Ohio, Mother Ohio
Bessie L. wife, age 39 Ohio
Kenneth (son) age 14 Ohio
Cletus (son) age 9 Ohio
Helen (dau) age 7 Ohio
Robert (son) age 3? Ohio

1920 Summit Co. Ohio, Arron Twp.
James G. GORWICK age 16 born Ohio, Father Ohio, Mother Ohio
(boarding in other household)



1920 Balimore Co. Maryland, Balt. Township
George T. Goswick (Widower) age 40 born ca. 1880 Md., Father born Md. Mother born Md.
E(name unleg) G. (son) age 14 born ca. 1906 Md. parents born Md.
Edith E. (daughter) age 5 born Md.
Dores?? Desake/Drake? (Mother-in-law) age 64 born Md.

1920 Hareford Co. Md. Aberdeen Proving Ground Barracks
M.H. Goswick age 24 born ca. 1896 Ga. Parents born Ga.
Marcus Goswick age 26 born ca. 1894 Ga. parents born Ga.



1920 Milton Co.Georgia, Alpharetta Twp.  (view 1910 census of John and son's)
John Goswick age 80 born ca. 1840 Ga. (in home of Henry and Maggie Castleberry)

1920 Milton Co.Ga. Alpharetta Twp.
John S. Mosteller age 39
Angus (son) age 9
Martha (Mother) age 71
Lena Goswick (sister) age 41 born ca.1879 Ga. Father S.C. Mother Ga.
Walter J. Goswick age 11 b.ca. 1909(nephew) born Ga. parents born Ga.
Thomas H. Goswick age 8 b.ca.1912(nephew) born Ga. parents born Ga.
(Lena Goswick was wife of Marion James Wesley Goswick)



1880 Custer Co. Montana, Fort Custer Twp..
James GUSWICK (Soldier)age 28 born ca. 1852 Pa. Father born Pa. Mother born Pa.


1920 Runnels co. Tx. Ballinger Township
Carl C. GROSWICK age 43 born Minnesota, Father Mn. Mother Norway
Bessie (wife) age 30 born Ill. Father Ill. Mother Ill.
Margret age 7 born Canada
James age 5 born N.Dakota
Rhoda age 1 born Mn.

1920 Scurry Co.Tx. Prect 1
Household # 60-60
Jim Goswick age 31 born ca. 1889 Ar. Father Ga. Mother Ar.
Lorena (wife) age 20 born Tx. Father Tx. Mother Tx.
John (son) age 8 born Tx. Father Ar. Mother Tx.
Grover (son) age 6 born Tx. Father Ar. Mother Tx.
Virgle (son) age 4 born Tx. Father Ar. Mother Tx.



1920 Talladega Co. Alabama, Sylacauga Township
Hugh GOSSWICK age 33 b.ca.1887 Ala. Father Ga. Mother Ala.
Nettie (wife) age 32 Ala. Father Ala. Mother Ala
Taft (son) age 11 born Ala. Father ala. Mother Ala.
Lawrence (son) age 6 born Ala. Father Ala.
(John Hugh Goswick, was son of George W. and Sarah E. (Roberson) Goswick)

1920 Shelby Co. Alabama, Harpersville Township
Sarah E. Goswick age 88 born ca. 1832 Ala. Father Ala. Mother Ala.
Pascal (son) age 18 b.  ca. 1902 Ala.
George (grand son) age 18 b.ca. 1902 Ala.
Asberry ? (g-son) age 8 born Ala.
Note: the age of Sarah E. is listed wrong on the census as she was born March of 1864 and would be only 56 years of age.  Sarah Elizabeth "shug" Roberson, was the wife of George Washington Goswick born 1856 Dawson Co.Ga.

1920 Talladega Co. Ala. Mignon Township
Fred  Goswick age 33 born ca. 1887 Ala. Father Ga. Mother Ala.
Sallie E. age 32 born Ala.
George G. (son) age 10 b.ca. 1910 Ala.
Annie C. (dau) age 7 born ala.
James C. (son) age 8 months old born Ala. ca. 1919



1920 Delta Co Colorado, Orchard Township
Ralph L. Goswick age 31 born ca.1889 Mo. Father Ga. Mother Mo.
Lanta (wife) age 25 born Mo.
Mildred E. (dau) age 7 born Mo.
Francis N. (son) age 6 born Mo.
Iris L. (dau) age 2 born Co.

