Goswick Genealogies

by: Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
copyright 1986


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Sebastian Co.Arkansas marriages
Read Court records of grandmother "Rebecca Boon" concerning her grandson's Nathan & Johnson Goswick
  1910 census of Emory Gossett


Nathan Goswick/Goset Gossett  b.1807 N.C. d:1873 Union S.C. (NOTE N.C.TAX LIST)
(m) ca. 1828
Arina Bishop b.ca.1813 d:age 100 Union S.C. ca. 1913 (View 1870 c) (view 1880 census)
              children found:
 1. Lucinda  born ca. 1829 N.C. d;n/r (m) possibly (?) Smith
 2. John Hollis/Nathan born Nov. 15,1831 (m x 5) d:Dec.11,1911 Ark. 9/11/02
 3. Caroline born ca. 1834  d:n/r (m) Daniel A. Clark
 4. Mary born ca, 1836 d:n/r
 5. Emiline born ca,. 1838 d:n/r (m) n/r
 6. Louisa born ca. 1840 d:n/r (m) Jeptha P. Clark
 7. Sama  born ca. 1842 d:n/r (m) ? Stokes
 8. Elizabeth born ca. 1846 d:n/r (m) n/r
 9. William David born Mar. 07,1848 Union S.C. d:Jan.22,1928 Tx.
10. Lifa/Laura A. born ca, 1850 Union S.C. (married: John Austin)
11. Gillum born ca. 1854 Union S.C. n/r
12. Elise/Elija born 1858 Union S.C. n/r
13. James born ca. 1864 S.C. n/r

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
Number 3, Summer, 1990
Union County Coroner's Inquisitions, 1806-1869 (Continued from Vol. XVIII,

SCMAR, Vol. XVIII, Summer 1990, No. 3, p.130
Jurors summoned were Wm. Smith, Wm. Gipson, Wm. Kelly, J. P. Sartor, James
Sartor, Wm. Sartor, A. Hollingsworth, Thos. Nance, Thos. P. Sims, Wm.
Carter, Thos. Tailor, John Smith, James Jeter, Nathan Goset, George Hill and
Dr. C. T. Colman.

1840 Union Co.S.C. listed Nathan Gossett as 20/30, 1 female 20/30, 1 female 5/10, 1 male 5/10, and 2 females u/5.  According to family records, the children would be: Lucinda, John Hollis/Nathan, Caroline and Mary. (Go to 1840 Union S.C. census)

1850 Union Co.S.C. census listed: Nathan Gosit age 43, Rena 43, Lucinda 21, Caroline 16, Mary 14, Emilia 12, Louisa 8, Sama 6, Elizabeth 4 and William 1. (go to 1850 Union S.C.census)

1860 Union Co.S.C. Nathan Gosit age 53, Rena 50, Elmina 23, Louisa 20, Sama 19, Stokes (added) 17, William 13, Lifa 10. (view 1870)


1870 Union Co.S.C. census listed: Nathan Gosit age 61, Rena 58, William 21, Martha (wife of William) age 20, James Gosit age 6 born ca 1864, and Manor Smith age 10 born ca. 1860.  Manor Smith may be a grandson, and possibly the son of Lucinda Goset.  Lucinda may have married a "Smith" as she is not in the household in 1860 with Nathan & Arena. (view 1880 census)

Neighbors to Nathan and Arena Goset in 1870 Union S.C. is: Jepthe Clark age 29 born ca. 1841, Susan age 26 born ca. 1844 (may be the dau listed as "Sama") and Nathan Clark age 1 born 1869.

Also: John Alston age 22 born ca. 1848, Laura age 25 born ca, 1845, Wm. age 8, Mary 3, and Starks age 1. (It appears that Laura Goset married John Alston/Austin).

1880 Union Co.SC Samtuc twp.
Jeptha Clark age 38
Louisa age 40 (view 1900 census of Louisa)
Nathan age 12
Rebecca ge 9
Charles age 4
Beauford age 1
Frank GOSSETT age 16 b.ca. 1864 listed as: Nephew.

