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Newton Co.Ar. (some marriages & census findings for 1870)1/10,2001 on Chism family
John Green Chism
Thomas C. Chism
William Chism & wife Mary Artimis (Lewellen) Chism
 Kimberly Estrada and her Chism lineage
Chisholms of Canada..Excellent site.
June 2,2001..Chisholms in C/W
Alpena Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar. James C. & Gertie Chisham
Desc of James and Tempy (Howell) Chism    1/10/2006
  All info received on James and Tempa (Howell) Chism

Our Chism Lineage
J.B. Chism 1816/18 Ala.

Chism, etc. census findings

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A Work in Progress
by: Kay (Goswick) Kennemore
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Chism,Chisum, Chisom,Chisholm, etc. census findings

  [ 1820 South Carolina + marriages ][ Arkansas Marriages]
[ 1820Ms.Chisms/Chisholm Index] Chism/Chisholm Marriages in Itawamba Co.Ms.
Chism marriages in Monroe Co.Ms.

[1830 Ms.Chism index] [1830 Chisms in Tn.] [1830 Kentucky] [1830 Virginia]
 [1831 Laurens/lawrence list][1832/33/39 Izard Co.Ar. Tax list

[1837-38-39-1840 White Co.Ar.]

 [ 1840 Index to Ark. Chisms][1840 Ms.Index] [ 1840 Monroe Co.Ms.] [1840 AR.]
1840 Coahoma Co.Ms. Robert Friar and Chism

[ 1850 Kentucky]  [1852 Carroll Co.Ar.][1850 Monroe Co.Ms] [1850 Ms.index]

-[1850 Attala Co.Ms.][ 1850 Tippah Co.Ms.][ 1850 Coahoma Co.Ms.]
[1850 Tx.Wm.Chisum ]-[1850 Marshall Co.Ms]
[1850 Morgan Co.Mo. index: Jacob B. Chism][1850IzardCo.Ar.[1850NewtonCo.Ar.]
 [1850 Miss Co.Ar.]-[1850 Randolph Co.Ar.]
[1850 Vicksburg,Ms.]
[1850 St.Francis Co.Ar.] [1850-1853 Itawamba Co.Ms.][1850 Monroe Co.Ala]

[1860 Jackson Co.Ar.][ 1860 Monroe Co.Ms.] 1860RandolphCo.Ar.]

[1860 St.F.Co.Ar.][1860 Coahoma Co.Ms.]--[1860 Itawamba Co.Ms]-

{1860 Izard Co. Ar.}[1860 Randolph Co.Ar.][1860 MissCo.Ar]

[ 1860 Ms.index]

[ 1870 Newton Co.Ar.]-[1870 Miss Co.Ar.]-[1870 PulaskiCo.Ar.][1870SharpCo.Ar.]
[1870 Pope Co.Ar.]  [1870 MonroeCo.Ar.] [1870 Marshall Co.Ms.]
1870 Monroe Co.Ms Robert & Leonard Chism
2/10/06 {1870 Tishomingo Co,Ms  Richard C. Chism} 1870 Sharp Co.Ar. Green Chism

[1880 VanBuren Co.AR.][1880 Conway Co.Ar.] [ 1880 Pope Co.Ar.]
[ Searcy Co. Ar.1880 ]-[1880 Yell Co.Ar.]
[1880 Sharp Co.Ar.]
[1880 MonroeCo.Ar.] [1880Scott Co.Ar.] [1880 White CoAr.]

[1880Colbert Co.Ala.] 1880 Monroe Co.Ms Leonard Chism
[1900 Searcy Co.Ar.][1900 Pope Co.Ar.]-[1900 Polk Co.Ar.]-
[ 1900 Choconio?CoAz.][1900 Denton Co.Tx.]

[1910 Yell Co.Ar.] [ 1910 Pope Co.AR.][1910 Izard Co.Ar.] [1910 Saline Co.Ar.]

[ 1920 Yell Co.Ar.] [ 1920 Prarie Co.Ar.][1920 Pope Co.Ar]
[new info received on James & Tempy (Howell) Chism
[1920 Garland Co.AR.]
[ 1920 Haskell Co.Ok.  [ 1920 Creek Co.Ok.]
6/7/04 1930 Sequoyah,PawPaw Ok.  1930 Cherokee Co.Ok Cookson Twp.


[ Boyd Cemetery Pope Co.Ar. ]
[Chism marriages in Tippah Co.Ms.]
[ Chism marriage in AR.]
[ Macedonia CemeteryYell Co.Danville,Ar.]
[Thomas C.1834 ][ Elizabeth 1827]
[Nevada Co.Ar.Cem][Wyoming Cem.]
[Marshall Co.Ms.cemetery] [Attala Co.Cem-W.O.W.E]
[Tippah Co.Ms.Cemetery]
[ a John Chism in C.W. 1864 Ms.]
[ This is an  excellent site  in Canada for Chisholm burials]
[Hillcrest Cemetery, Tulare Co.Ca.]
[Chism/Bass marriage records ]
[ Chism/Freeman marrige records  ]

1/24/2000 Updates on marriages are found in Newton Co.AR. 1870 (follow my Chism family)

The 1860 Jackson Co.Ar. Bird Township #197 census on J.B. & H. Chism of Jackson Co.AR. supplied by:Tom Chism)

J. B. Chism age 41-44 Ala. (
Saray 37-38 ?  ( 1822-1823 Tn)  (Go to 1870 Newton Co.AR. to Sarah & children left in household)
1. Martha age  16, b.Miss. (  (Martha Ann (m) ca.1866 James Thomas Goswick)
2. Nancy J. age 14 b.Miss. (  (Possibly same Nancy Jane Chism (m) Hudson)
3. Sarah  age 12 b.Miss. (  (m) Aug.30,1867 Jackson Co.Ar.Charles H. Risner) neighbors to Sarah Chism  in 1870) UPDATED 4/15/03
4. John R.age 11 b.Al   (   7/5/02
5. William age  9? b. Miss.( (may be William Chism that married 1872 Conway Co.Ar.)
6. Rebecca  age 7 b.AR (
7. Susan age  2 AR  ( 1858) (m)Francis M. Hudson..Pope Co.Ar.
8. Gallernt ( 6 mo old AR ( name was "Tallarent" per marriage records)

My sincere thanks to Tom Chism ( desc of John suppling this 1860 census on my Martha Ann Chism and her family. I have searched just about every County in Arkansas and Ms. but had no idea they would be in Jackson Co.Ar. for 1860.   Now to find this family for 1850 as there may be more children.    John B. Chism must have died after 1862 and before 1870 and Sarah's last child is Benjamin Chism born 1862){kgk}Marriage of Sarah Elizabeth Chism on aug. 30,1867Jackson Co.AR. to Charles H. Risner supplied by Tom Chism of California.  Thank you Tom.
(It has been stated that Sarah (wife of J.B. Chism) was the daughter of Richard and Isabella Fryar of Friars Point Ms.) Richard and Isabella along with a son Daniel B. Fryar came to Ark in 1860 from Ms.)


(no date),1860 Jackson Co.Ar. Jefferson twp. Image page 22& 23, P.O. Jacksonport
(found as H.Chisom but listed on page as:)
hh# 1625
H.C. Chism age 40 Ala 1820
Margaret age 39 Ala
Polly age 18 Ala 1842
Eliza age 15 Tn. 1845
John age 10 Ar. 1850
Thomas age 5 Ar. 1855
Mary age 3 Ar. 185

1860 Jackson Co.AR. Jefferson Township #665
Eliza Chism (film not checked)


June 16,1860 Jackson Co.AR. Bird twp Image page 23 & 24 ,P.O. Jacksonport
hh# 197
J.B. Chism age 40 Ala (farmer)
Sarah age 37 Tn.
Martha age 16 Ms 1844
Nancy age 14 Ms
Sarah age 12 Ms
John age 11 Ala. 1849
William age 9 Ms 1851
Rebeca age 7 Ark.
Susan age 2 Ar.
Tolarnd " (male) age 7 months Ark.


June 12,1860 Jackson Co.Ar. Bird Twp. Image page 17 & 18 P.O. Kanuion?Caninn?
hh# 145
M/.W.?A. Gosick age 22 Ala. 1838
Martha Gouick age 18 Tn 1842
Millie (fe) age 1 Ar.

Note: Jackson Co.AR. marriage..


1870 Newton Co.Ar. census P.O. Cove Creek, Richland Township  Aug.16,1870
household #12-12

Sarah Chism age 49 born Tn. ca. 1821
Nancy J. age 23 born Ms. 1847
John Richard. age 20 born 1850 Ala. b. May 1850 d: Jul.03,1930 Danville,Ar. buried Macedonia Cemetery 7/5/02
Wm. M. age 18 born ca. 1852 Ms.
Rebecca M. age 16 b. ca. 1854 Ar.
Susan age 12 1858 Ar.
Gallernt age 10 1860 Ar.
Benjamin age 8 1862 Ar.

household #13-13
Charles Risoner age 32 born ca. 1838 Ar. (view 1880 and 1900 census of Charles Risner)
Sarah age 21 b. ca. 1849 Ala.  (This must be Sarah-in household of John B. & Sarah Chism 1860)
Sarah (dau) age 1 born ca. 1869 Ar.

John R. Chism born ca.1850 Ms. was a brother to my Martha Anne (Chism) Goswick born 1844 Ms.
John R. Chism b. ca. 1849/50 died 1930 Ark. (buried Macedonia Cemetery, Yell Co.AR.)
(m) lst. Nancy Jones b.& died n/r
(m) 2nd. Mar.15,1875 Pope Co.AR. Eliza Bass born ca. 1858  died 1876 (John R. Chism age 25 & Eliza Bass age 17)
(m)3rd. Sep.13,1878 Conway Co.Ar. Sarah Parlee Freeman (Another marriage record Sep.12,1881(go to Conway Co.Ar. marriages)

  1. child by Nancy Jones born & died along with Nancy at birth. (family info)
                     child by Eliza Bass
  2. T.S. born ca. 1876 (Eliza Bass died giving birth to T.S. Chism) (family info)

The children of John R. & Sarah Parlee (Freeman) Chism (go to 1880 c.) (1900 c.)  (1910 c.) (1920 c.)

3. John W. born Dec. 21,1879  (1880 census) ( 1910)(1920 census) 7/5/02    View 1930 census.
4. C.A. (dau) born Sep. 18, 1881 AR
5. Arabelle E."Bell" (dau) born Feb. 17,1883 Ar.(m) Lum Sutton
6. Thomas L. (son) born Jan.16,1884 Ar.
7. George W. (son) born Jan.13, 1887 Ar.
8. James Sylus (son) born Feb.11,1889 Ar.
9. Jesse (son) born Feb.09,1891 Ar.
10. Lillie E. (dau) born Mar.07,1893 Ar.
11. Abram M. (son) born Mar.1900

1900 Pope Co.Ar. John R. and family is living (household 108)next door to James T. & Martha Anne (Chism)
Goswick (household # 106).


By 1920 John R. and family is living in Yell Co.Ar. Reed Heathley Township

1920 census Yell Co.Ar. Reed Heatley Township  (go to 1930 census)

household # 4-4
John Chisum age 40 b. ca. 1880 Ar. (son of John R. & 2nd wife Eliza Boss/Bass)
Sarah age 39 b. Ar.
Dewey (son) age 17 (Rosalie (Chisum) Lupcho..daughter of George Dewey Chisum)
Wm. (son) age 11
Edna (dau) age 7
Dalas/Dallas (son) age 4
Pauline (dau) age 2

  Hello Kay:  I am Rosalie Chisum Lupcho and a beginner in the genealogy study
of my family.  
 Four years ago my Daughter Theresa and I were touring Arkansas and the areas
where my family lived when I was a girl.  We visited the cemetery at
Macedonia where my grandparents, Rev. John W. and Sarah (Geiger) Chisum are
buried and we photographed the headstones including one John R. Chism....   I
showed the photo of John R. to my Aunts and inquired his identity.  No one
knew, saying he might have been a distant cousin perhaps, but certainly not
part of 'our' family.
 This past year one aunt told me we have a second cousin in Danville that
might have some family information.  June 21,2002 my 89-yr.old aunt and I
visited with someone  we know as Lee Chism, but we learned his full name is
Tommy (sometimes Thomas or Tom).  He certainly did have information for us
and was gracious in sharing.  Near the end of the visit, I asked if he
possibly knew the identity of the 'mystery headstone of John R. Chisum', and
to my amazement he said this is my Great Grandfather and his Grandfather whom
he remembers!  Lee (Tom) was about 8 when his Grandfather died, and he
remembers well his Grandfather's long white beard, and he is trying to find a
photo w/beard for me.
John R."s wife  Sarah lies in an unmarked grave (blank cement block only )
with two infant children (1929 & 1930) of H.B. & Geneva Chisum between them.
  Lee's father Jesse and my grandfather  John W.were brothers.[Unable to
display image]
  Rev. John W. Chisum and Sarah Geiger Chisum were parents of 3 boys and 4
girls.  The eldest son, George Dewey (1902 or 03 - 1958), was my father. 
There was also William W., Edna, Dallas, Pauline, Mamie and Marie.
  Lee also gave me your website address.  Thank you for all the work you have
done in chronicalling the Chism/Chisum lineage.
  Your website is marvelous!       Rosalie Chisum Lupcho   (age 70) (pic of Rosalie & family)

Rosalie (Chisum) Lupcho, with son Steve, and granddaughters, Laurie & Lindsay Lupcho.