1920 Morgan Co. Colorado, Snyder Township
pg7 online
Carl C. Goswick age 29 born ca.(1891) North Dakota, Father Norway, Mother Norway
Clarissa ? wife, age 28 born Mo. Father Tn. Mother Iowa
Dorothy (dau) age 6 born Colorado, Father N.D. Mother Mo.
Robert M? (son) age 1 born Colorado, Father N.D. Mother Mo.
Margaret Jackson (niece) age 10 born Colorado, Father Wisc. Mother N.D.
(Carl C. is listed as a Signalman for the RR)


1920 Marshall Co. Kansas, Vermillion Township
Frank M. Goswick age 26 born Mo. ca. 1894 Father Ga. Mother Mo.
Velda (wife) age 20 born Ks. Father Illinois, Mother Ks.(Frank M. "Francis" was son of Marion Francis Goswick of Mo.)


1920 Richmond Co. Virginia (Independent City)

Joseph J. Goswick age 44 born N.C. ca. 1876
Eunice (wife) age 26
Sara L. (dau) age 11
Geneva (dau) age 8
Edward (son) age 5
Joseph L. (son) age 4
Luther E. age 23 b.ca. 1897
Mary E.(wife) age 22
Ruth V,(dau) age 4
Emmett Millard (son) age 3

1920 Johnson Co.Indiana, Jan 16&17 (view 1900 Brown Co.Indiana  and 1910 Brown Co.Indiana)
Household# 150-152
Luvina Goswick age 56 (widow) born Indiana, Father Ohio, Mother Ohio



1930, April 17, Mississippi Co.Ar. Big Lake Township
E.H. Ezell age 42 born Mo.
Naomi E. (wife) age 20 born Ar. Father Ms. Mother Ar.
Homer Scarbrough (step son) age 3 born Ar.
Edward R. Scarbrough (step son) age 2 born Ar.
Alma G. GOSWICK (niece) age 11 born Mo. Father Ar. Mother Mo.

1900 Hall Co.Georgia, Wilsons Township District 77

Thomas Goswick born Nov. 1815 S.C. Age 84 Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Rebecca D. (wife) age 62 born Aug. 1836 N.C. Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Carrie Mooney (widow) age 19 born Aug. 1991 Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Census states that Thomas and Rebecca D. Goswick were parents of one child one living, and they had been married 32 years (married about the year 1868)???(that info charted was not correct as thomas and Rebecca had no children) (Thomas was son of Matthias)

Rebecca D. (Parke) Goswick died Feb. 06, 1931 Hall Co.Ga.  1930 census listed Rebecca Goswick age 93 living in Gainsville, Hall Co. Ga. Marriage records state that Thomas Goswick & Rebecca D. Park married June 22, 1898.

1900 Pope Co.Arkanas.


1910 Pope Co.Arkansas

1871 ST. Marylebone, London
William Goswick age 60 born ca. 1811 Walson,
Mary Goswick (wife) aGe 58 born Woolwich, Kent, Eng.

1871 St. George Hanover, Square London
Robert Goswick age 68 born ca. 1803 Addle? St. City
Ann (wife) age 78 b.ca. 1793 Surry Eng.

1871 St. Leonard Shoreditch London
Arthur Goswick age 14 b. ca. 1857 Middlesex Eng. (servant)

1871 Sancton & Houghton Yourshire
John Goswick age 19 b.ca. 1852 Holme, Yorkshire Eng. (servant)

1871 London Holywell Parish
Elizabeth Gostwick age 38 b.ca. 1833 Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk,Eng.
John Gostwick age 20 (step son) born ca. 1851 Strand, Middlesex, Eng.


1891 St. Marlebone, Civil Parish, London Eng. Eccl. Parish, the Rectory
George Goswick age 27 born Suffolk, Bury, Eng. (b.ca. 1864)

1891 Wales
Sarah Goswick age 78 b.ca.(widow) born 1813 Bath

1891 Kent Co Eng. Woodchurch, Dist 25
Mary Goswick age 80 b.ca. 1811(widow) Woodchuch (living on own means)

1891 Essex Manningtree Dist 15  57 HIgh ST.
Harriet Goswick age 82 born ca. 1809 (widow) born  Norfolk Yarmouth.
listed as Mother in law in home of Benjamin and Jane C. (age 51) King


New York  Passenger list of Goswicks 1851-1891

1857, Jan. 2nd. Henry Goswick age 20 (b.ca. 1837)and John Goswick age 24 (b.ca. 1833)Port of departure: Liverpool, Eng. Destination: USA. Place of Origin: DEU "Germany". On ship: Fidelia

1871, May 3rd. Will Goswick age 34 (b.ca. 1837) Port of departure:Liverpool, Eng. on ship "City of Washington". Place of Origin: England

1884. Sept. 22, Mary Goswick age 24 (b.ca.1860) Port of departure: Liverpool, destination: USA, place of origin: USA. On ship Germanic

1886,Oct.22, Alfred J. Goswick, Esq. age 41 (b.ca. 1845) Port of departure: Liverpool, destination: Horsforth USA, Place of Origin: England.  On ship "America".


