Goswick Genealogies

by: Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

George W. Goswick & some of his descendants.
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George W. Goswick b.ca. 1802 Franklin Co.N.C. d: bef.1850 Humphreys Co.Tn.
(m) Oct. 09,1828 Williamson Co.Tn.  (view 1830 George) (view Roy famillies)
Nancy Elizabeth Powers b.ca. 1810 S.C. d: n/r  (dau of  Nathaniel)
       children found:
1. Martha Ann Goswick b. 8/1829 Williamson Co.Tn. (m) John Roy
2. James Thomas Goswick b. 9/1830 Humphreys Co.Tn. (m) Martha Ann Chism
3. William Isaac Goswick b. 4/1833 Humphreys Co.Tn.(m)lst.Lutishey Wright
4. Frances Elizabeth (fe) Goswick b. ca. 1836 Humphreys Co.Tn. (m) John T. Roy
5. Sarah Jane Goswick b. ca.   Dickson Co.Tn. (m) a MAYNORD/MAYNARD
6. Mary Goswick b. ca.     Dickson Co.Tn. (died age 14)
7. John (?)


1830 Dickson Co.Tn. image page 60
Nathaniel Powers 40/50
2 males u/5
2 males 5/10
1 male 10/15
1 male 15/20
1 fe 10/15
1 fe 30/40
George Goswick  20/30
1 fe u/5
1 fe 20/30

1840 Humphreys Co.Tn. Dist 7 Image page 1
George W. Goswick head of household 30/40 years of age. (1800-1810)
Female 20/30 years of age (1810-1820)
1 male 15/20 (1820-1825)
1 female 5/10 (1830-1835)Martha Ann
1 male 5/10 (1830-1835) James Thomas
1 male 5/10 (1830-1835) William Isaac
1 female u/5 (1835-1840) Frances Elizabeth
1 female u/5 (1835-1840)
According to the 1840 census there was 6 children by 1840.  1850 census still has not been found.


Isaac Roy 30/40 Dist 7 Image page 1
2 males u/5
2 males 5/10
1 male 10/15
1 male 15/20
1 fe u/5
1 fe 30/40

William Roy 50/60 Dist 7 image  page 1
1 male u/5
1 male 5/10
1 male 10/15
3 fe u/5
1 fe 5/10
1 fe 10/15
1 fe 15/20
1 fe 40/50

1840 Humphreys Co.Tn.Dist 8 image page 1
Nathaniel Powers 50/60
1 male 5/10
2 males 10/15
1 fe 20/30
1 fe 40/50

Oct. 25, 1850  Humphreys Co.Tn., not stated image page 94
hh# 664
Nathaniel Powers age 62 NC
Mary age 56 SC
Elijah age 18 Tn.
Image page 96
hh# 681
Spencer Powers age 34 SC
Martha age 31 Tn.
Jane age 12 Tn.
Elisha age 10 Tn
Samuela ge 7 tn
Mary age 5 Tn
Sarah age 1 Tn.

George W. (Washington) Goswick, son of George Goswick who died 1812 Franklin Co. N.C. leaving a will and mentioning his sons and daughters.  Nancy Elizabeth Powers was the daughter of Nathaniel & Mary (?) Powers of Humphrey Co.Tn...One of her brother's "William Powers" , his wife "Nancy", and two children were in Conway Co.AR. 1850 with John & Martha (Goswick) Roy, then both families went into Mo., and then down to Boone Co.AR. where John & Martha (G) Roy remained, and William Powers (missing for 1860), but his family is found in Newton Co.Ar. 1860, and living near William Isaac Goswick and his family.

George W. Goswick is believed to be living with his older brother Thomas Goswick b. 1795 in Union Co.S.C. in 1820.  Thomas was listed as "Gossett" for the 1820 Union Co.S.C. census, but by 1830 he is Goswick again.  Nathan Powers and his family also lived in Union Co.S.C., and it is believed that George W. Goswick traveled from S.C. to Williamson Co.Tn. where Nathaniel Powers is living in 1820 and by 1830 Nathaniel Powers, and George W. Goswick are in Humphreys Co.Tn., and in 1840 both families are in Dickson Co.Tn..

It is stated that George W. Goswick's wife married several times after George died, and that one of the husbands was a "Prince", and the other was named "John McCoy" who lived in Tn.. No proof has been found on re-marriages of Nancy Elizabeth (Powers) Goswick.


Sarah Jane Goswick, sister of James Thomas Goswick.  It has been stated that Sarah Jane Goswick married a Manord/Maynord and that she had two children, a son named "Tom" and a daughter(name unk), and that Sarah Jane had died and these two children were taken in by James Thomas & Martha Anne (Chism) Goswick.  To date, I have not been able to find the census on James Thomas Goswick for the years 1850-60-70, but he does appear in Pope Co.Ar. in 1880.


It has been told by the old timers of our Goswick family that Mary Goswick died at age 14 while wading in some creek, they said she screamed out and James Thomas Goswick ran to her, and she died in his arms.  No one seemed to know why she died so suddenly, but they stated that their grandpa said blood was gushing from Mary's mouth when she died in his arms.

Some of the old timers said that James Thomas Goswick had a brother named "John" who was a lot younger than James T., and that John had run away from home when a young boy and they never saw him again.

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