Sons of the Revolution in Washington D.C. 1920 - Necrology - Part 1

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Sons of the Revolution

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District of Columbia


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Sons of the Revolution in the District of Columbia, 1915-1920

Part 1

William Kearney CARR - Admitted June 27, 1894 - Died October 7, 1915. Great-great-grandson of Jonas JOHNSTON (1740-1779); Major, North Carolina Militia, who died of wounds received at battle of Stoney Ferry 1779.

Thomas Stowell PHELPS, Jr. - Admitted April, 1892 - Died November 3, 1915. Rear-Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired) Great-great-grandson of Thomas NIXON (1736-1800); Captain 1774; Lieutenant Colonel of Minute-men 1775; Lieutenant Colonel Sixth Massachusetts Regiment 1775; Colonel, Sixth Massachusetts Regiment 1776; served until the close of the war.

Henry Lowry Emilius JOHNSON - Admitted November 5, 1898 - Died December 21, 1915. Physician. Great-great-grandson of Theophilus GOODYEAR (1731-1793); Private in Regiment commanded by Colonel William DOUGLAS, 1776; Corporal, Sixth Regiment, Connecticut Line Under same Colonel; 1777-1780, participated in battle of White Plains. (Note: Personal bio included in original document)

Charles Lawrence Gurley - Admitted January 12, 1892 - Died February 13, 1916. Office of Adjutant General of the Army, War Department. Great-grandson of Roswell POST (1753-1827); Soldier with Ethan ALLEN at Ticonderoga, and with STARK at Bennington; Private, Captain Simeon WRIGHT's Company, Colonel WARREN's Regiment, 1779; Sergeant in the same Company, 1779-1780; Clerk in Captain BLANCHARD's Company, Colonel ALLEN's Regiment, 1780; Member of Board of Selectmen of Rutland, Vermont, 1780; Clerk in Colonel LEE's Regiment, 1781; Member of Board of Selectmen of Ruttland, Vermont, 1782.

James Anthony SAMPLE - Admitted November 30, 1891 - Died June 9, 1916. Cashier, United States Treasury. Great-grandson of Joseph DeFREES (1753-1826); Ship's Carpenter on privateer; three times prisoner and twice on prison ship "Jersey." (Note: Personal bio & photograph included in original document)

Fayette Washington ROE - Admitted November 11, 1890 - Died September 28, 1916. Captain, U.S. Army (Retired). Great-grandson of John ROE (1754-1831); Minute-man, New York Line and Quartermaster, First Regiment Suffolk County Militia, Colonel William FLOYD.

Charles William WHIPPLE - Admitted June 25, 1892 - Died October 18, 1916. Major, U.S. Army (Retired). Great-grandson of David WHIPPLE (1759-1842); Private Captain WHIPPLE's Company, Fifth Massachusetts, Colonel PUTNAM's Regiment, from January 1, 1777, to December 31, 1779. Great-great-grandson of John BLUNT (----1798); a member of the New Hampshire Legislature, 1778-81.

Davis Carneal ANDERSON - Admitted November 21, 1890 - Died November 9, 1916. Stock-broker. Grandson of Richard Clough ANDERSON (1750-1826); Captain, Fifth Virginia Regiment; Major First Virginia Militia; Lieutenant-Colonel Continental Army; Brigadier-General, Virginia Militia, Aide-de-Camp to LAFAYETTE; original member of the Society of the Cincinnati.

Jesse Houck RAMSBURGH - Admitted April 17, 1916 - Died January 2, 1917. Physician. Great-great-grandson of John RAMSBURGH, Sr. (1741-1807); who was made a member of the Committee to raise $1,333, Frederick County's apportionment of $10,000, which the Provincial Convention appointed to be raised for the purchase of "Arms and Ammunition" for the War of 1776. Great-great-grandson of Peter STILLE (1748-1803); First Lieutenant, Middle District, First Battalion of Frederick County, Maryland, Captain John STONER's Company. Great-great-grandson of John HOUCK, who took the Patriot's Oath at the March Court, 1778, in Frederick County, Maryland. Great-great-great-grandson of Christian ORNDORFF (1726-1796); First Lieutenant, Second Maryland Battalion Flying Camp, 1776, Captain First Maryland, 1778, and served to close of war.

George DEWEY - Admitted December 20, 1916 - Died January 16, 1917. Admiral of the Navy. Great-grandson of William DEWEY (1746-1813); Corporal in Captain Worthy WATER's Company, Hebron Connecticut Militia "Lexington Alarm." (Note: Photograph included in original document)

Samuel Scoville PASCHAL - Admitted March 2, 1915 - Died January 17, 1917. Grandson of George PASCHAL (1760-1832); Private, Captain John HUGHES' (Fifth) South Carolina Troops of Colonel Anthony Walton WHITE's Regiment of Continental Dragoons.

David RITTENHOUSE - Admitted March 28, 1891 - Died January 29, 1917. Paying Teller, Riggs National Bank. Great-great-grandson of John BULL (1730-1824); Commissioner to treat with Indians at Easton, Pennsylvania, 1777; Adjutant-General of Pennsylvania, 1779; in command Second Brigade, Pennsylvania Militia, after General IRWIN's capture; Delegate to Provincial Conference, January and July, 1775; Member of Convention, 1776; also member of Pennsylvania Board of War.

Green Clay GOODLOE - Admitted March 29, 1890 - Died February 3, 1917. Brigadier-General, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired). Great-grandson of Green CLAY (1757-1826); Delegate to the Virginia Convention, 1778. Great-great-grandson of James SPEED (1739-1811); Lieutenant in COCKE's Militia Regiment. Great-great-grandson of Thomas LEWIS (1747-1809); First Lieutenant, Eleventh Virginia Regiment, 1778. (Note: Personal bio & photograph included in original document)

Mark Brickell KERR - Admitted April 14, 1890 - Died March 15, 1917. Great-great-grandson of Matthias BRICKELL (1710-1780); Lieutenant- COlonel Hertford County Militia of North Carolina.

George Herbert BEAMAN - Admitted April 2, 1894 - Died May 5, 1917. Attorney-at-Law. Great-grandson of Joseph BEAMAN (1733-1813); Private Benjamin HOUGHTON's Company, Massachusetts Troops.

Walter Audubon McCLURG - Admitted June 5, 1893 - Died June 15, 1917. Medical Director, U.S. Navy (Retired). Great-great-grandson of Alexander RUSSELL (1755-1836); Lieutenant, Seventh Regiment, Pennsylvania Troops, commanded by Colonel IRVINE.

Samuel Walter WOODWARD - Admitted November 7, 1899 - Died August 2, 1917. Merchant. Great-grandson of Samuel WOODWARD (1750-1815); Private, Captain Henry HUNT's Company, Colonel JONES' Regiment, 1777; Private, Captain Benjamin PLUMMER's Company, Colonel JONES' Regiment, 1779.

Duncan Clinch PHILLIPS - Admitted March 26, 1910 - Died September 13, 1917. Retired Manufacturer. Grandson of John PHILLIPS (1751-1831); Private in Captain William TUCKER's Company, Colonel Isaac SMITH's Regiment, New Jersey Militia, 1775; commissioned Ensign in Captain Joseph STOUT's Company, Second Battalion, New Jersey Continental Line, 1777; commissioned Captain in Colonel Joseph PHILLIPS' Regiment, New Jersey Militia, and served as such until close of war.

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