Goswick Genealogies

by:Henry H. and Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986

some of his descendants

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John Goswick,Sr.

1823 Tax list--1830 UnionS.C.--1840 Franklin Co.N.C.--1850 Franklin Co.N.C.--1860 Franklin Co.N.C.  1870 FCNC Goldmine Twp. 1880 Franklin Co.Sandy Creek
--1880 Warren Co.N.C.- 1900 Hanover Co Va 7/1/2006 -1900 Halifax Co.N.C.--Check North Carolina Marriages.
1910 Hanover Co.Va. c. online1/21/2002
Virginia Marriages


Nicholas Jefferson "Jeffery" Goswick b.ca.1800 N.C. died aft.1874 FCNC
(m) Jan.07,1824 Franklin Co.N.C.
Temperance "Tempy" Murray b.ca.1810  d:n/r
children found:
1. Elijah                b. 1826  N.C. (m) Emily "Betsy" Murray
2. Jane                  b. 1830  S.C.
3. John "Jack"       b. 1832  S.C. (view 1870 census)  (view 1880 census)
4. William             b. 1834  N.C.
5. James P.           b. 1837  N.C.
6. Samuel             b. 1840  N.C.
7. George D.         b. 1842  N.C.
8. Mary                b. 1844  N.C.
9. Lucy                b. 1845  N.C.

Franklin Co. North Carolina marriages listed: Nicholas Goswick and Temperance Murray married on Jan. 07,1824. Altho the marriage listed Nicholas Goswick and Temperance Murray, They are always found as:Jefferson or Jeffery Goswick & Tempie/Tempy.  The above children have been listed as children of Jeffery and Temperance (Murray) Goswick.   Nicholas Jefferson "Jeffery" Goswick is believed to be one of the son's of "John" Goswick b.ca.1770.  (see Nicholas Jefferson "Jeffery" Goswicks will)


1823 Franklin Co.N.C. Land tax list: Jefery Goswick living in Ferrells District.


By 1830 Jefferson Goswick is living in Union Co.S.C. listed as 30/40 years of age, female 20/30, and 2 females u/5.


1840 Franklin Co. North Carolina listed Jeffery Goswick 30/40, female 30/40, 1 female 10/15, 2 males 5/10, 2 males u/5, 1 female 5/10.



Jeffery Goswick age 50 b.North Carolina
Tempy age 40 b. N.C.
Elisha  age 23  b.N.C.
Jane age 20 born S.C.
John age 18 born S.C. b.ca. 1832
William age 16 born N.C.
James age 13 born N.C.
Samuel age 10 born NC
George age 8 born NC

Mary age 6 born N.C.
Lucy age 2 born N.C.



Jefry Goswick age 63 b.N.C.  (view 1870)
Tempy age 50
Jane age  35
John age 33  b.ca. 1827
James age 26 b.ca. 1834
Samuel age 19 d:c/w
Mary age 14
Lucy age 10

Jeffery Goswick dated a will May 15,1874 (note will of Jeffery Goswick) He mentions his son's Lisha/Elijah, and John, and three daughters Jane, Mary and Lucy Goswick.



Elijah Goswick born ca. 1826 N.C.
(m) 9/28/1851 Franklin Co.N.C.
Emily "Betsy" Murray born 1832 N.C. (view 1870 census)
children found:
1. Thomas Goswick b. ca. 1852 N.C.
2. Nancy ? born 1854 N.C.
3. Edward born ca. 1856 N.C.
4. Wm.Nich. b.ca.1859 N.C.

This is according to 1860 Franklin Co. N.C. census.
1860 FCNC P.O. Louisburg
Elisha Goswick age 30 born N.C.
Betsy age 28 born N.C.
Thomas age 8 born N.C.
Nancy age 6 born N.C.
Betsy age 4 born N.C.
William age 2 born N.C.

