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  Hello my name is Dennis Michael Killmer.



If you would like to have you web page listed on my link page please send me an email and I would love to post it. 

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 I have posted some pictures of graves I have visited in Columbia and Dutchess Counties of New York. 

Theses are Killmer graves from the cemetery at the Gallatin Reformed Church, Founded in 1748, and the cemetery in Pines Planes New York

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Thanks to the trip to New York and finding the grave of Sara (Wolcott) Pulver has lead me to my Wolcott line.  I am a direct descendant  of Henry Wolcott that came from England to Connecticut . 

This is amazing and stressful, since I lived in Connecticut for 10 years and NEVER got to get connected to my Wolcott roots. 
My children were born in Hartford, CT
I worked for a company that was in Windsor CT and lived in Windsor Locks, CT for 10 years. 
It was not till after I left Connecticut that I found this connection. 

A Wolcott link will be appearing soon but in the mean time here are some Wolcott Pictures

Henry and Elizabeth Wolcott's Graves


New Jersey, (Hudson and surrounding counties).
New York (Dutchess and surrounding counties)
Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Altengronau, Hessen, Germany
County Tyrone Ireland
County Mayo, Ireland
Tolland, Somersetshire, England
Lydiard St. Lawrence, England

Galdon Manor, Tolland, Somerset, England

Here is the information I have on my main lines.  Please click on the Surname to view the report.

KILLMER  07/27/2005  I have updated my web pages with some new information that was given to be in the past couple of years. Now my claim to fame on these web pages is not accuracy.  This is because I have been given so much information from so many people that I cannot validate everything.  But I can tell you for the most part this is accurate.   I still have tons of information on the Killmers/ Kilmer/) and still missing some family members.

MCCARTHY     07/27/2005 - STILL  Seeking information on my McCarthy Line, I have added another Generation. 
If anyone has any information PLEASE email me directly I would love to get more information 

CONKLIN        07/027/2005 - As of this date I have still hit a brick wall.  (still seeking information)

LAFFERTY       07/027/2005 - Still seeking information.

FINN                07/027/2005 - Still seeking information 

WOLCOTT      07/027/2005 - More to come

Ancestors of Dennis Michael Killmer (English)

Ancestors of Dennis Michael Killmer (German (but some of it didn't translate))
(If someone  would like to translate the whole thing I would be greatful)


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This area of search is for a part of Genealogy for my kids.
This is their mother's side of the family.
Other Areas of Search and Surname's
Areas: Texas, England

: Swift, Kearney, Kennedy, Kane, O'Brien Shaughnessy, O'Dwyer, Sims, Fiesman, Rogers, Sheeran, Leonard, Farr, Guthrie, Lasater