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by: Henry H. & Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore

Chisam, Chisholm, Chism, Chisom, Chisum, Goswick, Hudson, Huff, Stacy/ey, Standridge marriages +others (Counties not in alphabetical order)


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Beginning with earliest year found.
Note: These marriage records may or may not be correct, but are listed as found.{kgk}
Also on the 1870 census that I gathered while searching for my ancestors, many that I listed, I did not list the entire household as some may have 15/20 children and my time was limited.

Part of 1870 Newton Co.Ar. census.
P.O.Jasper,Mill Creek Twp.--P.O.Jasper, Jefferson Twp.--P.O.Jasper, Boston Twp.
P.O. Jasper, Jackson Twp. P.O. Cove Creek, Polk Twp
P.O. Cove Creek,Richland Twp.
P.O. Buckwood, VanBuren Twp.

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View Newton Co.Ar.Cemetery reccemmor.htmords researched by C.L. & Lina Boyd


J.A. (Joseph Alecl/Elick) Ford  married 1914 Newton Co.Ar. Book K page 397  Jennie Harris

George Ford pf Ben Hur, Newton Co.Ar. age 29 (married: April 23, 1949) Miss Elma Henson of Cove Creek, Newton Co.Ar. age 19  (note: George Ford was son of Joseph Alec/Elick and Jennie (HARRIS) Ford.

Samuel Hudson (m) Sep.27, 1832 Nancy BELLAH

Samuel Hudson age 26 ( Sep.09,1849 (by:J.B. Thetford A-137) Nancy MURDOCK age 21

Andrew J. Hudson (m) Nov.11,1849 Pope Co.Ar. (A-138) Mary Ann STANDRIDGE

Martin Hudson (m) May 1854 Newton Co.Ar.  Eliza Jane (?)

Shearkey Boyd (m) Aug. 22,1861 Melvina YATES

Lavina Hudson (m) Apr.1862 (A-459) Sathias JONES

Martha Hudson (m) May 22,1867 Francis M. Young

John Hudson (m) Aug.08,1867 Martha E. CASEY

Amanda Hudson (m) Sep.04, 1867 John WOMACK

John Hudson (m) Aug.08,1867 Martha E. Casey

Liza Hudson (m) Sep.29,1867 Carter WILLIAMS

Matilda Hudson (m) Jul 14,1867 Jesse A. BLACKWELL

Henry Hudson (m) May 2, 1869 Sarah J. ADAIR

Alexander Standridge age 17 (m) Apr.03,1870 (A-86) Lucinda Culturine?RAFE age16
Another record of Alexander Standridge born April 15,1852 (m) Apr.03,1870 Newton (A-86) Lucinda Catherine (Cindy) Ross.

Allen Hudson (m) Jan.19,1871 Mary Jane CASEY

Polly A. (Mary Ann) Hudson (m) 2nd. Mar.20,1874 Conway Co.Ar. "James Keener"

(James Keener age 27 and Mary "Polly" Hudson age 22. by:T.S. Faucett,JP)

Lavina Standridge (dau of Lemuel & Peggy)(m) Jul.23,1874 John BRASSFIELD born Dec.17,1852

Lucinda Standridge age 18 (m) Mar.13,1874 (A-181) Samuel ESLICK age 24
Lucinda Standridge age 18 (m) Mar.13,1874 (A-181) Samuel ELLICK age 24

Andrew J. Hudson age 21 (m) Feb.18,1875 Mary M. DUPREE age 19

Mary Standridge age 16 (m) July 24,1876 (A-271) Abner BRASSFIELD age 21

(note 1870 Newton Co.AR. Richland Township)

Lucinda Standridge (m) July 06,1876 Richard W. HUBBLE (Newton A-269)(son of Wm.& Jane Hubble)
R.W. HUBBLE (m) Aug.16,1885 Alabama Standridge born Oct.19,1868(dau of Richard & Nancy J. (Felkins) Standridge.

Galen Wesley Standridge age 24 (m) Feb.01,1877 (A-335) Bell BRANCH age 17
Vina Hutson to Matthias M. "Pike" Jones on Aug. 31,1879

Alex A. Standridge (no age listed) (m) Apr.05,1879 (A-469) Mary E. TILLEY age 18

Galen Standridge age 22 (m) Jan.21,1882 (B-79) Virginia MEEKS

Silas Monroe Stacy age 16 (m) Apr.05,1882 Ellen HUDSON age 15

(Ellen Hudson, dau of Andrew J.& Sarah of Jackson Twp)

Martin T. Hudson (m) Jan.11,1883 (B-113) Elizabeth Jane STANDRIDGE

Martha Stacy age 27 (m) Nov.29,1885 Samuel HUDSON age 32

(note 1870 Newton Co.Ar. Jackson Twp. for Samuel, son of Andrew J. & Sarah)

Samuel Hudson (m) Nov.29,1885 Newton Co.AR. "Martha Stacy"

Tennessee Hudson (m) June 17,1886 General J. STANDRIDGE

(Tennesse Hudson, dau of Andrew J. & Mary of Richland Twp.)

Thomas Pike age 46 (m) May 27,1888 (by J.A. Clayton,JP) Matilda (?) STANDRIDGE age 38

Joseph Stacy age 24 (m) Apr.27,1888 (J.A. Clayton, JP) Margaret STANDRIDGE age 16

Anna Hudson (m) Jan.01,1888 Jesse HICKMAN

James S. Stacy age 23 (m) Dec.15,1889 (by W.S. Henderson) Lula HALL age 18

(both of Limestone Valley, Newton)

Jerry Standridge age 50 (m) Sep.29,1889 (J.A. Clayton,JP) Rhoda REECE age 30

Joseph Stacy (m) Aug.31,1890 Elizabeth Standridge

Andrew Jackson Hudson (m) Oct.04,1891 Lona JOHNSTON

Henry A. Stacy age 29 (m) Sep.22,1891 Manda YOUNG (age 17)(both of Jasper, Ar.)

