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William and Rebecca (Griffith) Stacey/Stacy


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Some Stacy marriages in Newton & Pope Co.AR.
6/13/2004  Pictures of some Stacy headstones in Jasper, Ar.

   Story by:Rue Griffith of Carroll Co.AR.1955
Stacy/ey, Huff & Roy marriages in
Carroll Co.Ar.
Stacy & Stacey's buried in Carroll Co. Ar. Cemeteries.3/03/2001
Moore Cem.Carroll Co.Ar. Alpen Cem.Carroll Co.Ar. Blackjack Cem.Carroll Co. Fairgrove Cem.Carroll Co.
Carrollton Cem.Carroll Co. Greenwood Cem.Carroll co Pickens Cemetery Carroll Blue Eye Cem.Carroll Co.

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of my Stacy, Huff & Davidson Families + other Stacy/ey @ Huff families.
1850 Dallas Co.Mo. Peter Huff  1850 Saline Co.Mo.Peter Huff,William Huff,& Peter S.Huff
1850 Taney Co.Mo. -- 1850 Finley,Green Co.Mo. -- 1850 Wayne Co.Mo 1850 Poinsette Co.Ar

1860 Christian Co. Mo. -- 1860 Taney Co.Mo. --   1860 Lawrence Co. Mo.
-- 1870 Ozark Co.Mo.-- 1870 Douglas Co.Mo. --1870,Taney Co.Mo.--1870 Newton Co.Ar  -1870 Stone Co.Mo.--
  1870 Taney Co. Mo. Hampton's & Maynards--
1880 Douglas Co.Mo. --1880 Marion Co.Ar.--1880 Marion Co.Ar.x2.--1880 Newton Co.Ar1870 Newton Co.Mo Albert Huff
--1900 Pope Co.Ar. -- 1900 Taney Co. Mo.--1900 Newton Co.AR. --1900 Taney Co.Mo. 1900 Soundex, Stone Co.Mo.
--1900 Newton Co.AR. x2--1900 Newton Co.AR.x3  1900 Randolph Co.Ar..---1900 Newton Co.Ar. #4--
 1910 Boone Co. Ar.--  1 910 Yell Co.Ar. --  1910 Newton Co.Ar. -- 1910 Carroll Co.Ar --1910 Taney Co.Mo.  --
--1910 Newton Co.Ar.x2----1910 Newton Co.Ar.x3   1900 Springfield Mo.John T.Huff.
1920 McIntosh Co.Ok. -- 1920 Prarie Co.Ar.  --1920 Randolph Co.Ar -1920 Pope Co.Ar.-

Picture of Tom Maynard and wife Sarah Jane (Stacy) Hampton, Maynard

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   Letter by H.H. Griffith in 1921, desc of Jonis Griffith
 Our Jonas Griffith of N.C./Ky/Tn.

Pictures Contributed by Cousin Bill Huff
e-mail Cousin Bill at:lbh385@zianet.com
 of: Descendants of Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson.
Nathaniel Huff-    Robert V. Huff,    Jim,John,Becky Huff, George and Mary Jane (Goswick)Davidson,

            Dad&Bob Huff-      William Hiram "Bill" Huff---Dad & his 1/2 Uncle Abraham Davidson--


Benton Co.Ark. Conway Co.Ar. Christian Co.Mo. Douglas Co.Mo. Franklin Co.Ar.
Green Co.Mo. Laclede Co.Mo. Marion Co.Mo. Marion Co.Ar. Montgomery Co.Ar.
Newton Co.Mo. Newton Co.Ar. New Madrid Co.Mo. Oregon Co.Mo. Ozark Co.Mo.
Pope Co.Ar. Stone Co.Mo. Taney Co.Mo. Webster Co.Mo.
Stacy/Griffith marriages to 1850 Arkansas

 E-mail addresses of descendant of William and Rebecca (Griffith) Stacy9/24/1999


Jan.11,1999 News clipping of our William Stacy
1/13/1999 Jasper Stacy b.1855 d:Jan.16,1933 Pheonix,Arizona
1/23/1999 Land Grants in Ar. for: Jonas G.,  Horton & John W. Stacey
8/14/1999 Arminda M."Matilda" Stacy, daughter of Silas Scruggs Stacy
8/18/1999 A picture of George Stacy--Does he belong to you? 

 My Most Wanted list: Need census findings on: George S. Stacy b.ca.1842 Mo. and Minerva Stacy b.ca.1844 Mo.

March 2,2001 on Silas S. Stacy's son "William M. Stacy".
March 11,2001..Marriage Document of Elias/Silas Stacy & Arminda Abbetson..William M. (son of Silas)...pictures of William Henry & John L. Stacy (sons of William M.)

William Stacy b. ca. 1800 Hawkins Co. Tn. died: Newton  Co.Ar.  (go to 1840-50-60-70 census)
Rebecca Griffith b. ca.1805 Tn. died Newton Co.Ar. (dau of Jonas Griffith of Jackson Co.Tn.)
         children found:
 1. Silas S. Stacy b.ca. 1827 Ganes Boro ?Tn.(m)lst. Arminda Abbott (m)2nd. Betty Morgan (m) 3rd. Sarah (?)
 2. Jonas Stacy b. ca. 1828 Ill. (m) Sadie Scott
 3. John H. Stacy b.ca. 1832Green Co. Mo.(m) Maryetta "Etta" Applegate
 4. Henry B. Stacy b.ca. 1834 Mo.(m)lst.Phebe Huff (dau of Charles Huff) (m)3rd. Margaret Miller
 5. Alfred Stacy b.ca. 1836 Mo. (m) Elvina Applegate (dau of Joseph Applegate)
 6. Elizabeth Stacy b.ca. 1838 Mo. (m)lst.Hiram Huff (son of R & Charlotte Huff) (m)2nd John C. Davidson
 7. Plesant Stacy b.ca. 1840 Mo.  d:Dec.09,1861 Rolla Hospital, Mo. (c/w)
 8. George S. Stacy b.ca. 1842 Mo. (m) n/r
 9. Minerva Stacy b.ca. 1844 Mo.(m)lst. Hiram Harvy/Harvey (m) 2nd. Ezekial Eslick Aug.28,2000


1850 census Taney County, Missouri Marion Township

William Stacey age 49, Rebecca 45, Silas 23, Jonas 22, Arminda (wife of Silas) 20, John H. 18, Henry B. 16, Elizabeth 12, Plesant 10, George S. 8, Minerva 6, William age 6 b. 1844,  + John age 2 b.ca. 1848, Sarah age 2 and George age 6 months old. (These last 4 children are said to be the children of Silas Stacy and his wife Arminda (Abbot) Stacy.   The 1860 census for Silas Scruggs Stacy does not show the child "John" b.ca.1848 in his household, but he does show "William" b.ca.1847 and Sarah b.ca.1848 + children born after 1850 census.  Queston? Was Jonas Stacys wife also in this large household and just missed being listed by the census takers, and (where were the children "John" Stacy b.ca.1848 and the female (name was unlegable) also age 2,(were they twins? for 1860 since Jonas Stacy is listed living with William and Rebecca in 1860 census).

1850,Oct.18 Finley, Green Co. Missouri (supplied by Billy R. Newcomb-e-mail:Billyray48@email.msn.com

Silas Stacy age 22 Tn. (farmer)  (go to 1860 census)
Arminda age 20 Va.
William age 5 Mo. b.ca.1845
John age 3 Mo. b.ca. 1847 
Sarah age 2 Mo. b.ca. 1848
Bud age 6 month old born Mo. b.ca. 1850

From this 1850 census of Finley Co.Mo., Silas Stacy must have been picked up on the 1850 Taney Co.Mo. living in his fathers household, and in Finley Missouri for same census year.{kgk} The child "John" is listed as age 2 on 1850 census with William and Rebecca Stacy, and with Silas as age 3.

Phillip Trammell age 41 Tn.
Isabella age 24 Ar.
William C. age 17 Ar.
Mendosa age 15 (female) Ar.
Rhoda age 11 (female) Ar.
Clara age 9 Ar.
Charles D. age 7 Ar.
Francis age 4 (female) Ar.
Charlotte age 7 months born AR.
Francis Henderson age 65 (female) Ar.

1850 census Taney Co.Mo. Marion Township

R. Huff age 32 b. Ar. or Tn.?
Charlotte age 31 b. Mo.
Hiram Huff age 13 b.ca. 1837 Mo. (m) Emily Elizabeth Stacy/Stacey
Samuel Huff age 10 b. ca. 1840 Mo. (m) Elizabeth (?) View 1860 and 1870 Samuel
Nancy Huff age 8 b. ca. 1842 Ar.
Charles Huff age 6 b.ca. 1844 Ar.
James Huff age 5 b. ca. 1845 Ar.
Mary Huff age 2 b. ca. 1847 Mo.
William R. Huff (4 months old) b.ca. 1850 Mo.
   additional children from 1860 Taney Co. Mo:Charlotte and three younger children living with son Samuel.
Daniel Huff b.1852 Mo.
Emily Huff b. 1856 Mo.  (Emily living with brother Samuel in 1870 Douglas Co.Mo.)
John T. Huff b. 1858 Mo. (John living with brother Samuel in 1870 Douglas Co.Mo.) view 1900 census

From the listing of where these children are born in Mo., and Ar. then back in Mo. it appears this family may have lived close to the State line of Taney Co. Mo. and Arkansas.

In 1860 Charlotte Huff (appears to be a widow) is living with son Samuel Huff and his wife "Elizabeth" and their son "Richard" n. 1858.  Samuel and Elizabeth Huffs children from 1860 and 1870 census appear to be: Richard b. 1858, Jacob N. 1861, George W. 1863, William B. 1865, Martha 1867 and Albert 1869.  All children listed born in Mo except for Richard who is listed born in Tn.????



1860 census Taney County, Missouri Buchanan Twp.
Elizabeth Stacy (m) May 15,1859 Taney Co.Mo. Hiram Huff

Hiram Huff age 25 b. Ar. ca. 1835
Elizabeth age 23 b.ca. 1837 Mo.     (Go to 1870 census)
Margaret age 4 months old b.ca.1860 Mo.

Note that Hiram Huff is listed as 13 years old on the 1850 census born ca.1837 in Mo..  Ages vary from census year to census year, also the state the children were born.  Census takers wonderful "goof-up's".   Hiram Huff was killed in Missouri about 1867/8  by Bushwackers according to some family tales.  After Hiram Huff's death, then Elizabeth married a John C. Davidson and after having children by this John C. Davidson, he then "took off" with another woman to Arkansas, leaving Elizabeth with a housefull of little children to feed and care for.

1860 Taney Co. Missouri Little Beaver P.O.

John Stacey age 37 b.ca. 1833    (Go to 1870 census)
Margaret age 19 b.ca. 1841
Martha Stacey age 3 b.,ca. 1857
Sarah Stacey age 1 b.ca. 1858
(all listed as born in Missouri)

1860 Taney Co. Mo. Little Beaver P.O.
Alfred Stacy age 24 b.ca. 1836 Mo.
Elvira age 18 b.ca. 1842 Mo. 
Rebecca age 9 months old b.ca.1860 Mo.


1860 Taney Co. Mo. Little Beaver P.O.
William Stacey age 60 b.ca. 1800 Tn.
Rebecca age 50 b,ca, 1810 Tn.
Jonas age 20/30(unleg) b. ca. 183/40 Illinois
Plesants age 19 b.ca. 1841 Mo.
George age 17 b.ca. 1843 Mo.
Minerva age 14 b.ca. 1846 Mo.

1870 Stone Co. Missouri census  (go to 1860 census)
Elvira Stacy age 26
Rebecca age 10 b.ca. 1860
Mary E. age 8 b.ca. 1862  (note 1920 census below)(Mary Evelyn Stacy b.Sep.23,1861 (m) James Franklin Ford)
Virgil age 4 b.ca. 1866
Elvira Stacy appears to be head of house in 1870.


1920 Pope Co.AR. census Sulphin Township


James F. Ford age 66 born ca.1854 Tn.
Mary E. (wife) age 56 born ca. 1864 Mo. Father Mo. Mother Mo.
Virgil T. Ford (son) age 38 born ca. 1882 AR.(m) Frances Moore
Lottie (Ford) Collins (dau) age 28 b. 1/15/1894 Mo. d:2/06/1953 Ar.(m)lst.Ora Wesley Collins (m)2nd.Charlie Howard
Wm.H. Ford (son) age 22 b.ca. 1898  Ar.
Ida Collins (g-daughter) age 6 b.ca. 1914 Ar. (m) (Robert Wesley "Bob" Chism (son of John Green Chism by 2nd wife)
Jessie Collins (g-son) age 4 b.ca. 1916 Ar.
Annie Collins (g-dau) age 9 months old b. AR.
Albert Ford (g-son) age 10 b.ca. 1910 Ar.
John Ford (g-son) age 6 b. 1914 Ar.
Floyd A. Ford (g-son) age 4 b.ca. 1916

Mary Evelyn Stacy, Ford was born Sep.23,1861 and died 5/16/1952 Pope Co.Ar., the daughter of Alfred and Elvira (Applegate) Stacy.  Her huband James Franklin Ford was born 3/27/1852 Tn. died 2/14/1939 Castle, Ok.


The children of James Franklin and Mary Evelyn (Stacy) Ford are:

1. Virgil Ford b.n/r (m) Frances Moore
2. Rosie Ford b.n/r (m) Lum Tilley
3. Lener Ford b.n/r (m) W.R. Collins
4. Willie Ford b.n/r (m) Annie Chisum  (dau of John Green Chism and his first wife)
5. Lottie Ford b. Jan.15,1894 (m)lst. Ora Wesley Collins (m) 2nd. Charlie Howard


Lottie Ford born Jan.15,1894 Mo. died Feb.06,1953 Russelville, Ar. Pope Co.
(m)lst. Ora Wesley Collins b. Jul.09,1891 Mo. d: Oct.18,1918 Ar.
(m)2nd. Charlie Howard b.& died n/r
           children by lst. marriage
1. Ider Collins born 9/28/1912 Pope Co. Ar. (m) Robert Wesley "Bob"Chism
2. Jess Collins born 8/12/1914 d: 12/30/1958 (m) Cubie Cornelious
3. Annie Collins born 2/21/1919 (m) lst. Everet Freeman (m)2nd. L.G. Owens
           children by 2nd marriage
4. Alvie Howard b.Nov.15,1921 D:aPR.06,1985&d n/r (m)lst. Hazel Pierce (m) 2nd. Deller Smith
5. William Howard b. 2/25/1930 (never married)
6. Eveline Howard b.n/r (m) Ervin Standridge
7. Evelyn Howard b.n/r (m) Luther  Manns

Lottie (Ford) Collins, Howard, was the daughter of James Franklin and Mary Evelyn "Eva" (Stacy) Ford.

