Elijah Gossett of Tn. and Texas and some of his descendants.

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(Twins 1848) (twins 1908) 1820 Maury Co Tn. William Gasset  1820 Census Mauray Co.Tn. 1820 Williamson Co.Tn.Elijah Gossett 
 1840 Tippah Co.Ms. 1830 Hardeman CoTn. Elijah, Vandike, James L. Gossett.

1830 census Hardeman Co.Tn.
Image # 37
Elijah Gossett 40/50, 2 males 15/20 (1810-1815),1 male 10/15 (1815-1820)
1 male 5/10 (1820-1825)1 female 40/50,1 female 10/15,1 female 5/10, 2 females U/5

Elijah Gossett and son's settled in Texas according to Texas Descendants. There were son's named: Presley, James Lockridge born 1810, Andrew Edwards born 1812, John Vandike born 1815, William S. born 1819, Charles Ervin born 1820, and Lee Cameron born 1823.  The 1830 census shows only 4 sons in household, but census is not always correct.  Article found on Elijah Gossett of Tn. and Tx..

Vandike Gossett 30/40 born ca. 1799 Va., settled in Tippah Co. Ms.
James L. Gossett 15/20 (1810-1815) b.ca.1810, wife 15/20 ( no children in 1830)
Henry Thompson 3111101-011101 (James L. Gossett (m) Priscilla Thompson)
Image # 43
Joseph Hatley 1011201--0111001 (Mary Hatley (m) VanDike Gossett)

There are no 1840 census for Texas .

These names are found in "One world tree" on Ancestry.com
(view Sep.9,1850 census of James L.Gossett)
view Nov.16,1850 census of James Gossett)
Children of James Lockridge and Pricilla Eleanor (Thompson) Gossett
Elijah F. 1830 Tn
William 1831 Tn. (married Mary Essie Lee)
John W. 1836 Tx. (married Celia A. Marton
Priscilla E. 1840 Tx.
Levi Jackson 1844 Tx. (m) Harriet M. Couch
Mary Jane 1846 Kaufman Tx.
Thomas Jefferson 1848 Rome Ga. Floyd Co.???
Andrew Edwards 1849 Tx.
Green 1851 d: 1862 ???
Sarah Ann 1854 Tx.
Martha A. 1854 Tx.

Sept.09, 1859 Comal Co. Tx. Neew Braunfels
household # 67
   (view Nov 1850 of James and Priscilla)
James L. Gossett age 40 b. ca. 1810 Illinois.
Priscilla age 37 b. NC
Elijah F. age 20 b. ca. 1830 Tn.

age 19 born ca. 1831 Tn.
Mary age 18 b.ca.1832 Ark.Ala?( Mary E.wife of William)
John age 17 b.ca. 1833 Tx.
Henry age 15 born ca, 1835 Tx.
Ellen age 10 born ca. 1840 Tx.
Jefferson age 7 b.ca. 1843 Tx.
Mary age 5 b.ca. 1845 Tx.
Andy age 1 b.ca.1849 Tx.

Nov.16, 1850 Bexar Co.Tx. Salado Creek household # 117 (view household 119)

James Gosett age 40 born ca. 1810 Tn. (view 1860 census of James L.)
Priscilla (wife) age 39 born N.C.
John (son) age 14 born Tx. ca. 1836
James H. (son) age 12 born Tx. ca. 1838 (listed as Henry on Sept 9 census)
Priscilla (dau) age 10 born Tx. ca. 1840 (as Ellen on Sept 9 census)
Thomas J. (son) age 8 born Tx. ca.1842 (listed as Jefferson on Sept 9 census)
Levi (son) age 4 born Tx. ca. 1846 (not listed on Sept 9 census)
Mary (dau) age 3 born Tx. ca. 1847
Andrew (son) age 1 born Tx. ca. 1849
James Gossett, son of Elija Gossett)


Household # 119
William Gosett age 19 born Tn. ca. 1831
Mary E. Gosett (wife) age 18 born Ala. ca.1832
William, son of James Lockridge and Pricilla (Thompson) Gossett.

