This page will be under construction for some time and info will be added daily.There are 2,897 deaths listed on the ss death records beginning with the year 1869 of Gossett's.  The Goset families that I have found are also of the Gossett/Goswick family.  If you are unable to find your ancestor listed as Gossett, then please check the different spellings of the surname as you may find it as:Gassett, Gossick, ect..  We never know how the census takers have spelled the surname.  Many years ago I corresponded with an elderly lady who said her family went by the last name of "Gossett", but he mother had told her that the surname used to be "fossett".  So there is another surname spelling that you may wish to check out as there were "fossett" families in Va. in 1790, and "fossett" families in S.C., also Ms..

I do hope by charting these ss death records of different surname spellings that you may be able to find your ancestors whether they be Gossett, Gassett, Gussett, Gostick, Gossick, Joswick, "even Goswick or Gossitt".  We may be able to add a few more different ways of spelling the surname.

Oct. 1st. 1998-Here is a list of surnames found on the SS Death Records that you may wish to check out if you cannot find your surname listed on records the way that you normally spell it.

Gossett 2,897-Gosset 40,  Gossitt 7, Gossit 2, Gositt 2, Goset 7, Gassett 255, Gasset 7, Gosewisch 44, Goswick 209, Goswic  1, Gaswick 2, Coswick 2, Joswick 139, Cossett 34, Cosset 1, Coset 4, Cossitt 61, Bostwick 1,305, Boswick 16, Bostic 2,315, Bostick 1,947, Gostick 15 ,Gastick 2,  Gostic 9. Gossick 27, Gassick 3. Gosewisch. {kgk}

To really look at the spellings of these surnames, and by just removing the first letter ex: G in Gossett to C and you have Cossett.  G in Gostwick to B and you have Bostwick and so on.  "Very Interesting" {kgk}



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These names are listed as earliest births found and are not in alphabetical order.  Where you see a name hi-lited you will be able to click to that family.  Some of these Gossetts will click to the GOSWICK families. {kgk}

Mar.08,1999 (update on 1888)

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1887   1888  1889  1890  1891  1892  1893  1894  1895  1896  1897  1898  1899  1900
 If the year is not hi-lited, I havent finished typing it up.

name born died residence lst.benefits issued



Artie Gossett Nov.09,1869 Oct.1969 Lookout Mt.Tn. no location Tn. 1966


Nellie Gossett Jan.22,1870 Jun.1967 Red Bluff,Ca. no location Calif.bef.1951


Edward Gossett Jul 28,1871 Jan.1867 Grandfield,Ok. no location Ok.1955

Edna Gossett Jul.29,1874 Sep.1969 Sunrise B.Mo. no location Mo. 1963

Corilla Gossett Jan.29,1875 Oct.1964 Ok.City,Ok. no location Ok. bef.1951
John Gossett Jul.09,1875 Oct.1965 no location no location Texas bef,1951
Lucy Gossett May 7,1875 May 15,1966 Post,Tx. no location Texas 1965
William Gossett Nov.15,1875 Nov.1962 no location no location Texas bef.1951


Adder Gossett Mar.11,1876 Feb.1979 Rusk,Tx. no location Texas 1965
Aggie Gossett Aug.08,1876 Apr.15,1973 Vian, Ok. no location Ok. 1965
Florence Gossett Apr.2,1876 Jan.15,1966 Tallahassee,Fl. no location Fl.bef.1951
George Gossett Dec.16,1876 Sep.1962 no location no location Dist.Col.bef.1951
Lula Gossett Feb.16,1876 Mar.1970 Mooreland,Ok. no location Ok.1965
Tony Gossett Dec.14,1876 Apr.15,1969 Fort Worth,Tx. no location Texas 1965