1920 Yell Co. Ar.
household# 8-8
Jesse Chism age 28  (son of John R. & Sarah Parlee (Freeman) Chism)
Laura age 25 (she is Laura Hill -daughter of A.J. Hill)
Lallie age 6 (
Annie age 4 (

Jesse Chism born Feb.17,1891 Ar. died Mar.10,1982 Ar.
Married: Apr.16,1910 Danville, Ar.
Laura Hill born Oct.03, 1894 d:Jan.1993 Danville,Ar. (ss issued in Calif.1953)
Lakkie/Lila May born 3/02/1913 Danville, Ar.
Annie Lee Danville, Yell Co.Ar.
Grace Ezelle
Bobby (died young)
Tommy Lee
Ray Dean
John William "Bill" (a teacher in Texas)
Rose Pauline


1920 Yell Co.Ar.

household 9-9
J.R. Chism age 72 born ca. 1848 Ms.(son of John B. & Sarah (?) Chism)
Sarah age 62 (she is Sarah Parlee Freeman-3rd wife of John R.-  He outlived all his wives)
B.H. ( Helery Benjamin) son age 19 (We visited with this man back in 1980's in Rison, Ar.

Helery Benjamin Addie Mc.Donald Chism
born Jan.30,1900 Dover, Ar.died:Jan.02,1994 Rison,Ar.
(m) lst. Geneva Flat
(m) 2nd. Verlie Bates
H.J.,Muriel,Elaine,Joy,John,James,Jack,Clarence,Hazel(all by lst wife)by 2nd wife:Joseph Edward

1920 Yell Co.Ar.
household 14-14
James Chisum age 29 Ar. (Son of John R. & Sarah Parlee (Freeman) Chism)
Sara age 24
Maudie (dau) age 6 b. 1914 (This is the lady who wrote to me many years ago. She married a Mr. Goff)
Jonnie   age 2
Bell (dau) age 3 months old
Cecil Grady age 17 (brother-in-law)

1920 Yell Co. Ar.
household 16-16   (James Plesant Obadiah Goswick is a nephew of John R. Chism)
J.P.Goswick age 52 (my grandparents and son of James T. & Martha Anne (Chism) Goswick) (go to 1880 census)
Rebecca 47 (Rebecca Jane Davidson-dau of John and Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson)
Floyd 19
Martha 15
Florence 12
George 6
(Their son James William Charles Goswick,(My dad)  and his sisters Georgia Ann, & Elizabeth were married by
1920 census).


1920 Yell Co.Ar.
household #18-18
Bell Sutton age 35 b. 1885 (Bell (Chism) Sutton, daughter of John R. & Sarah Parlee (Freeman) Chism)
Wm/. (son) age 14
Edmond age 12
Paul age 10
Earl age 7
Lanfor? (male) age 4


1920 Yell Co.Ar. Wilson Township
household #85-90
Charlie Risoner age 40 born ca. 1880 Ar.
Tilde (wife) age 48 born ca. 1872 Ar.
Annie age 16 born ca. 1904 Ar.


Gregory twp---Griffin twp


1880 Conway Co.Ar. Gregory Township

Wm. Chisum age 34 born Mo/Ms.? Father Tn. Mother Tn. ( 1846)
Nancy age 24 b. ca. 1856 AR. Father Ala. Mother Tn.
David O. age 7 born Ar.
Carline age 4 born AR.

P.W. Chism age 36 b. ca. 1844 Ar. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
L.D. (wf) age 33 born Ga. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Tennessee (dau) age 11 born AR. Father Ar. Mother Ga.
Wm.P. age 9 born AR.
Caldonia age 7 born Ar.
James t. age 2 born Ar.
Infant dau (9 months old not named) born Ar.

1880 Conway Co.Ar. Howard Township (T9 roll 41)

Elijah Chism (mu) age 52 born ca. 1828 Tn. Father N.C. Mother Tn.
Harriett (b) age 47 born ca. 1833 Tn.
Jacob age 24 born ca. 1856 Tn. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Benj age 20 (mu) born ca, 1858 Tn.
Elihah J. (b) age 20 b.1860 Tn.
Nancy age 19 (mu) 1861 Tn.
Fanie age 16 (mu) b. ca. 1864 Tn.
Elizabeth age 14 (mu) 1866 Tn.
James age 9 (mu) 1871 Tn.
John age 7 (mu) Tn.
Thomas age 5 b.(mu) 1875 Tn.
Fa???L (mu) age 3 born ca. 1877 Tn.
Martha age 19 (mu) 1862 Tn. Father N.C. Mother N.C. (boarder in home)


1880 Conway Co.Ar. Griffin Township census:

T.H. Risener age 27 b. Ar.(
A or S. E. (wife) age 25 b. Ar. 1855
S.A. (dau ) age 8 born Ar.(
Mary E. (dau) age 6 b.Ar. (
Charles F. (son) age 9 months b. ca. 1880
Stark Gregory (boarder) age 22 bAr.(


L.T. (Louis) Freeman age 28 b. Ar.
Rebecca (wife) age 24 b. Ar. ca. 1856 (dau of John B. &Sarah Chism )
Sarah J. (dau) age 5 b. Ar.
Wm. T. (son) age 3 b. Ar.
Charles S. (son) age 2 b. Ar.
Mary E. (dau) age 3 months old)


John R. Chism age 30 b. Ms. ca. 1850 Father Ms. Mother Tn.(son of Sarah Chism of Newton Co.Ar.)
Sarah age 24 b. Ar. ca. 1856
T.S. (son) age 4 b. ca. 1876 Ar. (appears the first child did not die with mother)He is "Tilden"
John W. (son) age 1 born Feb. 1879 Ar.

John R. Chism (m) 3rd. on Sep.12,1881 Conway Co.Ar. Sarah P. Freeman born Mar.12,1861 Dover, Ar. died
Feb.22,1922 Ar..  John R. Chism born May 30,1850 (Helery Benjamin said 1833??) died Jul.03,1953 ? AR. (info
from H.B. Chism).

D.A. Calehann age 27 b. S.C.
Martha A. (wife) age 26 born Father Ga. mother Ms.
Henry (son) age 7 Ar.
Martha E. (dau) age 2 Ar.
John H. Pierce (boarder) age 23 b. Ms.


T.G orS ?. Chism age 20 1860 Ar. Father born Ms. Mother Tn.(I believe this to be Gallerent)
Ellen age 21 1859 Ar.
Robert Tor F. (son) age 1 born 1879 Ar. (1900 in Pope Co.AR.)
B.F. Chism (brother) age 19 Ar. Father born Ms. Mother Tn.

T.(2nd initial unlegable-may have been a G.) Gallerent, (son of Sarah of Newton Co.Ar.) and B.F. "Benjamin" (son of John B. & Sarah Chism).

Tallyrand Chisum age 21 (m) Sep.29,1878 Pope Co.AR. Miss Ellen Morris age 19 (both of Dover)
B.F. Chisum age 23 (m) Oct.18,1885 Frances E. Miller age 15 (Yell Co.AR.)Recorded at Danville,Ar.


1910 census Yell Co.Ar.

John R. Chism age 61 born Ms.(ca.1849) Father Va. Mother Tn.
Sarah P. (wife) age 54 born Ar.(ca. 1856) Father Ill. MotherTn.
James S. (son) age 21 Ar.
Abbie (son) age 10 1900


Jess B. Chism age 19 b. ca. 1891 Ar. Father Ms. Mother Ar.
Laura age 15 1895 Iowa,. Father Iowa, Mother Iowa


John Warn Chism age 30 1880 Ar. Father Ms. Mother AR.
Sarah (age unleg) born AR. Father Ms. Mother Ar.
George D. (son) age 7 born ca. 1903 Ar.
Wm. N or W. (son) age 2 born ca. 1908 Ar.


1900 Pope Co.Ar. Sulphin Township

household #108
J. R. Chism born May 1850 Tn/Ms.? age 50 (married 21 years)
Sarah born Mar. 1856 age 44
John W. (son) born Dec. age 21
Cordelia (dau) born Sep  age 18
Arbelle E. "Bell" (dau) born Feb. age 18
Thomas Lee (son) born Jan. age 16
George W. (son) born Jan.  age 13
James S. (son) born Feb.  age 11
Jesse (son) born Feb. age 9
Lillie (dau) born Mar. age 2
Abram (son) born Jan. age 6 months old

household #106

Neighbors to John R. Chism 1900 Pope Co.Ar. is:(go to 1880 census on James T.Goswick)
James T. Goswick age 70 born 8/1830 Tn. Father Ga. Mother S.C.
Marthey (wife) age 56 born Jan.1844 Ms. (Martha Ann Chism-sister to John R Chism)
Ellen (dau) age 21 born 4/1879 Ar.
Jess (son) age 18 born 9/1882 Ar.


household # 107 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Township.
Polly "Mary" Hudson age 50 born ca. April 1850 AR
June/Jane?  (daughter) age 28 born May 1872 Ar.
Mary  (daughter) age 18 born Feb. 1882 Ar. (m) a Hooper
Leona daughter) age 15 born May 1885 Ar. (m) a Callahan
Lum (son ) age 11 born Jan. 1889 Ar.(m) 1913 Edith Hood and moved to McIntosh Co.Ok.

Polly"Mary" was a Chism before marriage or was a Hudson then married a Chism ???Polly had a daughter "Jane Chism".  Marriage records of Conway Co.Ar. listed Janie Chism age 16 ( 1869) married Charles F. Ridling Feb. 1885 (book E. page 111).(Info from Cousin Bill Huff's book "Huff Tails & trails") There is one thing wrong with that census for 1900, If Jane was married in 1885 to Mr. Ridling and had children, what was she doing in the household with her mother in 1900.  (If this is the same family)

NOTE: Since Polly's daughter "Jane" born 1872 is still listed in the household of Polly Hudson in 1900, I am not sure that the Jannie Chism age 16 in 1885 ( is the same Jane living with her mother in 1900.

Mary Ann Hudson (m)Mar.20,1874 Conway Co. Ar. " James Keener"
1870 Census of Newton Co.AR. P.O. Jasper, Mill Creek Township dated Aug.09,1870 listed:

James Keener age 23 born Ala., (head of household)
Mary Keener age 20 born Tn. ( 1850)
Robert Keener age 1 born 1869 AR.
Malinda Balard age 43 born Tn.
Howard Balard age 18 born AR.
Francis Balard (male) age 15 born AR.
James B. Balard age 13 born AR,
Wm.H. Balard age 11 born AR.
Andrew J. Balard age 7 born AR.

Lee Davis born 1866 died 1898 Ok.(m) lst.1888 Rhoda Keener  age 17( (dau of James and Mary Ann (Hudson) Kenner.

They had issue: Christopher Columbus Nathaniel "Lum" Davis on Feb.22,1889 Appleton,AR. and Lum was raised by his grandmother Polly Hudson, altho the census list  him as her "son"

Lee Davis and Rhoda Kenner parted company and:

Lee Davis Married Mollie Turpin and had 3 children:
Lee Ann Davis, born 1894
Henry 1896
Jess 1897


Rhoda (Kenner) Davis (married Nathaniel L. Huff born 1862 Taney Co.Mo. died 1895 Pope Co.AR.(buried Boyd Cemetery), they had a son:Robert Virgil Huff born 1891 Pope Co.AR.