Jan 11, 1860 Erath Co.Tx. Beat 4 P.O. Stephenville (view 1870 census)
household # 132
James L. GUSSETT age 49 b.ca. 1910 Tn.
Priscilla age 48 b.ca. 1811 NC
Thomas J. age 17 b.ca. 1842 Tx.
Levi J. age 15 b.ca. 1844 Tx.
Mary J. age 13 b.ca. 1846 Tx.
Andrew E. age 11 b.ca. 1848 Tx.
Sarah age 7 b. ca. 1852 Tx.
Martha age 4 b.ca. 1855 Tx.

household # 133
James H. Gossett age 21 b.ca. 1839 Tx.
Julia A. age 19 b.ca. 1841 Ala.
Priscilla J. age 1 month born Tx.

April 5, 1870 Fayette Co.Tx. West of Caldwell Rd.
household# 263
J.L. Gosett age 59 born ca. 1811 Tn
Priscilla age 58 b.ca. 1812 NC
Martha F. age 14 b.ca. 1856 Tx.


Sept. 12,1870 Dallas Tx. Dallas Co. Prect 1
household # 1350
Mary E. GASSETT age 38 born 1832 Ala.
Juliana (dau) age 19 bprm 1851 Tx. (married C.C. Carson)
James A. (son) age 16 born 1853 Tx.
Wm. Jefferson (son) age 14 born 1856 Tx.
Moses H.(son) age 12 born 1858 Tx. (married:Feb.20,1883 Ellis Co Tx.
Alvarado House)
John P. (son) age 8 born ca. 1862 Tx.
Elisha G. (son) age 7 born ca. 1863 Tx.

Mary appears to be a widow by 1870, and it is believed
that her husband "William" died in C/W. Mary must
have died before 1880 as we find her children
living in different households in 1880.

June 5, 1880 Navarro Co. Tx. Dist 128
household # 89
Christopher C. Carson age 32 born ca. 1848 Wisc.
Julia A. (wife) age 28 born Tx. Parents born Ala.
Horace Carson born 1873 Tx.
Idella Carson born 1875 Tx.
Lizzie Carson born 1878 Tx.
John R. Carson born 1880 Tx.
James E. GOSSETT (bro in law) age 26 born 1853 Tx.
Elisha Gossett (brother in law) born 1861 Tx.

June 4,1880 Ellis Co. Tx. Dist 47
Moses Gossett age 20 born ca. 1860 Tx.(sons of Mary E.)
John Gossett age 19 born ca. 1861 Tx. (view 1910 census)
farm hands on farm of John and Elizabeth Batchelor.
M.H. Gossett (married Feb.20,1883 Ellis Co.Tx. Alvarado House)

June 1, 1900 Navarro Co.Tx. Justice Prect 2 Dist 100
J.E."J.A." Gosset born May 1853 Tx. age 47
Laura (wife) age 40 born ca. 1860 unknown
Johnnie (son) bprm Feb. 1882 Tx. age 18
Henry (son) born Jan. 1885 Tx. age 15
Jimmie (son) born Oct. 1886 Tx. age 13
Benj (son) born Nov. 1889 Tx. age 10
Freddie (son) born July 1892 Tx. age 7
Charlie (son) born Feb. 1894 Tx. age 6
J.E. Is James A. "Alexander" son of Mary E. Gossett

June 1, 1900 Mavarro Co. Tx. Corsicana City Ward 1 Dist97
Eligah G. Gossett b. Dec. 1861 Tx. age 38 Parents born Ala.
Liza (wife) born March 1863 ga. age 37
Addie (dau) born Oct. 1883 Tx. age 16
Josie (dau) born Aug. 1886 Tx. age 13
Della (dau) born Aug. 1890 Tx. age 9
James (son) born Oct. 1898 Tx. age 2
Elijah G. Gossett son of William and Mary E. Gossett.
(view 1910 of Elijah)