 There is a James Gossett born ca. 1864 in household of Nathan and Arena in 1870.   James may have been the son of Nathan and Arena, but I think Rena may have been too old to have children in 1864.  It is also possible that "James" and Frank, are one and same, and may have been the son of Lucinda or John Hollis Gossett since Frank is listed as "Nephew".

John Austi age 29
Laura A. age 32
William age 17
Mary age 13
Starks age 11
Edwin age 9
Thomas age 4
John age 1
Irena "Rena" GOSSETT age 65 born 1815 SC. listed as Mother in law.


It is stated that Arena (Bishop) Goset lived to be 100 years old, and in 1880 she was living in Arkansas with her granddaughter Elinor Jane "Janie" (Goset) Reeves, Clayton.  Descendants also state that Arena (Bishop) Goset returned to Union S.C. were she is most likely buried.

Nathan Goswick born 1806/7 Franklin Co. North Carolina was the son of George & Rebecca (Boone) Goswick.  In 1812 George Goswick mentions his son "Nathan" in his will.  In 1816 Nathan's mother re-married a James Goswick and this family if found as "Gossett" in Union Co.S.C. 1840.



Sebastian Co.Arkansas marriages.

William M. Gossett (m) Jan.01,1885 Tabitha Craig
Geneva Gossett (m) Aug.05,1891 John H. Gann
Thomas Gossett (m) Dec.14,1892 Mary L. Edwards
Ida Gossett (m) Dec.22,1892 M.L. Parish
Rosa Gossett (m) Sep.11,1898 J.W. Reed
Sam Gossett (m) Jul.04,1903 Josie Ealke (sp ?)
 Go to additional Sebastian Co.Ar. marriages found on Frank Gossetts website.


John H.or N.Goset/Gossett b.11/15/1831 Union S.C. d:12/11/1911 Ar. (view 1900 Census) (view pic of John Hollis Goset and some of his daughters..names unk)
(m x 5)
lst. Oct.09,1851 Union S.C. Eleanor Clark born 1830 d:11/26/1854 S.C.
2nd. Mar.05,1855 S.C. Mary E.Gregory b.7/14/1832 S.C. d:2/22/1880 Ar.
3rd. Oct.09,1880 Sarah A. Gregory born S.C. d: bef 1892 Ar.
4th. Feb.08,1891 Ar. Tchula H. Clayborn b.8/29/1855 Tn. d:3/4/1905 Ar.
5th. ? Lucresia Abbott (Folk)? b. ca. 1865 Tx.

           children by lst wife Eleanor Clark
 1. unknown born and died ca. 1854 S.C.
 2. unknown born and died ca. 1854 S.C.
 3. unknown born and died ca, 1854 S.C.

       children by Mary E. Gregory
 4. Elinor Jane born Apr. 02, 1856 Spartanburg Co.S.C. d:Dec.04,1956 Ar.
 5. Mary Elizabeth born May 19,1857 S.C.
 6. John Nathaniel born Nov.21,1860 S.C. d:Oct.19,1936 Idaho (m x3)
 7. William Fletcher born Apr.18,1862  S.C. d:9/5/1894 Ark.(m)Alice Hopkins
 8. Byron born Jul.18,1865 S.C. d:n/r (m) n/r
 9. Alice C. born May 16, 1867 Pine Bluff, Ar.
10.Sarah Frances born Jul.29,1868 Ar. d:1876 Ar.
11.Charles R. born May 20,1870 Ar. d:n/r (m)n/r
12.Edward S.  born Feb.24,1872 Indian Terr. d:n/r
13.Martha Belle born Feb.22,1874 Texas
14.Thomas Jefferson born Mar.15,1876 Indian Terr.
15 unnamed twin born & died 1878 Indian Terr.
16. unmamed twin born & died 1878 Indian Terr. (they lived one week)
17. Rose Irene born Feb.14,1880 Indian Terr.Ok.? d:June 03,1955 Ar.(m)Reed

      children by Sarah A. Gregory (sister of Mary E.Gregory)