Sarah Hudson (m) Aug.14,1892 R.W. HARRISON

John W. Hudson (m) Jan.14,1893 Margaret J. TENISON


G.W. Goswick age 26 (m 4th)Apr.30,1893 (by J.P.White,Minister) Mary Luisa CULWELL age18

(both of Quincy-J.G. Chism, Security) D-280(G.W.George Washington Goswick, son of
James Thomas and Martha Anne (Chism) Goswick)

Mart Standridge age 20 (m) Feb.22,1899 (F-236) Ellen MARTIN age 16

Nancy Standridge age 21 (m) June 27,1903 (G-273) James W. STANDRIDGE age 24

Virginia Hudson (m) Nov.19,1906 Charlie NELSON

Jesse Stacy (m) 10,05,1911 Newton Co.Ar. Cora Bell Lovell

Arizona Hudson (m) Dec.05,1914 Nation HITCHCOCK

Nancy Bell Hudson (m) Sep.18,1918 (J-205) J.R. HENDERSON

Ollie Stacy (m) 3,07,1931 Newton Co.AR. Charles Wright

1870 Newton Co.Ar. census M593 Roll 59

Pg1 P.O. Jasper, Mill Creek Township , Aug.09,1870

hh# 1-1
James B. Kenner age 23 born Ala. ca. 1848
Mary   (wife)       age 20 born Tn. ca. 1850
Robert M. (son)   age   1 born Ar. ca. 1869
(In same household is:)
Malinda Ballard  age 43 born Tn. ca. 1827
Howard Ballard  age 18 born Ar. ca. 1852
Francis (male)Ballard age 15, born ca. 1855 Ar.
James B. Ballard age 13 b. ca. 1857 Ar.
Wm. H. Ballard age 11 1859 Ar.
Andrew J.Ballard age 7 1863 Ar.

pg8 P.O. Jasper, Mill Creek Township, Aug. 13,1870
Manna (fe) Davis age 46 born Ill.
Anderson age 21 born Ar.
Nancy C. age 12 born Ar.
James age 6 born Ar.
Wm. age 3 born Mo.
  (in household is:)
Celia J. Lucy age 23 born Mo.
Wm. Baker age 52 born Tn.


1870 Newton Co.Arkansas census

pg7 P.O. Jasper, Jefferson Township, Apr. 21,1870

Robert Bowen age 26 born Ar.
Mary age 22 born Ala.
Amanda age 6 born Ala.
Martha age 5 born Ala.
Sarah age 3 born Ala.
Caroline age 1 born Ala.

Erwin Wright age 42 born Tn.
Sarah age 40 born Tn.
Marcus age 21 born Tn.
Reece age 16 born Ar.
Wm. age 4 born Ar.

Thomas Curtis age 53 b. Tn.
Deliliah age 46 born Ala.
Mary Ann age 26 born Tn.
Daniel age 20 born Tn.
G.N. age 19 born Tn.
Sarah age 16 born Tn.
Tennessee age 15 born Mo.
Martha age 14 born Mo.


1870 Newton Co.Ar. census:

pg1 P.O. Jasper, Boston Township, April 23,1870

Jas. Bird age 44 b. Tn.
Elizabeth age 39 Tn.
Mary age 18 b. Ar.
William age 16 b. Ar.
Elizer (fe) age 12 born Ar.
Thomas age 2 born Ar.

Jasper Cowan age 37 b. Tn.
Catherine age 30 b. Tn.
George age 14 b. Ar.
Napoleon age 13 b. Ar.
Phebe age 11 b. Ar.
Martha age 7 b. Ar.
Peter age 2 born Ar.

Marion VAUGHT age 21 b.Ar.
Sarah age 18 b. Ar.
James (5 months old) b. Ar.

James HORNER age 21 b. Ar.
Elizabeth age 20 b. Ar.
William age 2 b. Ar.

Wm. MOONEY age 29 b. Ar.
Zylcia age 37 b. Ar.
Orrma (fe) age 15 b. Ar.
Emma age 9 b. Ar.
John age 9 b. Ar. (both same age, but didnt notice if they were twins or not)
Elmyria age 4 b. Ar.
Daniel age 3 b. Ar.
Pernilia age 1 born Ar.
(in household is:)
Riley COWEN age 69 born Tn.
Phebe COWEN age 64 b. Tn.

Isaac COWEN age 21 b. Tn.
Mary age 24 b. Ar.
Nancy age 4 b. Ar.
Mary age 1 b. Ar.

Tabitha BASLIN OR BARLIN age 50 b.Tn.

Robert LOVELL age 34 b. Va. (did not pick up entire familys)


Susan THURMAN age 60 b. Ky.
Benjamin age 1 b. Ar.

Edward LOVELL age 74 b. Va.

Zilla (fe) COWEN age 34 b. Tn.

Margaret MARSHALL age 41 b. Tn.

Jas. CURTIS age 19 b. Ar.
Sarah age 16 b. Ar.,

John RICHARDSON age 42 b. Ky.
Sarah    age 40 b. Ill.

John PRUITT age 25 b. Mo.
Mary age 23 b. Ar.
William age 5 b. Ar.
Elizabeth age 1 b. Ar.

Phillip COWIN age 21 b. Ar.
Frances age 20 b.Ar.
Mary Ann age 1 month old b. Ar.

W.C. PREWITT age 45 b. Indiana
Lucy age 44 b. Mo.
Daniel age 19 born Ar.
Julia age 17 b. Ar.
William age 12 b. Ar.
Mary age 9 b. Ar.
Thomas age 4 b. Ar.
Frances (fe) age 3 b. Ar.
James age 2 b. Ar.

Amos CURTIS age 44 b. Tn.
Celia age 33 b. Illinois
John age 20 b. Tn.
James age 19 b Tn.
Parlee age 16 b. Tn.
Amos age 14 b. Tn.
Wm. age 12 b. AR.
Joseph age 9 b. Ar.
Delia age 6 b. Ar.
Martha age 4 b. Ar.
Geo. W. age 1 b. Ar.

Phillip MARTIN age 45 b. Ar.

John BEWIT? age 50 b. Indiana

John PREWITT age 18 b. Ar.
Wm. PREWITT age 14 b. Ar.


1870 Newton Co.Ar. census

pg2 P.O. Cove Creek, Polk Township, Jul.07,1870

Sarah BRANCH age 34 b. Ar.
Jane age 13 b. Ar.
Samuel age 12 b. Ar.
Lucinda age 9 b. Ar.
James age 6 b. Ar.
Mary age 2 b. Ar.

pg6 P.O. Cove Creek, Polk Township July 08,1870
Charlton? MINYARD age 44 b. Ar.
Nancy 34 b. Ala.
Dulcenia? (fe)age 11 b. Ar.
Christopher age 8 b. Ar.
Loshuhil?(male) age 5 b. Ar.
Louisa age 4 b. Ar.
James T. age 2 b. Ar.
Millie E. age 1 month old b. Ar.
(In 1880 this family is in Conway Co.Arkansas)

Jacob MINYARD age 42 b. Ar.
Sarah age 42 b. Tn.
Nancy J. age 15 b. Ar.
Wm.A. age 13 b.Ar.
Dortha (fe) age 11 b. Ar.

Jane BOYD age 67 b.S.C.
Thomas RANKINS age 37 b. (?)
Priscilla Rankins age 33 b. Tn.
  (+ a whole bunch of children)

pg7. P.O. Cove Creek, Polk Township
Alexander YATES age 25 b. Tn.
Sarah C. age 20 b. Ar.
Malinda E. age 1 b. Ar.
Reuben PAYNE age 23 b. Ar.

Sarah JAMES age 39 b. Tn.
Thomas J. age 14 b. Tn.
Martha A. age 5 b. Ar.

