Goswick Genealogies

by:Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986


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Francis Marion Goswick b.Jan.22,1848 Lumpkin Co.GA. d: Sep.24, 1935 Wright Co.Mo.
married: lst. ca. 1871 Wright Co.Mo. (m) 2nd. Nov. 20, 1880 Wright Co.Mo.
1st. wife: Maggie Russell b. n/r d: before June 1880 Mo.
2nd.wife: Martha Elizabeth Coxen b.Jan.07, 1859 Mo. d: Apr. 10,1953 Mo.
    children by lst wife Maggie Russell
 1. John Edward Goswick  born 1872 Hartville, Mo. Wright Co. (m) Ida Evelyn Barr
 2. Virginia L. "Jennie" Goswick born 7/28/1873 Hartville, Mo. (m) Lee Baker
 3. Laverne "Lennie" Goswick born 1875 Mo.(m:Dec.23,1897 Fountain Co.Ind.) John W. Espich
 4. Henry Goswick  born 8/17/1877 Hartville, Mo. (m) Arezilla Carriger
 5. Neal Goswick born 1879 Hartville, Mo. (never married)
 6. Charles Hollis Goswick  born 2/14/1880 Hartville, Mo. (m) Cleo Davison

      children by Martha Elizabeth Coxen

 7.  Amanda  Goswick  born 03/24/1882 Hartville, Mo. (m)lst.Daniel Martin (2nd) E.D.Hightower
 8.  Alva May Goswick born 12/14/1884 Hartville, Mo.(m) Jeff Johnson
 9.  Ophelia A. Goswick born 01/02/1886 Hartville, Mo. (m) James Asa Martin
10. Ralph Goswick born 10/03/1888 Hartville, Mo. (m)Sabra Atlanta Martin
11. Ethel Gertrude Goswick born  04/14/1890 Hartville, Mo.(m) Raymond Davison
12. Ross Goswick  born  01/30/1892 Hartville, Mo.(m)lst.Helen M.Campbell (2nd.)Helen S. Malsbury
13. Francis M. Goswick ,Jr.born 12/09/1893  Mo.(mlst.Cora Higgins, 2nd.Velda L. (?) 3rd.Olga Wienand,4th.Ruth Good 5th. ??? 6/10/04
14. EDGAR JESSE GOSWICK  born  02/10/1896 Hartville, Mo.
15. Marshall Lee Goswick born 06/21/1899 Hartville, Mo. (m)Zona Jewell Lemons

Francis Marion Goswick was the son of Thomas and Lucinda (Conaway) Goswick of Hall, Lumpkin, and Dawson Co's Georgia, and the grandson of Matthias and Elizabeth (Goswick) Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C., and Georgia.  There is no information as to parents of Maggie Russell (lst wife of Francis Marion Goswick), but his second wife Martha Elizabeth Coxen was the daughter of Edward G. and Susanna (ENLOW) COXEN.

1850 Lumpkin Co.Ga. listed Francis Goswick age 3 living in home of parents Thomas and Lucinda Goswick.

1860 Dawson Co.Ga. listed: F. Marion Goswick age 13 in home of Thomas & Lucinda Goswick.

1870 Wright Co. Mo. Marion Goswick age 21 in home of W. Palmer family.

1880 Wright Co.Mo. Francis M. Goswick age 32 listed as (Widower)with children: Johnnie 7, Virginia 6, Laverne 4, Henry 3, Neal 1 and  Charlie age 4 months old.
1900, June 12, Elk Creek Twp, Wright Co. Mo. ED 145
Frank M. Goswick age 52 born Jan. 1848 Ga. parents Ga.
Martha E. age 42 born Jan 1858 Ind. father Va. Mother Ind.
Henry (son) age 21 born Aug. 1878 Mo.
Charles H. (son) age 20 born Feb. 1879 Mo.
Amanda (dau) age 18 born May 1882 Mo.
Alva M. (dau) age 16 born Dec. 1883 Mo.
Ophelia (dau) born Feb. 1886 Mo.
Ralph (son) age 12 born Oct. 1887 Mo.
Ethel G. (dau) age 10 born Apr. 1890 Mo.
Ross (son) age 8 born Jan. 1892 Mo.
Francis M. (son) age 6 born Dec. 1893 Mo.
Edgar J. (son) age 4 born Feb. 1896 Mo.
Marshall (son) age 1 born Jan. 1899 Mo.

