Walla Walla Co WA Census 1920

Walla Walla County, WA
1920 Census
The following information was extracted from the indicated census. Only entries of interest were recorded - this is not the complete census. The information is displayed in alphabetical order and spelling interpretations were made by Ken Gissy.

    Relationship     Age @ last Cal. Marital Birthplace of  
Name to Head Sex Race birthday Birthdate Status Person Father Mother Occupation/Notes
Buroker Edgar M. Head M W 43 1877 M OH OH OH Waitsburg Precinct
  Missner B. Wife F W 42 1878 M WA OH IA  
  Della B. D F W 17 1903 S WA OH WA  
  Elsir E. D F W 15 1905 S WA OH WA  
  Elmer L. S M W 14 1906 S WA OH WA  
  Alice M. D F W 11 1909 S WA OH WA  
  Florence D F W 9 1911 S WA OH WA  
  Dale E. S M W 3 1917 S WA OH WA  
Buroker Eldon Head M W 50 1870 M OH OH USA Washington Precinct
  Mary Wife F W 48 1872 M WA Sw MO Sw=Switzerland
  Charles S M W 24 1896 S WA OH WA  
Buroker Errie T. Head M W 50 1870 Wid OH VA VA Prospect Point Precinct
Buroker Forrest L. Head M W 33 1887 M OR OH WA  
  Carrie B. Wife F W 32 1888 M IL NJ IL  
Buroker Harry D. Head M W 31 1889 M WA OH OH Waitsburg Precinct
  Cassir E. Wife F W 24 1896 M MO MO IL  
  Hazel P. D F W 5 1915 S WA WA MO  
  Freddy H. S M W 2 1918 S WA WA MO  
Buroker Jonas Head M W 70 1850 M OH PA OH Millcreek Precinct
  Josephine Wife F W 49 1871 M IA OH IL  
Buroker Lerton Head M W 36 1884 M WA IN IN Washington Precinct
  Myrtle Wife F W 33 1887 M WA OH OH  
  Donna D F W 15 1905 S WA WA WA  
  Merrill S M W 14 1906 S WA WA WA  
  Delbert S M W 12 1908 S WA WA WA  
  Audrey D F W 10 1910 S WA WA WA  
  Calista D F W 8 1912 S WA WA WA  
Buroker Luois H. Head M W 27 1893 M MO PA VA Watertown Precinct
  Lila M. Wife F W 28 1892 M TN TN TN  
Buroker M. B. Head M W 73 1847 M OH VA OH Washington Precinct
  Elizabeth Wife F W 72 1848 M OH OH OH  
Buroker Walter W. Head M W 20 1900 M WA OH WA Waitsburg Precinct
  Nora C. Wife F W 23 1897 M NC NC NC  
  Robert L. S M W 2 1918 S WA WA NC  
  Barbara G. D F W 8/12 1919 S WA WA NC  

Last Updated on 11/24/97
By Ken Gissy