Goswick Genealogies

by:Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

some of his descendants

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1860GreenCoAr.Christina"Artena"Arnold   1870 GreenCo.Ar.ArtenaArnold   1880ClayCoAr.Artena Arnold  View 1880 John Goswick 
 1870 Logan Co.Ky census findings  1870 Logan Co.Ky George Goswick 1880 Logan Co.Ky & Butler Co.Ky Goswick, Gossett, Anderson death Rec in Logan Co Ky   1900 Logan Co. Ky Goswick's      1900 Hopkins Co.Ky Goswick's
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Corrections on this family. View 1870 Logan Co.Ky census (9/25/2003)

George W. Goswick born ca. 1820 N.C. died Dec. 18, 1873 Madisonville, Ky.Hopkins Co.
(m) ca.
Jane Jennie Lawson(?)  b.ca. 1822(dau of Violet (Goswick)Lawson (?) of N.& S.Carolina
   Possible children and  children found  (According to 1870 census)

1. Bird Goswick/Goswell b.ca. 1839 (m) Mary A.E. Anderson (view Ky marriages)
           (Bird died C/W three children listed)
2. Mary Jane Goswick b.ca. 1845 d: June 9th 1925 (m) James V. Brooks (view Marriages)
4Martha J. Goswick b.ca. 1849 Ga. (m) John H. Anderson )view 1870 and 1880 census)
5. William R. Goswick born Jan. 01, 1851 S.C.(view 1870) (view 1880)died Feb. 14, 1923 Logan Co. Ky (1910  census) viewdeath certificate at bottom of page of William.
6. Vilet (Violet) Goswick b.ca. 1852 Ky? (m)May 23,1865 Logan Co.Ky, Abraham W. Anderson
7. Elizabeth Goswick  b.ca. 1854 Ga.  (view Marriages)
8. John Goswick b. ca. 1856 Ga. (m) Mar. 11, 1883 Mary L. "Mollie" Robertson
9. Thomas Goswick b.ca. 1858 Ky. (m)Tillie/Millie "Matilda"
10. Melvina R. Goswick born Jul. 25, 1860 Ky. died May 09, 1926 Ky. (m)John Calvin Brooks
11. Henry Goswick b.ca. 1865 Ky "Floyd Henry"(m) lst. Christina Arnold, (m) 2nd, 3rd. (view 1880 census)

George Goswick was son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Pruitt) Goswick.

Unknown Goswick's, marriages in Ky and Indiana.

 Violet Goswick born ca. 1866 Ky. (m) Aug.03,1881 Monroe Ind. (Charles P. Rogers) (New Info received) (who was Violet, and where was she in 1870?),

James L. Vance (m) Oct. 14, 1877 Hopkins Co.Ky. Uicy V. Goswick
1880 Hopkins Co. Ky. Courthouse
hh# 116
James Vance age 22 b.ca. 1858 (view 1900 Clay Co.Ar. James L. Vance)
Vicie (wife) age 18 b.ca. 1862
George (son) age 2 b.ca. 1878 Ky.

Since Violet Goswick, and Uicy Vicie Goswick were not in household of George and Jane in 1870 we can assume they are not the children of George and Jane Goswick.

1870, Aug. 19, Logan Co Ky P.O. Rabbitsville, Filmore Prect.
 Image page 9, household # 59 (View 1880 c)
George Goswick age 50 Born S.C. (1820)
Jane age 48 born SC ca. 1822
William age 18 born SC. ca. 1852 (married Arkansas Anderson)
Elizabeth age 16 Born Ga.ca. 1854
John age 14 born Ga. ca. 1856 (m) Mar. 11, 1883 Mary L. "Mollie" Robertson(view 1880 c)
Thomas age 12 born Ky. ca, 1858 married "Tillie"(?)
Malvina age 10 born Ky. 1860
Henry age 6 born Ky. ca. 1864(note: 1880 London, Butler CoKy Dist.106 Is a "Henry Goswick" age 15 born Ky. ca. 1865 Parents born Ga.

