Buracker name variations

Variations of the Buracker, Buroker  and Boraker Names

Following are variations of the Buracker name I've come across. Early recordings of the name occasionally started with a "P". The German "P" was pronounced as the English "B" so if the person recording the name was aware of this they started the name with a "P". The English "B" prevailed and the "P" was discontinued. The name settled on Buracker in Virginia with many ancestors still residing in Page County. One line in Stanley, VA has adopted the name Burker. The name went through changes as migration occurred and was recorded differently. Buroker and Boraker are the other main variations that occurred as migration to Kentucky then Ohio took place.


Barache Buoker Burricher
Barkaker Burache Burricker
Barocker Buracher Burrocker
Baruker Buracker Burroker
Barucker Buracre Burracker
Boracker Burailker Burricker
Borak Buraker Burriker
Boraka Buricker Burrucker
Boraker Burker Burruker
Borocker Buroaker Burucker
Boroker Buroker Porocker
Boucker Buruker Porucher
Broke Burracher Poruker
Broker Burraon Poucher