Wm. COOK age 40 b. Tn.
Pauline J. age 27 b. Ar.
Wm. Y? age 5 b. Ar.


Nathaniel J. POWERS age 22 b. Tn.
Ardie M. (fe) age 21 b. Tn.
Nancy M. age 1 b. Ar.
Anoina?(male)? age 3 months old b. Ar.
(Nathaniel J. Powes was the son of William and Mary, and grandson of Nathaniel and Mary (?) Powers of Humphreys Co.Tn..) My g-grandmother Nancy Elizabeth (POWERS) GOSWICK, was dau of Nathaniel and Mary Powers of S.C., and Humphreys Co.Tn...William and Mary Powers came to Conway Co.Ar. 1850, then went into Missouri, and then the children are found in Newton Co.Ar. 1860. {kgk}

Mary J. POWERS age 25 b. Tn.
Wm. F. age 19 b. Ar.
Newton J. age 16 b. Ar.
(children of William and Mary (?) Powers, and g-children of Nathaniel and Mary Powers of Humphreys Co.Tn.


William GOSWICK age 37 b. Tn.  (this surname is sometimes found as GOSSOCK/GOSSETT)
Lutishia age 37 b. Va.--(maiden name was: WRIGHT)
1.Amanda age 14 b. Ar.
2.George T. age 11 b. Ar. (m) Fara Bee Delilah Henson in Scott Co.Ar. prior to moving to Lamar Co.Tx.)
3.Mary J. age 8 b. Ar.
4.Arminda E. age 5 b. Ar.
5.Wm. W. (Wesley) age 3 b. Mo.
(William Goswick was son of George W. and Nancy Elizabeth (POWERS) Goswick of Humphreys Co.Tn., and grandson of Nathaniel and Mary (?) Powers of Humphreys Co.Tn.)  This family is in Lamar Co.Tx. 1880 and 1900 in Gila Co.Ar.).
  Lutishey (Wright) Goswick apparently died between 1870 & 1880 as William Goswick has a wife named "Louisa" in 1880 and 1900 born in Ark.

George N. BOWLIN age 24 b. Tn.
Mary E. age 22 b. Ar.
James H. age 1 b. Ar.
Wm. C. age 1 month old b. Ar.

Jamima   BOWLAIN age 66 b. Ky.
Wm. age 8 b. Mo.

Young L. TAYLOR age 53 b. N.C.
Mary C. age 46 b. Tn.
(several children in household)

Jesse R. TAYLOR age 28

Wm. M. GARNER age 61 b. Ga.

hh# 57-57
John W. BAKER age 25 b. Tn.
Susan A. age 22 b. Indiana
Ana E.J. age 1 b. Ar.

Shirley(male) BOYD age 31 b. Illinois (his name was: Shearkey BOYD)
Elvira age 26 b. Tn.
Alexander age 3 b. Ar.
Parlee age 1 b. Ar.


1870 Newton Co.Ar. census

pg.1 P.O. Jasper, Jackson Township Sep.05,1870

Sarah WILLIAMS age 45 b. Ky.
Mariah age 19 b. Tn.
George W. age 15 b. Tn.
Charlotte age 12 b. Tn.

Dennis T.? CRANE age 35 b. Illinois

hh# 3-3
Beconben?(male) LAWSON age 25 b. Mo.

William OWEN age 35 b. Ar.
Rebecca age 30 b. Ms.

Emely OWEN age 51 B. Ala.

Isham DUNN age 33 b. Ar.
Mary age 29 b. Ar.
Sarah age 11 b. Ar.
Martha age 9 b. Ar.
Andrew age 7 b. Ar.
Benjamin age 4 b. Ar.
William age 2 b. Ar.

Samuel HUDSON age 58 b. Tn. (
Nancy age 55 b. Tn.
Andrew J. age 16 b. Ar.
Columbus age 12 b. Ar.
Allen age 22 b. Ar. (m) Jan.19,1871 Mary Jane CASEY

James J. HUDSON age 31 b. Ar.
Philadelphia age 25 b. Tn.
Dennis C. age 5 b. Ar.
Perry D. age 2 b. Ar.
Rerrthw?(male) age 4 months old born Ar.
 (in household is:
Cinthia JONES age 14 b. Ar.


Hiram LANE age 52 b. Tn.
Sally age 41 b. Tn.
James A. age 4 b. Ala.?

Mary age 50 b. Ga.
James E. age 18 b. Ga.
David S. age 16 b. Ga.
Samuel N. age 13 b. Ga.
Sarah age 35 b. S.C.
Mary E. age 12 b. Ga.
Texianna age 10 b. Ga.

Isham J. DAVIS age 55 b. Tn.
Sarah age 58 b. Tn.
Mary E. age 17 b. Ar.
(in household is:)
Henderson LAFFERTY age 9 b. Ar.
Franklin LAFFERTY age 5 b. Ar.

Anderson CARLTON age 43 b. Tn.
Sarah J. age 28 b. Ar.

William DRIFILL? age 50 b. Ky
Maria age 45 b. Tn.
Pauline age 17 b. Tn.
Mary age 14 b. Tn.
(in household is:)
Joseph PENNINGTON age 17 b. Germany

George N. McHIES/McHUES age 49 b. Tn.
Elvira age 27 b.Ar.
John H. age 4 months old b. Ar.
(in household is:)
Benjamin HARRIS age 6 b. Ar.
Richard F. HARRIS age 5 b. Ar.
Mary McHUES age 66 b. S.C.

John ROLAND age 33 b. Ms.
Nancy age 29 b. Ar.

Wm. W. CASEY age 21 b. Ar.
Mary E. age 17 b. Ar.
James M. age 7 months old b. Ar.
(in household is:)
Joseph CARLTON age 21 b. Tn.
James M. CARLTON age 19 b.Tn.

Wesley SNOW age 31 b. Tn.
Rhoda age 30 b.Tn.

Jerremiah HAMBY age 60 b. Tn.
Matilda age 55 b. Tn.

Jesse CASEY age 35 Ga.
Lyddia age 37 Tn.

Anthony CASEY age 44 b. Ga.
Celia age 44 b. Tn.
(in household is:)
Hannah DIAL age 30 b. Ky.

John BOWEN age 33 b. Tn.
Elixabeth age 34 b. AR.
William J. age 13 b. Ar.
Sarah S. age 14 b. Ar.
Williamson age 12 b. Ar.
Francis J. age 9 b. Ar.
Mary E. age 8 b. Ar.
John A. age 7 b. Ar.
Christopher age 5 b. Ar.
Anbrus? age 3 b. Ar.

Clayton HENDERSON age 43 b. Tn.

Harvey ROBERTSON age 19 b. Ky.
Martha J. age 24 b. Ar.

Lucinda NASH age 38 b. Illinois

Isham M. DAVIS age 22 b. Ar.
Sarah age 18 b. Ar.

