Goswick Genealogy

by: Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

Jason Goswick Family
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N.C. Obits of Goswick & Relatives
Will of Nancy Goswick leaving W.D. Bowden as her exec.
Census findings for Jason & Sarah "Sally" Goswick  1830  1840  1850  1860Sally

 [marriages of Goswick's in N.C.

Jason Goswick born 1798 N.C. d:ca.1858 Franklin Co.N.C. (Go to will of Jason Goswick)
married: Jan.06,1825 Franklin Co. N.C.
Sarah "Sally" Felts b. ca.1802  d: after 1860  (children in hh of son Wm.H.Goswick in 1870)

Children Found
1. Jayne                   b. 1826 N.C.
2. Martha                b. 1828 N.C.
3. a dau                    b. 1830 N.C.
4. Elizabeth             b.1831 N.C.
5. Caroline              b. 1832 N.C.
6. Soloman               b. 1833 N.C.
7. Lucy                      b. 1836 N.C. died 1919 (m)lst. Rudd, (m) 2nd. Hight (view 1900 census)
8. Emily                     b. 1837 N.C. died 1909  (with Hight's in 1880)  view 1900 census
9. Mary                      b. 1840 N.C. d:after 1875 (note Will of Mary Goswick)
10.William Henry   b. 1842 N.C. (enlisted in C/W  E-15 North Carolina Reg.)) (view 1870 census)
11.Sally                   b.  1843 (m) Dec.08,1866 Robert H. Wynne
12.Louisa Virginia b. Nov.18,1847 N.C. died: Jan.04,1901 (m)W.H.M. Hester
13.Georgianna       b. 1848 N.C.     (1870 with brother Wm.H.) (1880 with Hights)

Jason Goswick, son of John Goswick, Senior of Franklin Co.North Carolina. (note Jason Goswick and Turner W.Goswicks Will).


1830 Franklin Co.N.C. tax list:  Jason Goswick owning 327 acres of land.  Jason Goswick was not found on 1830 Franklin Co.N.C. census, but is found as Jason Gossett in Nash Co.N.C.(adj county).

1830 Nash Co. N.C.

Jason Gossett 30/40 years of age
female 20/30
1 female 5/10 (born between 1820-1825)
3 females u/5 (born between 1825-1830)


1840 Franklin Co.N.C. Bledsoes Dist.

Jason Goswick 40/50
female 30/40
1 female 10/15 (born between 1825-1830)
2 females 5/10 (born between 1830-1835)
1 male 5/10 (1830-1835)
3 females u/5 (1835-1840)
1 male 60/70 years of age (may be John Goswick,Sr. b.ca.1770-80)


1850 Franklin Co.N.C. census Franklinton Township

Jason Goswick age 52 b.N.C. ca. 1798
Sally age 48
Martha age 22 b.ca. 1828
Eliza age 19 b.ca. 1831
Caroline age 18 b.ca. 1832
Soloman age 17 b.ca. 1833
Lucy age 14 b.ca. 1836
Emily age 13 b.ca. 1837
Mary age 10 b.ca. 1840
Sally age 9 b.ca. 1841
Wm. Henry age 8 b.ca. 1844
Louisa age 4 b.ca. 1846
Georginna age 1 b.ca. 1849
Edward Powers (teacher)(white male) age 31
Rebecca Duke (black female) age 21
Robert Duke (black male) age 3
Syding Duke (black male) one month old



1860 Franklin Co.N.C. Louisburg District.
hh#479 page 59 online
Sarah Goswick (head of household) age 58
Emily Goswick (dau ) age 21
Patty "Mary" Goswick (dau) age 18
Wm. H. Goswick (son) age 17  (view 1870 census)
Sally Goswick (dau) age 15
Louisa Goswick (dau) age 13
Georgianna Goswick (dau) age 11

hh# 480 page 59
Soloman Goswick age 27 b.ca. 1832 NC
Nancy age 27 born ca. 1832 NC  (view 1870 census) (view 1880 census) (view 1900 census)
Green Goswick age 11 born ca. 1848
Jasanth Goswick age 4 born ca. 1855 (This is Jason Goswick)
Lusice Goswick (female) age 2 b.ca. 1857

hh# 481 Edward Powers family



Elizabeth Goswick born 1831 N.C.
married: Dec. 02,1850 Franklin Co.N.C.
Edward Power b.  ca. 1815

Children Found

1860  census hh# 481 page 59 online
Edward Power age 48
Elizabeth age 29 b.ca. 1831

1. John Power    age 10   b. 1850 N.C.
2. Mary Power  age 8    b. 1852 N.C.
3. Sally M. age 6 b. 1854 N.C.
4. Martha A. age 4  b. 1856 N.C.
5. Edward  age 1  b. 1859 N.C.
6. James age 4 months  b. 1860 N.C.
    Ellen Hogg age 11 born NC in household>

Elizabeth (Goswick) Power, daughter of Jason and Sarah (Felts) Goswick.



Caroline Goswick b. 1832 N.C.
married Oct. 06,1859 Franklin Co.N.C.
 Isaac W. Hight b.n/r

(no record of children)

Caroline (Goswick) Hight, daughter of Jason and Sarah (Felts) Goswick.



Sally Goswick born ca. 1843 Franklin Co.N.C. died bef. 1870 ?
(m) Dec. 08,1866 Franklin Co. N.C.
Robert H. Wynne b.ca. 1840 d: n/r
          issue listed:
1. Robert H. Wynne, Jr. born ca. 1869 Franklin Co.N.C.  died: Feb.18,1932 California (m) Lucy Gilliam Williams. They had a daughter Sally Wynne who married a Mr. Woodlief

Sally Goswick was the daughter of Jason & Sarah "Sally" (Felts) Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C... Her husband Robert H. Wynne was the son of Thomas and Mary (?) Wynn of Franklin Co.N.C..  The 1860 census for Franklin Co.N.C. listed Thomas Wynn age 70, Mary age 53, George W. (son) age 19, Robert H. (son) age 18.  also living in household was Anne Liza age 71 (relationship unk).

After Sally (Goswick) Wynne died, her husband  Robert Hix Wynn re-married on Mar.22,1882 Annie Alford and their children listed were: Susie "Susan Augusta", Patty, Paul, Joe, and Annie.