Alonzo Gossett Mar.22,1877 Aug.1967 Mayville,N.Y. no location N.Y. bef.1951
Bonnie Gossett Nov.13,1877 Jan.1964 no location no location Tn. bef.1951
Effie Gossett Aug.3,1877 Jun.1977 Crawfordsville,Ind. Crawfordsville,Ind. Ind.bef.1951
Estelle Gossett Jan.30,1877 May 1969 Carmel,Ind. no location Illinois 1965
Frank Gossett Feb.26,1877 Jan.1963 no location no location La. bef.1951
Fredrica Gossett Oct.18,1877 Nov.1965 Omaha,Neb. no location Neb. bef.1951
Lucy Gossett Feb.7,1877 Nov.1968 Long Beach,Ca. no location Ca. bef.1951
Martha Gossett Dec.14,1877 Feb.1964 no location no location Ky. 1956
Rosa Gossett Jul.28,1877 Mar.1975 Monroe, La. no location La.1953


Bertie Gossett Jun.05,1878 Jan.15,1970 KingsMtn.N.C. no location S.C. 1965
Claud Gossett Oct.21,1878 Mar.1964 no location no location Texas bef.1951
Dolla Gossett Aug.12,1878 Dec.1976 Ft.Lauderdale,Fl. no location Fl. 1965
Edwin Gossett Jun.15,1878 Sep.1968 Charleston,Il. no location RR/Ret bef.1951
Lorne Gossett Sep.5,1878 Jan.1965 no location no location Mi. bet.1951/2
Millay Gossett Apr.25,1878 Apr.1964 no location no location Fl. bef.1951
Pett Gossett May 28,1878 Dec.15,1971 Greenwood,S.C. no location S.C. 1965


Edmund Gossett May 10,1879 Jun.1972 Salem, Il. no location Il. bef.1951
Effie Gossett Jan.09,1879 May 1965 no location no location Ind.bef.1951
Frieda Gossett Nov.19,1879 Jul.1972 N.Y.City,N.Y.. no location N.Y. bet.1965/6
Jake Gossett Apr.04,1879 Sep.15,1966 Hardyville,Ky. no location Ky. 1965
John Gossett Oct.10,1879 Oct.1970 Topeka,Ks. no location Ks. bef.1951
Joseph Gossett Jul.26,1879 Sep.1963 no location no location RR/Ret.bef.1951
Leslie Gossett Feb.27,1879 Oct.1965 no location no location Pa. bef.1951
Rose Gossett Dec.20,1879 Mar.1971 Akron, Ohio no location Ohio 1965
Sarah Gossett Feb.19,1879 Jun.15,1969 Calvert City,Ky. no location Ky. bef.1951

Alfred Gossett Sep.06,1880 Feb.1967 Lyles,Tn. no location RR/Ret.bef.1951
Eva Gossett Sep.15,1880 Jun.1969 Brooklyn,N.Y. no location N.Y. bet.1965/6
Gertrude Gossett Oct.30,1880 Aug.1972 ShawneeM.Ks. no location Kansas 1973
Ida Gossett Sep.18,1880 Jan.15,1969 no locaton no location Texas 1965
Jacob Gossett Dec.19,1880 Oct.1965 no location no location Il. bef.1951
Joseph Gossett Jan.14,1880 Jan.15,1973 GoodSprings,Tx. no location Texas bef.1951
Lottie Gossett Oct.22,1880 Jan.15,1968 Birmingham,Ala. no location Ala. 1966
Luke Gossett Nov.12,1880 Jan.1977 Casper, Ill. no location Ill. bet.1955/6
Maude Gossett May 14,1880 Nov.1969 Alexandria,Va. no location Ind.bef.1951
Maude Gosett Apr.23,1880 Jan.1970 Independence,Mo. no location Mo. bef.1951
William Gossett May 19,1880 Apr.1965 no location no location Ala.bef.1951


Charles Gossett Jan.11,1881 Nov.1983 McCall,Idaho no location Idaho bef.1951
Fanny Gossett Sep.21,1881 Oct.15,1968 Clarksville,Ark. no location Ark. 1965
Hazel Gossett Ju.02,1881 Nov.1969 Miami, Fla. no location Fl. bef.1951
James Gossett Sep.14,1881 Sep. 1962 no location no location Ky. 1954
Jehile Gossett Mar.26,1881 Jan.1968 Piggott,Ark. no location Ark. 1955
John Gossett Jan.28,1881 May 15,1969 Sanderson, Tx. no location Calif bef.1951
John Gossett Dec.11,1881 Dec. 1971 GrandRapids,Mi. no location RR/Ret.1951/2
Maude Gossett Sep.29,1881 Apr.1974 no location no location Pa. 1973
Myra Gossett Sep.23,1881 Nov.1969 WashingtonCoOh. no location Ohio 1965
Thomas Gossett Oct.11,1881 Jul.1966 Buffalo,Mo. no location Mo. bef.1951
Trink Gossett May 20,1881 Jul.1973 Austonio,Tx. no location Tex.bef.1951
Zula Gossett Feb.26,1881 Jul.1975 Oxford, Ms. no location Ms. 1966