18. Josie E. born Aug.08,1881 Fort Smith,AR.
19. Lillie born Jan.06,1883 Fort Smith Ar.d:Feb.11,1935 Hartford,AR.(desc:Brenda Capitano)
20. Jessie Lulah born June 02,1887 Ar. d: 1895 Ar.

      children by Tchula H. Clayborn  (view 1900 census)

21. Ruth Eunice born Aug. 04,1892 Ar. (m) W.E.Bradley
22. Vergie Viola born Feb.07,1895 Ar.
23. stillborn child born ca. 1897 AR.
24. Ava Fay (male) born Sep.14,1900 Mansfield,AR. d:Aug/1976 Cheney,Ks.

John Hollis or John Nathan Goset/Gossett (different descendants state he was John Hollis Goset son of Nathan and Arena (Bishop) Goset, and other state he was John Nathan Goset (son of Nathan and Arena (Bishop) Goset.

The above information on Nathan Goset and John Hollis/Nathan Goset/Gossett was supplied by Lettie (Clark) Gossett of Muldrow, Ok.  The census findings were found by me {kgk}.

1840 Union S.C. one male in household of Nathan Goset age 5/10 born ca. 1830-1835.

1850 Union Co.S.C. John Gosset age 18 b.ca. 1832 farm worker living on farm of Starke Gregory.

1860 John H./N. Goset/Gossett has not been found.


1870,June 25th, P.O. Mt. Plesant,AR. Jefferson Township, BOONE CO.AR.
Household #132-129 Listed:

John Gossett age 37 born ca, 1833 S.C. (farmer)
Mary E. Gossett age 32 b.S.C. 1838 (wife)
1. Jane Gossett age 13 b.ca, 1857 S.C. (daughter)
2. Mary E.Gossett age 11 b.ca. 1859 S.C. (daughter)
3. John N. Gossett age 8 b.ca. 1862 S.C. (son)(desc say he is John Nathan)
4. Wm. F. Gossett age 6 b.ca. 1864 S.C. (son)(William Fletcher)
5. Basom A.Gossett age 4 b.ca.1866 S.C. (son)(family say he is Bryon)
6. Sarah Gossett age 2 .ca. 1868 Ar. (daughter)(Sarah Frances)
7. Charles R. Gossett age 2 months old b.1870 AR.(son)

According to 1870 Boone Co.Arkansas census findings John and Mary Elizabeth (Gregory) Gossett had 7 children in the household.  Lettie (Clark) Gossett said they had a daughter named Alice C. Gossett born 5/16/1867 at Pine Bluff, AR., but she is not listed on the 1870 census.

John H or N. Goset/Gossett has not been found for the years 1880 or 1900, and he is supposed to be living in Hartford, Arkansas for those years.  John Goset/Gossett died Dec. 11, 1911 Hartford, Arkansas.  Descendants state that John Gossett was a short man and walked with a limp as tho one leg was shorter than the other or from old injury from c/w, and that he had a dark completion.

The descendants state that John H.N. Gossett enlisted in Co.B, 18th South Carolina Infantry, then transferred to  Bo.K. 5th S.C. Cavalry, Confederate State Army, was in battle at So. Mt. Antictom, Petersburg and James Island.  Served under Gen. Stonewall Jackson and Lee, was cook in Army, and moved to Arkansas about the year 1866 from Spartanburg S.C.

1900, June 21st. Sebastian Co.Ar. Sugar Loaf Township  (John for 1910)
household # 143-147
John H. Goset (white male) born Nov. 1832 Age 67 S.C. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Tela H. (wife) born Aug. 1855 age 44 Tn. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Eva J. (dau) born Aug. 1881 age 18 (single) Ar. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Lilla? (dau) born Jan. 1884 age 16 (single) Ar. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Ruth (dau) born Aug. 1892 age 7 (single) born AR. Father S.C. Mother Tn.