All information was supplied by Robert Wesley and Ider (Collins) Chism in 1984. {kgk}  Back in 1984 when I visited Cousin Bob & Ider (Collins) Chism in Russellville, Ar. (up on the beautiful mountain), Bob tells me the story that when he bacame engaged to Ider Collins that someone told him that he and Ider were "related", that he almost backed out of marrying her, but when he could not find a connection as being "related" to Ider, then they "tied the knot". Bob and Ider were very lovely people and I corresponded with them up until their passing.  While they gathered all their Collins/Ford/Chism/Huff lineage, Ider discovered that her grandma Mary Evelyn Ford was a STACY and the dau of Alfred and Elvira (Applegate) Stacy.  So after many years, the connection to being related was finally found.{kgk}  Ider also said that her mother and stepfather "Charlie Howard" had divorced and that Charlie had remarried but she didn't know who he had married
2/09/2000 from C.L. Boyd
The obit of James Howard born March 13,1933 Gore, Ok. to Charlie and Charlotta (Ford) Howard, a brother Bill Howard of Russellville, two sisters, Eveline Standridge and Evelyn Manns of Russellville,AR.



1870 census Douglas Co.Mo. Spring Creek Township

John C. Davidson age 20 ? b. ca. 1850 Tn.                (go to 1910 census)
Elizabeth (wife) age 32 b.ca. 1838 Mo.    (Go to 1880 census)
John S. Davidson (son) age 1 b. ca. 1869 Mo.
Margaret Huff age 8 b. ca. 1862 Mo. (Margaret was 4 months old on 1860 census)

(Note that Elizabeths son's Nathan and Wm. H. Huff are living in household with her father William Stacy in 1870.

1870 Douglas Co. Mo. Campbell Township
William Stacy age 69 b. Tn.
Rebecca age 65 b. Tn.
Nathaniel Huff age 8 b. ca. 1862 Mo. (son of Hiram and Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff)
Wm. H. Huff age 6 b.ca. 1864  Mo. (son of Hiram and Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff)


1880 Douglas Co. Mo. Spring Creek Township   (go to 1900 census)

Em. Eliz Davison age 39 b.ca. 1841 (Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson-dau of William & Rebecca (Griffith) Stacy)
Margaret Em. Huff  (dau) age 19 b. Mo. (m) Kelton ?
Nathaniel L. Huff (son) age 18 b. Mo.(m)lst.Rhoda Kenner (a son Robert) (m)2nd.Mary Jane Hampton (go to picture)
Wm. Hiram Huff (son) age 16 b. Mo. (m) lst. Julia Leach(a son George)  (m) 2nd. Sarah Elizabeth Goswick(go to picture)
John S. Davison (son) age 12 b. Mo. died age 17 or 18 (?)
George W. Davison (son) age 10 b. Mo. (m) Mary Jane Goswick (go to picture of George Davidson)
Rebecca  J. Davison (dau) age 6. b. ca. 1874 Mo. (m) James P.O. Goswick(go to family picture)

Note spelling of surname "Davison".  This 1880 census is the last where Nathaniel L. Huff has been found.  Nathaniel L. Huff was born ca. 1862 Taney Co.Mo., and died 1895 Huff, Ar. Pope Co. and is buried at Boyd Cemetery, near Dover, Ar..  It is stated that he was married to Rhoda Kenner and had one son Robert Virgil Huff by Rhoda, who also had a son by the name of Columbus "Lum" Davis by a previous marriage.  It appears that Nathaniel L. Huff and Rhoda (Kenner) Davis may have divorced as Nathaniel L. Huff was then married the 2nd time to Mary Jane Hampton (they had no children), Mary Jane Hampton re-married a C.C. Crabb.

In 1900 Pope Co.Arkansas, Robert Virgil Huff is living with his Uncle William Hiram "Bill" Huff and his grandmother Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson is also in household,  and in 1910 Elizabeth Stacy Huff Davidson is living with her grandson Robert V. Huff and his young wife Mary Sarah Pruitt.  Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson died about 1911 Pope Co.AR..  She is most likely buried at the Boyd Cemetery, near Dover, Arkansas.  Robert Virgil and his wife Sarah Huff had a large family of children and the son "Bill" Huff has written and excellent book "Huff Tales and Trails" on our Huff, Stacy and Hudson families of Pope and Yell Co.Ar..  Bill can be contacted at his e-mail address listed at the top of this page.{kgk}


1900  Pope Co. Arkansas Sulphin Township
W.H. Huff age 37 b. Mo.  View the other records
Elizabeth age 28 b. Ar.
Rebecca (dau) age 10 b. Ar. (go to picture of Rebecca,James"Jim", & John Huff)
James A. (son) age 7 b. Ar. (m) Zora Sissom
John (son) age 5 b. Ar.  (m) Katie Prince
Virgil (son) age 3 b. Ar. died age 3 soon after census was taken.
George Huff (son by lst wife Julia Leach) age 13 b. AR. (m) Elleanor Payne
Elizabeth DAVIDSON (mother) age 61 b. Mo.
Robert V. Huff (nephew, son of Nathaniel Huff) age 9 b. AR.(m)(m)Mary Sarah Elizabeth Ann Pruitt
(go to picture of Robert Virgil "Bob" Huff)

June 15, 1900 Pope Co.Ar. Sulphur twp Dist 173, Image page 3
hh# 90
W.H. Huff age 36 born Mo  This was HUFF not Webb as listed.
Elizabeth Webb age 28 born Ark. ? Mississippi born ca 1872
Rebecca Huff (dau) age 10 born AR AR Mo
James A Huff (son)age 7 born Ar Ar Mo
John N Huff (son)age 5 born Ar Ar Mo
Virgil N.Huff (son)age 3 AR Ar Mo
George W. Huff (son) age 13 Ar Ar Ar born 1887
Elizabeth Davison (mother) born Feb 1839 age 61 (widow) born Mo. Father Tn.
Mother Missouri
Robert V. Huff (nephew) Mar 1891 age 9 AR Ar Ar



1920 Pope Co.Ar. Freeman Township
household # 37-35
George W. Huff age 33 b. ca. 1887 Ar. Father AR. Mother Ar.
Ellenor (wf) age 30 b.ca. 1890 Ar. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Wm. T. (son) age 7 b. ca. 1913 Ar. Father AR. Mother Ar.
John P. (son) age 4 b.ca. 1916 Ar. Father AR. Mother AR.
Rubin M. (son) age 1 b.ca. 1919 Ar. Father AR. Mother Ar.

George W. Huff is listed as a Farmer and Eleanor is listed as a "Teacher".  George W. Huff was the son of William Hiram "Bill" Huff and his first wife "Julia Leach"

Living in Illinois Township of Pope Co.AR. 1920 is:
household #20-20
Wilson Huff age 27 b. ca. 1893
Beulah B. (wife) age 25 b. ca. 1895
(Relationship to our Huff's unknown).

1920 Pope Co.AR. Northfork Township is:
John Huff age 24 b. ca. 1896 AR. Father Ar. Mother AR.
Katie (wife) age 23 b. ca. 1897 AR. Father Ar. Mother Ar.
Hiram (son) age 3 b.ca. 1917 AR.
Stella (dau) age 1 b. ca. 1919 Ar.
John Huff, son of William Hiram "Bill" Huff and his 2nd wife Sarah Elizabeth Frances Goswick.

1920 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Township
household # 14-15
Sol. W. Prince age 37 b. ca. 1883 Ar. Father AR. Mother Ar.
Rebecca (wife) age 29 b.ca. 1891 AR. Father Mo. Mother Ar.

Rebecca E. Huff (m) NOv. 15,1905 Pope Co.AR. Soloman W. Prince
Rebecca E. Huff, Prince, daughter of William Hiram "Bill" Huff and his 2nd wife Sarah Elizabeth Frances Goswick.  After Soloman Prince died then Becky married "Rains".  Beckys family information can be found in Bill Huff's "Huff's Book".




1910 Yell Co.AR. Danville Township

John C. Davidson age 74 b. ca. 1836 Tn.
Jude Ann (wife) age 49 b. Tn.
Joseph (son) age 24 b. Ar. ca. 1886
Abraham (son) age 7 ?

Census shows that John C. Davidson and Judy had been married 29 years (he twice) and Judy (once).  So they must have married the year 1881.  Since John C. Davidson was living with Elizabeth in 1870.  He left Elizabeth in Mo. to raise 6 children alone, and Rebecca Jane Davidson was born in 1875  and she said she was very young when her father left and she always thought he was dead until her mother Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson died, and that is when John C. Davidson approched James P.O.Goswick (they worked together at one of the saw mills in Russelville,AR.) and told him the "he" John Davidson was father of Becky "James P.O.Goswicks" wife and he wanted to know if he could come and visit with Becky.  This news was a shock to my grandpa and he said he told John C. Davidson that Becky thought her father had been dead for years and she had not seen him since she was a very small girl.  Grandpa told this John C. Davidson that he would have to break the news to his wife that her father was still living and was re-married with children, and he did not know how Becky would take that, nor if she would want to see her father.  My grandpa said he waited for two days before he got up the nerve to tell grandma that her Dad was still alive and that when he told her, he started out with: Becky would you know your Father if you were ever to see him?,  Becky said "no" she probably wouldnt, and besides, her Father was dead for many years now.  Grandpa:  Becky if your Father was alive, would you like for him to visit with you?, Grandma: Well I dont know, and he aint alive anyway.  Grandpa:  Becky, you know this old man that I work with at the mill named "John", well his last name is Davidson and he told me that he was your father and wanted to visit with you.

Well, to make a long story short, my Grandmother: Rebecca Jane (Davidson) Goswick met her Father John C. Davidson, his wife "Judy" and children: Hessie, Joe and Abe (Abraham) Davidson and as I understand, they all became very good friends, and my Dad "James Wm. Charles Goswick" and Abe Davidson remained friends for years and in the 1950's Abe Davidson and one of his daughters made a trip to Arkansas City, Kansas to visit my Dad.  I can remember my Dad teasing about his "Uncle Abe Davidson" being younger than himself.  My Dad sure thought a lot of Abe Davidson.  I have a picture of my Dad and his Uncle Abe Davidson taken back in the 1950's in Ark City, Ks.. {kgk}(GO TO PICTURE OF ABE DAVIDSON)


1920 CENSUS  McIntosh Co.Oklahoma, Eufaula Township

household #9
Newton, Joseph D. age 29 b. AR. (single) Father b.Tn. Mother b. Tn.
Davidson, Judia A. (mother) age 57 b. Tn. Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Davidson, Abraham (brother) age 15 b. Ar. Father b.Tn. Mother born Tn.


Check the 1850 Green Co. Finley, Mo. census on Silas Stacy.

1860 Christian Co. Mo.-----------------------1870 Ozark Co. Mo.  (Go to 1880 Newton Co.Ar.census)
Silas Stacy age 33 b. ca. 1827 Mo.---------Silas  S. Stacy age 42 (phisician) b. Mo. hh#3
Malinda age 27 b.Va.-------------------------Arminda age 37 b. Va.
Jno Stacy age 13 Mo.-------------------------1870 Douglas Co. Mo. hh# 40
William age 13 b. Jan. 1846---  hh#42 (m?) June.15,1864 Louisa Wagner(M)1863 Martha Ann Rhodes
Sarah age 11 b.ca. 1848----------------------missing
George age 8 b. ca. 1852-(May 10,1850) hh# 4 (m)1st.? (m2ndApr.16,1876  Mary Applegate (m3rd) Rachel
Jasper age 7 (twin) b. 1853-----------------Jasper age 15 b. Mo.(m) Nancy M. (Margaret) Gentry
Newton age 7 (twin)b. 1853---------------- Newton age 15 b. Mo.(twins)(m) 2nd.Feb.02,1902 Mary ?
Rebecca age 5 b. 1855-----------------------Rebecca age 13 b. Mo.
Henry age 4 b.ca. 1856-------------------- -Henry age 11 b. Mo.(m) Sep.09,1891 Mandy Young
Mack age 2 b.ca. 1857----------------------Missing 1870
                                                            + Arminda  M. (Matilda) age 6 b.ca. 1863 (m) Robert Truelove
+ Monroe age 4 b.ca. 1866(m) Apr.05,1882 Ellen Hudson(m)2nd.Shipman
                                                            + James age 2 b. ca. 1868(m)Dec.15,1889 Lula Hall(m)2nd.Martha Poyner


William Stacy (m) June.15,1864 Webster Co.Mo. Louisa Wagner
Sarah Jane Stacy (m) 9/17/1874 Ozark Co.Mo. Michael Hamilton
Sarah Jane Stacy (m) 1/15/1874 Ozark Co.Mo. Mark Michel Houston ???
George W. Stacy (m) 4/16/1876 Ozark Co.Mo. Nancy Margaret Applegate
Henry Stacy (m) Jan.22,1882 Ozark Co.Mo. Margaret Miller

Silas Scruggs Stacy was the son of William and Rebecca (Griffith) Stacy.  Silas S. Stacys wife Arminda Abbott was the mother of all his children.  She was born ca. 1833 Va. and died Jul.22,1872 Christian Co. Mo..  Silas S. Stacy and Arminda Abbott were married on Dec.03,1845 Springfield, Mo..  Silas S. Stacy married 2nd. on Feb.05,1874 Douglas Co. Mo. to Betty Morgan b. n/r d: Nov.04,1914.  Silas (m) 3rd. Pearl Allen.?????


1900 Newton Co.AR.----------------------------1910 Newton Co. Ark.
Silas Stacy age 72 b. Tn.-------------------------Silas Stacy age 82 b. Tn.
Betty ??(wife) --------------------------------------missing
Frank age 18 (grandson) b.ca.1882-----------missing
Mary Morgan (mother-in-law)-----------------missing
                                                                     + Sarah (wife) age 74 b. Ky.
May 20,2001 from Ruthie Arand

Found an infant child for Silas and Betty that died young:

Eoff Cemetery, Boone County, Arkansas
 Stacey, Minnie Zinci - 28 July 1875 - 17 Mar. 1877
      dau./Dr. S. S. & Bettie


Henry A. Stacy b. Oct. 1854 Mo. died n/r
(m)lst. ?    (m) 2nd. Sep.22,1891 Newton Co. Arkansas
lst. n/r
2nd. Mandy Young born Jan. 1874 AR.
     children listed by lst marriage:
1. William Stacy b. Jun. 1885 Mo.
    children listed by 2nd marriage
2. Jesse Stacy b. Jul.1892 AR.
3. Marion Stacy b. Sep.1894 AR.
4. Otho Stacy b. Jan.1897 Ar.
5. James O. Stacy b. Jan. 1899 AR.(James Oliver Stacy (m)1921 Newton Co.AR. Burnis Lamb)contact desc: Bizbee97@aol.com
6. Martha Stacy b. 1901 Ar.
7. Eula Stacy b. 1904 Ar.
8. Octoa (dau) Stacy b. 1909 AR.

Jesse Stacy (m) Oct.05,1911 Newton Co.Ark. Cora Belle Lovell


Listed in Ancestry.com

1900 Newton Co.Ar. census:
Henry W. Stacy born Oct. 1854 Mo. age 45 parents born Mo.
Amanda (wife) born Jan. 1874 Ar. parents born Ar.
William (son) born June 1885 age 14 born Mo. father Mo. Mother Mo.
Jessie (son) born July 1892 Ar. age 7, Father Mo. Mother Ar.
Marion E. (son) born Sep.1894 Ar. age 5 Father Mo. Mother Ar.
Oth (son) born Jan. 1897 Ar. age 3 Father Mo. Mother Ar.
James M. (son) born Jan. 1899 Ar. age 1, Father born Mo. Mothe born Ar.
James T. (adopted) born Feb. 1879 age 21 born Ar. Father Ar. Mother Ar.

