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To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it. - Martin Luther King.

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100 Year Forecasts - 6 videos on climate change. 27.9.2020.

What would a Green New Deal look like in Aotearoa? 17.9.2020.

NZ's energy-related emissions would halve tomorrow if we did not deyhydrate
cows milk to make powder to export.

'Cow Farts Are Not the Problem - It's the burps' 17.8.2020.
 Cattle only contribute to 4% of U.S. total emissions, much less than overall 
global statistics. Emissions by global livestock herds make up 14.5% of 
greenhouse gas emissions, cattle producing about 62% of the total. 

1st national picture of the risks New Zealand faces from climate change.3.8.2020
* identifies 43 priority risks covering all aspects of life from our ecosystems
& and communities to buildings and the financial system 
* groups risks according to five value domains: natural environment, human, 
economy, built environment, and governance
* identifies the 10 most significant risks that require urgent action in the 
next six years to reduce their impacts 
* lays the foundation for a national adaptation plan 
  Risks include cost of disaster relief, lost productivity & fishing, social hurt.

Our climate declaration. We, people of Aotearoa, commit to urgently transforming
society to achieve climate stability for future generations. We will create a 
climate-safe Aotearoa, based on economic fairness, democracy, respect for 
human rights and the intent of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, where we live in harmony 
with Nature and with each other. 17.7.2020

Climate change toll from two droughts tops $800m. 17.6.2020

Support Climate Action - donate to Forest & Bird.
5 metre waves in Wellington shows need for managed retreat. Tamatha Paul says
$7bn private property & $1bn council property at risk. - DomPost 17.4.2020

NZ is currently overshooting its targets by between 4 & 15 million tonnes
of greenhouse emissions a year. Cutting 15 million tonnes of CO2 would be the 
equivalent to taking three million cars off the road for a year. 18.2.2020.

Polluters making 'windfall gains' from scheme to reduce emissions. 16.2.2020

West Coasters decimating their wetlands. 8.2.2020.
Coastal erosion. Fund to tackle rising sealevels in limbo. DomPost 1.2.2020
[email protected]

Wellington will have 16 times as many heatwave days by 2100.-DomPost 17.12.2019

Since 1990 NZ's Emissons have risen by 64%. Only 38% of New Zealand Rivers are 
swimmable. We are in the middle of a mass extinction. In 2016, Wellington had 
59 zero carbon buses. Now it has 10. NZ's Commercial Fishing is not 
Mike Joy. 'Polluted Inheritance', Bridget Williams Books p27-28.
Link 1
 Link 2
 Link 3

Newsletter of Climate Justice Aoteroa c .10.2019.
On the Zero Carbon Act by Russel Norman, Greenpeace NZ: 'this polluter's pact
between reactionary farming lobby groups & the govt is the opposite of climate
action... big agribusiness whose only interest is protecting its profits...
This pln will see the NZ taxpayer subsidising ag'l emissions for the next 5 
years. the IPCC says we have just 11 years lefto in which to dramaticall cut
global emissions... This is the ugly face of realpolitik from an admin'n that 
seems to care more about ending up in opppostion than it does about climate
catastrophe. It may discover both will come to pass.' -p19 DomPost 25.10.2019.

Dear Jacinda, this is an emergency. - Extinction Rebellion 14.10.2019.
Climate change, pollution & fishing are devastating our marine ecosystems.
NIWA principal scientist Dr Matt Pinkerton said the report by Ministry for the
Environment & Stats NZ should be a call-to-arms to protect the environment 
before it is too late. -p8 DomPost 18.10.2019.

3000 Dunedin homes are less than 50cm above sealevel. 
If the permafrost melts it could release 10s to 100s of bns of tons of CH4/CO2
with irreversible effects. By 2100 sealevel will rise by 43cm-1m.
-p20 DomPost 27.9.2019.

Bolsonaro dismisses report on deforestation of Brazil by Nat. Inst. for Space
Research as a lie, & fires its head. - 5.8.2019 Climate Home News.

Wellington's optimistic .6m sea-level rise figure for this century has been 
ditched. The new estimate is 1.5m. C'r Lee believes council needs to change its
District Plan & land information memorandums (Lims) to reflect this.
- p3 Wellington Dominion Post 2.8.2019.