John HUDSON age 25 b. Ar.
Martha age 23 b. Ar.

cont: on page 5

Cimanther HUDSON age 2 b.Ar.
William A. HUDSON 7 months old b. Ar.

John L. WILSON age 49 b. Ala.
Margaret age 33 b. Ky.

Jane HENSON age 70 b. Ky.
Nancy J. HENSON age 25 b. Ar.
Susan PATTERSON age 17 b. Tn.
Hiram HENSON age 17 b.Ar.
John McHUES age 17 b. Ar.
Christian McHUES age 10 b. Ar.
James EMMERTON age 13 b. Ar.
Nancy J. EMMERTON age 9 b. Ar.
Susan A. EMMERTON age 4 b. Ar.

David C. HENSON age 28 b. Ms.
Rebecca age 27 b. Ar.
Nancy J. age 5 b. Ar.
James M. age 4 b. Ar.
Mary S. age 3 b. Ar.
Sarah D. age 2 b. Ar.
John age 9 months old b. Ar.

James M. HENSON age 36 b. Tn.
Nancy H. age 39 b. Ky.
John W. age 17 b. Ar.
Sally R. age 15 b. Ar.
George W. age 12 b. Ar.
Susane age 11 b. Ar.
Allen J. age 9 b. Ar.

Hannah THOMAS age 35 b. Iowa

Thomas REYNOLDS age 37 b. Mo.


Abner BRASSFIELDS age 62 b. Tn.
Lucinda age 53 b. Tn.

John F. KELLY age 45 b. Tn.
Sarah age 44 b. N.C.

Absalom PHILLIPS age 26 b. Tn.
Sarah age 25 b. N.C.


Andrew J. HUDSON age 52 b. Tn. ca.1818
Sarah age 47 b. Ala. ca. 1823
Samuel age 17 Ar. (married Martha Stacy)
Wm.C. age 15 b. ca. 1855 Ar.
James S. age 13 1857 Ar.
Francis M. age 10. 1860 Ar.
Ellen age 3 b. ca. 1867 Ar. (married Silas Monore Stacy)


Henry HUDSON age 18 b. Ar.
Sarah age 21 b. Ar.
Andrew J. age 6 months old b. ca. 1870 Ar.(m) Lona JOHNSTON

Reuben LAWSON age 70 b. Tn.
Elizabeth age 39 b. Mo.
David age 14 b. Mo.
Eliza E. age 10 b. Ar.
Larrie (fe) age 8 b. Ar.
Rhoda age 2 b. Ar.
Matilda L. age 1 b. Ar.
(in household is:)
Nathan HOLT age 14 b. Ar.
Peter A. HOLT age 12 b. Ar.

Joel HUDSON age 42 b. N.C.
Martha age 33 b. N.C.
Mary age 16 b. N.C.
Robert age 14 b. Tn.
Julia age 11 b. Tn.
John age 9 born Ohio
Martha age 4 b. Ohio
Anna age 2 b. Ohio  (m) Jan.01,1888 Jesse Hickman
Joseph 5 months old b. Ar.

Samuel CECIL age 30 b. Ar.
Alley age 31 b. Ar.
Martha ge 13 b. Ar.
James J. age 8 b. Ar.
Margaret E. age 4 b. Ar.
Mary L. age 3 b. Ar.

Joseph CECIL age 74 b. Va.
Margaret age 68 b. N.C.
Rebecca age 15 b. Ar.
Samuel age 13 b. Ar.
Margaret age 11 b. Ar.
Martha A. age 9 b. Ar.

Seaborn WRIGHT age 34 b. Ala.
Celia age 37 b. Mo.
Sarah age 15 b. Ar.
Ambrus? (male) age 13 b. Ar.
Mary age 11 b. Ar.
John age 9 b. Ar.
Seaborn age 7 b. Ar.
Martha age 4 b. Ar.


1870 Newton Co.Ar. census

pg1. P.O. Cove Creek, Richland Township Aug.16,1870

Richard STANDRIDGE age 25 b.  1845 Ar.
Nancy J. age 26 b. 1844 AR.
Tennessee age 6 b. 1864 AR.
Louisiana age 4 b. 1864 AR.
Alabama age 2 b. 1868 Ar.
Lemual age 1 born 1869 AR.
Mary age 65 born 1805 AR.?
(in household is:)
John Felkins/Elkins? age 20 b. 1850 AR.
Andeline Felkins/Elkins age 17 b. 1853 AR.

Morgan STANDRIDGE age 65 b. Ga.
Catherine age 67 b. Va.
(in household is:)
James M. JONES age 4 BORN 1866 Ar.

Martin STANDRIDGE age 31 b. 1839 Ar.
Elizabeth age 31 b. Ar.
Mary C. age 12 b. Ar.
Eliza age 6 b. AR.
General J. age 3 b. 1867 Ar. (m) Tennessee HUDSON

John ROSS age 20 b. AR.
Martha age 16 b. AR.
Rhoda age 45 b. 1825 Ar.
James age 13 b. Ar.
Roda age 10 b. 1860 Ar.

Martin ROSS age 23 b. Ar.
Mary E. age 20 b. Ar.
Henry age 3 b. Ar.
Nellie age 1 b. Ar.

Martha REYNOLDS age 42 b. Ar.
James J. age 15 b. Ar.
Mary E. age 13 b. AR.
Margaret age 10 b. Ar.

Jeremia STANDIDGE (MAY BE STANDRIDGE) age 29 b. 1841 Ar.
Mary age 27 Tn.
John H. age 13 b. Ar.
Alexander age 9 b. Ar.
Nancy J. age 7 b. Ar.
Lemuel M. age 3 b. Ar.
Mary E. age 1 born Ar.

Alexander STANDRIDGE age 50 b. Illinois
Eliza ge 32 b. Ar.
Catherine age 20 b. Ar.
Eliza age 15 b. Ar.
Mary age 10 b. Ar.
Lucy age 9 b. Ar.
Emily J.? age 4 b. Ar.
Tabetha E. age 6 months old b. AR.
Alfred age 11 b. Ar.
Mary A. age 9 b. Ar.

Charles A. CAGLE age 24 b. Tn.
Margaret L. age 25 b. AR.
Lemuel R. age 4 b. AR.
James H. age 2 b. Ar.
Mary A. age 1 b. Ar.

James JONES age 26 b. Ar.
Elizabeth age 30 b. Ar.
Margaret age 11 b. Ar.
James H. age 8 b. AR.
Lemuel A. age 3 b. Ar.
John N? C. age 1 b. Ar.

James STANDRIDGE age 24 b. 1846 AR.
Caroline age 23 b. 1847 AR.
Mary E. age 1 b. Ar.
Lemuel R. age 11 months old b. Ar.


