Goswick Genealogies

by: Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

Matthias Goswick
some of his descendants

Joseph Goswick,Jr.


Matthias Goswick born Nov.09,1791 Franklin Co.N.C. d: n/r (possibly Dawson Co.Ga.) (View 1850C)
(m) ca. 1814 N.C.
Elizabeth "Betsy" Goswick born Aug.20,1789 Va/N.C. died n/r(possibly Dawson Co.Ga.)
         children found:
1. Thomas Goswick b. Nov.07,1815 Anderson Co.S.C. (m) Lucinda Conaway  VIEW 18501900 Census
2. Delitha Goswick b.ca. 1821 S.C. (m) David Blalock
3. Margaret Goswick b.ca. 1822 (m) Malachi Burns (descendant)Rebecca Giles
4. Louisa Maria b.ca. 1832 (m) lst.Wm. H. Keith, 2nd. (?) Lanley

Lumpkin Co.Ga. marriages

Margaret Goswick (m) Oct.05,1835 Malicha Burns
Delitha Goswick (m) Oct.15,1837 David Blalock
Thomas Goswick (m) Oct.18,1838 Lucinda Conaway (marriage is listed as:GASWICK,THOMAS)
Louisa Maria Goswick (m) lst. Oct.11,1846 William H. Keith

Matthias Goswick is listed on Franklin Co.N.C. land tax list in 1814 next to Joseph Goswick,Jr.  By 1820 Matthias and Joseph (listed as "Gossett") are in Union Co.S.C..  By 1830 Matthias "Goswick" is in Hall Co.Ga. (also James Gossett who married Keziah Reed), 1840 & 50 in Lumpkin Co.Ga., 1860 & 70 in Dawson Co.Ga..  No research on Matthias Goswick after 1870 Dawson Co.Ga..{kgk} Matthias Goswick married his first cousin "Elizabeth" "Betsy" Goswick daughter of George Goswick who died 1812.  In 1850 her Nephew "Martin" Goswick, son of her brother Thomas Goswick b. 1795 was living in household with her family.

  1850 Lumpkin Co.Ga. Savanna Dist.  (view 1860 census of M Goswick)
Madison Goswick age 60 born N.C. ca. 1790(This is Matthias Goswick) (view 1870 census)
Elizabeth age 61 born ca. 1789 N.C.(Elizabeth "Betsy"Goswick, dau of George Goswick of N.C.)
Louise?Louis (male)age 18 born N.C. ca. 1832(This may be Louisa Maria dau of Matthias)
Martha age 27 born ca. 1823 S.C.
Martin age 18 born ca. 1832 S.C.(son of Thomas & Elizabeth PRUITT Goswick of Paulding Co.Ga.)


Nov. 30, 1850 Lumpkin Co.Ga. Savannah dist, Image page 1
hh# 6
Madison GOSWICK age 60 NC
Elizabeth age 61 NC
Lewis (m) age 18 NC
Martha age 27 SC
Martin age 17 Sc
Thomas GOSWICK age 35 SC
Lucinda ge 33 SC
John age 11 Ga
Sarah age 7 Ga
Arminna/Andrew (listed fe) age 5 Ga
Marian age 3 Ga (male)
Cyntha (fe) age 1 Ga

  1850 Lumpkin Co. Ga. Savanna  District  M432 Roll 76
David Blalock age 40 born S.C.
Telitha (Delitha) age 29 b.ca. 1821 S.C.
Francis age 12 b.ca. 1838 Ga.
Benjamin age 11 b.ca. 1839 Ga.
Elizabeth age 10 b.ca. 1840 Ga.
Martha age 4 b.ca. 1846 Ga.
Lucinda Green age 42 born ca. 1808 Ga. (in household with David and Delitha 1850 Census)

1870 Dawsonville, Dawson Co.Ga. census Town Township (view 1880 census)
Matthias Goswick age 80 born in N.C.
Elizabeth age 81 born in N.C.
Louisa Goswick age 38 born in Ga. born ca. 1832
Walter Goswick age 5 born in Ga.(son of Louisa)

1880 Dawson Co.Ga. Dawsonville District 42 E.D.42
Household #89
Matthias Goswick age 89 born N.C. Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Elizabeth (wife) age 90 born N.C. Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Louisa Keith (daughter) age 49 born Ga. Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Walter Keith (son) age 15 born Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
O.W. Smith age 26 (day laborer) born Ga. Father N.C. Mother N.C.



