1850-60 Seiver Co

by:Henry H. & Keuttah (Goswick) Kennemore
Copyright 1986



SS Death Records,Dickson, Tn.
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William Goswick/Gossett b. ca. 1792 N.C. 8/30/2002
Quiller Goswick/Gossett b.ca.1803 N.C.
James Goswick/Gossett b.ca. 1763 2/16/99
Joseph W.Goswick/Gossett b.1800 N.C.  9/23/2003
Johnson Goswick/Gossett b. 1812 N.C.Jan.15,1999
Jonathan J. Gothwith/Gossett b. 1810/15 N.C.
Moses Gosset/Gosey b.ca.1770/80
Muhlenberg Co. Ky deaths listed in Ancestry.com Feb. 03,1999 (partial listing)GASSETT DEATH'S
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1830 census findings
Abner Gossett
Nicholas Goswick
Elijah Gossett
William Goswick
Jefferson Goswick
James Goswick
Joseph Goswick,Sr.
Joseph Goswick
Sally Goswick
Thomas Goswick

Seiver Co. Tn.

1850 Seiver Co.TN. 825-889            (GO TO 1860-70-80 CENSUS ON WILLIAM Noah & Henry)

William Gossett age 58 b.N.C. ca. 1792------------------------William Goswick
Lucy age 50 b.N.C. ca. 1800                                                 married 12/26/1822 Franklin Co.N.C.
Noah age 22 b.S.C. ca. 1828                                 Lucinda Goswick
Thomas age 19 b.S.C. ca. 1831 (m)Cynthia Rollins Nov.01,2000 Update:8/30/02
Priscilla age 14 b.S.C. ca. 1836  up date 1/27/06
Henry age 10 b. b.S.C. 1840
Nicholas age 103 b.Md. ca. 1747---------He was born 1757 Balt. Co.Md.
Mary age 50 b.N.C. 1800 (she may be another daughter of Old Nicholas Goswick/Gossett)
Sarah age 20 b.S.C. 1830   (missing from 1860 housheold)
Martha age 5 b.S.C. ca.1845 (missing from 1860 household)

View NC Tax list for William GoswickView 1930 Union Co.SC for William Goswick 

William Goswick/Gossett was son of George Goswick of Bute Co. NC (now Franklin) and first wife (name unk). William's wife Lucinda "Lucy" was probably the dau of Nicholas Goswick/Gossett.

William Goswick is mentioned as the son of George Goswick in George Goswick's will 1812.  In 1816 William Goswick purchased 100 acres of land in Franklin Co.N.C. from his grandfather Joseph Goswick,Sr.. In 1830 William Goswick shows up in Union Co.S.C. near the other Goswick families, and in 1840 Union Co.S.C. William is listed as "Gossett".  William is still listed as Gossett on the 1850 Seiver Co. Tn. census and has not been found since the 1850 census so the surname may have changed for the 2nd or third time.


July 2, 1860 Muhlenberg Co. Ky. District 1, Image page 53 P.O. Greenville
hh# 369
Wm Gosset age 72 NC b.ca. 1788 (born 1792)
Lusa age 60 NC b.ca. 1800
Pricilla age 21 SC
Henry age 20 SC b.ca. 1840
Mary Gosset age 60 NC  b.ca. 1800
hh# 370 Image page  53
Noah Gosset age 35 SC' b.ca. 1825
Sarah age 36 NC
Wm. age 9 Tn. b.ca. 1851
John age 7 Tn. b.ca. 1853
Felix age 5 Tn. b.ca. 1855
Shoog age 3 Ky b.ca. 1857
Sarah age 2 Ky 1859
M.J. Rollins (fe) age 12 Tn.

July 19,1870 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Boggess TWp. Image page  37 & 38 P.O. Greenville, Ky
Image page 37
hh# 163
Noah Goset age 45 SC
Sarah age 44 SC
William age 18 Tn. b.ca.1852
John W. age 16 Tn. b.ca. 1854
Felix age 14 Tn. b.ca. 1856
Winfield S. "Shoog" age 13 b.ca.1857  Ky
Noah A. age 8 b.ca. 1862  Ky
hh# 164
William Goset age 80  N.C. b.ca. 1790
Leasy/Lucy age 75 NC b.ca. 1795
Priscilla age 30 NC. ? b.ca. 1867
hh# 165 Image page 38
Henry Goset age 28 SC b.ca. 1842
Malvina age 28 b.ca. 1842 Ky
William A. age 2 Ky b.ca. 1868
Vtula? (fe) age 1  b.ca. 1869 Ky.

June 14,1880 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Boggess Twp. Dist 135 Image page 23
hh# 182
Henry Gossett age 40 SC b.ca. 1840
Malvina age 38 Ky
William A. age 13 Ky (at school) b.ca. 1867
Vitula (dau) age 11 Ky
Cordie (dau) age 9 Ky
Lutie ?(dau) age 5 Ky
Eddie (son) age 2 Ky
William age 89 N.C.  (William's wife's name was Lucinda Goswick, His cousin)
Sarah age 82 (listed mother) b. NC. (her name may have been Sarah Lucinda)

June 14, 1880 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Boggess twp. Dist 135 Image page 23
William M. Gossett age 29  Tn b.ca. 1851
Dorcas D. age 24 Ky
Eugene M. age 9 months (Sept. son) born Ky
hh# 184
W. Scott Gossett age 23 Tn. b.ca.1857 (view 1900 census)
Nancy J. age 24 Ky
Fannie C. age 1 Ky



  NOTE: Sarah b.1830 & Martha b.1845 (on 1850 c)                   
                are missing in 1860 from household  Of William and Lucy


Jan 28,1920 Muhlenburg co.Ky West Court House Image page 31
William A. Gossett age 53 b.ca. 1867 Ky Parents Ky
Sarah age 41 Ky KY KY b.ca. 1879
W. Henry age 17 Ky b.ca. 1903
Hette? (dau)  age 15
Columbus age 9 Ky
Charles age 8 Ky


April 21, 1930 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Graham twp dist. 21 Image Page 44
hh# 457
William A. Gossett age 63 born Ky (married 26 yrs) NC, Ky
No others in household b.ca. 1867

William A. Gossett's grandson Wilburn Russ and his wife Juanita (Davis) Russ. E-mail Juanita at: Juanita Davis Russ

Muhlenburg Co.Ky marriages:

Martha Jane Gossett (m) Oct.19,1866 Baker Arnett
Sarah Gossett (m)5/27/1875 James Ureller
Vitera Gossett (m) 7/7/1889 James Standley
William Gossett (m) 5/18/1893 Nancy Gossett
Ludie Gossett (m) 1/17/1894 Ulisus Arnett
Cordie Gossett (m) 12/16/1894 West Bethel
Cordie Gossett (m) 4/06/1896 F.S. Millard
Noah Gossett (m) June 07, 1893 Louisa Spinks

Muhlenburg Co.Ky marriages:

Wm. Gossett (m) 4/15/1875 Miss D.D. Tyson
Winfield Gossett (m) 6/8/1879 Nancy Shank
John Gossett (m) 3/20/1886 Mary Jarvis
J.D. Gossett (m) 2/19/1879 Hannah Reed
J.H. Gossett (m) 12/19/1883 Sarah Stewart
Mary Gossett (m) 12/14/1881 Edward Stewart
Sarah Gossett (m) 5/27/1875 James Ureller
Amanda Gossett (m) 3/06/1875 Joel Harper
Samuel Gossett (m) 8/03/1878 Mary Bradley
N.N. Gossett (m) 1/17/1884 Valenah Garelson


1880 Muhlenburg Co.Ky census:       (GO TO 1900 CENSUS ON NOAH)

Noah Gossett age 54 b.S.C. b.ca. 1826  (view marriages of Noah)
Sarah age 50 b.ca. 1830
John W. age 26 b.ca. 1854
Felix M. age 24 b.ca. 1856
Noah A. age 19 b.ca.1861

John W. Gossett died Jan.16,1941 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 88 (b.ca. 1853)


William N. Gosset age 29 b.ca. 1851 (view 1900 census of William & Dorcas)
Dorcus age 24
Eugene age 9 months b.ca.1879/80

William Gossett (m) 4/15/1875 Miss D.D. (Dorcus) Tyson.