Elijah Goswick enlisted Sept.1864 Franklinton, N.C. in the Confederate Army.  He was hospitalized in Richmond, Va. Jan-Feb. of 1865, served in 24th Infantry and was a Private.



1880 Franklin Co. N.C. census

Thomas Goswick age 26 b.ca. 1854 (head of the household)
Emily Goswick (mother) age 62
Edward Goswick (brother) age 25 b.ca. 1855
Nick Goswick (brother) age 21 b.ca. 1859
Jane Goswick (Aunt) age 52 b.ca. 1827


1900 GUILFORD CO.N.C. High Point Township Dist 60 Image 18

Thomas Carrick (not Goswick) born April 1850 North Carolina
Mary  (wife) born Oct. 1855 N.C.
Thomas J. born Aug.1885 N.C.
Mary A. born Feb.1887 N.C.
Doak B.  born Dec. 1888 N.C.
Carey W. born July 1893 N.C..




John "Jack"Goswick born ca. 1832 S.C.  (view 1880 census)
(m) Apr.27,1865 Franklin Co. N.C.
Mary Perry born ca. 1846 N.C.  died:April 15,1924 (age 76)Richmond,Va.
children listed:
1. Alice born 1868 Franklin Co.N.C.
2. Joe (Joseph ?) b. 1873 Franklin Co. N.C.( Joseph Jefferson Goswick)

John Goswick, son of Nicholas Jefferson "Jeffery" and Temperance "Tempy" (Murray) Goswick. The 1870 Franklin Co. N.C. census listed John Goswick age 38, Mary age 24, and Alice age 2.  The 1880 Franklin Co.N.C. Sandy Creek Township, listed "Jack" Goswick age 50, Mary age 40, Alice age 14, and Joe age 7.  Mary Goswick is buried Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, Va. (info supplied by Jerry & Roz)
2/23/2000 The death date of Mary Goswick supplied by Jerry Goswick.

1880 Franklin Co.N.C. Sandy Creek Twp. Page 40&41 hh# 357
Jack Goswick age 50 born ca. 1830
Mary age 40 b.ca.1840
Alice age 14 b.ca. 1866
Joe age 7 b.ca. 1873  (view family)



James P.Goswick born ca. 1837 N.C.
(m) Dec. 10,1859 Franklin Co. N.C.
Maria Swanson b. n/r  d: n/r
  (no record of children)
James P. Goswick, son of Nicholas Jefferson "Jeffery" and Temperance "Tempy" (Murray) Goswick.  James P. Goswick enlisted Jul. 1862 at Raleigh, N.C. in the Confederate Army, and was hospitalized Nov. 1863 at Richmond, Va..



Samuel Goswick b.ca. 1840 N.C. died 1861 Pa. (the son of Nicholas Jefferson "Jefrey" and Temperance "Tempy" (Murray) Goswick.  Samuel Goswick enlisted in the Confederate Army June of 1861 at Louisburg, N.C. died of disease at Yorktown, Pa. August of 1861.


George D.Goswick b.ca. 1842 N.C., son of Nicholas Jefferson, and Temperance Goswick, enlisted in the Conferderate Army at Louisburg, N.C. June 1861 and was classified disabled in December of 1861.  George D.Goswick served with the Cooks Brigade Campaign. He was also hospitalized in Williamsburg, Va. in 1861.

Civil War Records on the Franklin Co. North Carolina Goswicks was contributed by: Donna (Holmes) Goswick.



1880 WARREN CO. NORTH CAROLINA Judkins township Page 11 image 8

Sarah A.Goswick age 25 born 1855 N.C.
Robert Goswick  age 10 born 1870 (son)
George Goswick age 5 born 1875 (son)
Charles Goswick age2  born 1878 (son)

This Sarah Goswick may have been the widow of George D. Goswick.{kgk}


1900 Halifax Co. N.C. Brinkleville Twp. Dist 25
hh# 139
Robert  N. Gossett age 29 b.ca. 1870 N.C.  (View 1910 census)
Irene age 20 b. ca. 1880

1900 Halifax Co.NC, Brinkleyville, Image 14 Dist 25
Sarah A. Matthews age 53 (widow) born N.C. ca. 1847
John D. Gossett (son) age 14 born ca. 1886 NC (view 1910 census)
Della Matthews (step dau) age 18 born NC
Jane Miller (boarder) age 54 NC.

