My goal in setting up this website is to share the information about some families I have investigated over the years:
Each family is discussed in a separate section of the website. Each section has a Family Narative page that includes a family tree, brief histories of the ancestors of the person of interest, and links to Personal Info Pages with more details about ancestors and other relatives. You can go to the Family Narative of a section by clicking the tab at the top of any page. More information can be found by clicking the Help tab at the top of any page.

I've tried to make this information as accurate as possible but I know that it contains errors -- I just don't know where they are. I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who sees an error, has additions, or just wants to discuss something they see here. My email address is at the bottom of every page.

Wherever possible, I've used information from primary sources. I've also used secondary references that appear to be credible and that cite their sources. I've use some unsourced information as guides for my research, but I've haven't included that information on this site (not even things that "everybody knows") because I can't determine its accuracy.

For privacy reasons, this website only lists people who I know to be deceased or who were born more than 100 years ago. If you see anything you consider to be a privacy concern, let me know.

Thanks to the dozens of people who have helped me over the years. Several members of my family have helped enormously: cousin Margaret, grandmother Willie, cousins Calvin Kennedy and Alma, great aunt and uncle Mary Elizabeth and Snatch, and my parents-in-law, Paul and Wanda. Thanks also to numerous long-distance friends including Ellen Brown, Rob Norris, Ann Davis, Bennie White, Bill Utterback, Dan Siliven, Karen Davis, Jim Patterson, Lila Sandstrom, M Styborski, Pat Innes, Pearl Guy, Edward Keepers, and Rebecca Simms, all of whom gave without hesitation to help a total stranger they'll probably never meet face-to-face.

Most of all, thanks to my wife who always waits patiently while I gallop off on yet another bootless errand. I'm thunderstruck that such a smart, amazing person continues to put up with me.