Census shows that John H. and Tela "Tchula" had been married 9 years, and that Tela had 2 children with 2 living.

1910 Scott Co. Arkansas, Lewis Township Dist. 127 Page 3 online
John Gosset age 79 born S.C. ca. 1831(married 5 times) Father Us, Mother US
Lucerita (wife) age 43 b.ca. 1865 (married times 3) born Tx. Father Va. Mother Tn.
Ruth E. (daughter) age 17 or 19 Ar. Ar. Father SC Mother Mo.
Virgie (dau) age 14 born Ar. Father SC Mother Mo.
Ave V. (son) age 10 born 1900 Ar. Father SC mother Mo.



Elinor Jane "Janie" Goset b.4/02/1856 Spartanburg S.C. d:12/04/1956 Ar.
(m) lst. Jerry Reeves b.& d.n/r
(m) 2nd. A.J. Clayton born Oct.15,1850 d:Oct. 01,1936 AR.
         children by lst marriage:
1. Carrie Elizabeth Reeves b.Dec.28,1884 Ar. d:Nov.13,1910 Ok.(m)J.B.Hill
         children by 2nd marriage
2. Georgia Clayton born Dec.01,1893 Ar. d:Sep.13,1992 AR.(m)Eli Matthews

Elinor Jane (Goset) Reeves,Clayton, daughter of John Nathan and Mary E. (Gregory) Goset/Gossett.  An article dated 4/10/1956 Southern Times Record, Fort Smith, Ark. states that Mrs. Clayton with her family lived in Pine Bluff Ark. for one year, then moved to Harrison, AR. when she was 10 years old. (Harrison is in Boone Co.).
  Elinor Jane "Janie" Goset, Clayton was over 100 years old when she died, also note that the daughter Georgia (Clayton) Matthews was 99 years old when she died.  I have found that most of the Goswick descendants have lived a very long life. {kgk}

1900 Sebastian Co.Ar. Sugar Loaf Twp
Household # 741
Andrew J. Clayton born Oct. 1850 age 49 Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Jane (wife) born April 1856 age 44 S.C. Father S.C. Mother S.C.
Lizzie R. (dau) born Dec. 1882 age 17 (single) born Ar. Father Ga. Mother S.C.
Georgea A. (dau) born Dec. 1893 age 6 (single) Ar. Father Ga. Mother S.C.

Census shows that Andrew and Jane had been married 9 years, 2 children, 2 living.

John Nathan Goset b.Nov.22,1860 S.C. d: Oct. 19,1936 Idaho (view 1900 census)1910 1930
(m) lst. Cora Hopkins b.& d.n/r
(m)2nd. 8/04/1891 Dora Elizabeth Golden b. 1876 Ar. d:1903 AR.
(m)3rd. Nov.12,1905 Ar. Mrs. Nellie (Gost) Brooks b. 1881 Lee Co.Ms. d:n/r
      children by Cora Hopkins
1. John Emory  born Jan. 22,1888 Ar. d:5/28/1950 Alabama 2/07/2002
2. Pearl Cora born Jan. 24,1889 Ar. died:6/???1935 Ar.
3. Levoir Leo born n/r(possibly died with Cora in child birth)
      children by Dora E. Golden
4. Iva  Goset/Gossett born 1893 AR. (m) Marion Barrington b.11/25/1891d:Ar.
5. Otto Charles born Jan. 01,1895  Hartford,Ar. d:Dec.01,1991Albq.N.M.
6. Ethel Gertrude born Mar.18,1897 Ar. d:Apr.1987 Little R.Ar.(m)Curtis Holiman (cont: Descendant)
7. Eugene born ca. 1899 AR. (view 1910 census)(view 1930 census)
8. Roscoe born 1900 Ar. died with measles Dec.26,1904 Ar.
     children by Mrs. Nellie (Gost) Brooks
9. Ruby born 1909 Ar. (m)NOv.02,1933 George P. King
10.Vivian born n/r (m) n/r

John Nathan/Nathaniel Goset was the son of John and Mary Elizabeth (Gregory) Goset/Gossett.