1910 Edgecomb Co. NC. 3-wd Rocky Mt. Dist 26
John D. Gossett age 24 born N.C. b.ca. 1885
boarding  in hh of Charlie A. Wills/Mills


1900 Halifax Co. Ronoke Rapids, Wilden Twp.
Charles M. Gosseth born Oct. 1872 N.C. age 28 (age is off some) (view 1910 census)
Betty G. (wife) born Oct. 1874 N.C. age 26
George (son) born May 1900 N.C. age 1 month old


1900 Bunchcombe Co.N.C. Leicester Township
George T. Gossett born Feb.1875 N.C. age 25
Iney/Inez? E. born Jan.1879 N.C. age 21
Floyd B. born Jan. 1897 N.C. age 3
Violet E. born mar. 1898 N.C. age 2
Hubert C. born Nov. 1899 N.C. (age 6 months old)

1910 Guilford Co.NC., Summers Twp. Dist 129
hh# 99 Image 10
Robert P. Gosset age 37 born N.C. ca. 1873
Irene age 27 NC
Carry C. (son) age 6
Virginia (dau) age 1 month

1910 Halifax Co. NC. W-Eufield twp. Dist 45
Image 53 and 53
hh# 208
Charlie mc Gosset age 32
Bettie age 38
George H age 10
Marva? age 8
Mary A. age 6
Lucrie? dau age 4
Charlie age 3



Information supplied by Edward Goswick of Virginia. (view 1880 census)  (view 1900 census) (view 1910 census)

Joseph Jefferson Goswick b. 1876 Rock Mt. N.C. died:Nov.13,1959 Williamsburg,Va.(age 86)
married x lst.                    m:2nd.1899                 m.3rd.        m: 4th. Eunice (?) b.ca.1892
lst.wife: ???
2nd. wife: Annie L. Fines (dau of Kiney & Laura Fines)(Annie age 22 and Joseph Jefferson age 27 in 1899)
3rd wife: Melvina Eunice Dickerson b. Aug.27,1888 Va. died Feb. 15,1983 Va.
child by lst wife Unk.

1.Luther Emmett Goswick b.Nov.03,1895 Va. d:Oct.23,1976 Richmond, Va. (from SS death records) 
2.Cleo Goswick b.n/r (married a Mr. Miller)

children by Melvina Eunice Dickerson
3. Sarah Lou Goswick born March 10,1909 Ashland, Va. (see ss death records)
4. Virginia Geneva Goswick born Apr.24,1912 Ashland,Va.
5. Edward Goswick born Feb.02, 1915 Va. died: June, 1986 Va.(view cem rec) (never married)
6. Joseph Lee Goswick b.7/26/1916 Va. (m lst)Ellela Virginia Nunallie (m 2nd) Margie Armstead
7. Eunice M. Goswick b. ca. 1920 Va. (m lst. ? ) (m 2nd Everett Paul Raleigh Hunt) (view 1930 census)
8. Floyd L. Goswick b. Nov. 21, 1921 Va (view picture) (view 1930 census)
9. Leo L. Goswick born May 12,1924 Va. died Mar.1980 Ca.
10. Annie Mae Goswick b.April 25 1931 in Richmond, Virgina  6/1/03  Died: 9 Aug 2006 ,Last Residence: 46250  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana.