George Goswick and his family has not been found on census films for 1860, and were suppose to be in Logan Co.  Ky P.O. Rabbitsville.

George W. Goswick was son Of Thomas Goswick &  his first wife Name unk. .George W. Goswicks wife "Jane" was daughter of Violet   (Goswick) LAWSON and granddaughter of "Joseph", (Joseph,brother of Thomas Goswick).
View Kentucky marriages


1880 Jane Goswick (widow) is living with son William R. Goswick Logan Co.Ky.
1880 Martin and Cynthia Goswick neighbors to William R. Goswick in Logan Co.Ky.

1900 Logan Co.Ky census: William R. Goswick and Martin and Cynthia Goswick are still neighbors.


1910 Logan Co.Ky. census William R. Goswick and neighbor is Robert "Bob" Goswick and family.
1910 Logan Co.Ky census:
Robert E. Goswick age 32 b.ca. 1878 Ky
Mary (wife) age 30 b.ca. 1880 Ky.
Bettie H. age 7 b.  ca. 1903 Ky (dau)
William D. age 2 b.ca. 1908 (son)
Robert B. (no age listed) (son) b.Ky  (View the 1920 Logan Co.Ky.census)1930 Robert B. Goswick was age 20 born Ky, a soldier and stationed at:Fort Davis, Cristobal District, Panama Canal Zone.

William R. Goswick age 59 b.ca.1851 N.C.
Arkansas age 52 born Ky

George W. Goswick was the son of Thomas Goswick born 1795 Franklin Co. N.C.. Thomas Goswick lived in Union Co.S.C. from 1820 until 1849-50, and settled in Paulding Co.Ga. by 1860.  Jane's mother was Violet (Goswick) (?), daughter of Joseph Goswick, Jr. born 1765 Md.. Estate Papers of Union Co.S.C. 1853 Joseph Goswick mentions his daughter "Violet" who's daughter married with Thomas Goswick's son.  Other children mentioned was: Nancy (wife of James Johnson)  Catharine (wife of Aaron Nix), Elizabeth (wife of Stuart Taylor), and Josephus Goswick (all children lived out of state except for son Josephus Goswick).

George W. Goswick was employeed with the Owensboro and Russellville, Kentucky Rail Road, and died in Madisonville, Ky. Hopkins, Co..  His home address was listed as "Rabbitsville" Logan Co.Ky.

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1805-1900  Members of the Padgetts Creek Baptist Church, Union S.C. listed:
Thomas Goswick, Catharine Goswick, Vilet Goswick & Elizabeth Goswick.

1837-1849 Members listed are: (among many others)
Thomas Goswick, Josephus Goswick, George Goswick.

1849-1874 Members listed: (among many others)
Joseph Goswick, Sally Goswick (who died 1866), Catharine Gossett,Nancy Johnson (now Prince).



 William R. Goswick born Jan. 01, 1851 S.C. died  Feb. 15, 1923 Logan Co.Kentucky
(m) June 01,1876 Logan Co.Ky.  (view census findings from top of page)
Arkansas Anderson born Sep. 27, 1857 Ky. died Sep. 05, 1935 Logan Co.Ky.
        children found:
1. Robert Goswick born May 1878 Logan Co.Ky. died after 1913
2. Luetta Estella Goswick born June,08, 1881 Logan Co. Ky. died May 07, 1967 Tn.
3. Lula Bell Goswick born Jul. 04, 1886 Logan Co.Ky. died:Apr. 21, 1980 Logan Co.Ky.

  William R. Goswick was the son of George W. and Jane (?) Goswick of Union S.C. & Logan Co.Ky.   The death date for Arkansas (Anderson) Goswick was supplied by Mable (Harris) Chapman, daughter of Lula Bell (Goswick) Harris.  The death date of William R. Goswick was found in the SS Records as: William GASWICK  died Feb. 15, 1923 Logan Co.Ky age 72. Burial: 15 FEB 1923 Kennerleys Chapel Cemetery-Logan County,Kentucky.