Sarah CHISM age 49 born Tn. (widow of J. B. Chism)
1. Nancy J. age 23 b.1847  Ms. (m) possibly 2nd.(Nancy J.Chism age 24)(m) Jan.01,1878 Martin Hutson age 22 (this may not be our Nancy J. Chism as our Nancy J. would be age 30 in 1878)
2. John R. age 20 b.1850 Ala. (m)lst.NancyJones (m) 2nd Elizabeth Bass (m)3rd Sarah Parlee Freeman(in Conway 1880)
3. Wm. M. age 18 b. 1852 Ms. (m: first Polly "Mary A. Hudson) (This may be our William Chism that married 1872 in Conway Co.Ar.)
4. Rebecca M. age 16 b, 1854 Ar.(m) Lewis Freeman (in Conway Co.Ar.1880 Griffin Township)
5. Susan age 12 b. 1858 AR.   (married Francis M. Hudson)
6. Gallerent /Tallernt age 10 b. 1860 Ar.(m) Ellen Morris (in Conway Co.AR. Griffith Township 1880 with brother B.F.)
7. Benjamin F.age 8 b. 1862 Ar.(m)Frances E.Miller (Benjamin Franklin-Frank Chism in Pope 1900 census)

I have ask myself many times, "why did Sarah Chism come to Newton Co.AR." was she widowed at the time she arrived in Newton Co., or did J.B. Chism die after arriving in Newton Co...Was Sarah related to all the STANDRIDGES that seem to surround her in Newton Co.? {kgk}

Charles RISONER age 32 b. 1838 Ar. (view 1880 census)
Sarah age 21 b. 1849 Ala. (dau of J.B. & Sarah (?) Chism)
Sarah age 1 b. 1869 AR.

Sarah Chism Risoner/Risner, daughter of J.B. & Sarah (?) Chism of Jackson Co.Arkansas.

The 1860 Jackson Co.Ar. Bird Township #523(1860 census on J.B.Chism of Jackson Co.AR. supplied by:Tom Chism)

J. B. Chism age 41-44 Ala. (
Saray 37-38 ?  ( 1822-1823)  (Go to 1870 Newton Co.AR. to Sarah & children left in household)
Martha age  16, b.Miss. (  (Martha Ann (m) ca.1866 James Thomas Goswick) (my great grandparents)
Nancy age 14 b.Miss. (
Sarah  age 12 b.Miss. (  (Charles & Sarah Risoner are neighbors to Sarah Chism  in 1870)
John age 11 b.Al   ( (married 3rd. Conway Co.AR. Sarah Parlee Freeman)
William age  9? b. Miss.( is said that he married Mary "polly" Hudson)
Rebecca  age 7 b.AR ( (m) Lewis Freeman (brother to Sarah Parlee Freeman)
Susan age  2 AR  ( 1858) (note marriage of Susan E. Chism to Francis M. Hudson)
Gallernt ( 6 mo old AR (

In 1880 Lewis & Rebecca Freeman, Gallerent & Benjamin Chism &John R. Chism is in Conway Co.Ar. Griffith Township where John R. Chism  married the 3rd time to Sarah Parlee Freeman. John R. and Sarah Chism settled in Yell Co. Ar. as most of their children. (Go to 1880 Conway Co.AR. census for John R.,Chism, Lewis & Rebecca Freeman, G/Tallernt (T.S) and brother Benjamin Chism)

It has been stated that William M. Chism b. 1852 had married a girl named Polly (Mary) HUDSON. No marriages records have been found.

Samuel STANDRIDGE age 66 b. 1804 Tn.
Lucinda age 48 b. Tn.
John W. age 18 b. Ar.
(in household is:)
Sarah WILLIAMS age 26 b. Ar.
Samuel WILLIAMS age12 b.Ar.
Wm. A. WILLIAMS age 9 b. Ar.
Matilda M. WILLIAMS age 4 b. AR.

Andrew HUTSON (as written) age 45 b. Ala.  (this was Andrew J. Hudson)
Mary age 30 b. Illinois
Polly A. (Mary Ann) age 17 b. 1853 AR.(m)lst. William M. Chism (m)2nd. James Kenner
Francis M. Hudson (twin to Polly) b. 1853 AR. (married Sarah E. Chism)
Martin  (M.T.)age 15 b. 1855 AR. (m) Jan.8,1883 M.J.S. Standridge
Lavina age 12 b. 1858 Ar.
Ellen Lucinda age 9 b. 1861 Ar.
Samuel age 6 b. 1864 Ar.
Speddy age 4 b. 1866 AR. (married Lemuel Standridge)
Tennessee age 2 b. 1868 Ar.(married General J. Standridge)
John J. Hudson born June 1872 Rchlnd Creek, Newton Co.AR. (m) lst. Emma Smith (m 2nd. Rhoda Jane Standridge

Andrew J. Hudson married Mary Ann Standridge in Pope Co.AR. (note marriages)
 1.William M. Chism was the son of J.B. & Sarah Chism and brother to Martha Anne (Chism) Goswick
 2. Polly A.(Mary Ann Hudson)Kenner.  Polly had a daughter named "Jane Chism"b.1869 (m)Feb.1885 Charles F. Ridling, a daughter named "Rhoda Kenner" (m) lst. Lee Davis, (m) 2nd. Nathaniel Huff (son of Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson, Mary had two other daughters named Nancy and Lorene.  The 1900 cenus Pope Co.Ar. Sulphin TWP shows Polly HUDSON age 50, Jane age 28, Nancy age 18, Lorene age 15 and a son named Lum age 11 (All listed as Hudson's) James T. Goswick and J.R. Chism are listed as her neighbors: (Goswick hh#106-Pollie Hudson #107, and J.R. Chism #109).  Mary Ann KINER is buried in the Old Hickory Cemetery-headstone reads: Mary Ann Kiner Oct.24,1850-Mar.1919.  This cemetery is located North & West of Morrilton,AR.. {kgk}


Shedy? BRASSFIELD age 35 b. 1835 Mo.
Matilda age 24 b. 1846 Mo.
John S. age 9 born 1861 Ar.
Mary A. age 4 b. 1864 AR.
Abner S. age 2 b. 1868 Ar.

Elizabeth BRASSFIELD age 40 b. Mo.
John age 17 b. Ar.
Abner age 15 b. AR.
Lucinda age 13 b. Ar.
Elizabeth age 10 b. Ar.
(in household is:)
Rachel MEEK age 22


William HUBBLE age 40 b. Ar.
Jane age 35 b. ca.1835 Tn.
Lavina age 17 b. AR.
Richard age 16 b. Ar.
John H. age 14 born Tx.
Mary age 8 b. Ar.
Sarah age 3 b. Ar.
Manda age 1 born AR.

Leiois?(male) MEEK age 28 b. Ar.
Tabitha age 22 b. Ar.
Elizabeth age 3 b. Ar.
Eliza (fe) age 7 months old b. Ar.
Eliza age 14 b. Ar.

