Goswick Genealogies


Goswick Genealogies
by: Kay (Goswick) Kennemore
copyright 1986



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1790 Union census  1800 Union SC  1810 Union census
  Sarah Hunnicut 1850 census  1860 Jesse & Sarah Hunnycutt  1850 Joseph Wilbanks 
1850 Cherokee Ga.Hosie Wilbanks  1850 Union SC John Wilbanks 1860 John & Nancy Hunnicutt



Abarilla Goswick b.ca. 1749/50 Maryland died after 1850 Pickins Co.S.C.
(m) Aug. 27,1772 Franklin Co.N.C.
William Woolbanks b&d n/r  ( is said to be Revolutionary War Soldier)
    children listed:  (not in order of birth)
1. Marshall b.ca. 1773 N.C.
2. Hoseah b.ca.  1774 N.C.
3. Joseph b.ca. 1775 N.C.
4. Ever (?)possibly a female
5. Fredrick b.ca.1785 (m) Nancy Duke ( Brian Wilbanks desc )
6. John b. ca. 1792 SC

7. Wm.,Jr.
8. Shadrack
 9. Sarah b. ca. 1805 (m) Jesse Hunnicutt  7/18/2006 (death records)

1790 Union Co.SC census   (view 1800 census)
1 male 16 up, head of household, 4 males under 16, ( 1774-1790) and 2 females.  I have been told that the 1790 census was taken in 1791.

1800 Union Co.SC
pg 5 online: Hosey Woolbanks 101-001
pg 39 on line: Marshal Wilbanks 10110-102
pg 39 on line: Jos Wilbanks 0001-001
pg 39 on line: Evcy?Evey Wilbanks: 12100-0001
pg 41 on Line: John Wilbanks 0001-001
pg 46 online: William Wilbanks 32101-20111
pg 46 online: Gillum Wilbanks 2011-2001

1810 Union Co.SC census
pg 14 online: Shadrick Wilbanks 101-201
pg 14 online: Hoy/Avy Wilbanks 0100-0101
pg 14 online: Marshal Wilbanks 3001-111
pg 15 online: Joseph Wilbanks 2001-1001
Pg 15 online: William Wilbanks 4001-3001
pg 16 online: Hosea Wilbanks 1 male and 1 female
pg 16 online: John Woolbanks 1001-101
Pg 17 online: Mary Willbanks: No Males..females 20101


Abarilla GOSSETT applied for a widows Rev.War Pension in 1844, and two of her witnessess were: Nicholas and Joseph GOSSETT .  In these records, it is listed that Abarilla Gossett was the oldest sister of Nicholas and Joseph Gossett and that they were the children of Joseph Gossett of Bute Co.N.C., and that Abarilla had married William Woolbands the Rev/War Soldier who had died in 1797/8 in Union Co.S.C..  Sarah Hunnicutt also testified that she was just a very little girl and did not remember her father but only what her mother had told her, and that her father had died in 1797/8 of December.

In 1843 When Nicholas Goswick applied for his Rev/Pension and his brother Joseph Goswick was his witness, they make the statement that "only the two of them are alive that know of Nicholas Goswicks service in the R/W.  The bible records of Joseph and Sarah Goswick's children and birth years had been produced to the court of Union Co.S.C. (two leafletts) and the oldest child on those records was"Sarah" born Jan.09,1752 Baltimore Md..  There is a great possibility that "Sarah" and "Abarilla" was Sarah Abarilla Goswick, and the oldest daughter of Joseph and Sarah Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C..  In 1810 Franklin Co.N.C. there is a Sarah Gupton living between Joseph Goswick, Jr., and George Goswick, and this may be the Sarah that was born 1752 Balt., as Abarill (Goswick) Woolbanks is supposed to be in Union Co.S.C. in 1810. VIEW OLD BIBLE RECORDS.

The 1850 census of Pickins Co.S.C. show that Sarah Hunnicutt was born ca. 1805 and Abarilla Wilbanks was in the household and listed as age 101 born in Maryland (abt. 1749)


1850 Pickens Co.S.C. census:

Jesse Hunnicutt age 50
Sarah age 45 b.ca. 1805
George age 18 b.ca. 1832
John W. age 16 b.ca. 1834
Elizabeth age 14 b.ca. 1836
Jane age 6 b.ca. 1844
Abarilla Wilbanks age 101 b.ca. 1749
Peter Wilbanks age 10 b.ca. 1840

In 1854/6 Sarah Hunnicutt (then living in Ga.) applied for the balance of moneys due her deceased Mother Abarill Woolbanks, and stating that she "Sarah" was the only living child of William and Abarilla Woolbanks.