1860 Logan Co.Ky census P.O. Rabbitsville, June 4th.
J. J? Anderson age 26 born Ky.
Susan age 25 born Ky.
Amanda age 4 born Ky.
Kansas age 3 born Ky. ca. 1857

1870 Logan Co.Ky., Aug 22nd. P.O.Dallam Creek, Filmore Prec.
John Kettle age 27 born Ky. (head of househols)
Susan Anderson age 29 born Ky. ca. 1841
Amanda Anderson age 13 born Ky.
Arkansas Anderson age 11 born Ky. ca. 1859 (married William R. Goswick)
Henry Anderson age 7 born Ky.
Betty Anderson age 2 born Ky>

1870 Aug. 24, P.O.Dallams Creek, Filmore Prec. Logan Co.Ky.
Absolm Anderson age 23 born Ky.
Vilet Anderson age 18 born Ky. ca. 1852
George Anderson age 3 born Ky.
Joseph Anderson age 6 months old born Ky.

1870 Logan Co.Ky. Filmore Prec. P.O. Rabbitsville, Aug. 18th
William Gositt age 50 born Tn. ca. 1820
Elizabeth age 44 born Va.
Sarah age 12 born Ky.
Lauella age 7 born Ky.
Bettie age 2 born Ky.
Henry Ashly age 23 born Tn.


Robert Goswick born ca, 1878 Logan Co.Ky. died n/r
Mary Brister
     children listed:

1. Betty Goswick born ca, 1903 Logan Co. Ky.
2. William D. Goswick born 1908 Logan Co.Ky. died Apr. 13, 1912 (age 4 years old)
3. Robert Goswick, Jr. b. ca. 1910 died 1985
4. Hilred Goswick born ca. 1912 Logan Co. Ky. died n/r
5. Mary M.Goswick born  Aug.27,1912 Logan Co.Ky. died Jan. 19, 1913

The information on Robert and Mary Goswick was supplied by one of the descendants of William R. Goswick. Death records of Mary M. Goswick listed her mother as: Mary BRISTER.  In 1920 Robert & Hillred Goswick were living with grandmother: Mrs. Maria Brister in Logan Co.Ky.

Robert Goswick, son of William R. & Arkansas (Anderson) Goswick.  It is stated that Robert and Mary Goswick died while riding in a wagon, and the horses and wagon rolled down a hill bank, killing both Robert & Mary Goswick.

Social Security Death Records: a Robert Goswick born Oct. 31, 1909, died Nov. 1985 Florida. Applied for SS before 1951 in Indiana.


Luetta Estelle Goswick born June, 08, 1881 Logan Co. Ky. died May 07, 1967 Jefferson Co. Tn.(m) Allen Barrow Mansfield born Jan. 10, 1876 Kentucky.  Luetta Estelle (Goswick) Mansfield was the daughter of William R. and Arkansas (Anderson) Goswick of Logan Co. Ky.
(info on this family will be listed later)


Lula Bell Goswick born J7/4/1886 Logan Co.Ky. died:4/21/1980 Logan Co.Ky.
(m) Mar. 11, 1904 Kentucky
James G. Harris born 3/3/1883 Ky. died 10/07/1968 Ky.
Lula Bell Goswick, Harris was the daughter of William R. and Arkansa (Anderson) Goswick.
(information on this family will be listed later)

1930, April 26,  LoganCoKy census Mag Dist4  Sheet 11 B
household# 225-225
James K. Harris age 47 born Ky Father Ky Mother Ky,
Lula B. (wife) age 43 born ca. 1887 , KY Father Ky Mother KY.
Mable L. dau age 21? born Ky
William H., son age 15 born Ky
Gorden E. son age 9 born Ky
Arkansas GOSWICK (mother-in-law) age 73 born
b: 27 SEP 1859 Ky Father Ky Mother Ky.




Elizabeth Goswick  born ca. 1854 S.C. died n/r.
Daughter of George W. & Jane (?) Goswick of Logan Co. Kentucky.