Addie Gossett Dec.21,1882 Aug.1967 Piedmont,Ok. no location Ok. bet.1961/2
Amabel Gossett Aug.01,1882 Jul.1974 Topeka, Ks. no location Ks. 1973
Anna Gossett Apr.08,1882 Jan.1972 Kansas Cty,Mo. no location Mo. bef.1951
Annie Gossett Feb.22,1882 Sep.1969 Addison,Ala. no location Ala. 1965
Claudia Gossett Aug.05,1882 Dec.1965 no location no location Tex. bef.1951
Clyde Gossett Aug.04,1882 Dec.1963 no location no location Indiana bef.1951
Emma Gossett Feb.01,1882 Apr.1972 Springfield,Ill. no location Ill. bet.1956/7
John Gossett Feb.26,1882 Jul.1965 no location no location Tex. bef.1951
John Gossett Nov.27,1882 Jul.1968 no location no location Pa. bef.1951
Laura Gossett Mar.01,1882 Oct.1967 Crestwood,Ky. no location Ky. bef.1951
Marvin Gossett Apr.28,1882 Dec.1949 no location no location Texas bef.1951
Sally Gossett Apr.12,1882 Jun.15,1970 Marion, Ind. no location Ind. 1965
Tolbert Gossett Mar.2,1882 May 1967 Lyles, Tn. no location Tn. bef.1951
Vava Gossett Apr.21,1882 Jan.1980 no location no location Mi. 1963
William Gossett Aug.28,1882 Dec.1963 no location no location Ok. 1951


Andrew Gossett Jul.04,1883 Jun.1964 no location no location Texas 1955
Bessie Gossett Mar.01,1883 May 1982 Petersburg,Fla. no location Ohio bef.1951
Edna Gossett Aug.09,1883 Oct.1972 Cleburne,Tx. no location Tex. 1963
George Gossett Feb.26,1883 Aug.15,1973 Good Springs,Tx. no location Texas 1965
Howard Gossett Nov.2,1883 Apr.1966 no location no location Ga. bef.1951
Ida Gossett Dec.05,1883 Aug.1967 Ashville,N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
James Gossett Mar.08,1883 Mar.1968 Union,Union S.C no location S.C. bef.1951
James Gossett Mar.20,1883 Oct.15,1970 Hampton,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Jesse Gossett Apr.18,1883 Sep.15,1966 Piggott,Ar. no location Ar. 1965
Joseph Gossett Jun.17,1883 Jan.1965 no location no location Kansas bef.1951
Joseph Gossett Aug.21,1883 Apr.15,1968 Chino,San.B.Ca. no location Ca. bef. 1951
Mary Gossett Dec.18,1883 Jul.1968 N.Y.New York no location N.Y. bef.1951
Newton Gossett May 23,1883 Mar.1975 W.Palm B.Fla. no location Indiana bef.1951
Robert Gossett Jun.07,1883 Oct.1976 Edmond,Ok. no location Ok. bef.1951