(view 1910..1920..1930 for Joseph J. Goswick)


Quantico National Cemetery
Triangle, Prince William County, Virginia
Goswick, Edward, b. 02/09/1915, d. 06/25/1986, SGT U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS, Plot: 1 6953, bur. 06/27/1986, *
Goswick, Edward, b. 02/09/1915, d. 06/25/1986, US Army Air Forces, SGT, Res: Richmond, VA, Plot: 1 0 6953, bur. 06/27/1986

Virginia 1910 Census Miracode Index
May 4, 1910  Hanover Co.Va. Ashland twp dist 19, image page 40
hh# 157
  Joseph J Goswick   (view 1920 census)
  Age: 35 State: born NC parents born NC
  Color: W Enumeration District: 0019
  Birth Place: N C Visit: 0157
  County:  Hanover
  Relation:  Head of Household
  Other Residents: Relation Name Age Birth Place
Wife Eunice 18 born Virginia parents born Ba.
Son Luther E 14 N C Father NC Mother NC b.ca. 1896
Daughter Sarah L age 1 month? born Va. Father NC Mother Virginia 
Mother Mary 64 Virginia

View picture of: Joseph Lee, Floyd, Leo & Edward Goswick when they were young.

Another picture received with info of names.


Virginia (Goswick) Redford, and brother Edward Goswick stated their parents divorced, and finally their mother had to place all the children in foster homes.  Edward Goswick stated that his father had a sister named "Cleo" who had married a Mr. Miller.Feb.23,2000--The death records on Joseph Jefferson, & Emmett H Goswick supplied by Jerry & Roz


 Luther Emmett.Goswick born Nov.03,1895 Va. died Oct. 23,1976 Va. Richmond,Va. bur. Oakwood Cemetery.  (view 1910 census of Luther E. Goswick)
Mary Etta Brooks b.n/r  d:n/r  (Go to picture of Luther Emmett & Mary Etta (Brooks)Goswick)
had son''s:
1. Emmett W. Goswick b: 1917 d: Dec.12,1994 age 77 in Md. (md 2nd) Margurite Elaine Barr(  Cont.Dau:Barbara  )
2. Thomas Everett Goswick b. Aug.18,1922 died Mar. 1989 Mechanicsville, Hanover Co.Va.(m2nd:Esther Drumm)
3. Ruth Goswick b. 1916 (m) Hillenburg

Luther Emmett  Goswick was the son of Joseph Jefferson Goswick.

ss death record:
Thomas Goswick born Aug.18,1922 died Mar. 1989 Mechanicsville,Hanover Co.VA. (app for ss in Maryland)


Thomas Everett Goswick b. Aug.18,1922 died Mar. 1989
(m)lst.                       (m) 2nd.
lst. Caroline (?)
2nd. Esther Mae Drumm born Dec. 05,1926 Lancaster Pa. died: Mar.17,2001
   children by lst marriage.
1. Thomas Everett Goswick, Jr., b.n/r
2. June Goswick b.n/r
3. Sharon Goswick b.n/r
     children by 2nd marriage
4. Sandra Lea Goswick b. Feb.28.1947
5. Gerald Thomas Goswick born Sep.18,1952 Richmond,Va.
6. Donna Mae Goswick born Aug.21,1954 Richmond, Va.

Thomas Everett Goswick was the son of Emmett H. Goswick2/14/2000 from Gerald Thomas Goswick, son of Thomas Everett  and Esther Mae (Drumm) Goswick, Sr.  Thank youy Gerald "Jerry" {kgk}

Information on children of Emmett H. Goswick was supplied by Edward Goswick.  The death records were  taken from ss#death records.


Eunice M. Goswick (m) a Mr. Hunt
Annie Mae Goswick (m) a Mr. VanAllen
Virginia Geneva Goswick (m) a Mr. Redford
Leo L. Goswick (m) Margie (?) had a daughter "Delena" Goswick
Cleo Goswick (m) a Mr. Miller and had a daughter named Elsie Miller who (m) a Mr.Deitrick.