Henry W. Stacy down through James M. Stacy listed on page 66 and James T. (adopted) is listed as last one in household, but is listed as page 142.  Verry confusing.

Henry A. Stacy, son of Silas Scruggs and Arminda (Abbott) Stacy.
1900 Newton Co.Ar. census listed:
Henry Stacy born Oct. 1854 Mo.
Amanda "Mandy" Jan. 1874 AR.
William   b. June 1885 Mo.
Jesse   b.ca. 1892 AR.
Marion b.ca Sep. 1894 Ar.
Otho b. ca. Jan.1897 Ar.
James O. b.ca Jan. 1899 Ar.

1910 Newton Co.AR. census listed:
Henry Stacy age 52
Manda age 35
Jesse age 17
Marion age 15
Otto age 13
Oliver age 11
Martha age 9
Eula age 6
Octoa (female) age 4



Silas Scruggs Stacy (m) 2/13/1845 Springfield, Green Co.Mo. Arminda Louisa Abbott
3/07,2001..Green County Missouri Marriage Book..1833-1854 #508 listed:
Elias Stacy (m) Feb.13,1845 Arminda Abbertson


Silas Scruggs Stacy (m)2/05/1874 Douglas Co. Mo.Betty Morgan
Arminda M. "Matilda" Stacy (m) Sep.06,1882 Robert Truelove (new info from Terry) --
Matilda J. Stacy (m) 2,05,1894 Douglas Co.Mo. W.W. Damewood
George Washington Stacy (m) June.? 1896 Douglas Co.Mo. Emma Bryant
Martha Stacy (m) 8,04,1897 Douglas Co. Mo. S.B. Jenkins  (contact descendant- Mrs.Diana R. Hansen )


William Stacy (m) June.15,1864 Webster Co. Mo. Louisa Wagner
Wm. Stacy (m) 12,25,1864 Webster Co.Mo. Mtilda Grissom


Henry Stacy (m) ca.1856/7 Thorfield, Ozark Co. Mo. Phebe Ann Huff
Sarah Jane Stacy (m) 1,15,1874 Ozark Co. Mo. Mark Michol Houston
Sarah Jane Stacy (m) 9,17,1874 Ozark Co. Mo. Michael Hamilton
George W. Stacy (m) Apr.16,1876 Ozark Co. Mo. Nancy Margaret Applegate(Possibly Mary Applegate)
Martha Orthgnesa Stacy (m) Apr.16,1876 Ozark Co.Mo. Alfred Tannerhill
H.E. Stacy (fe) (m) 11,23,1876 Ozark Co. Mo. J.R. Russell
Henry Stacy (m) 1,22,1882 Ozark Co. Mo. Margaret Miller
Manerva J. Stacy (m) 10,12,1884 Ozark Co.Mo. Daniel J. Stone


Henry Stacy (m) 3,10,1868 Christian Co.Mo. Phebe Peacock


Henry A. Stacy (age 29)(m) Sep.22,1891 Newton Co. Ar. Mandy Young (age 17)(both of Jasper, AR.)
Silas Monroe Stacy (age 16)(m) Apr.05,1882 Newton Co.AR. Ellen Hudson(age 15)
James S. Stacy (age 23) of Limestone Valley,Newton Co.(m) Dec.15,1889 Newton Co.AR. Lula Hall age 18
Joseph Stacy (age 24)b.ca.1864(m) Apr.27, 1888 Newton Co.AR. Margaret Standridge(age 16) (Sec.Joseph & S.M.Stacy).
Jesse Stacy (m) 10,05,1911 Newton Co.Ar. Cora Bell Lovell
Ollie Stacy (m) 3,07,1931 Newton Co.AR. Charles Wright
Martha Stacy age 27 (b.ca. 1858) (m) Nov. 29,1885 Newton Co.AR. Samuel Hudson age 32 b.ca. 1855


Matilda Stacy (m) 9/21/1890 Pope Co. Ar.Alex Standridge
Delilah Jane Maynard (m) Jul.21,1870 Pope Co.AR. Isaac Bailey
Matilda Stacy (m) Jul.06,1895 Pope Co.Ar. John William Boyd
Lewanda Marie Stacy (m) Nov.06,1894 Pope Co.AR. Henry M. Boyd (brother of John Wm.Boyd)
Cora Delpha Boyd (m) Dec. ?, 1922 Scottsville,Ar. James Adam Goswick
Melissa "Lizzie" M. Boyd (m)Aug.18,1912 Pope Co.AR. Charley Lee Casey
Joseph H.Stacy (age 29)b.ca.1861 & Elizabeth Standridge (16) both of Freeman, Pope Co. (m) 8/31/1890


John Stacy (m) 1,22,1874 Newton Co.Mo. Alline Adkins
Mary Stacy (m) 5,25,1874 Newton Co.Mo. John Netherly
Rilla Stacy (m) 8,28,1910 Taney Co. Mo. E.V. Magness
Silas Scruggs Stacy (m) 5/19/1915 Newton Co.Mo. Pearl Allen
Jesse Stacy (m) 10/05,1911 Newton Co.Mo. Cora Belle Lovell


Alfred Stacy (m) ca. 1856/7 Taney Co. Mo. Elvira Applegate
John H. Stacy (m)ca.1856 Taney Co. Mo. Maryetta "Etta" Applegate
Elizabeth Stacy (m) May 15,1859 Taney Co.Mo. Hiram Huff (found & supplied by Cuz Bill Huff)
Robert Stacy (m) 11/31/1891 Protem, Taney Co. Mo. Paralie Rozelle
S.W. or S.M. Stacy (m) 12,19,1891 Taney Co.Mo. M.C. Gardner
Paralie Stacy (widow of Robert) (m) 1892/1900 Taney Co.Mo. Wm. Mullinex
John Stacy (m) 10/20/1900 Taney Co.Mo. Mary E. Smith
Calley Stacy (m) 7,06,1913 Taney Co.Mo. John L. Patrick
Albert A. Stacy (m) 1,05,1921 Taney Co.Mo. Ruth Collins


James W. Stacy (m) 1,11,1871 Marion Co. Mo. Nellie Elliott
John Stacy (m) 9,25,1881 Marion Co. Mo. Nancy Lee


Henry Stacy (m) 8,07,1874/9 Stone Co.Mo. Nancy Williams
James H. Stacy (m) 6,04,1889 Stone Co.Mo. Melvina Crabtree


John H. Stacy (m) 3/01/1878 Oregon Co.Mo. Sarah D. Warren


John W. Stacy (m) 10/09/1887 Marion Co.AR. Myra E. Keeter


Joseph H. Stacy (m) 12/18/1882 New Madrid, Mo. Nancy Hampton


Monroe Stacy age 23 of Yell,AR. and Isabella Story age 14 (m) 10/12/1883 Montgomery Co.AR. filed 11/3/1883


James P.O. Goswick (m) Jul.20,1890 Conway Co.Ark. Rebecca Jane Davidson


Clyde Oliva Stacy (m) 9,09,1938 Franklin Co.Ar. Clara Norline Martin


Grover Cleveland Stacy (m) 9,20,1907 Benton Co.Ar. Mary Pearl Cowan


George S. Stacy (m) 7,14,1915 Laclede Co. Mo. Ethel Hudson


George Stacy (m) Jul.30,1841 Nancy R. Ryan (Phillips Co.Ar.)
William Stacy (m) May 10,1842 Elizabeth J. Hunter (Phillips Co.Ar.)
Elizabeth J. Stacy (m) Jul.25,1844 James B. Murray (Phillips Co.Ar.)
Charles Stacy (m) Jul.27,1848 Louise Wilson (Independence Co.Ar.)
John Griffith (m) Aug.10,1848 Mary A. Heard (Independence Co.Ar.)
Hardy Stacy (m) Dec.04,1850 Jane Hand (Washington Co.Ar.)


On the back of this picture is written "my dad"
Bill Huff.  This would have been written by Becky Huff (dau of William Hiram "Bill" Huff
and Sarah Elizabeth Frances (Goswick) Huff).


The pictures below were contributed by cousin Bill Huff of Roswell, New Mexico.
Bill Huff is the son of Robert V. "Bob" Huff.

Nathaniel L. Huff (son of Hiram and Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson)


Robert Virgil "Bob" Huff
son of:
Nathaniel L. Huff & Rhoda Kenner


Jim & John Huff,    Soloman Prince & Becky (Huff) Prince
(Becky, Jim and John Huff are children of William Hiram "Bill" and Sarah E. (Goswick) Huff)


George Davidson (son of Elizabeth (Stacy) Huff, Davidson)
Mary Jane (Goswick) Davidson

James William Charles Goswick (my Dad)
and his cousin
Robert Virgil "Bob" Huff (Bill's Dad)
picture was taken in 1933 in Oklahoma

Bill, my Mom had told me the winter I was born (Dec.30,1931) that the snow blew threw the walls of the cabin that they lived in and Dad was afraid that I would freeze to death so he fixed a bed of covers to put me on and  piled logs up all around me to keep the snow and cold wind off of me.   When I look at that building behind Dad and Bob Huff and see all those open walls, makes me wonder if that was the place I was born in. ugggggggggggggg.  If that building is where I was born, then all I can say is "YOU COME A LONG WAY BABY" {kgk}



Other Stacy/ey descendants of William & Rebecca (Griffith) Stacy
that you may contact. {kgk}

Mary Stacy Johnson  (new e-mail address is: dcjj@ipa.net
e-mail: dcj@cwis.net         (Mary descends from Henry B.  Stacy through son William Green Stacy)
Mary Stacy Johnson has done Stacy research for many years and has compiled a
tremendous amount of family information on the Stacy/ey families, and is most generous in
sharing the census and family information that she has compiled.  God Bless you Mary.

May, 1, 2008 News from Robert Stacy.
Mrs. Mary Stacy Johnson
1925 - 2008

Mrs. Johnson was born July 29, 1925, the daughter of John Lee Stacy
and Golda Mae (Noblin) Stacy.  She was married to David Colen Johnson,
Sr. in 1956 in Redfork, Oklahoma.  Mrs. Johnson was a homemaker.  She
passed this life on April 29, 2008 in Sallisaw, Oklahoma after having
attained the age of 82 years and 9 months.

Survivors are:

 Husband:   David Colen Johnson, Sr. of the home

1 Son:  David Colen Johnson, Jr. of Vian, OK

1 Sister:  Nancy Ann Tyler of Coweta, OK

2 Brothers:  Jay Dean Stacy of Olathe, KS
John Lee Stacy, Jr. of Cocoa, FL

Several other relatives and friends

She was preceeded in death by her parents:  John and Golda Stacy
and 1 Brother:  Victor Gene Stacy


Service Details

 2:00 p.m. on Friday, May 2, 2008
Garden of Memories Cemetery
Vian, Oklahoma


10 am - 9 pm Thursday
Agent Funeral Home - Sallisaw, Ok.


 Rev. Doyle Sharp

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Date: May 1, 2008 7:40 AM
Subject: Sad news
To: Robert Stacy <robert.rbobbyleestacy@gmail.com>


William Stacy
e-mail: WStacy4242@aol.comWilliam is a descendant of John W. Stacy b.ca.1847.

Ruthie Arand       (Ruthie descends from Silas Scruggs Stacy through his son George W.)

Dora Nolan
e-mail: DNolan@Hillsboro.net(Dora descends from John H. & Marietta (Applegate) Stacy

through their daugher Sarah Jane (Stacy)Hampton.

H.L. "Bill" Huff
e-mail: lbh385@zianet.com(Bill descends from Elizabeth Stacy, Huff, Davidson)

through her son Nataniel L. Huff
and I descend from Elizabeth Stacy Huff Davidsons
daughter "Rebecca Jane Davidson" {kgk}
Cousin Bill Huff has written an excellent book on the "Huff" family which contains
much information on the Huff's, Hudson's, Chisms,Pruitts & many more.

Louise Hill
     e-mail: Wezey@webtv.net
Louise descends from our John H. and Marietta (Applegate) Stacy
through their daughter Sarah Jane (Stacy) Hampton.

Robert Lee Stacy
e-mail:  rbobbyleestacy@yahoo.com

 Robert Lee Stacy descends from Silas Scruggs Stacy through his son James S. Stacy.
           Visit Robert Lee Stacys chatline.

Gwen Goble e-mail  gogoble@ipa.net
  Gwen Goble descends from Silas Scruggs Stacy, James "Jim" & Martha (Poyner) Stacy and their son Silas Devoe  Stacy.

Ann (Stacy) Keller e-mail: annk@anet-stl.com
Ann Stacy Keller descends from Lee Stacy, son of Claude Stacy, son of Horton Stacy.

Donna Bisby e-mail: Bizbee97@aol.com
Donna  Bisby descends from James Oliver & Burnis (Lamb) Stacy.

Mrs. Diana R. Hansen e-mail         ( Descendant of Jasper Newton Stacy)

Terry Austin e-mail:  terrydeb@ix.netcom.com       (desc of Arminda M.(Matilda) (Stacy) Truelove)

Jennifer Gress e-mail: jgress@cswnet,com ---(Jennifer descends from Minerva (Stacy) Stone)

Ronnie Clements, Jr. e-mail  Ronnie Clements,Jr.  (Descendant of Allie Stacy)

Betty Martin (desc of William & Martha Ann (Rhodes) Stacy (son of Silas)


 The census findings on the Stacy family
was researched and compiled by: kgk
unless noted otherwise.


1870 Taney Co. Mo. Big Creek Township, Forsythe Mo. (note 1880 Marion Co.AR. census)
John Stacy age 37 b. Mo. b.ca. 1833
Etta "Marietta" age 28 Mo. b.ca. 1842
Martha A. age 12 b.ca. 1858 (m)lst. Alfred Tannahill (m) 2nd. Nov.29,1885 Samuel Hudson
Sarah J. age 10 b.ca.1860 Mo.(m)lst.Monroe Hampton (m) 2nd. Thomas Maynard
Joseph age 9   b.ca. 1861  (m) Elizabeth Standridge (I think this is Elizabeth Margaret Standridge)
Alfred M. "Roe" age 6 (m)lst. Oregon Burgess
Lafayette age 4   (m) Nellie James
Rebecca E. age 2  (m)Jan.22,1888 Ius Livingston
John E. age 6 months old.
Mary Applegate age  16 b.ca. 1854 Ky ((May be a younger sister of Marietta's or a niece)
Mr. Alfred age 21 born ca. 1849 (census just shows Mr. Alfred-dont know if that is a surname or not)

John H. Stacy (m) ca. 1857 Taney Co.Mo. Maryetta "Etta" Applegate
Martha Orthgnesa Stacy (m) Apr.16,1876 Ozark Co.Mo. Alfred Tannerhill
Sarah Jane Stacy (m)Sep.17,1874 Ozark Co. Mo. Michael Hamilton/Hampton ?(Silas S. Stacy was living in Ozark 1870 c.)


1870 Taney Co. Mo. census listings (films not checked)
Edmond G. Hampton living Big Creek Township (Louise states Emdond G. was Edmond "Green Wood" Hampton)
Elizabeth Hampton (Big Creek Township)
Mary F. Hampton (Big Creek Township)
Russell Hampton (Big Creek Township)
Susan Hampton (Big Creek Township)

1870 Taney Co. Mo. Swan township (Maynard Families)
Perry W. Maynard
Thomas M. Maynard
William D. Maynard
William Maynard


Monroe Mitchell Hampton born 1855 Ala.(son of Edmond "Green Wood" & Eliza (George) Hampton) married a Sarah Jane Stacy b. 6/07/1852 Mo.) & that Sarah jane Stacy was dau of John H. Stacy. Marriages of Barry Co.Mo. listed a Green W. Hampton (m) Aug.01,1850 Mary Bryant.  1850 census Barry Co.Mo. listed a Green W. Hampton.