April 26, 1910 Navarro Co.Tx. 1-pct. 76
household # 131
Henry Gossett age 25 born ca. 1885 Tx. (View 1920 census)  (view 1930 census)
Mary (wife) age 16 born ca. 1894 Tx.
Laura (dau) age 3 born ca. 1907 Tx.
Ellen (dau) age 5 months born ca. 1910Tx.
Alexander (Father) age 59 born ca. 1851 Tx. (widower)
Charley Gossett (brother) age 16 born ca. 1894 Tx. (view 1920)

household # 134
John Gossett age 28 born ca. 1882 Tx.
Susan (wife) age 24 born  ca. 1886 (m x 2)
Walter McGarity ? (son) age 9 born Tx.
Preston McGarity? (son) age 6 Tx.
Vera Gossett (dau) age 2 b.ca. 1908 Tx. (TWIN)
Eva Gossett (dau) age 2 born ca. 1908 Tx. (TWIN)
Garrett, Gossett (son) age 8 months born 1910 Tx.


May 5, 1910 Navarro Co.Tx. 1 pct.
household # 305
Fred Gossett age 16 born ca 1894 Tx. (son of J.A. and Laura Gossett)
hired hand on farm of Eddie and Mary E. Cokes.


April 20, 1910 Navarro Co. Tx. 1-wd, Corsocana Dist 80
household # 180
J.A. "James Alexander" Gossett age 26 born ca. 1884 Tx.
J.A. Gossett (married Dec.13,1904 Cherokee Co.Tx. Barbara McCanna.
Barbara (wife) age 31 born Ala.
Violet E. (dau) age 4 born Tx.
Orval? (son) age 1 year 3 months
John W. McKinna? age 15
Frances McKinna age 13
Barbara is listed as married twice 6 ch 4 living.
J.A. "Jimmie" son of James A. & Laura

Jan 19, 1920 Rockwall Tx. Rockwall Dist. 149
household # 350
J.W. Gossett age 38 born ca. 1882 Tx. (widower)
Vera May (dau) age 12 born ca. 1908 Tx.
Era Fay (dau) age 12 born ca. 1908 Tx.
Arthur C. (son) age 10 born ca. 1910 Tx.
James Earl (son) age 8 bprm ca. 1912 Tx.
Darrell (son) age 5 born ca. 1915 Tx.
Oma G. (dau) age 1 year 11 months born ca. 1918 Tx.
(J.W. "Jonnie", son of J.A. and Laura)

household # 351
J.A. "James Alexander" Gossett age 38 born Tx. ca.1882
(J.A. Gossett (m) Dec.13,1904 Cherokee Co.Tx. Barbara McCanna)
Barbara (wife)age 47
Virlie age 14
Daniel age 11
Elmo age 8
Jewell Fay age 11 months
x 2 step children
(J.A. Gossett, son of J.A. and Laura Gossett)


April 21, 1930 Hall Co. Tx. Prect 3 Dist 12
household # 173
Arthur C. Gassett age 20 born ca. 1910 Tx.
Thelma M. (wife) age 16 born Tx. ca. 1914
John W. Gassett (father) age 46 b.ca.1884 Tx.
James E, (brother) age 17 born 1913 Tx.
Darrell F. (brother) age 15 b.ca. 1915 Tx.
Oma G. (sister) age 12 b. ca. 1918 Tx.

April 15, 1930 Crosby Tx. Prect 2 Dist 5 (view 1910 census)  (view 1920 census)
household # 123
Henry G. Gossett age 45 b.ca. 1885 Tx.
Mary E. (wife) age 36 Tx.
Richard (son) age 18 b. Tx.
Willie (dau) age 14 b. Tx.
Hazel (dau) age 10 b.Tx
N???unleg (son) age 7 b. Tx.
Theron (son) age 4 b. Tx.

Henry, son of J.A. and Laura Gossett

June 29, 1900 Knox Co.Tx. Prect 5 Dist 43
household # 155
John P. Gossett b.March 1861 age 34
Hannah E. age 33 b. Tx.
Orbay (sp)son age 13 b. Tx.
Essie (dau) age 11
Jewell P (son) age 8 Tx.
Horace age 4
Ruth E. age 2
John P. Gossett, son of Mary E.
(view 1910 census)

May 1910 Motley Co.Tx. 45 pct Dist 184
household # 154
John P. Gossett age 50 b. ca. 1860 Tx. (view 1880 census)
Hannah (wife) age 42 born Tn. ca. 1868
Jewell (son) age 19 b.ca. 1891 Tx..........1920
Hollis (son) age 15 b.ca. 1895 Tx.
Driver? (sp) son, age 7 b..ca. 1903 Tx.
Pope son, age 4 b. 1906 Tx.
John P. Gossett, son of Mary E. Gossett 1870 census.

