Kissin' Cuzens of Coosa

Kissin' Cuzens of Coosa

(Last Updated April, 2006)

The Aplin, Bateman, Collier, Cousins, Holley, McFerrin, Penton, Spiers & related families who settled in middle Alabama in the mid 1800's

(There are NO living individuals in these files. Their privacy is much more valuable than any genealogical data they may offer.)

 ..Blanche Spiers & John W. Bateman ca 1890                                                                                        Francis Ellis Bateman ca 1932..

As Blackstone Harris Bateman stated in his 1976 publication on the Bateman family, "As you well know, I am a recorder not a genealogist. What little checking I have done at the libraries is far surpassed by the contributions of interested members of the families. ...". I, also, am a recorder. The information contained herein is a result of the contributions of many different individuals, and the accuracy herein is dependent on the accuracy of each of these individuals.

The following Internet and other contacts have provided much help with the family lines indicated. I have removed individual email addresses in the interest of preventing further SPAM. Their email addresses may be found in the sources I have included in the GEDCOM at RootsWeb WorldConnect Project .

Aplin: Lynn Pierce Appling McCandless ( Lynn's Home Page), Texas.

Awalt: Margaret Awalt Hannon, Mobile, ALA.

Babb: Eileen Babb McAdams ( Elieen's Home Page), Milledgeville, GA.

Bateman: Ben Bateman, Belle Isle, FLA.; Bill Bateman, Midland, Texas; Paul Bateman, Bateman Family Assn., New Paltz, N.Y.; LaNoy Collins (LaNoy's Home Page), Ocala, FLA.; Lloyd Bateman Farabee, Orlando, FLA.; Doris Kiner Fountain; Vivian Goodman; Lew Griffin; Jerry Hunt, Cordele, GA; John Larimore, Houston, Texas; Mary Lou Laird, Elkhart, Texas; Ruth Mallory, Temple, Texas; Sherry Mize, Gulf Shores, ALA.; Esther Radcliff; Laurene Tibbs; Carol Lawrence Vidales; and Babs Bateman Whitmire, Jackson, ALA.

Bateman Note:  There is a Bateman DNA project which can be accessed at:  This project has indicated that Jesse Bateman (b. 1750-55, NC; d. 1807, Twiggs Co., GA) and Thomas Bateman (b. 29 Jan 1755, Bedford Co., VA; d. BEF 1850, Greene Co., MISS) shared a common ancestor.  The project is interested in any other male Batemans participating, especially any that may be related to the Jesse/Thomas Bateman line.

Bruner: Margaret Awalt Hannon, Mobile, ALA.

Buckelew: The Bucklew Family Association ( Buckelew Home Page) and the late Gerry Green, Nursery, Texas and her publication Mary's People - The Buckelews, 1985.

Bush: Ray Isbell.

Burt: Barbara Goodson ( Burt Home Page), Tennessee; Pat Holloway, Tennessee; Larry W. Nobles and the Autauga Co., ALA. Genealogical Society, Prattville, ALA.; and the many contributors to the [email protected] mailing list.

Champion: the late Gerry Green, Nursery, Texas and her publication Mary's People - The Buckelews, 1985; Margaret Awalt Hannon, Mobile, ALA.; and Barber Varner, El Lago, Texas.

Collier: Linda Blankenship, Wetumpka, ALA.; Meredith Clapper; William C. Collier, Augusta, GA.; Larry Duncan, Albany, GA.; The Collier-Colquitt Genealogical Database and and Jerry C. Farris.

Cousins: Ronald Darren Altom; Linda Blankenship, Wetumpka, ALA.; Lynn Campbell, Muskogee, OKLA.; Annie Cousins Brown, Clearwater, FLA.; Darlene Sherman Cousins, Goose Creek, S.C.; John E. Enslen, Wetumpka, ALA.; Doris Padgett, Baton Rouge, LA.; James Palmer, Eufaula, ALA.; Sara Cousins Sellers, Montgomery, ALA.; Eileen Babb McAdams (Eileen's Home Page), Milledgeville, GA; Linda Cousins Winslager, Texas; and Ardell Cousins Woods, Eclectic, ALA.

Finley: Elaine Hendricks, Dadeville, ALA.

Gilliland: Bruce Gilliland and Mary Gilliland Sharp, Lynn Haven, FLA.

Guice: C. Preston Guice, New Carrollton, MD. and Barbara Tuttle.

Hawkins: Lygia Dawkins Cutts and Mary Ann Nichols.

Henderson and McFerrin: Margaret Awalt Hannon, Mobile, ALA.

Murchison: Randy Thomas.

Paisley: Elaine Hendricks, Dadeville, ALA.

Penton: Christine Bonoyer; Kenneth Brown, Texas; Elaine Hendricks, Dadeville, ALA.; Daniel Troy Penton, Tallahasse, FLA.; Sara Cousins Sellers, Montgomery, ALA.; and Barber Varner, El Lago,Texas.

Shaw: Elaine Hendricks, Dadeville, ALA.

Snider: Orangeburgh, SC German-Swiss Genealogical Society (Society's Home Page) and Randy Thomas, Virginia Beach, VA.

Spiers: Jeanette Martin, Telfair Co., GA.; Andy & Susan Galt; Elaine McConnell; Andrea McDevitt; Bernice Davis Spier, FLA. and Reginald Speir, Philadelphia, PA.

Strozier, Sweatt and Wright: Margaret Awalt Hannon, Mobile, ALA.

The connection between Jesse BATEMAN (and his assumed brothers/nephews, Claiborne & William BATEMAN) to Thomas BATEMAN, Sr. or Thomas BATEMAN, Jr. (other than the DNA connection between the ancestors of Jesse and Thomas, Jr.) is not certain. Most of the other lines have been confirmed.

To View the Cuzens GEDCOM at RootsWeb WorldConnect Project:

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Thanks to the efforts of Vivian Goodman, Mary Lou Laird, Ruth Mallory, Sherry Mize and Laurene Tibbs some wills of the NC & other Batemans are available. To view these select the following: Some Bateman Wills

I also have posted the federal census information on the Georgia Batemans 1820-1850. To view this select the following: BATEMANs in the 1820-1850 Georgia Federal Census

I have also transcribed the wills of Vines Collier & his son John Collier. To view these select the following: Wills of Vines Collier & his son, John

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