1900 Taney County Missouri soundex film  (Swan Township)

Newton Stacy, Mary, Laura and Benjamin Stacy (census film not checked)

Henry Stacy born Oct. 1854 Mo.
Amanda b. Jan. 1874 Ar.
William b. June 1885 Mo.)
Jesse born July 1892 AR.
Marion b. Sep. 1894 Ar.
Otho born Jan. 1897 Ar.
James O. born Jan. 1899 AR.

Henry Alfred Stacy (m) ca. 1889 Newton Co.Ar. Amanda Young

1900 Taney Co. Mo. Cedar Creek Township
Jasper Stacy born Mar. 1853 age 47 Mo. Father Tn. Mother Mo.
Nancy M. b. Jan.1855 age 45 Mo. Father Tn. Mother Ohio
Martha A. b.Sep.1877 age 22 b. Mo. Father Mo. Mother Mo.
Newton M. b. Aug. 1879 age 20 Mo.
Adie M. (dau) b. Apr.1881 age 19 Mo.
Jane E. b. Jan.1885 age 15 Mo.
Susan F. b. Sep 1887 age 12 Mo.
Alta E. b. Jan. 1890 age 10 Mo.
William C. b.Apr.1892 age 8 Mo.
Jasper M. b. Jul.1894 age 5 Mo.

Newt Stacey b. June 20,1874 died Sep.1973 Harrison,Ar. Boone Co. (from SS Death Records)
Netis Stacey b. Feb.20,1892 died Feb.15,1972 Harrison,Ar. Boone Co. (From SS Death Records)
Clyde Stacey b. Nov.05,1906 d;Apr. 1970 Harrison Ar. Boone Co. (From SS Death Records)
Elsie Stacey b. July 02,1908 died Mar.10,1993 Harrison Ar Boone Co. (From SS Death Records)


I just finished reading the article written up on Jasper Stacy and his wife Margaret (Gentry) Stacy which had been supplied by:Norma Duckworth (probably a descendant).  In this article, it states that Jasper Stacy died Jan.16,1933 and buried in Pheonix, Arizona, and that Margaret came back in 1933, took sick and died soon after. (didnt say where she came back to).  The children of Jasper and Margaret (must be the Nancy M.) are listed in this article as: Martha Veda, Newt, Clyde, Clurg, Ada, Alta and Susan (seems that William C. and Jasper M. had been left out) unless they had the nick names of Clyde and Clurg ???? {kgk}1/13/99

1870 Marion County,ARkansas census:      (go to 1900 census)
Henry B. Stacy age 36 b.Mo. b.ca.1834 (born Dec. 1832 Green Co.Mo. died: Sep.1915 Boone Co.Ar.)
Feby age 35 Mo.
Wm.G. age 12 b. ca. 1858 Mo. --(m) ca. 1881 Anna Isabella Ewing
Minerva J. age 3 b. ca. 1867 Mo.  (m) Oct.12,1884 Ozark Co. Mo. Daniel J. Stone (desc is Jennifer Gress)
John W. age 1 b. Mo. b.ca.1869

Henry B. Stacy, son of William and Rebecca (Griffith) Stacy.
Henry and Phebe/Febe Stacy had other children named Robert b.ca.1871 and Mary Ellen Stacy b. 1874 (m) Charles Hancock.
Henry Stacy (m) ca.1857 Thorfield, Ozark Co.Mo. Phebe Ann Huff (dau of Charles Huff)
Henry Stacy (m) 3/10/1869 Christian Co.Mo. Phebe Peacock
(Henry and Phebe (Huff) Stacy had divorced, and Phebe married a Mr. Peacock, and they divorced and then Henry and Phebe (Huff)Stacy, re-married.

1900 Newton Co.Ar.
Henry Stacy
Silas  b. Jan. 1884 Mo. (m) Lilly Keeter
Grover (George Grover) b.Dec.22,1885 (m) Pearl Cowan
Rosa  b. Oct. 1887 (m) Frank Stacy (g-son of Silas Scruggs)

Henry Stacy (m) Jan.22,1882 Ozark Co. Mo. Margaret Miller

1870 Douglas Co.Mo. Buchanan Twp. June 28
 Jonas C? Stacy age 40 born Tn.
Sarah age 33 born Tn.
Horton H. age 12 born Mo.
Henry E. SCOTT age 16 Tn.
Monroe SCOTT age 14 Ar.
Mary J. SCOTT age 12 Ar.
Arkansa SCOTT age 8 Mo.
Eliza J. SCOTT age 4 Mo.

hh# 40
John W. Stacy age 22 b orn Mo.
Elizabeth age 19 Mo.
Wm. J. age 2 Mo.
Nancy J. age 2 months born Mo.


1870 Newton Co.Arkansas Whiteville, P.O.
Jonas Staycy age 33 b. AR. ca. 1832
Elizabeth age 23 Mo.
Nadian/Midian age 3 b. AR. ca.1867
Martha age 1 b. 1869 AR.

8/21/1999 Found in Ancestry.com

1850 Scott Co. Iowa is listed:

Jonas G. Stacy (district 4)
Hiram O. Stacy (district 4)
John W. Stacy (district 4)
Joseph Stacy (district 4)
Joseph Stacy,Jr. (district 4)

1870 Douglas co. Mo. listed: Jonas C. Stacy living in Buchanan Township.

Note Land purchase of Jonas G. Stacy.

The Papers on Jonas G. Stacy who purchased land stated he was from Carroll Co. Ar.

March 3,2001

Jonas Stacy b. ca. 1829 Illinois died Apr.10,1908 Carroll Co.Ar.(note 1870 census above)
(m)lst ? ca. 1846  (m) 2nd. ?  (m) 3rd. ca. 1869
(m)3rd. Mrs. Sadie (?) Scott b. ca. 1835
                  listed as children of Jonas Stacy by lst wife unk.
1. John W. Stacy b. Jan.10,1847 Christian Co.Mo. d:May 30,???? Carroll Co.Ar. (m)Elizabeth Gentry (corrections: John W. Stacy b.1847 is son of Silas and Arminda (Abbott) Stacy)
2. L.....(female) b.ca. 1848/9 (m) Samuel Graves in Newton Co.Ar.

                    issue by Mrs Sadie Scott
3. Horton H. Stacy b. 1870 Mo.(Horton age 22, (m) Jan.24,1892 Carroll Co.Ar. Hiley Frazier )
4. Thomas Stacy b.ca. 1876 Ar. (m) Lizzie (?)

In 1850 Taney Co.Mo. a John Stacy age 2 born ca. 1848 Mo. was in the household of William and Rebecca Stacy, in fact, the household of William Stacy seem to have all his children and grandchildren listed in his household.  At first it was "assumed" that John W. Stacy was a son of Silas, but since this John W. Stacy was not with Silas in 1860, nor was he listed in the household of William and Rebecca, altho Jonas was listed living with them in 1860, left one wondering who this John W. Stacy b.ca. 1848 belonged to.  I now think that Jonas and his first wife may have parted company and the wife took the son John W. with her, probably in her parents home 1860 ??   There is also two females age 2 in household of William Stacy in 1850, one is named Sarah b. 1848 and she is in household of Silas in 1860, but the other female age 2 (name is unlegable) was not  found for 1860.  She may also be a daughter of Jonas Stacy.


Moore Cemetery, Carroll Co.Arkansas

John W. Stacy (Missouri Milita Reg.73) born Jan.10,1847 died May 30,1936
Elizabeth Stacy (wife of John W.) born Aug.11,1851 died Aug.16,1918
William J. Stacy born Aug.11,1867--no death date
Mary W. Stacy born Dec.21,1870 died Nov. 27,1947
Walter Stacy born Feb.10,1884 died July 03,1919
Clint C. Stacy born Apr. 15,1889 died Jan.13,1959
W.M. Stacy (Co.D.16 Mo Calv) no dates
Wilburn Stacy (son of Mr. & Mrs. CC) born May 09,1917 died Jan.13,1919
Jimmy Ray Stacey born 1954 died 1975



Horton H. Stacy b. 1870 Mo.  (son of Jonas Stacy)
(m) Jan.24,1892 Carroll Co.AR.
Hiley Frazier
        children listed
1. Claude Stacy b. 1895 Boone Co.Ar. (m) Golda (?)
2. Calla Stacy b. 1893 Ar. (m) lst. John Patrick, (m) 2nd Frank Atichson
3. Myra Stacy b. 1901 (m) Leonard Atichson
4. Troy Stacy b. 1904 Ar. (m) Dessie Barker
5. Tuck Stacy b. 1908 Ar. (m) Dorotha Tate
6. Cora Stacy b. 1911 Ar. (m) Sidney Goodnight
7. Jesse Stacy b. 1914 Ar. (m) Iva Atichson
8. Ross Stacy b. 1917 Ar. (m) Elsie Gregg

Calley Stacy (m) Jul.06,1913 Taney Co.Mo. John L. Patrick


Listed by other researchers on John W. Stacy b. ca.1847 (John W. is son of Silas Stacy)

John W. Stacy b. Jan.10,1847 Christian Co. Mo. died May 30,1936 Berryville, Carroll Co. Ar.
(m) Elizabeth Gentry b. Aug. 11,1851 Stone Co.Mo. died Aug.16,1918 Carroll Co. Ar.
         children listed:
1. William Stacy b. Aug. 11,1867 Stone Co.Mo. d: Oct. 31,1954 (m) Mary W. Rhodes
2.Nancy Jane Stacy b.n/r (m) Tom Scott
3. David Silas Stacy b. n/r (m) Amanda (?)
4. Buna Vista Stacy b. Jan.18,1876 d:Jan.28,1963 Carroll Co.Ar. (m) Joe Burks
5. Thomas Monroe Stacy b. Dec.15,1877 Douglas Co.Mo. (m) Nancy Carter
6. Florence Amanda Stacy b. Dec. 24,1886 Taney Co.Mo. d:Feb.15,1963 Newton Co.Mo.(m)Charles Ed.Calvin
7. Clinton Columbus Stacy b. Apr.15,1889 d:Jan.13,1959 Jasper,AR. (m)5/03/1914 Patricia Stevens

Another Record of the children of John W. Stacy and wife Elizabeth Gentry.

John W. Stacy b. Jan.10,1847 Mo. died May 30,1936 Berryville, Carroll Co.Ar.
Elizabeth E. Gentry b. Aug. 11,1851 Stone Co.Mo. died Aug.16,1918 Carroll Co.Ar.
          children listed:
1. William J. Stacy b. Aug.11,1867 Stone Co. Mo. (m) Mary W. Rhodes
2. Buna Vista Stacy b. Jan.18,1876
3. Thomas Monroe Stacy b. Dec. 15,1877
4. Walter Theadore Stacy b. Feb.10,1884 d: Jul.08,1919(m Dec.30,1906) Dillie Carter
5. Florence Arminda Stacy b. Dec. 24,1886
6. Clinton Columbus Stacy born Apr. 15,1889 d:Jan.13,1959 Carthage,Mo.(m) Beatrice Stevens
7. David Silas "Jack" Stacy
8. Nancy Jane Stacy


1880 Marion Co Arkansas census:
John H. Stacy age 38 b. Mo.  b.ca.1842(Check John H. Stacys desc)
Marietta age 38 b. Mo.
Joseph age 18 b. Mo.ca.1862
Lafayette age 15 b.ca.1865
Rebecca age 12
Manda age 7   (Matilda) (m)John W. Boyd
Leonona age 2  ((Lewanda Marie) married Henry M. Boyd (brother ot John W.Boyd)
Martha Tannehill age 21
James M. Tannahill age 6 months old.

John H. Stacy (m) 1862 Taney Co. Mo. Maryetta "Etta" Applegate
Martha Orthgnesa Stacy (m) Apr.16,1876 Ozark Co.Mo. Alfred Tannehill

(Note that John E. Stacy age 6 months old on 1870 census is missing from the 1880 census) John E. Stacy would be about 10 years old in 1880 and may be staying with another Stacy relative for the year 1880)


1900 Newton Co.Arkansas census
 James Stacy b. Mar. 1866 Mo.
Lula b. May 1868 S.C.
Minnie b. Oct. 1890  (m) Forrest Wray (according to Robert Stacy)
Betty b. Apr. 1894
George M. born Oct. 1896
Gracie b. Jul. 1898
(all children born in Ark.)

James S. Stacy (m) Dec.15,1889 Newton Co.Arkansas "Lula Hall"


1910 Newton Co.AR. census:
James S. Stacy age 44 b.Mo. b.ca.1866  ( Go to 2nd wife and child of James S.Stacy)
Lula age 44 b. Ga.
Betty age 17
George age 13 born Oct. 1897 died Jan.30,1988 Ar. (obit of Geo. said he had one living sister Pearl Clay)
Gracie age 11
James age 9,
Howard age 7 ---(m) Leona Myrtle Westover)--------(parents  of Robert Lee Stacy)
Floyd age 5
Aldenar ? age 3
H.R. under 1 year of age. b.ca.1909
Pearl born after 1910 ? (m) a Mr. Clay

The daughter Minnie Stacy was missing from the 1910 census, and possibly married to Forrest Wray before 1910.


James S.Stacy b. ca. 1864/6 Mo. d: Aug.17,1941 Ar. (buried beside Silas Scruggs Stacy, Jasper,Newton Co.Ar.)
(m) 2nd. ?
Martha Poyner b. n/r
     one child
Silas Devoe Stacy b. Sep.08,1923 (m) Anna Louise Kilgore b.May 12, 1924
(Silas Devoe and Anna Louise (Kilgore) Stacy-issue: 5 children:James Devoe, Dale Bradford, Gwenda LouAnn, Danny Mitchel, and Sandra Janette Stacy)

Martha Stacey born Mar.14,1883 died April 15,1970 Jasper, Newton Co.AR. (from SS Death Records)
Anna Stacey born May 09,1924 died Jan. 1983 Jasper, Ar. Newton Co. (From SS Death Records)


1910 Newton Co.Arkansas census:
Henry Stacy age 52 b.ca.1858
Manda age 35
Jesse age 17
Marion age 15
Otto age 13
Oliver age 11
Martha age 9
Eula age 6
Octoa age 4

Henry A. Stacy (m) Sep.22,1891 Newton Co.Arkansas "Mandy" (Amanda) Young.



1910 Newton Co.Arkansas census:

Walter Stacy b.ca. 1886 AR.,
Lula b.ca. 1889 Ar.
Arnold (son) b. 1909 AR.


1910 Newton Co.Arkansas census
Joseph E. Stacy age 48 b.ca.1862
Elizabeth 36
Willie age 18   b.ca. 1892
Columbus age 16
Lafayette age 12 b.ca.1888
Rosa age 12
Allie age 5
Jeff age 2
Vina Stacy age 70 born 1830 Mo.