Eli Gason Goswick born Dec.30,1894 Franklinton, N.C. died Oct. 01,1961 Oxford, N.C.
(m) lst. 3/24/1918 Franklin N.C. (m) 2nd. (?)
lst. Susan Augusta Wynn born 5/23/1891 Louisburg,N.C. died 4/01/1937 N.C.
2nd. Mrs. Patty (Winn) Alford b. 5/3/1890 died: 3/15/1975 N.C.
              children are by lst. marriage
1. Bertha Mae Goswick b. 6/24/1921 Franklin Co.N.C.(m)lst. Cyril H. McCormack (2nd) John Cain
2. Howard Hix Goswick b. 5/26/1926 Franklin Co.N.C. (m) 2nd. 6/19/1958 Selma Allene Sonendriker
3. H.M.T. Goswick b. 5/27/1930 Granville Co.N.C. (died young ?)

Eli Gason Goswick was the son of Jason Turner and Annie Elizabeth (Winston) Goswick.  His wives were sisters, and daughters of Robert Hix and Anna (Alford) Wynne, Sr.

(All info on Eli Gason Goswick was supplied by Howard Hix and Selma (S) Goswick)


Soloman Goswick b. 1833 N.C. died 1864 Franklin Co.N.C. ((view 1860 census of Soloman)
married Aug.15,1855 Franklin Co.N.C.
 Mrs. Nancy (Burnette) Hamm b. 1829 N.C. died Aug.14,1915 N.C.

Children Found
1. Jason Turner Goswick         b. Apr. 06, 1857 Franklin Co.N.C. (view 1870 census)(view 1880)
2. Charles Thomas Goswick   b. Jan. 1859 Franklin Co.N.C. (view 1870 census) (view 1880 c)(1900)
3. Kindred Goswick "King"    b. 1861 N.C.(m)Aug. 02,1900 Eliza Bunn (view 1870 census)

Soloman Goswick, was the son of Jason and Sarah (Felts) Goswick.

The descendants of Jason Turner Goswick state that the mother Nancy (Burnett) Hamm, Goswick put her son's Jason Turner, Charles Thomas Goswick and Kindred "King" Goswick up for adoption.  In 1880 the son Charles is still in her household age 17.

Nancy Burnette, Hamm,  Goswick died Aug.14,1915 Franklin Co.N.C. leaving a will dated Jul 04,1912 and mentions W.D. Bowden as her Executor, and he to receive all her property real and personal, except for a clock which was to be given to her GRANDDAUGHTER Gertie Swanson.  A marriage record of Franklin Co. N.C. show that W.D. Bowden married on Feb. 02,1898 Lula Burnette.

Will of Nancy Goswick:

I Mrs. Nancy Goswick of Franklin Co. State of N.C. being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form follows:  I give, devise, and bequeath to W.D. Bowden all my belongings being personal property except my clock which is to be given to my grandchild Gertie Swanson.  This revoking and annulling all former wills by me and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.
  In witness whereof I Nancy Goswick have hereunto set my hand this fourth day of July A.D. 1912
                                                                                                              her mark
W.D. Bowden to be Executor
D.R. Pearce
R.A. Bowden

Nancy(Burnett) Hamm, Goswick was the daughter of Green and Ruth (Bledsoe) Burnette, and Nancy married first on Feb.28,1848 Jordan Sherwood Hamm, and two children of this marriage: John Green Hamm and Eunice Hamm.8/15/99. Info from Frankie:Jordan Sherwood and Nancy (Burnett) Hamm also had a son named Jordan Sherwood, Jr..and Nancy's mothers maiden name was "BLEDSOE".  Thank you Frankie.{kgk} e-mail Frankie at:

(Go to Franklin Co.N.C. marriages)


1850 Franklin Co.N.C. Haysville, Township

Soloman Goswick born 1833 living with parents Jason & Sarah (Felts) Goswick.

1860 HAYSVILLE DIST. FCNC, LOUISBURG TWP.  (view 1870 census of Nancy) view 1880 Nancy

Soloman Goswick age 27 b.N.C. wife listed as Nancy age 27, and children in household are: Green  age 11, b.ca. 1849 NC., Eunice age 10, and Jacenth/Jason Goswick age 4 born 1856. NOTE: Desc state that Green  was John Green Ham . Note: Solomans wife was Mrs. Nancy (Green) Ham, a widow with children.   I also find a Greenbury/Green B. Goswick born the same year.

1900 Mill Creek, Dist. 1 Whitfield Co.Ga.
hh#44 page 6 online
Green B. Goswick age 50 born Feb. 1850 Ga.
Margaret age 50 born Feb. 1850 Ga.

1910 Mill Creek dist, Whitfield Co.Ga.
Green B. Goswick age 60 born N.C.
Margaret (wife) age 60 born Ga.
Della Jones (cousin) age 25 born Ga.


1870 Warren Co. North Carolina,

Nathey Gossip age 35 born N.C.  (view 1880 census)
John Ham age 19 (son) b.ca. 1851 NC
Jason Gossip age 14 (son)  b.ca.1856 (view 1880 census)
King (Kindred) Gossip age 9 (son) b.ca.1861
Charles Gossip age 6 (son) b.ca.1864 (view 1880 census)
Maria Gossip age 2 (dau)


1880 Warren Co North Carolina Fork Township
Nancy Gossitt age 45 b.N.C.   (view 1900 census)
Charley (son) age 17 b.N.C. b.ca. 1863  (view 1900 census)
Mittie Ann (dau) age 12 b. N.C.
Victoria (dau)age 9 b. N.C
Corey/Carrie (son ?) age 7 b. N.C. b.ca. 1873 (view 1900 census)

Altho all these are listed on census as children of Nancy, It is said that  Mittie, Victoria and Carrie/Corey were g-children, and not children.