Marriage Records of Dunklin Co. Missouri:
Elizabeth Goswick (married)May 11, 1873 Phelix Mouncs


Jane Goswick born ca, 1844 (m) John Anderson
Jane (Goswick) Anderson, daughter of George W. & Jane (?) Goswick of Logan Co.Ky.



Thomas Goswick b.ca, 1858 Kentucky d:n/r
Tillie or Millie "Matilda"(?)
Thomas Goswick son of George W. and Jane (?) Goswick of Logan Co. Ky.  It is said that Thomas and Tillie/Millie Goswick lived in Clay Co. Arkansas near his brother John Henry Goswick, and then Thomas & Tillie Goswick moved back to Kentucky where Thomas had died, and then Tillie moved up North and re-married.  It is also stated that Thomas and Tillie/Millie Goswick had not children. View Marriage records of Matilda Goswick..view 1900 census of Matilda



Melvina R. Goswick born Jul. 25, 1860 Ky. died May 09, 1926 Logan Co.Ky.
(m) Feb. 20, 1877 Logan Co. Ky.
John Calvin Brooks born Nov. 02, 1854 died Mar. 20, 1934 Ky.
1. John Burton Brooks born Jan.07,1879 Ky. (married) Gertrude Smith
2. Charlie Brooks born Oct.22,1880 Ky. (m) Eva Whitecarver
3. Betty Jane Brooks born Sep. 08,1882 Ky.(married) Amber Chapman
4. Ada Florence Brooks born Feb.11,1886 Ky.(married) Virgil Oscar Wilson
5. Thomas Wilson Brooks born Aug.08,1891 Ky.(married) Cora ann Williams
6. Lula Maude Brooks born Feb.14,1895 Ky. died: Oct.10,1896 Ky.
7. Jennie Mae Brooks born Jan.19,1899 Ky. (married) Roy Wilson

Melvina R. (Goswick) Brooks, daughter of George W. and Jane (?) Goswick of Logan Co. Ky.  (this family will be listed later)



Henry  Goswick born ca. 1865 Ky. died n/r (Desc was not sure what fathers name was)
(m) lst. ca. 1884  (m) 2nd. Aug.08,1893 Ar.
lst. Christina "Artena""Tina" Arnold born Oct. 08, 1855 Ar. d: before 1893 ( 1860  70  80 c)
2nd. Mrs. Sidney (Gilliam) Holifield born 1856 died ca, 1896 Ar.
    children by lst, wife
1. Lue V. Goswick born March 11, 1885 Boydsville, Ar. Clay Co. (mx4)Norris,Scarbrough,Canfield,Wood
2. Sula Goswick born Nov. 11, 1887 Boydsville, AR. Clay Co. (m) Phillips (Sula 1900 c)
3. Beulah Goswick born Nov. 12,1889  Boydsville, Ar. Clay Co. (mx2)Walls, Riggs
    children by 2nd wife

4. Floyd Henry Goswick born April, 1894 Pollard, Ar. Clay Co.(mx4) Flora Ezell, Rose(?),Elsie Nearn, Beulah (?) (view Henry H. Goswick 1900 census)  Henry's son Elton Goswick said his father Floyd Henry Goswick was raised by a "Houseman" family in Ar..

Henry (Possibly Floyd Henry, Sr. Goswick, son of George W. & Jane (?) Goswick of Logan Co. Kentucky.  It has been said that after Mrs. Sidney Gilliam Holifield, Goswick died, then Mr  Goswick placed the 4 children in foster homes, saying that he would return for the children as soon as possible.  These children never saw the father again, and was told that he had died about the year 1897 or 1898. New info found: Floid Goswick married Oct. 7, 1933 Poinsett Co Ar. Luella Payne  Cert # 20353 Volume # 0001

Jennie Mae Brooks, born Jan. 19, 1899 Logan Co.Ky., said that she was about 6 or 7 years old (abt the year 1905) when her Uncle John Goswick left Logan Co. Kentucky in a wagon with his two little boys, and said he was moving to Oregon.  Jennie also stated that Martin Goswick who lived near her family in Logan Co. Kentucky was her mother "Melvina's" Uncle.  The 1900 and 1910 Logan Co. Kentucky census shows Martin and Cynthia Goswick, also William and Arkansas (Anderson) Goswick.  Cynthia Goswick was a 2nd cousin to Martin, and was his 2nd wife.  All of Martin Goswicks children are by his first wife.