Rhoda (Kenner) Davis and Nathaniel L. Huff parted company,(They had one son :Robert Virgil b.1891) (and a son Hiram Huff born 1893 died 1895)then Nathan L. Huff took him another wife named:Mary Jane Hampton on Mar.20.1892 (both of Freeman,AR.  N.L. Huff was age 30, and Mary Jane was age 17.  After Nathaniel L. Huff died in 1895, then Mary Jane Huff age 21 (m) Apr.12,1896 C.C. Crabb. And Robert Virgil Huff went to live with his Uncle Bill Huff after his father died.

Nathaniel L. Huff was a half brother to Rebecca Jane (Davidson) Goswick.


June 16,1880 Searcy Co.Ar. Bear Creek twp dist 173 Image page 13
hh# 320

Mary Chism age 40 born Tn. 1840
John age 17 born Ar. ( (This is John Green Chism)(m)lst.Nov.22,1882 Searcy Co.AR. Nancy Morris)
Mary age 13 born Ar. (
Sarah age 12 b. Ar. ( 1868)
William age 10 born Ar. (
Jane age 1 b. Ar. ca. 1879)

hh# 329  Pg 14  (v iew 1900 census) 
Thomas Chism age 21 born Ar.( ( John Green Chism was the brother of this Thomas Chism)
Alabama age 18 born Ar. (  (dau of Elizabeth Reeves)

hh#330 pg 14
Elizabeth Reeves age 45 AR. Tn., Tn 1835
Dulcena age 15 AR.  Tn. AR. 1865
Jane age 11 AR Tn. AR 1869
Francis age 10 Ar. Tn. Ar 1870
Easter age 8 Ar. Tn. Ar 1872
Jesse age 5 (male) Ar. Tn. Ar
John age 6 months Ar. Tn Ar 1880

Thomas C. Chism born Sep.02,1852 Ms.or AR. died Sep.12,1931 Pope Co.AR. buried Boyd Cemetery.
(m) 1879 Alabama Reeves, (m) 1930 Martha Yancy
Thomas Chism was the son of William and Mary Artemis (Lewellen) Chism, and brother to John Green Chism.

(go to 1910-1920 census for Thomas C.)


1900 Pope Co.Ar. Sulphin Township
Thomas Chism age 45 born Ar. 1855 Father Ms. Mother Tn.
Alabama age 40 born ca, 1860 Tn,  (her maiden name was "Reeves")
Albert (son) age 1 born 1899 Ar.


1910 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Township

John G. Chism age 49 born AR. Father Ms. Mother Tn. (born ca. 1864) (go to 1920 census)
Sally age 39 b. AR. Father Tn. Mother Mo.
Thomas age 15 born AR. Father AR. Mother Ar. (ca. 1895)
Mary age 13 born AR. Father AR. Mother Ar. (ca, 1897)
Annie age 10 born Ar. Father AR. Mother AR. (ca. 1900)
William age 8 born Ar. Father AR. Mother Ar. (ca. 1902)
Olllie age 5 born AR. Father AR. Mother AR. (ca. 1905)
James Huff (step son) age 17 born AR. Father Mo. Mother Ar. (ca.1893)
John Huff (stepson) age 15 born AR. Father Mo. Mother AR. (ca. 1895)
William Prince (stepson) age 4 born AR. Father Ar. Mother AR. (ca. 1906)
Robert Chism age 3 months old born AR. Father AR. Mother AR. (ca.1910)

1910 Pope Co.Ar. Sulphin township
John R. Chism age 21 born ca. 1889 Ar. Fa: Ar. Mo: Ar.
Rosey age 20 born Tn.
Henley age 7 born Ar.
Mary J. age 5 born Ar.
Sarah age 3 born Ar.

Note: This John R. Chism is stated to be the son of Thomas & Alabama Chism. Thomas  was brother to John Green Chism.

Thos C. Chism age 57 b. Ar. Father Ms. Mother Tn. ( 1853)
Alabama age 52 b. ca. 1858 Ar. Father Tn. Mother Ar.
Albert (son) age 11 1899 Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.


BoydCemetery (not complete yet)Brock Cem--Moore Cem--Oak Grove Cem--

Note: All these cemetery records were compiled by C.L. & Lina Boyd of Dover, Ark. (Thank you C.L. & Lina)

From the Junction of highway 7 and 27 in Dover, AR. go North on Highway 7 for 28.7 miles to the junction of highway 16.  Turn right on highway 16 and go .7 miles to junction of Forest Service Road #1809 (Jim Road).  Turn right on 1809 and go south for 3.7 miles to junction of Forest Service Road #1008 (Boyd Road).  Turn left on 1008 and go for 3.2 miles.  Cemetery on the left.  Fenced and clean.

Boyd Cemetery, Pope co.AR.  (It has been stated that these death dates listed may not be correct due to reading of stones)


Cordelia Chisum (daughter of T.C. & Alabama) born 9/25/1880 died Jan.09,1887
T.C. Chisum born 9.02.1852 died 9/12/1931
John B. Chisum, son of J.G. & N. Jan.30,1890 died Nov.30,1909
J.G. Chisum  born 2/19/1848 died 6/11/1951
Lattie M. Chisum born 5/07/1932 died 6/18/1957
Nancy E. Chisum born 7/14/1892 died 7/28/1909 (dau of J.G. & Nancy Chisum)
Nancy (Morris)Chisum born 5/09/1862 died 9/04/1907  (lst wife of John Green Chisum)(father:Henry Morris)
Sally (Goswick), Huff, Prince, Chism born 1870 died 1954 (2nd wife of John Green Chisum)
G.W. GOSSNICH (NOTE SPELLING OF GOSWICK)died May 1909 (this is George W. Goswick)
Jessie N. GOSNICH (note spelling) of Goswick. born 1882 died 1961 (Jess Nelson Goswick)
Mrs. Anna Goswich (note spelling) 1835-1905 (This is Martha Anne (Chism) Goswick born 1844 died 1905)
Mrs. Nettie Gosnick (note spelling) this is Nettie (Dunlap) Goswick born 2/13/1884 died 3/02/1967(Widow of Jesse Nelson Goswick
Alabama Chisum b.Dec.27,1858 d:Jul.22,1926 (husb:T.C.Chism) Parents:John P.& Elizabeth (McCain)Reeves
Ellen Chisum b. 1885 d:1885
O.B. Chisum 1926-1926
Mary Jane (Goswick) Davidson Nov.01,1876-Apr.08,1957 (husb:George W.Davidson) Father:J.T.Goswick
Jim Goswick Nov.19,1825-1922 (This birth record is not correct-kgk)He was born 1830
Nathan L. Huff 1862-1895 (Son ofHiram & Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff,Davidson
William Hiram "Bill" Huff Dec.30,1862-Oct.06,1900 (son of  Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson)


Take highway 7 north from Junction of highway 27 in Dover for 22.2 miles, turn right on Victor Road (Forest Service Road #1000). go 4.1 miles. Turn right on Brock Cemetery Road and go .6 miles. Cemetery on Left.

Carl D. Chisum Feb.20,1945-May 06,1984  (Parents: George and Lavada (Freeman) Chisum)


From junction of highway 7 and 27 in Dover, Ar. go north on highway 7 for 28.7 miles to the junction of highway 16 for 8.6 miles to the junction of Forest Service Road 1203 at Ben Hur.  Turn left on 1203 for 1.9 miles to Moore Church.  Cemetery on hill behind the church.  There are approximately 53 unmarked graves here.

James Willard Chisum Mar.06,1939-Aug.26,1964 (parents: William Henry and Ora Lovell(Frazier)Chism)
Louie Ellis Chism Jun.07,1951-Mar.01,1969 (parents: Lester and Zelma (Humphrey) Chism
Rosie Elizabeth Chism Nov.27,1899-Mar.28, 1987 (sp:J.Tommy Chism)(parents:John & Caty(Jones)Gregory)
J. Tommy Chism b. Sep.01,1892-
Will Tom Prince Jul.06,1905-Jan.23,1953 (mother:Sarah E.(Goswick),Huff, Prince, Chisum)(wife:Mary Della George)
John William Prince Sep.10,1941-Dec.23,1975 Hector, Pope Co.Ar.(parents:Will Tom & Della Prince)


Oak Grove Cemetery-also known as Dare and Payne
From Junction of highway 7 and 27 in Dover, Ar. go north on highway 7 for 18.5 miles. Cemetery on right.

George W. Huff Oct.17,1886 - Jan.05,1952 (wife:Ellen Payne)(Parents:William H."Bill" & Julia (Leach)Huff)
Infant Huff Feb.11,1914-Feb.11-1914 (parents George W. & Elena (Payne) Huff


CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  TX  COUNTY:  Smith  DIVISION:  My Subdivision  REEL NO:  915  PAGE NO:  76A
REFERENCE:  22 Nov 1850 - Page 151 written in pencil
40  481  483 Chisum        William        28   M         Farmer                   Tennessee                     X
 41  481  483 Chisum         Elizah J       23   F                                  Indiana
 42  481  483 Chisum         John W         6    M                                  Texas
 1   481  483 Chisum         Nancy J        4    F                                  Texas
 2   481  483 Chisum         Tabitha        10m  F                                  Texas
 3   481  483 Chisum         Samuel         3    M                                  Texas


CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  MS  COUNTY:  Tippah  DIVISION:  2  REEL NO:  M432-381  PAGE NO:  404b
 24  158  158 Chisolm        Robt.               37   M         Farmer         250       SC
 25  158  158 Chisolm      Louisa             29   F                                            SC
 26  158  158 Chisolm        Miram L.           9    F                                        Miss
 27  158  158 Chisolm        Mary Ann        8    F                                         Miss
 28  158  158 Chisolm        Cintha J.           6    F                                          Miss
 29  158  158 Chisolm        Vanburen         4    M                                        Miss
 30  158  158 Chisolm        John                  1    M                                        Miss


 13  171  171 Chrisholm      John D.            34   M         Farmer         350       SC
 14  171  171 Chrisholm      Sarah                33   F                                            Ky                            X
 15  171  171 Chrisholm      Nancy A.         13   F                                           Miss
 16  171  171 Chrisholm      Henry W          12   M                                         Miss                    X
 17  171  171 Chrisholm      William T.        10   M                      Miss                    X
 18  171  171 Chrisholm      James M.           8    M                                        Miss                    X
 19  171  171 Chrisholm      John B.              7    M                                         Miss
 20  171  171 Chrisholm      Thomas J.         5    M                                         Miss
 21  171  171 Chrisholm      Asa G.               3    M                                         Miss


 5   734  734 Chrisholme     George W.         52   M         Farmer         400               Ky
 6   734  734 Chrisholme     Ellinor                 57   F                                                     SC
 7   734  734 Chrisholme     Jehu M.              26   M         Farmer                              Ky
 8   734  734 Chrisholme     Elizabeth            23   F                                                     Ky
 9   734  734 Chrisholme     Mary                  21   F                                                     Ky
 10  734  734 Chrisholme     Hiram                19   M         Farmer                               Ky
 11  734  734 Chrisholme     Margery           17   F                                                       Ky                      X
 12  734  734 Chrisholme     Rachel               15   F                                                      Ky                      X
 13  734  734 Chrisholme     Rebecca            12   F                                                      Miss                    X
 14  734  734 Chrisholme     Ellinor                  9    F                                                     Miss                    X
 15  734  734 Chrisholme     Benjamin             7    M                                                   Miss


 Tippah Co. Ms. Marriages:

     The information is listed in order of Spouse 1, Spouse 2, date, book number, page
                            number and if indexed by Bride or Groom.

CHISM, Jim               RENNICK, Dealie         Apr 04 1923                           12  137 G
CHISM, Sallie             GOOLSBY, Dalton       Oct 12 1918                            11  036 B
CHISM, T J               JACKSON, Ollie           Oct 17 1900                            07  356 G
GOSSETT, C R J       CHISM, H W         Feb 13 1866             M 094  B  (Note that .H.W is son of John D. -above c.)
GOSSETT, M A         CHISM, T J                      1867                                3  43  B  (T.J. also son of John D.)


Benton County Arkansas Cemetery Index  birth & death year and Town.