Page 2. 1920 Hansford Co Tx. Justice Prect 4, Dist 115
hh# 17
Jewell Gossett age 28 born Tx
Louise (wife) age 22 born Tn
James (son)age 4 born NM
Rodney (son) age 6 months born Tx.

hh# 24
John Gossett age 57 born Tx
Hannah (wife) age 51 Tn
Driver (son) age 17 Tx.
Pope (son) age 14 Tx.

1920 Roberts Co.Tx. Justice prect 2 Dist 250
household # 2
Hollis Gossett age 24 (single) born Tx.
in residence of Archie & Sina King


Jan 2, 1920 Corsicana Tx. Ward 2, Navarro     (view 1930 census)
household # 42
Charlie W. Gossett age 25 b.ca. 1895 Tx.
Ruth E. (wife) age 20 b.ca. 1900 Tx.
Charlie W., son of James A. and Laura (Shepard) Gossett

1910 Corsicana Tx. Navarro Co. 2-wd.
household # 250
Elijah Gossett age 48 b. ca. 1862 Tx.
Eliza (wife)
James (son) age 11 b.ca. 1899 Tx.
Elijah Gossett, son of Mary E. Gossett


July 5, 1860 Anderson Co.Tx. Beat 2 P.O. Pruitts Tan Yard
household# 336
J.V.D. Gossitt age 48 b.Tn. ca, 1813
Zerilda age 40 b. Va. ca. 1820
John R. age 21 b.ca. 1839 Tx.
Elizabeth age 19 b.ca. 1841 Tx.
Melissa age 16 b.ca. 1844 Tx.
Calvin age 13 b.ca. 1847 Tx.
Sarah age 7 b.ca. 1843 Tx.
E.G. age 3 born ca, 1857 Tx.
not named age 1 b.ca. 1859 Tx.
John VanDike Gossett, son of Elijah of Tn. and Tx.

Household # 364
Wm Gositt age 23 b. ca. 1837 Tx.
Artello? age 17 b.ca. 1843 Ga.
J.H. age 6 months born Tx.

June 8, 1860 Houston Tx. Beat 1 P.O. Crockett
household # 166
Andy Gassett age 48 b.ca. 1812 Tn.
Mary age 38 b.ca. 1821 Tn.
Zeida (male) age 18 b.ca. 1841 Tx.
Kelsey (fe) age 15 b. ca. 1844 Tx.
Albert age 13 b.ca. 1846 Tx.
Andrew age 2 b.ca. 1857 Tx.
(Andrew Gossett, son of Elijah of Tn and Tx.)


July 30, 1870 Coleman Co.Tx.  prect 6
household # 42
Levi J. Gossett age 25 b.ca. 1845 Tx.
Harriet age 26 b.ca. 1844 Ms.
William H. age 2 b. ca. 1868 Tx.
John age 1 b.ca. 1869 Tx.
(Levi Gossett, son of James L. and Priscilla Gossett)



Nov.13,1850 Houston Co. Tx. Image 13
Household # 464
Lee Gossett age 27 b.ca 1823 Tn.
Lucinda age 24 b. ca. 1826 La.
James L. age 2 born Houston City b.ca. 1848(twin)
John W. age 2 born Houston City b.ca. 1848 (twin)
(Lee Gossett, son of Elijah of Tn. and Tx.) 
Neighbors in 1850 were the Rice families. (It is stated that Lee Gossett died in C/W)

Dec. 12, 1850 Houston Co. Tx.
Andrew E. Gossett age 38 born ca. 1812 Tn. (view 1860 census of Andrew)
Rhodey D. age 38 b.ca. 1812 NC
Eveline s. age 16 Tx.
Galveston M. age 13 b. Houston
Zebedee age 8 Tx.  (view C/W record)
Kelsey G (male( age 3 Tx.
Antonette (sp) age 1 Tx.
(Andrew E.. son of Elijah of Tn and Tx.)


