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John Franklin Goswick
1900 Hopkins Co.Ky. John F. Goswick
Check 1910 Taney Co.Mo.census  1920 John F.Goswick  (1920 John H.Goswick)
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Oregon Death Records
John Franklin Goswick..Minnie E. Goswick..Thomas Ott Goswick, John Goswick, Lucille Earl Goswick George W. Goswick, Iva Goswick.

Lillian F. (?) Edwards born 1887 Ok (mother a GOSWICK)


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        Database: North Carolina Death Records, 1968-1969
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        Place of Death: Wilmington, New Hanover
        Place of Residence: Wilmington, New Hanover
        Institution: Home
        Date of Death: April 10, 1968
        Sex: Male
        Race: White
        Name: GOSWICK, CHARLIE
        Age: 73 Years 00 Months 00 Days
        Autopsy: No
        Place of Injury:
        Mode of Burial:
        Marital Status: Married
        Attendant: Coroner
        Year Received: 1968

The above Charlie Goswick would have been born ca. 1895.(Charles has been placed)


Thomas Goswick born Dec. 08, 1886 died Feb.1969 Resided at 97520 Ashland, Oregon. ss#541-60-1616 App ss Oregon 1965
Received from SS records:


John Franklin Goswick (m) Mar.11,1883 Hopkins Co. Ky. Mary E. Robertson
It is believed that Thomas O. Goswick born 1886 Boydsville, Ar.Clay Co.  was the son of John Franklin and Mary E."Mollie" (Robertson) Goswick of Hopkins Co.Ky, and Boydsville, Clay Co.Arkansas.  John Franklin Goswick was son of George W. and Jane Goswick.
March 26,2001 Information received from Virginia (Sholin) Smallwood.
Mary "Mollie" Robertson born Jan.03,1865 Madisonville, Hopkins Co.Ky. died: March 22,1960 Grants Pass, Oregon, Josephine Co., buried March 25, 1960 Medford Oregon (I00f)cem.  Mollie was the daughter of Will S. Robertson..Mollie had married the 2nd time to Edward SHOLIN who was born 1875 died 1946.

1900 ,July 5th, Hopkins Co. Ky Dist #7 (view 1910 census) (view 1920 census)
hh# 463
John F. Goswick born May 1856 Ga. age 44 Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Mollie (wife) born Jan. 1865 Ky. age 35 Father Ky Mother Ky. (view 1930 census)
George W. (son) born April 1883 age 17 born Ky. Parents Ky. (view 1920 census) (1930 census)
Jennie (daughter) born Oct. 1884 age 15 Ky. Father born Ga. Mother born Ky.
Thomas O. (son) born Dec. 1886 Clay Co.Ark. age 13 Father Ga. Mother Ky.
John H. (son) born April 1888 age 11  born Ky. Father Ga. Mother Ky.(view 1920 census)


George Goswick born April 15,1883 died Nov. 1963 (no state mentioned) ss 540-20-1778 app Oregon before 1951
George Goswick (son of John F. & Mollie (R) Goswick) (view 1900 census)
April 6, 1930 Douglas Co.Oregon Rosebud City, Dist 8
hh# 48
George W. Goswick age 45 born Ky Father Ky Mother Ky
Iva R. (wife) age 34 born Mo. Father Mo. Mother Ky

Death records found in Ancestry.com

John Franklin Goswick died July 30,1925 Josephine County, Oregon age 66 (b.ca.1859)
Lucille Earl Goswick born Apr.08,1903 died Aug.06,1994 Josephine Co.Oregon (spouse "Jack")

Minnie E. Goswick died May 07,1948 Jackson Co.Oregon (widow of John H. Goswick)
Thomas Ott Goswick died Feb.10,1969 Jackson Co.Oregon age 86, born ca. 1883
John Goswick died June 12,1938 Jackson Co.Oregon (spouse "Minnie")
George W. Goswick died Nov.03,1963 Jackson Co.Oregon age 80 (b.ca. 1883) Spouse "Iva".
Iva Goswick died Nov.16,1963 age 68 (b.ca. 1895) Jackson Co.Oregon (spouse "George")

1920 Jasper Co. Missouri, Joplin City Township Feb.04,1920 (view 1930 census)
George W. Goswick age 36 born Ky ca. 1884 Father born Ga. Mother born Ky.
Iva R. (wife) age 25 born Mo. Father born Mo. Mother born Mo.
Dan E. Wallace (boarder) age 36 (single) born Mo. Father born Ga. Mother born Tn.

April 9, 1930 Josephine, Oregon, Grants Pass Dist 12
hh# 5
Edward Sholin age 58 born Sweden,
Mollie age 65 b. Ky Parents Ky
Thomas O. Goswick age 44 (single) (stepson) born Ar. Father Ga. Mother Ky

1920 Linn Co.Oregon, Jordon Twp. dist 475
hh# 33
John F. Goswick age 63 born Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Mollie (wife) age 53 born Ky Parents Ky. (view 1930 census of Mollie and 2nd husb)
Thomas O. age 34 (son) (single) born Ar. Father Ga. Mother Ga. (view 1930 census of Thomas)

Jan 13, 1920 Wasco Co.Oregon Dist 225
hh# 107
John H. Goswick age 30 born ca. 1890 Ky Father Ga. Mother Ky
Minnie (wife) age 33 born Ca. Father US, Mother Indiana

      Social Security #:
      Sex: FEMALE
      Birth Date: 26 Jan 1887
      BirthPlace: OKLAHOMA
      Death Date: 26 Apr 1964
      Death Place: LOS ANGELES
      Mother's Maiden Name: GOSWICK

May 1910, Gila Co Arizona, Globe Ward 4 dist 24, image page 26
hh# 240
Alfred J Edwards age 31 Tx. Ky Tx
Lillian F. (wife) age 23 Ok France Ark



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