Goswick Genealogies

by: Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore

John Goswick Sr.

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Joseph W. Goswick 1726
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 John Goswick b.ca.1770  died after 1842 Franklin Co.N.C.(m) ? (?) (?)

combines 1810-20-30-40 Franklin Co.N.C. census (note census findings below)
1. Jason  Goswick                        b.     1798 N.C.
2. Nicholas Jefferson "Jefrey"  b.      1800 N.C.
3. a daughter                              b.ca. 1803 N.C.
4. John Goswick, Jr.              b.ca. 1805 N.C
5. Turner W.                         b. ca.1810/11 N.C.

John Goswick must have moved to Union S.C. about or before 1820 and may be found as "Goset" or Gossett in S.C.. 1830 Franklin Co.N.C. he can be found as Goswick & Gossett.

 1810 Franklin Co.N.C. census,
 John Goswick 20/30

female (wife)
1 male 10/15
2 males u/10
1 female u/10

1820 John Goswick missing from Franklin Co.N.C

1830 Franklin Co.N.C. Roll M19-120 Bledsoes District
John Gossit 60/70 years of age
1 female 60/70 years of age
(neighbors are Thomas Askew and Henry Yarbrough)

1840 Franklin Co.N.C.
Living in Household of Jason Goswick is one male 60/70 years of age which is believed to be John Goswick, Senior.


Turner W. Goswick born ca. 1810/11 Franklin Co.N.C. died aft. 1856 Helena, Ark.
(m) (possibly twice)
(m) Mrs. K/Catherine (?) Grimmett born 1825 Alabama died n/r Yell Co. Ark.

children: Adopted daughter Nancy Sophia Grimmett (see Turner W.Goswicks will)

Turner W.Goswick was the son of John Goswick, Sr. of Franklin Co. North Carolina.  In his
will of 1856 he mentions his brother "Jason" Goswick of Franklin Co. North Carolin.


1. Nancy Sophia Grimmitt Goswick (adopted) b.1844 Ar. d:betw 1881-1894 Ar.
    married: Dec.01,1867 Yell Co.Arkansas
    Absalom M. Cornelious b. 1838 Mo. died betw. 1894 & 1900
            children listed:
    1. Martha Cartherine Cornelious b.1868 Yell Co.Ar. (m) James K. King
    2. Margaret Lou Cornelious b. 1870 Yell Co. Ar. (m) John Ellis
    3. Laura Cornelious b. 1874 Yell Co.Ar. (m) Haden H. King
    4. Wilburn Cornelious b. June.11,1876 Yell Co.Ar. (m) Melvina Tennessee Ellis
    5. Arthur Cornelious b. Jan.18,1881 Yell Co. Ar. (m) Lydia Ellen (Ellis) Barbee


All information on the Cornelious family was supplied by Naomi Vanita (Vickery)
Cornelious of Coweta, Oklahoma.


Update:March 23,1998


1850 Anderson Co.Tn.A-23 & 1860 Anderson Co.Tn. A-88
This John Gossett, is possibly John Goswick,Jr.b.1805 N.C.

John Gossett age 51 born N.C. 1799 (age 55 in 1860)
Betsy age 39 born in Tn. ca. 1811(age 47 in 1860)
Peggy age 17 born 1833 (missing in 1860)
Bird age 15 born ca. 1835  (married in 1860)
Caroline age 13 b. ca. 1837  (missing in 1860)
Alexander age 11 b.ca.1839  (age 23 in 1860)
James age 8 born ca. 1842  (age 17 in 1860)
Susy age 6 born ca, 1844  (age 15 in 1860)
Katherine age 4 born ca, 1846   (age 13 in 1860)
Elizabeth C. age 2 born ca. 1848  (missing in 1860)
Anna (1860 c.) age 10 born ca. 1850
Jane (1860 c) age 8 born ca. 1852
Joseph (1860 c.) age 3 born ca. 1857

It is believed that this John Gossett is the John Goswick, Jr. born ca.1805 in Franklin Co. N.C.     John Gossett b.ca. 1799/1805 was listed in the 1840 Tn. census and by this 1850 census he is missing one male child who may be: Frederick Gosewisch/Goswick in C.W..

Franklin Co. North Carolina marriages list a John Goswick married Dec. 15, 1827 Polly Wright.  Polly could be: Mary, and Polly's name may have been Mary Elizabeth, and the nickname for Elizabeth is also "Betty/Betsy".


1860 Anderson Co.Tn. A-157

BIRD GOSSETT age 23 born ca. 1835
Katherine (wf) age 29 born ca. 1831
Elizabeth (dau) age 1 born ca.1857 Tn.


BIRD GOSWICK IS BURIED STEWART CO. TN. NATIONAL CEMETERY.  HE DIED IN CIVIL WAR, AND HIS HEADSTONE SHOWS THE NAME BIRD GOSWICK, AND THAT HE WAS BORN IN KY..  (I have a picture of this headstone which was taken by James and Libbie (Clough) Goswick while they were traveling around the country side in Tn.).{kgk} (go to picture)   Bird Goswick appears to be son of George and Jane Goswick of Logan & Hopkins Co.Ky.  Bird Goswell?/Goswick, married Dec.14,1858 Mary Anderson in Logan Co. Ky.

Civil war pension of Bird Goswick (found in Ancestry.com)
Bird Goswick...widow, Mary A.E.
minors: Niclis???(unlegable), James & M. Ada/Ida or M. AE??? these children born between 1859 and 1864.

Bird Goswick enlisted Union Army Aug.05,1862 Russellville,Logan Co. Ky. died Dec.31,1862 Hopkinsville, Trigg Co.Ky. Buried Stewart Co.Tn. National Cemetery.

Ky 8th Cav.



1880 Scott Co. Tn. soundex film:
Alexander Gossett age 41 b.ca.1839 (note Alexander under John)
Maggie age 25 born ca., 1855
John W. age 11 born ca. 1869
James age 9 born ca. 1871
Thomas R. age 6 born ca. 1874
Edward age 5 born ca. 1875
Frederick age 2 born ca. 1878
Burdie (fe) age 1 born ca. 1879
W.S. GREAVES (male) age 24 living in household.

This Alexander Gossett appears to be the son of John and Betsy Gossett of Anderson Co. Tn., also note that Alexander has a daughter named 'Burdie", and a son named 'Fredrick".

A Frederick Gosewitch/Goswick (listed both ways) enlisted in Civil War in 1862 at Bollinger Co. Mo. (I have c/w records on him){kgk}, This Frederick Gosewisch/Goswick may have been another son of John and Betsy Gossett of Anderson Co. Tn..

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