Rising sealevels threaten coastal communities the length of NZ.-DomPost 6.7.2019

'Petone may become a water-logged memory due to' cc.
An interactive sea level mapping tool of GW. - Dom Post p A7 29.6.2019.
".. in the early 1990s came the World Scientists Warning to Humanity followed up
by a more strident Second Warning to Humanity..
.. if we don't radically change the way we live the planet the planet will soon
no longer support us..
  We are burning 80% more coal now than we were as recently as the year 2000. 
Looking around, the impacts of this fossil fuel largesse on the climate and 
thus the planet are obvious; in the last 22 years we have had the warmest 20 
years on record, the ice loss from Antarctica is 6 times higher than it was 
when I was a child and the Arctic ocean has lost 95% of its old ice in that 
period..  the world economy remains hopelessly coupled to fossil fuel use.. 
Robert McLachlan from Massey University showed we must reduce greenhouse gas 
emissions by 6% per year from now until 2050 to have a hope.
Given that GDP is inextricably locked to greenhouse gas emissions, achieving 
that reduction would require a 6% per year reduction in GDP. You would think 
this reality would have economists worked-up, but they seem oblivious. 
Will we just march on to the inevitable collapse?
The only change I see is a ramping up of rhetoric about making change. Despite 
dozens of international conferences on fossil fuel reduction and even an 
international treaty that came into force in 1994, human-made greenhouse gas 
emissions are still rising. The agreements sound splendid, but they are 
unenforceable, they have no verification requirements and they do not require 
anything remotely close to the level of change needed to avoid catastrophe. 
Worse, they engender a false feeling among much of the public that the problem 
is being dealt with. 
In a few hundred years we have expended energy which was stored up over 
millions of years. In doing this we have grossly overshot the Earth's carrying 
capacity. Every year we have an extra 90 million people on the planet. That 
means 90 million more mouths to feed, 90 million more to house and supply with 
consumer goods mostly made from non-renewable resources. Take away fossil fuels, 
and we no longer have the ability to do this. Fossil fuels reserves are like a 
battery that was charged over millions of years, which we are recklessly 
discharging in a few decades..
one big reason the required changes are not made is because people are not 
aware of how bad things are, and thus resist the required change. Thus, 
politicians and policy makers avoid the required changes, because they know 
they will be rejected by voters.."
".. the World Scientists Warning to Humanity
followed up last year by a more strident Second Warning to Humanity 
this time signed by 25,000 scientists. Both warnings unambiguously declared 
that if we don't radically change the way we live the planet the planet will 
soon no longer support us. - Mike Joy, VUW. See p27 Dom Post 20.3.2019.

 'The invading sea - coastal hazard & climate change in Aotearoa NZ', 
by Neville Peat. The Cuba Press, 2018.
  This book systematically reviews the complex processes of our coastal erosion
and its impact on us all, and how to prepare for the impacts of rising oceans
and earthquake tilt. 
 Recall that in 2012 Kapiti council notified 1800 properties that they were in 
a hazard zone. A public outcry at those seeing their property values reduced, 
forced a judicial review which made the council remove this hazard from their 
LIM reports! Similarly in Christchurch in 2015 6000 properties were deemed 
susceptible to erosion & 18000 at risk of flooding. The government responded by
making an Order in Council directing the city remove coastal erosion & 
inundation provision from the district plan review process!
 In 2014-17 the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment released 3
reports, on rising seas, climate change, & policies around coastal hazard
adaptation in NZ, each with grave implications. Maps of the big cities showed
areas within .5 metres of mean high water. In 2015 her recommendations included
1) put planning for sea-level rise into a National Policy of Natural Hazards;
3) Ministry for the Environment needs to update their guidance to council more
frequently on sea-level rise projections of IPCC;
5) Give councils best estimates of sea-level rise rather than worst case.
6) Guide councils how to engage coastal communities. Consult on trigger points
for change & avoid surprises in LIM reports.
8) Establish a govt working group  to assess the economic & financial 
implications of sea-level rise.
  Central & local govt will face pleas for increasing financial assistance.
Managed retreat is better than building ever bigger defences vs a rising sea.
  Govt response was slow & tentative. Some issues are addressed by the 11
National Science Challenges of MBIE, matching scientists, industry & community
to work out how to manage risks. In 2016 a Climate Change Adaptation Technical
Working Group was formed from central & local govt. Its 2017 report warns that
climate-change adaptation has to be factored into infrastructure decisions.
Its 2018 report has 21 key actions: we need a plan for high-risk areas with 4
approaches to managing coastal hazard - avoid, accomodate, retreat & defend.
Overseas 1.3 mn in 22 countries have been relocated.
 The time to reign in our greenhouse gas emissions & for adapting to coastal
hazards - is now.