William POPE age 58 b. Tn.
Louise age 42 b. Tn.
Robert F. age 19 b. Ar.
Mary age 22 b. Ar.

Richard MEEK age 29 b. Ar.
Susan age 28 b. Tn.
Samuel age 10 b. Ar.
John H. age 8 b. Ar.
Charles age 6 b. Ar.
Jeremiah age 3 b. Ar.
James W. age 1 b. Ar.

Alexander ROSS age 24 b. AR.
Rhoda age 21 b. Ar.
James W. age 1 b. Ar.

Zillir? BRIMMAGE age 27 b. Mo.

Thomas ALWAY? age 25 b. Canada

Lorenzo D. GILBERT age 40 b. Penn.
Polly age 26 b. Penn.
John L. 14 b. Minn.
(several other children in household)

Joseph HAMILTON age 25 b. AR.
Wife and several children

John C. FOUNTAIN age 53 b. S.C.
(wife and several children)

(This concludes P.O. Cove Creek, Richland Township)


Newton Co.Arkansas census:

P.O. Buckwood, Van Buren Township, april 21,1870, Newton Co.Ar.

Anderson SELF age 54 Ala.

Nathan SELF age 40 b.Ala.

Reubin BARNARD age 46 b. Tn.

Joseph WRIGHT age 52 b. Tn.
Easter age 52 b Tn.
John H. age 15 b. Mo.
Catherine age 12 b. Ar.

Jas. YOUNG age 19 b. Tn.
Sarah age 20 b. Tn.

John MATTHEWS age 40 b. Canada

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1888,Aug.19th, Jasper Newton ROY to Sarah Ann MORRISON (recorded at Harrison, Ar.)

1911,Nov.11th. John Watler ROY to Margaret Ann Springer

1917,Jun.25th. Dora ROY to Joe BAKER
(notes for Dora (Roy) Baker.  Dora was daughter of Jasper N. & Sarah (Morrison) Roy.  Dora died 1918 Pauls Valley, Ok of a seizure while giving birth to a baby).


1830, April 16, Jennie DAVIS & James WHITSON
1831,Feb.08, Eliza CUTHURTH & Beverly BAKER
1831, Sep.08, Permelia DAVIS & George GOSSAGE
1832, Jul.04, Colby DENNIS & Lutisha ZACHERY
1838,Aug.30, Anna DAVIDSON & Thomas H. ANDREWS
1838,Jul.20, Josiah DENTON & Eliza LUDWELL
1839,Mar.25, Peter B. DAVIS & Jane EUBANKS
1840, Jan.22, Edward DAVIS & Eliza DORSE
1841,Apr.24, Coak Benj. DARNELL & Eliza SHINN
1842,Dec.29, Peter B. DAVIS & Mahala STAFFORD
1843,May 09, Catherine DAVIS & Rubin MATHIS
1846,Oct.15, Washington DAVIS & Jane BEWLEY
1846,Apr.15, Thomas J. DARE & Mahala CUNNINGHAM
1847,Aug.18, Lewis W. DICKEY & Eliza Ann RUSHING
1847,Nov.18,Wiley H. GOSSETT & Sarah Ann WALKER
1848, Jan. Francis M. HUDSON age 19 & Mary YATES Age 16 (by Jno H.Williams,JP)
1848,May 24, Wm.P. DAVIS & America DILLARD
1848, Jan.02, Lavina DAVIDSON & Elijah YEATTS
1849,Nov.11, Mary A. STANDRIDGE & Andrew J. HUDSON (by:J.L. Linton,JP)
1849,Sep.09, Samuel HUDSON age 26 & Nancy MURDOCK age 21 (by J/B. Thetford)A-137
1853, Oct.02, John DAVIS & Mary SANDERS
1859, Aug.14, Mary Linsey CURTIS & Charles B. HOLMES
1861,Aug.22, Sherkey BOYD & Melvina YATES
1865,Oct.17, Alex STANDRIDGE age 40 & Louisa STANDRIDGE age 28 (D-100)
1865, Oct.18, Richard Standridge and Nancy J. Felkins (Pope D-102)
1867,Aug.05 Elizabeth CHISAM (m) Samuel Doss
1870,Jul.21 Delilah Jane Maynard (m). Isaac Bailey (Pope Co.Ar.)
1870, Jul.19, James CHISAM (m) Sarah A. Bailey
1875,Mar15, John R. Chisum age 25 to Elizabeth Bass age 17 by:FC.Falls, J.P.1/24/2000 from C.L.Boyd
1875,Apr. 16, Francis M. HUDSON age 21 ( Susan E. CHISM age 17 (
1875, Apr..16, Susan E. CHISUM (m) F.M. Hudson

1878,Sep.29, Tallyard/Gallent Chisum age 21 to Miss Ellen Morris age 19 (both of Dover)from C.L.Boyd
1880,Mar.18, Mary HOWARD & Russell COLLINS (E-390)
1880,Apr.11, Lucinda HUDSON & Thomas H. MAYNARD
1883, Jun.11, Miss S. STANDRIDGE age 19 & M.T. HUDSON age 26 (by W.J. Jones,JP)
1888, Jun.03, George W. GOSWICK  (m 3rd Mary BRITTON (Note his 4thmarriage in Newton Co.AR. 1893)
1883,Jul.28, Lemuel STANDRIDGE age 21( & Miss Spedia HUTSON age 18 ( John Prince)F-82
1888, Dec.23,Sarah E. GOSWICK & Wm. H. "Bill" HUFF
Matilda Stacy (m) 9/21/1890 Pope Co. Ar.Alex Standridge
Joseph H.Stacy (age 29) & Elizabeth Standridge (16) both of Freeman, Pope Co. (m) 8/31/1890
1891,Mar.19, Samuel HUDSON & Mary (Howard) COLLINS (F-525)
1892,Nov.21, Sarah Standridge (dau of Lem & Peggy)(m) Pete GARRISON (Pope G-35)
1892,Nov.18, Mrs. S.E. STANDRIDGE age 26 & W. FORD age 28 (both of Freeman)by:J.D.Hasseltine
1892, Mar.20, M.J. Hampton (m) N.L. Huff (Nathan Huff son of Elizabeth (Stacy),Huff,Davidson)
1893, Mar.09, Mary J. GOSWICK & George W. DAVIDSON
1894,Nov.06 Lewanda Marie Stacy (m)  Henry M. Boyd (brother of John Wm.Boyd)
1894,Oct.02, Mary A. Huff (m) William Hilderbrand
1895,Jul.06 Matilda Stacy (m) John William Boyd
1896,Apr.12, Mary J. Huff (m) C.C. Crabb
1896, Feb.02 Frank Chism (m) Nancy Bailey
1896, Sep.16, John J. HUDSON & Emma SMITH (G-307)
1899, May 21, R.F. Chisum (m) Margaret Laymon
1900, Nov.22, John J. HUDSON & Rhoda Jane STANDRIDGE (G-607)Rhoda born Mar.02,1878
1902,Jun.15, Lidia (Lydia)Chisum (m) John Daniel Masterson (Russellville,.PopeCo)1/24/2000 by C.L.Boyd
1902,Jan.19, Jess N. GOSWICK & Nettie Jeanetta DUNLAP (dau of Dal & Martha (Branch)Dunlap)
1902,Apr.20, Ellen GOSWICK & Jim LAYMON
1905, Nov.15, Rebecca E. HUFF & Soloman W. PRINCE
1908, Oct.17, Sarah E. (GOSWICK), HUFF & John Green CHISM
1909, Feb.06, Rhoda Hudson (m) William Watson Holliday
1909,Nov.28, Martha Adaline GOSWICK & Sam F. DIAL (DIVORCED)
1909,Aug.27, Thomas Benjamin GOSWICK & Lillie DIAL (DIVORCED)
Melissa "Lizzie" M. Boyd (m)Aug.18,1912 Pope Co.AR. Charley Lee Casey
1914,Nov.22, Thomas Benjamin GOSWICK & Margaret E. FONDREN
Cora Delpha Boyd (m) Dec. ?, 1922 Scottsville,Ar. James Adam Goswick
1929, Sep.15, Ethel Jane GOSWICK & Lewis WOOTEN