Alma Gossett Feb.12,1884 Jul.1986 no location no location Louisana bef.1951
Alva Gossett Jan.15,1884 Dec. 1978 Austin, Tx. no location Texas 1962
Andy Gossett Feb.21,1884 Apr.1972 Austonio,Tx. no location Texas 1954
Brutus Gossett Mar.04,1884 Jan.1964 no location no location Tn. bef.1951
Bryon Gossett Sep.14,1884 Aug. 1963 no location no location Texas bef.1951
Charles Gossett May 17,1884 Feb. 1974 Sacramento,Ca. no location Pa. bef.1951
Elmer Gossett Sep.07,1884 Apr.1966 Louisville,Ky. no location Ky. bef.1951
Eva Gossett Jul.06,1884 Sep.1971 Chicago,Ill. no location Ill. 1966
Frances Gossett Jan.22,1884 Jan.1973 no location no location Ohio bef.1951
Harry Gossett Oct.18,1884 Mar.1967 Flushing,N.Y. no location N.Y. bet.1952/4
Henry Gossett Jun.17,1884 Apr.1974 Munfordville,Ky. no location Ky. 1955
Isom Gossett Jun.16,1884 Jan.1971 no location no location Ind.bef.1951
James Gossett Oct.23,1884 Nov.1963 no location no locaton Mi. bef.1951
John Gossett May 1,1884 Oct.1976 Monore,La. no location La. bef.1951
Mary Gossett Dec.14,1884 Oct.1976 Norris City,Ill. no location Ill. bef.1951
May Gossett Jun.15,1884 Jul.1974 Ok.City,Ok. no location Ok. bef.1951
Nettie Gossett Jun.03,1884 Feb. 1973 JohnsonCty.Tn. no location Tn. 1957
Nettie Gossett Jan.25,1884 Feb.1976 Washington,Pa. no location Pa. bef.1951
Pearl Gossett Dec.02,1884 Sep.1972 Kelsey, Ky. no location Mi. 1965
Raymond Gossett Oct.25,1884 Jan.1963 no location no location La. bef.1951
Silas Gossett Feb.12,1884 Nov.1968 Omaha,Neb. no location Neb. bef.1951
Viva Gossett May 23,1884 Dec.1981 Lancaster,Ca. no location Ca. bef.1951



Alex Gossett Nov.29,1885 Dec.1974 Griffin,Ga. no location Ga. bef.1951
Anna Gossett Jul.25,1885 Jul.15,1970 Belpre,Oh. no location Ohio 1965
Arthur Gossett Mar.30,1885 Jan.1963 no location no location Tex.bef.1951
Della Gossett Dec.16,1885 Aug.15,1967 Lyles, Tn. no location Tn. 1965
Edith Gossett Jan.20,1885 May 1974 Indianapolis,Ind. no location Ind. 1956
Hallie Gossett Apr.12,1885 Mar.1965 Portland,Oregon no location Montana bef.1951
Harry Gossett Apr.09,1885 Mar.1963 no location no location W.Va. 1951
Henry Gossett Mar.12,1885 Mar.1973 Memphis,Tn. no location Tn. bef.1951
Hiram Gossett Dec.08,1885 Jan.1963 no location no location Wash,bef.1951
John Gossett Aug.12,1885 Aug.15,1970 Rome, Ga. no location Ga. 1965
John Gossett Ju.16,1885 Oct.1970 Grants Pass Or. no location Or.bef.1951
Joseph Gossett Apr.12,1885 Feb.1986 Harrisburg,Pa. no location Pa. bet.1953/5
Lewis Gossett Mar.12,1885 Dec.1968 Colorado CtyCo. no location Co. 1965
Lila Gossett Oct.10,1885 Jun.1975 no location no location Ky. 1974
Pickney Gossett Oct.07,1885 Sep.1964 no location no location Ky. bef.1951
Sarah Gossett Sep.03,1885 Jun.1973 Houston,Tx. no location Ms. 1954
Sarah Gossett Jan.13,1885 Apr. 1980 Atlanta,Ga. no location Ca. 1973
Thomas Gossett Feb.13,1885 May 1979 Stanton,Tx. no location Tx. bef.1951
Verdie Gossett Mar.10,1885 Oct.1970 no location no location
William Gossett Jul.13,1885 Apr.1964 no location no location Ok. 1951
William Gossett Feb.22,1885 Aug.1965 no location no location Tx. bef.1951