1900 Franklin Co. North Carolina, Sandy Creek Townsip.

Nancy Yossett, born March 1835 N.C. age 65  (view Nancy's Will)
Carrie House  born Jan. 1874 N.C. age 26 (Possibly Corey listed as son in 1880)
Yertrude E. House born Jan. 1896 age 4
Nancy V. House born Oct. 1898 N.C. age 1


Louisa Virginia Goswick b.Nov.08,1847 Franklin Co.N.C. d:Jan.04,1906
(m) Dec. 10,1867 Franklin Co. N.C.
W.H.M. Hester b. Feb.26,1847 d:Dec.22,1913
               children listed:
1. James Walter Hester b. Oct.28,1868 d:Nov.20,1932
2. Sarah America Hester b.Apr.13,1870 d:Apr.15,1926
3. Eula Irene Hester b. Apr. 15,1872 d:July 13,1946
4. Thomas Henry Hester b. July 03,1874 d:May 20,1932
5. William Jason Hester b. Jun.07,1876 d:May 20,1932
6. Francis Eugene Hester b.Jul.22,1879 d:Apr.13,1945
7. Joseph Robert Hester b.Oct.23,1881 d: Aug.27,1965
8. Emily Virginia Hester b.Mar.04,1884 d: Dec. 12,1968
9.Hubert Person Hester b.Nov.11,1889 d:Oct.13,1923

Louisa Virginia (Goswick) Hester was the daughter of Jason and Sarah "Sally" (Felts) Goswick of Franklin Co. N.C..  The 1860 census listed Louisa age 13 in home of Jason & Sarah Goswick.

1880 Franklin Co. N.C. census Haysville District

W.H. Hester age 35
Louisa age 32
J.Walter age 11
Sarah age 9
Eula S. age 7
Thomas H. age 5
William J. age 3
Francis (male) age 1

No other census research has been done on this family since 1880 census.



Update: March 19,1998


Jason Turner Goswick b.4/6/1857 F.C.N.C. d:2/9/1929 Franklin Co.N.C.
(married) Dec. 16, 1878 Franklin Co. N.C.
Anne Elizabeth Winston b.9/18/1857 N.C. d: 6/30/1949 N.C.

Children Found:
1. Mary Louie Goswick            born  Dec.20,1879  Franklin Co.N.C. (m)Alonzo Theador Beddingfield
2. William Soloman Goswick              Jan.27,1882  Franklin Co.N.C. (m)Luna Grey Conyers
3. Anna Belle Goswick                       Sep.20,1886  Franklin Co.N.C. (m)Samuel T. Holmes
4. Katie Estelle Goswick                    Jan.14,1888  Franklin Co.N.C. (m)Newton A. Tunstall
5. Henry Tucker Goswick                  Dec.29,1891  Franklin Co.N.C. (m) Hexey Wheeler
6. Eli Gason Goswick                          Dec.30,1894  Franklin Co.N.C. (m)lst.Susie Wynn (2nd)Patty Alford
7. Arthur L. Goswick                          Apr.09,1896  Franklin Co.N.C. (m) Lillie H. White
8. John Frank Goswick                       Dec.19,1901  Franklin Co.N.C. (m) Lola Tillotson


Obit of Lola Goswick:

     FRANKLINTON -- Lola Tillotson Goswick, 100, a native of Franklinton, died Thursday, July 22, 1999 in Roanoke, VA.
     A graveside service will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, July 25, in Fairview Cemetery, Franklinton, followed by a memorial service at 3 p.m. Sunday at Franklinton Baptist Church. The family will receive friends immediately after the service at the church.
     Mrs. Goswick was the widow of John Frank Goswick. She was a member of Franklinton Baptist Church.
     Surviving: a daughter, Marie Goswick Sturtevant of Roanoke, VA; three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
     Memorials may be made to Franklinton Baptist Church, Franklinton, NC 27525.
     Arrangements by Oakey's North Chapel, Roanoke, VA and Sandling Funeral Home, Franklinton

Jason Turner Goswick was the son of SOLOMAN and Mrs. Nancy (Burnette) Ham,GOSWICK.


Jason Goswick age 24 born N.C., Annie age 22, born N.C., and Mary L. age 2 born North


Jason Goswick born April 1859 North Carolina, Annie born Sep. 1857 N.C., Soloman born
Jan. 1882, Anne B. born Sep. 1886, Estelle C. born Jan. 1889, Henry born Dec. 1891,
Jason E. born Dec. 1892, and Arthur L. born Apr. 1896.  All childrn born in North
Carolina. (NOTE:) The birth month and years of children found may not be correct as to
family records.  Census findings have been found to be incorrect more than correct.



Charles Thomas Goswick b.Jan.1859 FCNC  died:Feb.23,1935 N.C.
(m) Dec. 08,1891 Franklin Co.N.C.
Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Barham b. Nov.17,1876  d:March 23,1966 N.C.

Children Found
1. infant son                  born and died ca. 1892 N.C.
2. Claude Benjamin      born Aug. 01, 1893 N.C.
3. Charles Milton         born March 08, 1894 N.C.
4. Melvin Lee              born Aug. 1896  died 1915
5. Carl Raymond          born May 10,1899 died: June 23,1982
6. Robert A."Jack"     born April 04,1904 N.C. d:March,? 1978 N.C.
7. Edna Earl                  born 1907
8. Lucille                       born June 19,1909 N.C.
9. Mildred                     born 1911 died Nov.17,1971
10.Clara Belle              born 1913 died 1933

Charles Thomas Goswick was the son of Soloman and Mrs. Nancy (Burnette) Hamm,
Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C.  The descendants of Charles Goswick say he was born in 1859 but he does not show up on 1860 census with Soloman Goswick, therefore I believe he was born ca. 1864  and not 1859.

Franklinton Township   (view 1900 census findings)  view 1870 and 1880 census

Charley Goswick born Jan. 1859
Mollie born May 1876
Claude born Aug.1893
Charley born March 1895
Melvin born Aug.1896
Baby son born May 1899 (not named)


Robert A. "Jack" Goswick born Apr.04,1904 N.C. d: Mar.1978
(married)  Bettie Louise Winston born Jan.12,1911 N.C. d;Nov.04,1983

Issue Found
1. Mary Louise Goswick b.n/r

Robert A."Jack" Goswick.
Son of Charles Thomas and Mary E."Molly"(Barham) Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C.



Claude Benjamin Goswick b.8/01/1893 N.C. died 4/01/1961 Durham N.C.
(m)May 15,1926 Wilmington, N.C.
Mary Agnes Sinclair born 9/04/1893 Hoke Co.N.C. d:Mar.03,1985  Brian Tx.?