The 1900 Louisville Kentucky census listed a John Goswick (census has not been checked)

There have been two Goswick's found in Oregon.  A George Goswick born Apr. 15, 1883 died Nov. 1963 and Thomas Goswick born Dec. 08, 1886 died Feb. 1969 Ashland, Oregon.



Floyd Henry Goswick b. 4/05/1894 Clay Co.Ar. died: 11/05/1961 New Hope, Michigan
(m)lst. Flora Etta Ezell born 8/05/1898 Kennett,Mo. died: 7/17/1978 Michigan
(m)2nd.1931Green Co.Ar.  Rosa Potter b&d n/r (book 022 page 0554 Green Co.AR. marriages)
 (m) 3 rd Floid Goswick married Oct. 7, 1933 Poinsett Co Ar. Luella Payne  Cert # 20353 Volume # 0001
(m)4th  Elsie Murlene Nearn b&d n/r
(m)5th. Beulah (?) b&d n/r
       children by lst.marriage
1. Jewell Oneta Bell born 1/12/1917 Octie, Mo. (m) (?) Stock
2. Alma Gene born 8/25/1918 Octie, Mo. (go to death notice)
3. Elton Loy born Dec.27,1919 Pollard, AR. (m) Eleanor Myrtle Mast (Elton's daughter "Ellen")
4. Naomi born 7/24/1922 Kennett, Mo. (m) William A. Blair 11

Floyd Henry Goswick was son of  Henry and Sidney (Gilliam-Holifield) Goswick.  1920 Clay Co.AR. finds Floyd Henry Goswick and children.

1930 Pemiscot Co.Mo Little River dist 21 Image page 26
Floyd Goswick age 30 b.ca. 1900  Ar. Ar. Ar
Adell(wife) age 23 Tn Tn Tn

Violet Goswick born ca. 1852 Logan Co.Ky. died n/r
It is said that Violet Goswick married Abe Anderson, brother of John Anderson who married Violets sister Jane Goswick.  It seems that the brother William R. Goswick also  married Arkansas Anderson, who may have been a sister to John and Abe Anderson.

Marriage records found:
Violet  Eva Goswick married Aug. 03, 1881 Monroe Indiana, Charles P. Rogers
         children listed:
1. Sophia Mae Rogers born Dec.20,1886 Bloomington, Ind. Monore Co.
2. Jennie Louise Rogers born Dec.14,1889 Bloomington, Ind.
3. Theodore Gibbs Rogers born May.12,1892 Bloomington, Ind.
4. Helen Rogers born Jan.21,1895 Bloomington, Ind.
5. Clyde Rogers born Nov. 08,1901 Bloomington, Ind.
(view 1880 census on Eva Goswick) (view 1900 census for Eva Rogers)

(more family information will follow on these families).
Monroe, Indiana death records:
Violet E. Rogers died June 5,1918 age 61..born ca, 1857
  New Information received from Steve.
My wife is a great granddaughter of Charles P. Rogers and Violet Eva Goswick. The family story goes she and her 2 brothers were orphans. Parents died in the Civil War. I have Eva's obit, it mentions brother John Goswick in Rock Island IL. there is a James Goswick of  Martin County, Indiana, he also died there.Interesting info you have on the Goswick. Eva's death certificate gives John Goswick as father and I think it is blank for her mother.  I welcome comments.
Steve Burton

Since Eva's death certificate list "John Goswick" as her father, then the Violet Eva Goswick that married Charles P. Rogers in Indiana would not be the daughter "Violet" of George W. & Jane Goswick of Logan Co.Ky. {kgk}