Civil War Service Records
about Zeb Gossett
Name: Zeb Gossett
Company: I
Unit: 4 Texas Cavalry.
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: Private
Allegiance: Confederate
Notes: Gosset, Zebedse



July 19, 1860 Houston Co.Tx. Beat 9 P.O. Augusta
household# 660
Darcus Edwards age 50 b.ca. 1809 NC
Mary Rice age 57 b. NC
William Rice age 28 b. Tx.
Jno Redman age 28 b. Tx.
Mary Redman age 4 b. Tx.
James Gossett age 10 (twin) b.ca. 1850 (sons of Lee and Lucinda Gossett)
Jno Gossett age 10 (twin) b. b.ca. 1850
Fortunatis Gossett (male) age 8 b. ca. 1852



June 29, 1870 Houston Co.Tx. Prect 20 P.O. Crockett
household # 134
Mary Rice age 67 NC
James Gossett age 22 b.ca. 1848 Tx. (sons of Lee and Lucinda Gossett)
John Gossett age 22 b.ca. 1848 Tx, (twins)
Jennie (fe) Moffit age 12 b. Tx.


Reference to Elijah Gossett was made in a letter written in 1939 by Mrs. Austin A. Baker of Bolivar, Tennessee, to Colonel H. H. F. Gossett, who was located at that time in Memphis, Tennessee Mrs. Baker is now regent of Hatchie Chapter, D.A.R., in Bolivar. Her tribute is partly quoted: “Elijah Gossett was a delegate at the meeting of Presbytery at old Mt. Comfort Church, near Hickory Valley in March 1829. The first record of Elijah Gossett was in 1823, when he and V. D. Gossett bought a tract of land on the waters of Spring Creek, five miles south of Bolivar, Tennessee. He was captain of a company to take the first census... He must have been outstanding... At any rate, his name has been preserved as one who contributed to the civilizing of the raw new settlement and we are grateful to him for his influence... I hope some day we will know... who he was, from whence he came and whether he strayed.”

Whether Elijah strayed is, undoubtedly, disclosed in The History of Houston County, Texas by Armistead Albert Aldrich, pub. 1943, in the following excerpts:

1. p. 43 In a petition to Congress for a county to be created in Texas, dated Mustang Prairie, April 22, 1837, the signatures include: James L. Gossett, William L. Gossett, John V. D. Gossett, Elijah Gossett.
2. p. 18 Elijah Gossett was again elected judge of Houston County, Texas, February 12, 1842.
3. p. 63 Elijah Gossett was chosen one of the trustees of Trinity College, 1841.


On pages 152-4 appears “The Gossett Family”, a history of Elijah Gossett and his descendants, written by Mrs. Josie Gossett Newton of Galveston. The relevant parts of the history are reviewed, as follows: Elijah Gossett, b. February 1, 1788, on Rutherford Creek, Tennessee. Married Elizabeth Stone Edwards, b. September 1, 1789, in Tennessee. (Her mother was a Miss Lackridge.) They reared a family of ten children and moved to Illinois. Then they returned to Tennessee. In 1833, accompanied by their entire family, they moved to Texas and settled in what was later to become Houston County, which was then a part of Mexico.

Elijah Gossett selected a site for his home on the Hurricane Bayou, five miles from the present town of Crockett, and lived there until 1837. He and his three oldest sons, James Lackridge, Andrew Edwards, and John Van Dyke, served in the ‘Texas Revolution’ for its entire duration as volunteers under Captain William Spurlock, Brigadier General Thomas J. Rusk, commanding. After Texas became a republic, the four Gossetts joined Captain Elisha Clapps company of ‘Texas Rangers’, and served on the frontier. (These facts were furnished by Miss Harriet Smither, archivist of the Texas library, Capitol Building, Austin. She also furnished copies of the discharge papers. Some of this information was copied from Comptrollers Military Service Records, nos. 4909 and 4911, and from Pension Papers, Archives.) The Gossetts received bounty warrants of land, 320 acres each, for their military service. Also, they received land grants from the Mexican government as settlers.