Children Found
1. Claude Benjamin, Jr. born 8/22/1929 Durham, N.C.
2. Charles Alexander b. 4/12/1932 Durham, N.C.

Claude Benjamin Goswick, Sr., son of Charles Thomas and Mollie E.(Barham) Goswick.
Mary Agnes (Sinclair) Goswick was the daughter of Alexander and Mary Margaret"Molly" (Cameron) Sinclair.


Claude Benjamin Goswick, Jr.  born 8/22/1929 Durham, N.C.
          children listed:
1. Richard
2. David
3. Cameron
4. Ben


Charles Alexander Goswick born 4/12/1932 Durham N.C.
(m)Mar.24,1962 Durham N.C.
 Betty Lee Ferrell born Dec. 06,1931 Durham, N.C.

Children Found
1. Bartley Holland Goswick born Feb.04,1960 Chapel Hill, N.C.

Charles Alexander Goswick, son of Claude Benjamin and Mary Agnes (Sinclair)
Goswick.  Betty Lee Ferrell is the daughter of Samuel Bennett and Marjorie Goldie
(Gattas) Ferrell.



Carl Raymond Goswick born May 10,1899 N.C. died June 23,1982 N.C.
(m) no record
Katherine McNeill  b. June 17,19?? Jefferson, N.C.  d: n/r

Children Listed:
1. Carl Raymond, Jr.   born May 23,1939 N.Wilkersboro,N.C.
2. Thomas Emmett      born May 19, 1941 N. Wilkersboro, N.C.
3. John Edmond           born Jan. 05,1944 Jefferson, N.C.
4. Peter Charles           born Jan.05,1948 Ashville, N.C.  [    Another Handsome Goswick   ]

Carl Raymond Goswick, son of Charles Thomas and Mollie E. (Barham) Goswick.  The information on Carl Raymond Goswick and children was supplied by Katherine (McNeill) Goswick.



Lucille Goswick born June 19,1909 Franklin Co.N.C.
(m)Ovt.23,1929 FCNC
Lawrence L. Wilder b.n/r died: May 31,1958

Children Listed
1. Larry L. born 8/13/1931 Franklin Co.N.C.
2. Mary A. born July 10,1932 FCNC
3. Melvin Lee born July 17,1935 FCNC

Lucille (Goswick) Wilder, dau  of Charles Thomas, and Mollie E. (Barham)Goswick.  Lawrence L. Wilder was the son of Lee and Addie (Anderson) Wilder.

Information supplied by Lucille (Goswick) Wilder.


 Mildred Goswick born ca. 1911 N.C. (married) Donald M. Burch

Mildred (Goswick) Burch, daughter of Charles Thomas and Mollie E. (Barham)


Any information as to birth,deaths, marriaes on the descendants of Charles Thomas
Goswick would be greatly appreciated. {kgk}

(more records to follow)


Henry Tucker Goswick b. Dec.29,1891 Franklin Co.N.C. died May 17,1971 Franklinton, N.C.
(m) Dec. 27,1922 Franklinton, N.C.
Hexey Wheeler b. Aug.25,1894 Franklin Co.N.C. d: Jan.15,1987 N.C.
1. Henry Tucker, Jr. born Dec. 09,1923 FCNC (m) Ann Varker
2.Garland Stewart b. Jul.24,1926 FCNC (m) Sue McAllister 
3. Joyce Elcanie b. Nov.01,1929 FCNC (m)Arnold McDuffie Roberts

Henry Tucker Goswick, son of Jason Turner and Annie Elizabeth (Winston) Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C..  His wife Hexie Wheeler was the daughter of Isaac Perry and Eleanie (Tharrington) Wheeler.




     FRANKLINTON -- Garland Steward Goswick, 72, of 439 S. Cheatham St., died May 11, 1999 in Rex Hospital. He was a retired postal employee, a veteran of World War II, member of the American Legion Post 52 and a member of Franklinton Baptist Church. He was the son of the late Hixie Wheeler and Henry Goswick.
     He was predeceased by a son, Mathew and a brother, Henry Tucker Goswick.
     Funeral service will be 2 p.m. Thursday, Sandling Funeral Home chapel with the Rev. Clyde L. Waiden, Jr. officiating. Burial, Fairview Cemetery.
     Surviving: son and daughter-in-law, Steward and Melodie Goswick of Youngsville; sister, Joyce G. Roberts of Franklinton; grandson, Jacob Goswick; several nieces and nephews.
     Family received friends 7-8:30 p.m. Wednesday at Sandling Funeral Home.



     LOUISBURG -- Joseph "Joe" Wright Goswick, 79, of 104 Lumpkin Blvd., Louisburg died Saturday, April 24, 1999 at his home. He served in the Army Air Corp during World War II. He also farmed in Franklin County most of his adult life. He was a member of Perry's Chapel Baptist Church.
     Funeral service will be held 2 p.m. Monday from the Perry's Chapel Baptist Church, conducted by the Rev. Robert O. Kantner, Jr. Burial will follow in the church cemetery.
     Surviving: wife, Eileen Bell Goswick of the home; two daughters, Sandra Goswick Rowe and husband William of Rocky Mt., Betty Jo Goswick and friend Joe Medlin of Louisburg; three sons, Ronnie Goswick and wife Lisa of Franklinton, Larry Goswick and wife Jane of Louisburg, Kenny Goswick of Jacksonville, Florida; brother, Tommy Goswick of Louisburg; 13 grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren.
     The family will receive friends Sunday from 7-9 p.m. at the Lancanster Funeral Home.
     In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Perry's Chapel Baptist Church, 894 Perry's Chapel Rd., Franklinton, NC 27525.



     FRANKLINTON -- Henry Tucker Goswick, 75, 212 Bullock St., died February 19, 1999 at Rex Hospital. He was a member of Franklinton Baptist Church, a retired supervisor in textile mfg., and was associated with Sandling Funeral Home.
     He was predeceased by his parents Hixie Wheeler & Henry Goswick.
     Funeral services will be 2 p.m. Sunday at Sandling Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Dupre Sanders officiating. Burial, Fairview Cemetery.
     Surviving: wife, Ann Goswick; daughter, Lynn Goswick of Lexington; sons, Wayne Goswick of Greenville, Jeff Goswick of Ayden, and Ronnie Goswick of Franklinton; sister, Joyce Roberts of Franklinton; brother, Garland Goswick of Franklinton; and nine grandchildren.
     The family will receive friends 7-8:30 p.m. Saturday at Sandling Funeral Home.