Thomas Goswick b. NOv.07,1815 Anderson Co.S.C. died aft. 1900 Dawson Co.Ga. View 1850C
Married lst.Oct.18,1838 Lumpkin Co.Ga. Married 2nd. June 22,1898 Hall Co.Ga.
lst.marriage:Lucinda Conaway b. 8/20/1818 S.C. died aft.1880 Dawson Co.Ga.(view 1870 census)
2nd marriage: Rebecca D. Park/e born Aug.1838 N.C. died: Feb.06,1931 Hall Co.Ga.

         children found:
1. John W.Goswick born 9/11/1839 Lumpkin Co.Ga. (m) Margaret Castleberry
2. Sarah Goswick b.ca. 1843 Lumpkin Co.GA.
3. Ammira/Andrew born 1845 Lumpkin Co. Ga.
4. Francis Marion born Jan.22,1849 Lumpkin Co.Ga.
5. Cynthia born ca. 1850 Lumpkin Co.Ga.(m)lst.? (m) 2nd. Martin Goswick b.1833(go to Martin)
6. Elizabeth b.ca. 1851 Dawsonville,Ga.
7. Mary born ca. 1854 Dawsonville,Ga.
8. George Washington b. 12/1857 Dawsonville,Ga.
9. Margaret born ca. 1860 Dawsonville,Ga.

Thomas Goswick was the only son of Matthias & Elizabeth "Betsy" (Goswick) Goswick.  According to descendants of Thomas and Lucinda (Conaway) Goswick, Lucinda Conaway was the daughter of John born N.C. and Cinthia  (born in Holland)(?) Conaway.   John Conaways father was born in England.  Lucinda Conaway had 4 sisters and 2 brothers (names unknown). Thomas Goswick served in war.  View info.

1850 Lumpkin Co.Ga.  (View 1860 census)
Thomas Goswick age 35 b.S.C. 1815
Lucinda age 33 b.S.C.
John age 11 b.Ga.
Sarah age 7 b. Ga.
Ammira/Andrew ? age 5 b.Ga.
Francis age 3 b.Ga.
Cynthia age (3 months old) (married Martin Goswick, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Pruitt)Goswick

1860 Dawson Co.Ga. Savannah District P.O. Dawsonville, Ga. (View 1870 census)

Thomas Goswick age 43 (occupation "miner") born S.C.
Lucinda age 40 born S.C.
John age 20 born S.C.ca. 1840 (miner)
Sarah age 16 born Ga. ca. 1844

Andrew age 15 born Ga. ca. 1845
Marion (Francis Marion) age 12 born Ga. ca. 1848

Cynthia age 10 born Ga. ca. 1850
Elizabeth age 9 born Ga. ca. 1851
Mary age 6 born Ga. ca. 1854
George Washington age 3 born Ga. ca. 1857

1870 Dawson Co.Ga. Savannah District. P.O. Dawsonville (View 1880 census)
Thomas Goswick age 51 born N.C. ca. 1819
Lucinda age 49 born S.C.
Sarah age 28 born Ga.
Cynthia age 22 born Ga.
Eliza age 18 born Ga.
Mary age 16 born Ga.
George age 14 born Ga.
Margaret age 10 born Ga.

1880 Dawson Co.Ga. Savannah Dist. 43  (view 1900 census)
Household # 235
Thos Goswick age 64 S.C. father N.C. Mother N.C.
Lucinda (wife) age 63 S.C. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Mary (dau) age 23 born Ga.
Margaret (dau) age 18 born Ga.



1900 Hall Co.Georgia, Wilson Township Dist 77
Thomas Goswick born Nov. 1815 S.C. age 84 (married 32 years) Father born N.C. Mother born N.C.
Rebecca D. (Park/e) wife, age 62, born Aug. 1838 N.C. Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Carrie Mooney  (one of the family) age 19 born Aug. 1881 Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.

Thomas and Rebecca D. Parke Goswick were married after 1880.  Rebecca D. Goswick died Feb. 06,1931 Hall Co.Ga.  Rebecca D. Goswick filed for pension of Thomas Goswick. View Info.