June 4,1880 Brown Co Indiana Hamblen twp dist 16 Image page 5
James Goswick age 20 (single) born Georgia ca. 1860 (farm laborer)
In home of:

Aflred Kane? age 46 Ohio Pa Pa
Nancy age 45 Ohio ? Ohio
Rachel Tracy 74 (mother in law) Ohio ? ?

It is mentioned that James had a sister named Eva, and a brother named John.

1910 Brown Co. Indiana, Hamblen Twp.
hh# 167
James M. Goswick age 50 born Ga. ca. 1859 Parents born Ga.
Luvina (wife) age 47 born Ind. Parents born Ohio  (view 1920 census of Luvina)
Ada M. (dau) age 24 (single) born Ind. Father Ga. Mother Ind.
(Monroe Goswick (m) May 2, 1883 Brown Co. Indiana "Levina Dine")


1900 Dawsonville, Dawson, Ga. ED#18 June 1,
John W. Goswick (ages unlegable) (son of Louisa Goswick, Keith, Lanley)
Julia V. (wife) ages unlegable
Jaine (dau) age 10.  Listed as James??
Elender E. (dau) age 8
Margaret E. age 6
William W. age 2
George D. age 10 months
Louisa E. (mother) age 60 born Oct. 1839 Ga. parents born NC. (dau of Matthias)

1900 Atlanta Georgia Ward 5, Fulton Ed 67
Elbert R. Goswick age 34 born 1866 Ga.
Mattie wife age 22 born Ga.
(no ch.  married 11 years) (Elbert Goswick was son of John & Margaret)

1900 Forsythe Co. Ga. Hightower  (very bad film cannot read all) (view 1880 census)
Andrew J. Goswick born 1846 Ga. 
Sallie F. (wife) born 1846 Ga.
William J. (son) born 1876 Ga.
Mary P. (dau)age 21 born 1879 Ga.
James N. (son)(age 17) born ca. 1883 Ga.
Andrew J. Goswick son of Thomas and Lucinda (Conaway) Goswick

1900 Fulton Co.Ga. Atlanta, Ward 4
Fred Goswick age 24 born ca. 1876 Ga.
Mattie (wife) age 21 born Ga.
(no children in h/h) (Fred Goswick was son of John & Margaret Goswick)


1900 , June 18 Gordon Co.Ga. Plainville
Alo J. Goswick (Alonzo Jackson) age 27 b.ca. 1873 Ga.
Maggie (wife) age 22 born Ga.
(no children)  Alonzo Jackson Goswick was  son of Samuel D. Goswick

Prebble Goswick age 23 Ga.
Lizzie age 19
Mose age 2 months

1910 Forsythe Co.Ga. Vickers Creek Dist. (view 1900 census) (view 1930 census)
hh# 326
James N. Goswick age 28 born Ga. ca 1883 Parents born Ga.
Annie (wife) age 25
Mary age 1 year 2 months
George (adopted son) age 2 born ca. 1908 Ga.
James N. Goswick was son of Andrew, and grand son of Thomas and Lucinda (Conaway) Goswick.

1930 Walker Co.Ala. Prect 11 Dist 16 Page 6
Jim N. Goswick age 47 born ca. 1883 Ga/
Scottie (wife) age 48
George (son) age 22 born ca. 1908 Ga.
Elizabeth (dau) age 19 born ca. 1911

1910 Gordon Co.Ga. Plainville
Moses M. Goswick age 48 born Ga.
Mary J. (wife) age 55 Ga.
Prebble C. age 33 born Ga.
Alberta M. (wife) age 21 b. Ga.
Mose (son) age 10 Ga.
Thelma M. (dau) age 5 born Ga.
(Moses Marion Goswick was son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Pruitt) Goswick)

1910 Hall Co.Ga. wilsons Dist 10
Rebecca GOSWIC age 73 Widow born NC. parents born NC
Andrew Odwll (boarder) age 22 born Ga.
(Rebecca was 2nd wife of Thomas Goswick born 1815)

1900, July 5 Hopkins Co.Ky Magst Dist # 7 (Kitchen) (view 1910 census of J.F)
hh# 465
John F. Goswick age 44 born May 1856 Ga. Parents born Ga.
Mollie (wife) born Jan, 1865 Ky age 35 parents born Ky
George W. (son) born April 1883 Ky. age 17  Father born Ga. Mother Ky
Jennie (dau) born Oct. 1885 Ky. age 15 Father born Ga. mother Ky
Thomas O "Otto"(son) born Dec. 1887 Ark. age 13 Father Ga. mother KY
John H. (son) born Apr. 1889 Ky. age 11 Father Ga. mother Ky.

John F. Goswick was son of George W. and Jane Goswick of Logan Co. Ky. (view census)
Also view Ky marriages.

