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by:Kay (Goswick) Kennemore

I have listed these b&d from oldest born
and not in alphabetical order.
You will also find some earlier deats listed that was not on the ss death records, also in  Logan Co.Ky.

Many of us have wondered "who did this person belong to, and how are they related" so you will find from time to time that you will be able to click on that persons name and take them to their family lineage.  This will take some consisderable time as there are more families from my two GOSWICK family books to be added.  As the family information is added  more names will be hi-lited so you can click to that family.  You will also be able to click from the GOSET and GOSSETT surnames that descend from the GOSWICK family (those found with proof).{kgk}

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1951-1960   1961-1973


name born died residence last benefits issued

MaggieGoswick June.25,1879 Mar.15,1968 Tyler,Tx. no location Texas 1965

Rose Goswick Jul.04,1880 Jun.1968 Col.Beach,Il. no location Illinois bef.1951

George Goswick Apr.15,1883 Nov.1963 no location given no location Oregon bef.1951
Nellie Goswick Mar.06,1883 May 15,1967 Atkins,Arkansas no location Ark. 1965
Vada Goswick Apr.01,1883 Jul.15,1971 Rome,Georgia no location Georgia 1965

Roxie Goswick Nov.08,1886 Oct. 1969 Chatsworth,Ga. no location Georgia 1966
Thomas Goswick Dec.08,1886 Feb.1969 Ashland,Oregon no location Oregon 1965

Louise Goswick Oct.30,1887 Dec.15,1972 CampVerde,Az. no location Arizona 1965
Sally Goswick May 26,1887 Jun.1979 Sylacauga,Ala. no location Alabama 1965

Giles Goswick Dec.24,1888 Dec.1975 Humboldt,Az. no location Arizona 1954
Melvina Goswick Aug.27,1888 Feb.1983 Williamsburg,Va. no location Virginia 1973
Moses Goswick Jul.23,1888 Dec.1951 no location no location Texas bef.1951

Mary Goswick Jul.03,1890 Nov. 1978 SulphurSpringsTx no location Texas 1966
Pattie Goswick May 03,1890 Mar.1975 Raleigh,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Thomas Goswick Jan.07,1890 Oct.1963 no location no location Okla.bef.1951

Henry Goswick Dec.29,1891 May 1971 Franklinton,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951

Ross Goswick Jan.30,1892 May 1983 Elk River,Mn. no location Mn. bef.1951
Sam Goswick Apr.28,1892 Jun.1964 no location no location Alabama bef.1951

Agnes Goswick Sep.14,1893 Mar.1985 Bryan,Tx. no location N.C.bef.1951
Grace Goswick Feb.15,1893 Mar.22,1989 Birmingham,Ala. no location Alabama 1973
John Goswick Apr.15,1893 Aug.1970 ValleyCenter,Ca. no location Cal.1955

Hexey Goswick Aug.25,1894 Jan.1987 Franklinton,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Olga Goswick Nov.09,1894 Jun.1972 KlamathFalls,Or. no location So.Dak.bef.1951
Sam Goswick May 08,1894 Jun.1970 Dalton.Ga. no location Georgia bef.1951

Charles Goswick Mar.08,1895 Apr.1968 Wilmington,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Emmett Goswick Nov.03,1895 Oct.1976 Richmond,Va. no location Va. bef.1951
Jess Goswick May 5,1895 Aug.1979 Youngwood, Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951
Marcus Goswick Jun.27,1895 Feb.1964 no location no location Texas bef.1951
Roy Goswick Apr.13,1895 Oct.1982 Scottsdale,Pa. no location Penn.bef.1951

Amy Goswick Nov.05,1896 Jul.1986 no location no location Penn. 1973
Arthur Goswick Apr.09,1896 Mar.1969 Williamsburg,Va. no location N.C. bef.1951
Edgar Goswick Feb.10,1896 Jan.25,1997 Springfield,Mo. Springfield,Mo. Railroad Ret.
Fred Goswick May 19,1896 Oct.1973 Snyder,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Merl Goswick Aug.30,1896 Dec.1987 no location no location Arizona 1961
Oliver Goswick Nov.15,1896 Jul.1980 Dallas,Tx. no location Texas 1952

Henry Goswick Apr.04,1897 Dec.1972 Haw River,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Leaborn Goswick Sep.1897 Jun.1980 Amarillo,Tx. Amarillo,Tx. Calif.bef.1951
William Goswick Jun.03,1897 May.1987 Dawsonville,Ga. no location Georgia bef.1951