CHISHOLM          THOMAS       1834 -                           CHISHOLM
CHISHOLM          T.JR.               1844 -                             CHISHOLM
CHISM                  CARL              1907 1964                     BENTON COUNTY MEM. PARK
CHISM                 LEOTA K.       1939 1959                     BENTON COUNTY MEM. PARK
CHISM                 KATIE A.       1893 1943                      SILOAM SPRINGS
CHISM                     LEE              1891 1969                      SILOAM SPRING
CHISM                 CARL B.          1915 1974                     SILOAM SPRINGS
CHISM                ELIZABETH    1916 19--                      SILOAM SPRINGS
CHISM                  NAOMI J.      1925 -                            BENTONVILLE
CHISM                CARL JR.         1924 1964                     BENTONVILLE
CHISM                GEORGIE A.    1869 1893                     FAIRMOUNT
CHISM                 JAMES H.       1881 1966                     PEA RIDGE
CHISMAN               IVY              N.D. N.D.                     CENTERTON
CHISUM               CLIFFORD    1935 1935                      BARRON

                     CHISM FAMILY CEMETERY


                         DATE OF         DATE OF
       NAME               BIRTH           DEATH         SPOUSE      PARENTS

Chism, Elizabeth G. Danley      4-6-1827        1-12-1856       S. H.

Chism, Dr. James        4-1-1848       ?

Chism, Jesse Priscilla  8-25-1849       9-9-1851


his is list is taken from THE CEMETERIES OF NEVADA COUNTY, ARKANSAS, published by Betsy Mills and the Nevada County (AR) Historical Project.  The book contains other information, such as marriage dates, relationships, and military service record.   For information about how to obtain a printed copy of this information contact Betsy Mills <>.

Chism, Charles W. M. - 1895 - 1896 - Snell
Chism, Dolly Boyd - 1874 - 1968 - Snell
Chism, Donnie M. - 1 Nov 1899 - 25 May 1984 - Pleasant Ridge
Chism, Earl Wesley - 1902 - 1937 - Snell
Chism, G. B. - 12 Jun 1912 - - Pleasant Ridge
Chism, J. M. "Matt" - 1872 - 1934 - Snell
Chism, James R. - 1894 - 1895 - Snell
Chrisam, Will - 1900 - 1967 - Corinth

Gossett, Lee Vandyke - 21 Jul 1882 - 8 Feb 1936 - De Ann (New Section)
Gossett, Mollie - 1860 - 1956 - De Ann (Old Section)
Gossett, WIlliam Adair - 1897 - 1937 - De Ann (Old Section)


Chisom, James
Chisum, Jas 0000010000000-0000010000000



Mountain View Cemetery (25 May 1923 to 31 December 1998)

                                        I.O.O.F. Cemetery (1907 to 1933)

                                       Riverton, Fremont County, Wyoming
                                                       Death Date
GOSSETT, Ernest Shelby
                                                       12 Jul 1946
                                                                                      Mountain View Cemetery

GASSER, Clara Emma
                                                      02 Dec 1993
                                                                      Mountain View Cemetery
           GASSER, Eugene, Sr.
                                                       03 Jan 1973
                                                                      Mountain View Cemetery
           GASSER, Timothy John
                                                       15 Nov 1957
                                                                      Mountain View Cemetery

                                                       03 Nov 1975
                                                                      Mountain View Cemetery
           CHISHOLM, James T.
                                                       11 May 1937
                                                                      Mountain View Cemetery


1840 Monroe Co.Ms. census index

James Chism 40/50
female 40/50
2 males 15/20 (1820-1825)
1 female 10/15 (1825-1830)
1 male 10/15 (1825-1830)
2 males 5/10 (1830-1835)
2 males u/5 (1835-1840)
1 female u/5 (1835-1840)

According to 1840 census, James & Tempa (Howell) Chism have 7 son's and 2 daughters.


1850 Monroe Co.Ms. Eastern Div.
household #372-386
James Chism age 55 born S.C. ca. 1795
Tempy age 50 b. Ala.
Robert age 17 b. ca. 1833 Ms.
Leonard age 15 1835 Ala. (married Frances Bridges & moved to White Co.Ar. ca. 1870's)
Martha age 12 1838 Ala.
Susan age 8 1842 Ala.
Minerva age 6 1844 Ala.

Tempy has been listed as 'Temperance HOWELL, wife of James Chism of S.C., also other children were: Thomas and John Chism.  It is not know just how many children that James and Tempa (Howell) Chism had.

Thos. Chism age 24 born Ala. ca. 1826
Susan A. age 24 born Tn.
James age 6 months born Ms. ca. 1849

forgot to list household #
John Chism age 28 born Ala. ca. 1822
Susan age 28 born Ala.
George age 8 born Ms. ca. 1842
James age 7 born Ms. ca. 1843
Sarah age 5 born Ms. ca. 1845
Austin age 3 born Ms. ca. 1847
Mary A. age 3 months born Ms. ca. 1850

H/H # 374/388

Newson Harris age 39 born N.C.
Elizabeth age 28 born Tn. ca. 1822
William age 10 born Ms.
Elizabeth age 8 born Ms.
Wiley age 6 born Ms.
George age 4 born Ms.
John age 1 born Ms.


1860 Monroe Co.Ms. Abadereene P.O.

James Chism age 65 S.C.
Tempie age 60 S.C.
Martha age 21 1839 Ms.
Susan age 16 1844 Ms.

There are several more Chism families living in Monroe co.Ms. (see index listings) for 1860.


Sept. 20,1850 Coahoma Co. Ms. "not stated" image page 13

John Chism age 36 (merchant) born ca. 1814 Ky.
Elizabeth age 23 1826 Tn.
Mary (dau) age 2 b. 1848 Ms.
also in household is:
Dacus Garvin age  39 Merchant born 1817 Ky
David Bruiton age 29 Lawyer, born 1821 N.C.
James Alcorn age 33 Lawyer, born 1817 Ill.

John Chism's wife was Elizabeth Gavin/Garvin.  John and Elizabeth Chism had a son "John Baron" Chism born 1856 Friars Point Ms., and were neighbors to Richard Friar who left Friars Point (named for him) and settled in Arkansas (census later).

1840 Coahoma Co.Ms. R.C. Fryar , wife, + 8 in household.

Oct. 29,1850 Coahoma Co.Ms. Friars Point twp image page 1
hh# 257
Robert Friars age 59 NC (farmer) 5,000
Isabella age 49 OHio 1801
Susan age 13 Ms b. ca. 1837
Lavinia age 7 Ms 1843
James age 5 Ms 1845
Frances McAleeney? age 20 Ms
Virginia McNeury? age 13 Ms
Mary McHenry age 10 Ms
Henry Nix age 29 Germany
Nicholas Shingloff? age 28 Germany

It has been stated that one of the daughters of R.C. and Isabella Friar had married a "Chism" and all moved to Arkansas.


Oct. 18, 1850 Coahoma Co.Ms "not stated" Image page 29
hh# 227
Daniel B. Friar age 24 Louisiana
Mary Friar 24 NC
Lewis age 7 Ms
Ellen age 5 Ms
Daniel age 3 Ms
Edwin age 1 Ms

Sept.19,1850 Coahoma Co.Ms "not stated" image page 10
hh# 72
John Chizum age 37 Ohio 1813
Elizabeth age 26 Ky 1824
Susan age 3 Ms 1847
Louisiana age 2 Ms 1848

Sept. 20,1850 Coahoma Co. Ms. "not stated" image page 13
John Chism age 36 Ky 1814
Elizabeth age 23 Tn. 1827
Mary age 2 Ms 1848
Darius Garvin age 39 Ky
David Buiton? age 29 NC
James A. Alcorn age 33 (lawyer) b. Illinois
(this James Chism married Elizabeth Garvin)


1860 Randolph Co.Ar. P.O. Hines Ferry, Big Black Township

Robert Friar age 69 (farmer) born 1791 N.C.
Isabella age 58 b. ca. 1802 Ohio


Aug. 15, 1860 Randolph Co.Ar. Big Back twp image page 7 P.O. Hicks? Ferry
hh# 870
Daniel B. Friar age 36 Tn. 1824
Armeny/Mandy age 35 Ms 1825
Elinda age 17 Ms  1843
Cordelia age 5 Ms. 1845
John R. age 7 months Ar. 1860
(it is stated that Daniel B. Friar was son of Robert and Isabaella Friar)

Sept.11, 1860 Randolph Co.Ar. Pocahontas Twp Image page 8 & 9, P.O. Pocahontas
hh# 103
E. Chism (male)age 30 Ala
E.  Chism (fe)age 22 Ala
M Chism (fe) age 20 Ala.
F. Chism (male) age 15 Ala
A. Chism (male) age 6 Mo
G. Gass (male) age 10 Mo
M. Gass (female) age 16

1860 Randolph co. Ar.
John Chism age 28 b. Tn.


1840 Coahoma Co.Ms. "not stated" image page 9 Northern dist.
ages: u/5. 5/10, 10/15, 15/20, 20/30, 30/40, 40/50, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/90, 90/100, 100 up
R.C. Fryar 40/50 1790-1800
2 males 15/20 1820-1825
1 male  10/15 1825-1830
1 male  5/10 1830-1835
1 fe 10/15 1825-1830
2 fe. 5/10 1830-1835
1 fe u/5 b,ca, 1835-1840
Note: it is stated that Richard Friars daughter married J.B. Chism 1818 Ala. who settled in Ar. 1860
Image page 3
John Chysm 00001-000000 (John 20/30) 1810-1820


1850 Newton Co.Ar. Prarie Township

Obadiah Chism age 33 b.Ky ca. 1817 (Go to 1870 Pope Co.AR. then to 1880 Van Buren Co.AR.)
Elizabeth C.K. age 26 b. Tn. 1824
Samuel B. age 11 b. Ala. 1839
Plesant age 9 born Ar. 1841
William A or H. age 7 born Ar. 1843
John age 4 born Ar. ca. 1846
James W.C. age 2 born Ar. ca. 1848
Elizabeth Jane age 1 b.Ar. ca. 1849


1850 Mississippi Co.Ar. Canadian Twp.
Washington Chisholm age 30 Tn.
Mary M. age 28 Tn.
John W. age 8 Tn.
Martha age 6 Tn.


1850 St. Francis Co.AR. Johnson Twp
James M or W. Chism age 37 Tn. 1813
Catherine age 28 b. Ar.
William age 10 born Ar.


1850 Randolph Co.Ar.
Winnieford Chism age 64 N.C.
Russell W. age 24 born Tn.


1860 St.Francis Co.AR.
Thomas J. Chism age 27 b. Ala.
Elizabeth A. age 29 Ala.
Mary age 3 born AR.
Allen age 2 months old b. Ar.

William L. Chism age 24 N.C. or Ala.?

Robert D. Chism age 21 b. N.C.
Sallie age 19 b. N.C.


1860 Mississippi Co.AR. Canadian Twp.
G.W. Chism age 40 S.C. 1820
Mary age 38 Tn.
Martha age 11 AR.
F.R. age 8 Ar.
R.M. age 6 Ar.
H. Greer age 17 Tn.
Susanna Greer ag 15 Tn.

James Chism age 26 Tn. 1834
Mary age 26 Tn.
Safbrena? age 5 AR.
A.F. age 3 AR.
Mary Sawyer age 6 Tn.
Mahala Jones age 23 Tn.
Mary Seesan age 17 Tn.
John Seesan age 20 Tn.


1860 Pulaski co.AR. Campbell Twp.
D.J. Chism age 21 Ms. 1829
Mary A. age 20 Tn.
Mary age 3 Tn.
Franklin age 1 Tn.

1860 Pulaski Co.AR.
Charles Chism age 25 Tn. 1835
Sarah age 20
Edward (1 month old) or 7 months old.


1870 Mississippi Co.AR. Barfield Point, Chandian Twp.
Mary M. Chism age 47 Tn.
Martha F. age 21 AR.
James F. age 18 Ar.
Victoria M. age 15 AR.

1870 Mississippi Co.Ar. Barfield,Chicksaw Twp.
Mary J. Chism age 37 Tn.
Elizabeth age 19 Tn.
Safhoronie?(sp) age 12 AR.
Ellen F. age 12 AR.
William W. age 8 Ar.


1870 Pulaski Co.AR.
Charles Chisum age 25
Sarah age 20 Tn.
Edward age 7 b. Ar.
(the only one that has aged is Edward)


1870 Pope Co.AR. Northfork Twp
James P. Chism age 54 Tn. 1816 (This seem's to be Obadiah Chism in 1880 VanBuren Co.Ar.)
Rebecca age 51 Tn.
Mary age 15 AR.  1855
Rebecca J age 13 AR.
G.W. age 9 Ar.

James Chism age 31 Mo?
Sarah Ann age 19 Tn.