Thomas Wilson Brooks born 8/8/1891 Ky. died 11/22/1972 Ky.
Married: 7/25/1914 Inso, Ky. Logan Co.
Cora Ann Williams born 6/1/1896 Ky. died 7/16/1986 Ky.
1. Rupert Russell Brooks born 5/13/1915 Ky.(married) Maggie Pearl Lyons
2. Gladys Marie Brooks born 2/05/1917 Ky. (married) Earl Marshall
3. William Clifford Brooks born 10/09/1918 Ky (married) Mary Elsie Alllen
4. Naomi Norene Brooks born 3/02/1924 Ky. (married) Harry Clayton Johnson
5. George Calvin Brooks born 12/02/1927 Ky (married) Bertha L. Branson
6. Frances Melvina Brooks born 11/24/1934 Ky.(married) Norbert Albert Kauderski

This family will be updated as time permits.

  1880 Logan Co.Ky Ed 172 Filmore Township
hh# 196
Martin Goswick age 45 born SC Parents born N.C.
Cynthia (wife) age 30 born Ga. Parents born SC
(Martin was son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Pruitt) Goswick, and Cynthia was dau of Thomas and Lucinda (Conaway) Goswick.


hh# 198 (1880 Logan Co.Ky Filmore twp.)
Jno H. Anderson age 38 Ky kY  NC
Martha J. age 30 GA. NC NC b.ca. 1850
Amanda age 14 Ky Ky Ga. 1866
Mary age 12 Ky Ky Ga
George A. age 8 Ky Ky Ga
Monroe age 6 Ky Ky Ga
Hugh age 4 ky ky ga
Nettie age 2 ky ky ga

1880 Logan Co.Ky Filmore twp.
hh# 200
William Goswick age 26 born Ga. Parents NC
Kansas (wife) age 25 born Ky Parents born KY
Robert age 3 born Ky
Jane (mother) age 60 born NC parents born NC


1880 Butler co. Ky Dist 106 P.O. Londons
Henry Goswick age 15 born Ky ca. 1865 Parents born Ga.


1900 Clay Co.Ar. Dist 2 Bradshaw Township
hh# 143
Alonzo Bodenhofer age 36 born ca. 1864 Iowa, Father Iowa Mother Iowa
Matilda (wife) age 26 b. ca. 1874  (view Arkansas Marriages)
George A. (father) age 57 b. ca. 1843
Sula GOSWICK age 13 born Ar. Father Ky Mother Ar.(married Clem Phillips)
Sula Goswick was dau of Floyd Henry and Christina (Arnold) Goswick


1900 Clay Co.Ar. Johnson Township Dist 7
James L. Vance March 1857 age 43 Ky Tn. Ky  (view Kentucky marriages)
Armenta N. June 1855 age 47 Tn. Tn. Ky
John H. son May 1882 Mo. Ky Ky
Mary J. dau June 1873 age 16 Ar.
Delbert son Mar 1887 age 13 Ar.
Willis son Aug. 1891 age 8 Ar.
Perlie dau Aug. 1894 age 6 Ar.
Lue GOSWICK (boarder) Nov. 1884 age 15 Ar. Ky. Ar.
Lue Goswick was dau of Floyd Henry and Chritina (Arnold) Goswick.


1900 Clay Co.Ar. Pollard Township Dist. 10
John W. Houseman March 1871 age 29 Ar.
Henry H. GOSWICK age 6 Apr. 1894 Ar.
Wiley Unlegable 1874
Martha L. (Mother) Oct 1840 age 59 Tn. NC Ky
Henry H. Goswick was 1/2 brother to Lue and Sula Goswick.




