Goswick Genealogies

by: Henry H. & Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore

George Washington Goswick
1866 - 1909
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James Thomas Goswick


George Washington Goswick b.Jan/22/1866 ? d:5/28/1909 Yell Co.AR. (view 1900 census)
m:lst.  n/r   2nd.  n/r          3rd.June 3,1888 Pope D-335)  4th.April 30,1893 Newton C.Ar.D-280)
lst. ca.1885 Alice Emmons b.& d;n/r
2nd. (?) (?) Hudson b.& d.n/r
3rd. Mary Britton b.n/r d: Jan.06,1890 Freeman Springs,Ar. Pope Co.(dau of Ben Britton)
4th. Elizabeth "Liza"(Tucker)Culwell b.J/?1877 Ar. d:1910 Freeman Springs,Ar.
              ch by lst wife
1. a daughter b.ca.1886 Ar. n/r

              child by 2nd
2.  a child (sex unknown)

            child by 3rd. wife

3. Thomas Benjamin b. Jan.06,1890 F.Springs,AR.(m)lst.Lillie Dial(2nd)Margarett Fondren

          children by 4th wife

4. Lillie May (Lillie Maybell) born Dec. 1893 Ar. (m)Jerry F.Carter11/3/04 (view 1910-20-30 census)
5. Martha Adaline born Sep.1895 (m lst.)Sam Franklin Dial (2nd.) Herbert Pittman
6. Sarah E."Sally" b.Oct. 1896 (m 1st.) Jasper Tidmore (m)Kannada (m 3rd)Cortez Hobson Pike
7. Mary Jane b. 1899 AR. n/r
8. Flossie b.ca. 1901 Yell Co.AR.
9. Minta b. Feb.10,1903 Yell Co.Ar. (m) John Carter
10. Dewey born ca. 1905 died age 1

George Washington Goswick was the son of James Thomas and Martha Ann (Chism) Goswick of Pope and Yell Co.' Ar..  George W.Goswick is buried at Hector, AR. Boyd Cemetery.  His headstone is a hugh rock with the name "GOSSWICK" carved into the rock. George Goswick's 3rd wife, Liza (Louisa)Tucker, Culwell, was the daughter of Mr. Tucker and Matilda Jane (Standridge) Tucker, Martin.  Liza Goswick died soon after George did and the smaller children were placed in foster homes.  Minta Goswick was raised by the Morgan family (note census finding), and grew up to be a teacher and married a John Carter.  The information on George W. Goswick and his wives was supplied by Rebecca (Huff) Prince, Rains of Tulsa, Ok..  There has been very little information found on this family, other than the descendants of "Thomas Benjamin" Goswick and his children.  The story told about George Washington Goswick and his wives.  He had always been in love with Mary Britton, dau of Ben Britton, but she was a sickly girl and refused to marry him.  He then married Alice Emmons and had one child by her (name unk), They either divorced or she died, and then he lived with a woman by the last name of Hudson (he wasnt married to her), and they had a child (name unk), then he met up with Mary Britton again and this time she agreed to marry him and soon after her first child Thomas Benjamin Goswick was born, then Mary died leaving George heartbroken, but not long, as he soon met and married Liza (Tucker) Culwell, and they had several more children.  George and Liza Goswick lived in Pope and Yell Co.'s Arkansas. Both are buried at the Boyd Cemetery. Pope Co.Ar..


1910 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Township (info received from Fay (Chism) Robertson) on Mar.16,2001)

Arminta Goswick age 7 born ca. 1903 (living in household of)
William C. & Nancy PIKE
(NOTE SAID: William C. Pikes mother being "Matilda" PIKE.

(go to 1920 census of Arminta/Minta Goswick.


Minta (GOSWICK) Carter born Feb. 10, 1903 AR. died: Jan. 31,1991 Ark.

1920, Jan. 09 Logan County, Arkansas, Ellsworth Township
J. H. Morgan age 47 (merchant of retail store)
Mary M.Morgan (wf) age 46
Minta Goswick age 16 born AR.

Minta Goswick was left an orphan in 1910, and was the daughter of George W., and Liza
Goswick of Pope Co.Ark.  Minta was raised by the Morgan family, grew up, became a
school teacher, married John Carter.  John & Minta  (Goswick) Carter had no children


Bob Pearson and Martha Adaline "Addie" Goswick(dau of George W. & Liza Goswick)
(Go to Martha Adaline Goswicks page)



Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie"(Goswick) Pike ?
Dau of George W. & Liza Goswick

Elizabeth Goswick, Pike and brother Thomas Benjamin Goswick.
Picture supplied by Cortez "Curt" Pike, Jr. on 3/26/2008
Thank you Curt.