W. Scott Gossett age 23 b.ca. 1857
Nancy J. age 24 b.ca.  1856
Fannie C. age 1 (b.ca.1879)

Winfield Gossett (m) 6/8/1879 Nancy Shanks
Fannie Gossett (m) 12/15/1895 Henry Whitton

Nancy J. Gossett died Jul.31,1913 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 57 (b.ca. 1856)


June 8, 1900 Fulton Co.Ar. Union twp. District 24, Image page 13
hh# 105 (Listed as Manes F. Gassett) Film readings below.
Thomas F. Gossett b. June 1859 age 40 b. Ky Father SC Mother NC (married 19 years, 10 ch 8 living)
Genetty (wife) "Jeanetta", Sept 1865 age 35 b. Ky parents Ky
William H. (son April 1882 age 18 by Ky parents Ky
Pinkeney W. (son) Oct. 1885 age 15 Ky parents Ky
Mary A. (dau) Feb. 1889 age 11 Ky ky ky
Sarah J. March 1891 age 9 Ark,  ky ky
Luisa M. Nov. 1892 age 7  b. Ar. Ky ky
Walter A. Jan 1895 age 6 b Ar. Ky ky
Jesey? F/T? March 1897 age 3 Ar. Ky ky
Thomas Y.  Feb. 1899 age 1 Ar. ky ky


April 25,1910 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Summers Pct. Dist 88 Image page 13
hh# 133
Thomas F. Gossett age 50 b.ca. (m x 2) b. Ky Father SC, mother NC
Annie E. (wife) age 42 (m x2) b. Ky Father Tn. Mother Tn.
Jessie (son) age 13 b.Ky Ky Ky
Thomas Y (son) age 11 Ky Ky Ky
Clarence S? (son) age 9 Ky Ky Ky
Ritha C. (dau) age 7 b. Ky Ky Ky
Charlie E/C? (son) age 5 Ky Ky Ky

May 2, 1910 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Summers Prect Dist 88 Image page 21
hh# 213
Pinkey Gossett age 24 (married 5 yrs) b. ca. 1886 Ky parents ky
Verlie (wife) age 21 b Ky Ky Ky
(Pinkney W. Gossett died Sep. 6, 1964 age 78 b.ca. 1886 Muhlenberg Co.Ky)




June 20, 1900 Muhlenberg Co. Ky Summers, Dist 71 Image page 16
hh# 152

Noah A. Gosset age 38 b.ca. 1862 (view 1910 census) (more info rec)
Valera G. age 34 b.ca.1866
Clifton P. 14  b.ca. 1886
Benj. H. age 9  b.ca. 1891  ( Benjamin Harrison Gossett born Jul.19,1890 Graham Ky.) Nancy & Dick Gossett
Evan L. age 8  b.ca. 1892
Norina age 5  b.ca. 1895
Ruth age 4  b.ca. 1896
Lela age 1 b.ca. 1899
(NOAH A. GOSSETT Married VALENAH G. HARELSON 17 Jan 1884  Muhlenberg)
(Noah A. Gossett died Feb. 2, 1911 Muhlenberg Co. Ky age 49, Volume 12, Certificate: 4680)

hh# 153
Henry Gossett Apr. 1836 SC Father NC Mother NC
Melvina (wf) May 1845 Ky Ky Ky
James B.? (son) Jan. 1885 age 15 Ky Ky Ky
hh# 154
Vitula? Stanley (fe) Dec. 1867 age 32 Ky SC Ky
Samuel (son) Feb. 1894 age 5 Ky Ky Ky
Eddie (son) Mar. 1897 age 3 KY KY KY

Noah A. Gossett died Feb.02,1911 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 49 (b.ca. 1862)
Valera G. Gossett died Sep.01,1926 Muhlenberg Co.Ky age 61 (b.ca.1865)
Evan L. Gossett died Aug.12,1976 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 84 (b.ca. 1892)

N.N.(listed as N.N.) Gossett (m) 1/17/1884 Valenah Garelson


June 20, 1900 Muhlenberg Co. Ky Summers, Dist 71 Image page 16
hh# 153

Henry Gosset age 64 b.ca.1836
Melvina age 55 b.ca.1845
James B. age 15 b.ca. 1885
Melvina Gossett died Oct.26,1927 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 82 (b.ca.1845)

hh# 154
Vitulas Stanley    age 32 b.ca.1868
Samuel age 5
Eddie age 3
Vitula Gossett (dau of Henry and Malvina) married 7/07/1889 James Standley.


June 20, 1900 Muhlenberg Co. Ky Summers, Dist 71 Image page 16

hh# 155
Noah Gossett July 1826  age 73 b. SC father NC Mother NC
Luisey A. (wf) Sept 1838 age 61 Ky Ky Ky
(married 8 years)

June 20, 1900 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Dist 71 Image page 16
hh# 156
John W. Gossett age 45
b.ca. 1855
Mary A. age 44  b.ca.1856
Geniva age 10 b.ca.1890
John E. age 8  b.ca.1892

John Gossett (son of Noah) (m) 3/20/1886 Mary Jarvis

John W. Gossett died Jan.16,1941 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 88 (b.ca. ca.1853)
From SS Records:
John E. Gossett born May 04,1892 died Dec. 1972 Indianapolis, Indiana, Marion Co. (ss in Ky.)


1910 Muhlenberg Co.Ky census

William M. Gossett  age 58 b.ca. 1852 (view 1920 census)
Dorcas  age  55 b.ca.1855
Harvey W. age 21 b.ca.1889
Blanch B. age 20 b.ca. 1890
Otto age 17 b.ca.1893

Death Records from Ancestry.com
William Gossett died Jan.09,1916 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 65 (b.ca.1851)
Dorcus D. Gossett died Oct. 09,`926 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 72 years. (b.ca. 1854)
Otto Gossett died Feb.22,1931 Muhlenberg Co.Ky age 38 (b.ca.1893)


From SS Death Records:
Salley Gossett born Apr.06, 1897 died Jul. 1985 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.
Otto Gossett born June 02,1894 died Oct. 15,1966 Dickson, Tn.Dickson Co.Tn.
John Gossett born Feb.02,1900 died May 1980 Dickson, Tn. Dickson Co.
James Gossett born Feb.12,1904 died Jul. 1970 Dickson,Tn. Dickson Co.
Pauline Gossett born Feb.03,1904 died May 1979 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.
Marion Gossett born Jul.29,1906 died Oct. 15,1991 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.
Ethel Gossett born May 16, 1909 died Jan. 25,1997 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.
William Gossett born Dec.25,1909 died Feb. 1997 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.
Jewell Gossett born Sep.24,1911 died Jul.13,1989 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.
Rebecca Gossett born Apr. 18,1921 died Jan. 1983 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.
Floyd Gossett born Mar.10,1926 died Jan. 1986 Dickson Tn. Dickson Co.

Eugene M. Gossett age 30 b.ca. 1880
Rosa (Rozzie) B. age 26 b.ca. 1886

Rozzie B. Gossett died Apr.02,1947 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. age 62 (b.ca.1885)

Noah Gossett b.ca. 1828 Union Co.S.C.
(m)lst. ?
(m) 2nd.June 07,1893 Muhlenberg Co.Ky
lst. wife Sarah Rollins (?)
2nd. Louisa Spinks
        ch found by lst wife.
1. William Gossett b.n/r (m) Apr.15,1875 Miss D.D. Tyson (Muhlenberg Co.Ky marriage records)

Noah Gossett/Goswick was son of William and Lucinda (Goswick) Goswick of Franklin Co. N.C. and Union Co.S.C..  He was the grandson of George Goswick of Franklin Co. N.C., and Nicholas Goswick (father of Lucinda).