1880 Hopkins Co.Ky Dist 192   (view 1860 J.V.Brooks)
James V.Brooks age 48 Ky Parents Ky
Mary age 37  b.ca. 1843 Ky parents Ky
Belle age 12 Ky Father Va. Mother Ky b.ca. 1868
Lulla age 11 Ky Father Va. Mother Ky b.ca. 1869
Eudora age 7 born Ky Father Va. Mother KY b.ca.1873
Wm. L age 5 Ky. Father Va. Mother KY  b.ca. 1875
Infant age 8 months born Ky Father Va. Mother Ky. b.ca.1880
John GOSWICK age 24 b.ca. 1856 Ga. Parents Ga. (view 1900 census for John Goswick)

1880 Hopkins Co.Ky hh# 116  (view 1870 c of Vicy)
James Vance age 22 b.ca. 1858 Ky>
Vicie (wife) age 18 b.ca. 1862 Ky
George (son) age 2 b.ca. 1879

1860 Logan Co Ky Dist. 1 P.O. Rabbitsville   (view 1870 James Brooks)
hh# 52
J.V. Brooks age 27 born Ky ca. 1833
Margaret age 24 born Ky ca. 1836   (appears to be lst wife).
(Many Anderson families were nearby)

1870 Logan Co. Ky. Fillmore Twp. P.O. Rabbittsville  (view 1880 James Brooks)
James Brooks age 35 born Ky ca. 1835
Mary age 25 b. ca. 1845 Ky   (Mary appears to be 2nd wife of James V. Brooks)
Relia (female) age 11 b.ca. 1859 Ky (possibly dau of J.V. & Margaret)
Visy (female) age 9 b.ca. 1861 Ky  (possibly dau of J.V. and Margaret) (view 1880 c of Vicey)
Bell age 2 born ca. 1868 Ky
Isabella age 6 months old. b.ca. 1869/70
Owen Brooks age 50 b. Ky  b.ca. 1820 (possibly a brother to James V.)


1860 Green Co.Ar. Bradshaw Twp. P.O. Chalk Bluff  (view 1870 census)
J.L. Arnols age 33 born Tn. ca. 1826
Emily age 32 born Tn. ca, 1827
F.C. (female) age 7 born Tn. ca. 1852
Artena (female) age 5 born Tn. ca. 1855
A.C. (female) age 1 born Ar. ca. 1858

1870 Green Co. Ar. Bradshaw Twp. P.O. Loyal Hill (view 1880 census)
James L. Arnold age 42 Ky (farmer)
Emily age 42 Tn.
Francis C. (fe) age 17 born Tn. ca. 1853
Artena (fe) age 14 born Tn. ca. 1856
James H. age 3 born Ar. ca. 1867
John Dools age 20 (farm laborer)

1880 Clay Co. Ar. P.O. Chalk Bluff
James L. Arnold age 52 born Tn. Parents born Tn. (widower)
Artenia (daughter) age 25 born Tn. ca. 1855
James A. (son) age 13 born Ar. ca. 1867
Note: Artenia is Christina "Tina" Arnold who married Henry Goswick.

1910 Manatee Co.Florida, Venice Dist 92 (view 1920 and 30 census below)
Clem Phillips age 29 born Canada Parents born Scotland
Sula (wife) age 22 born Ar. parents born Unknown
Agnes (daughter) age 3 born Florida, Father Canada, mother Ar.

1920 Manatee Co.Fla. Venice Twp.
Clem Phillips age 39 born  Canada
Sula (wife) age 32 born Ar.  (died between 1920 and 1930)
Agnes J. (dau) age 13 born Florida (married Samuel S. Shaw)(a son "Theodore Franklin Shaw"
Mildred (dau) age 9 born Fla.
Verna (dau) age 2 born Florida

NOTE: Theodore Franklin Shaw was sold into adoption by Georgia Tann in Memphis, Tn. HIs mother was pregnant with a 2nd child and had been visiting her Aunts in Arkansas and Missouri and was on her way back to Florida when she went into labor in Memphis Tn., and wound up in Georgia Tann's home for unwed mothers.  Agnes died 5 days after giving birth to a baby boy on Nov.1, who Georgia Tann told family members that the baby boy had also died, and that she did not know where Theodore "Teddy: F. Shaw was.  Theodore was only 19 months old when Georgia Tann sold him to William Duncan of Inverness, Ms, and was renamed: Robert Francis "Bobby"Duncan.

1930 Sarasota, Florida
Clem Philips age 47 born Canada (married 2 years)
Aggie (wife) age 37 SC. (married 2 years)
Verna (dau) age 14 born Fla. Father Canada, Mother Ar.
Arnold (son) age 8 born Fla. Father Canada, Mother Ar.