This 1870 Pope Co.AR. film was not very legable..The children are the same as listed under Obadiah in 1880.


1870 Sharp Co.AR. Lebannon Twp.
Green Chism age 27 b. 1843
Martha age 25 b. Tn.


1870 Monroe Co.AR. P.O. Duncan,Jackson Twp.
Louisa Chism age 49 S.C.
John age 20 b. Ms.
James age 18 Ms.
Emily age 12 Ms.
Robert age 9 Ms.

1870 Monroe Co.Ar. P.O. Claredon, Hickory Ridge Twp.

Van A. Chism age 23 born ca., 1844 Ms.
Ruth age 17 b. Ar.


1880 Yell Co.AR.
W.B. Chisholm age 36 born Ms.born ca. 1844
Mary age 25 Ms.
Willey age 9 born Ms.
Anney age 6 born Ms.


1880 Soundex Sharpe Co.AR. Lebanon Twp.
Green Chism age 36 b.
Martha age 35 b. Ky
Jane age 6 born AR.
Sarah A. age 4 born AR.
Sam J.T.? age 3 born AR.
Armanda (1 month old)



1880 White Co.AR. Cane Twp.
Mary E. Chism age 37 born Ms.

1880 White Co.AR. Bear Creek Twp
Jane Chism age 1 in home of Mary Chism


1880 Scott Co.Ar. Mill Creek Twp.
J.T. Chism age 39 Tn.
Eliza C. age 29 Tn.
William age 9 Tn.
Ider age 1 Tn.?


1880 Monroe Co. AR. Jackson Twp.
John Chisam age 31 Ms.
Mrs. Croch? (sister) age unlegable b.Ms.
Mattie Croch age 13 AR.
Liza Chisam (Mother) age 56 born


1900 Polk Co.AR. White Twp
Thomas Chism age 20 born
Emma age 21 born Ala.



7/4/02 (From Vicky)
1900 Pope Co.AR. Sulpher Twp.
Household 116 Family 120
Tank Chisum born April 1860 Ar. (age 40) married 22 years, Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Ellen (wife) born May 1861 age 39 married 22 years, 1 child 1 living.
John Ross (boarder)(note 1900 census below)

1900 Pope Co. Ar. Sulphin Township  (go to 1910 census)
John G. Chism 2/1848 born AR. Father Ms. Mother Tn.
Nancy Chism born 4/1862 Ar. Father Tn, Mother Tn.
Lidda (dau) Jan 1886 AR.  (go to picture of Lidia Chism)
Mollie (dau) Jan., 1888 AR.
John R. born Jan. 1890 Ar.
Nancy born Jul 1892
Thomas born Sep. 1894
Mary A. born Feb. 1897
Martha Anne born Dec. 1899

1900 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Twp.
Frank Chism age 40 born AR. 1860 ( Benjamin Franklin Chism, son of J.B. & Sarah Chism )
Elizabeth age 41 born AR.
John Ross age 40 (boarder) b.Ar.

  1900 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Twp.
Robert Chism born May 1879 AR.
Margaret born Nov.1881 AR.
Belcher born Mar. 1900 AR.
Jane Thomas (boarder) born May 1881

1900 Pope Co.Ar. Sulphin Township (go to 1910 census)
Thomas Chism age 45 born Ar. 1855 Father Ms. Mother Tn.
Alabama age 40 born ca, 1860 Tn,  (her maiden name was "Reeves")
John H. age 16 b. AR. ca. 1883
Delsena age 11 b. AR. ca. 1889
Albert (son) age2  born ca 1898 Ar.


1850 Itawamba Co.Ms. census index

William G. Chisam  6th Dist. page 312

1853 Itawamba Co.Ms. census index
Richard C. Chism page 020

Nov. 14,1850 Itawamba Co.Ms. dist 7 Image page 97 & 98
hh# 707
Sarah Chisholm age 82 Ga.
Malinda Chisholm age 32 b. Ky 1818
Richard age 22 born Tn. ca. 1828
hh# 709
Thomas Chisholm age 25 Ala
Lavina age 19 Tn.

Richard C. Chisom married Aug.06, 1856 Martha Farley in Itawamba Co. Ms.


1860 Itawamba Co.Ms. P.O. Oak Farm

Richard C. Chism age 32 born Tn. ca., 1828
Martha J. age 33 born Ala. ca. 1827
Jane E. age 2 born Ms. ca. 1857
Sarah A.S. age 1 born Ms. ca. 1859
Malinda C. age 42 born Tn. ca. 1818
Sarah age 78 born Tn. ca. 1782

1860 Itawamba Co.Ms. page 338 Smithville,
William G. Chisholm


1860 Coahoma Co.Ms. Friars Point

J.G. Chism age 47 (merchant) born ca. 1813 Ky
Elizabeth age 33 born ca. 1827 Tn.
Molly age 11 born ca. 1849 Ms.
James age 9 born ca. 1851 Ms.
Samuel age 6 born ca. 1853 Ms.
John  B. age 3 born ca. 1857 Ms.
Charles age 1 born ca. 1859 Ms.
Mrs.M.P. Garvin age 74 born ca. 1786 Ky. (mother-in-law)


1860 Randolph Co.Ar.

John Chism age 28 b. ca. 1832 Tn.
Elizabeth age 27 b. ca. 1833 Indiana


1900 Choconio ? Co.Arizona page 7 & 13, being in a rush- all I picked up was:

Frank Chisholm July 1877 Tx. Father Tx. Mother Tx.

Donald Chisholm 1830 Scotland, Father Scotland, Mother Scotland



1840 Index to Chism's in Arkansas:

G. Chism---Lawrence Co.Ar.
Wm.R. Chism---Mississippi Co.Ar.
Jas Chism ---White Co.Ar.-Searcy
Simon Chisholm--Union Co.Ar.


Marshall Co. Ms. Cemetery:

James G. Chism born Monroe Kentucky 1820 died Holly Springs, Ms. Sep.02,1878

William Chism born Monroe Co. Kentucky Dec.14,1812 died Holly Springs, Ms. July 30,1874



Attala Co. Ms. Cemetery W.O.W.E.

R.S. Chisholm born Sep 26,1887 died May 20,1916


1820 Census Index of Chism/Chisholms in Ms.

John Chisholm  Amite Co. Ms. #29
Elisha Chislom Covington co.Ms. #18
Isham Chislom Covington Co.Ms. #20
Abigal Chism Adams Co.Ms. #17
Isabella Chism Adams Co.Ms. #17
Samuel Chisolm Warren Co.Ms. #120



1830 Ms census index;

James Chisholm Monroe Co.Ms. 134 N.TWPL

Amelia C. Chisum  Covington Co.Ms. 142 N.TWPL = No Township listed

Isabella Chisholm--Adams Co. Ms.
A. Chisholm---Adams Co.Ms.

W.A.A. Chisholm--Wilks Co.,Ms.

Alexander Chisholm--Rankin Co. Ms.
John Chisholm--Rankin Co. Ms.


1830 Tipton Co.Tn.

Sarah Chism
Elijah Chism



1830 Green Co.Ky.
Ben Chisham
John Chisolm
Lydia Chisholm ---Hardin Co.Ky


1830 Virginia

Becca Chisholm--Stafford Co.Va.

Isham Chisholme--Albermarle Co.Va.#237
John R. Chisholm  #237
M. Chisholm #237


1850 Kentucky

Gabriel Chism  --Meade Co.Ky
Greenville Chism--Franklin Co.Ky

James T. Chism--Monroe Co.Ky
Jane Chism ---Green Co. Ky
Jesse G. Chism--Ohio Co.Ky

Thomas Chisom age 82 born Va. Clark Co. Ky. 1850 c.2/17/02
8/8/03 Online census readings of Thomas Chisom
1850 Clark Co.Ky Roll M432-196 Dist 1 Page 51, Image 525
Hiram Jones age 45 Va.
America 40 Ky
John S. 13 Ky
Mary A 6 Ky
Margaret 6 months old Ky
Thomas Chism age 82 born Va. (census film reads "CHISM" not CHISOM"

A. Chisom 65, born Ky., female (name unleg) age 51 born Va., C.C. (male) age 10 born Ky., H. D or G. age 8 (male) born Ky. NOTE: film reads "Chism" (1850 Shelby Co.Ky Dist. 1)2/17/02

1850 Meade Co.Ky , Ky Dist. online census readings.
Household # 787
John Chism, Sr. age 55 born Ky
Margaret age 53 born Ky.
William age 18 born Ky.
Elijah age 16 born Ky.
Abraham ae 12 born Ky.

Gabriel Chism age 28
Hester age 24
James age 4
William age 1
(three others living in household..not Chisms)

James Chism age 34 born Ky.
Eliza age 36 born Ky.
Malvina age 12 born Ky.
Pa??orris? female age 8 born Ky.
Mary age 6 born Ky.
James age 2 born Ky.
Anderson age 6 months born Ky.
Drucella Humphrey age 18 born Ky.

Richard Chism age 54 born Ky.
Lavina age 52 born Ky.
George age 18 b. Ky
Richard age 17 b. Ky
Barbary age 10 (female) b. Ky
James LUMAS/LOMAX age 38 born Eng.
Mary Lumax/Lomax age 36 born Eng.

Richard Chism ageg 38 born Ky.
Elizabeth age 44 born Ky.
(no others in household)

Calvin CANNON/GANNON age 21 b. Ky.
John Cannon/Gannon age 15 born Ky.
Daniel Derno? age 9 born Ky.
Margaret CHISM age 8 born Ky.
Bridget CHISM age 6 born Ky.
Lewis BELL age 24 born Tn.
Sophia BELL age 18 born Ky.

Benjamin Chism age 22 born Ky.
Mahulda age 25 born Ky.
Leonard age 6 born Ky.
James age 1 born Ky.


1850 Monroe Co. Ky online census.

James T. Chism age 39 born Ky.(farmer)
Sarah age 22 born Ky.
Judith age 6 born Ky.
James age 3 born Ky.
William chism age 18 born Ky. (farmer)


1820 Greenville Co.S.C.

Robert Chisholm to 45, one male u/5, one female 15/26, one female 16/45

Ostene A. Chisholm (male) 15/26

Jefry or Audrey Chisholm, 2 males to 45, 2 males to 10, 1 male to 15, 1 male to 20, 3 females to 10, 1 female to 20, 1 female to 45


Alexander Chisholm, Jr. and Christina Chisholm (m) Oct. 05, 1766 Charleston S.C.

Alexander Chisholm and Sarah Maxwell (widow) (m) June 10,1786 Charleston, S.C.

Sarah Chisholm and Alston Gibbs (m) Dec. 31,1819 Charleston S.C.

Susan Chisholm and Oliver H. Middleton (m) April 05,1828 Edisto Island, South Carolina



1920 Prarie Co.Arkansas Calhoun Twp.

John Chism age 42 b. Ms. ca. 1878 Father Ms. Mother Ms.
Pollie age 31 born Ms.  Father Ala. Mother Ms.
??ai?//(son) age 16 born Ms.
Walllace age 14 born Ms.
Bill age 12 born Ms.
Geraldine age 10 born Ms.
Daniel/Danal (son) twin to Delean) age 5  born Ar.
Delena age 5 (twin to Daniel) born Ar.
Allbourn?? age 3 years 4 months born AR.

Ira L. Chism age 55 b. ca. 1865 Ms. Father Ms. Mother unk
Mary J. age 54 born Ala. Father Ga. Mother NC
Lillian age 16 born Ms. Father Ms. Mother Ala
Lorine age 12 born Ms. Father Ms. Mother Ala.


Arkansas Marriages of Chism's (See additional marriages of Chisms)

George W. Chism to Jane Ross (May 30,1840 Lawrence Co.Ar.)

George W. Chism to Jane Lankford (May 22,1836 Randolph Co.Ar.)
John Chism to Liza Carver (June 04,1844 Randolph Co.Ar.)

1905,Dec.03..J.S. Chism age 35 to Mattie Bunch age G.193 Carroll Co.AR. (from Fleta Powell Aday)
1909,Oct.11, Walter Chism age 21 to Ethel Wood age 19 H 137 Carroll Co.AR. (from Fleta Powell Aday)
John Chisholm age 46 (born ca 1843)(book W 246) to Virginia Ambrose age 42 Dec.24,1889 Carroll Co.AR. Western Dist.
Daniel Chism age 21 (book W2 300) to Gertrude Trout age 18 March 15,1898 Carrol Co.Ar. Western Dist.