Information on Noah Gossett and his son William Gossett was supplied by Jackie Wilson a descendant of William and D.D. (Tyson) Gossett.  This family information will be updated as soon as possible.{kgk}


James Goswick/Gossett b.ca. 1763 ? died after 1840 Union Co.S.C.
m:lst. n/r
m: 2nd. Jan. 19,1816 Franklin Co.N.C. (bondsman Joseph Goswick,Sr.)
Mrs. Rebecca (Boone) Goswick (widow of George)

Possible  descendants from this James Goswick and his first wife are:
1. Jemima Goswick b.ca. 1800 (m) Thomas Askue/Askew in Franklin Co.N.C. 1822
2. Quiller Goswick/Gossett b. 1802 N.C. (1850 Seiver Co.Tn. Gossett)
3. James Goswick 1800/1810 (Union S.C. 1830 census)
4. Joseph W. 1800 (Seiver Co.Tn.1850 Gossett-Murray Co.Ga. 1880 Goswick) 9/23/2003
5. Moses M. 1803 (Goswick in 1850 Union)
6. Jonathan 1810 (1850 Spartanburg as J.Gothwith, and 1860 as Jonathan Gossett)

#5 and 6 may descend from the Moses Goset/Gosey (b.ca. 1770-1780) who is in Spartanburg S.C. 1820 & 1830.  James Goswick/Gossett b.ca. 1763 possibly another son of Joseph and Sarah Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C. ..Jemima and Joseph W. b.ca.1800 may be twins.????

James Goswick was bondsman for Jemima Goswick when she married in 1822.  James Goswick is found as James Gossett in Union Co.S.C. 1840 and was 70/80 years of age.  The neighbors were: Nathan Goset, Johnson Gossett, Thomas Gossett, William Gossett, Josephus Gossett  (All these being Goswick on the 1830 Union Co.S.C. census).


1850 Seiver Co.Tn. Se-906-900  (Quiller, possible son of James Goswick,Gossett)
Quiller Gossett age 48 b.ca.1802 N.C.---------------Quiller Goswick
Sarah age 50                                                             married Dec. 19,1825 Franklin Co.N.C.
James age 18 b.ca. 1832                                          Martha Sumner

Quiller Goswick/Goswicks parentage has not been established but he is believed to be the son of the James Goswick/Gossett that was in Franklin Co.N.C. in 1816 when this James Goswick married Rebecca Boone Goswick, widow of George.  This James Goswick/Gossett was born about 1763 and is listed as 70/80 years of age on the 1840 Union Co.S.C. census.


1850 Seiver Co.Tn. #773-882

Joseph Gossett age 50 b.N.C. 1800 (1870 Murray Co.Ga.) (Go to Murray Co.Ga. Marriages)  (back to James Goswick/Gossett)
Allsy/Alice age 40 b. Tn.
Independent age 13 b. S.C. 1837  (died civil war and listed as Independent Gossett )
Rossey (male) age 10 b.S.C. 1840
Jacob age 8 b. SC ca. 1842
Elbert age  6 b. S.C. 1844
Andrew age 3 b.S.C. 1847 (note 1870 census below)9/23/2003
Matilda age 1 b. Tn. 1849 (note 1870 census below)9/23/2003

1870 Murray Co.Ga. P.O. Spring Place, June 17th
Joseph Goset age 70 born ca. 1800 N.C. farm laborer (Go to 1880 Murray Co.Ga.)
Elizabeth age 55 born ca. 1815 N.C.
Andrew age 19 born ca. 1851 Tn.
Matilda age 17 born ca. 1853 Tn.
William age 15 born ca. 1855 Tn.

1870 Murray Co.Ga. P.O. Spring Place, July 2nd.
Cicero Gilbert age 31 born Ga.
Mary C. age 29 born ca. 1841 Ga.
William age 8 born Ga.
Jane age 3 born Ga.
Moses GOSWICK age 15 born Ga. ca. 1855 (farm laborer)
The story is told that Thomas & Elizabeth (Pruitt) Goswick both died on the same day in 1865 and their younger children went to live with older brothers and sisters.  Thomas & Elizabeth Goswick did have a daughter "Mary" who was listed as born about 1844..This Mary C. Gilbert is possibly the sister of Moses Goswick.

1880 Murray Co.Ga. Chatsworth P.O. listed:
Joseph W. Goswick age 80 born N.C. ca. 1800
Elizabeth age 70 b. ca. 1810 S.C.
          in household is:
1. Matilda age 29 (daughter) born ca. 1851 Tn. 9/23/2003
2. William M. age 25 (son) b. ca. 1857 Tn. 9/23/2003 Go to 1900 Census
3. Mary J. Goswick age 2 (granddaughter) born Ga. 9/23/2003


1880 Murray Co.Ga. (neighbor to Joseph W. Goswick) View 1900 census below.
Andrew Goswick age 31 b. Tn.
Georgia age 22 b. Ga.
1. Levi E. age 7 b.ca. 1874 (see 1900 census below on Levi E. Goswick)
2. Rosadee  age 5 (listed female, family says "male")b.ca.1875
3. Joe B. age 2 b.ca. 1878
Andrew Goswick (m) Jan.28,1871 Murray Co.Ga. Georgia Ann Brindle

1900 Murray CoGa. Malitia Dist 1039 ShuckPen Pg3
hh# 23
Levi E. Goswick age 26 born May 1874 Ga. Father Ala Mother Ga.
Rosa (wfe) age 30 born Mar 1870 Ga.
Marion (brother) age 18 born June 1881 Ga.

1900 MurrayCoGa. BallPark Prect.
hh# 247
Andrew Goswick born May 1849 Age 51 SC parents SC
Louisa born Ap 1864 Ga. age 36
Joe born May 1880 age20 born Ga.
Thomas born March 1886 age 14
Lillie born July 1890 age 9
Sam R. born May 1894 age 6
Henry C born Mar 1897 age 3
Mattie born May 1900 age 9 months.
Andrew Goswick was picked up in Ball Park dist, also Chatsworth dist in 1900.

1900 Murray Co.Ga. census Chatsworth, P.O. (view)
Andrew Goswick born May of 1849 S.C.
Louisa (wife) b. Apr. of 1864 Ga.
1. Joe age 20 born May of 1880
2. Thomas age 14 born March of 1886
3. Lillie age 9 born Jul of 1890
4. Sam R. age 6 born May of 1894
5. Henry Calvin age 3 born Apr. of 1897 died Jan.28,1966 age 67, Whitfield Co.Ga. as:GOSSWICK
6. Mattie M. (17 days old) born 1900

1900 Murray Co.Ga. Ball Ground Prect, Page 7 online 9/23/2003  (view 1910 census)
William M,. Gasset born Sep.1859 Tn.Age 40 Father SC Mother SC
Arminda L. (wife) born June 1872 age 27 Ga. Ga.Ga.
Malisa E, (dau) born Jan, 1898 age 4 Ga. Father Tn. Mother Ga.
Moses M. born Aug. 1898 age 1 Ga. Tn. Ga.

1910 Murray Co.Ga. Dist 111
hh# 281 Pg 18
William M. Gosset age 51 born Tn. ca. 1859 Father SC mother NC
Arminda age 38 born Ga.
Annie (dau) age 13 born Ga. ca. 1897
Moses (son) age 11 born Ga. ca. 1899
Julia (dau) age 6 born Ga.  b.ca.1902
Henry (son) age 2 born Ga. b.ca. 1908
Maron (son) age 3 months born Ga. b.ca.1910

household# 61 Murray CoGa 1900
John Ingles age 41 born Ga. parents NC
Matilda age 42 born Tn. parents SC ca, 1858
James H, son age 19 born Ga.
John age 18 born Ga.
Thomas age 15 born Ga.
Jenette E. age 12 born Ga.
Andrew age 10 born Ga.
Henry C. age 8 born Ga.
Mary A GOSWICK "niece" born NOv. 1878 Ga. Father TN. Mother Ga.