The son "Neal" appears to be missing from the 1900 census, may be deceased before 1900.

1900, Bush Creek Township, Wright Co.Mo.
hh# 226
John Goswick age 27 b orn July 1872 Mo.
Ida (wife) age 22 born May 1878 Mo.
Ettie (dau) age 5 born Mar. 1895 MO.
Pearlie (dau) age 2 born Sep. 1898 Mo.
Clarie (dau) born May 1900


#14.Edgar Jesse Goswick b. 2/10/1896 Hartville,Mo. died: Jan. 25,1997 Springfield,Mo.
(m) lst. 7/20/1918 Mo.  (m) 2nd.2/20/1943 Mo.
lst.wife: Bertha Johnson b. Feb. 02,1900 Mo.
2nd. wife: Goldie Campbell b. Nov.21,1906 Mo. died: 3/21/1986 Mo.
        children are by lst. wife Bertha Johnson

  #14- 1. Ernest Edwin Goswick born Jul. 23, 1920 Springfield, Mo.
  #14- 2. Farris Ray Goswick born Jan. 20, 1923 Springfield,Mo.

Edgar Jesse Goswick, son of Francis Marion and Martha E. (Coxen) Goswick of Wright Co.Missouri.  Edgar will be missed by the many of us who attended the Goswick Reunions as Edgar Goswick attended our first Goswick Family Reunion held at Sardis, Ms. in 1983 and missed only one reunion in 14 years time.  My 2nd Goswick Family Book was dedicated to this wonderful and kind man.  He is missed by many of his Goswick cousins, and we will always remember him.{kgk}  Picture of Edgar and his first cousin Dewit Pascal Goswick.


#14-1. Ernest Edwin Goswick born Jul, 23,1920 Springfield, Mo.
            (m) May. 31, 1940 Springfield, Mo.
            Ruth Eudina Metcalf born June 7, 1919 Mo. died: Aug.17,2004 Springfield, Mo.

14-1-1. Marchia Kay Goswick born May 10, 1942 Springfield, Mo.
14-1-2. Ernest Edwin Goswick,Jr.  born May 03, 1944 Springfield,Mo. d:Aug.19, 1996 Mo.
14-1-3. Cynthia Louise Goswick born Oct.15,1955 Springfield Mo.

Ernest Edwin Goswick, is son of Edgar Jesse Goswick, His wife Ruth Eudina Metcalf is the daughter of Clayton T. and  Pearl E. (FRANKS) Metcalf.

More Information will be added to this page at a later date.{kgk}


Ophelia A. Goswick born Feb.02,1886 Wright Co.Mo. died Jul.31,1970 Mo.
(m) 8/22/1906 Grove Springs, Mo.
James Asa Martin b. 12/18,1882 Tupelo, Ms. d:n/r
1. Martha Elizabeth Martin b. 8/29/1907 Hartville, Mo. (m) Guy James Warn
2. Ada Opal Martin  b. Jan.26,1916 Hartville, Mo. (m)Loman Ezra Yeager

Ophelia A. Goswick, Martin, daughter of Francis Marion and Martha E. (Coxen) Goswick

Ada Opal Martin  b. Jan.26,1916 Hartville, Mo.
(m) 9/05/1934 Wright Co.Mo.
Loman Ezra Yeager born Jan.11,1914 Wright Co. Mo.
                one child
1. Edsel Lee Yeager b. Mar.06,1936 Wright Co. Mo. died Dec.25,1997 Mt. Grove, Mo.
    (m) June.17,1956 Wright Co.Mo.
    Della Jo Schudy b. Jan.17,1938 Douglas Co.Mo.
                 three children:
      1. Vickie Lee Yeager
      2. Linda Dee Yeager    
      3. Carol Sue Yeager 

Ada Opal (Martin) Yeager, daughter of James Asa & Ophelia (Goswick) Martin of Wright Co.Mo.