Beulah Goswick Mar.01,1898 Jun.1972 Pollard, AR. no location Michigan1960/1
James Goswick Feb.11,1898 Aug.1968 Modesto,Ca. Modesto,Ca. Okla.bef.1951
Lillie Goswick Feb.27,1898 May 1975 Williamsburg,Va. no location Virginia bef.1951
Lula Goswick May 5,1898 Aug.1976 Rich Square,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951

Carl Goswick May 10,1899 Jun.1982 Durham,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
George Goswick Jul.05,1899 Sep.1979 Cummings,Ga. no location Ga .bet.1951/2
Marshall Goswick Jun.21,1899 Jan.09,1989 Charles City,Ia. no location Colo.bef.1951
William Goswick Jun.16,1899 Feb.1982 DeBerry,Tx. no locaton Texas bef.1951
Charles Goswick,Sr. Jun.07,1899 Nov.1965 no location no location Illinois bef 1951

 social security death records

Anna Goswick Jun.15,1900 Nov.11,1994 Scottdale,Pa. no location Pa. 1973
Carma Goswick Jul.07,1900 Jul.1973 Haw River,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Ewell Goswick Jun.28,1900 Jan.1973 Corsicana,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Grace Goswick Oct.14,1900 Aug.1987 Escondido,Ca. no location Calif.1973
Moses Goswick Mar.19,1900 Mar.1968 Birmingham,Ala. no location Ala. bef.1951
Moses Goswick Aug.23,1900 Mar.1988 Chatsworth,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951

Florence Goswick Aug.14,1901 Nov.16,1994 Mexia,Tx. no location Texas 1973
John Goswick Dec.19,1901 Oct.1980 Franklinton,N.C. no location N.C. 1951
Milton Goswick Jul.06,1901 Dec.1973 Tyler,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951

Anne Goswick Jun.30,1902 Nov.1973 Tyler,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
F. Goswick Apr.14,1902 Jun.1973 Coolidge,Az. no location Okla.bef.1951
J. Goswick Nov.18,1902 Oct.1970 Dalton,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Margaret Goswick Apr.15,1902 Nov.1974 Wellington,Tx. no location Calif. bef.1951
Winnie Goswick Jan.10,1902 Jun. 1993 Dalton, Ga. no location Georgia bef.1951

Agnes Goswick Mar.23,1903 Aug.15,1989 Galveston, Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Cora Goswick Sep.25,1903 Feb.1,1988 Weleetka,Ok. no location Okla. 1968
Dewitt Goswick Jul.21,1903 Mar.04,1998 Birmingham,Ala. no location Alabama bef.1951
Marion Goswick Jan.19,1903 Jun.1987 no location no location Missouri bef.1951

Charles GASWICK Jun.17,1903 Dec.1976 Hay Springs,Neb. no location Neb.1952
Audrey Goswick Jun.30,1904 Apr.04,1998 Amarillo,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Robert Goswick Apr.04,1904 Mar.1978 WakeForest,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Viola Goswick Jun.12,1904 Aug.22,1996 Chatsworth,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951

Bessie Goswick Mar.20,1905 May 1965 no location no location Ga. bef.1951
Henry Goswick Jun 05,1905 Jun.1970 Miami, Fla. no location Florida bef.1951
Horace Goswick Nov.16,1905 Nov.1981 Ring Gold, Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Stella Goswick Apr.14,1905 Feb.1985 no location no location Missouri 1967

Gene Goswick Aug.05,1906 Oct.1961 no location no location Ga. bef. 1951
Goldie Goswick Nov.21,1906 Mar.1986 Springfield,Mo. Springfield,Mo. Mo. bef.1951
Harry Goswick May 22,1906 Jun.1974 WinstonSalemNC no location N.C. 1962
Jack Goswick Feb.11,1906 Apr.1978 Snyder,Tx. Snyder,Tx. Tex. bef.1951
Jewell Goswick Sep.o3,1906 Feb.1981 Richardson, Tx. Dallas,Tx. Texas bef.1951
Mildred Goswick May 27,1906 Nov.1991 Wilmington,N.C. no location N.Y. bef.1951

George GASWICK Sep.14,1906 Sep.1959 no location no location Neb.1955
Clarence Goswick Feb.26,1907 Jan.25,1998 Joplin, Mo. no location Mo. bef.1951
George Goswick Oct.17,1907 Oct.1961 no location no location Ala.bef.1951
James Goswick Jul.05,1907 Apr.1968 Dallas, Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
June Goswick Jun.22,1907 Jun.1981 Cummings,Ga. Dawsonville,Ga. Ga. 1960