Vina "Elvina Applegate" was married to Alfred Stacy and had children Rebecca b. 1860 Mo. and Mary Evelyn b. 1861 died: 1952 Pope Co.AR..and Virgil Stacy. C.L. Boyd, author of the Standridge Book, thinks that Joseph Stacy was first married to Margaret Stacy in 1888, a sister to Elizabeth.....Now this may be correct, but it is possible that Elizabeth's full name was: Margaret Elizabeth...


1910 Carroll Co.Arkansas census:
William Stacy age 42 b. Mo. ca.1868 (born:Aug.11,1867 Stone Co.Mo. (son of John W. Stacy)
Mary age 39   b.ca.1871  (Mary W. Rhodes b.12/21/1870 d:Nov.27,1947 Berryville,Ar.Carroll Co.)
Perry age 19, b.ca. 1891
John age 16  b.ca. 1894
Roy age 14   b. Sep.01,1897 Carroll Co.AR. (m) 6/04/1918 Berryville,Co.Ar. Celestia Maxwell
Florence age 12  b.ca. 1898
Vict?/Vick  age 10, b.ca.1900
Girth age 8  b.ca. 1902
Ula ? age 3 b.ca. 1907 (Eulan b.Jan.27,1907)

Roy Stacy born Sep.01,1918 Berryville,Ar. died: feb.14,1985 McLoud, Pott Co. Ok.


John Stacey b. Nov.01,1895 d: Dec. 1981 Berryville, Ar. Carroll Co. (from SS Death Records)
Larry Stacey b. Nov.21,1944 d: Sep.04,1993 Berryville,Ar. Carroll,Co.(From SS Death Records)
Vetta Stacey b.Aug.29,1910 d:Nov.17,1997 Augusta, Ks. (from Berryville,Ar.)(SS Death Records)

1910 Carroll Co.ARkansas census:
Thomas Stacy age 34 b. AR. b.ca.1876
(m)Oct.13,1900 Carroll Co.AR. (book F 125)
Lizzie Carter age 24 b. AR.
Grace age 7 b. AR.
Coy age 3 b. Ar.   (Go to Obituary notice of Coy Stacy)

Coy Stacy born Jan.04,1909 died Jan.29,1988 Berryville,Ar. Carroll Co. (From SS Death Records)
Alta Stacy born May 06,1910 died Aug.1976 Berryville, Ar. Carroll,Co.(From SS Death Records)
Carroll Count Ark marriage records: Tom Stacy age 23 to Lizzie Carter age 18 on Oct.13,1900


1910 Boone Co. Arkansas census:
John E.? Stacy age 43 b.ca. 1867 Mo.
Mary age 46
Ernest (son)age 17
Ella (dau)age 15
Audie (son)age 7
Hattie (niece) age 11. b.ca. 1899 (Hattie was daughter of Jim Stacy)


John H. Stacy
some of his descendants found.
Researched and compiled by: Kay (Goswick) Kennemore

John H. Stacy born Oct.09,1831 Green Co. Mo. died Feb.17,1897 Pope Co.AR.
(m) n/r
Marietta "Etta" Applegate born ca. 1842 Mo. d:n/r
                 children found
1. Martha Stacy b.ca. 1856  Mo. (m) lst. Alfred Tannerhill (m)2nd.Nov.29,1885 Samuel Hudson
2. Sarah Jane Stacy b.ca.1858 Mo. (m)lst. Monroe Hampton (m) 2nd Thomas Maynard  (go to picture)
3. Joseph Stacy b.ca. 1861 Mo. (m) Apr. 27, 1888 Elizabeth Standridge
4. Alfred M. "Roe" Stacy b.ca. 1864 Mo. (m)lst. Oregon Burgess
5. Lafayette "Fate" Stacy b.ca.1866 Mo. (m) Nellie James
6. Rebecca Stacy b.ca. 1868 Mo. (m)Jan.22,1888 Ius Livingston
7. John E. Stacy b.ca. 1869/1870   not on 1880 census ( may be with another relative)
8. Matilda "Tildy" Stacy b.Feb.10,1874 Mo. (m)lst.Alex Standridge (m)2nd. John W. Boyd
9. Lewanda Marie "Lenora" Stacy b. Mar.20,1877 Mo. (m) Henry M. Boyd (brother to John W.)

According to Sallie (Boyd) Shelton,  granddaughter of John H. Stacy, John H. Stacy had three more children who were:

10. James M. "Jim" Stacy b.1880 AR. (m)lst. Fannie (?) (m) 2nd. Velviney (?) had children by first wife: Louis, Archie,  Hattie b. 1899 and by 2nd wife Lonnie Stacy.

11. Liss/Lizz Stacy  born in Mo. (married a Mr. Horn/Harn)
12. Rosie Stacy born in Mo. n/r
13. Jim Stacy b. in Mo. (This Jim may be the same as James M. Stacy #10)

Martha Stacy b.ca. 1856 Mo.
(m) lst. 4/16/1876 Ozark Co.Mo (from Barbars records) Alferd Tannehill b.& d. n/r
(m)2nd. Nov.29,1885 Newton Co.AR. Samuel Hudson
      child by lst.
1. James M. Tannahill b. ca. 1879 AR.

Martha Stacy was daughter of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy and granddaughte of William  and Rebecca (Griffith) Stacy.

The picture of Tom Maynard and his wife Sarah Jane (Stacy) Maynard
was contributed by: Dora E. Nolan.  Thank you Dora. {kgk}
Death Notice of Sarah Jane (Stacy) Maynard
Name: Mrs. Jane Maynard
Date of birth: June 7, 1852 - Birth place: Mo.
Date of death: May 1, 1927
age: 74 years 10 Months 23 days.
Date of funeral: May 2, 1927
Place of death: Jacob Swarer
Funeral Services at: Jacob Swarer
Cause of death: Senility
Occupation: housewife
Religion: Baptist
Name of Father: John Stacy   Birth Place: Mo.
Name of Mother: don't know
interment at Shahan cemetery
Book from June 1923 to 1929
Page 190

I went to that cemetary and looked but couldn't find her grave, but maybe someone could be there and help me the next time I go that direction. Dora.

Sarah Jane Stacy b.ca. 1858 Mo. died Ok.
(m)lst. Monroe Mitchell Hampton
(m)2nd. Thomas Maynard  b.ca. 1850-55
   children by lst husband
1. John Edgar Green Wood Hampton b. Aug.13,1875 Mo.(m) Celia Myers
2. William H. Hampton b. Jan.15,1878 Mo. (m) Ellen Myers
3. Dora Ellen Hampton b. Aug.09,1880 Mo. (m) John Madison Mills
4. Mary Bertha Hampton      (m) William Bailey
     children by 2nd husband
5. Jess Maynard b.n/r (m) Julia Thomas
6. Leonard Maynard b.n/r
7. Minnie Maynard b.n/r
8. Chaney Maynard b.n/r
9. Zonia Maynard b.n/r

Marriage record of Thomas Manard to Jane Stacy in Conway Co.Ar.
(marriage date: Dec.08,1886)



The children of Sarah Jane Stacy Hampton, Maynard was supplied by Dora Nolan. Thank you Dora.{kgk}

1860 Taney Co. Mo. Swan Township (supplied by Dora Nolan)
Thomas Maynard age 39 b.ca. 1821 Ky
Nancey (wife) age 39 b. ca. 1821 Ky.
William (son) age 16 b.ca.1844
Perry (son) age 11 b.ca. 1849
Thomas (son) age 8 b.ca.1852 (Probably the Thomas Maynard who married Sarah Jane (Stacy) Hampton)
Mary (dau) age 5 b.ca. 1855
George (son) age 2 b.ca. 1858
Adaline Maynard age 41 b. ca.1819 Ky.

Sarah Jane Stacy, daughter  of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy.

this family under construction



Joseph Stacy b.April 1862 Mo. d:n/r
(m) Apr. 27,1888 Newton Co.Arkansas
Elizabeth Standridge b.ca. 1872
           children listed from census findings
1. William "Bill" Stacy b. Nov. 1891 Pope Co.AR.
2. Columbus "Lum" Stacy b. Jul. 1893 Pope Co.Ar.
3. Lafette "Fate" Stacy b. Oct. 1896 Pope Co.Ar.
4. Rosie Stacy b. Jan. 1900 Pope Co.Ar.
5. Allie Stacy b. 1905 Pope Co.Ar. (Contact Ronnie Clements,Jr.)
6. Jeff Stacy b. 1907 Pope Co.Ar.

Joseph Stacy b.ca.1862 Mo., son of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy.

1900 Pope Co.Arkansas census listed:
Joseph Stacy born 1869 Mo.
Elizabeth born 1874 AR.
William born 1891 AR.
Columbus born July 1893 AR.
Lafayette born 1896 AR.
Rosie born Jan. 1900 AR.

1910 Newton Co.Arkansas census listed:
Joseph Stacy age 48 b.ca. 1862
Elizabeth age 36  b.ca. 1875
Willie 18   b.ca. 1892
Columbus 16  b.ca. 1894
Lafayette 12  b.ca. 1896
Rosa 10  b.ca.1900
Allie 5   b.ca. 1905
Jeff age 2 b.ca. 1907
Vina Stacy age 70 b.ca. 1840 (Elvina Applegate was married to Alfred Stacy b.ca. 1836)Go to 1860 c for Alfred and Elvina and then to 1870 for Elvina Stacy).


Alfred M. "Roe" Stacy b. ca. 1864 Mo. d:n/r
(m) lst. Oregon Burgess b & d n/r
(m) 2nd. ?
       children by lst.
1. Bertha
2. Bessie
3. Dessie
4. Johnny
5. Gertie
     children by 2nd
6. Katherine
7. a daughter

This info was supplied by Sally (Boyd) Shelton who stated that Alfred M. "Roe" Stacy, son of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy, had moved to Jasper, Ark, then to Moore, Arkansas and later to Stillwell, Oklahoma and that  Alfred M. "Roe" Stacy was buried at Pryor, Oklahoma.



 Lafayette Stacy b.ca. 1865 Mo. died 1904 Indian Territory.
Nellie R. James b.ca. Sep.1870 Iowa
           children listed
1. Abbie b. June 1889 Ark.
2. Hanna R. June 1892 Ar.
3. Susie C. July 1894 Indian Territory
4. Virgel R. Feb.1898 Indian Territory
5. Clarence  b. 1900 Ok.
6. Maybell b. 1902 Ok.
7. Ernest b. 1904 Ok.

The information on Caney Cemetery, Cherokee Co . Ok., and birth and death dates of Lafayette Stacy and his wife Nellie James was found on Becky's Stacy Message Board, and can also be found on Barbara Stacy's Site.  Thank you both. {kgk}
       Caney Cemetery - Cherokee Co. Ok.
       #307 Lafate Stacy 1865 - 1904 (Only dates)
       #393 Nellie Stacy 1870 - 1950 (Only dates)
1900 Indian Terr.Cherokee Nation
1910 Adair Co. Ok.
1920 Cherokee Co.Ok.
Fate Stacy born Feb.1865 Mo. missing (deceased) d:1904 Ok.
Nellie R. Stacy Sep.1870 Iowa Nellie Stacy age 38 Iowa Nellie Stacy age 49 b. Iowa
Abbie June 1889 Ar.(age 10) missing (may be married) -------------------------------------------------------------
Hanna R. June 1982 (age 7)AR. Hannah age 16 b. AR. missing (possibly married)
Susie C. Jul.1894 I.T.(age 5) missing (married or deceased) ------------------------------------
Virgel R. Feb.1898 I.T. (age 2) Vergal age 12 b. Ok. missing
Clarence age 10 b.1900 Ok. Clarence age 19 b. Ok.
Maybell age 8 b.1902 Ok. Mabel age 17 b. Ok.
Ernest age 6 b.1904 Ok Earnest age 15 b.Ok.

Lafayette Stacy, son of John H. and Marietta (Applegate) Stacy.   The above census findings on Lafayette "Fate" and Nellie R. Stacy was supplied by "Jody" who was doing research for  Silas and Roy Stacy (grandsons of Lafayette "Fate" Stacy).  The death year for Lafayette "Fate" Stacy was supplied by Mary Stacy Johnson.  Jody's e-mail is: vernlong@iamerica.net

Rebecca Stacy b.ca. 1868 d:n/r
Ius Livingston
     no record of children

Rebecca Stacy, daughter of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy.  Rebecca must have been named for her grandmother Rebecca (Griffith) Stacy.{kgk}


John E. Stacy b.ca. 1869/70 Mo.
Mary (?)
    children listed on 1910 census
1. Earnest Stacy b. 1893
2. Ella Stacy b. 1895
3. Audie Stacy b. 1903

John E. Stacy age 6 months old in household of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy in 1870.  He was not listed in the 1880 census.

1910 Boone Co.AR. census listed:
John Stacy age 43 b.ca. 1866
Mary age 46
Ernest age 17  b.ca.1893
Ella age 15   b.ca. 1895
Audie age 7  b.ca. 1903
Hattie Stacy (niece) age 11 b. 1899 AR. (Hattie Stacy has been listed as dau of Jim Stacy)



 Matilda "Tildy" Stacy born Feb.10,1874 Taney Co.Mo. died  Dec.19,1950 Ok.
(m)lst. Sep.21,1890 Pope Co.AR. (m)2nd. Jul.06,1895 Pope Co.AR.
lst. Alex Standridge
2nd. John William Boyd b. June.24,1873 AR. d: Oct.26,1959
            children are by John W. Boyd
1. Idabell Boyd b. June 1895 Pope co.AR.(m) Albert Standridge
2. Elenora "Nora"Boyd b. June.16,1898 Pope co.Ar.d;Jul.30,1974 (m)lst.Mr.Laymon (m)2nd.Wm.Lee Freeman
3. Sallie Boyd b. Apr. 1900 Pope co.Ar. (m) Roy H. Shelton
4. Mandy Boyd b.ca.1903 Ar.
5. Ollie Boyd  born 1905 Pope co.AR.
6. Florence Boyd  born 1907 Pope Co.AR.

Matilda "Tildy" Stacy, Boyd, daughter of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy. Her husband John  William Boyd was the son of James T. and Sarah (Morris) Boyd.  Matilda "Tildy" and her husband John W. Boyd are buried in McFadden Cemetery, Dover, Ark. Pope Co.

In the "STANDRIDGE BOOK" by C.L.Boyd, Box 222, Dover, Arkansas, you will find many of these families + marriages listed in his book.  C.L. Boyd's "Standridge" book is over a thousand pages and covers just about every surname in Pope, Newton Co.s Arkansas, marriage records of Stacy's,  you name it, C.L. has it listed.  The book is not indexed, but is an excellent book.  If your family came out of Pope, or Newton Co.Ar. they were married to a Standridge somewhere along the way.  The price for this excellent book is about $30. or 35.00.