1900 Brown Co. Indiana, Hamblin  (view 1880 census of James)
hh# 94
James M. Goswick age 40 born Dec. 1859 Ga. Father Ky mother Ky
Luvina (wife) age 34 born Nov. Indiana parents Indiana (view 1910 Brown Co.Ind census)
Addie M. (dau) age 13 born Aug.  Indiana, Father Ga. mother Ind.
(view Indiana Marriages) 

Arrived 1904

Frederick N. Gostick age 50 "English"
Mary Gostick age 47 "English"
Mirmiam (female) age 18
Verona (female) age 15
Dorothy age 9



June 14, 1880 Rock Island Illinois, Black Hawk twp dist 235 image page 11
hh# 103
John Goswick age 24 b.,Ill. Ind. Ind. b.ca. 1856 (farm laborer in hh of Frances and Christina Leifalet?


June 11, 1900 Rock Island Illinois Rock Island Ward 7 dist 123 Image page 30
hh# 318 (family found under Rosa GOSK)
John M. Goswick  b. Jan 1863 age 37 Ga. Unk Unk(occup: steel worker)
Rosa July 1880 ge 19 b. Iowa, father NJ mother Illinois
Charlie (son) b. June 1899 age 11 months b. Ill. Father Ga. mother Iowa
Charlie Eastman (step father) b. Apr, 1847 age 53 b. Ill. father Vermont, mother NY


April 30, 1910 Rock Island Illinois, 5-wd Moline dist 102 Image page 48
hh# 405
John M. Goswick age 41/7? Ga. Ga. Ga.
Rosa age 30 Iowa Ill Ill
Charles (son) age 11 Ill. Ga. Iowa
Cleona (dau) age 8 Ill ga. Iowa
Gwendolin (dau) age 4 Ill ga. Iowa
Cholotel (dau) age 2 Ill. ga. Iowa
Dwight (son) age 6 month? Ill, ga Iowa


June 18, 1880 Monroe Co. Indiana Van Buren twp dist 288 Image page 19
hh# 175
Luke Ward age 81 Nc NC NC b.ca.
Daniel J. age 55 (son) Ind Nc Va.
Ruben age 35 Ind NC Va
Nancy age 33 Ind NC Va.
Eva Goswick age 18 (adop dau) Georgia ? ? b.ca. 1862 (view 1900 census of Eva)


June 5,1900 Monroe Co, Indiana, Bloomington Dist 95 Image page 4
hh# 49
Charles Rogers Oct. 1857 age 42 (m 19 yrs) b. Ind. Ind Ind
Eva b. sept 1857 age 42 b. Ga. unk unk
Lee (son) May 1883 Ind age 14
Sophia (dau) Dec. 1886 Ind age13
Jennie (dau) Dec. 1889 Ind age 10
(son)name unlegable May 1891 age 9 Ind
Helene (dau) June 1895 age 5 Ind
Homer? (son) Feb. 1899 age 1 Ind




April 15, 1910 Monroe Co, Indl 2-wd Bloomingotn dist 130 image page 7
Charles P. Rogers listed but not on page
Jan 9,1920 Monroe Co Indiana, Bloomington ward 2 dist 180 Image page 18
hh# 237
Theodore Rogers age  27 b.ca. 1893 Ind Ind Ind
Grace (wife) age 29 Ind Va. Ind
Lois (dau) age 6 Ind
Charles (father) age 62 b.ca. 1858 (widow)  Ind Ind Ind



June 12,1880 Gordon Co.Ga. Sugar valley twp dist 109
hh# 217
Rubin Bohelin age 80 ga ga ga
Nancy A (wife) aGE 45 ga GA GA
Soloman age 31 (son) ga ga ga
Bettie 30 (dau) ga ga ga
Mattie age 20 dau Ga
Mollie age 11/16 (dau) ga ga ga
John age 13 (son) ga
Green B. Goswick (son in law) age 31 ga ga ga bca.1849


June 4, 1900 Whitfield Co.Ga. Mill Creek twp dist 108
hh# 44
Green B. Goswick  Feb. 1850 age 50 Ga. Ga. SC
Margaret (wife) Feb. 1850 age 50 Ga. Ga. SC



April 21, 1910 Whitfield Co.Ga. Mill Crk dist dist 154 Image page 7
hh# 91
Green B. Goswick  age 60 NC Us SC
Marget (wife) age 60 (m 12 years o ch) b. ga Us SC
Della Jones (cousin) age 20/28 Ga ga ga


July 15,1860 Franklin Co. NC "not stated" image page 59 P.O. Louisburg
hh# 480
Soloman Goswick 27 NC
Nancy 27 NC
Green age 11 NC b.ca. 1849
Jasanth (son)age 4
Susier? fe age 2

note: Green Goswick was Green B. Hamm, son of Nancy by her first husband "John Green Hamm".  It does look like Green took the surname of Goswick.  It is stated by descendants of Soloman that after he died his widow Nancy (Burnett) Hamm, put all the children up for adoption.