1850 Pickens Co.SC

Joseph Wilbanks age 75 b. S.C. b.ca. 1775 Altho Joseph is listed born SC, William and Abrilla (Goswick) Wilbanks did not sell their land in Franklin Co.NC until 1775
Annie age 70

Soloman Wilbanks age 35 b.ca.1815
Cely age 27
Milissa age 10
Bertha age 7
Ledmarh? age 5
Lidia age 3
Nancy age 3 months old

Hezekiah Wilbanks age 50 b.ca. 1800
Mary age 45
Hyram age 19
Berthitta age 17
Benjamin age 14
Emily age 11
Martha age 9
Celia age 6
Rachel age 1

Elijah Wilbanks age 24 b.ca. 1826
Annie age 17
George W. age 1

Elijah Wilbanks age 22 b.ca. 1828
Annie age 21
George age 6 months born ca. 1850

1850 Cherokee Co.Ga. dist 15
pg 74 online:
Hosie Wilbanks age 81 born ca. 1769 SC
Elizabeth age 71 born Va.
Nancy age 30 born SC
Sarah age 23 born SC
Jane age 10 born Ga.
Augustus (male) age 4 born Ga.

Note: if this Hosey/Hosie Wilbanks was born 1769 he would not be the son of William and Abrillia (Goswick) Wilbanks of FCNC and Union Co.S.C. (note marriage date on William and Abrilla)

1850 Union Co.SC. Image 11, household # 79
John Wilbanks age 58 SC b.ca. 1792
Fereby age 40 born ca. 1810
Sarah age 19 SC
Elizabeth age 17 SC
Martha age 15 SC
Thomas age 12 SC


Contributed by: Huel Tucker on his Wilbanks ancestors:

Marshall Wilbanks b.ca. 1773 d: 1824 S.C.
1800 census:
male child b.ca. 1796
female child born ca. 1798

Sarah Willbanks born ca. 1823 (dau of Marshall Wilbanks)
William Sawyer
1. Catherine Frances Sawyer b.ca. 1846 S.C. (m) Wilson Wood
2. Jesse E. Sawyer b.n/r

Catherine and Wilson Wood
   had issue:
Martha Ellen Wood born ca. 1869 (m) Stephen Bird Mitchell

Stephen and Martha
had issue:
Vera Ella Mitchell born 8/26/1894 Hunt Co. Tx. died: Jan.01,1994 Odessa, Tx.
Uriah Taylor Tucker born 1/04/1898 Wood Co.Tx. died 10/16/1962 Odessa, Tx.
1. Harold Calvert Tucker born 5/11/1918 Wood Co.Tx.
2. Gerald Delbert Tucker born 9/21/1919 Wood Co.Tx.
3. Huel Clive Tucker born 5/03/1921 Wood Co.Tx. (m) Mossie Clarine Smith b.9/04/1923 Glenwood,Tx.
4. Norman Taylor Tucker born 1/20/1923 Wood Co.Tx.
5. Derry Ernest Taylor born 1/05/1925 Wood Co.Tx.
6. Stephen Dwane Tucker born 9/01/1930 Wood Co. Tx.

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A cousin refered me to your web site to look at the entry by Huel Tucker ref. his Wilbanks ancestors.
William G. Sawyer and Sarah Wilbanks were my Great Great Grandparents. Jesse E. Sawyer (son of William and Sarah) was my great
grandfather and Orville M. Sawyer was my grandfather

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My grandfather was Joseph Wilbanks , son of Frederick Harmon Wilbanks who was the grandson of William Wilbanks and Abarilla Gostwick.

Posted by: Huel C Tucker
                                                                           Date: February 28, 1999 at 19:47:13
In Reply to: ENOCH W. SAWYER/Sawyers by Dene Weathersbee
                                                                                                of 646

From bible record of Ruby Ruth Sawyer Grice: Enoch Wilbanks Sawyer was born 20 June 1841 about
8 miles from Nashville, TN. (The birthplace is doubtful because records show they lived in Weakley
Co., TN.) He came to Texas with his family winter of 1847. He married Florence DeKernan 22 July
1868 in Limestone Co., TX, witnessed by Squire Wood and family. Florence, daughter of William
DeKernan and his wife, Sybil Ruth Bowman, was born 12 Dec 1847 at Hamilton, Boone Co, KY. (End of
bible record)

Enoch W. Sawyer was son of William G Sawyer who came with a large group from Pasquotank Co., NC
to Weakley Co., TN about 1834. In that group were Frederick Sawyer and Ann Elizabeth Sawyer Wood
wife of John Kelly Wood and daughter of Enoch Sawyer according to Weakley Co court records.
Squire Wood was Joseph Wood, brother of Ann Elizabeth.