1867, Sep.08, S.E. DAVIS & David WARD
1885,Oct.10, B.F. Chisum age 23 to Frances E. Miller age 15 (rec at Danville)1/24/2000 by C.L.Boyd
1884,July 10, A.J. Huff (m) Miley Linch
1888, Oct.25, A.J. Huff (m) Cora McClure

1908,Apr.04, Margaret Elizabeth GOSWICK & Wilburn O. PRUITT
1910, Nov.27, Georgia Anne GOSWICK & John Alen PRUITT (brother to Wilburn O. Pruitt)
1919, Nov.30, Myrtle Ethel GOSWICK &  Ila Price
1922, June 05, Florence Elaine GOSWICK & George David MORRIS
1923.Sep.31, Martha Jane GOSWICK & Jewell David RUSSELL
1935, Aug.10, James W. "Argile" PRUITT & Mandy RANEY


Conway Co.Arkansas

1872, Sep.05, William Chism (m) Nancy E. Wells
1874, March 19, Mary  Hudson age 22 ( 1852)& James Keener age 27 ( T.S. Faucett,JP)

1879,Feb.16, Sophia R. Chism (m) L.B. Merrick
1878,Jan.01, Martin Hutson age 22 to Nancy Jane Chism age 24 ( C.L.Boyd
1880,Feb.14, Berry Chism (m) Martha A. Alexander
1881,Dec.05 Nancy Chism married Anthony Holoman
1881,Sep.12, John R. Chism and Sarah Parlee Freeman
1882, Sep.05, Mary Angeline CHISAM (m) Newton Anderson
1883, Mar.20, Fanny Chism (m) Jeff Dowdle
1885, Feb.01, Jannie Chism (m) Charles F. Ridling
1885, Feb.12, Betty Chism (m) Thomas S. Maberry
1886, Dec.08, Jane STACY (m) Thomas MANARD
1887, Mar. 15, G.W. CHISUM (m) Jane Upchurch

1890, July 20, James P.O. Goswick (age 24) and Rebecca Davidson (age 16)
1892,Dec.02, David O. Chism (m) Nellie Harrington
1892, Jan.05, Tinnie M. Chism (m) John I. McCadle
1893, Dec.30, Callie Chism (m) Henry Furguson
1893, Jul.04, Bonie C. Chism (m) J.H. Norman
1894, Jan.18, Kizzie Chism (m) J.C. Blankinship
1894, Feb.20, Mary E. Chism (m) Jno. A. Welch
1895, Oct. 08, Fannie Chism (m) R.F. McGee

1896,Mar.31, Sarah A. Chism (m) T.S. Wills
1896, May 07, Frank Chism (m) Derenda E. Prock
1896, Mar.20, Levonica Chism (m) T.L. Hale
1897, Oct.13, Mollie Chism (m) J. I. Gaylor
1898, Apr.05, G.W. Chism (M) Elizabeth Ledford
1900, Apr.28, T.W. Chism (m) Maggie Rhodes


Jackson Co.Arkansas Marriage

1858,Apr.18, Thomas M. Chism married Carline E. Gamble
1867, August 30th, Sarah Elizabeth Chism to Charles H. Risner.




Tallerent Chium 1860 Ar.(Tallerent age 21)
(m) Sep.29,1878 Pope Co.Ar.  (Both of Dover, Ark.)
Ellen Morris 1860 (she age 19)
          one child found.
1. Robert Franklin Chism b. 1879 Ar. (possibly Conway Co. Griffin Township)
    (m) May 21, 1899 Pope Co. Ar. as: R.F. CHISUM
    Margaret Laymon
                7 children.
a. John Belcher "Beech" Chism born May 11,1900 died May 1986 Manila,Ar. Miss Co.
    (married) Mabel ?

b. Daughter died infancy

c. John Chisum (m) Viola (?)

d. George Chisum (m) Louvenia Middleton (m) Bessie Middleton

e. Donna Chisum born Oct.10,1910 hot Springs, Ar. (still living)
    (m) June 12,1928 Amity, Ar.
    Lonnie Homer Middleton

f. Steve Chism (drowned in Ar. River 1947) never married

g. James "Jim" Chisum born Oct.08,1924 died May 13,1994 Marianna, Ar. Lee Co.
    (m) Lucille Davis

Information supplied by: Vicky Middleton...thank you Vicky.

Tallerent/Gallerent Chism was son of J.B. & Sarah Chism of Jackson Co.Ar.,  He is in the household 1860 & 1870 ..then in 1880 he is in Conway Co.Ar. and brother Benjamin Frankin is living in household with him. The close neighbors were his brother "John R" Chism and sister Rebecca C. Freeman.


Logan Co.AR. Marriages.

1881, Nov.08, Corrinna Chism (m) Clark B. Wood
1887, May 08, George W. Chism (m) Nancy J. Garner
1898, Jan.12, Omer D. Chism (m) Fannie Sadler


Lawrence Co.Ar. marriages

1840, May 30, George W. Chism (m) Jane Ross
1866, Jan.18, Henderson Chism (m) Mary E. Oaks
1866, May 18, Green Chism (m) Martha Dotson

Prarie Co.Ar. Marriages

1859, Aug.16, John H. Chism (m) Nancy L. Toone


Clark Co. Ar.
1874, Nov.22, Mary CHISHOLM (m) Thomas Buckley

Carroll Co.Ar.
1889,Dec.24, John CHISHOLM (m) Mrs. Virginia Ambrose
1898, Mar. 15, Daniel CHISM (m) Gertrude Trout

Seiver Co.Ar.
1843, Nar, 05, Sarah CHISAM (m) Thomas Moore

Johnson Co.Ar.
1867, May 20, Mrs. Lucinda CHISUM (m) Marcellus Sartin
1879, Nov.06, Mattie CHISM (m) J. H. Hardgraves

Polk Co.Ar.

