Goswick Genealogy

Birth & Death Records
from Social Security Records

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GOSSICK birth & deaths:(total 27 listed on SS Records)

Frances Gossick b.ca.1879 Jul.09,1967 Youngstown,Ohio
  This death found in Ohio records and not on ss.  Frances age 88 at time of death in 1967.
Esther Gossick Noc.11,1885 Apr.1979 N.Hollywood,Ca. no location Ca. 1961

Paul Gossick Sep.16,1898 Sep. 1973 Tucson,Az. no location Mi. bef.1951
Isabelle Gossick May 11,1899 May 1984 Chicago,Ill. no location Ill. bet.1958/59

Andrew Gossick Oct.05,1900 Feb.1984 Northampton,Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951

William Gossick Oct.13,1902 Feb.1972 Chicago,Ill. no location Ill. bef.1951

Mary Gossick Dec. 18,1903 Aug.19,1992 Hazleton,Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951

Irving Gossick Feb.25,1904 Sep.1979 Omaha, Neb. Omaha,Neb. Neb. 1951
Mary Gossick Nov.14,1904 Mar.1977 Youngstown,Oh. Youngstown,Oh. Ohio.bef.1951

Sam Gossick Sep.17,1905 Dec.31,1991 Los Angeles,Ca. no location Ca. bef.1951

John Gossick May 12,1906 Nov.1979 Northampton,Pa. Catasauqua,Pa. Pa. bef.1951

Edward Gossick Jun.20,1907 Oct.1986 McDonald,Oh. no location Ohio Bef.1951
Hymie Gossick Sep.20,1907 Aug.14,1988 SanFernando,Ca. no location Neb.bef.1951

Alta Gossick Aug.06,1908 Jan.1986 no location no location Mi. bef.1951
Felix Gossick Nov.08,1908 Sep.17,1988 McDonald,Ohio no location Ohio bef.1951
Paul Gossick Jun.02,1908 Jul.1983 no location no location Pa. bef.1951

Pauline Gossick Jul.04,1909 Feb.1973 Northampton,Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951

Stella Gossick Apr.10,1911 Jum.26,1992 Hubbard,Ohio no location Ohio bef.1951

William Gossick Jun.19,1913 Aug.1979 Rensselaer,N.Y. Rensselaer,N.Y N.Y. bef.1951

Ben Gossick May 06,1914 Nov.1977 no location no location Mn. bef.1951
Sophia Gossick Dec.14,1914 Sep.1984 no location McDonald,Ohio Ohio bet.1953/5

Harriet Gossick Mar.26,1917 Jun.15,1994 San Fernando,Ca. no location Nebraska bef.1951

Marjorie Gossick Apr.16,1921 May 1975 no location no location Mi. bef.1951

Max Gossick Aug.11,1927 Apr.09,1994 Meadville,Mo. no location Iowa bef.1951

Delores Gossick Jun.30,1932 Jan.15,1995 Hubbard,Ohio no location Ohio 1973
Pauline Gossick Jun.18,1932 Nov.05,1991 no location no location Pa. bef.1951

Rita Kay Gossick born ca. 1933  died Jul.16,1965 (age 33) Hubbard, Ohio.  (not on ss, but in Ohio records)
Joseph Gossick Mar.05,1943 Jul.10,1993 Hazleton,Pa. no location Pa. bet.1958/60

Stephanie Gossick Sep.05,1951 Sep.15,1995 Prescott,Az. no location Ca. 1968