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My Husband and I spent over 18 years in researching my Goswick family ancestors.  In 1983 when we held our first Goswick family reunion at Sardis Lake, Mississippi and the family information that had been gathered over the years was in different folders for our guest to view and read.  This large crowd of wonderful new family members encouraged me to have the Goswick Family Book printed.

Only 110 of the 544 page Goswick Family Books were printed in 1986 and two of those books were supplied to National Archives in Washington, DC when the book was copywritten.

After spending 18 years of research, wearing out 3 typewriters, spending thousands of dollars in travel, ect., so we could finish our book and have it copyrighted, and then to find out that one of the books had been stolen from our host and hostess of the Goswick reunion held in Texas, and then the entire contents of this book wound up being sold on diskettes by BRODERBUND who had themselves listed as:copyright owner.  It is a shame that people will "steal" then "give" your many hard years of genealogical work and research to some company who in turn "sells" it by bits and pieces.  After many calls to Broderbund, sending them a copy of my Goswick Genealogies copyright 1986, I finally received a call from Broderbund, also a complete list of my Goswick Genealogies work, along with the name of the person (Donna Chapman)who had supplied Broderbund my Goswick Genealogies work.  All my Goswick Genealogies has now been listed on the Family Tree Maker as: online, and was supplied by http://www.busprod.com/dgoswick.  The information cannot be pulled up on that site now, and I do not know if Family Tree Maker is selling CD's with my family information or not.

You do not have to buy CD's to find who your Gostwick or Goswick ancestors are as you will find them on my web site and the information is "free".  All I ask of you is, if you are not listed in this large family please e-mail me your family information at:  kgk@cableone.net

You do not have to have the surname of GOSWICK to be a relative as I have found many of the GOSET and GOSSETT families who also descend from the North Carolina GOSWICK'S in 1812. (with proof).

There are some who would claim to be "owner" of the Goswick Genealogies, and some who would claim to be "owner" of the scroll which is used behind the picture of the coat of arms, therefore you will find a link to the true owners of those articles. "Goswick Genealogies" & Scroll used on my website.

 Kay (Goswick) Kennemore

 My direct lineage beginning with the first found

 Joseph Gostwick b.1653 England

Joseph and Mary (Corbin) Gostwick's two son's

lst. son Thomas Gostwick
2nd son Nicholas Gostwick

From these two son's are many descendants of Goswick, Goset and Gossett families and there may by many that uses a different spelling of the surname.

Will of Joseph Gostwick 1728
Will of Nicholas Corbin 1695
Will of George Goswick 1812

Franklin County North Carolina Land Tax records of Goswick's 1767-1860



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