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I was born October 22, 1955 at St. Mary's Hospital in Hoboken, New Jersey, at 5:27 P.M. My only claim to fame is that I was born in the same hospital as Frank Sinatra, just different years.
I grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. I lived in Jersey City, New Jersey most of my life, but as a kid my father took my oldest brother and sister and I and we moved to California. We lived in Glendale, Bell, and North Hollywood. I lived there from the time I was about 5 till about 12-13 years old and then my dad and I drove from California to New Jersey.

I am currently living in The Colony Texas. I came to Texas about 15 years ago from Connecticut. I was laid off from Combustion Engineering, INC, and my wife at the time and I decided to pack and move to Texas where she had family.

I have been living in Fort Worth for the past 12 years, but moved to Denton County in 2008. I am the Democratic Precinct Chair of Precinct 222 for The Colony, Texas.

I am ALWAYS a genealogist non-stop I am always searching for family. I have been doing genealogy since the early 1980ís I have found information on my 8th great grandfather named George Killmer born 1621 from the village of Altengronau, Hessen, Germany. I am still seeking any information on the Killmer Name.
I am also connected to the Wolcott Family. My 8th Great Grandfather on that side Henry Wolcott, born December 05, 1578 in Tolland, Sommersetshire, England. I am still seeing any information on this line as well.
I am stuck on my McCarthy Line, only have my 3rd Great Grandfather Eugene McCarthy, I have no information on him just he is from Ireland. I am not sure if he made it to America, but I know his son Samuel McCarthy did. I am actively seeking any McCarthy Family information.

You can see my family tree at

I am also an amateur photographer I love talking pictures and working on creating a web site for my various types of photo. I am trying to sell Stock Photos but not having a good time of it, either I am getting scammed or they are asking for money, but I am not ready to give up, so keep an eye out for the photography web site.

You can see my Photography at