Lewanda Marie Stacy b. Mar. 20,1877 Taney Co.Mo. died Aug.07,1963 Weleetka, Ok.
(m) Nov.06,1894 Pope Co.AR.
Henry Morgan Boyd born Aug.08,1874 AR. d: Aug. 11,1963 Ok.
1. Melissa "Lizzie"Boyd b. Dec.21,1895 Ar. d:Dec.12,1966  (m) Charlie Casey
2. Sarah Etha Boyd b. Feb.10,1897 AR. (m) David Treadwell
3. James Robert Boyd b. Feb. 01,1899 Ar. D: Sep. 1899 Ar.Buried Boyd Cemetery,North of Dover,Ar.
4. John William Boyd b. Feb. 11,1901 AR. (m) Clara Lee Hamilton
5. Cora Delpha Boyd b. Sep.25,1903 Ar. (m) James Adam GOSWICK (son of Jesse and Nettie)
6. Perry Boyd     (quadruplet)   b. Feb.03,1906 Pope Co.AR. d:after birth (babies buried Boyd Cemetery)
7. Garland Boyd        "              b. Feb.03,1906 Pope Co.AR. d:after birth
8. Baxter Boyd           "             b. Feb.03,1906 Pope Co.AR. d:after birth
9. Jeff Davis Boyd      "             b. Feb.03,1906 Pope Co.AR. (lived to be grown) d: 1931
10. Silas M. Boyd   b. Mar. 04,1909 Pope Co.AR. (m) Leslie Pearl Meek
11. Floy Ethel Boyd b. Nov.19,1911 Pope Co.AR. (m) Radar Legg

Lewanda Marie Stacy, daughter of John H. and Marietta "Etta" (Applegate) Stacy. Her husband Henry Morgan Boyd was the son of James T. and Sarah (Morris) Boyd.  Lewanda Marie (called Lee Marie) and her husband Henry Morgan Boyd are buried at McFadden Cemetery, Dover, Ar. Pope Co.

Lewand Marie Stacy and her husband Henry Morgan Boyd both died in Weleetka, Ok., but are buried at McFadden Cemetery, Dover, Arkansas. According to descendants, Henry and Lewanda "Lee" Stacy Boyd lived for many years at Russellville, AR., then moved to Stillwell, Ok, and then to Holdenville, Ok. and then finally settled in Weleetka, Oklahoma. Note 1920 Pope Co.AR. census findings below.


1920 Pope Co.AR. Sulphin Township

Henry M. Boyd age 44 born Ar. Father b. Tn. Mother born Tn.
Luwda (Lewanda) age 43 born Mo. Father born Mo. Mother born Mo.
John W. (son) age 19 born Ar. Father AR. Mother Mo.
Cora D. (dau) age 16 born Ar.
Jeff D. (son) age 13 born AR.
Silas M. (son) age 11 born AR.
Floye E. (dau) age 8 born Ar.

(Note all of family above)

1920 Prarie Co.Ar. White River Township
John W. Stacy age 34 b.1886 Ar. Fa.Ky. Mo. Tn.
Ellen Stacy (wf) age 27 b. Ms. Fa.ala. Mo.Tn.
Ollie M. Carter age 3 (dau) Ar. AR. Ms.
Kinley Dixon age 19 (bro) Ar. Ky. Tn.
1920 Randolph Co.AR. Bristow Township
Luther Stacy age 39 b.1881Ar. Fa.? Mo.?
Laura (wife) age 28 b. Ar. Fa.Ar. Mo.Ar.
Ona (dau) age 13 b. Ar.
Tracy (dau) age 11 b.Ar.
Harolson? (son) age 4 b. Ar.


1910 Taney Co. Missouri, Big Creek Township (note 1900 census)

George "Bud"Stacy age 53 b.ca. 1857  Mo. Father born Tn. mother born Va.
Emma age 31 b. Ar. Father born Mo. Mother born Mo.
Albert age 11 born Mo.  ca. 1899 Father Mo. Mother AR.
Alfred age 9 born Mo. ca. 1902
Bertie (daughter) age 7 b. Mo. ca. 1903
Loula/Louie?? age 4 born Mo. b.ca.1906
Ella age 2 born Mo. b.ca. 1908

A marriage record for George W. Stacy and Nancy Margaret Applegate, but I think that her name was "Mary" Applegate.
from Ruthie 2/05/2000
George Washington Stacey/Stacy born May 10,1850 Douglas Co.Mo. died: Aug.06,1931 Cedar Creek, Taney Co.Mo.
(m) lst (?)
  Issue by lst wife:
1. Bessie Stacy b.n/r
2. Newton Oliver Stacey born Jun.12,1874 died: Sep.25,1973 Harrison, Boone Co.Ar..
George W. Stacy (m) 2nd. Nancy Margaret "Mary" Applegate
             (no record of Children)
George W. Stacy (m) 3rd.
(Emma) Rachel Emmaline Lizabeth Ann Bryant born Feb.15,1879 Mt.Judea,Searcy Co.AR./Mount Judea, Newton Co.Ar. died: June 30,1966 St.Johns Hospital, Springfield, Green Co.Mo. (daughter of William & Marye Jane (MAINER) BRYANT)
       issue by Emma Rachel (note census findings also)

3.Albert "Red" Henry Stacey/Stacy born Nov.18,1898 Long Run, Ozard Co.Mo., died June 20,1964 Branson, Mo.
4. Alfred Stacey/Stacy born Jul.11,1900 Brown Branch, Long Run, Ozark Mo, died Oct.24,1953
5. Bertha(Bertie) Stacey/Stacy born May 28,1902 Igo, Ozark Co.Mo. died May 1982 American Falls, Power Co. Idaho
6. Larkin Stacey born June 27,1897 died Sep.10,1908 (not found on 1900 census) 1900 census index may not have been complete.


 1900 Ozark Co.Mo. soundex (film not checked) (Back to 1910 census)
George Stacy age 46, Rachel and Albert age 1 (George Stacy b.ca. 1854)

(Info from Ruthie)
George W. Stacy (son of Silas Scruggs and Arminda (Abbott) Stacy)
(m)3rd.  Rachel Emmaline "Emma" Lorabeth Bryant (dau of Wm. & Marye Jane (Mainer) Bryant
  children by Emma Rachel


Albert Henry "Red" b. Nov.18,1898 Long Run, Ozark Co.Mo. died:June 20,1964 Branson, Mo.
(m) Jan.05,1921
Ruth Marie Collins
born: June 28,1903 Cedar Creek, Taney Co.Mo. died: Dec. 23,1988 Jefferson City, Cole Co.Mo.
      children n/r


Silas Monroe Stacy born March 18,1866 Sparta, Mo.
(m) Apr.05,1882
Ellen Hudson b. 1864 Mo. died 1925 Jasper Ar. Newton Co.
           children listed:
1. Arthur Stacy b. 1884 Jasper,Ar. (m) Vickie Pearl Emberton (contact descendant  Ted Stacey Hill )
2. Walter Stacy b. 1886 Jasper, Ar.
3. Roscoe C. Stacy b. 1885 Jasper, AR.

Silas Monroe Stacy was the son of Silas Scruggs and Matilda (Abbott) Stacy.  His wife Ellen Hudson was the daughter of Andrew Hudson of Jasper, AR. Newton Co..  There is also a record that Silas Monroe Stacy (m) 2nd. about 1927 in Sparta, Mo. a Mrs. Neesa Shipman.


1910 Newton Co.AR. Jasper P.O.
Walter Stacy b. 1886 Ar.
Lula (wife) b. 1889 Ar.
Arnold (son) b. 1909 Ar.

Arnold Stacey born Jul 01,1909 died Sep.1968 Harrison Ar. Boone Co. (From SS Death Records)


1900 Soundex film,Stone Co.Mo.
James H. Stacy
Reece W.
Lewis W.
Archie O.

James H. Stacy (m) June 04,1889 Stone Co.Mo. Melvina Crabtree


1860 Lawrence Co. Mo. Buck Prarie Township
HIram Stacy age 20 living in household of A.F. and Melinda Wilks

John Stacy age 62 b. N.C. ca. 1798
Frances b. 1799 N.C.
Catherine age 18 b. Tn.
Julia A. age 15 b. Tn.
Zwlpha age 13 b. Tn.
Susan age 12 b. Tn.
Thomas age 9 b. Tn.
Rosella age 7 born Mo.


1850 Wayne Co. Mo. census

Benjamin Stacy age 42 b. N.C. ca.1809
Sally W. age 39 b.Tn.
Elizabeth age 22 b. Ala.
George W. age 18 b. 1832 Ill.
Thomas age 17 b.ca. 1833 Ill.
Joseph age 14 b.ca. 1836 Ill.
Miles H. age 12 b.ca. 1838 Mo.
Elisha age 11 b. ca. 1839 Mo.
Joshua age 9 b.ca. 1841 Mo.
Calib age 6 b. ca. 1844 Mo.
William C. age 4 b. ca. 1846 Mo.
Mary age 2 b.ca. 1848 Mo.
Coleman age 2 months old b. 1850 Mo.


James Oliver Stacy born ca. 1899 Newton Co.Ar. d:n/r
(m) ca. 1921 Newton Co.AR.
Burnis Lamb b.n/r
        children listed not in order of birth.
1. James Oliver, Jr. b.n/r
2. Alice Amanda born Dec.14,1935 Fort Smith, Ar. (m)(?) Hyman
3. Barbara Sue born n/r
4. Henry Ward born n/r d:n/r

James Oliver Stacy was the son of Henry A. and Mandy (Young) Stacy of Taney Co.Mo.., (Info supplied by Donna Bisby, daughter of Alice Amanda (Stacy) Hyman



Arminda M. "Matilda" Stacy b.ca. 1860/63 Beaver City, Mo. died Rogers, AR. Benton Co.
(m) Sep.06,1882 5/10/2005 (1900 Newton C0.Ar. census)
Robert Truelove b. 1857 Holen, Germany
          issue listed: Not in order of birth)
1. George Truelove born Jan.15,1895 Marble Falls, Ar. died Sep.1977 Shelton, Wa. (m) Pauline Richey
2. a son (name unknown)
3. Ola Truelove b.n/r
4. Evie Truelove b.n/r
5. Sally Truelove b.n/r

Arminda M. (Matilda) (Stacy) Truelove, daughter of Silas Scruggs and Arminda (Abbott) Stacy.  This info on Arminda M. "Matilda" Stacy and her husband Robert Truelove was supplied by Terry Austin, a descendant of George and Pauline (Richey) Truelove.  Thank you Terry.{kgk}

Tulsa World, Ok. Dec.20,1994, Bartlesville, Ok. (found  in Ancestry.com)
Pauline (Richey) Truelove age 80 died Sunday, Graveside services Tuesday, Westlawn Cemetery, Shurden.

1900 Newton Co.Ar. Low Gap township Dist 96
hh# 49
Robert Truelove age 43 born Ar. Father N.Y. Mother Ky.
Arminda M. (wife) age 43 born Mo. parents born Mo.
Anna J. (dau) age 16 Ar.
Martha E. (dau) age 12 Ar.
James R. (son) age 11 Ar.
Silas J. (son) age 7 Ar.
George w. (son) age 5 Ar.
Olie M. age 1 Ar.
Sallie L. (dau) age 8 months Ar.
This film is hard to read on the childrens ages, so please check the film for accuracy.

For the complete lineage of this family check with Terry Austin. Terry has a website at:  http://pweb.netcom.com/~terrydeb/index.htm       E-Mail: Terry & Debby Austin


1850 Poinsette Co.Ark. Mitchell Township

W.M. Stacy age 39 b. Ms.
Rebecca age 32
W.I. age 14
P.S. age 12
S.E. age 9
C.B. age 7
C.M. age 3
R.H. age 8 months old

James Stacy age 24 Ar.
Lucinda age 27
Martha E. age 1

Elizabeth Stacy age 45 b. Tn.
Daniel M. or W. age 19 born Mo.
Emely age 20 born Mo.

All these Stacy families in 1850 Poinsette Co.AR. census living near each other.


1900 Randolph Co.Ar. Bristow Township

Josephine Stacy born Apr. 1862 Ar.
Alice R. born Nov. 1882 Ar. (father Ky. Mother Ky.)
Thomas J. born May 1888 Ar.
Arthur A. born May 1891 Ar.
Truman born Jul. 1893 Ar.
Mazie G. born Feb. 1896 Ar.
Bertha born Nov. 1897 Ar.
Nellie M. (niece) born Nov. 1879 Ar. Father Ky.

 All are listed as children of Josephine Stacy except Nellie who is listed as Niece.

Same Township is:
Sarah Stacy born May 1881 (servant in home of James & Ida Hart)

Jefferson Stacy born Sep. 1847 Ky. Father Ky. Mother Ky.
Mary E. born Feb. 1845 Ky
Mason T. born July 1873 Ar.
Matilda J. born Mar. 1875 Ar.
Millie born Mar. 1885 Ar.
Charles (nephew) born Jan. 1880 Ar.
Luther (nephew) born Jan. 1878 Ar.
Mary E. (mother) born Feb. 1823 Ky. Father born Ky. mother born Ky.
Elizabeth (sister) born Nov. 1857 Ky. Father born Ky. Mother born Ky.

Luther Stacy born Nov. 1873 AR. Father born Ky. Mother born Tn.

This may be the same Luther in household of Jefferson, altho this Luther is in household of his own.

1900 Randolph Co.Ar. Eleven Points Township

Henry Boling born June 1832 Ill.
Mary born Mar. 1869 Mo.
Eunice Stacy born Sep. 1889 Ar. Father Ky. Mother Mo.
Elmar F. Stacy born Jan. 1891 AR.
Anne A. Stacy born Sep. 1892 Ar.
Ethel M. Stacy born Oct. 1894 Ar.
Ida Lee BOLING born Jan. 1900 Ar.

Stacy children are listed as stepchildren of Henry Boling.  Ida Lee Boling was dau of Henry and Mary Boling.



1880 Newton Co.Ar. Jackson Township  (Go to 1900 & 1910 Newton Co.AR. census)

Silas Shruggs Stacy in the 1880 Jackson Township  Newton Co.

Silas is listed as 50 a Physician  born Tn parents born Tn (b.ca.1830)
Wife Sarah Matilda (Abbot)  43 born Ky and parents born Ky
Matila (probably Matilda)  16  born Mo (b.ca.1864)
James Silas  13  born Mo. (b.ca.1867) Now both of these children's mother is said to be
born in Va. Giving the idea that Sarah Matilda may be a second wife,

James W. Willis  39  is  boarding with this family.

This 1880 census on Silas Scruggs Stacy was supplied by Marcene.   Thank you Marcene. {kgk}

Nov. 30,2001 from Ruthie Arand
Hi Kay!
I have been browsing through your page (as I occasionally check for updates & new info!) and I ran across the new information in regard to the 1880 Census for Newton Co., Ar which lists Silas and Sarah and children Matilda and James Silas. You have in parenthesis that Sarah is Sarah Matilda (Abbot), and I tend to think that this is Betty Hensley, not Arminda Matilda Abbott. The reason is this. I ran across a posting by a Jackie Johnson as follows:

Subject: Silas Scruggs Stacey/Stacy 1828 TN, MO, AR

Posted by: J. Johnson
Message: I ran into Silas Scruggs Stacey's grave site several years ago. I would like to discuss the condition of the site with a family memeber. Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" (Hensley) Stacey was Silas Scruggs Stacey's second wife. She was the sister of one of my ancestors. He is not in my direct line. Please e-mail me at jackiej@ipa.net.

Also, Arminda Abbott died in 1872, and I show that Silas married Betty (aka Sarah) Feb. 5, 1874. The two kids DO belong to Arminda Abbott and Silas.

I know that you are a stickler for detail, so I thought you should know.
Let me know what you think!