     BRODHEAD, WISCONSIN -- Melba Edwards Strickland Pierce, 76, died Friday, September 26, 1997. She was born July 3, 1921 and was the daughter of the late McNalcus Clyde Edwards and Annie Vick Edwards. She was a long time member of the First Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Professionally she served as a Licensed Practical Nurse and an Insurance agent and manager.
     She is predeceased by her brothers, Raymond Earl Edwards, Rasser Lee Edwards, Melvin Elmo Edwards, Willard Hugh Edwards, Johnnie Thomas Edwards; her sister, Effie Edwards Braswell; son, Bobby Joe Strickland; daughter, Sylvia Faye Strickland.
     She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Brenda S. and Don Olin of Brodhead, Wisconsin; son and daughter-in-law, Joseph H. and Judy L. Strickland of Knightdale; grandchildren, Paul Strickland, Kristin Olin, Jennifer Goswick (Jon), Lori Olin; great-grandchild, Brandon Goswick; sisters, Iva L. Edwards and Annie Clyde E. Banks of Spring Hope, Onnie E. Colthorpeof Wilmington.
     Funeral service will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday, October 1, 1997 at Johnson FuneralHome, Fairview Road, Rocky Mount, N.C. Graveside service will follow at Pineview Cemetery. Services will be conducted by Rev. William Grisham
     The family will receive friends from 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 30, 1997, Johnson Funeral Home, Fairview Road, Rocky Mount, N.C.



     SPRING HOPE -- Emma Holmes Mitchell, 86, of Spring Hope, died Sunday. A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at Bunn Cemetery in Bunn, NC. Mrs. Mitchell had been in declining health for several years, and recently had been hospitalized at Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount. But even as her health deteriorated, she continued to anticipate the coming of spring and summer. It irked her to no end that she was no longer able to plant her garden - including enough tomatoes to feed an army - and that she was forced to actually hire someone to cut the acre of lawn she tended herself until she was nearly 70.
     Mrs. Mitchell was born July 30, 1912, in Franklin County, to Anne Belle (Goswick )Holmes and Sam T. Holmes.. She had one brother, S.T. Holmes Jr.; and four sisters, Evie H. Jackson, Dorcas H. Haley, Patsy H. Proctor, and Reba H. Pulley. The family farmed in Granville and Franklin counties, and later at Biddytoe farm near Spring Hope. She graduated Bunn High School in 1932, and attended nursing school, but left before completing her training and married Millard B. Mitchell of Bunn. The couple moved to Spring Hope, where he worked at R.I. Mitchell and Sons Lumber Co. They had three daughters, Jacqueline Louise, Treva Ann, and Frances Diane. Having three girls all born six years apart, Mrs. Mitchell often joked that she had reared three generations of teenagers. For more than 20 years, she hauled her girls and their friends back and forth to school, band practices, basketball practices, class play practices, Sunday School, church, MYF, the movies, the Teenage Club, and each others' homes. She grade-mothered and chaperoned She endured dance band practice in her living room, mobs of teenagers which regularly descended on her kitchen like flocks of starving birds waiting to be fed, a parade of pets, none of which ever seemed to get housebroken, and the racket of three eras of rock and roll music blasting from radios and record players. At the same time, she prided herself on keeping her house spotlessly clean and having three hot meals on the table every day, seven days a week. The only convenience food she ever tried was cake mix, and whenever she gave in and bought a box, she insisted the cake tasted like cardboard and that was absolutely the last time she would do such a thing.
     Mrs. Mitchell was a long-time member of Gibson Memorial United Methodist Church, where she taught youth and adult Sunday school and was active in church circles. She once figured that she and her sister, Evie Jackson, had cooked enough food for church functions over the years to fill the building. After the Mitchells were divorced in 1962, Mrs. Mitchell worked for a local manufacturing company and finished rearing her two younger daughters. After suffering a heart attack in 1971, she was forced to leave her job. She spent the rest of life at home, happily cooking, cleaning, and gardening as long as she could. In recent years, Mrs. Mitchell's youngest daughter, Diane ("Charlie"), lived with her and devoted herself to her mother's care.
     Mrs. Mitchell is survived by her daughter, Diane ("Charlie") Mitchell, of the home; daughter, Treva and son-in-law, Bill Jones, and beloved "grand-dog" Bubba of Raleigh; daughter, Jackie and son-in-law, Ronald Fisher; and grandson, Gene Fisher, all of Florida; and one sister, Reba H. Pulley of Pine Level.
     There will be no visitation at the funeral home, in accordance with "Miss Emma's" wishes. The family will great friends after the service at the graveside.
     Flowers are welcomed, or those who wish to do so may make a donation in memory of "Miss Emma" to the Johnston County SPCA, Inc., 720 Durham St., Clayton, NC 27520.


     FRANKLINTON -- Lucille Goswick Wilder , 89, died April 23, 1999 at Louisburg Nursing Center. She was a member of Perry's Chapel Baptist Church. She was predeceased by her husband, Lawrence Wilder. Funeral service will be 11 a.m. Monday, Perry's Chapel Baptist Church with Rev. Robert Kantner officiating. Burial, church cemetery.
     Surviving: daughter, Mary Ann Hagwood of Franklinton; sons and daughters-in-law, Larry and Patricia Wilder, Melvin Lee and Jean Wilder, all of Franklinton; eight grandchildren; six great-grandchildren.
     Family will receive friends 7-8:30 p.m. Sunday at Sandling Funeral Home; other times at the home of Mary Ann Hagwood.


     LOUISBURG -- Earlie Joseph Tillotson,76, died Thursday (Aug. 28, 1997) in Duke Medical Center. He was preceded in death by Betty Grey Bartholomew Tillotson.
     Graveside service will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. from the Oakwood Cemetery conducted by the Dr.Larry Williams.
     Surviving: daughters, Anita T. Toney, and husband Charles L. Toney Jr., Louisburg, Marcia Tillotson of Charlotte; sister, Lola T. Goswick of Franklinton; grandson; C.L. Toney; granddaughter, Liz Toney.
     The family will receive friends 7-8:30 p.m. Saturday at Lancaster Funeral Home.
     Memorials can be made to the Louisburg Baptist Church.