Andrew Gossett (m) Mar.31,1894 Murray Co.Ga. Loweza Casey

Both marriages of Andrew Goswick can be found as Goswick and Gossett


The children of Andrew Goswick by both wives have been listed as:(go to marrige records)
      ch by lst wife Georgia Ann Brindle
1. Levi E. Goswick b. 5/11/1874 (m) Mary Rosa Loughridge
2. Rosedale Goswick b. 1875 (never married)
3. Joe B. Goswick born 5/1880 (m) n/r died about age 27
4. Marion Andrew Goswick b. June 09,1882 d: 6/28/1956 Ga.(m) Roxie Loughridge
5. Thomas "Tom" Goswick born Sep.12,1883 (m) Leathe Miller
6. Lillie Goswick b. Jul.1890 (m) Sherman Hays
7. Victoria Goswick born 1892 (m) (?) Casey
          children by 2nd wife Louisa Casey
8. Sam R. Goswick b. May 08,1895 (m) Winnie Mae Parker (go to marriage records)
9. Henry Calvin Goswick b. Apr. 1897 (m) Exie Ellen Joyce
10 Mattie Mae Goswick b. May 01,1900 (m) Jess Gray

Henry Calvin Goswick born August 1898 Murray Co.Ga. died: Jan. 28, 1966(as:GOSSWICK)
(m) Exie Ellen Joyce born Sep.29,1908 d: Apr.13,1957 Ga.
               children listed:
1. Lois b.n/r died age 7
2. Martha born 9/22/1930 Dalton, Ga. (m) Oscar T. Bishop
3. Roy Wilson Goswick b. 8/23/1932 (m) Bobbie Jean Gillean
4. Charles Edward Goswick b. Apr. 18, 1934 (m)Jan.28,1963  Helen Crider b. 10/01/1936
5. Shirley Goswick born 9/27/1944 (m) Julian Hoyt Thomason
6. Joyce Goswick born 8/17/1946 (m) Ray Hobbs


Charles Edward Goswick born Apr. 18,1934 Dalton, Ga. died Mar. 23, 1990
(m) Jan. 28,1963
Helen Crider born Oct. 01,1936(or 1926)?
1. Helen Louise born Dec. 01, 1963 Baltimore, Md.
2. Lisa Marie born Mar.08,1966 Dalton, Ga. died: Mar.08,1966 Dalton, Ga.
3. Charles E. Jr. born Dec. 30, 1968 Dalton, Ga.


Sam R. Goswick born 5/08/1894 Chatsworth, Ga. Died 6/01/1970 Tilton, Ga. Whitfield Co.
(m) 5/04/1919 Murray Co.Ga.
Winnie Mae Parker born Jan.10,1902 Tilton, Ga. died June 1993
1. Vernon Hoyt Goswick b. 3/21/1920 Tilton, Ga. Whitfield Co. (view obit)
2. Troy Hartsell Goswick b. 8/14/1922 Tilton, Ga.  (view obit)
3. Emma Evelyn Goswick b. 11/14/1932 Tilton, Ga.
4. Doris Juanita Goswick b. 4/21/1937 Tilton, Ga.
Mr. Troy Hartzell Goswick

Mr. Troy Hartzell Goswick, age 82, of Dalton, Georgia, departed this life Monday morning, January 17, 2005 at the local hospital. Mr. Goswick was born August 14, 1922 in Whitfield County, Georgia, and son of the late Sam and Winnie Mae (Parker) Goswick. He was also preceded in death by his daughter, Diane Manis and his brother, Vernon “Buck” Goswick. Mr. Goswick lived in the Tilton Community for many years, was a U.S. Army Veteran of World War II, where he was an M.P. and Special Investigator. He was the owner of Central Heating and Cooling, was a member of the Dalton Masonic F & A.M. Lodge #105 and was a Shriner. He is survived by his loving wife, Martha (Coogler) Goswick of the residence and celebrated, their fifty-seventh wedding anniversary, January 10, 2005; son, Robert Lee “Bobby” Goswick; daughters and sons-in-law, Sherrie and Wayne Metcalf, Annette and Kevin Burke all of Dalton; sisters and brothers-in-law, Evelyn and Bobby Hunter of Lawrenceville, GA, Doris and Delbert Ausmus of Dalton; grandchildren, Shara and Craig Cook, Wesley and Esmeralda Manis, Farrah and Greg Westerholm, MaryBeth Matthews, Jordan Neal Goswick, Krista and Michael Hicks, Chip and Erica Burke and Adrienne Burke; fourteen great-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. Services will be held Wednesday morning, January 19, 2005 at 11:00 a.m. from the Melrose Chapel of Ponders Funeral Home with Reverend Marty Greene and Reverend Ed Pippin officiating. In lieu of flowers the family request donations be made to Shriners Hospital for Children, Burn Unit, 3229 Burnett Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 . The family will receive friends at the funeral home from5:00 until 8:00 p.m. Tuesday. Messages may be sent to the family at www.pondersfuneralhome.com. Arrangements by Locally Owned and Operated, Ponders Funeral Home and Dalton Crematory, 138 Melrose Drive, Dalton, GA. 706-226-4002.

News Obituary Listing

VERNON H. "BUCK" GOSWICK, 84, of Dalton died Sunday. Funeral, 3 p.m. Wednesday, Jones Funeral Home.
Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 10/26/2004.



Thomas "Tom" Goswick b. 9/12/1883 Muray Co.Ga. died Dec.15,1961 (view 1920 & 1930 c)
Leathe Miller born Jan.15,1888 died Sep.04,1961
               children not in order of birth.
1. Gene Goswick born Aug.05, 1906 died Oct. 1961
2. Troy "Pete" Goswick born May 11, 1910 died Jun. 1969 Ga.
3. Fletcher Goswick born n/r
4. Marie Goswick b. n/r
5. Ruby Goswick b. n/r

1920 Murray Co.Ga. Shuck Pen Twp.
Tom Goswick age 36 born Ga. ca. 1883 Father Ga. Mother Ga. (view 1930 census)
Leathie age 31 born Ga.
Eugene age 13 Ga.
Troy age 9 Ga.
Fletcher age 5 Ga.

1930,Apr. 10, Murray Co.Ga. Shuck Pen Twp.
hh# 82
Marion M. Goswick age 47 Ga. b.ca. 1883 Father N.C. Mother N.C.
Roxy age 42 Ga.
Raney (dau) age 21 Ga.
Ruth age 12 dau
Maga L. (dau) age 10
C.D. (son) age 6

1930, Apr. 10, Murray Co. Ga. Shuck Pen Twp.
Thomas G. Goswick age 46 Ga. Father NC Mother NC
Mary L. "Leathie" age 41 Ga.
Eugene age 23 Ga.
Troy age 19 Ga.
Fletcher age 16 Ga.
Charlie M. age 2 Ga.
Ruby L. age 1 Ga.



1850 Seiver Co.Tn. 773-882------------------------------------1860 Seiver Co.Tn.
Johnson Gossett age 38 b.N.C. 1812-------------------------missing
Sarah age 40 N.C.-------------------------------------------------Sarah age 50
Jason age 19 b. S.C. 1831---------------------------------------married         (Go to)
Rebecca age 17 b.S.C. 1833------------------------------------Rebecca age 26
Wesley age 13 b. S.C. 1837-------------------------------------married    (Go To)
Rhoda age 12 b. S.C. 1838--------------------------------------missing
Henry age 10 b. S.C. 1840--------------------------------------married       (Go To)
Jane age 6 b.S.C. 1844------------------------------------------Jane age 15
                                                                                        + Ellen age 9 b. Tn. 1851

Johnson Goswick/Gossett was the son of George and Rebecca (Boone) Goswick of Franklin Co.N.C..  Rebecca was pregnant with Johnson when George died (note George's will).  This family is always found as Gossett on census findings.


1850 Spartanburg Co.S.C. N-432 Roll 858   1860 Spartanburg S.C.. Moultrie P.O.

household #2139 Quinn Families

1850 Spartb. Image page 250..........................................1860 Spartb. image page 108 hh# 767

household # 2140 is:
J. Gothwith age 40 b. NC. 1810 -----------------------------Jonathan Gossett age 45 b.1815 N.C.
Adeline age 26 b.N.C. 1824-----------------------------------Adeline 35 b.ca. 1825 N.C.
Mose age 7 b.S.C. 1843---------------------------------------Mouse age 16 b.ca.1844 S.C.
Preston  (son) age 5 b. S.C. 1845----------------------------Preston age 15 b.ca. 1845 S.C.
Caroline age 3 b.S.C. 1848------------------------------------Caroline age 12 b. ca. 1848 S.C.
John (2 months old) 1850 S.C.--------------------------------John age 10 b.ca. 1850 S.C.
                                                                                       +William age 8 b.ca. 1852 S.C.
                                                                                          Ferrill age 6 b.ca. 1854 S.C.
                                                                                          Kansas age 4 b. ca. 1856 S.C.
                                                                                          Clifton age 2 b.ca. 1858 S.C.

Franklin Co.N.C. Marriages

Josephus Goswick (m) Nov.15,1836 Ada Burnette (this marriage date is possibly incorrect, unless Ada Burnette was only 12 years old when she married){kgk}  Is this Jonathan Gothwith/Gossett, Josephus Jonathan Goswick who married Ada Burnett in Franklin Co.N.C.????