John Goswick born 9/11/1839 Lumpkin Co.Ga. d:3/27/1922 Atlanta,Ga. (Go to John Goswick's c/w papers)  (View 1870 C) (View 1880 C) (1900 census) (View 1910 census for John Goswick) (view 1920 census)
(m) 1861 GA.       (view pic)
Margaret Castleberry b.11/03/1839 Ga. d:10/27/1910 Atlanta,Ga.
    children found:
1. Robert Elbert H. Goswick b. 1862 Ga.
2. Marion James Wesley Goswick b. 3/3/1865 Alpharetta,Ga.
3. William Ellis "Billy" Goswick b. Jan.08,1868 Alpharetta,Ga.
4. Henry A. Goswick b.ca. 1871 Alpharetta,Ga.
5. John Thomas "Tom" Goswick born May 25,1873 Alpharetta,Ga.
6. Freddy Goswick b.ca. 1875 Alpharetta,Ga. (View 1910 census for Freddy (F.E.Goswick)

Picture taken about 1900 in Alpharetta, Ga. of John W. & Margaret (Castleberry) Goswick, and supplied by H.L."Mick" Pope,Jr  in 2006 who is a great great grandson of John and Margaret through their son William "Bill" Goswick.


1870 Forsythe Co.Ga. census Vickers Creek District
John Goswick age 30 b.Ga.
Margaret age 31 b.Ga.
Elbert age 5 b.Ga.
Wesley age 3 b.Ga.
William age 1 b.Ga.

Nearest neighbors to John and Margaret Goswick in 1870 was William Castleberry and his family.


1880 Forsythe Co.Ga.
John Goswick age 40 b.Ga.
Margaret age 41 b.Ga.
Robert E. age 15 b.Ga.
Marion W.J. age 13 b.Ga.
William E. age 11 b. Ga.
Henry A. age 9 b. Ga.
James age 7 b.Ga. (desc say he was John Thomas)
Freddy age 4 b. Ga.

Also living in Forsythe Co.Ga. 1880 was A.J. Goswick born 1844 S.C.

John Goswick was son of Thomas & Lucinda (Conaway) Goswick.  John Goswick served in c/w, was wounded, and his c/w records will be listed at a later date.  John Goswick married Margaret Castleberry.



George Washington Goswick b. 1857 GA. died: Jan.06,1919 Shelby Co.Ala.
(m)Feb.03,1881 Cherokee Co.Ala.
Miss Sarah Elizabeth "Shug" Roberson
  children listed:

 1.Lucille b.ca.1882 Ala. died young
 2.John Hugh b.7/19/1884 Cherokee Co.Ala.  (m)Nettie Baldwin
 3. Thomas Fred b.Sep.1886 Ala. (m)Sally (?)(view 1920 census)
 4. Emmie b.Feb,1887 Ala. (m)(?) Dickerson
 5. Essie Mae b.Sep.1890 Ala. (m) Phil Guwin
 6. Inez b.Jul.1892 Ala. (m) S. McKinnon
 7.Milford b.Oct.1896 Ala. n/r
 8. Elbert b.Sep.1897 Ala. n/r
 9. Dewitt Pascall b.Jul.21,1903 Harpersville,Ala. lst.Anna Ada Tolbert
George Washington Goswick was the son of Thomas & Lucinda (Conaway) Goswick.  The youngest son Dewitt Pascall Goswick attended the Goswick Reunion held at Sardis, Ms. and met for the first time his first cousin Edgar Jesse Goswick.  Both men were in their 80's when they first met. {kgk}

Many of these Goswick's deaths are listed on my "In Memory of" page.

1900 Jefferson Co.Alabama census: (go to 1900 and 1910 Ala. census)

George Goswick age 45 b. Ga.
Elizabeth age 36 b. Ala.
John Hugh age 15
Thomas Fred age 13
Emmie age 12
Essie age 9
Inez age 7
Milford age 3
Elbert age 2

The 1910 census showed that George and Elizabeth Goswick were parents of 11 children with 6 living.  The youngest child in the household in 1910 was the son Dewitt Pascall Goswick.


May 5, 1910 Shelby Co. Ala, Spearman twp, dist 116, image page 12
hh# 111
Ben Deckerson age 25 Ala Ala Ala
Emmer (wife) age 23 Ala  Ala Ala
William (son) age 2 Ala Ala Ala
Baby (daughter) age 3 months Ala Ala Alla
James (brother) age 23 Ala Ala Ala

Jan 21, 1920  Shelby Co. ala. Harpersville, dist 122, image page 22 & 23
hh# 247
Sarah E. Goswick age 37 (widow) ala.,ala ala b.ca. 1883
Pascal (son) age 17 single ala, ala ala b.ca. 1903
George (g- son) age 10 Ala Ala Ala b.ca. 1910
Johnny (g-son) age 8 Ala Ala Ala b.ca 1912 (this may be Emma (G) Dickerson's son "John W. Dickerson"living with g-mother, and all are listed as GOSWICK in 1920.