5/08/1998 Durham Co.N.C. births:
Angela Gilleland and Aaron Goswick, 750 Cooke Road, Louisburg a son March 24

1/22/99  Wake Co.N.C. Wake Med.
Mr. and Mrs. Garland Steward Goswick II (Melodie Anderson), Youngsville, a son, Jan. 11._


William Soloman Goswick born Jan.27,1882 Franklin Co.N.C. died: Oct.12,1958 Franklin Co.N.C.
(m) Dec.31,1907 Franklin Co.N.C.
Luna Grey Conyers born May 21,1881 N.C. d: Jul.30,1996 Franklin Co.N.C.
1. William Thomas Goswick b. Oct. 27,1910 F.C.N.C. (m) Mary Grey Perry
2. Henry Clarence Goswick born May 09,1913 (m) Annie Mildred Campbell
3. Robert Turner Goswick born Sep.10.1915 d:Apr.23,1983 (m) Nettie Irene Reynolds
4. Joseph Wright Goswick born Oct.31,1919 Franklin Co.N.C. (m) Virginia Eileen Bell

William Soloman Goswick was the son of Jason Turner and Annie Elizabeth (Winston) Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C.



Marriages of Franklin Co.N.C.Goswick's
1816, Jan.19, James Goswick (m) Mrs. Rebecca (Boone) Goswick (widow of George) Joseph Goswick,Sr. bondsman
1821, Dec.14, Jemima Goswick (m) Thomas Ascue (James Goswick bondsman) (Go to James Goswick/Gossett)
1824, Jan.07, Nicholas Jeffry Goswick (m) Tempernace "Tempy" Murray (Go to Nicholas Jeffery Goswick's page)
1825, Jan.06 Jason Goswick & Sarah "Sally" Felts
1825,Dec.19, Quiller Goswick (m) Martha Sumner (Go to Quiller Goswick)
1828, Dec.15, John Goswick (m) Polly (Mary) Wright (Go to John Gossett)
1836, Nov.15, Josephus Goswick (m) Aba/Ada Burnette (Go to Josephus Goswick/Gossett)
1850, Dec.02, Elizabeth Goswick & Edward Power
1851,Dec.17, Lucy Goswick (m) Guilford W. Rudd
1851, Sep.28 Elisha Goswick (m) Emily "Betsy" Murray
1855, Aug.15, Soloman Goswick & Mrs. Nancy (Burnette) Hamm
1859, Oct.06, Caroline Goswick & Isaac W. Hight
1859, Dec.10, James P. Goswick (m) Maria Swanson (Go to Nicholas Jeffery Goswick's page)
1865, Apr.27, John Goswick (m) Mary Perry   
1866, Dec.08, Sally Goswick (m) Roberth H. Wynne
1867, Dec.10, Louisa Goswick (m) W.H.M. Hester
1873, Oct.25, Lucy Rudd  (m) Isaac H. Hight
1879, Dec.16, Jason Turner Goswick & Annie Elizabeth Winston
1891, Dec.08, Charles Thomas Goswick (m) Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Barham
1900, Dec.26, Mary Louie Goswick & Alonza Theador "Bud" Beddingfield
1906, June27, Katie Estelle Goswick (m) Newton Alexander Tunstall
1907, Dec.31, William Soloman Goswick & Luna Grey Conyers
1908/9 ??  Anna Belle Goswick (m) Samuel Tarleton Holmes
1918, Mar.24, Elie Gason Goswick (m) Susan Augusta Wynn
1918,Apr.07, Arthur L. Goswick (m) Lillie Harrison White
1922,Dec.27, Henry Tucker Goswick (m) Hexey Wheeler
1922,Jul.23, John Frank Goswick (m) Lola Tillotson
1926, May 15, Claude Benjamin Goswick (m) Mary Agnes Sinclair (Durham N.C.)
1929, Oct.23, Lucille Goswick (m) Lawrence L. Wilder
1938, June. 04, Henry Clarence Goswick & Annie Mildred Campbell
1944, June.04, Robert Turner Goswick & Nettie Irene Reynolds(married Selma, Ala.)
1945, July 06, Joseph Wright Goswick & Virginia Eileen Bell ( Dillon, South Carolina)
1946, Sep,21, William Thomas Goswick & Mary Grey Perry


William H. Goswick b.ca. 1842 Franklin Co.N.C. d: n/r  (left will dated July 31,1886)
(m) n/r
B.J.  (initials only in will)
         no mention of children.

1870 Franklin Co. N.C. Haysville Township listed:

Wm. H. goswick (head of household) age 27 (b.ca. 1843)
Lucy Goswick (sister) age 35 (b.ca.1835)
Emily Goswick (sister) age 30 (b.ca. 1840)
Mary "Patty" Goswick (sister) age 28 (b.ca.1842)
Georgianna Goswick (sister) age 20 (b.ca.1850)

William H. Goswick mentions his wife B.J. and leaves her as his exec., also mentions his unmarried sisters, Emily & Georgianna Goswick..  Wills book U page 485, Franklin Co.N.C..  Witnesses were: W.P. Clegg,  & Wm. H. Mitchell.

1900 Franklin Co. N.C. census Franklinton Township Dist 42
hh# 312 Image 34

Charley Goswick born June 1859 age 40
Mollie born May 1876 age 24
Claude (son) born aug. 1893 age 6
Charley M. (son) born May 1895 age 5
Melvin Lee (son) born Aug. 1896 age 3
baby son (not named) born May 1899 age 1

1900 FCNC Franklinton Twp.Dist 42 Image 35 and 36
hh# 297

Jason Goswick born April 1859 age 41   (view 1910 census)
Annie born Sep. 1857 age 43
Soloman (son) born Jan. 1882 age 18  (view 1910 census)
Anna B. (dau) born Sep.1886 age 14
Estelle C. (dau) born Jan.1889 age 11
Henry (son) born Dec. 1891 age 9
Jason E. (son) born Dec. 1892 age 8
Arthur L. (son) born Apr. 1896 age 4


1900 Franklin Co.NC Goldmine Township

Jayne Goswick born Jan.1825 N.C. age 75
Mary Perry (boarder) black female,  born Apr.1881 age 19
(Note: Jayne Goswick has been listed as daughter of Jason, but since she is living with Elijah Goswick's son "Thomas" in 1880 as "Aunt", she is most likely the daughter of Nicholas Jefferson "Jeffery" & Tempy Goswick.  There may also be two different "Jayne" Goswick's.  Note the will of Jeffery Goswick where he mentions his daughters.