Marriage of Edgefield Co.S.C. (supplied by Jeff Gossett of S.C.)

Muse Gossett (m) Aug.24,1864 Mary Jane Bullock

Jeff Gossett thinks that this Muse/Mose Gossett is the Muse Gossett b. 1810.

1820 Spartanburg Co.S.C. census:
Moses Gosett/Gopett listed with 9 sons in the household, and one female.

1830 Spartanburg Co.S.C. is:
Moses Gosey, Esq. 50/60 (1770-80)1 male 15/20(1810-1815) and one female 50/50)

The male 15/20 (b.ca.1810-15) would fit the description of Jonathan Gothwith/Gossett b.1810/15 living in Spartanburg Co.S.C. 1850 and 1860.

According to this 1830 census, Moses Gosey,Gosett,Gopet is missing 8 son's since the 1820 census.



PAGE 166

JAMES GOSWICK 30/40, 2 FEMALES 5/10 (1820/25), ONE FEMALE 10/15 (1815-20), ONE FEMALE 40/50.

On this same page is the famiies of: Hosey Prince, John Bishop, Spence A. Bobo, Bernard Glenn, Jeremiah Philips, & Joseph Philips.

PAGE 167



THOMAS GOSWICK 30/40, ONE MALE 10/15(1815-20),ONE FEMALE U/5, 1 FEMALE 5/10, ONE FEMALE 20/30

JOSEPH GOSWICK (X2)30/40(1790-1800) , ONE MALE 5/10(1820-25),ONE FEMALE U/5, ONE FEMALE 5/10, ONE FEMALE 30/40.


On this same page are the families of: James Hollis, John Mitchell, Stuart Taylor, Thomas Dennes, John Turner Absalom Bishop, Joseph Turner, Edward Prince and Soloman Call.

PAGE 168

William Goswick 30/40(1790-1800), one male u/5(1825-30), one female 20/30 (1800-1810)

James Johnson 50/60, 3 females 5/10, 1 female 10/15, 1 female 20/30(1800-1810) (It is stated that Nancy Goswick ,(dau of Joseph) married James Johnson.

On same page is the families of: James Hollis, Simon Darby, John G. Danner, Eli Call, Wm.Malone, Zadick Barnet, Elijah Prince, Lewis Presley, Mathias Mayers, Wm.Call. Jacob Prince, Joseph Lamb. Edw. Prince, Marshall Barnett, Joseph Prince.

PAGE 195

Elijah Gossett 30/40 (1790-1800) one male 5/10(1820-25), 1 female u/5(1825-30), 1 female 20/30(1800-1810), and one female 50/60 (1770-80).

On same page: John Writht, Mrs. Lucy Kennedy, + others.

PAGE 196: James Thompson and Moses L. White

PAGE 197

NICHOLAS GOSWICK 70/80(1750-60), one male 15/20(1810-15), one male 40/50(1780-90), one female 70/80.

On same page: Wm. Lawson, Shoud Dukes, Fredrick Jackson, Alex Ray.

PAGE 210

Abner gossett 30/40(1790-1800), 2 males 5/10(1820-25), 2 females u/5, 1 female 5/10, 1 female 10/15, 1 female 30/40.

On same page is: Eli Briant, Wm. Blakey, John Onsley, John Littlejohn, and Sussanna Littlejohn.



MUHLENBERG CO.KY. DEATH RECORDS FOUND IN "ANCESTRY.COM"and is not in alphabetical order.  Some are listed died in other Co's, but resided in Muhlenberg Co. Those that are hilited are desc of William and Lucinda (Goswick/Gossett)as stated by Jackie Wilson, desc of Noah Goswick/Gossett b. 1828 {kgk}

