Molly Passenger List

Molly Passenger List - October 16, 1741
Rotterdam, Holland - Deal, England - Philadelphia, PA

The following information is from the book "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" by Ralph B. Strassburger and William J. Hinke, published in 1934 by the Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, PA. The spelling is as it appeared on the different lists and the names are listed in the order they appeared on the original lists. A blank indicates that that person wasn't on the next list. I have aligned the names so they are on the same line of each list. Again - the order was not changed.

List "A" was the the list the Captian furnished of his passengers. Following the name is their age.
List "B" was the list of those that were free of any diseases and to be landed immediately.
List "C" was a list of those taking the "Oaths to the Government" at the court house in Philadelphia.

MOLLY (Ship's List for Molly October 1741, Thomas Olive, Master)
[List 87 A]
A list of all the Men from 16 Years & upwards, On board the Molley.[Qualified October 16, 1741]
[List B]
Thomas Olive, Comr from Rotterdam. October 17, 1741.]
[ List 87 C]
Philadelphia, Oct, 17th 1741. Thomas Olive, Commr from Roterdam but last from Deal
Joseph Fabion 41 Joseph Fabion Joseph Fabion
Michael Miller 60 Michael (X) Miller Michael (X) Miller
George Froke 27 Gorg Druck Johan Gorg Druck
Adam Scaipe 32 Johann Adam Scheib Johann Adam Scheib
Martin Greef 29 Martin (X) Greef Martin (X) Greffe
Jno Nickel Klyne 40 Jno Nicl. (O) Cline John Nichlas (O) Klien
Jno Jacob Dicker 26 Johann Jacob Decker Johann Jacob Decker
Lenard Bier 27 Johann Leonhard Beyer. Johann Lenhard Beyer
Conrad Widener 27 Philip Conrath Weydner Philips Conrad Weydner
Michal Broke 28 Michal (X) Boraka Michael (X) Borocker
Jacob Moles 45 Johan Jacob Moltz Johann Jacob Moltz
Joanis Stochlegr 40 Johannes Stockschleger Johannes Stockschleger
Jacob Rumpea 52 Jacob Rimbi Jacob Rimbi
Will m Swarm 31 Willm (X) Swarm Wilhelm (X) Shwarm
Valentine Switzick 49 Valdin Zweisig Valdin Zweisig
Daniel Gulman 40 Daniel Gillmann Daniel Gillman
Peter Godfrey 40 Peter (P) Godfrey Peter (O) Godfried
Jeremia Miller 24 Jeremias Muller Jeremias Muller
Christn Comens 24 Christian (X) Commens Christian (X) Commens
Bartlemeus Consleyman 45 Barthlemas (O) Cunsleyman Bartollomae (O) Conselman
Jno Fredelschip 22 John (X) Treadelschip John Frederik (X) Shipp
Peter Muns 28 Peter (X) Muns Peter (X) Montz
Simon Hine 27 Simon (X) Hine. Johan Simon Hein
Joanis Maties 38 Johannes Mattheis Johannes Mattheis
Daniel Ekron 28 Daniel (O) Ekron Daniel (O) Ecron
Mical Selman 17 Johannes Zellman Johannes Zellman
Nickel Kisar 47 Johann, Nickel Keyser Johann Michel Keyser
Mical Harps 27 Michael Harpster Michal Horpster
Mical Seagle 28 Michael Spiegel Michael Spiegel
Jno Yurgen Creaps 23 Hans Georg Krebs Hans Jerg Krebs
Christofl Hine 38 Christoph Hine Christoffel (JCH) Haine
Gooder Dresel 28    
Mical Zeman 38 Mical (O) Seamen Michael (O) Simon
Maties Schilion 44 Matheus Kilian Matheus Kilian
Philip Esdan 62 Fileibus Daum Philibs Daum
Andres Unger 50 Andres (O) Unger Andereas (U) Unger
John Jurgen Reitzel 45 Johann Georg Reutzel Johan Georg Reutzel
Herman Sower 47 Hermen (H) Sower Herman (HS) Sauer
Sebastn Hexleman 28 Sebastian Herlieman Sebastian Herlieman
Andres Miller 18 Andres (X) Miller  
Jacob Freef 50 Johan Jacob Greff Johan Jacob Greff
Jacob Engleman 20 Jacob Engellmann Jacob Engellmann
Jacob Engleman, Junr 18 Jacob Engelman Jacob Engleman
Hans Rudolph Ned 20 Johann Ruddiss Johann Ruddiss
Jacob Ekron 20 Johann Jacob Ekron Johann Jacobb Ekron
Daniel Sink 24 Daniel (++) Sink Daniel (++) Zinck
Peter Nubergall 22 Johann Peter Niebergall Johann Peter Niebergall
John Yergen Homeney 30 Jno Vigen (X) Homeney John Georg (X) Hubeny
Mical Seberlen 40 Michel Seuberlich Michel Seuberlich
Martin Regelman 40 Marte Regelman Marte Regelman
Leonard Lemar 30 Lenerd (X) Leamor Lenhart (L) Lammer
Hans Mical Swarts 33 Hans Michel Schwartz. Hans Michel Schwartz
Yergen Zeman Waker 45    
Hendk Smith 38 Johan Rich. Schmitt Johan [Hen]rich Schmitt
Mical Creman 33 Johann Michel Kramer Johann Michel Kramer
Peter Creaman 34 Peter (X) Kreamer Peter (O) Krammer
Alexandr Stocksleger 28 Allexander Stock Allexander Stockschleder
Hendk Backer 50 Hennrich Becker Hennrick Becker
Sam Peagel 33 Samuel Spiegel Samuel Spiegel
Mical Herp 30 Johan Michael Herb Johan Michel Herb
Hendrick Wdener 18 Johann Henrich Weyner Johann Henrich Weydner
Hans Mical Waker 17 Johann Michall Weicker Johan Michael Weiker
Jno Deder Switzick 24 Jno Fredrick (X)' Switzick Diterich (X) Schweyzig
Yournexfiel Roul 22 Jerg Philib Ruhl Jerg Philib Ruhl
Canrad Reagleman 20 Conrath [Rigel]man Canrath Riegelman
Hans Yergen Reagleman 18 Hans Vigen (R) Reagelmen Hans George (R) Riegelman
John Fredk Cline 20 Johann Fridig Klein John Fridig Klein
Christofl Rumpea 18 Johann Christopfel Rimbi Johan Christophel Rimbi
Jno Wm. Sauer 17 Johan Willhelm Sauer Johann Wilhelm Sauer
Jno Lenerd Sizler 17 Jno Leanerd (X) Seisler John Lenhart (X) Seesler
Jno Peter Sizler 16 Jno Peter (+) Seisler John Peter (X) Seesler
Maties Maier 32 Maties (X) Maier Matteus (X) Meyer
Bernd Switzick 16 Bernard (+) Switzick Bernhart (+) Switzig
Peter Bendring 24 Peter Bender Joan Peter Bender
Jno Casper Greef 22 Johann Caspar Gref Johann Casper Greff
Johanes Greef 16