Goswick Genealogies


by:Henry H.& Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

some of his descendants
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Thomas Goswick b.ca.1795 Franklin Co.N.C. d:1864 Dallas, Ga.
 Elizabeth Arenna Pruitt b. 1810 died:1864 Dallas,Ga.

children found:
1. George W. Goswick born ca. 1818/20 S.C. died 1878 Logan Co.Ky.(RR worker)
2. a daughter b.ca. 1822
3. a daughter b.ca. 1826
4. Aaron Goswick born ca, 1830 died c/w

5.Martin Goswick b.ca. 1833 S.C. (m:x2)
6. a daughter
7. Nathan Goswick b.ca. 1836 S.C. died c/w
8. a daughter
9. Henry Jackson Goswick b.10/13/1843  ?d: Pennsylvania(desc say he is William Henry Jackson)
10. Andrew Goswick b.ca. 1842 S.C.
11. James Goswick b.ca. 1844 S.C.
12. Mary b.ca. 1847 (m) Dec.16,1863 George Harmon (go to Georgia marriages)
13. Samuel Daniel Goswick b.Dec. 28,1850 Ga.
14. Moses Monroe Goswick b. 8/29/1854 Ga. (go to 1870 census for Moses)

Thomas Goswick was son of George Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C. and grandson of Joseph and Sarah (?) Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C. and Baltimore Co. Maryland..  Many of the descendants of Joseph & Sarah (?) Goswick are found as "Gossett" today (1998).  Thomas and Elizabeth Goswick both died on the same day and are buried in the same grave.  Elizabeth had been sick for some time, and on the day she died, then Thomas died also.  There is also the possibility that both were killed during Sherman's march through Georgia.  Thomas and Elizabeth had already lost two son's to this war, Aaron and Nathan Goswick, and possibly James as he has not been found to date, unless he is going by the surname of Gossett. Thomas Goswick is mentioned in his father' George Goswick's Will 1812.

In 1818 Thomas Goswick is living in Franklin Co.N.C..

1820 Thomas is in Union Co.S.C. listed :
Thomas Gossett as one male to 26, 1 male to 10, and 1 female to 26

1830 Thomas still in Union Co.S.C. and listed as Goswick
Thomas Goswick 30/40, 1 male 10/15, 1 female 10/15, 1 female u/5, 1 female 20/30
1840  Union Co.S.C. and listed:
Thomas Gossett as 40/45, 1 male 15/20(1820-25), 1 male 10/15 (1825-1830),1 male 5/10 (1830-1835), 1 male u/5 (1835-1840).  One female 10/15 (1825-1830), 1 female 5/10 (1830-1835), 1 female u/5 (1835-1840), and one female 30/40 (1800-1810)..7 children in household in 1840.  4 son's and three daughters.

1850 Thomas has not been found.

The 1860 Paulding Co.Ga. P.O. Dallas (census listed all as GASWICK):
Thomas Gaswick age 65 born N.C.
Elizabeth age 49 born S.C.
Andrew Gaswick age 18 b.S.C. b.ca.1842
James Gaswick age 16 b.S.C. b.ca. 1844
Mary Gaswick age 13 b.S.C.
Samuel Gaswick age 9 b.Ga.
Martin Gaswick age 6 born Ga. (this is: Moses M. Goswick)

Thomas Goswick lived in Union Co. S.C. prior to settling in Paulding Co.Ga..  The 1850 census has not been found for Thomas Goswick, and he may be listed as "Gossett" "Gaswick", etc. on census films.