1912,Mar.03, Mary J. GASSETT died age 1 month, Muhlenberg Co.Ky. Vol 12 Cert#08234 (b.ca.1912)
1916,Oct.13, Bossons L. GASSETT died age 1 month, Muhlenberg Co.Ky. Vol 16 Cert# 31598 (b.ca.1916)
1918,Mar.25 Edward GASSETT died age 1 month old, Muhlenberg Co.Ky. Vol 18 Cert#08527 (b.ca.1918)
1919,Mar.21 Joseph GASSETT died age 83 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Vol 19 Cert#11842 (b.ca.1836)
1926,Sep.02, Virgil GASSETT died age 40 Muhlenberg Co. Vol 26 Cert#26400 (b.ca.1886)
1931,Sep.26, Dorothy M. GASSETT died age 9 years, Muhlenberg Co. Vol 31 cert# 30679 (b.ca.1922)
1933, Feb.27 Samuel GASSETT died age 80 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Vol 33 Cert#07704 (b.ca.1853)
1937,Dec.31m William GASSETT died age 80 years, Muhlenberg Co.Ky. Vol.37 Cert#32575 (b.ca.1857)
1939,Nov.03, Ruth G. GASSETT died age 36 Muhlenberg,Muhlenberg Co.Vol 39 Cert#28334 (b.ca.1903)
1942,Apr.08 Harvey W. GASSETT died age 54 Muhlenberg, Muhlenberg Co. Vol 42 Cert#12253 (b.ca.1888)
1951,Jul.20 Vitula GASSETT died age 82 Muhlenberg,Muhlenberg Co. Vol 51 Cert#14889 (b.ca. 1869)
1953,Dec.23, Mary F. GASSETT died age 38 years, Muhlenberg,Mulh Co. Vol53 Cert#26125 (b.ca.1915)
Butch D. Gossett died Nov. 17,1930 age 1 month
Curtis R. Gossett died Nov. 18,1920 age 1 month
Dorcus D. Gossett died Oct. 09,1926 age 72 years
Evylin Gossett died Sep.17,1917 age 17 years
Florence Gossett died Jan. 07,1920 age 57 years
Forest Gossett died Mar. 14,1913 age 6 years
Froney E. Gossett died Oct. 13,1929 age 33 years
Gilbert Gossett died Nov.03,1915 age 5 years
Harold Gossett died Oct.01,1922 age 1 month
Irene Gossett died Nov.06,1928 age 9 years
Jesse Gossett died Jan.21,1916 age 55 years
Louisa Gossett died Aug.12,1916 age 80 years (b.ca. 1830)
Malvina Gossett died Oct. 26,1927 age 82 years (b.ca.1845)
Margaret E. Gossett died Jul.21,1929 age 1 month
Mary E. Gossett died Sep.15,1924 age 82 years (b.ca. 1842)
Mary L. Gossett died Oct.07,1919 age 3 years
Nancy J. Gossett died Jul.31,1913 age 57 years (b.ca.1856)
Noah A. Gossett died Feb.02,1911 age 49 years (b.ca.1862)
Otha J. Gosset died Dec.27,1915 age 1 month
Susan Gossett died Sep.21,1912 age 74 years (b.ca. 1838)
Thomas F. Gossett died Apr.27,1922 age 62 years (b.ca.1860)
Valera G. Gossett died Sep.01,1926 age 61 years (b.ca. 1865)
Virgil I. Gossett died Jul. 10,1917 age 1 month
Willard H. Gossett died Feb.24,1916 age 1 month
Wilmoth Gossett died Dec. 11,1916 age 1 month
William Gossett died Jan.09, 1916 age 65 years (b.ca. 1851)
Andrew J. Gossett died Sep.25,1937 age 54 years (b.ca. 1873)
Anna S. Gossett died Nov. 25,1946 age 1 month
Carl W. Gossett died Jun.28,1941 age 1 month
Daniel T. Gossett died Dec.31,1950 age 83 years (b.ca.1866)
Don Gossett died Apr.26,1939 age 43 years (b.ca.1896)
F.F. Gossett died Nov.04,1940 age 69 years (b.ca. 1871
Edgar Gossett died Feb. 18,1931 age 46 years (b.ca.1885)
Elzora Gossett died Nov.28,1936 age 44 years (b.ca. 1892
Jeanette Gossett died Aug. 26,1938 age 71 years (b.ca. 1867)
Joe E. Gossett died Jul.13,1938 age 1 month
John W. Gossett died Dec.25,1935 age 63 years (b.ca.1872)
John W.Gossett died May 11,1941 age 67 years (b.ca. 1874)
John W. Gossett died Jan.16,1941 age 88 years (b.ca. 1853)
Kermit Gossett died Nov.25,1941 age 29 years (b.ca. 1912)
Otto Gossett died Feb.22,1931 age 38 years (b.ca. 1893)
Ray Gossett died Jan.23,1936 age 13 years
Roger D. Gossett died Jan.o7,1946 age 1 month
Rozzie B. Gossett died Apr.02,1947 age 62 years (b.ca. 1885)
Shelby V. Gossett died Feb.20,1933 age 18 years
Thomas E. Gossett died Nov.12,1941 age 67 years (b.ca. 1874)
Arthur F. Gossett died June 21,1953 age 71 years (b.ca.1882)
Austin R. Gossett died May 04,1968 age 54 years (b.ca.1914)
Christopher C. Gossett died Apr.10,1954 age 90 years (b.ca.1864)
Dorothy N. Gossett died May 08,1969 age 44 years
Elizabeth C. Gossett died Dec.13,1952 age 85 years (b.ca. 1867)
Enos W. Gossett died Aug.07,1970 age 82 years (b.ca.1888)
Enos Gossett died Jan.07,1958 age 70 years (b.ca. 1888)
Ernest C. Gossett died Jan.12,1961 age 77 years (b.ca.1885)
Ethel N. Gossett died Dec.01,1962 age 72 years
Freddie G. Gossett died Nov.23,1966 age 17 years
Jerry W. Gossett died Nov.23,1966 age 21 years
Luanah Gossett died Dec.26,1964 age 81 years (b.ca.1883)
Lucy E. Gossett died Mar.14,1959 age 73 years (b.ca.1886)
Pinkney W. Gossett died Sep.06,1964 age 78 years (b.ca. 1886)
Rosa E. Gossett died Dec.05,1962 age 85 years (b.ca. 1877)
Teddy O. Gossett died Sep.06,1958 age 25 years
Sarah E. Gossett died Apr.07,1968 Marshall Co.(Res of Muhlenberg) age 89 yrs. (b.ca.1879)
Thomas Y. Gossett died Aug.29,1959 Jefferson Co.(Res of Muhlenberg) age 60 years
Walter A. Gossett died Oct.06,1967 Cristian Co.(Res of Muhenberg) age 72 years (b.ca.1895)
Wilbur A. Gossett died Oct. 28,1964 age 50 years
William H. Gossett died Feb.04,1970 age 67 years
Lucille Gossett died Sep.01,1988 at Hopkins Co. (Res Muhlenberg Co.) age 66 years
Eunice A. Gossett died Mar.10,1990 age 84 years
Theadore R. Gossett died Jan.09,1990 Hopkins Co.(Res Muhlenberg) age 85 years
Eddie M. Gossett died Oct.11,1990 age 95 years
Orvil W. Gossett died Mar.20,1992 age 74 years
Don A. Gossett died May 04,1992 age 67 years
Wilburt Gossett died May 30,1992 age 78 years
Herbert M. Gossett died May 19,1993 age 81 years
James E. Gossett died Oct.26,1993 age 68 years
Audie B. Gossett died Feb.26,1978 age 83 years
Bessie R. Gossett died Jul.20,1985 age 93 years
Ethel Gossett died Jun.24,1975 age 87 years
Evan L. Gossett died Aug.12,1976 age 84 years (b.ca. 1892)
Everett P. Gossett died Mar.04,1971 age 57 years
Guy T. Gossett died Mar.14,1973 age 71 years
Jacob H. Gossett died Jan.30,1986 age 81 years
James E. Gossett died Nov.07,1979 age 64 years
Jess F. Gossett died May 20,1974 age 77 years
Jo A. Gossett died Nov.16,1977 Hopkins Co (Res Muhlenberg) age 26 years
Josephine Gossett died NOv.09,1975 age 56 years
Lola B. Gossett died Jun.11,1978 age 86 years (b.ca.1892)
Omer A. Gossett died Aug.20,1986 age 83 years
Richard D. Gossett died Jun.05,1979 Hopkins Co.(Res Muhlenberg) age 1 hour old
Ruby E. Gossett died May 25,1974 age 62
Sam Gossett died Jul.05,1972 age 77 years
Thomas E. Gossett died Feb.07,1976 age 36 years
Vernie Gossett died Dec.28,1975 age 87 years
Virginia A. Gossett died Aug.27,1978 age 82 years (b.ca. 1896)
Wilbur T. Gossett died Mar.19,1980 Hopkins (Res Muhlenberg) age 59 years
William E. Gossett died Aug.09,1973 Hopkins Co.(Res Muhelnberg) age 65 years
William H. Gossett died Sep.17,1985 age 78 years



Benjamin Harrison Gossett b. Jul 19,1890 Graham Ky. Muhlenberg Co. d:Jan 28,1957 West Frankfort Illinois  (view 1910 census for Benjamin) in hh# 222
(m)May 01, 1916
Winnie Locke b.n/r d:n/r
children listed:
1. Lawrence born Mar.31,1917 W. Frankfort, Ill.
2. George E.  born April 28, 1920 W. Frankfort, Ill.(birth date from daugherJanet E. (Gossett) Burke)
3. Chester    born Oct. 31,1921 W. Frankfort, Ill.
4. Roy          born Sep.1924 Nason, Ill.
5. Lilly        born Sep. 09, 1927 W.Frankfort, Ill.

(this info under construction and is supplied by  Dick & Nancy Gossett

New info rec 1/27/06 On George E. Gossett.

George Evans Gossett

George Evans Gossett, age 85, of West Frankfort, departed this life Wednesday, January 4, 2006, in Herrin Hospital.

Mr. Gossett was born April 28, 1920 in West Frankfort, a son of Benjamin Harrison and Winnie (Locke) Gossett. He married Sibyl Rotramel on December 22, 1945, in West Frankfort.

George was an Army veteran of WWII, serving in the Pacific theater and earning 3 bronze stars. He was a retired coal miner, having worked at Old Ben 15, Old Ben 24, Old Ben 27, and Freeman 4, and others in the area. He also sold insurance for several years.

He was a member of First Presbyterian Church in West Frankfort, VFW Post #5764 of West Frankfort and UMWA Local 1487. George also coached children’s baseball at the park for many years. He will always be remembered for bringing smiles to faces through his music. Mr. Gossett enjoyed playing his French harp at nursing homes and various gatherings, and even dancing with some of the audience.

He is survived by his wife, Sibyl Gossett of West Frankfort, one son, John Gossett and wife Paula of West Frankfort, one daughter, Janet Burke and husband Jim of Marion, grandchildren Valerie Burke Boyer of Energy, Heather Gossett, Andrea Gossett, and Shawn Gossett, all of West Frankfort, and several nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his parents, brothers John Bowen, Lawrence, Chester, and Roy Gossett, and his sister Lillie Creek.

Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, January 8, 2006, at Varis-Stone Funeral Home with Rev. Wyatt George officiating. Interment will be in Tower Heights Cemetery. Friends of the George Gossett family may call at Varis-Stone Funeral Home 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday evening. Military graveside services will be conducted by American Legion Post #1961 of Orient and VFW Post #5764.

  8/30/2002 Census findings 1860 and 1870   1880  on Thomas & Cinthia/Sinthia Gossett

Gossett Family History ( supplied by: Rachel Towe)

Husband: Thomas Gossett b. ca. 1831 S.C.

f. William Goswick/Gossett

m. Lucinda Goswick/Gossett

Wife: Cynthia Rollins b. ca. 1821 S.C.

1st marriage: Frederick Broils (Broyls, Briles)

Children from 1st:

John 1844

Aley H 1845 (f)

Mary 1847

Catherine 1850

Jane 1851

Children from 2nd:

William 1854

Amanda 1856

James H 1858  (Go to 1900 census)

Thomas Francis 1859 Thomas F. Gossett born June 20, 1859 (view 1880 census of Thomas listed as F.F.) (view 1900 census)

William born in TN, Amanda, James, and Thomas born in KY

Cynthia is the sister-in-law of Noah’s wife, Sarah. Sarah was first married to a Rollins and had daughter M.J. Rollins, a.k.a. Martha Jane Gossett who married Baker Arnett. Noah adopted Martha Jane.