Virginia L. "Jennie" Goswick born 7/28/1873 Wright Co.Mo. died: 6/21/1956 Mo.
(m) n/r
Lee Baker born 5/08/1872 died 4/08/1950 Mo.
       children listed:
1. May Baker b.n/r (m) Gillette Marshon
2. Hazel Baker b.n/r (m) Jack Brueing
3. Lucille Jennie Baker b. Jan.03,1909 Indiana, (m) Leo Behnke . Lucille Jennie Behnke died June 7, 1980 Orange, Ca. (SS records: Mother: Goswick, Father: Baker.)

Virginia L. "Jennie" (Goswick) Baker, daughter of Francis Marion and Maggie (Russell) Goswick of Wright Co.Mo..


Laverne "Lennie" Goswick born ca.1875 Mo. d:n/r
(m) Dec. 23, 1897 Fountain Co. Indiana
John W. Espich
       issue listed:
1. Flossie Espect b.n/r

Laverne "Lennie" (Goswick) Espect, daughter of Francis Marion and Maggie (Russell) Goswick of Wright Co.Mo.. Marriage records show that Lennie Goswick was daughter of "Marion" Goswick.  In 1910 there is a John W. Espick age 39 born Ind. living at 2-WD Coffeyville, Ks. Montgomery Co..census not checked.



Henry Goswick born 8/17/1877 Wright Co.Mo. died: 3/07/1957 Mo (View 1910 census)
(m) Oct.03,1904 Wright Co.Mo.
Sarah Arzilla Carriger b.ca. 1882 Tn.
       issue listed:
1. Edna Goswick b.n/r (m) Anderson Claston
2. Ina Goswick b.n/r never married
3. Maydra Goswick b.n/r (m) Jerry M. Jones

Henry Goswick, son of Francis Marion and Maggie (Russell) Goswick of Wright Co. Mo..

1910 Anderson Co.Kansas, Lone Elm Township Dist 25
hh# 114
Henry Goswick age 30 born Mo. ca. 1879 Father Ga. Mother Mo.
Sarah A. (wife) age 28 born Tn. Father Tn. Mother N.C.
Edna E. (dau) age 4 born ca. 1906 Mo.
Ina (dau) age 3 born ca. 1907 Mo.
Stella M. (dau) age 1 year, 7 months born ca. 1909 Mo.



Amanda Goswick born Mar.24,1882 Wright Co.Mo. died May 02,1967
(m)lst. Jan.31,1901 Mo. (m) 2nd. n/r
lst. Daniel Martin b&d n/r
2nd. E.D. Hightower b&d n/r
    children are by lst. husband

1. Arvil Martin b.n/r (m) Ina Morehouse
2. Faye Martin b.n/r (m) Oran Robertson
3. Dessie Martin b.n/r (m) Omer Priester

Amanda (Goswick) Martin, Hightower, daughter of Francis Marion and Martha E. (Coxen) Goswick.


Alva May Goswick born Dec.14,1884 Wright Co.Mo., d: Nov.21,1965
(m) Jan.20,1907 Wright Co.Mo.
Jeff Johnson b&d n/r
1. Ernie Johnson b.n/r
2. Oscar Johnson b.n/r
3. Otis Johnson b.n/r
4. Mable Johnson b.n/r

Alva Mae (Goswick) Johnson was the daughter of Francis Marion and Martha E. (Coxen) Goswick of Wright Co.Mo.