Aug 22, 1870 Logan co.Ky Fillmore twp Image page 17
hh# 112
John Anderson age 29 Ky
Martha age 20 Ga. b.ca. 1850
Amanda age 4 Ky
Mary age 2 Ky



Aug. 24,1870 Logan Co.Ky  Filmore twp. P.O. Dallums Creek Image page 19
hh# 120
Abraham Anderson age 23 Ky b.ca. 1847
Vilet age 18 Ky b.ca.  1852
George age 3 Ky b.ca.  1867
Joseph 6 months old Ky 1870
hh# 127
William Anderson age 46 Ky .ca. 1824
John W. age 22 Ky b.ca. 1848



June 29, 1900, Logan Co. Ky Lewisburg twp, Dist 49, image page 26
hh# 269
Martin Goswick born Jan 1840 SC age 60 Father Va. mother Va.
Cynthia (wife) born Nov. 1850 Ga.age 50  Father NC, Mother Ga. (married 22 years)?
June 26, 1900, Logan Co. Ky, Lewisburg twp, dist 48, Image page 28 & 29
hh# 289
William Goswick b.June 1851 Age 49 SC SC SC
Arkansas (wife) b. Sep 1858 age 41 Ky Ky Ky
Estell B. (boarder) Jul? 1892 age 8 Ky Ky Ky
Bob (son) May 1877 age 23 Ky Ky Ky (single)
Lulie (daughter) Jan 1886 age 14 (single) Ky Ky Ky (married James G. Harris)



July 5, 1900, Hopkins Co.Ky. Kitchen twp, Dist 73, Image page 47
hh# 463
John F. Goswick May 1856 age 44, b. ga. Ga Ga
Mollie (wife) Jan 1865, age 35 Ky Ky Ky (4 ch 4 liv)
George W. (son) Apr. 1883 age 17, Ky Ky Ky
Jennie (dau) Oct. 1884 age 15 Ky Ga. Ky
Thomas (son) Dec. 1886 age 13 Ar. Ga. Ky
John H. (son) Apr. 1889 age 11 Ky Ga. Ky


April 20, 1910 Logan Co.Ky, Lewisburg twp, dist 54, Image page 10
hh# 100
William R. Goswick  age59  b.ca. 1851 NC NC NC (view 1920 census of William and Arkansas)
Arkansas (wife) age 52 Ky Ky Ky
(3 ch 3 living)
April 26, 1910 Logan Co.Ky Lewisburg twp, dist 54 Image page 15
hh# 151
James G. Harris age 27 Ky Ky Ky
Lou age 23 Ky b.ca. 1887
Clem age 5 Ky Ky Ky
Clifton age 2 Ky Ky Ky
Mabel age 2 months Ky Ky Ky
hh# 163
Robert E?. Goswick age 32 Ky ? Ky b.ca. 1878 (view 1920 census) (also see)
Mary G. age 30 Ky Ohio Ky
Bettie H. age 7 Ky Ky Ky
William D age 2 Ky KyKy
Robert B. age 5 months Ky Ky Ky b.ca. 1909



April 26, 1930 Logan Co.Ky Lewisburg Twp dist 14, image page 22
hh# 235
James K? Harris age 47 Ky ky ky
Lula B age 43 Ky US Ky
Mabel L age 20 Ky kyky
William H. age 15
Gorden E. age 9 Ky
Arkansas Goswick (mother in law) age 73 Ky Ky Ky



Name: Robert B Goswick
Age: 20
Estimated birth year: abt 1910
Birthplace: Kentucky
Relation to head-of-house: Soldier
Race: White
Home in 1930: Fort Davis, Cristobal District, Panama Canal Zone
Family and neighbors: View Results
Occupation: View Image
Education: View Image
Military service: View Image
Rent/home value: View Image


The death certificate of William Goswick shows his father as George Goswick, and his mother as Jennie Lawson. both of SC..Williams wife Arkansas Anderson furnished info for death certificate.


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