Sarah Elizabeth Goswick born 1896 Pope Co.AR. died ca. 1990/1 Oregon(buried Oklahoma)
(m)lst. Jasper Newton Tidmore born n/r died n/r
(m2nd: Kannada
(m3rd)  Cortez Hobson Pike b/d: n/r

Children by lst husband

1. Lillian Tidmore born Nov.02,1914 (still living) (m) Hatcher
2. Melvin Tidmore born n/r (still living)
3. William Tidmore born March 04,1919 (still living)

children by 2nd husband

4. Leroy Kannedy Jr's (1924-2003) service in the Army Airforce
During WW2.  The Military misspelled his name and Leroy excepted the spelling and used it the rest of his life. Leroy's daughter:Tonie Campbell
E-mail Address:  whipperwill57@peoplepc.com

5. Fred Earl Kannedy (1926-2001) also served in WW2 and while in Germany stepped on a land mine and lost his left leg. Info supplied by Curt Pike.

Children by Cortez Hobson Pike

6. Lavada born Aug. 27,1930 Bucksville, AR.
7. Cortez "Curt", Jr. born Aug. 27,1933 Bucksville, AR.
8. Hershel Lloyd born Sep.18,1938 died: 1990

(Information on children of Sally and Cortez Hobson Pike was supplied by Lavada (Pike) McCarty on April 10,2001)..thank you Lavada. {kgk}

SS death records:
Sarah Pike born Oct. 3, 1896 died: Oct. 03,1989 Resided: McCall Valley, Idaho. Sarah is buried in Oklahoma.
Additional info will be added as received. {Kay}

11/19/2001  The info below was on the guestbook.
Name:         Michelle Tidmore
Spouse:       Dean Oster
Email:        matcee@excite.com
Webpage:      http://sites.netscape.net/michelletidmore/lawlinks.html
R1:           Related to Goswick: Yes
Site_Arrival: I'm not quite sure how I got here!
Date:         19 Nov 2001
Time:         17:18:45


My father is Carl David Tidmore, a wonderful musician (like me!:)) and a barber who lives with my stepmother Sharon Tidmore in Valliant, Oklahoma.  His parents, my Grandmother Maybelle was married to his father William Tidmore until he died, they had 9 children together, then after William died she married his brother Jasper, who also had 9 children by prior marriages.  Jasper and Maybelle had three more children together, bringing the total in the family to 21.  At one time I believe that Sarah Goswick was also married to Jasper Newton Tidmore, who is to me, my step grandfather and great uncle, my fathers uncle and step father, many of my aunts and uncles besides brother and sister, half brother and sister, were also first cousins to each other through accident of marriage after William died.  Maybelle died when I was around 6, you can read about what I remember of that and of the whole family being together at http://sites.netscape.net/michelletidmore/ONE_MORE_TIME_AROUND.html

Myself I am now 44 with 4 grandchildren of my own, and it seems as though it were only yesterday......

Thank you Michelle.  I am sure others will be interested in the information you can supply of the Tidmore lineage.


1910 Danville, Ark. Yell County  (view 1920)
hh# 239
Jerry F. Carter age 22 born Ar. (married one year)
Lillie (wife) age 16 born Ar. ca. 1894
Sallie Goswick (sister-in-law) age 12 born Ar. ca. 1898

1920 Yell Co.Ar.. Centerville Twp.   (view 1930)
Jerry F. Carter age 34 born Ala. ca. 1885
Maybell (wife) age 26 born Ar. ca. 1894
John H. (son) age 3 born Ar.
Herbert (son) age 1 yr 3 months born Ar.

1930 Yell Co.Ar. Centerville Twp.
hh# 43
Jerry F. Carter age 46 born Ala.
Lillie (wife) age 36 born Ar.
John H. age 13
Frank age 11 (possibly Herbert)
Luther age 8
Louis age 6


1900 Pope Co.Ark, Sulphin township
George GOSWIC (note spelling) age 33 born Ar. Father Tn. Mother Ms.
Eliza (wife) age 22 born Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.
James T. (son) age 10 born Ar.(desc say his name was Benjamin Thomas")
Lillie May (dau) age 6 born Ar.
Marthey A. (dau) age 4 born Ar.
Sarah E. (dau) age 3 born Ar.
Mary J. (dau) age 9 months born Ar.

George W. Goswick was son of James Thomas and Martha Ann (Chism) Goswick.  His 4th wife was daughter of Matilda (?) Pike.  Matilda's maiden name is said to be "Standridge".  In 1910 she is living with son William C. Pike, his wife Nancy, Matlda O. Pike (dau), and Nieces Arminta age 7, and Flossie Goswick age 5, children of George and Eliza., also Matilda Pike (mother) is listed as age 63 (widow).  George and Eliza are both deceased by 1910.