1899, Dec. 25, T.W. CHISM (m) Emma Barton


Cross Co.Ar. Marriages

1877, Apr. 19, G.W. CHISHOLM (m) Malinda Fielding


Crawford Co.Ar. marriages
1883, Dec.27, Margaret E  CHISUM (m) James T. Griswold

Randolph Co.Ar. marriages

1836, May 22, George W. CHISM (m) Jane Lankford
1844, Jan.04, John CHISUM (m) Liza Carver
1853, May 23, Nancy M. CHISM (m) James H. Austin


June 20, 1880  Conway Co. Ar. Griffin twp, dist 42, image page 5 (view 1900 census)
hh# 217
C.H Risner age 43 Ar. SC Tn 1837
Sarah E. age 31 Ms. ? ? 1849
Sarah age 11 Ar Ar Ms 1869
Rebecca A/H ? age 9 AR 1871
Charlels M age 5 Ar 1875
Mary E age 3 Ar 1877

June 5, 1900 Pope Co.Ar. Freenan twp dist 167, image page 4
hh# 25?
Charles H Raisner age 63 Ar Tn Tn.
Rebecca Clarks age 29 (dau) Ar Ar Ms 1871
John F Clarks age 33
Charles F Clarks age 8
Frederick Sykes age 67
Mary E. Sykes age 44
Margaret Munford age 52
Pearl A Long age 12


William M. Chism born 1852 Ar. died n/r
married first: Mary Ann "Polly" Hudson

Jane Chism born N/R

Jannie  Chism born ca. 1867 (dau of James Chism) married: Feb. 1, 1885 Conway Co.Ar Charles F. Riddling born 1867 Ar

Mary Ann "Polly" HUdson Chism married 2nd.
James Kenner
had issue:
Rhoda J. Kenner b. died n/r (married first Lee Davis, married 2nd Nathaniel Huff)
Mary Kenner born 1882 Ar. (married: Hooper)
Leona Kenner born 1885 Ar. Married Callahan

1900 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Township Dist 73 Image page 5

household #107
Polie Hudson age 50 b. Apr. 1850 Ar. Ms. AR. (widow)
Jane (Probably Roda/Rhoda) (dau) age 27? b. May 1873 Ar. AR.AR.
Mary/Nancy ? (dau) age 18 b.Feb, 1882 AR.
Lorne (dau) age 15 b. May 1885 Ar. AR.AR.
Lon/Lum (son) age 11 b.Jan.1889 Ar. AR AR (Lum Davis, son of Rhoda  Kenner, Davis, Huff)

April 24, 1910 Conway Co Ar. Morrilton ward 3, dist 16, image page 9,  Morrilton City, Welburn Township
hh# 462 
Charles Callahan age 29 1883 (m x 1) born Ms. SC SC
Leona (wife) age 25 (m x 2) born Ar. Father Louisiana, Mother Ar
Morris w (son) age 2 born Ar. Father Ms. Mother Ar
Burley R. (dau) age 9 months born Ar
Jan 23, 1920 Conway Co. Ar. Gregory twp, dist 3, image page 15 & 16
hh# 152
Charley Callahan  age 46 born Ms. SC SC
Leona (wife) age 34 born Ar. Father Louisiana, mother Ar
Morris W. (son) age 12 Ar Father Ms. mother AR
Burlie R. (dau) age 10 AR Father Ms, mother Ar
Irving C (son) age 8 Ar  Father Ms, mohter Ar
Willie M (dau) age 6 AR
Ruby L (dau) age 5 AR
Reba J. (dau) age 11 months born Ar.
Mary A. KENNER (mother in law) (widow) age 69 born Ar. ca. 1851 Father Ms. Mother Georgia
April 10, 1930 Conway Co.Ar. Gregory twp, dist 5, image page 8
hh# 79
Leona Calahan age 45 (widow) born Ar. parents Ar
Ansley  age 20 Ar
Willie M age 17 AR
Roby L age 14 AR
Irene  age 14 AR
Samuel age 8 AR
Calvin age 6 Ar
Irvin  (son) age 19
Velley  M (dau law) age 17
hh# 80
Morris Calahan age 22 AR
Daisey M (wife) age 19 Ar

1900 Conway Co.Ar. McLain Dist 9, image page 7 & 8
hh# 64
Charles Ridling age 33 born Ky Father Ga. mother Tn
Sarleny J (wife) age 32 born ca. 1868 Ar. parents Ar
Mary L age 14 Ar
Milissey A age 12 Ar
Lilly L age 10 Ar
James F age 7 AR
Rebecca M age 5 Ar
Tiny age 2 Ar
Della M (1 month) Ar

April 22, 1910 Conway Co.Ar. St. Vincent twp dist 9, image page 8
hh# 61
Charles F. Ridling age 43 Ky Ga  Tn
Selina J age 42 Ar. Ky Ar
Silla E. age 19  AR. Ky AR (must be Lilly L)
James F. age 17
Maggie L age 15
Tinie A age 12
May B age 9
Hollie M age 5
Alodina T. age 3 months


June 25, 1880 Van Buren Co. Ar. Liberty twp. dist 200, Image page 6
hh# 379
James Chism age 29 Ar. Ar. Ar
Sarah Ann age 28 Tn. Tn. Tn
Salina J. (dau) age 13 Ar. Ar Tn. 1867
Salina J Chism was dau of James and Sarah and g-dau of Obadiah Chism.

      1920 United States Federal Census Record
      Welbourne, Conway, Arkansas

      Alfred Hooper 35 
      Mary Hooper 38 
      Annie Hooper 19 
      Leon Hooper 12 
      Gladyse Hooper 10 
      Elizabeth Hooper 8 
      Gracie Hooper 5 
      George W Hooper 1 1/12 

Feb, 20, 1920 McIntosh Co Ok, Cobb twp, dist 44, image page 26
hh# 248
Lum Davis age 30, Ar. US, Ar 1890
Edith (wife) age 28 Mo, Mo Mo
Carl (son) age 4 Ok Ar Mo
Harmon (son) age 1 Ok Ar Mo
hh# 249
Robert Huff age 28 Ar Mo Ar 1892
Mary (wife) age 24 AR Ar Iowa
Josie (dau) age 9 AR. Ar AR
Virgle (son) age 7 Ar Ar Ar
Arvile (son) 3 Ok Ar Ar
Robert Jr. (son) age 1 Ok Ar Ar 1919