Hope all is well with you and yours!
Thank you Ruthie for this information, as I do agree with you that the Sarah in 1880 was Silas's 2nd wife.  I do note that his wife in 1900 is listed as Betty (short for Elizabeth)..since she was listed as Sarah in 1880, may be the reason Marcene thought it was Matilda????????{kgk}


Minerva Stacy
dau of William & Rebecca

Descendants of Minerva E. Stacy

Generation No. 1

1. MINERVA E.2 STACY (WILLIAM1) was born Jan 3, 1845 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas, and died Mar 3, 1929 in Pittsburg, Kansas. She married (1) HIRAM HARVEY. He died Abt. 1878. She married (2) EZEKIEL ESLICK Abt. 1879, son of ARTIS ESLICK and CECILIA MCBRIDE. He was born Feb 22, 1829 in Bartholomew County, Indiana, and died Feb 1896 in Ava, Douglas, Missouri.



ii. EUNICE BELLE HARVEY, b. Jul 31, 1873.

iii. EMMA HARVEY, b. 1874.

iv. SARAH HARVEY, b. 1878.


2. v. REBECCA3 ESLICK, b. Feb 14, 1882, Douglas County, Missouri; d. Oct 19, 1913, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

3. vi. LILLIAN MARILYN ESLICK, b. Oct 15, 1885, Douglas County, Missouri; d. Dec 3, 1973, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas.

Generation No. 2

2. REBECCA3 ESLICK (MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Feb 14, 1882 in Douglas County, Missouri, and died Oct 19, 1913 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. She married JIM S. DAVIS Sep 26, 1901 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. He was born Apr 9, 1877 in Douglas County, Missouri, and died Oct 24, 1962 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

Children of REBECCA ESLICK and JIM DAVIS are:

i. CHILD4 DAVIS, b. Jul 23, 1903, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. 1903.

4. ii. CORA BELL DAVIS, b. Jul 23, 1903, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. Jan 29, 1931, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

iii. VESTA MARILYN DAVIS, b. Apr 13, 1905, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. Feb 10, 1987; m. (1) CLARENCE POWELL, 1926; m. (2) CLEO BURTON CANNAFAX, Jun 29, 1941, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. Jan 16, 1984.

5. iv. JOHN RILE DAVIS, SR., b. Jul 16, 1907, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. Apr 16, 1983, Carroll County, Arkansas.

6. v. ROY FRANKLIN DAVIS, b. Dec 25, 1908; d. Apr 17, 1988.

vi. FRANCIS FLORENCE DAVIS, b. 1913, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. Oct 9, 1913, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

3. LILLIAN MARILYN3 ESLICK (MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Oct 15, 1885 in Douglas County, Missouri, and died Dec 3, 1973 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas. She married THOMAS ELZA SOLOMON in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.


i. JACK4 SOLOMON, d. 1977, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas; m. BUELAH FAIRCHILD.



7. iv. SHIRLEY JEAN SOLOMON, b. Jul 1, 1925, Pittsburgh, Kansas.

Generation No. 3

4. CORA BELL4 DAVIS (REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Jul 23, 1903 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas, and died Jan 29, 1931 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. She married LEWIS ALBERT TUCKER Sep 22, 1926 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. He was born Jan 31, 1905 in Golden, Barry, Missouri, and died Oct 29, 1977 in Yakima, Washington.

Children of CORA DAVIS and LEWIS TUCKER are:

8. i. DOYLE J.5 TUCKER, b. Apr 16, 1927, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

9. ii. WALTER LEE TUCKER, b. Dec 27, 1929; d. Nov 14, 1987, Seattle, King, Washington.

iii. TWIN GIRL TUCKER, b. Jan 23, 1931, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. Jan 23, 1931, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

10. iv. GEORGIA CHRISTINE TUCKER, b. Jan 23, 1931, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas; d. Jan 20, 1996, California.

5. JOHN RILE4 DAVIS, SR. (REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Jul 16, 1907 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas, and died Apr 16, 1983 in Carroll County, Arkansas. He married (1) DELLA KYLE Bef. 1935. He married (2) ZOE BELL Abt. 1936 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. She was born Nov 15, 1914 in Carroll County, Arkansas.

Children of JOHN DAVIS and ZOE BELL are:



12. iii. SHELBY JEAN DAVIS, b. Abt. 1937.

iv. JOHN RILE DAVIS, JR., b. Abt. 1938; d. Sep 1974, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

13. v. SHIRLEE ANN DAVIS, b. Dec 6, 1940, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

14. vi. PATSY SUE DAVIS, b. 1942.

6. ROY FRANKLIN4 DAVIS (REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Dec 25, 1908, and died Apr 17, 1988. He married VIOLA WILSON Abt. 1941 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.


15. i. GERALDINE5 DAVIS, b. Abt. Jul 1942, Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.

7. SHIRLEY JEAN4 SOLOMON (LILLIAN MARILYN3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Jul 1, 1925 in Pittsburgh, Kansas. She married MARVIN J. WILHELM Apr 26, 1946 in Sacramento, California, son of GEORGE WILHELM and EDNA PETERS. He was born Oct 19, 1919 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.


i. DENNIS W.5 WILHELM, b. Dec 8, 1949, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

16. ii. ROGER A. WILHELM, b. Dec 11, 1952, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

17. iii. DONNA J. WILHELM, b. May 13, 1957, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

18. iv. GARY M. WILHELM, b. Nov 12, 1959, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

Generation No. 4

8. DOYLE J.5 TUCKER (CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Apr 16, 1927 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. He married VIRGINIA A. REICH Oct 1946 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington.


i. GALE ALLEN6 TUCKER, b. Aug 1946.

ii. DALE TUCKER, b. Aug 1946; d. Aug 1946.

19. iii. JIM DEAN TUCKER, b. Jul 29, 1949.

9. WALTER LEE5 TUCKER (CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1)1 was born Dec 27, 1929, and died Nov 14, 1987 in Seattle, King, Washington. He married DONNA MERLE KENNEDY Sep 17, 1956 in Peck, Nez Perce, Idaho.


i. DONALD LEWIS6 TUCKER, b. Aug 12, 1957, Yakima, Yakima, Washington.

20. ii. DONNA LEE TUCKER, b. Jan 12, 1959, Yakima, Yakima, Washington.

21. iii. DEBRA LYNN TUCKER, b. Mar 12, 1960, Yakima, Yakima, Washington.

iv. DAVID LORNE TUCKER, b. May 3, 1964, Seattle, King, Washington; d. May 3, 1964.

10. GEORGIA CHRISTINE5 TUCKER (CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1)2 was born Jan 23, 1931 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas, and died Jan 20, 1996 in California. She married RUSSELL DALE FLOCK Feb 13, 1952 in Anaheim, Orange, California. He was born May 6, 1928 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana.


22. i. VALERIE CHRISTINE6 FLOCK, b. Dec 9, 1952, Fullerton, Orange, California.

ii. CHARLES EDWIN FLOCK, b. Oct 7, 1953, Greensburg, Decator, Indiana.

iii. GLENDA MAE FLOCK, b. Nov 3, 1956, Santa Ana, Orange, California.

23. iv. GERALD LEE FLOCK, b. Jul 15, 1959, Anaheim, Orange, California.


Child of SHARON DAVIS and HAYES is:


12. SHELBY JEAN5 DAVIS (JOHN RILE4, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1937. She married (1) JOHN PHILLIPS. He died Aug 13, 1982. She married (2) HENRY HAMILTON Dec 24, 1986 in Harrison, Boone, Arkansas.







13. SHIRLEE ANN5 DAVIS (JOHN RILE4, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Dec 6, 1940 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. She married (1) BOB BONHAM Jun 23, 1962 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. He was born Oct 2, 1938 in Shell Knob, Barry, Missouri. She married (2) W. H. COLLEY Aft. 1969.

Children of SHIRLEE DAVIS and BOB BONHAM are:

i. SCOTTY GENE6 BONHAM, b. Jan 25, 1963, Harrison, Boone, Arkansas.

ii. CHRISTOPHER BRAD BONHAM, b. Dec 2, 1967, Harrison, Boone, Arkansas.

14. PATSY SUE5 DAVIS (JOHN RILE4, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born 1942. She married (1) JERRY MIDDLETON. She married (2) ED WILLIAMS Aft. 1966.





15. GERALDINE5 DAVIS (ROY FRANKLIN4, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Abt. Jul 1942 in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas. She married JACKIE URSEY. He was born in Berryville, Carroll, Arkansas.




16. ROGER A.5 WILHELM (SHIRLEY JEAN4 SOLOMON, LILLIAN MARILYN3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Dec 11, 1952 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. He married BEVAN A. JOYCE Jan 1, 1981 in Lebanon, Ohio. She was born Mar 8, 1954 in Covington, Kenton, Kentucky.

Children of ROGER WILHELM and BEVAN JOYCE are:

i. JARED M.6 WILHELM, b. Feb 8, 1982, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

ii. JORDAN ELAINE WILHELM, b. Aug 11, 1984, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

17. DONNA J.5 WILHELM (SHIRLEY JEAN4 SOLOMON, LILLIAN MARILYN3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born May 13, 1957 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. She married (1) MICHAEL R. BENNER Jan 16, 1979 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. She married (2) MARK L. COLEMAN Dec 31, 1990 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. He was born Apr 17, 1960 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.


i. JUSTIN M.6 BENNER, b. Mar 2, 1982, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

ii. COURTNEY THOMAS BENNER, b. Feb 5, 1985, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

18. GARY M.5 WILHELM (SHIRLEY JEAN4 SOLOMON, LILLIAN MARILYN3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1) was born Nov 12, 1959 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. He married CHRISTINE L. ROBBINS Jun 8, 1991 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio. She was born Dec 21, 1955 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina.


i. JOSHUA C.6 WILHELM, b. Dec 5, 1991, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

ii. JILLIAN NICOLE WILHELM, b. Jan 7, 1995, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

iii. JACOB TYLER WILHELM, b. Jul 26, 1997, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.

Generation No. 5

19. JIM DEAN6 TUCKER (DOYLE J.5, CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1)3 was born Jul 29, 1949. He married (1) JUDY ANN LARSON Jun 1970 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. He married (2) SIS SILVESTRI Dec 30, 1978 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington.

Children of JIM TUCKER and JUDY LARSON are:

i. CARY ALLEN7 TUCKER, b. 1971.

ii. JAMIE TUCKER, b. Dec 17, 1974.

20. DONNA LEE6 TUCKER (WALTER LEE5, CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1)3 was born Jan 12, 1959 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. She married DAVID SCOTT CLARK Sep 1, 1978 in Seattle, King, Washington.

Children of DONNA TUCKER and DAVID CLARK are:

i. BRANDON SCOTT7 CLARK, b. Oct 24, 1981, Seattle, King, Washington.

ii. MELISSA ANN CLARK, b. Jan 1984.

iii. DANIEL CLARK, b. May 1985.

21. DEBRA LYNN6 TUCKER (WALTER LEE5, CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1)3 was born Mar 12, 1960 in Yakima, Yakima, Washington. She married THOMAS M. LACKNER Feb 16, 1980.


i. MICHAEL LEE7 LACKNER, b. Dec 1980.

ii. KRISTY LYNN LACKNER, b. Jul 28, 1982.

22. VALERIE CHRISTINE6 FLOCK (GEORGIA CHRISTINE5 TUCKER, CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1)4 was born Dec 9, 1952 in Fullerton, Orange, California. She married (1) KENNETH RAYMOND GARDNER. She married (2) JAMES STEPHEN LACLAIR, SR. May 25, 1974 in Anaheim, Orange, California. He was born Apr 8, 1951 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois.


i. ROBERT MATTHEW7 GARDNER, b. Jul 10, 1985.


ii. JAMES STEPHEN7 LACLAIR, JR., b. May 24, 1976.

23. GERALD LEE6 FLOCK (GEORGIA CHRISTINE5 TUCKER, CORA BELL4 DAVIS, REBECCA3 ESLICK, MINERVA E.2 STACY, WILLIAM1)4 was born Jul 15, 1959 in Anaheim, Orange, California. He married KATIE Abt. 1981.

Children of GERALD FLOCK and KATIE are:

i. JEFFREY7 FLOCK, b. Mar 1977; Adopted child.

ii. CHRISTOPHER FLOCK, b. Jan 1979; Adopted child.






1. Georgia Flock, Correspondence.

2. Georgia Flock, Personal Knowledge.

3. Georgia Flock, Correspondence.

4. Georgia Flock, Personal Knowledge.

5. Georgia Flock, Correspondence.

For additional information on this lineage, please contact: JacquieBurt@aol.com



Marriages from Fleta Powell Aday's website of Carroll Co. Ar.

1881,Aug.03, Ida Collins age 23 to J.A. Ford age 25 (B-13)
1883,Oct.25, J.L. Stacy age 23 and Almeade Puttman age 17 (book B-204)
1885,Nov.05, Amanda Stacy age 18 to Garrett Moore age 22 (C-23)
1886,Oct.03, Wm. Stacey age 19, and Mary W. Rhodes age 16 (Book C-112)
1886,Sep.19, Lizzie Stacy age 20 to J.H. Newton age?..(C-108)
1886,Aug.07, John Stacy age 20 and Hettie Hulse age 19 (C-93)
1887,May 12, Mary Stacy age 34 to Hugh Puttman age 18? (C-169)
1888,July 12, Nancy Stacy age 18 to T.J. Scott age 23 (C-282)
1889,Dec.07, J.N. Stacy age 32 and Julia Jennings (?) book D 76
1892, Jan.24, Horton Stacy age 22 and Hiley Frazier age (?) (D-297)
1891, Jan.07, Owen Stacy age 25 and Amanda Harmon age 17 (D-177)
1891,Jan 21, Sudy Stacy age 15 to Marion Gates age 22 (D-182)
1893, Mar.15, Bunny Stacy age 18 to John T. Ham age 38 (D-428)
1894, Aug,23m Jackson Stacy age 21 and Sarah J. Howard age 21 (D-575)
1894, Sep.30, Benjamin Stacy age 22 and Fannie Putman (age?) D-599
1895, June 02, Thomas J. Stacy age 27 and Ollie Reeves age 24 (E-63)
1896, Apr.03, Buena V. Stacy age 13 to Joseph L. Burks age 24(E-189)
1897,Jan.09, Hudia Stacy age 21 and Lizzie Youngblood age 19...(E-302)
1897, May 06, Ady Stacy age 34 and J.F. Collinsworth age 48 (E-332)
1897, Feb.28, Bettie Stacy age 18 to Robert Miller age 23 (E-312)
1898,Nov.19, Dora E. Stacy age 17 to Andoe William Allen age 19 (E-507)
1900, Oct.13, Tom Stacy age 23 to Lizzie Carter age 18 ( (F 125)
1901, Feb.14, W.B. Stacy age 27 and Alice Shipman age 18 (F-192)
1901, Aug.04, William Stacy age 22 and Julia Mckinney (age?) (F-245)
1903,Apr.19,Bettie Stacy age 40 to E.A.Hyson age 35 (F-461)
1904, Dec.30, Bertha Stacey age 18 to G.R. Ward age 25 (G 68)
1904,Dec.24, Florence Stacey age 19 and C.E. Colvin (age ?) (C-57)
1905,July 16, Will Stacey age 25 and Elsie Fancher age 18 (G-134)
1906,Dec.30, Walter Stacy age 23 and Dillie Carter age 18 (G-337)
1910, Aug.17, W.A. Stacy agae 26 to Pearle Holman age 22 ((H-237)

1901, Sep.26, Rebecca Eslic (should be Eslick) age 19 to J.E. Davis age 23 (F-268)
1907, June 19, Lillie Slick (should be Eslick) age 21 to T.E. Soloman age 26 (G 409)
1907,Mar.10, H.P. Huff age 20 and Virgie Muse age 21 (G-375)
1907,Jan.16, Hannah Roy age 29 and J.R. Coffman age 49 (G-342)


William M. Stacey born Jan. 1846 Green Co.Mo.(son of Silas & Arminda (Abbertson) Stacey)
married ca. 1863 Douglas Co.Mo. View 1870 census
Martha Ann Rhodes
1. Sarah E. born 1864
2. John L. born May 13,1866 (married) Hettie Hulse(go to Carroll Co.AR. marriages)
3. Arminda M. born Nov.12,1867 (married) Garret Moore
4. Silas N. born 1871 Jasper Mo.. (married June 05,1892) Carroll Co.AR. Alice Hanby
5. William Henry born Jul 18,1879 Nauvoo,Mo.(married first: Elsie Fancher (m 2nd).Mary Ethel Gage
6. Dorothy (aka "Dorie). born n/r (MARRIED)

1870 Ozark Co,. Mo Jasper Twp. P.O. Gainsville
hh# 42
William Stacy age 22 Mo.
Martha age 24 Mo.
Sarah E. age 5 Mo.
John L. age 4 Mo.
Arminda M. age 1 ARk.