NZ - the 1st country to put a price on methane emissions? 13.7.2018.

The answer to clean, affordable power lies in the oil and gas ban. 22.6.2018.
Electricity prices are based on the cost of the most expensive form - coal and 
gas-fired electricity. So when dirty fuels are burning, our power prices go up.
 This system led to a ten-fold increase in wholesale prices in May's cold snap.

Zero Carbon Bill Consultation Opens. 8.6.2018.
For help see

Low-emissions Economy - Submissions on Draft Report. 8.6.2018.
eg Wise Response says it is not comprehensive and is misleading without 
an adequate plan for transitioning to a low carbon emissions economy.

Getting to Zero carbon emissions achievable. 27.4.2018.
Comment on The NZ Productivity Commission's draft report by 8.6.2018 using
 tel 04 903 5167 [email protected]
See also
 Recommends reform the Emissions Trading Scheme rather than use a carbon tax
Establish a Climate Commission. Include agriculture, legislate targets, use
short-term budgets, ... Summary on p409.

Guidance for local government on preparing for climate change. 6.6.2018.

The likely impacts of climate change on NZ coastal areas
& how central and local government are preparing for these impacts. 15.12.2017.

A 10 cm rise in sea level in Wellington changes the probability of a 1 in 100 
year chance to a 1 in 20, making a property uninsurable & unmortgageable. This 
will make expensive beachfront properties cheap. - Sunday Star Times pA2 28.1.2018.

ebikes take off. (Wellington Electric Bikes.) - DomPost pA3 25.1.2018.
Electrified has 5 stores.

The State of the Planet address by Greens leader James Shaw, 25.1.2018.
- The earth's mammals, birds & fish declined 58% 1970-2012. - 239 mn ha of 
natural forest lost since 1990. - 3/4 of NZ's native fish, 1/3 of invertebrates
& 1/3 of plants at risk of extinction. - We overshoot the earth's carrying 
capacity by 1.6 of its resources every year. -8 mn tons of plastic are dumped
in ocean pa. Kiwis use 1.6 bn single-use plastic bags pa. - the world uses 1 mn
plastic bottles/minute. The average kiwi uses 168 plastic bottles pa. 
- Greenhouse gases are at 400 ppmn. -There are 65 mn forcibly displaced persons
of whom 22 mn are refugees. -767 mn live on less that 42/day. Inequality rises.

The likely impacts of climate change on NZ coastal areas
& how central and local government are preparing for these impacts. 15.12.2017.

The Environment Ministry has rubbished NZ's clean green image & poked holes in 
the Emissions Trading Scheme. Natural resources have been pushed to 'critical
boundaries' by exporting raw material... - DomPost pA4 8.12.2017.

Fonterra burns more than half of all New Zealand's coal. Under current policy
settings, net emissions will rise a further 58% by 2030. 
- Prof Robert McLachlan 6.12.2017.

Summer Scorcher: Tasman Sea a 'Bath with the Hot Tap on'. 6.12.2017.
A whopping 60C more than they normally are in early December.

State of Our Atmosphere and Climate - full report to be released 19.10.2017.
 See also this link. 

Climate Change Policy of the Green Party. 

New coastal hazards report reveals inconvenient truths National is hiding
about climate change. ... a grim picture for low-lying coastal areas in NZ.
NIWA in 2015 estimated that if a climate change sea level danger zone was 
doubled to 3m below the high water spring mark, replacement costs for buildings
alone would be $52 billion on 2011 prices.

'Govt sits on climate warnings. Protection of coast from rising seas
has to start now.' $19b in buildings & 2000km of road are at risk. 
- Dom Post pA4 3.9.2017. Why has the govt sat on this Ministry for Envt report?

Light rail. 24.8.2017.

Wellington will get significantly warmer, new climate change report. 7.8.2017.

Embed climate change targets into law! - Commissioner for the Environment. 2.8.2017.
 See also here

and here.

Action Plan for Sensible Climate Decision-Making. 2.8.2017.

Our Best Shot at Meeting Paris Goals? Make Energy Public. 11.7.2017.
Minister for Climate Change Issues to be taken to court June 26-28 for unlawful
emissions reduction targets by [email protected] 
via Ellen Blake [email protected] - email 4.6.2017 posted on sustwelltrans.

Our Climate Declaration. A future where our climate is protected.
We can create this future by opposing the damaging things that are happening, 
and inventing, creating and supporting the positive alternatives.
- Launched 17.6.2017. [email protected]

New Zealand's gross emissions have increased 24% from 1990.
-Tieke ECO News, 31.5.2017.