Aubrey Gossett Jul.12,1886 Sep.1969 Capulin, N.M. no location S.C. bef.1951
Bertha Gossett Dec.13,1886 May 1983 no location no location Ca. bef.1951
Bettie Gossett May 26,1886 Feb. 1973 Laurens, S.C. no location S.C. bef.1951
Brent Gossett Apr.09,1886 Dec. 1971 no location no location Ky. 1956
Burton Gossett Dec.12,1886 Dec. 1977 Bellingham,Wa. Bellingham,Wa. Wash.bef.1951
Carrie Gossett Feb.17,1886 Feb. 1979 Bryn Mawr,Pa. Bryn Mawr,Pa. Pa. bef.1951
Chester Gossett Mar.02,1886 Aug.1976 Oakland,Ca. no location Ca. 1952
Clifton Gossett Jan.05,1886 Oct.1970 Portland,Or. no location Or. bef.1951
Della Gossett Feb.20,1886 Apr. 1974 Olive Branch,Ms. no location Tn. 1965
Eston Gossett Jan.23,1886 Feb. 1983 Detroit,Mi. no location Mi. geb.1951
Letha Gossett Oct. 31,1886 Apr. 1976 Cave City,Ky. no location Ky. 1965
Florria Gossett Mar.22,1886 Feb. 1966 Ironton, Oh. no location Ohio bef.1951
George Gossett Jun.04,1886 Jul.1971 Spartanburg,SC no location S.C. bef.1951
Ida Gossett Dec.03,1886 Sep.1973 Arch, N.M. no location N.M. 1969
John Gossett Jan.06,1886 Aug.1965 Owensboro,Ky. no location Ky. 1954
John Gossett Mar.04,1886 Oct. 1966 Burnside,Ky. no location Ky. bef.1951
John Gossett Nov.08,1886 Dec.1974 Collierville,Tn. no location
Josephine Gossett Aug. 09,1886 Jul.1966 no location no location Mi. bet.1952-3
Laura Gossett Jun.18,1886 Dec. 1973 Tyler, Tx. no location Tx. 1965
Laura Gossett Apr. 27,1886 Feb. 1974 BollingSps.N.C. no location N.C. bef.1951
Lucen Gossett Oct.14,1886 Jul 1976 Houston,Tx. no location Tx. 1955
Owen Gossett Oct.01,1886 Aug. 1975 Phoenix,Az. no location Co. bef.1951
Percy Gossett Aug.10,1886 Oct.1971 Nunnelly, Tn. no location Tn. bef.1951
Rhoda Gossett Apr.25,1886 May 1978 Ardmore,Ok. no location Ok. bef.1951
Sam Gossett Dec.04,1886 Dec. 1967 Greenville,S.C. no location S.C. bef.1951


Oct.. 01,1998 {kgk}

Catherine Gossett Oct.24,1887 Mar.1977 Birmingham,Ala. no location Ala. 1963
Charlie  Gossett Aug.04,1887 Sep.1967 Arch,N.M. no location N.M. bef.1951
Clara Gossett Jun.04,1887 Apr.1963 no location no location W.Va. 1956
Clystie Gossett Jun.15,1887 Jan.1975 New Boston,Tx. no location Tex. bef.1951
Connie Gossett Dec.28,1887 Sep.1975. Goodlettsville Tn no location Tn. 1973
Earl Gossett May 12,1887 Nov.1962 no location no location Ill. bef.1951
Enos Gossett Dec.28,1887 Aug. 1970 Belton,Ky. no location Ky. 1955
Fern Gossett Nov.29,1887 Nov. 1980 Dallas,Tx. Dallas,Tx. Tx. 1954
Frank Gossett Apr. 04,1887 Dec. 1965 no location no location Ala. bef.1951
Harley Gossett May 23,1887 Oct. 1971 Greenfield,Oh. no location Ohio 1951
Jason Gossett Mar.13,1887 Dec.1968 Knoxville,Tn. no location Tn. 1955
Jesse Gossett Oct. 18,1887 Apr. 1964 no location no location Ok. bef.1951
John Gossett Apr.01,1887 Jan. 1965 no location no location W. Va. bef.1951
Lawerence Gossett Feb. 21,1887 May 1976 SiloamSprings,Ar.. no location Ark. 1955
Leila Gossett Aug. 22,1887 Sep. 1969 Oak View,Ca. no location Iowa bef.1951
Lula Gossett Mar.22,1887 Oct. 1974 Vidor, Tx. no location Tx. 1973
Mabel Gossett May 08,1887 May 1967 Franklin,Ky. no location Ky. 1962
Mary Gossett Oct. 30,1887 Mar.1971 Jamestown,N.D. no location ND bef.1951
Nelia Gossett Sep.22,1887 Feb. 1975 Rumsey,Ky. no location Ky. 1965
Thomas Gossett Aug.04,1887 Oct. 1963 no location no location Tx. bef.1951
Walter Gossett Aug.17,1887 May 1973 Gadsden,Ala. no location Ala. 1954
Winnifred Gossett Apr. 08,1887 Dec. 1972 no location no location Indiana bef.1951