Jan 16, 1920 Shelby Co ala, Harpersville twp dist 122, image page 15
hh# 146
Phill M Guinn age 37 Ala
Eme (wife) age 28 Ala
Roy (son) age 12 Ala
Lillie May (dau) age 8 Ala
George (son) age 7 Ala
Lawrence (son) age 6 Ala


April 13, 1930  Shelby Co Ala, Wilsonville twp, dist 16, image page 14
hh# 114
Rev. J. I. Oaks age 42 b.ca. 1888 Ala Ala Ala
Effie (wife) age 40 b.ca. 1890
Willis Oaks age 13 b.ca. 1917
Annie M Oaks age 10 b.ca. 1920
Ethel Oaks age 4 b.ca. 1926
J.H. Goswick age 45 b.ca. 1885 (bro in law)Widower.
Bim Goswick age 17 b. ca. 1913 (nephew)

April 22, 1930 Shelby Co Ala, Wilsonville twpl dist 16, image page 23
hh# 251
Fill Gwin age  46 (wd) Ala ala ala
George (son) age 16 Ala ala ala
Lawrence (son) age 14 Ala ala
Annie L (dau) age 9 ala ala ala
James (son) age 7 Ala ala ala
Lorine (dau) age 5 ala ala als
Dewey Ford (son in law) age 26
Lillie Ford (dau) age 16 Ala ala ala
Irene Ford g-dau age 1
Dewey Ford Jr. age 2 months g-son




James Wesley Goswick b. Mar. 03,1865 Alpharetta, Ga. d: Nov. 18,1919 Atlanta, Ga. (view 1900 census)
(m) ?
Mary Lena Mostetler b. Apr.16,1878 died Feb. 28, 1959 Ga. (view 1920 census)
         know children:
1. Walter J. Goswick b. Jun.17, 1909 Atlanta, Ga.d:Nov.1976
    (m)11/30/1929 Roswell,Ga. Delsie Barton Dorris b.6/18/1908 Crappapple,Ga. died:2/2/1975 Alpharetta,Ga.
2. Hugh Goswick b.1912  n/r

James Wesley (Marion James Wesley) Goswick, listed as son of John and Margaret (Castleberry) Goswick.

1920 Milton Co.Ga. Dist 138
page 9 hh# 2
Lena Goswick age 41 (widow) (view 1930 census)
Walter J. (son) age 11 born ca. 1910
Thomas H. (son) age 8 b.ca. 1912
(living with Lena's parents The Mostelleters)

1930 Alpharetta Ga. Milton
Walter J. Goswick age 20
Delsie B. (wife) age 21
Lena (mother) age 52 widow.



William Ellis "Bill" & Ida Laura (Delaney) Goswick
Picture supplied by Lena May (Goswick) Langston's daughter.
(view 1900 and 1910 census of William E. Goswick) view 1920 census  view 1930 census
View later picture of William Ellis "Bill" Goswick taken in Memphis, Tn.

William Ellis "Billy" Goswick b. Jan. 08,1869 Alpharetta, Ga. d:May 30,1959 Memphis, Tn.
(m) 2nd.
lst. Ida Laura Delaney b. Oct. 27,1871 Ga. d: Oct. 23,1924 Tn.
    children are by Ida Laura Delaney

1. Lena May Goswick b. 7/14/1892 Alpharetta, Ga. (m) Roscoe Cleveland Langston b.11/13/1884
2.Jessie Beatrice Goswick b. Jan.30,1894 Alpharetta,Ga. (m) Paul Pope b.Nov.25,1880 Ark.
3. Dollie Goswick b. Aug.30,1898 Appharetta, Ga. (m)Widower: Roscoe Cleveland Langston
4. Herbert b.ca.1900 d:young
5. Leon b. ca. 1903 d: young
6. a son b. ca. 1905 died young.

William Ellis "Billy" Goswick, son of John and Margaret (Castleberry) Goswick of Forsythe Co.Ga..  Billy Goswick is buried in Memphis Memorial Cemetery, Memphis, Tn..