Kathryn Clark descends from Curtis & Ethel (Gossett) Holiman



Otto Charles Gossett b.Jan.01,1895 Hartford, Ar. d:Dec.1991 Albuq.N.M.
(m) Aug.05,1918 Camp Beauregard,La.
Margaret Matilda Poindexter b.Mar.26,1895 Fulton, Mo. D:Aug.24,1974 N.M.
     children listed:
1. Otto Charles Gossett,Jr. b. June.26,1920 Hot Springs, AR.
2. John Richard Gossett b.Jul.22,1922 Hot Springs,AR.
3. Mary Elizabeth Gossett b. dec.27,1924 Hot Springs, Ar.


Otto Charles Gossett,SR. was the son of John Nathaniel and Dora Elizabeth (Golden) Gossett.  His wife Margaret Matilda Poindexter was the daughter of Richard Rutledge and Bertha Marie (Fisher) Poindexter.



Ava Fay Goset b.Sep.14,1900 Mansfield, Ar. d:Aug.10,1978 Ks. (update 10/9/05)
(m) Sep.07,1922 Boonville, Ar.
Alice Josephine Prindle b. Mar.03,1904 Cheney,Ks. d:Feb.05,1984 Oklahoma
         children listed:
1. Joe Billie Goset b. June.04,1926 Boonville,AR. d: Aug.28,1928 Ar.
2. Betty Sue Goset b. Jan.15,1928 Boonville,Ar. (m) Charles Eugene Parsons
3. Josephine M. Goset b. Apr.15,1930 Cheney, Ks.
4. Robert Fay Goset b.June 03,1932 Milton, Ks. d:May 11,1954 Ks.
5. John Alonzo Goset b. Aug.14,1935 Milton, Ks.
6. Kenneth Ray Goset b.Nov.05,1937 Norwich, Ks. d:Oct.05,1969 Mo.

  Ava Fay Goset ws the son of John Nathan/Hollis Gossett/Goset and Tchuliah Homa (Clayborn) Goset/Gossett.  Alice Josephine Prindle was the daughter of Alonzo Wyatt and Lillian Anna Mae (Ball) Prindle.  Alice Josephine (Prindle) Goset died in Chandler, Ok., and is buried in Cheney, Ks..(note Goset deaths)


My grandfather was Avy Fay Goset, youngest son of John Hollis Goset. Avy Fay's mother was Tchula Clayborn of Tennessee. I was always told growing up that Tchula was full blooded Cherokee indian and was adopted by Mr and Mrs Clayborn, who was a minister. After they adopted Tchula, they moved to Arkansas, where she met and married John Hollis.
I am trying to find any records for Tchula's indian ancestry, as I am interested in membership in the Cherokee nation.
If anyone has any information to share please email me at lovebeingmommie@yahoo.com.
Thanks in advance.
Kim Goset Johnson


go to 1870 Boone Co.Arkansas

Thomas Jefferson Goset born Mar.15,1876 or Oct.09,1880 Ar. d: Aug.28,1941 (1900 c) (view 1920 census)
(m) Oct. 27,1895 Greenwood, Sebastian Co.Ar.
Maude Lenore Berry born ca. 1880 d: March 08,1935
1. Roy Franklin Goset born 8/24/1896 Ar. died:9/01/1955 (m)(go to ss death records)
2. Troy Thomas Goset born 1/10/1902 Ar. died: 5/16/1947 (m lst.) (m 2nd)Sallie Heibert
3. Elsie May Goset born 5/22/1904 Ar. died: 7/14/1974 (m)
4. Edward Bryan Goset born 3/11/1906 Ar.died:12/10/1948 (Grandfather of Laurel)
5. Lawrence Goset born 1/03/1912  Ca. d:6/03/1998 (m)(go to ss death records)

Thomas Jefferson Goset was the son of John Hollis/Nathan Goset/Gossett and Mary E. (Gregory) Goset/Gossett.  The information on Thomas Jefferson and Maude Lenore (Berry) Goset was supplied by: Laurel Goset Carlyle.  Thank you Laurel.{kgk} More info to be added.