Charting the path for NZ's decarbonisation. - p14 of ecolink for Jan-April 2017.
Tourists come to NZ to experience our landscapes. Its integrity determines how
many will continue to come. They paid $1 bn in taxes here in 2016, 3 times 
DOC's budget. Climate change needs to be mitigated. -Dr Martin Callinan,
DomPost 3.5.2017.

The Zero Carbon Act framework is uniquely suited to cross-party agreement.
It sets out legally-mandated outcomes and process,
without prescribing specific policies. It combines long-term clarity
on policy direction with flexibility in its delivery. 27.4.2017 

13.4.2017 Net Zero in NZ, by Vivid Economics, looks at pathways for NZ to achieve
zero net greenhouse gas emissions. Debated by parliament. -13.4.2017 DomPost A11.

Auckland Council voted to divest from coal, oil and gas! 11.4.2017 

Greenpeace's Russel Norman & 2 others swam in front of the Statoil/Chevron oil
exploration ship,becoming the 1st charged under the Crown Minerals Act using 
the so-called 'Anadarko Amendment' designed to criminalise peaceful protest at 
sea. This law was described by Peter Williams QC as 'brutal, repressive and 
anti-New Zealand'.
"We are the generation that ends the age of oil." 13.4.2017.

Join the call for Climate Action beyond politics.
Calling all political parties to pass a new law to get New Zealand on track for
a safe climate future, powered by 100% renewable, clean energy. 12.4.2017.

'NZ needs a climate plan.' Our emissions continue to rise. We need to bring
farming into the Emissions Trading Scheme. One option is to cut our national
dairy herd. Our old dirty cars give high transport emissions. We have very 
large spending on roads & unusually low petrol tax. - Editorial DomPost 
reporting on OECD & MPs reports. 24.3.2017.

NZ is failing abysmally to progress on agricultural greenhouse gases.
We are failing to grasp opportunities. - Rod Oram Sunday Star Times 19.3.2017.

'Blind & selfish spin trumps science'. Public buyin to climate science has 
weakened due to power of 'business & political leaders with very real vested 
interests'. - Jonathan Milne's Editorial, Sunday Star Times 12.3.2017.

Why the fuel company Z is fighting for action on emissions. DomPost A9 29.11.2016.

Powering Potential, Royal Society of NZ to bring students to make 
recommendations on climate change, 12-15.12.2016, Wellington. -NZH 2.11.2016.

'Government accused of cooking forestry carbon credit books.' Hiding emissions
via creative accounting. Morgan Foundation Report via DomPost 3.11.2016.

'Our government is unethical, dishonest & lazy on agricultural emissions.'
'The government is deeply deceitful. It is setting NZ up for grave economic &
reputational damage.' 'Our government has excluded agriculture from the 
Emissions Trading Scheme. This relieves farmers of the need to change while 
dumping the financial burden of their inaction on other sectors, taxpayers &
consumers.' 'We can turn agricultue from our worse climate chaange liability
into our most profitable low carbon opportunity.' - Rod Oram, Sunday StarTimes 
page D12 30.10.2016.

Climate Change and Business Conference 11-12.10.2016.
Organisers: Environmental Defence Society.
 The leading [NZ] climate change conference for business, governments and civil
society. ...  transitioning to a low carbon economy.

Fresh Focus Needed on Climate Change Governance
By Gary Taylor of Environmental Defence Society. 22.9.2016.

Dirty NZ Steel needs to come clean. 19.8.2016.

Climate Cheats II: The Dozen Dirty Businesses: NZ Steel, BP, Z, Caltex, Genesis
were the biggest users of fraudulent units.  19.8.2016.

Climate Cheats showed that NZ was the biggest user of fraudulent carbon credits
 from Ukraine and Russia.
The Government responded saying that they didn't purchase the credits, 
companies did. This is despite NZ being the only Emissions Trading Scheme in 
the world that allowed the use of these units from 2013-2015. 19.8.2016.

Transitions to a Warmer World, by Kiwi Dr Robert Howell, August 2016.
Government ends 1 for 2 subsidy of fossil fuels Emissions Trading Scheme.
28.5.2016 Dom. Post.

A letter on Wellington public transport by Chris Horne. 17.4.2016.
Govt cheated on international climate commitments. 16.4.2016.
A large share of the units the National Government allowed to be traded in NZ 
have been described as fake by Stockholm Environment Institute.
The National Government's claims it made substantial cuts to climate 
pollution in the past eight years are finally being outed as false.

