Kewley, William 1819 - 1863 Stepney, England

Kewley Family History

Captain William Kewley 1819 - 1863 Stepney, London

William Kewley  
B: 24 Oct 1819    London * 1
D: 12 Oct 1863    Shanghai, China 2

Married 23 Sep 1846 in St. Johns, Newfoundland 3

 Ann Boyd
spacerB:  1826 St. John's, Newfoundland  4

Children  William James Stephen
B:  26 Dec 1850 St. John's, Newfoundland 5
M:   9 Nov 1884 to Sarah OSBOURNE

spacer  Martha
B:  1852 St. John's, Newfoundland
M:       to William SMITH in London
D:       ca 1910

spacer  James Boyd     
B:  16 Dec 1855 at 7 Philpot Lane, Stepney, London 6
M:  16 Mar 1900 to Sarah V. RYAN in Puebla, Mexico     7
D:   25 Dec 1903 in West Ham, London 8

spacer   Jane Quine
B:   14 Feb 1859 at 22 Belgrave, Stepney, London 9
M:  15 April 1880 to John Palmer BRITTAN   in London 10
D:   16 Aug 1898 Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada

spacer  Sarah Agnes
B:   10 Feb 1861 at 22 Belgrave, Stepney, London 11
M:  16 Mar 1884 to Charles Arthur Payne in London 12

spacer  Ann Boyd
B:  17 Aug 1862 at 22 Belgrave, Stepney, London 13
M:  20 Dec 1883 to William Lloyd Prentice, Capt. in London

  1. Per his own writing on the Application to be Examined dated and signed 6 Feb 1852. A handwritten note by a descendant of William SMITH (married to Martha Kewley) notes his birth as 1817, Isle of Man. We are presently pursuing that lead.
  2. Died by drowning in Shanghai Harbor as Captain of the ship Renown, age 43.
  3. St. John's Central School Room at St. John the Baptist Cathedral. Vol 26D Provincial Records
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  6. Birth registered Stepney, copies available from PRO. Spring 1856.
  7. Marriage Certificate
  8. Death registered, copies available from PRO. Spring 1904.
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  10. Married at Trinity Church, Stepney, London. Marriage Certificate.
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  12. At Holy Trinity Church, Kodogan Square, Bow, London. Payne Family Bible Records.
  13. Birth registered, copies available from PRO.

Credit for the hard work and the information presented here should be given to John Pohlman, John Wells, and Michael Payne.
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