Mother of Enoch Wilbanks Sawyer was Sarah A Wilbanks, born in Union District, SC ca 1818,
daughter of Marshall and Susannah Wilbanks. William and Sarah went to Texas before 1850 with
her mother and several of her brothers and sisters and settled first in Rusk Co where they
joined three brothers who went in 1839.

I struck a brick wall with the Sawyers in Pasqutank area. There are zillions of them there.
Marshall Wilbanks was son of William and Abarilla Goswick Wilbanks. William was a
Revolutionary soldier in Union District. The Pension papers, both federal and State of SC
are very interesting.


June 19, 1860 Cherokee Co.Ga. Fairplay twp, Image page 2, P.O. Foster Mills
hh# 401
Jesse Hunnycutt age 65 SC (farmer)
Sarah age 57 SC
Mary E. age 23 or 28 SC
Jesse R. age 21 SC (student) SC
Harriett (fe) age 18 SC



Name:  Mary Elizabeth Hunnicutt 
Birth:  29 Sep 1837  - Walhalla, SC, USA 
Death:  4 Sep 1864
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks



Name:  Harriet Jane Hunnicutt 
Birth:  12 Dec 1842  - Walhalla, SC, USA 
Death:  20 Apr 1879 
Marriage:  1862
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks
Spouse:  Mccullum
Name:  Nancy N Hunnicutt 
Birth:  1 Sep 1827  - Walhalla, SC, USA 
Death:  29 Sep 1889
Marriage:  17 Dec 1846 - SC, USA
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks
Spouse:  George Robertson Elliott 



Name:  George Washington Hunnicutt 
Birth:  19 Jul 1831  - Walhalla, SC, USA 
Death:  11 Feb 1914
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks
Spouse:  Shug Farmer



Name:  John Hunnicutt
Birth:  1835 - Walhalla, SC, USA
Death:  1876 - Seneca, SC, USA
Marriage:  1855  - Walhalla, SC, USA 
Parents:  Jesse Randolph Hunnicutt
Spouse:  Nancy Jane Norris
Name:  Martha Amanda Hunnicutt 
Birth:  25 May 1829  - Walhalla, SC, USA 
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks
Spouse:  Nathan Elliott 
Name:  Francis Marion Hunnicutt
Birth:  4 Dec 1821 - SC, USA
Death:  12 Aug 1853
Marriage:  1844
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks
Spouse:  Frances Caroline
Name:  Sarah Ann Hunnicutt
Birth:  17 Dec 1835 - Walhalla, SC, USA
Death:  30 Nov 1843
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Willbanks
Name:  Angeline Hunnicutt 
Birth:  28 Mar 1825  - SC, USA
Death:  28 Mar 1825 - Morgan, AL, USA 
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks
Spouse:  John Garrett
Name:  James Wesley Hunnicutt 
Birth:  1 Sep 1833  - SC, USA 
Death:  16 Oct 1924
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Wilbanks
Spouse:  Millia Ann Cagle
Name:  Gerania Hunnicutt 
Birth:  11 Apr 1823 - SC, USA
Death:  2 Jun 1825 
Parents:  Jesse Hunnicutt, Sarah Willbanks

Sarah Hunnicutt
Gender: Female
Race: White
Place of Birth: South Carolina
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1792
Age: 78
Month of Death: Sep
Cause of Death: Lung Disease
Place of Death: (City, County, State)
Not Stated, Cherokee, Georgia
Census Year: 1870
Residency Country: United States


Name:  Jesse Hunnicutt 
Birth:  12 Jul 1795  - Pendleton District, Anderson, SC, USA 
Death:  23 Jan 1871  - Cherokee, GA, USA 
Marriage:  4 Feb 1821  - SC, USA
Parents:  Randolph HunnicuttFrances Collins 
Spouse:  Sarah Wilbanks




July 19, 1860 Pickens Co.SC Regiment 2, P.O,. White Hill, Image page 153
hh# 1247
John Hunnicutt age 23 SC
Nancy age 22 SC
William L? age 4 SC
Jesse (male) age 1 SC