Information on this Goswick lineage will be up-dated as information is received.{kgk}




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11/1/2001 (info from Barbara)

Emmett Willard Goswick born May 24,1917 died Dec.12,1994 (age 77)Hyattsville,Maryland (from SS Records) (view 1930 census) (view 1920 census)
married X 2  (married lst. June 11,1939)  (married 2nd.?)
lst.Ethel Louise Walters b.April 28,1918 (dau of Charles & Lettie Gertrude (Chappell) Walters)
2nd. Margurite Elaine Barr born Mar.24,1921

              Children by lst wife
1. Charles Emmett Goswick born 7/08/1941(m) Brenda Smith
2. Joseph Willard Goswick born 5/10/1943 (m) Ida Mae Owens

            Children by 2nd wife
3. Linda Lee Goswick born 3/04/1949
4. Sharon Letricia Goswick born 9/24/1950
5. Barbara Darlene Goswick born 5/13/1952
6. Lawrence Dale Goswick born 11/07/1959
7. Bonnie Irene Goswick born 8/01/1961
8. Deborah Lynn Goswick born 9/30/1964

Information on this lineage supplied by Barbara D. Knarr.  Thank you Barbara.



Luther Emmett and wife Mary Etta (Brooks) Goswick
Picture supplied by Barbara..Thank you.



Picture supplied by Barbara..Names listed were::
Joseph Lee, Floyd, Leo & Edward Goswick


Goswick family Pic from Barbara.
Elmo, Elsie, Howard is Joseph Lee's fathers sisters children (is how it was explained to me) which are the ones sitting in the front row.

first boy on the left (big collar)       Elmo
grandmother                               Mary
boy next to her with knee up       Howard
girl in front with both arms straight Elsie
girl behind her with hand on knee   Virginia
boy behind Elsie is                       Howard
girl in back row next to Howard       Sarah
boy in back row to behind Mary       Joseph Lee



Name:         Annie  Mae Goswick   ;Van allen                   
Spouse:       Robert Vanallen
Email:        lovelyeunice1@yahoo.com
Site_Arrival: Surfing the net in search of my roots
Date:         01 Jun 2003
Time:         16:48:19


 Hello, I am 72 years old.  Born April 25 1931 in Richmond, Virgina. My parents were Joseph Jefferson Goswick. And Eunice Goswick. My husband is deseased.  He passed away Feburary 1, 1996.   I would like to add what a wonderful job you have done putting this web page together.  I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana.  If any one would like to drop me an email please fell free to do so. 


Annie VanAllen


1870 Franklin Co.N.C. Goldmine twp.
page 18 hh# 156
John Goswick age 45 born N.C. ca. 1825 (check NC marriages) (view 1880 census)
Mary age 24 NC. born ca. 1846
Alice age 2 born ca. 1868 N.C.

hh# 157
Jethro (Josephus Goswick age 73 born N.C.
Tempy (wife) age 65  b.ca.1805
Jane age 40  b.ca. 1830
Mary age 15 b.ca. 1855
Lucy age 20 b.ca. 1850

hh# 158
Emely Goswick age 40 born ca. 1830 (check NC marriages) (view 1860 census) (view 1880)
Edward age 14 born ca. 1856
Thomas age 16 born ca. 1854 (view 1880 census)
Nick age 12 born ca. 1858



No date, 1920  Virginia, Richmond, Independent City, image page 38
hh# 815?
Joseph J. Goswick age 44 NC NC NC (view 1930 census)
Eunice (wife) age 26 Va. Va.Va.
Sarah  (dau_ age 11 Va. NC  Va.
Geneva (dau) age 8 Va. NC Va
Edward (son) age 5 Va. NC Va
Joseph L.(son) age 4 Va. NC  Va
Luther E. ? Goswick  (son) age 23 NC NC NC b.ca. 1897
Mary E. (wife of Luther) age 22 Va Va.Va
Ruth V. (dau) age 4 Va. NC Va
Emmett Willard (son) age 3 Va. NC  b.ca. 1917



