George Gaswick

Johanna Gjerzvick/John Gaswick

1920 Sheridan Co. Nebraska census "John Goswick"
1910 Sheridan Co. Nebraska "John Jiranek"
1930 Sheridan, Neb.  Mary, Charles & George GARWICK
1930 Cheyenne Nebraska, Lillian GARWICK

1930 Omaha Nebraska, Marian GASWICK

Charles GASWICK born Jun. 17, 1903, died Dec. 1976 Hay Springs, Nebraska

George GASWICK born Sep. 14, 1906 died Sep. 1959 Nebraska
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SS Death Records:
Info Oct.12,2001
George J. Gaswick, Jr. born Jul.28,1934 died Aug.23,2000 (ss applied in Neb")

6/6/1999 6/08/1999      Surname of Gaswick found in England

Information received from: Catherine Kepler

Lillian Elizabeth (Gaswick) Kepler was a sister to Charles and George Gaswick of Hay Springs, Nebraska, and were the children of "Johan (John) Gaswick who came to the US through Ellis Island.  The name GASWICK was given to this family at Ellis Island to replace John's Norwegian name of GJERZVICK.   Thank you Catherine for that info. {kgk}

The SS death records list:
Lillian Kepler born Dec.29,1904 died Nov. 1982 Big Springs, Deuel, Nebraska  (app ss in Nebraska 1960)
Glen Kepler born May 30, 1907 died May 07, 1988 Big Springs, Deuel, Nebraska (app ss in Nebraska 1951)


6/08/1999 New info received:  (view 1920 census)

Johanna Gjerzvick/Gjersvik (John Gaswick) b.n/r   died:ca.1929 Hay Springs, Nebraska
(m) Lead South Dakota
Mary Pesaska  b.n/r  died: ca. 1958 Hay Springs, Nebraska
1. Charles Gaswick b.June 17,1903 (m) Elna (?)
2. Lillian Elizabeth Gaswick b. Dec.29,1904 (m) Glen Kepler
3. George Gaswick b.Sep.14,1906 (m) Doris (?)
4. Marian Gaswick b. 1909 Nebraska d:1987    (m) Dr. Herbert Blackstone of Bridgeport Neb.

1930 ,Marian Gaswick, age 21, student of Nursing Douglas, Omaha, Nebraska. born Nebraska, Father born  Norway , Mother born Bohemia.

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Gaswick surname in England.

1920 Sheridan Co Nebraska, Hays Springs Township, Jan. 3

Household Visit# 158-161
John Goswick age 50 born ca. 1870 Norway, parents born Norway
Mary (wife) age 49 born Bohemia
Charles T. (son) age 16 born Nebraska c. 1904
Lillian E. (dau) age 15 born South Dakota ca. 1905
George (son) age 13 born South Dakota ca. 1907
Mary "Marian"A. (dau) age 11 born South Dakota ca. 1909
Caroline "Piancka"? (sister-in-law) age 53 born Bohemia


1910 Sheridan Co. Nebrasks, Township 35 Hays Springs
household # 183
John Jiranek age 45 (married 17 years) Owns Farm, born Bohemia, "English"
Mary (wife) age 39 born Bohemia
Mary (daughter) age 15 born Nebraska
Joseph (son) age 13 born Nebraska
Charles (son) age 7 born Nebraska ca. 1903
Jerry (son) age 5 born Neb. ca. 1905




Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued Tools Order
BONNIE GASWICK 05 Jan 1937 01 Feb 2005 (V) 69337 (Chadron, Dawes, NE) (none specified) 505-46-9924 Nebraska    
CHARLES GASWICK 17 Jun 1903 Dec 1976 69347 (Hay Springs, Sheridan, NE) (none specified) 506-40-9159 Nebraska    
GEORGE J GASWICK JR 28 Jul 1935 23 Aug 2000 (V) 69347 (Hay Springs, Sheridan, NE) (none specified) 507-48-7698 Nebraska    
ELNA L GASWICK 11 Dec 1916 16 Sep 2005 89134 (Las Vegas, Clark, NV) (none specified) 507-60-1960 Nebraska    
GEORGE GASWICK 14 Sep 1906 Sep 1959 (not specified) (none specified) 508-46-5584 Nebraska    
E D GASWICK 26 Jul 1908 15 Jul 2005 (V) 69347 (Hay Springs, Sheridan, NE) (none specified) 508-54-6455 Nebraska    
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(V)=(Verified) Report verified with a family member or someone acting on behalf of a family member.
(P)=(Proof) Death Certificate Observed.

April 8, 1930 Sheridan, Nebraska, Hay Springs, Dist 12
HH# 25
Mary GARWICK ge 58 (widow) born ca. 1873 Czeck.
Charles L. (son) age 26 born ca. 1904 Nebraska
George G. (son) age 23 born ca. 1907 Nebraska

April 4, 1930 Cheyenne, Nebraska, Dalton Village Dist 21
hh# 31
Lillian GARWICK age 25 (single) born ca. 1905 S.D., Father Norway, Mother Austria
Nurse in home of Stewart and Jesse Nelson.