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Kilburn's Farm

Kilburn�s Farm: Early New Brunswick and Early New England Genealogy

Welcome to Francis Isaac Kilburn�s Farm, Macnaquac, New Brunswick

A Genealogy Site about the son of Loyalist Isaac Kilburn, his descendants and their ancestors who settled in New Brunswick after the American Revolution, as well as their ancestors in New England before the Revolution.

Following the American Revolution and the signing of the �Treaty of Paris� in 1783, many of the Loyalists (those who remained loyal to the English crown) had migrated to the protection of New York City and environs. They had fought with the British against the Patriots (termed Rebels by the Loyalists) and could not return to their homes. Many Loyalists� farms and estates had been confiscated by the Rebels, many had been imprisoned during the war and their families insulted and impoverished. Thousands emigrated to Canada; perhaps 20,000 to New Brunswick, then part of Nova Scotia. Among these emigrants were the Kilburns and the families into which they would marry. It was a tragic time and the Revolution has often been referred to as the country�s first Civil War.

While concentrating on the Kilburn surname, this web site also includes information on many of their spouses and their ancestors through the 19th century in New Brunswick, and before that in New England.

These Loyalists were loyal Americans before the war, and many surnames can be traced back to New Jersey, New York and New England, and some all the way to Great Britain,--England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Indeed, one can be traced to the Mayflower, three to deacons in the Anglican Church, several to Scottish clans, and some back to royalty,--Kings Henry I and II and William the Conqueror.

Below are listed the Loyalist and New England surnames available for further analysis. Just click on the surname to bring up the information page on each surname. In addition, see the author�s book Fathers and Mothers which can be purchased from the author at 6695 Terry Court, Arvada, CO 80007 and email: [email protected]. This book explores these and other related surnames in far greater detail. In addition, the author has pedigree charts and family group sheets on each surname that are available to website users.


KILBURN traced to Cpl Isaac in the Pennsylvania Loyalists

CLARK traced to indented servant William Clarke of Scotland

DAYTON traced to Ralph Dayton who came from England during the Great Migration

HAMMOND traced to Elizabeth Hammond who came from London during the Great Migration

HANSELPACKER traced to Cpl Philip Hanselpacker of the NJ Volunteers

JOSLIN traced back to Thomas of England who came over during the Great Migration

McGIBBON traced to John, father of Lt. David, British soldier from Scotland

McKEEN traced to pre-Loyalist planter William McKeen


BULKELEY traced to the Reverend who preached in Odell and arrived during the Great Migration

COOKE traced to a Saint who came on the 1620 Mayflower crossing

CUNNABELL traced to John Cunnabell of London who came to Boston before 1700 [to be developed]

JONES traced a to Deacon in England who came over during the Great Migration

Deacon LOTHROPP (Lathrop) traced back to Reverend Thomas of London who came during the great migration

MacGREGOR traced back to the MacGregors of Roro, Scotland

NEWCOMB traced back to ship's captain Andrew who arrived during the Great Migration