April 12, 1930 Richmond Virginia (Independent City) Richmond Co. Image page
hh# 241
Joseph J. Goswick age 55 NC NC NC
Eunice age 34 Va. Va. Va
Joseph L. (son) age 13 Va. NC Va.
Leo (son) age 5 Va. NC Va/

April 22, 1930  Halifax Co.Va. Meadsville, dist 13, Image page 23
hh# 193
Tommie A. Carr age 42 Va. Va.Va/
Mattie (wife) age 36 Va. Va. Va.
Eunice Goswick (adopted dau) age 10 Va. Va Va b.ca. 1920
Floyd Goswick (adopted son) age 8  Va. Va. Va.
(Eunice and Floyd Goswick were never adopted by the Carr family) They were children of Joseph Jefferson and Eunice (Dickerson) Goswick, but did not live with the parents for some unknown reason.

April 10, 1930 Virginia, Fluvanna, Columbia, dist 3, image page 6
hh# 61
Marian A. Wood/Vood? (male) age 60 Va. Va Va
Emmet Goswick (adopted son) age 12 Va. Va. Va. (b.ca. 1918)

April 3, 1930  Richmond Va. Independent City Richmond, image page 20
hh# 25
Geneva V. Goswick age 16 Va. Va. Va.
(boarding in home of Richard W. and Agnes Bowman)

April 10, 1930  Bruswick Va. Meherrin, Dist 3, image page 6
hh# 56
Sallie Wray? age 56 Va. Va. Va.
Julia (dau) age 35
Edward Goswick (unleg) age 15 Va.Va.Va/


FLOYD LUTHER GOSWICK   born Nov 21, 1921 Richmond, Va. (view pic of Floyd L and wife France Rebecca Goswick)
Married June 2, 1941 Richmond, Va;
FRANCES  REBECCA FLOYD (need birth date)
  born Oct. 24, 1946 (twin to Lenny)d: Aug. 25, 2005

   FLOYD GOSWICK SR DIED ON APRIL 1, 2006  IN RICHMOND VA   HE WAS PRECEDED IN DEATH BY HIS SON, LARRY,  WHO DIED AUGUST 25, 2005 . Larry is entombed at Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va.


Floyd L.Goswick was son of Joseph Jefferson, and Eunice (DICKERSON) Goswick. (view 1920 and 1930 census) View pic of Floyd and brothers.



June 28, 1900 Hanover Co..Va. Ashland twp, dist 17, Image page 20
hh# 199
Joseph GOSWICK  born Nov. 1873 age 27 (wd) NC, NC NC
Luther S. (son) born Nov. 1896 age 4 NC, NC NC
Mary (Mother) born Apr. 1843 age 57 (wd) NC NC NC


Melvina Eunice Goswick  Birth:  9 Jul 1920 - VIRGINIA  d:  4 Dec 1979 - LOS ANGELES
married lst. Edgar Karn b.n/r d: n/r
married 2nd: Everett Paul Raleigh Hunt,  b.Feb. 5, 1911 Canada, died: Nov.12, 1987 Los Angeles, Co.Ca.
  children by lst:

   ch by 2nd husband
2.Everett Leigh Hunt Birth Date: 24 Jun 1947 Los Angeles Co. Ca
3.Joseph Thomas Hunt  b.14 Oct 1948 Los Angeles Ca. d: Date: 1 Aug 1987 Ca.
4.Charles Roland Hunt Birth Date: 3 Oct 1949 Los Angeles Co.Ca
5.Patricia Louise Hunt Birth Date: 5 Dec 1951 Los Angeles Co Ca. died 2002 Lancaster,Ca.
6.Caroline Elizabeth Hunt Birth Date: 28 Jan 1953 Los Angeles Co. Ca


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