Please read the letter below that was just received from Betty Martin, g-dau of William H. & Elsie Fancher Stacey.
Hi Kay
Got your very nice letter.  Info I have has Arminda's name as Abbetson on a marriage record...when she married Silas. but have seen the name Abbot used on the internet too, I only knew it as Abbetson or Abbotson.
On their son William M.  I have never heard the name Louisa Wagner...but that is interesting, could have been a first wife or something I am not aware of...although I tracked my William by census thru Missouri, and his wifes name was Martha.  I found on a death Certificate of one of their children and also on his Military records that her name was Martha Ann Rhodes, he called her Marthie.  But what I have is, William son of Silas was born Jan. 1846 in Greene Co. Mo. was married in Douglas Co. Mo. in 1863 to Martha..this is off his military record.  they also list his date of death as Feb. 5, 1905, he is buried in the Moore Cemetary in Carroll CO. Ark.  their children is as follows:
1. Sarah E.  born  1864
2. John L.  Born May 13, 1866
(John married Hettie Hulse Aug 17, 1886) they are the ones who raised my mom.
Hettie was aborn in Vermont, 1867.  She died Jan 8, 1947
buried in Morris, Okla. (have death Certificateon both John & Hettie)John L. died  Oct. 16, 1950  he too is buried in Morris. Okla.
3. Arminda M. (aka as Aunt Mindy) born  Nov 12, 1867 in Mo.  Died July 18, 1959  buried Wagoner, Okla. ( I have her death certificate)  She was married to Garret Moore, married in Carroll CO. Ark. Nov. 5 1885
4. Silas N. (aka as " Uncle Bowed" because he was bow legged)  born 1871 in Jasper,  Mo  He was married to Alice Hanby, June 5, 1892  Carroll co. Ark.  (Im not sure when he died)
5. William Henry (my moms dad) aka as "Will" he was born July 18, 1879 in Nauvoo, Mo. he died March 29, 1947 in Turlock, Calif.  He is buried at the Turlock Mem. Cemetary (have death certificate)his first wife (my moms mother) was Elsie Fancher, she was born Aug. 22, 1889 she died July 11, 1916 (my mom was 6 mos old)   She is buried at Moore Cemetary, no marker.(I have death Certificate on her too) they had 4 children: the oldest was Erton R. Stacy born 1905.  he died July29, 1991 in Tucson, Arizona
then there was Earl and Dovie, I have no dates on them, they died very young, before my mother was born.But an aunt told me they are buried in Checotah Okla, in what use to be known as the Beck Cemetary in unmarked graves.  It was land owned by the Beck Family  there.  My mom was
Blanche May Stacy, born Jan 21, 1916 in Berryville, Ark
She died Jan. 10, 2000, in Tracy Calif.  She was married first to, Bill Withrow in Checotah, Okla. they had one son Robert E. he was born April 5, 1940 in Tucson, Az.  and then she married my father Grover A. Payne on Oct 14, 1946 in Ark., I was born in Muskogee, Okla Dec. 11, 1948. My father died Jan 7,2000 Tracy, Ca.  My brother Robert died in May 1994 in Tucson, Az
anyway...back to Will Stacy, he then married Mary Ethel Gage, she had  5 daughters by a previous marriage, they moved to Calif. and they had 4 more girls.
6.  Dorothy Stacy aka as Dorie...I dont have much info on her yet

This is what I have on them, I know there is another William M. Stacy who Married a Mary Rhodes, but that is not my line of the family, they are connected to a gentleman in McCloud Okla. also named William Stacy.  it gets confusing because they named their children after one another in the family.    But the William and Louisa Wagner, is interesting that is the first time I had heard that name....so I am baffled?
I hope I didn't confuse you with my writing above, but the info I have I can send you copies if you like... sorry didn't mean to babble on .   If you would like to post it on the web you are welcome to any info I have or copies of.  Thank you for your help and information.  Keep in touch  Betty .



Alpena Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar.

Silas N. Stacy born Feb.10,1871 died March 11,1945
Alice M. stacy (wife of Silas) born Jan.02,1874 died Oct.21,1953
Laura E. Stacy (wife of Haley) born June 11,1885..no death date
Haley N. Stacey born Sep.05,1893 died Aug. 14,1955
Henry L. Stacy (WW1) born Feb.21,1895 died June 17,1963
Beulah Stacy (wife of Henry) born June 13,1902--no death date
Adrian Stacey (son of HL) born July 06,1920 died Sep.08,1941



Blackjack Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar.

Infant Stacey age 0 month 0 days 0 died Mar,24,1956
John Stacey (Pvt.USArmy WW1) born Nov.01,1892 died Dec.13,1981


Fairgrove Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar.

Jasper N. Stacy born Jan. 23,1857...no deth date
Julie M. Stacy born Apr. 05,1875 died Dec.04,1927


Carrollton Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar.

Almeade Stacy born Aug. 22,1866 died June 24,1945
E.P. Stacy born May 16, 1865 died Mar. 18,1927
John L. Stacy born Jan.07,1860 died Feb.16,1929
Fannie Stacy born Sep.08,1871 died Dec.04,1939


Greenwood Cemetery, Carroll Co. Ar.

Aunt May Stacy born 1877 died 1951 (in Estes Plot)
James M. Stacy born 1859 died 1927
Syntha C. Stacy (wife of James M.) born 1863 died 1921


Pickens Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar.

C.E. Stacy (no dates)
Alice Nevada Shipman Stacy born Apr.05,1883 died May 25,1972
Clair E. Stacy (no dates)
H. Stacy born Mar. 24,1834 died Aug.15,1914 (this is probably Henry B.Stacy, son of William & Rebecca)
Mary Stacy born Feb.06,1836 died Dec.26,1901
Peter H. Stacy born Jun.18,1879 died July 11,1901
Heron D. Stacy born April 20,1901 died Mar. 23,1969


Blue Eye Cemetery, Carroll Co.Ar.

W.T. Stacy born March 1, 1834 died Sep.23,1919



#518 Elias Stacy and Arminda Abbotson/Abetson?


John L.& Hettie (Hulse) Stacy.
son of William & Martha Ann (Rodes/Rhodes)Stacy
and g-son of Silas & Arminda Stacy

William H.Stacy & 2nd wife Ethel.
William H. Stacy, son of William & Martha Ann (Rodes)Stacy, and brother to John L.Stacy.



July 4, 1900 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, Township 10 dist 75, image page 12
hh# 368?
Thomas Maynard born Jan 1866 age 34 Ar. Father Unk, mother Unk
Sarah (wife) born June 1856 age 43  Mo parents Mo
Bertha HAMPTON (stepdau) Feb. 1886 age 14 Mo Mo Mo
Minnie MAYNARD (DAU) Jan. 1890  age 10 Ar Ar Mo
Chaney Maynard (dau) Oct. 1891 age 9, Ar Ar Mo
Jessie Maynard (son) Mar 1894 age 6 Ar Ar Mo
Arizona Maynard (dau) Aug. 1895  age 4 Ar Ar Mo
Lenard (son) Aug. 1899 age  9 months Indian terr, Ar Mo
(Tom and Sarah married 13 years, 11 ch 10 living)
May 10, 1910 Mcintosh Co. Ok, Eufaula twp, dist 74 Image page 22
hh# 205
Thomas Maynard age 51 married x2 born Ar, Father Ms, Mother Ala b.ca. 1859
Sarah J (wife) age 54 (m x 2) born Mo Father Mo Mother Mo ( 11 ch 9 living) b.ca. 1856
Charrey Maynard (dau) age 17 Ar Ar Mo b.ca. 1893
Jesse Maynard (son) age 15 Ar Ar Mo b.ca. 1895
Arizona Maynard (dau) age 12 Ar Ar Mo b.ca. 1898
Thomas L Maynard (son) age 10 Ar Ar Mo b.ca. 1900
Home in 1920: Eufaula, McIntosh, Oklahoma
Jessie J Maynard 24
Julia Maynard 18
Otto Maynard 1 3/12


Julia and Otto were born in Ok, Jessie born in Ar.

Jan 23, 1920 McIntosh Co Ok,,Eufaula twp, dist 47, image page 25
hh# 74
Thomas Mainard age 58 Ar Unk Unk b.ca. 1862 (view pic of tom and Jane)
Jane (wife) age 63 Mo Tn Mo
John Cardell (son in law) age 36 (widower) AR
Waley Cardell g-ch age 9 Ok
Leonard Cardell g-son age 4 Ok


Oct. 19,1850 Census Image page 78, Dallas Co. Mo. Dist.26

Peter Huff age 54 born Tn
Saletha age 31 Tn
John age 7 Tn
William C. age 6 Tn
Mary E. age 4 Tn.
James K. age 1 Mo.

Aug. 23, 1850 Image page 3. Dist 90, Saline Co. Mo
Peter S. Huff age 34 Tn
Rebecca age 28 Indiana
Richard age 7 Mo
Mary E. age 4 Mo
John age 2 Mo.

Sept.18, 1850 Dist 90, Saline Co Mo. Image page 27
Household # 175
Peter Huff age 68 Va.
Elizabeth age 65 Va
Peter H. age 25 Mo
John age 22 MO
David age 19 Mo.

Household # 176
William Huff age 47 Tn.
Rachel age 39 Tn.
Patton D age 17 M o.
Oliver C age 12 Mo
Asa C age 12 Mo
William G. age 9 Mo.

  Name: Samuel Huff    (view 1870 samuel)
      Age in 1860: 21 
      Birth Year: abt 1839 
      Birthplace: Missouri 
      Home in 1860: Buchanan, Taney, Missouri
      Gender: Male 
      Post Office: Little Beaver
      Value of real estate: View Image
      Household Members: Name Age
            Samuel Huff 21 
            Eliza Huff 18 
            Richard Huff 2 
            Charlotte Huff 40  (Mother of Samuel, and widow of R. Huff)
            Charles Huff 18 
            James Huff 15 
            Nancey Huff 20 
            Mary Huff 13 
            William Huff 12 
            Daniel Huff 8 
            Emily Huff 4 
            John Huff 2  (view 1900 census)

Name: Samuel Huff
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1840
      Age in 1870: 30 
      Birthplace: Arkansas 
      Home in 1870: Buchanan, Douglas, Missouri
      Race: White 
      Gender: Male 
      Value of real estate: View Image
      Post Office: Arno 
      Household Members: Name Age
            Samuel Huff 30 
            Eliza A Huff 28 
            Jacob N Huff 9 
            George W Huff 7 
            William R Huff 5 
            Martha A Huff 3 
            Abert C Huff 1 
            Emily Huff 13 
            John T Huff 11 

All children born in     Missoure except for Samuel born in ark.

Springfield Ward 6 > District 42 1900 United States Federal Census Image
page 46, North Campbell township.

household # 491

John Huff born March 1859 Mo. age 41(state of parents born not listed)
Nancy  J (wife) Nov. 1858 age 41 Mo, Ky, Mo
Daniel (son) Apr 1884 age 16 Mo, Mo, Mo
Cleveland (son) July 1886 age 13 Mo mo mo
EARL (son) June 1890 age 9 Mo Mo M o
Virginia (dau) July 1893 age 6 Mo Mo MO
Ada (dau) June 1879 age 20 (married) Ar. Mo Mo.
Clarence B. (grandson) June 1898 age 1 Mo Ky, Ar.
Perry BISHOP (son in law) Mar 1862 age 38 Ky Ky Ky

If you descend from this family, please contact::Eunice Ann Prier Opfer
E-mail Address(es):

   Name: Albert Huff
      Home in 1880: Oliver, Taney, Missouri
      Age: 11
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1869
      Birthplace: Missouri
      Relation to Head of Household: Nephew
      Father's birthplace: Arkansas
      Mother's birthplace: Missouri
      Neighbors: View others on page
      Occupation: Works On Farm
      Marital Status: Single
      Race: White
      Gender: Male
      Cannot read/write:


      Deaf and dumb:

      Otherwise disabled:

      Idiotic or insane: View Image
      Household Members: Name Age
            Thomas Brandon 26
            Sarah Brandon 24
            Albert Huff 11

1880 United States Federal Census
about Jacob Huff
      Name: Jacob Huff
      Home in 1880: Oliver, Taney, Missouri
      Age: 20
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1860
      Birthplace: Missouri
      Relation to Head of Household: Something other than a direct
relationship (Other)
      Mother's birthplace: Missouri
      Neighbors: View others on page
      Occupation: Works On Farm
      Marital Status: Single
      Race: White
      Gender: Male
      Cannot read/write:


      Deaf and dumb:

      Otherwise disabled:

      Idiotic or insane: View Image
      Household Members: Name Age
            William Henceley 28
            Sarah Henceley 24
            Belle Henceley 8
            George Henceley 6
            Mary Henceley 2
            Martha Huff 13*
            Jacob Huff 20 *

Thank you so much for this info. Earl is my grandfather.  I have tried to put this together for so long. John divorced Nancy and disowned Earl. I will never know why? Earl married Christy Stokes and he was killed working on Route 66 in Joplin. Fell into a rock crusher. She had 2 children Ray and my mom Nellie Mae. Expecting another. Ray and Mom were the only living children of Earl. I visit his tombstone in Greenlawn, Spfd. I am the only one I am sure of that. I live in Minnesota. So much tragedy. I have never met a Huff. I heard of Cleve and have a photo of him and one of Earl and his brothers. Thank you so much and I appreciate in any info. My mom and Ray passed away quite some time ago. My grandmother Christy listed Ark. as her husband's birth state on the death certificate in 1919 but she might have been wrong. I was told he was born in Harrison, Ark. some relative of the Huffs who set out on the wagon train, Morman stuff. I listed him thusly born there when my mom died. So things get mixed up.  Again you made my day. my email address is eaopfer@peoplepc.com  Eunice Ann Prier Opfer

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