Thank you Rachel..

Jan. 3, 1880 Muhlenberg Co.Ky, Summers twp Dist 134 Image page 7
hh# 36
L.E. Vincent (fe) age 33 Ky Ky Ind.
Elwood (son) age 8 b.Ky
Ann (dau) age 6 Ky
Bob (son) age 3 Ky
Douglas age 2 months Ky
F.F. Gossett (Thomas F.)age 21 b.ca. 1859 Ky SC Tn (gen laborer-servant)
Jennetta Gossett (wife) age 15  Ky Ky Ky


1860, July 11th.  Muhlenburg Co.Ky. Dist#1 P.O. Greenville
household# 509-509
Tho's Gosset age 27 born S.C. ca. 1833 (occupation: Wheel Wright) (view 1870 census)
Cynthia age 42 born S.C.
William age 6 born Tn. ca. 1854
Amanda age 4 born Ky 1856
Ja's H. age 2 born Ky. 1858
Tho's F? age 11 months old born Ky. 1860 (married Jeanetta)(view 1900 census) (view 1880 census)
John BROILS age 16 born N.C. 1844
Aley H.(fe)BROILS age 15 born NC 1845
Mary BROILS age 13 born NC 1847
Catherine BROILS age 10 born N.C. 1850
Jane BROILS age 9 born N.C. 1851
(The ages of Thomas in 1860 and 70 do not match, but family is the same)

1870 Muhlenburg Co.Ky. Summers Prec #6 Earles Post Office
household# 78-85
Thomas Gossett age 59 born S.C. ca. 1811 (occupation: Mechanic)(view 1880 ) (view 1900 census)
Sinthia age 51 born N.C. (view 1900 census)
William age 15 born Tn. 1855
Manda age 14 born Ky. 1856
James H. age 12 born Ky 1858
Thomas age 10 born Ky. 1860 (death rec of Thomas F.) (view 1880 census)
Cinthia age 8 born Ky 1862 (view 1900 census)
Malvina age 7 born Ky. 1863(view 1900 census)

Check Muhlenburg Co.Ky Marriages for some of these children.



Noah Abraham is the N.N. shown on the marriage record transcription He married Valera Grant Harrelson (Garelson shown in marriage records, Harrelson when actually look at the document) daughter of Samuel C. Harrelson and Martha Withers. Valera was born June 8, 1865, in Muhlenburg Co. KY. (view 1910 census of Noah and family)

Noah A. & Valera’s children: (All were born in Muhlenberg County, KY)

Clifton Pratt Gossett, b. 6/10/1888, d. 6/27/1947, Daviess County, KY

Ada Gossett, b. & d. 12/12/1887

Benjamin Harrison Gossett, b. 7/19/1890, d. 1/28/1957, Franklin County, IL

Evan Leslie Gossett, b. 4/24/1892, d. 8/12/1976, Muhlenberg County, KY

Norma Gossett, b. 7/17/1894, d. 10/30/1987, Muhlenberg County, KY

Ruth Gossett, b. 3/18/1896, d. 7/15/1965, Muhlenberg County, KY

Lela Gossett, b. 7/20/1898, d. 6/28/1971, Muhlenberg County, KY

Clyde Gossett, b. & d. 2/9/1900

Lucille “Lucy” Gossett, b. 5/16/1901, d. 3/3/1989, Muhlenberg County, KY

Mattie Gossett, b. & d. 5/16/1901

Theodore “Ted” Roosevelt Gossett, b. 11/1/1904, d. 6/9/1990, Hopkins County, KY



Lela Gossett married Alexander “Sandy” Lorrison 1/22/1914, Muhlenberg County, KY.  He was born 3/20/1891, Butler County, KY, d. 5/6/1980, Muhlenberg County, KY.  His parents were Thomas & Susannah Alderson Lorrison of England.


Lela & Sandy Lorrison’s children: (All born in Muhlenberg County, KY)

Cecil Evan Lorrison, b. 10/22/1915, d. 5/13/1976, Fayette County, KY

Edna Lucille Lorrison, b. 10/13/1918, d. 2/26/1960, Louisiana

Margaret May Lorrison, b. 12/17/1921

Barbara Lois Lorrison, b. 12/23/1923

Anna Nell “Tiny” Lorrison, b 1/25/1926, d. 5/24/1974, Hardin County, KY

Charles Lindberg “Lindy” Lorrison, b. 2/3/1929

 Rachel Towe
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June 18, 1880 Randolph Co.Ar. Davidson Twp. Dist 251 Image page 20 (view 1900 census)
hh# 237
T.Y? Gossett  age 41 b.ca.1839  SC. Father NC, Mother NC (occupation: Blacksmith)
Nancy A. (wife) age 42 b.ca. 1840 Ky father ? Mother ?
James Allison age 3 (orphan)  AR. Ala. Tn.


June 8, 1900 Howell Co. Mo. Siloam Springs, Dist 63, Image page 9
hh# 82

James Gossett born May 1857 age 43 Ky. Father S.C. Mother N.C.
Sarah E. (wife) born June 1861 age 39 Ky. Father Ky Mother Ky.
Vina A. (dau) born Sep. 1884 age 15 Ky. Father Ky, Mother Ky.
Loranzo D. (son) born aor. 1886 age 14 Ky Father Ky Mother Ky
Clara E. (dau) born apr 1888 age 12 Ky. Father Ky Mother Ky.
Adella A. (dau) born June 1890 age 9 Ark. Father Ky Mother Ky.
Lucy M. (dau) born Feb. 1892 age 8 Ark. Father Ky. Mother KY.
Dora J. (dau) born Apr 1894 age 6 Ark. Father Ky Mother KY.
Games C. (son) born Apr 1896 age 4 AR. Father Ky. Mother Ky.
Inaz (dau) born Feb. 1899 age 1 Ark. Father Ky. Mother Ky.

Census shows that James H. and Sarah E. Gossett had been married 16 years

June 11, 1900 Howell Co. Mo. Siloam Springs, Dist 63 Image page 12
hh# 122
Thomas Gossett born Nov? 1833 age 66 born SC. Father NC, Mother NC.
Nancy (wife) May 1835 age 65 b. Ky father Ky, mother NC
(married 28 years) Married about 1872.


June 11,1900 Muhlenburg Co.Ky, Boggess Twp dist 68 Image page 13
hh# 134
Wm. M. Gassett Age 48 b. Aug. 1851 Ky Ky Ky (view 1910 census)
Dorcas D. age 45 b. Sept. 1854 KY
Arthur F. age 18 b. June 1881
Earnie C. age 16 born June 1882
Dennie V. (son) age 14 b. Dec. 1885
Henry W. age 12 b. Aug. 1887
Blanchie V.(dau) age 10 b. Aug. 1889
Ottie ?(son) age 7 b. Feb. 1893
Ollie (dau) age 4 b. May 1896

(Wm, son of Noah Goswick/Gossett,)

June 19,1900 Muhenberg Co.KY Boggess Twp. Dist 68 Image page 24
hh# 237
Wm. Gossett age 40 b. Jan. 1860 Tn. Parents Tn.
Nettie (wife) age 26 b. June 1873 (no children) Ky Ky Ky'

May 10 1910 Muhlenberg Co. Ky. W. Boggess Dist 84 Image page 21
hh# 124
William Gossett age 50 (m x 1) Ky Ky Ky b.ca. 1860
Nettie (wife) age 42 (m x1) b. Ky Tn, tn. b.ca. 1868
Bessie H. age 10 Lodger, b. Ky parents b. ky b.ca. 1900



April 15, 1910 Muhlenberg Co.Ky, Graham Twp. Dist 87 Image page 2
hh# 15
Ernest Gossett age 27 b. ca. 1883 Ky parents born Ky
Lucy (wife) ge 21 Ky parents Ky (2 ch 2 living)
Willie? (son) age 2 Ky Ky Ky
Veroline (sp) (dau) age 2 months Ky KY KY
hh# 17
William M. Gossett age 58 b.ca. 1852 Tn. Father NC  mother SC
Dorcas D. (wf) age 55 (married 35 years) b. Ky parents Ky
Harry? W. (son) age 21 (single) b. Ky b.ca.1889
Rachel B. (dau) age 20 (single) Ky
Otto (son) age 17 (single) Ky b.ca. 1893
V.?M. Gossett age 30 Ky parents Ky (m x 1) b.ca. 1880
R.??? B. (wf) age 26 (m x 1) married 6 years