Ada Goswick Jun.23,1908 Feb.1980 RingGold,Ga. Dalton.Ga. Ga. bef.1951
Annette Goswick May 25,1908 Jan.10,1995 Milwaukee,Wi. no location Wisc.bef.1951
Delsie Goswick Jun.18,1908 Feb.1975 Alpharetta,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Dorothy Goswick Apr.23,1908 Mar.1976 CoalValley,Ill. no locaton Ill.bef.1951
Ethel Goswick Nov.27,1908 Sep.30,1990 no location no location Pa. 1963
Frank Goswick Jan.29,1908 Jan.1973 Connellsville,Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951
Fred Goswick Nov.21,1908 Jan.06,1989 no location no location Ga. bef.1951
Raney Goswick Sep.23,1908 Aug.1978 Chatsworth,Ga. Chatsworth,Ga. Ga. 1961
Taft Goswick Aug.19,1908 Feb.1973 Sylacauga,Ala. no location Ala. bef.1951

Hosie Goswick Nov.27,1909 May 1960 no location no location Mo. bef.1951
Lizzie Goswick Jan.18,1909 May 21,1989 Florence,Az. no location Az. 1954
Robert Goswick Oct.31,1909 Nov.1984 Thonotosassa,Fl. Thonotosassa,Fl. Indiana bef.1951
Susie Goswick May 29,1909 Jul.1977 Webb City,Mo. no location Mo. bef.1951
Walter Goswick Jun.17,1909 Nov.1976 Alpharetta,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Zona Goswick Aug.21,1909 Jan.1985 ChasCity,Iowa no location Iowa bet.1959/60

Emily Goswick Jun.09,1910 Nov.1981 Albuq.N.M. Albuq.N.M. Ms.bef.1951
Fern Goswick Aug.16,1910 Apr.26,1997 GrandJunct.Co. no location Calif.bef.1951
Troy Goswick May 11,1910 Jun.1969 Chatsworth,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951

ss death records

Claudia Goswick Apr.07,1911 Jan.01,1991 Sylacauga,Ala. no location Ala. 1956
Louise Goswick Jun.12,1911 Nov.1983 Burlington,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Miller Goswick Oct.03,1911 Jun.1971 no location no location Ga. bef.1951

Ruper Goswick Aug.16,1912 Mar.1975 no location no location Ga. bef.1951
Thelma Goswick Mar.09,1912 Nov.18,1997 Calhoun,Ga. no location Ga. bet.1951/2
Tommie Goswick Nov.23,1912 Mar.1985 Winston S.N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951

Henry Goswick May 09,1913 Jan.1975 Castalia,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Johnnie Goswick Aug.02,1913 May 1971 Webb City,Mo. no location Mo. bef.1951

Ervil Goswick Dec.23,1914 Dec.12,1995 Parrish,Ala. no location Ala. bef.1951
Ethel Goswick Jun.13,1914 Jan.24,1995 Dalton,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Eula Goswick Feb.24,1914 Apr.21,1984 Thonotosassa,Fl. no location Fla.bef.1951
Floyd Goswick Feb.16,1914 Jun 1985 Chatsworth,Ga. Chatsworth,Ga. Ga. bef.1951
Marion Goswick Feb.24,1914 Nov.1971 no location no location Calif.bef.1951
Vergil Goswick Nov..07,1914 Jan.29,1974 no location no location Texas bef.1951
Willie Goswick Jul.18,1914 Jan.30,1998 no location no location Ark.bef.1951

Edward Goswick Feb.09,1915 Jun.1986 Richmond,Va. no location Va. bef.1951
Gladys Goswick Dec.09,1915 Jun.1987 Neosho, Mo. no location Mo. 1966
Maurice Goswick Mar.25,1915 Apr.1970 Rome,Ga. no location Ala. bef.1951
Robert Goswick Sep.10,1915 Apr. 1983 Castalia,N.C. Castalia,N.C. N.C. bef.1951

Corinne Goswick May 30,1916 Dec.1993 Broadway,N.C. no location N.Y. bef.1951
Lois Goswick Sep.02,1916 Jul.1966 Rome,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951

Dorothy Goswick Jul.13,1917 Jul.24,1994 Monahans,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Emmett Goswick May 24,1917 Dec.12,1994 Beltsville, Md. no location Virginia bef.1951
Frances Goswick Oct.05,1917 Apr.1971 Eastland,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
M. Goswick Dec.17,1917 May 1970 no location no location Texas bef.1951