John Baron Chism born 3/20/1856 Friars Pt.Ms. died Nov.01,1907
(m) 3/18/1885 Friars Point,Ms.
Mildred S. "Minnie" Suddoth born 2/04/1863 died: 3/02/1901
1. Mildred Elizabeth born 6/17/1886 Friars Pt.Ms.
2. Ida Marguriet born 5/25/1888 Clarksdale,Ms. died 2/2/1912

3. John Freeland Chism born 8/17/1892 Friars Pt. Ms.

4. Marie Chism born 7/18/1892 (m) Frederick Taylor (brother to Travis Taylor,Jr.)

5.Elizabeth Chism b. 3/09/1896 Friars Pt.Ms. (m) June 29,1910 Travis Taylor, Jr.

6. John Baron Chism.Jr. born 3/02/1901 died 3/21/1901 Friars Point, Ms.



1870 Marshall Co.Ms. P.O. Holly Springs

William Chism age 58 born Ky. ca. 1812 (Farmer)
Frances A. age 47 b.Ala.
Rebecca A. age 25 b. Ms.
George J? age 19 born Ms.
Catherine L. age 17 b. Ms.
Daniel R. age 14 b. Ms.
Amanda age 11 born Ms. 1859
Luler? M age 8 b. Ms.
Fannie age 6 born Ms.


                          Compiled by Tippah County Historical Society, Ripley, MS

Chism, James M., , , Sand Springs, 2nd Lt. Co. B, 4th Miss Inf. C. S. A.
Chism, Nancy J., 3/04/1833, 10/30/1893, Nance, wife of W. T.
Chism, W. T., 2/21/1840, 4/01/1910, Nance



1840 census index Chism's in Ms.

John Chism 30/40--Marshall Co.Ms.

John D. Chism ---Tippah Co.Ms.

John Chysam 20/30 Coahoma Co.Ms. Friars Pt.

Samuel F. Chisholm 60/70 ---Attala Co. Ms. (film shows)
Samuel F. 60/70, female 30/40, 2 males 20/30, female 10/15, male 5/10, 2 females 5/10
James Chisholm 20/30--Attala Co.Ms.+ wife 15/20, 1 male u/5
John A. Chisholm 30/40, Attala Co.Ms., +female 20/30, 1 male 5/10, 1 female u/5

John Chism 20/30---Panola Co. Ms.

John Chislom--Smith Co. Ms.
Alexander Chislom--Smith Co.Ms.

Daniel Chisholm---Amite Co. Ms.

1840 Monroe Co.Ms. census index readings on James Chism:

James Chism 40/50
female 40/50
2 males 15/20 (1820-1825)
1 female 10/15 (1825-1830)
1 male 10/15 (1825-1830)
2 males 5/10 (1830-1835)
2 males u/5 (1835-1840)
1 female u/5 (1835-1840)

According to 1840 census, James & Tempa (Howell) Chism have 7 son's and 2 daughters.


Chism/Chisholms in Ms. Counties 1850--most films not checked.

John Chisholm---Sco "Scott" Co.Ms.
Alexander Chisholm--Smith Co.Ms.
William A. Chisholm---Wilkinson Co.Ms.
Calvin Chisholm--Amite Co.Ms.
James Chism---Atta Co.Ms.
D.C. , Wm. & Wm. Chisholm---Desoto Co.Ms.
William, Eliza & Mary Jane Chisham--Marshall Co.Ms.
James Chisum--warren Co. Ms.
Daniel & William Chisholm---Franklin co. Ms.
James, James, John, John, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas Chism---Monroe Co.Ms.(2 James-2 John's & 4 Thomas)
Geo.W., John D., John W. & Robert Chisholm--Tippah Co.Ms.


Chism/Chisholms in Ms. 1860-different counties.

John D., Robert, Henry, James M. Chism----Tippah Co.Ms.
James, John, Thomas, W.B., Wm. Chism---Monroe Co.Ms.
Wm. W.E., Julius Chisholm---Desoto Co.Ms.
Daniel, W., Mary Chism---Franklin Co.Ms.
James Chism---Warren Co.Ms.
Wm, Catherine, James, Louisa Chism---Marshall Co.Ms.
Richard, Martha J., Jane E., Sarah A.S., Malinda C., Sarah Chism---Itawamba Co.Ms.
George, Geo, John Chisam--Calhoun Co.Ms.
H.E., H.W., J.M., Chisholm--Yazoo Co.Ms.
A. Chisholm--Rankin Co. Ms.
John Chisham--Lafayette Co.Ms.
Cornelia, D.L., John, T.M., W.W., George Chisholm--Kemper Co.Ms.
J.R. Chisholm--Issaquenna Co.Ms.
J. Chisholm---Adams co. Ms.


Roll Dated 14 Apr, 1864
    John Chism..age 46  Sgt. Co H  2nd Miss Calavery C.S.A
    Residence...Monroe Co, Ms
    Where Born..Al
    Height 5'10"
    Hair Color..Sandy
    Eye color...Blue
    Terms of Service...2 yrs or duration of war

This John Chism would be born ca. 1818 if he inlisted in 1864 age 46 and was of Monroe Co.Ms.  Monore Co.Ms. is where James & Tempa (Howell) Chism settled with their large family of son;s.  This John Chism of Monroe Co.Ms. is most likely the son of James & Tempa Chism.

HILLCREST CEMETERY, was established in 1930 and is known for its park like effect as the lawns are smooth and unbroken,

all the headstone are sunken.
Tulare County Cemetery Index

These files contain cemetery and tombstone information, sorted alphabetically, that are found in the records of the cemetery or
on its grounds.

CHISHAM Klondia M  b 10 Sep 1897  d 9 Mar 1982  bur 12 Mar      F-497-6
                1982  husband Harry Chisham aka Klondia M Attebury      headstone

CHISHAM Lottie May  b 2 May 1896 MO  d 11 Dec 1964      E-443-5
               bur 15 Dec 1964  kin Harry D Chisham    headstone


Jackson Co.Arkansas marriage:
From IGI Records:
Info: supplied by Tom Chism

Thomas M. Chism
(m) apr. 18,1858 Jackson Co.Ar.
Carline E. Gamble

View additional marriages

Macedonia Cemetery Yell Co. Danville, (ARk)


James S. Chism born 2/15/1889 died 2/09/1932 (son of John R. & Sarah Parlee (Freeman) Chism)


Laura A. Chism born 10/03/1895 died 2/11/1993 (wife of Jess B. Chism and dau of Mr. Hill)


Jesse B. Chism born 2/17/1891 died 3/10/1982 (husb of Laura A. (Hill) Chism(son of John R. & Sarah (F) Chism)

Wilma J. Chism born 6/07/1929 died 7/14/1993


Rev. J.W. Chism born 12/21/1880 died 7/19/1946 (son of John R. & Sarah Parlee (Freeman) Chism)

Sarah Chism born 4/15/1880 died 6/15/1961


John R. Chism born 5/30/1844  died 3/04/1930 (Co.G., 12 Mo. Inf. CSA)

Note: This birth record does not correspond with the age when he married, nor the census findings.{kgk}

Julia Chism born 4/28/1931 died 5/05/1931

Clarice Chism inf.Dau of H.B. & Geneva (Flat) Chism. born 2/11/1929 died 3/19/1929

Hazel Chism inf dau of H.B. & Geneva (Flatt) Chism born 2/19/1930 died 3/14/1930

1850 Morgan Co. Mo. Moreau Township page 231 census index: Jacob B. Chism

Jacob Chism enlisted Aug.07,1862 Union Army, state served, Illinois.

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: iz1850.txt)
1850 Izard County, Arkansas Federal Census

A very special thanks to Doretta Moore for her hard work in transcribing this & sharing it for our combined benefit!

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Many thanks to W.L.Chisholm for sending this 1850 Izard Co.AR. Chism's {kgk}


Hse     Fam     Last Name       Fir/Mid Name    Sx      Ag      Bn      Remarks Hse     Fam     Last Name       Fir/Mid Name    Sx      Ag      Bn      Remarks


161             CHISM   Benjamin                54      ?       (
                        Polly                             47      NC    (
                        William                         23      AR      Farmer (
                        Benjamin                       22      AR      (
                        Wenney  F                    19      AR      (
                        James                           17      AR      (
                        Elizabeth                       14      AR      (
                        Thomas                        10      AR      (
                        Isham                             8       AR    (
                        Henderson                       6       AR     (
                        Washington                     3       AR     (
According to the 1830 Izard Co.AR. census, Benjamin Chisolm was listed as 20/29 years of age, born ca. 1801-1810, 2 males U/5, born ca. 1825-1830, 2 males 5/9 born ca. 1821-1825, 1 female u/5 born ca. 1825-1830, 1 female 5/9 born ca. 1821-1825, and 2 females 20/29 born ca. 1801-1810.  This 1850 census would indicate that Benjamin and Polly were missing 4 children between 1830 and 1850.  Two males and 2 females, and probably married before 1850 census.  William and Benjamin appear to be the two males listed as U/5 born between 1825 and 1830.

163             CHISM   Elisha            29      AR      (
                        Mathela?                36      TN      (
                        Polly                       9       AR     (
                        Benjamin                  5       AR     (


123             RISENER George          39      NC      Farmer
                        Margaret                 22      AR      (
                        Lewis                     12      AR      (
                        Christian       M         9       AR
                        Margarett                  4       AR
                        John J.                      3       AR
                        Christianah     F          1       AR

1900 Denton Co.Tx. Justice Prect. 1

household 202-203

Oscar J. Chism born Nov. 1862 Tx. Father Ky. Mother Ms.  (age 37)
Sydney J. (wf) born Oct. 1866 Tn. Father Tn. Mother Tn.  (age 33)
Sylvester J. born Sep.1891 Tx Father Tn. Mother Tn.  (age 8)
John M. born Aug. 1893 Tx. Father Tn. Mother Tn. (age 6)
Oscar O. born Jul 1895 Tx. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Katie B. born Sep. 1891 Tx. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Annie L born Mr. 1900 age 3 months born Tx. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
John M. (father) born Mar. 1824 Ky. Father Ky. mother S.C. (age 76)


1831 Laurens Co.AR. tax list:  Benjamin Chism


1832/33/39 Izard Co.AR. tax list:
1830 Izard Co. Ar. Benjamin Chisolm:MALES: 2 males U/5 (1825-1830), 2 males 5/9(1821-1825), 1 male 20/29(1801-1810), FEMALES: 1 female U/5 (1825-1830), 1female  5/9(1821-1825), 2 females 20/29(1801-1810) (NO SLAVES)

Winnefred Chisolm : MALES: 1 male 15/19(1811-1815), 1 female 70/79(1740-1760)  (no slaves)

Benjamin Chism 1850 census

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: iz1910a.txt)

                   Submitted by:  Joyce Wilkes

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Thanks to W.L.Chisholm for supplying this 1910 Izard Co.AR. census. {kgk}

178     "CHISM, Gabriel"        head    M       W       40      WD      18(            AR              TN      FMR
             David      son                      M       W       17      S             (            AR      AR      AR      FM LAB
             William C  son                     M       W       16      S             (            AR      AR      AR      FM LAB
            Charlie M  son                     M       W       14      S             (            AR      AR      AR      FM LAB
             Henry F    son                     M       W       12      S             (             AR      AR      AR      FM LAB
             Owen W     son                   M       W       10      S             (             AR      AR      AR      FM LAB


1890 Warren Co. Tn. pg 001, Ed195 Tn. Veterans Schedule:  William G. Chisam

James Sylus Chism  born Feb.11,1889 Ar. died:Feb.09,1932 buried:
married on July 24, 1911 in Yell county.
Sarah Grady b.
There children were:
Maude (Chism) Goff  b.n/r died Nov.24,1999 Yell Co.AR. (message from Tom Chism)
Jonnie Mae
Sarah Belle
John Thomas
James Dewey
Jessie Mae

Sarah later had another son by her second husband, Bud Smith.
Dan Smith.

Go to 1910 where James S. Chism is still living at home.