           Shaun Pursglove <s.pursglove@ericsson.com>
            Kay Kennemore <kgkgoswick@panola.com>


Edward Bryan would have also been my grandfather.  He married Evelyn A. Heath.
         They had two children:
1.  William Bryan Goset, born 9/21/28  (view birth record)
2.  James Goset (Laurel's Dad)  (view b irth record)


William Bryan Goset married three times
First wife:  Jeanie Rowan
             children by first wife Jeanie Rowan
1.  Sandra Goset Beland, born Jan. 30, 1948?, San Diego
2.   William Bryan Goset, Jr., born Dec. 29, 1952?, San Diego
             childreb by second wife:  E. June McCoy
3. Shaun Goset  born 10-25-55, San Diego (m) Pursglove)
4. Shelley Goset  born 12-17-57, San Diego (m) Tancil
            Third wife:  Carolann Chiara, b 8-24-194?
                           no children

James Goset
First wife:  Marcia
1. Laurel Ann
Second wife:  Linda
no children

William Bryan Goset, Jr. married to Bridget
1.  Kendra
2.  Kellen
3.  Travis

I'll see if I can get the blanks filled in on these.(Shaun (Gossett) Pursglove)


Lillie Gossett born Jan.06,1883 Ar. died Feb.11,1935 Hartford, Ar.
Morgan Buford Lewis born Oct.28,1881 Ala. died: Sep.03,1971 Hartford, AR.
1. William Luther Lewis born Nov. 10,1906 Hartford,Ar. died Feb.02,1987(m)Margaret Anne Chambers
2. Marie Lewis born March 22,1909 Hartford,Ar. (m) Everett White
3. Olllie Lewis born Apr. 24,1913 Hartford,Ar. (m) James D. Young
4. Paul Lewis (twin) born Aug. 28, 1916 Hartford, AR. (m) Betty Turnipseed
5. Pauline Lewis (twin to Paul) born Aug.28,1916 Hartford,Ar. (m) Clay Atwell
6. Lula Lewis born Ap.12,1920 Hartford, AR. (m) Everett Barnes

Lillie (Gossett) Lewis was the daughter of John Hollis/Nathan and Sarah E. (Gregory) Goset/Gossett.  Her husband Buford Lewis was the son of William W., and Larah (Patrick) Lewis.  Lillie and Buford Lewis are buried at Hartford, Ar. (info supplied by:  Brenda Lewis Capitano-granddaughter of William Luther Lewis)




April 19, 1910 Yell Co. Ar. image page 16 Lamar Township Dist 168
Town of PLainview
Emorey Gossett age 23 born Ar. parents born Ar.
Effie (wife) age 21 born Ar. AR. Ar.
Cora (dau) age 1 born Ar.

From: FMGossett@aol.com

Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 17:28:49 EST

Subject: Gossett family tree (UPDATE ON JOHN EMORY GOSSETT)
  * John's first wife was named "Effie".

I would like to update the information we received in the summer of 2000,
when we visited you in Mississippi.  My father John Emory Gossett (born 1888
and died in 1950) had 4 children:  Harry, born in 1915 in Arkansas, and died
in Alabama 1979, he married Gladys Moore and had two children - Russell
Harry born in 1941 and died in 1994 and Linda Rae born in 1947.  Harry
married Belle Hodges (after Gladys died in 1964).  Holbrook , born in 1918,
also in Arkansas.  Holbrook married Maudine Early and had 6 children,
Patricia Inez, born in 1940, Donald Ted, 1943, Joseph Wayne, 1947, Randy,
1954, Richard, 1956 and David Michael born in 1963.  Myself, Fred Rowland
Gossett born in Arkansas in 1920 married Mamie Joyner and had four children,
John Emery (1946) Vera Mae "Buddy" born in 1948, Fred Rowland Jr. born 1952
and Rosemary born in 1955.  Inez was born in Mississippi in 1922 and died in
1968, married Roger Moore and had two children, Emmy Ann born 1947 and Roger
Jr. born in 1954.  Thanks for the information you shared when we visited and
please include this information in your next update.  Thanks, Fred R.
Gossett (Florida)