June 12, 1900 Hamilton Co.Tn. Chattanooga Ward 7, Dist 67 image page 29
hh# 312
Wm Goswick b. Jan 1869 age 31 Ga. Unk Ga.
Laura (wife) Oct. 1871 Ga.Ga. Ga
Lena (dau) July 1892 age 7 Ga Ga ga
Jessie (dau) Jan 1894 age 6 Ga Ga Ga
Dollie (dau) Aug. 1898 age 1 Ga Ga Ga
Infant son (not named) May 1900 (1 month) Tn, Ga. Ga
April 22, 1910 Shelby Co. Tn. 25-wd-Memphis, Dist 269, Image page 18
William E. Goswick is listed, but not found on census page.



John Thomas Goswick b. May.25,1873 Alpharetta,Ga. died: Aug.06,1942 Memphis, Tn.
(m) lst. 1896 Corsicana,Tx. (m) 2nd. June.07,1907 Memphis, Tn.
lst.wife: Maude Ella Neese b. Aug.29,1882 Alpharetta,Ga. d: Dec. 28,1973 Tx.
2nd. wife: Cora Elizabeth Malone b. Jun.29,1882 Selma, Ala. d: Aug. (?), 1956 Memphis, Tn.
        children by lst wife Maude Ella Neese
1. Leaborn Elmer Goswick b. Sep. 09,1897 Barry, Tx. (m) Ellen Emmert ?
2. Ewell Goswick b. Jun.28,1900 Barry Tx. (m) Mae Park
         children by Cora Elizabeth Malone
3. Bernice Malone Goswick b. May.23, 1912 Memphis, Tn. (m) Robert L. Sanders, Jr.
4. John Thomas Goswick ,Jr. b. Jul.22,1922 Memphis, Tn. d:Dec.25,1989 Norfolk,Va. (m) Dorothy Cleer Dalrymple

John Thomas Goswick was son of John and Margaret (Castleberry) Goswick of Forsythe Co.Ga.



John Thomas Goswick, Jr.born 7/22/1922 Memphis, Tn. died: Dec. 25,1989 Norfolk, Va.
(m) Nov.29,1947 Memphis, Tn.
Dorothy Cleer Dalrymple born 2/11/1926 Little Rock, Ar. died 5/03/1979 Norfolk, Va.
1. John Thomas "Jay" Goswick, born Oct. 30,1950 Norfolk, Va.
2. Norman Dalrymple "Dal" Goswick born May 19,1955 Norfolk, Va.

John Thomas Goswick, Jr. was the son of John Thomas and Cora E. (Malone) Goswick.  His wife Dorothy was the only child of Norman and Frances (Cleere) Dalrymple of Little Rock, AR. and Memphis, Tn.

 "Norman D. Goswick "Dal" has a lovely website and a wonderful tribute to his Father. At:


Guess who Jay & Norman "Dal" Goswick.

Your Dad "Tom" sent this picture to me back in 1982, and he has written on the back that the picture was taken "Easter 1959 and It's hard to believe this was taken 23 years ago".

  John "Jay" Goswick Jr.
      NEWPORT NEWS - John 'Jay' Goswick Jr., 55, died April 23, 2006. He was
born October 30, 1950, in Norfolk, Va., to the late John Thomas Sr. and
Dorothy Dalrymple Goswick. He was a professional musician playing the guitar
and singing, an avid football fan enjoying his favorite team the Dolphins.
Jay is survived by his brother Norman 'Dal' Goswick and a niece and nephew.
Services will be private. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to
the American Heart Association Arrangements are under the care of Altmeyer
Funeral Home - Denbigh Chapel, 12893 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA. 23608
      Published in the Daily Press on 4/26/2006.



Ewell Goswick born 6/28/1900 Barry,Tx. died Jan.02,1970 Tx. buried Corsicana, Tx.
(m) Jan.09,1921 Corsicana, Tx.
Mae Park born June 22,1902 Tx. (Rec info 1/19/05 Mae died: Corsicana,Tx. 2005 (Robert e. Sinclair)

1. Eula Mae Goswick born 5/30/1924 Tx. (m) Louis S. Haynie
2. Joyce Wynelle Goswick born 6/05/1932 Tx. (m) Eddie W. Garrison
3. Nila Goswick born 8/17/1934 Barry, Tx. d:8/21/1991 N.M. (m) Robert E. Sinclair
4. Ellen Goswick born 12/29/1939 Barry, Tx. (m) Willie Neilan French

Ewell Goswick was the son of John Thomas and Maude Ela (Neese) Goswick, and grandson of John and Margaret (Castleberry) Goswick.