Jan. 7, 1920 Muhlenberg Co.Ky West Court House Dist 98, Image page 6
hh# 48
Ernest Gosset age 36 b. ca. 1884 Ky parents Ky (view 1930 census)
Lucy E. (wife) age 34 Ky Ky Ky
W ??? A, (son) age 12 Ky Ky Ky
Variline? (dau) age 9 KY KY KY
Herbert (son) age 8 KY KY KY
Everett (son) age 6 KY KY KY
Dorcas (dau) age 4 KY KY KY
Zilpha (sp) E. Stewart (mother in law) age 47? KY KY KY
hh# 70
Virgil Gossett age 34 b.ca. 1886 KY KY KY
N?otha? (wf) age 24 KY KY KY
D. Virgel, Jr. (son) age 1 KY KY KY
Dorcas D. (mother) age 65 (widow) Ky US Ky
Henry W. Gossett age 32 b.ca. 1888 Ky Ky KY
Annie M. (wf) age 19 Ky Ky Ky

April 12,1930 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Graham twp Dist 21 Image page 30
hh# 308
H.W. Gossett age 42 b.ca. 1888 Ky Ky Ky
Anna M. (wf) age 29 KY Ky Ky
hh# 312
Floyd Gossett age 48 b.ca. 1882 Ky Ky Ky
Minnie age 36 Ky Ky ky
Wilburn age 16 Ky
Mildred age 13 Ky
Agnes age 11 Ky
Thomas age 9 Ky
Mable age 6 Ky
hh# 313
Ernest Gossett age 46 Ky
Lucy age 44 Ky
Willie age 22 Ky (single(
Neviline age 20 Ky (div)
Herbert age 18 Ky (single)
Everett age 16 K
Dorcus age 14 Ky
James H. Edwards (g-son) age 1 month Ky Ky Ky

June 16, 1900 Muhlenberg Co. Ky Summers Twp Dist 171 Image page 14
hh# 139
Winfield S. Gossett  Oct. 1855 age 44 Ky NC Nc
Nancy June 1858 age 42 Ky KY kY (13 ch 12 living)
Lizzie E, (dau) Aug. 1880 age 19 Ky Ky Ky
Mary July 1882 age 17 Ky KY KY
Andrew Sept 1883 age 16 KY KY KY
Edwen? Oct. 1884 age 15 KY KY KY
Ernest Oct. 1887 age 12 KY KY KY
William A. Aug. 1888 age 10 KY ky ky
Estella Jan. 1891 age 9 KY KY KY
Dora  feb. 1894 age 6 KY KY KY
Eunice F. Aprl 1896 age 4 KY KY KY
Aron ? McKinley (son) June 1897 age 3 KY KY KY



June 25, 1900  Fulton Co. Ar. Benton Twp, Dist 22, Image page 35
hh# 273
Sequtha A. Gossett (Scynthia) b. Nov,1818 age 71 (wd)NC NC Nc (11 ch 8 living)
Scynthia A. Fredrick (dau) Feb. 1864 age 36 b. Ky SC NC (widow)
Melvinia Neely (dau) Mar. 1866 age 34 (wd) b. Ky SC NC
Clarence Neely (g-son) Nov. 1885 age 14 Ky Ky Ky
Candie/Gaudie ? L. Frederick (g-son) Jan. 1891 age 9 Ky Ky Ky


June 1, 1880  Hopkins Co.KY Curtail twp Dist 190 Image page 3
hh# 23
John L. Cash age 34 b.ca. 1846 Ky NC KY (view 1870 census for John L Cash)
Bazilla (sp)(wf) age 35  b.ca. 1845 NC NC NC
McLennan (son) age 15  b.ca. 1865  Ky KY KY
Mollie (dau) age 14  b.ca. 1866 Ky Ky Ky
Martin (son) age 12  b.ca. 1867 Ky Ky Ky
Jead? (son) age 9 b.ca. 1871 Ky Ky Ky
Jacob (son) age 7 b.ca. 1873  Ky Ky KY
Haro? (son) age 5  b.ca. 1875 Ky Ky Ky

Bazilla (Priscilla Goswick/Gossett, dau of William and Lucida Goswick). All children listed appear to be children of John L. Cash by a first wife Roda ?.

July 16, 1870 Muhlenberg Co.Ky Boggess twp Image page 33
hh# 132
John L. Cash age 24 b.ca.1846 Ky
Roda age 28 b.ca.1842  Ky
W/H? lelan age 6 Ky
Mollie age 4 Ky
Asbertus ? (male) age 3 Ky
Jackson age 1 Ky
(John L. Cash married Sep.10, 1863 Muhlenberg Co.Ky. R.J. Morgan)



8/27/1877, Hopkins County, KY marriage of John L cash and Priscilla Gossett
(marriage supplied by R. Towe) thanks much. (view other marriages in Hopkins Co. Ky)
June 6, 1900 Christian Co.Ky Crofton Twp Dist 20 Image page 9
hh# 89
John L. Cash b. Feb 1846 age 54 (m 22 years) b. Ky Ky KY
Priscilla Mar. 1840 age 60 b. SC. NC NC
Hero? (son) b. June 1875 age 24 (single) KY KY KY
Jacob Cash b. Mar 1873 age 27 (m 5 years) b. Ky Ky Ky
Martha A. (wf) Apr. 1872 age 28 Ky Tn. Tn.
Elmer J. July 1897 age 2 Ky Ky Ky



May 10, 1910 Christian Co.Ky. 8-dist, Dist 25, Image page 34
hh# 281
Levi J. Cash age 62 b,ca, 1848 Ky Father SC Mother Ky (m 33 years)
Percilia (wf) age 63 b.ca. 1847 SC, Father NC, mother NC
Rero ? (son) age 33 (single) b.ca. 1877 Ky Ky Ky



May 2, 1910 Muhlenbert Co. Ky Summers Pct. Dist 88  Image page22
hh# 219
John W. Gossett age  59?  b.ca.1851  Ky Unk Ky
M??? (wf) age 57 b.ca. 1853 Ky Ky Ky
Geneva (dau) age 20 b.ca.1890 (single) Ky Ky Ky
Estel ? (son) age 18 b.ca. 1892 Ky Ky Ky
hh# 221
Pratt Gossett age 23 b.ca. 1887 Ky Ky Ky
Julia? age 22 KY KY KY
Abraham Gossett age 48  b.ca.1862 Ky Ky Ky
Valorah age 44 Ky Ky Ky (11 ch 8 liv)
Benjamin age 19 b.ca. 1891 Ky Ky Ky
Jessie age 18 b.ca. 1892 Ky Ky KY
Norma age 15  b.ca. 1895 Ky Ky Ky
Ruth age 14  b.ca. 1896 Ky KY KY
Lelah ? age 11 b.ca. 1899 Ky Ky Ky
Lucy ge 8 b.ca. 1902 Ky Ky KY
Teddy R. age 2 b.ca. 1908 Ky Ky Ky
Malvina Gossett age 64 b.ca. 1846  (widow) Ky ky ky

hh# 226
Vitula Stanley age 43? Ky Ky Ky
Eddie (son) age 12 Ky Ky Ky
Neva age 7 Ky Ky Ky
Son (may be Tom)Gossett age 45 b.ca. 1865 Ky Unk Ky (view 1920 census)
Sarah age 31 b.ca. 1879 Ky Ky Ky
William N. age 8 b.ca.1902 Ky Ky Ky
Nettie age 6 b.ca. 1904Ky Ky Ky
Columbus age 3 months b.ca. 1910 Ky
Minnie age 15 b.ca.1895 Ky Ky Ky
Ruth age 14  b.ca. 1896 Ky Ky Ky


Jan. 28, 1920 Muhlenberg Co. Ky West Court House, Image page 31
hh# 325
William A. Gossett age 53  b.ca.1867  Ky Ky Ky (listed as Son or Tom 1910)(view 1930 census)
Sarah age 41 Ky Ky Ky
William (son) age 17 Ky Ky Ky
Hethe? (dau) age 15 Ky Ky Ky
Columbus (son) age 9 Ky Ky Ky
Charles (son) age 8 Ky Ky Ky



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