Ethel Gertrude Goswick born 4/14/1890  Mo. died 6/26/1969
(m) Oct.17,1908 Wright Co.Mo.
Raymond Davison born 12/09/1883 died: 9/24/1969 Mo.
1. Dora Davison born Oct.10,1909 Wright Co.Mo. (m) Winburn McNealy
2. Doshia Agnes Davison b. May 16,1913 Wright Co.Mo. (m) Burney Benton

Ethel Gertrude (Goswick) Davison, daughter of Francis Marion and Martha E. (Coxen) Goswick.


Ralph Goswick born Oct.03,1888 Mo. died: 3/14/1962  (go to picture of Ralph, Sabra, & Mildred)
(m) 12/02/1911 Hartville, Mo.
Sabra Atlanta Martin born 5/21/1891 Mo. died: 3/31/1974 Colorado
1. Mildred E. Goswick b.5/14/1912 Hartville, Mo. (m)lst. Harry E.Pangborn (m)2nd. Verne Thomas
2. Wayne Francis/Marion Lee Goswick born 2/24/1914 Mo. d:11/26/1971 Co.(m) Fern Ada Fleenor
3. Iris Lucille Goswick b. 8/30/1917 Delta, Co. d:12/12/1988 San Marcas,Ca.(m) Truman W. Pugh

Ralph Goswick, son of Francis Marion and Martha E. (Coxen) Goswick.  His wife Sabra Atlanta Martin was the daughter of Daniel N. and Angeline (JORDAN) MARTIN.    In corresponding with Fern Goswick about Wayne Francis/Marion Lee Goswick, she had a very interesting story as to how he wound up with both names.  He was born Wayne Francis Goswick, and Wayne Francis is on his headstone.  When Wayne was about 25 years of age, he needed his birth certificate and when it came, it had the name Marion Lee on it.  He needed work badly and felt he did not have time to get the name changed, so every thing they bought was in the name of Marion Lee Goswick, and finally things became too complicated to change his name to his legal name, and their childrens birth certificates show their father to be: Marion Lee Goswick, altho his real name was Wayne Frances, and that is why I have Wayne Francis Goswick on his headstone.


Obit of Cleo Goswick
 Wright County, MO  Cleo Goswick, one of five children of  Sarah A. Davidson
who died at age of 78 - August 5, 1919 in Wright County,. MO. Sarah's
husband was Arthur Davidson, they were married 1851 according to the obit.
There were five children:
    Mrs. Thos Johnson (Laura) - Hartville
    Sam Davidson
    Will Davidson
    James Davidson
    Cleo Goswick (no place of residence given)
Funeral services were at Mt Moriah  church (M.E. Church) and she was laid to
rest in the church cemetery.



Marshall Lee Goswick born June 21,1899 Grove Springs, Mo. died Jan.09,1989 Iowa
married: 3/22/1928 Hartville, Mo.
Zona Jewell Lemons born 8/12/1908 Hartville, Mo. died Jan.1985 Iowa.
1. Donald Goswick
2. Merle Goswick
3. Carl Max Goswick born Aug.01,1932 Hartville, Mo. d:3/07/1992 Charles City, Iowa
4. Gerald Lee Goswick

Marshall Lee Goswick was the son of Francis Marion and Martha E. (Coxen) Goswick of Wright Co.Mo.

Carl Max Goswick born 8/01/1932 Hartville, Mo. died 3/07/1992 Charles City, Iowa
Married: 5/11/1957 Charles City, Iowa
Mary Jane Heffron born 11/07/1936 Charles City, Iowa d;8/08/1985 Iowa
1. Janna Goswick
2. Curt A. Goswick

Carl Max Goswick was the son of Marshall Lee and Zona Jewell (Lemons) Goswick of Charles City, Iowa.  HIs wife Mary Jane Heffron was the daughter of Milton Allen and Violet Erlene (Shapley) Heffron.  All information on Marshall Lee Goswick and children were supplied by Curt A. Goswick, son of Carl Max.


