Whatcom Co WA Census 1920

Whatcom County, WA
1920 Census
The following information was extracted from the indicated census. Only entries of interest were recorded - this is not the complete census. The information is displayed in alphabetical order and spelling interpretations were made by Ken Gissy.

    Relationship     Age @ last Cal. Marital Birthplace of  
Name to Head Sex Race birthday Birthdate Status Person Father Mother Occupation/Notes
Boracker Charles T. Head M   44 1876 M IN US US Living in Ferndale, Shelby Avenue - Lumbermill Laborer
  Ellen May W F   37 1883 M MO MO MO  
  Jewell S M   17 1903 S MO IN MO Lumbermill Truck Driver
  Ruth D F   14 1906 S MO IN MO  
  Hilda D F   12 1908 S WA IN MO  
  Eldon S M   8 1912 S OK IN MO  
  Dorothy D F   3 1917 S WA IN MO  
Boricher John Head M   63 1857 M IL IL IL Living in Ten Mile Township, Smith Road - Farmer
  Rucy E. W F   47 1873 M WI IL PA  
  Vincent J. S M   25 1895 S SD IL WI US Navy - Quartermaster
  Florence D F   23 1897 S IL IL WI School Teacher

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By Ken Gissy