Richland Co WI

Richland County, WI
1920 Census
The following information was extracted from the indicated census. Only entries of interest were recorded - this is not the complete census. The information is displayed in alphabetical order and spelling interpretations were made by Ken Gissy

    Relationship     Age @ last Cal. Marital Birthplace of    
Name to Head Sex Race birthday Birthdate Status Person Father Mother Occupation Township
Buroker Alvin H M W 34 1886 M NE IN OH Farmer Sylvan
  May W F W 30 1890 M WI WI IA    
  Leona D F W 10 1910 S WI WI NE    
  Dorthy D F W 8 1912 S WI WI WI    
  Lela D F W 5 1915 S WI WI WI    
  Hilda D F W 2 1918 S WI WI NE    
Buroker Henry B. H M W 55 1865 M IN IN IN   Marshall
  Cartha J. W F W 51 1869 M WI OH OH    
  Lois D F W 16 1904 S WI IN WI    
  Chloris D F W 11 1909 S WI IN WI    
Buroker John H M W 53 1867 M IN OH OH Farmer Sylvan
  Emma W F W 49 1871 M WI VA NY    
  Lance S M W 17 1903 S WI IN WI    
  Reney S M W 8 1912 S WI IN WI    
  Pearl S M W 27 1893 S WI IN WI    
  Ella D F W 19 1901 M WI IN WI    

Last Updated on 3/29/98
By Ken Gissy