Ganal Goswick Jun.13,1918 May 1993 Snyder,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Lloyd Goswick Apr.13,1918 Aug.09,1996 Lavaca,Ark. no location Mo. bef.1951
Jack Goswick,Sr. Sep.06,1918 May 10,1995 Eugene, Oregon no location Calif.bef.1951

Frank Goswick Jan.20,1919 Jul. 1975 Billings,Montana no location Calif.bef.1951
George Goswick Jun.08,1919 Apr.09,1997 no location no location Az. bef.1951
Gordon Goswick Jan.25,1919 Dec. 1983 Williamsburg,Va. no location N.C. bef.1951
Harry Goswick Oct.01,1919 Oct.20,1988 Youngwood,Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951
James Goswick May 14,1919 Feb.1977 Sylacauga,Ala. no location Ala.bef.1951
Margaret Goswick Jul.25,1919 Sep.1985 Dalton, Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Ross Goswick Jul.23,1919 May 1993 Denver,Colorado no location Minn.bef.1951

Bruce Goswick Jun.04,1920 Oct.1988 SunCity, Fla. no location Ohio bef.1951
Norman Goswick Nov.23,1920 Mar.03,1990 Escondido,Ca. no location Cal.1952
Raymond Goswick Nov.18,1920 Mar.1982 no location Dalton,Ga. Ga. bef.1951
Raynalda Goswick Oct.01,1920 Mar.1975 Saltillo, Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Roy Goswick Jan.16,1920 Apr.1986 Connellsville,Pa. no location Co.bef.1951
Walter Goswick Aug.25,1920 Dec.1978 Seattle,Wa. Seattle,Wa. Kansas bef.1951



Fred Goswick Jul.10,1921 Oct.1985 no location no location Texas bef.1951
Helen Goswick Oct.28,1921 Jan.1984 Atlanta,Ga. no location Tn. bef.1951
Jack Goswick Dec.01,1921 Mar.1977 Austell,Ga. no location Ala.bef.1951

Carl Goswick Jun.26,1922 Jun.1991 CampVerde,Az. no location Az. bef.1951
John  T.Goswick Jul.22,1922 Dec.25,1989 Norfolk,Va. no location Tn. bef.1951
Samuel Goswick Oct.04,1922 May 1972 Gainesville,Fla. no location Fla. bef.1951
Thomas Goswick Aug.18,1922 Mar.1989 MechanicsvilleVa no location Md. bef.1951

Beulah Goswick Sep.01,1923 Nov.28,1989 Millville,N.J. no location Pa.bef.1951
Blanch Goswick Sep.01,1923 Apr. 1995 SunC.Cent.Fla. Conroe,Tx. Ohio bet.1953/4
Homer Goswick Aug.25,1923 Nov.22,1997 Abilene,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Lloyd Goswick Feb.15,1923 Jun.08,1988 Snyder,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951

Creed Goswick Mar.09,1924 May 15,1997 Chatsworth,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Earnest Goswick Nov.29,1924 Nun.14,1988 Detroit, Mi. no location Ga. bef.1951
Howard Goswick Apr.16,1924 Feb.1979 Pinson,Ala. Pinson,Ala. Ala. bef.1951
Leo Goswick May 12,1924 Mar.1980 no location no location Va. bef.1951
Virgil Goswick Jan.24,1924 Oct.1986 KlamathF.Oreg. no location So.Dak.bef.1951

Mildred Goswick Aug.05,1925 Jul.1981 Youngwood,Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951

Charles Goswick Jul.29,1926 Mar.1973 no location no location Illinois bef.1951
Dorothy Goswick Feb.11,1926 May 1979 no location Norfolk,Va. Va. bef.1951
Howard Goswick May 26,1926 May 16,1993 Dallas,Tx. no location Texas 1951
Jess Goswick Mar.16,1926 Sep.18,1993 Osage,Ok. no location Ok.bef.1951
Marjorie Goswick Jul.04,1926 Dec.04,1991 no location no location Mo. bef.1951
Thomasine Goswick Jul.01,1926 Jul.1966 no location no location Va. bef.1951
Virginia Goswick Dec.17,1926 Sep.27,1995 Baird, Tx. no location Texas bef.1951

Fred Goswick Apr.02,1927 Dec.01,1989 no location no location Ala. bef.1951
Russell Goswick Apr.28,1927 Apr.27,1993 Chatsworth,Ga. no location Ga. Bef.1951
Jack Goswick,Jr. Nov.03,1927 Apr.1985 Snyder, Tx. no location Texas bef.1951