Go to 1920 census on James and Sarah Chism


1850 Census Itawamba Co, Ms

William G. Chism    36  M     born Va  (
Mariah L                26  F              Al  (
John                      10  M             AL (
Wm.                        8  M             Al  (
Sarah M.                  6  F              Ms (b,ca,1844)
Mary F.                    4  F              Ms (
James M.                  3  M             Ms (


1860 Census Itawamba Co, Ms

William G Chisolm    49 M   born   Va (
Mariah L.                 35 F              Al (
Sarah                       16 F              Al  (
Mary F.                   15 F             Ms (
Jas                          14 M            Ms ( (James is missing in 1870)
Christianbury            12 M           Ms  ( to household, missing in 1870)
Emily J.                    10 F           Ms  (
Robert                        7 M           Ms (
Alice A.                      2 F           Ms (

1860 census we are missing the son John (age 20) and William born ca. 1842(age 18).  Both may be living in another household (especially if they were farm hands)

1860 Census Itawamba Co, Ms

John Chisolm    20 M    born Ms (  living in household of J. White. The White
household is listed on page 337 while William G.'s is listed on page 338.
Both are in the Smithville Post Office district. Most surely this John is
William G,'s oldest son.


1870 Census Colbert Co, Al

William Chisom       56 M      born Va (
Mariah                    45 F               Al (
Francis                   23 F              Ms ( (Mary Frances)
Emer                      15 F                Al ( (this May be Emily J.)
Robert                    13 M               Al (
Alice                       11 F               Al (
Suzan                       9 F               Al (
Forist                        7 M             Ms (
Dorer                        6 M             Ms (


1870 Census Colbert Co, Ala. page 128
William Chisholm    28 M  born Al ( (This is the son of William G.)
 Clanessey             24 F       Nc
Treble                     3         Al

Same year same county 1870 Colbert Co.Ala.

In the Household of Jane Cirk (most likely Kirk..a common name in that area at that time)
page 128
Jane and several kids plus:
James Chisholm    20     born Ms.( (I believe this to be the son of William G. because the household of Jane is in the same small isolated area of the county as William G. and Jane's house is just down the road from William G.) (comments by W.L.Chisholm)


1880 Census Colbert Co, Al

L.L. Chisholm   56 F    born   Al (
James               30 M           Ms  ( is evidently back home after the death of William G.)
Robert              22 M           Ms  (
Emer                24 F           Ms  (
Allis                 19 F           Ms  (
Susan Moore     17 F Dau     Ms (
Forest Chisholm 14 M Son     Ms (
Mack                  5 M GSon    Al (
Thomas Hart     24 M Bo      Ga (
Wm Moore       23 M Son-Law Ms (

1850-60-70-80 census on William G.Chism, supplied by W.L.Chisholm.  Thank you W.L. {kay}


1920 Pope Co.Ar. Sulphin Towsnhip (T625-77)

Thomas C. Chism age 67 b. ca. 1853 Ar. Father Ms. Mother Tn.
Alabama (wife) age 62 born ca. 1858 AR. Father Tn. Mother Ar.
Albert M. (son) age 21 born 1899 Ar. Father Ar. Mother AR.
Martha (dau-in-law) age 17 born 1903 Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.

Extracted from C.L.Boys "Standridge" Book
Albert M. Chism born Jul.21,1899 Pope Co.AR. died:April 02,1980 Sequoyah,Ok
(m) Jan.02,1919 Pope L-475)
Martha Caroline Freeman b. Jan.13,1903 Johnson Co.Ar.d;Sep.14,1984 (dau of George & Janey (Taylor)Freeman

Albert and Martha Caroline Chism are both buried at the White Cemetery near Gore, Oklahoma.  They had a family of 7 children.

Thomas and Alabama Chism can be found in 1880 Searcy Co.Ar., 1900 Pope Co. 1910 Pope Co.& 1920 Pope.


Chism info received 11/03/1999


         Wed, 3 Nov 1999 08:21:40 EST


Do these names look familiar?————————


They had the following children:


Second Generation


They had the following children:

 4 ii. CHISM
 5 iii. JOHN CHISM
 10 viii. MARTHA CHISM

Third Generation



BIBB CO., ALABAMA. Died 22 Sep 1822.

He married SUSAN ___?___, 7 Jan 1841 in MONROE CO., MISSISSIPPI. Born 1822 in

Born 12 Jun 1822 in BIBB CO., ALABAMA. Died 20 Feb 1862 in MISSISSIPPI.

He married AMANDA A. CAMP, 31 Jan 1842 in MONROE CO., MISSISSIPPI.


He married SUSAN A. ___?___. Born 1826 in TENNESSEE.


ZION CEM.~ITAWAMBA CO., MS. (view census findings on Robert)

Dec 1853 in MONROE CO., MISSISSIPPI. Born 1825 in NORTH CAROLINA. Died in
They had the following children:

 17 v. MATILDA M. CHISM  (there is no Matilda M. listed as their daughter)


July 13,1860 Tippah Co Ms. Southern div. Image page 73
hh# 502
Robert Chism age 26 Ms.
Anny age 34 NC
Joana L? age 5 Ms
James H age 3 Ms 1857
Marcellus (male) age 2 Ms.

July 8, 1870 Monroe Co. Ms. twp. 13 Image page 12 P.O. Smithville
hh# 106
Robert Chism age 38 Ms
Annie age 46 SC
Luvinia age 15 Ms
James age 14 Ms
Denton? age 10 Ms
Robert age 8 Ms 1862
Jane age 4 Ms.

June 24,1880 Itawamba Co.Ms. "Not stated", dist 69 Image page 40
hh# 371-374
Robert Chisom age 47 Ms SC SC
Annie age 56 NC NC NC
Denton age 21 Ms Ms NC
Robert W. age 19
Martha age 14



CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  AL  COUNTY:  Monroe  REEL NO:  M 432-11  PAGE NO:  39a
REFERENCE:  Enumerated November 12, 1850 by Hestle Dixon
 1   571  571 Chism          Margaret       50   F                                  NC
 2   571  571 Chism          Sarah          30   F                                  NC
 3   571  571 Chism          Elizabeth      28   F                                  NC
 4   571  571 Chism          Mary           26   F                                  NC
 5   571  571 Chism          Neal R.        22   M         Farmer             Ala
 6   571  571 Chism          Ann            18   F                                  Ala

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  AL  COUNTY:  Monroe  REEL NO:  M 432-11  PAGE NO:  32a
REFERENCE:  Enumerated November 1, 1850 by Hestle Dixon

13  467  467 Chism          Elbert         45   M        Farmer                Ala                           X
 14  467  467 Chism          Sarah          42   F                                 Ala
 15  467  467 Chism          Bery           21  M         Laborer                Ala
 16  467  467 Chism          Sarah J.       15   F                                  Ala
 17  467  467 Chism          Elbert         12   M                                  Ala
 18  467  467 Chism          Wm. P.         8    M                                  Ala
 19  467  467 Chism          Ann            5    F                                  Ala



June 30,1860 Izard Co. Ar. White River twp Image page 7 P.O. Mount Olive.
hh# 335

MARY AGE 21 BORN TN. ABOUT 1839   (Go to 1880 Searcy Co.Ar.)


Hello Kay,

I hope all is well with you.
I came across a marriage record for Sarah Elizabeth Chism, John B's daughter, to Charles H. Risner. This would confirm your thoughts about her mother living next-door to them in 1870 Newton Co.
Anyway, the marriage took place in Jackson Co. on August 30, 1867. This places the family in that county at least up to the middle of 1867. That narrows down the timeline for their migration to Newton Co.
I hope this is new information for you. I plan on sending for a copy of the record most likely this week.

Your cousin,

this is what I have so far on my Chisum Family (1/11/2001

Tallerent (Tank) Chisum and Ellen Morris Chisum had only one son Robert (go to 1900 census)
Franklin Chisum, Robert married Margaret Laymons
and had 7 children.

John Belcher Chisum (nickname Beech)
b. 5-11-1900
d. 5-1986
buried: Manila, AR (Mississippi CO)
married: Mabel

daughter that died in infancy (no name known)

John Chisum
married Viola

George Chisum
married Louvenia Middleton and Bessie Middleton (sisters of my dad)

Donna Chisum   (my mother is still living)
b. 10-10-10    in Hot Springs, AR
married Lonnie Homer Middleton   marriage date 6-12-1928 Amity AR.

Steve Chisum
drown in the AR River abt. 1947 he never married

James (Jim) Chisum
b. 10-8-1924
d. 5-13-1994   Marianna, AR (Lee CO)
buried Moro Cemetery, Moro, AR (Lee CO)
married Lucille Davis

I'm still trying to get birthdates and death dates on everyone, I'll send
them to you as I get them. I tried to get information on them while they were
still living but they did not respond to my letters,
Thanks for all your help

Vicky Middleton Kirkland


Update from Vicky Middleton Kirkland

Here's an update on my Chisum line.

Robert and Margaret (Laymon) Chisum was married 5-21-1899

George Washington Chism
born: 3-3-1901 Russellville, AR
died: 6-5-1993
buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Moro, AR

John William Chisum
born: 10-5-1902 Russellville, AR
died: 6-13-1993 Ft. Smith, AR
buried: Duncan Cemetery, Waldron, AR

Steve Chisum
born: 1912
died: 1947?
buried: Kenderly Cemetery, Roland, AR

Becky Chisum
died at age 1 week
buried: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Russellville, AR

Charlie Chisum
died at age 6 months
buried: Mt. Zion Cemetery, Russellville, AR

James (Jim) Chisum
born: 10-8-1924
died: 5-13-1994
buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Moro, AR

Vicky Middleton Kirkland




Van Buren Co. AR. 1880 house 402, Liberty
Obediah    W M 66 Head Farmer tn tn tn
Rebecca     W F 63 Wife  Kp. H. tn. tn. tn.
Mary A.       W F 23 Dau.            Ar. tn tn
Marintha A. W F 1 Granddau.       Ar. Ar.Ar.
Geo. W.        W M 18 works on farm Ar Ar Ar

Liberty Township house 338 Liberty Township
John J.    W M 31 Head Farmer Al. Al. Al.
Emeline    W F 30 Wife    K house Ar Tn Tn
  (Standridge, dau. of Lemuel and Peggy)
Rebecca S. W F 9 Dau Ar Al Ar
James        W M 7 Son Ar Al Ar
Owen          WM 5 Son Ar Al Ar
Angaline      W M 3 Dau Ar Al Ar\
William         W M 1 Son Ar Al Ar

House 394
James W M 29 Head Farmer Ar Ar Ar
Sarah Ann W F 28 Wife Keep. House Tn Tn Tn
Selena J. W F 13 Dau. Ar Ar Tn

James and John are Obediah's sons.  In 1850 Newton Co. Obediah says he was
born in Ky.
Rebecca and Obediah married in Al.  Liberty
Township in Van Buren Co is down in the South
East Corner.   It would be near Nogo.  It is where
the corner of Pope, Newton, and Van Buren
Counties join.

Obediah and Rebecca are said to be buried in
Conway Co. Ar.

Betty Renfroe



Here is the 1900 Chism census information.  They are in Calf Creek Township
Searcy Co. Ar.
(this would not be far from where they were in 1880)
175 181 CHISM,  John J. H M Mr 47 53 M 30 Tn Al Tn
    Emeline R. W F No 47 52 Ar Tn Tn
    Owen         S M De 74  25 Ar Tn Ar
    Amzlina      D F Ju 78 21 (I think this is really Angeline, named for
Emeline's sister)
    William       S M De 80 20
     Ranzy         S M No 84 15
    Mandy        D F Jl 87 13
Below is from my file:
 ii. JAMES HARLAN CHISM, b. January 20, 1872.
 iii. LEMUEL OWEN CHISM, b. December 1875.
 iv. ANGELINE CHISM, b. June 14, 1878.
 v. WILLIAM HENRY CHISM, b. December 10, 1879.
 vi. JOHNNIE CHISM, b. 1882.
 vii. LAWRENZIE CHISM, b. March 26, 1886.
 viii. AMANDA CHISM, b. July 14, 1887.

So from this we know John was born Nov. of 1847.  Last census he said Al.
now he says
Tenn.  Living in house 166 171 is Thomas Galyean (JOhn's mother was Rebecca
he is related to John some way.  Thomas is 54. He was born in Al. his father
in Tn. and his
mother in Miss.

In 1900 Searcy Co Big Creek Township i found
045 049 CHISM, Ben H M Dec 53 46 Ar Ar Ar
    Eveline W F Ju 75 24 Ar Tn Tn (says her maiden name was West)
    Their children are Roxie J,9; Lillie, 7; Noah B., 6; Duvey 4; Mollie P.,
3; King V. 1; Eva 3 months.
They are all born in Ar. and their parents were both born in Ar.