1920, Jan.06 SanDiego Ca. San Diego Townhsip (view 1900, 1910, 1920 census)
Household# 67-87
Edward S. Goset (white male) age 47 born Ok. Father S.C. Mother S.C. (occupation: Deputy Sheriff)
Rosa A. (wife) age 40 born Ireland, Father Ireland, Mother Ireland
No children in household.
Census shows that Edward S. and Rosa A had been married since 1895, Rosa was born ca. 1880.

SS death records:
Rosa Ann goset born Oct. 6,1879 Died Dec. 31,1952 Los Angeles, Ca. Father: Connady (May be: Cannady)


1930April 30th,  Howard Co.Ar. Dierks Town, Madison Township
hh# 24
Eugene V. "Vester" Gassett age 29 born Ar. Father NC Mother Unk. 2005
Grace L. (wife) age 23 born Ar. parents US
Billy R. (son) age 8 months born Ar.
Pauline (dau) age 5 born Ar.


Hello, I'm Nathan Edward Gossett Jr.  My Grandfather, Eugene Gossett is named in your Genealogy for the goswick/Gossett family tree.  Here is a update:  Eugene V. Gossett died in Oakland, Ca. in April, 1956.  He had 5 children from his wife Grace Lee, who died in 1940.  They are as follows:  1. Dora Pauline, b in Arkansas, 2. Billy Ray, b in Arkansas, 3. Jean, b in Arkansas, 4. Dorathy Maxine,b in Arkansas, deceased, and 5. Nathan Edward Gossett, b 8/24/1939, in Red  Ok, Ok. This is my Father.  My Grand father Eugene served in the US Marine Corps during WW1.  He is presently buried in San Bruno,Ca. in the National cemetary.  My Fathers children are as follows:  1. Nathan E. Gossett Jr.,b 1-31-59 (Me), 2. Randy Ann Gossett,b 10-6-60, and 3. Johnna Linda Gossett,b 2-10-63.  I have 2 sons from my first marriage, 1. Nathan Edward Gossett III, b 10-28-80 in Merced,Ca. and 2. Anthony Micheal Gossett,b 2-13-86, in Modesto,Ca.  I also have 2. non biological daughters from my second marriage, one adopted and one step.  I never met my grandfather Eugene,since he died before I was born.  I have his casket U.S. flag, which I will hand down, thru my sons.  My father Nathan, is living in Pharoh, Ok. My dad is a US Army vet, I, along with my son Nathan, are Navy vets and my son Anthony, is a Pvt. in the U.S. Army, in Germany.  Please write me back for any more information.


1900, June 12th., Yell Co.Ar. Ward twp page 17 online
hh# 179
John N. Goset born Nov. 1860 Ar. age 39 Father SC mother SC  (view 1910 census)
Cora born Dec. 1874 Ar. parents Ar.
Emery born Jan 1888 age 12
Pearl born Jan 1889 age 11
O...?? (dau) born Mar. 1893 age 7
Otto  born 1895 age 5
Ethel born Mar. 1900 age 6 months

1910, April 18th. Sevier Co.Ar. Buckhorn Twp.
John GASSETT age 49 born SC  ca. 1861. parents SC  (view 1930 census)
Nettie age 25 born Ms. Father NC mother Ga.
Ruby (age 3) born Ar.
Otto age 15 born Ar.
Ethel age 13 born Ar.
Eugene age 11 born Ar.