Bennie Goswick Feb.12,1928 Feb.1985 no location Sweetwater,Tx. Tx. bef.1951
Ernest Goswick Nov.06,1928 Mar.11,1995 Kilgore,Tx. no location Tx. 1955
WilburnGoswick Nov.28,1928 Mar.1986 Wetumka,Ok. no location Okla.bef.1951

Bobby Goswick Nov.22,1929 Sep.1995 Dawsonville,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Evelyn Goswick Jun.28,1929 Oct.22,1997 Onalaska,Tx. no location Ala. bef.1951
Herbert Goswick May 26,1929 Sep.03,1992 Dawsonville,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
James Goswick Jul.11,1929 May 1979 Chatsworth,Ga. Chatsworth,Ga. Ga. bef.1951
Mary Lou Goswick Feb.26,1929 Jun.1995 Houston, Tx. no location Tx. bef.1951

Earl Goswick Feb.02,1930 May 1,1997 Isanti, Mn. no location Mn. bef.1951
Jerry Goswick Apr.07,1930 Jul.15,1995 Campbell,Tx. no location Tx. bef.1951



Denver Goswick Mar.24,1931 Sep.30,1997 Weleetka,Ok. no location Oka. bef.1951
R. Goswick Nov.05,1931 Apr.15,1990 Chatsworth,Ga. Chatsworth,Ga. Ga. 1951
Robert Goswick May 21,1931 Nov.1972 no location no location Ala.bef.1951

Carl Goswick Aug.01,1932 Mar.07,1992 no location no location Iowa bef.1951
Eddie Goswick Dec.16,1932 Jul.17,1996 no location no location Mo. bef.1951
Roy Goswick Aug.23,1932 Sep.24,1996 Dalton,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
T. GOSWIC Feb.27,1932 May 1994 Antlers,Ok. no location Okla.bef.1951

Donald Goswick Sep.20,1933 Feb.01,1990 Canyon, Tx. no location Ark. bef.1951

Clysta(?)Goswick May 18,1933 Mar.16,2000 Marion, Mo. Taylor, Mo. Ks.1951 & 1952

Bobby Goswick Mar.09,1934 Nov.1974 no location no location Tx. bet.1951/52
Charles Goswick Apr.18,1934 Mar.23,1990 no location no location Ga. bef.1951

J. Goswick Sep.23,1935 Aug.15,1990 no location no location Mn. bef.1951
Robert Goswick Oct.15,1935 Feb.1974 no location no location Texas 1951

Mary Goswick Nov.07,1936 Aug.1985 Charles Cty.Ia. Charles Cty.Ia. Iowa 1954

Bobby Goswick Jul.16,1937 Feb.05,1994 Piedmont,Ala. no location Ga. 1951
Enedina Goswick Dec.18,1937 Nov.1984 HuntingtonP.Ca. no location Ca. 1967
Henry Goswick Aug.28,1937 Jun.1979 no location Chatsworth,Ga. Ga. 1955
Lester Goswick Mar.10,1937 Apr.1970 no location no location Mo. bet.1953/4
R. Goswick Mar.29,1937 Aug.1992 no location no location Ok. 1951

Paul Goswick Aug.09,1939 Apr.30,1992 no location no location Ga. 1954
Vernon Goswick Aug.06,1939 Dec.1968 no location no location Ga. 1954

Ellen Goswick May 12,1940 Oct. 1974 no location no location Ill.bet.1956/7



Carol Goswick Sep.18,1942 Jul.1987 no location Chatsworth,Ga. Kansas 1956

Ernest Goswick,Jr. May 3,1944 Aug.19,1996 no location no location Mo. bet.1959/60

Tamara Goswick Jan.28,1950 Apr.1972 no location no location Ohio 1964

ss death records
Donald Goswick Apr.03,1951 Jun.1978 no location Vermillion,Ohio Ohio 1964

Michael Goswick Dec.14,1954 Aug.1974 no location no location Mn.1968

Glorieta Goswick Aug.07,1956 Jun.05,1993 Snyder,Tx. no location Texas 1971
Patrick Goswick Jun.28,1956 Aug.1976 no location no location Mi.bet.1971/72

Harley Goswick Oct.04,1958 Jun.1983 Texas no location Ca. 1968
Terry Goswick Apr.20,1958 Nov.16,1995 Antlers,Ok. no location Ca. 1972

from ss death records

Joseph Goswick May 5,1970 Mar.05,1993 no location no locaton N.C. 1982

J. Goswick Sep.25,1973 Aug.1993 no location no location Ga. 1984

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