258 263 Calf Creek
CHISM, James H M Ja 72 28 AR Tn Ar
    wife Alice is 21 son Rosco is 3 and Dessie J is 6 months old
This is Dock and Emeline's son I think.

Betty Renfroe



Helena Artillery Key s Battery The Helena Artillery was organized at Helena
Phillips County Arkansas on April 27 1861 and enrolled in State service for
three months on April 29 Ca
Corporal—Enlisted at Pocahontas, Arkansas, July 28, 1861; promoted sergeant,
June 10, 1863; reduced to ranks, December 1, 1863; deserted at Tunnel Hill,
Georgia, February 8, 1864.


1852 Carroll Co.Ar. tax list Long Creek, North Eastern district (created from Izard Co. in 1833)

 1852 Granville Chisam Long Creek North Eastern District

Carroll Co.Ar. marriages Eastern Dist Grooms index 1869-1930

J.S. Chism book G193 age 35 (born ca. 1870) married Dec.03,1905 Mattie Bunch age 24
Walter Chism (book H137) age 21 born ca. 1888 married Ethel Wood age 19 on Oct.11,1909

Western Division..Grooms
John Chisholm age 46 born ca. 1843 (book 246) married Virginia Ambrose age 42 on Dec.24,1889.
Daniel Chism age 21 born ca. 1877 (book W2 300) married Gertrude Trout age 18 on Mar.15,1898



Alpena Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar.

James C. Chisham July 27,1893-Apr.27,1945
James C. Chrisham July 27,1893-Apr.27,1945
Gertie Chrisham (wife of James) Sep.16,1895--


Attala Co.Ms. 1850 census readings

James Chism age 35 born Ga. ca. 1815
Mary age 22 born Ms. ca. 1828
William age 11 born Ms. ca. 1839
Isaac age 9 born Ms. ca. 1841
Martha age 8 born Ms. ca. 1842
Letha ? (fe) age 6 born Ms. ca. 1844
Lucinda Wiley age 6 born Ms. ca. 1844
Joshua Wiley age 3 born Ms. ca. 1847

Note that Mary was born in 1828 and not old enough to be mother to William Chism born 1839, so it is possible that Mary was a 2nd wife to James Chism.  It may be that Mary was married to a Mr. Wiley and had children Lucinda and Joshus Wiley prior to her marriage to James Chism.


1850 Marshall Co. Ms. Southern Div.
Mary Reynolds age 55 (head of household) born N.C.
George W. Reynolds age 20 born N.C.
Mary C. Reynolds age 12 born Ms.
Wm.M, or Mc Robinson age 21 (teacher) born Tn.
Nancy  Mc Robinson age 17 born N.C.
Mary J. Chism age 15 born Tn. ca. 1835 (listed as boarder in household)

1850 City of Vicksburg, Ms. Warren Co.
James Chisum age 46 born Tn. ca. 1804 (occupation: Wood Yard..what ever that is)
Maria age 40 born Va. ca. 1810

(There were no children in household, nor was there other Chism's etc. in neighborhood)


1837-38-39-1840 White Co.Ar.
James Chism listed 1837-38-39 on tax list.
1840 White co.Ar.
James Chism 30/40 and one female 30/40


(From Vicky)
1910 Saline Co.Ar. Liberty Twp.
Household 218 family 221
Tank Chisum age 52 born Ark. married 32 years
Ellen (wife) age 52 married 32 years (1 child 1 living)

Household 222 Family 220
Robert Chisum age 30 born Ar. Parents born AR. (married 12 years)
Margaret M. (wife) age 30 born Ar. ( 6 children 4 living)
Beechum J. (son) age 10 born Ar.
George W. (son) age 9 born Ar.
Effie J. (dau) age 1 and 1/2 born Ar.


1920 Garland Co.Ar. Phillips Twp
Househild 135 Family 128
Robert Chisum age (unleg) born Ar. parents born Ar. Occupation Hat Maker
Margaret (wife) age 40 born Ar.
Beechum (son) age 20 born Ar. (married) occupation belt Maker
George (son) age 18 born Ar. (single)
May (daughter) age 8 (single)
Andrew (son) age 5 born Ar. (single)
Ollie (dau in law) age 14 (married) born Ar.
Effie (mother) age 67 born ca. 1852Ar.(married)
Tank (Father) age 68 born ca. 1852 AR.(married) occupation Belt Maker


1920 Creek Co.Ok. Tiger Twp.
Household# 484-494
Lee (T?) Chism age 29 born Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.
Katie (wife) age 21 born Ok, Father Ok. Mother Mo.
Carl (son) age 5 born Ok. Father Ar. Mother Ok.
Eugene (son) age 2 born Ok. Father Ar. Mother Ok.


70.  Charles H.4 Risener (John3, William2, Thomas1) (Source: (1) 1860 Jackson County, AR Census, page 590., (2) 1870 Newton County, AR Census, page 191., (3) 1880 Conway County, AR Census., (4) 1910 Van Buren County, AR Census, Living with daughter Rebecca Clark., (5) Personal Property Tax List, Conway County, AR 1890, page 5, Griffin Township., (6) Confederate soldiers listing, "Index to Confederate Soldiers, Vol. III, P - Z", page 47, Co. B New, 8 AR Inf; Pvt/Pvt as Charles H.Co. I, 32 AR Inf; Pvt/Pvt as C.H.Co. D, 45 AR Cav; Pvt/Pvt as Charles., (7) Confederate pension application, "Arkansas Confederate Veterans and Widows Pension Applications", Applied August 9, 1906 in Pope county, AR.) was born 1838 in Arkansas (Source: 1860 Jackson County, AR Census, page 590.).  He married Sarah Elizabeth Chisum (Source: (1) 1870 Newton County, AR Census, page 191., (2) Marriage Record for Charles Risener & Sarah Chisum, Jackson County, AR Marriage Book I, pages 489-490., (3) 1880 Conway County, AR Census.) August 30, 1867 in Jackson Co, AR (Source: Marriage Record for Charles Risener & Sarah Chisum, Jackson County, AR Marriage Book I, pp 489-490.).  She was born 1849 in Alabama (Source: 1870 Newton County, AR Census, page 191.).


Notes for Charles H. Risener:

Company B, 8th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, CSA.....Private Charles H. Risener, age 33, enlisted 12 July 1861 at Jacksonport, AR.



From "Compiled service records, 32nd Arkansas Infantry"

Risner, C.H. - I - Pvt. 6/25/1862 Camp Stokes - Col. Matlock

Deserted December 23, 1862.  Returned.  Present August 1863.



45th Arkansas Cavalry, Companies B, D &  M, Jackson, Co, AR




Marriage Book I, page 489, Jackson Co, AR

30 of August 1867, C.H. Risner, age 27, and Sarah Elizabeth Chism, age 19, both of Jackson County.  Wm Bradley, J.P.


Children of Charles Risener and Sarah Chisum are:

       132           i. Sarah5 Risener (Source: (1) 1870 Newton County, AR Census, page 191., (2) 1880 Conway County, AR Census.), born 1869 (Source: 1870 Newton County, AR Census, page 191.).

+     133          ii. Rebecca H. Risener, born November 1870.

       134         iii. Charles M. Risener (Source: 1880 Conway County, AR Census.), born 1875.

       135          iv. Mary E. Risener (Source: 1880 Conway County, AR Census.), born 1887.

Many thanks to Juli Morgan for the update on Charles H. and Sarah (CHISM) Risener.


1930 Sequoyah, Paw Paw Oklahome Dist 18

hh# 33
William W. Chisum age 21 Ar. parents Ar.
Anna M. age 19 Ar.
Sarah E. (dau) age 3 months Oklahoma

hh# 34
Dewey G. Chisum age 26 Ar. parents Ar.
Thelma J. age 21 Ar.
Charles P age 2 Ok.
Joseph B. age 1 Ok.

John W. Chisum age 50 Ar. Father Ms. Mother AR.
Sarah C. age 49 Ar.
Dallas L. age 15 Ar.
Alva P."Pauline" age 12 Ar.
Mamie V. age 10 Ar.
Jessie M. (dau) age 8 Ar.



Ray Chism
DANVILLE — Ray Dean Chism, 76, of Ola died Sunday, Dec. 28, at his home.
Born Jan. 29, 1927, at Bailey Branch in Yell County to the late Jess and Laura Hill Chism, he was a poultry grower for Tyson Foods and a member of the Plainview VFW. He was preceded in death by his wife, Jean Chism.
Survivors include a son, Don Chism of Ola; a daughter, Sharon Perisho of Hot Springs; two brothers, Lee Chism of Danville and Bill Chism of Texas; four sisters, Lallie Francis of Rison, Annie Holt of Centerville, Grace Rollans of San Antonio, Texas, and Rose Stevenson of Beloit, Wis.; three grandchildren, Neil Taylor of Plainview, Jennifer Taylor of Chicago, Ill., Jamie Perisho of Hot Springs; and a great-grandchild.
Funeral will be at 2 p.m. today at Cornwell Chapel at Danville officiated by Bro. Chris George. Burial will be in Macedonia Cemetery by Cornwell Funeral Home.
Pallbearers include Lawayne Holt, John Ed Holt, Tommy Holt, Tommy Chism, Jerry Chism, Billy Chism, Kerry Chism and Bobby Chism.


      J. M. Collier Nancy D. Miller 15 Mar 1890 Itawamba 

      Miss J. M. Collier W. M. Holland 10 Aug 1892 Itawamba 

      R. J. Collier Mary E. Mink 03 Sep 1873 Itawamba 

      R. J. Collier Mary A. Stephens 11 Aug 1869 Itawamba 

      J. R. Collier Miss M. M. Chism 08 Nov 1891 Itawamba 

      Kate Chism S. A. Denise 15 Oct 1885 Itawamba 

      Kate Chism S. A. Dewese 15 Oct 1885 Itawamba 

      Miss M. M. Chism J. R. Collier 08 Nov 1891 Itawamba 

      Rebecca Chism W. L. Barrett 02 Jun 1881 Itawamba 

      Sarah M. Chisom John Maddox 16 Apr 1863 Itawamba 

      John Maddox Sarah M. Chisom 16 Apr 1863 Itawamba 

Richard C. Chisom Martha Farley 06 Aug 1856 Itawamba



July 7, 1870 Monore Co.Ms Twp 13 , Image page 12 P.O. Smithville.
hh# 106
Robert Chism age 38 Ms
Annie age 46 SC
Luvinia age 15 Ms.
James age 14 Ms 1856
Denton age 10 Ms
Robert age 8 Ms 1862
Jane age 4 Ms. 1866
Image page 13
hh# 107
Lenard/Leonard Chism    (view 1880 of Leonard and Frances Chism)
Francis age 28 Ms
Zillie (fe) age 11 Ms
Lenard age 7 Ms 1863
Mary age 4 Ms
Martha age 1 Ms. 1879



1880 Monroe Co, Ms. Boyds Prect. dist 139 Image page 6
hh# 69-69
L Chism age 46 Ms Ms Ms
Fannie age 42 Ms Ga. Ms
Zilla age 21 (dau) Ms.
Ira (son) age 17 Ms (Listed as Lenard in 1870)
Mary age 13 (dau) Ms
F. ? age 5 (dau) Ms
Johnnie age 3 (son) Ms


1776-1935 Mississippi Marriage Monroe Co.
Robert Chism Anna Beaver 01 Dec 1853
T. J. Chism Avis Parker 01 Dec 1891 Monroe
J. M. Chism Sallie Anglin 10 Sep 1867 Monroe
J. S. Chism May Curry 13 Nov 1899 Monroe
James F. Chism Nancy E. Ross 15 Apr 1862 Monroe
Leonard Chism Francis Bridges 28 Dec 1856 Monroe
Thomas Chism Dora Miller 05 Jan 1884 Monroe
W. M. Chism Hattie May Meek 06 Jan 1894 Monroe
W. M. Chism Alice Bickerstaff 29 Jan 1897 Monroe



June 10, 1870 Tishomingo Co.Ms Twp/2 Range 11 image page 5 (found under John Chison)
hh# 31
Richard C.? Chism age 43  Tn. 1827
Martha J age 33 Ala
Jane age 13 Ms
Sarah age 11
John age 6
Allice age 4
Hop?s? age 3
Walter age 5 months
Malinda age 52 Ky 1818
James Stockton age 14 Ms



Aug. 23, 1870 Sharp Co. Ar. Lebanon twp Image page 7 P.O. Evening Shade
hh# 54
Green Chism age 27 AR. 1843
Martha age 25 Tn. 1845








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