1920, Jan. 16th. Perry Co.Ar. Kenney Twp.
hh# 40
Embery (sp) Gossett age 32 born ca. 1887 Ar. Father NC mother Ar.
Effie age 30 Ar.
Harvey (sp) age unlegable
Halbrook (sp) age unlegable


Aug. 23, 1870 Union Co.SC Santuck twp, Image page 41 P.O. Unionville
Nathan Gossett age 61 SC
Carry? Arena (wife) age 58
William age 21
Martha age 22
James age 6
Manor Smith age 10
(all listed born SC)
hh# 382
Jefe Clark age 29
Susan age 26
Nathan age 1


April 5, 1930 Little Camas Twp. Idaho. Elmore  (view 1910 census)   Not found for 1920
hh# 6
John N. Goset age 69 SC Parents SC
Nellie age 49 Ms. Father Ga. mother Ga.
Ruby V. age 21 Ar.
Vivian E. age 10 Idaho


John Hollis/Nathan Goswick/Gossett, son Of Nathan and Arena (Bishop) Goswick, Gossett of Franklin Co. NC.., and Union Co.SC. Names of the daughters are unknown to me.




1900 New York, New York, Manhattan dist 722, image page 7 (view 1910 census)
hh# 71
Edward S. gosset born Feb 1876 age 24, Indian Terr, father SC mother SC (reataurant manager)
(married) boarding in hh
 Rose A Gosset (boarder) Feb 1878 ireland, ireland ireland

1910  San Diego Ca. Ward 4 dist 150 image page 13  (view 1920 census)
hh# 175
Edward S. Gessett age 28 Indian Terr, ? ?
Reece A. (wife) age 20/30  ? irlenad ireland ireland
(no ch)


1920 San Diego Ca.  dist 289, image page 6  (view 1930 census)
hh# 87
Edward S. Goset age 47 Ok SC SC (deputy Sheriff of Co)
Rose A. (wife) age 40 Ireland ireland ireland

1930 Fresno Co, Ca. township 3 dist 55 image page 15
hh# 171
Edward S Goset age 53 Ok SC SC (propretir (sp) of restaurant)
Rose A wife age 51 Ireland Ireland ireland



1930 San Diego Co dist 66, image page 30,
hh# 22
Raymond L Gossett age 28 Tx Tx Tx
Ann M (wife) age 24 Ill Russia Russia
Barbara A. (dau) age 3 Ca Tx Ill


April 16, 1930 Kern Co Ca. Township 7,dist 40, image page 26
hh# 357
James N. Gossett age 35 Ok Ok Ok (pipe fitter oil fields)
Fannie (wife) age 29 Ok Ok Ok
Charles G or J, (son) age 7 Ok Ok Ok
Tommie A. (son) age 4 Ok Ok ok
Delbert L (son) age 1 Arizona, ok ok


1920 San Diego Ca.  dist 333, image page 10
hh# 154
Thomas J. goset age 42 Ok SC SC (owns home)
Maude L age 30 Ar Ar Tn
Roy F. (son) age 23 Ar. Ok Ar
Troy T. (son) age 17 AR Ok AR
Elsie M (dau) age 15 Ar. ok Ar
Edward Bryan (son) age 13 Ar. Ok Ar
Lawrence (son) age 7 Ca. Ok Ar


April     8, 1930 San Diego Ca. San Diego twp dist 212, image page 7
hh# 103
Troy T. Goset age 29 Okla, okla okla (owns home, $2500.00
Grace L. wife, age 20 Ohio, Ger, Ks
Troy A. son age 3 Ca. Ok , Ohio
Olive L. (dau) age 1 Ca. Ok, Ohio

Name: William Bryan Goset
Birth Date: 21 Sep 1928
Gender: Male
Mother's Maiden Name: Heath
Birth County: San Diego
Name: James Norman Goset
Birth Date: 25 Mar 1939
Gender: Male
Mother's Maiden Name: Heath
Birth County: San Diego


June 26, 1900 Sebastian co.Ar. Harford twpk dist 115, image page 30
hh# 275
Jeffeson Goset born mar 1876 age 24, Ind terr, father SC mother SC
Maude (wife) Aug 1880 age 15 AR Tx. AR
Roy F. (son) Aug 1896 age 3 Ar. Ind terr, Ark.


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