1900 FCNC Goldmine Twp.
hh# 5 page 1 online census film

Ed Goswick born Apr.1848 age 52 ( this age is way off also as he was born 1856)
Allice born Sep.1866 age 34   Alice was only 21, not 34
Henry (son) born Apr.1897 age 3 (view 1910 and 1930 of Henry B. Goswick)
Obit of Alice O. Goswick died July 25, 1922 Durham N.C. age 42 (OBIT)

1910 Durham N.C. Durham Twp>
Mary A. Woodlier age 56 widow
Howard/Howell ? (son) age 23
Daisy (dau) age 21
Alice O.  Goswick age 30 (daughter) Widow NOTE: obit of Alice O. Goswick above.
Henry B. Goswick age 13 b.ca. 1897 (grandson) 1930 living with g-mother)

1930 Hillsboro, Orange Co. N.C
Henry B. Goswick age 26 born ca. 1904 living in home of grandmother Mary Woodlief age 75.




Hester's on Family Tree Maker
William H. & Louisa Virginia (Goswick) Hester

Descendants of Henry Hester

      54. Paulina Jane4 Hester (John Stovall3, James2, Henry1) was born February 05, 1846 in Elk
Prairie Township, Jefferson County, IL, and died December 27, 1927 in Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson
County, IL30. She married Leonard S. F. Coffman August 25, 1866 in Jefferson County, IL31, son of
Leonard Coffman and Phoebe Davenport.

Notes for Paulina Jane Hester:
Shown in 1870 Illinois Census for Jefferson County IL, Page 165. At that time Leonard was 21 and
Paulina (Perlina) was 23. Two children are listed: Edward age 3 and William age 9 mos. Obituary from
Ina Observer Jan 1928 showing she died lists four children who died young: Vernie, Dora Florence,
Zyphia Victoria and John. Other Children listed are Samuel T., William L., Edward L., Isaac G and Mrs.
Fleta Woefel.

More About Paulina Jane Hester:
Fact 1: December 27, 1827, Died age 81, 9 months and 21 days

Children of Paulina Hester and Leonard Coffman are:


                        Florence Dora5 Coffman, died Bef. 1928 in Jefferson County, IL.


                        Hattie Coffman.


                        Vernie Coffman, died Bef. 1928 in Jefferson County, IL.

                        Edward Leslie Coffman, born June 15, 1867 in Elk Prairie Township,
                        Jefferson County, IL; died December 31, 1947 in Jefferson County, IL.


                        William L. Coffman, born September 1869 in Jefferson County, IL; died
                        1948 in Jefferson County, IL. He married Jannie Taylor September 15,
                        1928 in Jefferson County, IL32.

                     Notes for William L. Coffman:
                     Burial Kirk Cemetary near Ina, IL


                        Zyphia Victoria Coffman, born Abt. 1872; died Bef. 1928 in Jefferson
                        County, IL. She married Leon Corles May 31, 1891 in Jefferson County,

                        Isaac Granville Coffman, born June 11, 1877 in Elk Prairie Township,
                        Jefferson County, IL; died January 1975 in Bloomington, McLean Co, IL.

                        Martha Fleta Coffman, born Abt. 1879 in Jefferson County, IL; died Abt.
                        1929 in Jefferson County, IL.

                        Samuel T Coffman, born July 23, 1882 in Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson
                        County, IL; died 1949.


                        John Coffman, born Abt. 1885 in Jefferson County, IL; died Bef. 1928 in
                        Jefferson County, IL. He married Carrie E. Wyatt April 08, 1909 in
                        Jefferson County, IL32.

      55. John Stovall "Abner"4 Hester (John Stovall3, James2, Henry1) was born September 04,
1847 in Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson County, IL33, and died August 13, 1939 in Mt. Vernon,
Jefferson County, IL33. He married (1) Susan Bean April 23, 1874 in Jefferson County, IL. He married
(2) Helen Adelaide Joy November 19, 1890 in Jefferson County, IL34, daughter of Samuel Joy and
Elizabeth Shaffer.

Notes for John Stovall "Abner" Hester:
John Stovall Hester was born after his father's death. He is shown on the census records in 1850, 1860,
1870 and 1880. His first wife, Susan A. Bean, died soon after the birth of their first child approximately
2 years after their marriage and she is believed to be buried in Abner Cemetary located between Nason
and Ina, Illinois in Elk Prairie Township in Jefferson County, IL. It is not known whether the child lived
for any lenght of time although the funeral eulogy indicates it died a fiew months after birth. John
remained single living with his mother Patsy and working the original homestead until 1890 when he
married Helen Adelaide Bagby nee Joy. John and family are listed in 1900 and 1910 census. 1910 census
shows John age 62 born IL, Helen A, age 53, born TX. Children listed are Martha, age 18, Ruth age 16,
William age 14 and Juanita age 10. Another daughter Ruby is believed to have died in infancy. This was
confirmed by Martha before she died.

Around 1915 the house caught fire and the family lost everything. John and Addie, however, remained
on the farm living in a converted outbuilding. Both remained their until shortly before their deaths.

Notes for Helen Adelaide Joy:
Helen Adelaide Joy was born in Texas. Her family is listed in the 1860 census as living in Pendleton
Township, Jefferson County, IL. Family stories indicate she remembered walking behind the wagon
when they came back to Illinois from Texas. Whether this is true is questionable since she was only 3 or
4 at the time. Addie might have been relating an older sibling's story. At the time of her marriage to John,
Addie had two children from her first marriage to Thomas Bagby - Charles born Aug 1881 and Grover
born Dec 1885. I believe another Bagby child was born who died since Helen shows 9 children born and
6 living.In the 1900 census Addie shows she had 9 children of which 6 lived. The living are Charles and
Grover BAGBY, Martha, Ruth, William and Juanita Hester. One daugther Ruby, died in infancy per
Martha Hester IHMELS. The birth certificate dated 1881 for a male Bagby child gives no name so I am
assuming this is Charles, however, it could be a child that died.