last check of this(Mar.8,1999) the 1887 social security list, Walter and Winniefred Gossett did not appear.


Alfred Gossett Dec.13,1888 Feb.1970 Chino,Ca. no location Ok.bef.1951
Alvia Gossett Nov.03,1888 Nov.1966 El Dorado, Ok. no location Ok. bef.1951
Annie Gossett Jan.17,1888 Dec.1972 Deer Park,Tx. no location Tx. bef. 1951
Arthur Gossett Jul.27,1888 May 1965 Houston,Tx. no location Tex. bef.1951
Bessie Gossett Apr.09,1888 Aug.1983 Bessemer CityNC no location NC 1963
Burks Gossett Jul.04,1888 May 1965 no location no location Tex. bef.1951
Charles Gossett Feb. 25,1888 Apr. 1970 no location no location NY bef.1951
Charles Gossett Sep.02,1888 Sep. 1974 Boise Idaho no location Idaho bef.1951
Eckley Gossett Dec.06,1888 Jan.1980 Miami, Fla. no location Fla. 1954
Eligah Gossett Apr.23,1888 May 1973 Melvin,Tx. no location Tex. bef.1951
Elizabeth Gossett Sep.14,1888 Apr. 1973 Louisville Ky no location Ky 1965
Ethel Goswick Mar.05,1888 Jun.1975 Sacramento,Ky. no location Ky. 1971
Euna Gossett Dec.24,1888 Feb.1978 Banning,Ca. Banning,Ca. Ca. bef.1951
Helen Gossett Apr.05,1888 Feb.1980 Conway, Ks. Conway,Ks. Ks. bef.1951
Homer Gossett Aug.29,1888 Nov.1973 Dayton,Ohio no location Ohio bef.1951
James Gossett Sep.07,1888 Jul.1974 Blossom, Tx. no location Tex bef.1951
Jefferson Gossett Jan.27,1888 Apr.15,1968  Pottawatomie,Ok no location Ok. 1965
Lacy Gossett May 14,1888 Jul. 1984 Brooklyn,N.Y. no location N.Y. bef.1951
Mary Gossett Apr.14,1888 Nov.1977 Moore,Ok. Noble,Ok. Ok.bef.1951
Mildred Gossett Feb.22,1888 Aug.1977 Cynthiana,Ky. no location Ky 1974
Minnie Gossett May 04,1888 Jun.1969 Spartb.S.C. no location S.C. bef.1951
Minnie Gossett Jun.07,1888 Jun.1979 Pacelot,S.C. no location S.C. 1965
Nancy Gossett Jun.07,1888 Feb.1969 Spartb.S.C. no location S.C. bef.1951
Ova Gossett Oct.23,1888 Oct.1965 no location no location
Rosser Gossett Oct.18,1888 Jan 1971 Gadsden.Ala. no location Ala.bef.1951
Sadie Gossett May 30,1888 Jul.1987 Nunnelly,Tn. no location Tn. 1956
Trannie Gossett Jan.15,1888 Apr. 1973 Fort Mill,S.C. no location S.C. bef.1951
Vernie Gossett Sep.24,1888 Dec.1975 Graham.Ky. no location Ky.1973
Virginia Gossett Feb.20,1888 Sep.1973 Beardon,Ar. no location Ala. bef.1951
Willard Gossett Apr.28,1888 Mar.1973 Pinson, Ala. no location Ala. bef.1951
Winnifred Gossett Mar.09,1888 Jan.1971 Miami,Fla. no location New Y. bef.1951


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