Ross Goswick born Jan.30,1892 Hartville, Mo. died 5/23/1983 Anoka, Minnesota
(m) lst. 4/23/1916  (m)2nd. abt. 1953
lst. Helen Melinda Campbell born 7/24/1892 Mn. died 8/23/1986
2nd. Helen Sabra Malsbury b&d n/r
           children by lst wife Helen M. Campbell
1. Hugh Francis Goswick born 9/20/1912 Harlem, Mo. died WW11
2. Ross Lavern Goswick born 7/23/1919 Harlem, Mo.
3. Juanita Jean Goswick born 2/27/1922 Spicer, Mn. (m) Alden George Ellison
4. Mona Lou Goswick born 3/14/1924 Spicer, Mn.
5. Irene Martha Goswick born 7/21/1926 Spicer, Mn.
6. Earl George Goswick born 2/2/1930 Willman, Mn.(m) JoAnn Vandenheuvel
7. Pearl Goswick (twin to Earl George) b&d 2/2/1930
8.David Campbell Goswick born 11/12/1931 Willman, Mn.

                          child by Helen S. Malsbury
9. Michael Allen Goswick born 12/16/1954 died 8/8/1974

381st Bomb Group - Lost Crew Roster
MISSION 1 -- June 22, 1943, Antwerp, Belgium.
Listed as Missing In Action:

533rd Squadron
1st Lt. Martin, John J.
F/0 Marsh, Robert J.
2nd Lt. Long, Harry R.
2nd Lt. Hoag, Wallace W.
Sgt. Goswick, Hugh F.
S/Sgt. Lantto, James S.
S/Sgt. Fornaro, Leonard J.
S/Sgt. Geary, William
S/Sgt. Witts, Glenn W.
S/Sgt. Hutchison, John B.

Earl George Goswick born 2/2/1930 Willlman, Mn. died  May 01,1997 Mn.
Married: 5/30/1957 Albert Leo, Mn.
JoAnn Vandenheuvel born 9/23/1935 Deendas, Mn. died: Aug.27,1990 Ankoa, Mn.
1. Lynn Marie Goswick
2. Hugh Francis Goswick
3. Susan Leslie Goswick

Earl George Goswick, son of Ross and helen Melinda (Campbell) Goswick.  His wife JoAnn Vandenheuvel was the daughter of Joseph Henry and Amy May (Hatfield) Vandenheuvel.  All info was supplied by Earl and JoAnn Goswick on their family.


Goswick, Cleo:  Hartville, MO; died at Mansfield Hospital on Dec 21,
1962; housewife; born Mar 6, 1881 in Wright Co., MO; d/o
Arthur and Sarah Davidson; widow; 1 nephew Fred Johnson of Springfield;
2 nieces Gertie Lemons and Thelma Williams.  Burial
Steele Memorial Cemetery.

Goswick, Henry:  Hartville, MO; died Mar 7, 1962; farmer; born Aug 17,
1877 in Wright Co., MO; s/o M. F. Goswick and Maggie
Russell; widowed; 1 daughter Dorothy Edwards; 4 half brothers Edgar of
Springfield, Marshall of Charles City, IA, Ross of Spicer,
MN and Francis; 4 half sisters May Johnson of Osawatomie, KS, Amanda
Hightower of Grove Spring, Ophelia Martin of Mountain
Grove and Ethel Davidson of Hartville.  Burial Jones Cemetery.

1910 Wright Co.Mo, Elk Creek township Dist 133
hh# 141
Marion Goswick age 62 born Ga. Father NC mother Ga.
Martha age 52 born Ind. Father W/Va., Mother Ind.
Ralph age 21 born Mo.
Ross age 18 born Mo.
Francis (son) age 16 born Mo.
Edgar age 14 born Mo.
Marshall age 10 born Mo.

Charley Goswick age 30 b. Mo.
Cleo age 25 b orn Mo.

1910 Jasper Co. Mo. 4-WD Carthage Mo. is: John E. Goswich (note spelling of surname). Census not checked.