Child of John Hester and Susan Bean is:


                       Infant5 Hester, born 1875-1877 in Jefferson County, IL; died 1875-1877 in
                       Jefferson County, IL.

Children of John Hester and Helen Joy are:

                        Martha Jane5 Hester, born August 19, 1891 in Elk Prairie Township,
                        Jefferson County, IL; died February 15, 1978 in Belleville, St. Clair County,

                        Ruth Pearl Hester, born May 19, 1893 in Ina, Jefferson Co, IL; died
                        November 09, 1974 in Benton, Franklin Co, Il.

                        William Gordon Hester, born March 04, 1895 in Elk Prairie Township,
                        Jefferson County, IL; died April 26, 1972 in Elgin, Cook Co, Il.

                        Juanita Hester, born November 20, 1899 in Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson
                        County, IL; died January 11, 1992 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, IL.


                        Ruby Hester, born Abt. 1900 in Jefferson County, IL; died Abt. 1900 in
                        Jefferson County, IL.


      56. William H.4 Hester, Jr. (William Henry3, Judith2, Henry1)35 was born 1847 in NC, and
died 1913. He married Louie Virginia Goswick December 10, 1867 in Franklin Co, NC.

Notes for William H. Hester, Jr.:
Listed in 1850 Granville Co NC Census in household of Henry and Harriet Edwards.

Children of William Hester and Louie Goswick are:


                       James Walter5 Hester35, born October 28, 1868; died November 20, 1932.


                       Sarah A. Hester, born April 13, 1870; died April 1926. She married
                       Unknown Rhodes.


                       Eula Irene Hester, born April 15, 1872; died July 13, 1946. She married
                       Unknown Gill.


                       Thomas Henry Hester, born July 03, 1874; died May 20, 1949.


                       William Jason Hester, born June 07, 1876; died May 20, 1932.


                       Francis Eugene Hester, born July 22, 1879; died April 13, 1945.


                       Joseph Robert Hester, born October 23, 1881; died August 27, 1965. He
                       married Ava Hester.


                       Emily Virginia Hester, born March 04, 1884; died Aft. 1965. She married
                       Oscar Griswold.


                       Hubert Person Hester, born November 11, 1889; died October 13, 1923.


1880 Franklin Co.N.C. Hayseville, Dist.

W.H. Hester age 35
Louise age 32
J. Walter age 11
Sarah age 9
Eula S. age 7
Thomas H age 5
William J. age 3
Frances (male) age 1

I.H. Hight age 45
Lucy M. age 43
Lucy A. age 15
Martha L age 9
Emily Goswick age 35
Georgia Ann goswick age 28


1920 Prince George Va. Camp Lee Jan. 23rd.
Charles M. "Milton" Goswick age 24 (single) born N.C. Parents N.C. First Sergant, USArmy
(son of Charles Thomas Goswick)



June 15, 1880 Warren Co NC Forks Twp. Dist 290 Image 26
hh# 210
Nancy Gossett age 45 born ca. 1835 NC  (view 1860 census) 1870  1880  1900
Charley (son) age 17 born ca. 1863 NC (view 1900 census)
Mittie Ann (dau) age 12
Victoria (dau) age 9
Carey (son) age 7 b.ca. 1873

Note: altho this family is listed as: Gossett, the descendants go by GOSWICK.


1870 Warren Co.NC Township 8, P.O. Littleton
Pg 9 hh# 59
Nathana Gossip age 35 b.ca.  (view 1860) 1870 c (view 1880 census) view 1900 census
John HAM age 19 NC b.ca. 1851
Jacob GOSSIP age 14 b/ca/ 1856 (this is Jason Turner Goswick) (view 1880 census) view 1900 c
King GOSSIP  age 9 b.ca. 1861 (according to family this is Kendrid (sp)Goswick(married ElizaBunn)
Charles GOSSIP age 6 b.ca. 1864 (this is Charles Thomas Goswick) (view 1880 and 1900 census)
Maria GOSSIP age 2 b.ca. 1868

Census has this family listed as Gossip, and Gossett, but they are GOSWICK.


1880 Franklin Co.NC Dist 87 Image 47  (view 1900 census)
hh# 346
Jason Goswick age 24 b. ca. 1856 NC
Annie age 22 b. ca. 1858
Mary L. (dau) age 1 born ca. 1879 NC



1900 Franklin Co.NC Franklinton Twp. Image 34
hh# 312
Charley Goswick age 40 born ca, Jan. 1859 NC (view 1860 census)(view 1870 census) (view 1880 census)
Mollie (wife) born May 1876 age 24
Claud (son) age 6 born Aug. 1893
Charley (son) age 5 born Mar. 1895
Melvin (son) age 3 born Aug. 1896
Baby son  born Mar 1899 age 1 (not named)??

Note these ages may not correspond to birth dates recorded by census takers>


1900 Vance Go.NC Kittrell Dist 86 Image 13
hh# 117
Isaac H. Hight age 68 NC
Lucy M. (wife) age 60
Pattie L. (dau) age 29 single
Emily Goswick (sister in law) age 59


April 25, 1910 Franklin Co.NC. Franklinton Twp. Dist 24
hh#4 Image 10
William S. Goswick age 28 born ca. 1882 NC. (view 1920 census)
Luna G. (wife) age 29 NC.
Arthur L. (brother) age 14 b.ca. 1896 NC

hh#29 Image 4 Franklinton Twp. 1900 census  (view 1920 census)
Jason Goswick age 56 born N.C.
Annie (wife) age 53 NC
Henry (son) age 18 NC
Eley T. (son) age 17 NC
Frank (son) age 8 NC

1920 FranklinCoNC Dist 26
page 3 hh# 20
Jason Goswick age 63 born N.C.
Annie age 62 NC
Henry (son) age 28 (single)
Eli (son) age 26 (married)
Susie (dau-in-Law) age 26 (married)
Frank (son) age 19 (single)

hh# 14
William S. Goswick age 37 NC
Luna age 37 NC
Tommie age 8
Henry C. age 6
Robert T. age 4
Joseph W. age 3 months



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