Bernice Malone Goswick born 5/23/1912 Memphis, Tn. died: 5/25/1976 Memphis, Tn.
(m) 10/31/1936 Memphis, Tn.
Robert L. Sanders, Jr. born 12/22/1910 Anderson Co. S.C.
1. Robert L. 111, born Jan.05,1943 Memphis, Tn.
2. John Richard born 9/9/1946 Memphis, Tn.
3. Raymond Carl born 4/23/1949 Memphis, Tn.

Bernice Malone (Goswick) Sanders, Jr. was the daughter of John Thomas and Cora Elizabeth (Malone) Goswick.


Margaret Goswick b. ca.1822 Union Co.S.C.       d.
(m)Oct.05,1835 Lumpkin Co.Ga.
Malachi Burns b.        d.
               chidren listed
1. Robert Calhoun Burns b. n/r (m) Elizabeth Dacen Jay
2. Henry Clay Burns b.n/r died in the battle of Atlanta, buried Conf.Cem Marietta,Ga.
3.George Washington Burns b.n/r (m) n/r
4. Mary Jenette Burns b. n/r (m & div)Thomas Kary
5. Cornelius Burns b.n/r (m) (?) Yarbrough

Info supplied by Rebecca Giles (descendant)


1920 Talladega Co. Ala. Mignon Dist.  (view 1930 census)
hh# 131 Page 16
Fred Goswick age 33 born Ala. Father Ga. Mother Ala>
Sallie C. age 32
George (son) age 10 b.ca. 1910
Annie C. (dau) age 7  (note below. married to Howard Brown)
James E. (son) age 9 months

1930 Talladega Co.Ala. Mignon Dist 24
hh# 373
Fred Goswick age 49 born Ala. ca. 1886
Siwilia/Sallie age 43 Ala.
Alonzo G. (son) age 20 born ca. 1910 (listed as George in 1920)
J. Edward (son) age 10 (listed as James E. in 1920)
William L. (son) age 8
Howard W. (son) age 5
Howard J. BROWN (son in law) age 20
Annie Brown (daughter) age 17



June 12, 1860 Hall Go.Ga. Dist 569, Image page 10 P.O. New Bridge
hh# 199
M. Goswick age 70 NC   (view 1870 census)
Elizabeth age 70 NC
Elizabeth age 28 Ga. b.ca. 1832



 1920 Milton Co.Georgia, Alpharetta Twp.
 John Goswick age 80 born ca. 1840 Ga. (in home of Henry and Maggie Castleberry)

1920 Milton Co.Ga. Alpharetta Twp.
John S. Mosteller age 39
Angus (son) age 9
Martha (Mother) age 71
Lena Goswick (sister) age 41 born ca.1879 Ga. Father S.C. Mother Ga.
Walter J. Goswick age 11 b.ca. 1909(nephew) born Ga. parents born Ga.
Thomas H. Goswick age 8 b.ca.1912(nephew) born Ga. parents born Ga.
(Lena Goswick was wife of Marion James Wesley Goswick)



June 7, 1900 Milton Co.Ga. Alpharetta Twp. Dist 107, Image page 9  (view 1920 census)
hh# 86
John Goswick born Sep. 1839 Ga. (page smudged) hard to read.
Margarett (wife) unable to read age
James W. b. 1867  (son) unable to read age)



William E. "Bill" Goswick, son of John and Margaret (Castleberry) Goswick The older Bill got, the younger he looked.  Picture supplied by Dr. H.L. "Mick" Pope, Jr.



Jan 7, 1920 Shelby Co. Tn. Memphis Ward 33, Dist 278, image page 13
hh# 158
William Goswick age 50 born Ga. parents born Ga. (occupation: Sheriff of Co.)
Laura (wife) age 47 Ga Ga Ga
Jessie (dau) age 25 Ga Ga Ga (occupation: bookkeeper of furniture store)
Dollie (dau) age 21 Ga Ga Ga (occupation: stenogipher (sp) at Printing Co.

April 10, 1930 Shelby Co.Tn. Memphis, Dist 117, image page 44
hh# 317 ?
Paul Pope age 39 Ar. Us Us (salesman furniture store)
Jessie B. (wife) age 33 Ga. Ga Ga
Paul, Jr. (son) 1 year 8 months Tn. Ar. ga.
William E. Goswick (father-in-law) age 61 Ga Ga Ga. (occupation: Deputy Sheriff)

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