Elijah Gossett was elected county judge in 1841, and he was one of the eleven trustees appointed for Trinity College, which was first established at Alabama in Houston County, by the senate and house of representatives of the Republic of Texas in Congress, assembled January 30, 1841.

Elijah Gossett owned land in Van Zandt County where he died November 24, 1848.

Elijah’s son, Andrew Edwards Gossett, was the father of Newton. He built his first log cabin home at the top of the hill north of the present town of Crockett, where the Mary Ellen Seminary (Negro College) is now located. It was 63 miles over a rough trail to Nacogdoches, the nearest trading post. In 1837 he built his house, now standing, about a mile from Crockett. It is referred to as “the old Gossett place”. He donated the site for the town of Crockett, and he and his father named the town.

Andrew Edwards Gossett was born July 19, 1812, in Maury County, Tennessee. He married December 27, 1831, Rhoda E. Mulder (b. January 12, 1812, in Halifax, North Carolina, d. April 14, 1853, in Crockett). They had nine children.

Andrew Edwards Gossett married January 22, 1857, Mary Margaret Murchison (daughter of Simon and Elizabeth Ross Murchison), born in McNary County, Tennessee, February 17, 1832; d. December 20, 1904, age 72 years. Their children were: Andrew Edwards, b. August 4, 1858; d. April 28, 1928, and Margaret Josephine, b. December 22, 1862, who is Mrs. Josie Gossett Newton, the contributor of “The Gossett Family”.



1820 Maury Co.Tn. census Image # 64
Ages in 1820 are listed as:
u/10, 10 and u 16,  16/18,  18/26,  26/45,  45 up (males and females)
John Gossett  00001-0001
Robert Lockridge 00100-101001
Elizabeth Robertson 0001-0210101
Amy Lockridge 120211-10001
Dandee Gossett 0001-00021
John W. Lemaster 01131 (no females listed)
William Gosslin/Gasset



1820 Maury Co Tn. page 54
William Gasset 26/45
1 male u/10
1fe u/10
1 fe 5/10
1 fe 15/20
(Maris families are neighbors)


Sept 6, 1850 Tippah Co.Ms Dist 2 Image 22 (view 1840 census)
household # 153
V.D. Gossett age 51 born ca. 1799 Va.
Mary age 41 b.ca. 1809 NC
Elizabeth age 18 b.ca. 1832 Tn
Mary age 16.b.ca. 1834 Tn.
William age 12 b.ca. 1838 Ms.
Martha age 6 b.ca. 1844 Ms.
Laura age 3 b.ca. 1847 Ms.


1840 Tippah Co. Ms.
Jarmen Gossett 010011-21001
John Gossett 00001-00001
Martin Gossett 00001-0001 (view 1850 census on Martin Gossett)
Vandyke Gossett 100001-112001 (view 1850 census on Vandike)
William Gossett 00000001(50/60)b.ca. (1780-1790) - 00001001(50/60)

Nov. 19, 1850 Pontotoc Co.Ms
Martin C. Gossett age 31 b.ca. 1819 Tn.
Justina age 26 born SC
Elizabeth age 8 born Ms.
John age 6 born Ms.
Mary age 1 month b. Ms.
Thomas Orr age 14 born Ky.


Ages are listed as: U/10, 10/16, 16/18, 18/26,26/45, 45 UP same for females.
1820 Williamson Co.Tn. Franklin Twp. Image # 33
John Hadley 100010-0002
Elisha Gossett 31001-1001 (view 1830 census of Elisha Gossett)
Adeline Edwards 100000-01101
Parker Edwards 201100-1120



Feb. 13, 1920 Hall Co.Tx. Justice prect 2 Dist. 110 (VIEW 1910 CENSUS)
houehold # 271
H.G. Gassett age 34 born Tx.ca. 1886 Parents born Tx.
Mary age 26
Lena Maye age 11
Ellen age 10
Richard age 7
Willie (dau) age 4
H??name unlegable (dau) age 2 months


April 8, 1930 Corsicana, Tx. Navarro Dist 3 (view 1920 census)
household # 145
Charlie W. Gossett age 36 born tx. Father US mother US
Ruth age 31 born Tn. Father Ga. mother Tx.
C.W., Jr. age 6 born Tx. ca. 1924