Richland Co WI

Richland County, WI
1910 Census
The following information was extracted from the indicated census. Only entries of interest were recorded - this is not the complete census. The information is displayed in alphabetical order and spelling interpretations were made by Ken Gissy

    Relation     Age at last Calculated Marital Years Cal. Yr Children Birthplace of    
Name to Head Sex Race birthday Birthdate Status Married Married Born Living Person Father Mother Occupation Township
Buroker Henry H M W 45 1865 M 23 1887     IN OH IN Farmer Marshall
  Carthia W F W 42 1868 M 23 1887 7 6 WI OH OH    
  Mabel D F W 21 1889 S         WI IN WI Teacher  
  Ruth D F W 16 1894 S         WI IN WI    
  Ruby D F W 14 1896 S         WI IN WI    
  Leona D F W 11 1899 S         WI IN WI    
  Lois D F W 7 1903 S         WI IN WI    
  Chloris D F W 2 1908 S         WI IN WI    
Buroker John K. H M W 43 1867 M2 21 1889     IN IN OH Farmer Sylvan
  Emma R. W F W 39 1871 M1 21 1889 6 6 WI VT NY    
  Melvin L. S M W 20 1890 S         WI IN WI    
  Olive L. D F W 18 1892 S         WI IN WI    
  Pearly P. S M W 16 1894 S         WI IN WI    
  Elmer J. S M W 14 1896 S         WI IN WI    
  William M. S M W 10 1900 S         WI IN WI    
  Lant S M W 7 1903 S         WI IN WI    
Buroker William M. H M W 33 1877 M 12 1898     WI IN WI Blacksmith Sylvan
  Buena Vista W F W 35 1875 M 12 1898 2 2 WI KY WV Telephone  
  Donald J. S M W 11 1899 S         WI WI WI    
  Peres L. S M W 7 1903 S         WI WI WI    

Last Updated on 3/29/98
By Ken Gissy