- thanks to

ECO - 41 years as an environmental coalition.
To subscribe to ECO's newsletter email [email protected] with the header
"subscribe Tieke"

Time of Useful Consciousness: Acting Urgently on Climate Change.
A book by Chapman, R. (2015). Wellington, New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books.
The speed with which the storm is gathering leaves little time for 
complacency or half-hearted action if we are to retain a democratic future.
Our climate is changing, in ways that will have long-term impacts for us and 
for our children. Yet still we fail to take meaningful action. Why? And when 
will it be too late?
For more, read here.

Towards a warmer world. What climate change will mean for NZ's future.
Veronika Meduna, 2015.

Climate Justice Aotearoa gives many important links on the Paris talks and more. 14.12.2015
Love our trolley buses. .10.2015 
 ANZ Bank is funding the 2015 New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals Summit;
as well as continuing funding of fossil fuel extraction projects.
How does this reconcile with this claim by them? 'ANZ is responding to climate 
change because it poses potentially serious risks, not only to the environment 
and our way of life, but also to the economy and more particularly, our clients.' 

Towards a warmer world: what climate change will mean for New Zealand's future
 2015 by Veronika Meduna. 
"Radio New Zealand science writer Veronica Meduna explores our future in a 
warmer world. Beginning with lessons from our ancient geological past, drawing 
on current observations and increasingly sophisticated climate models to 
explain a range of climate change impacts and possible end-of-century scenarios
for New Zealand. Distorted ecosystems, extreme weather, new landscapes and 
adapted foods are just some of the likely changes that amount to a radically 
different future for our country".

Dirty diesel buses are the problem, not the clean trolleys, say two councillors. 13.6.2014

A 2013 report to Wellington City Council. 'a valuable starting point for planning 
for the future of Wellington, and the impact of sea level rise and storm surge.'

'Another very clever (engagement/awareness) tool we have developed
is a GIS mapping tool, which allow the user to dial-in different SLR scenarios 
and see graphically the impact to our CBD and suburbs.'
 - Thanks to WCC Councillor David Lee  24.3.2019.
 Climate Justice Taranaki is a community group dedicated to justice, resistance, 
education and positive action at the front lines of climate change.  

The Clean Country Coalition - a website linking local and regional groups
committed to a fossil fuel free future. 
  See link on RHS to Fracking Research. Dr Volz on leaky wells: eventually all 
wells leak as cement shrinks. 
 And a link there to 'Key Risks Fracking Briefing' (discussion paper collating 
peer reviewed evidence prepared by Anglican Diocese of Canterbury, 26.3.2012). 


 GRETA THUNBERG - No one is too small to make a difference. 21.12.2019.
Our house is on fire. There are no grey areas when it comes to survival.
We are in the middle of the 6th global extinction. 
Our future was stolen from us so a small number of people could make a huge
amount of money.
 - Available as an audiobook. What is the link to her TED talk?

Europe's Green Deal offshores environmental damage to other nations. 2020

Rethinking Energy 2020 - 2030. 2020

How the Young Climate Movement Has Grown Since Greta Thunberg's Lone Protest 31.8.2020

What Will It Take to Prioritise Climate Change? 26.8.2020

Emission reductions fall far short of what we need to uphold the Paris Agreement. 

Crisis Management 101: Treating the Climate Crisis Like a Pandemic. 12.8.2020

Ireland's Supreme Court says the govts climate policies are not up to the job.4.8.2020

Ireland forced to strengthen climate plan, in supreme court win for campaigners. 31.7.2020

Ireland's sensational climate plan. By Robert McLachlan. 2020
Their 5-yearly carbon budgets are legally binding.

Why George Monbiot joined XR protests. 2020

George Monbiot -climate breakdown by food industry. 2020
At current rate of soil loss we have 50 harvests left - UN.

Disgusting attack on renewables. 10.7.2020
For years, hundreds of clean, renewable energy projects have been kickstarted 
by ARENA - the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. It's pumped billions into 
our economy, created thousands of jobs and put us well on the way to becoming 
a renewable energy superpower. But now, that might all be about to change 
thanks to a dangerous new attack from the Federal Government. Not only do they 
want to strip ARENA's funding, but they want to hijack its mandate to force it 
to fund dirty fossil fuel extraction like gas drilling. 

UK Citizens Climate Assembly Backs Green Pandemic Recovery and Lifestyle Shift. 23.6.2020

3 Years and $3 Trillion Could Shift the Climate Change Narrative. 18.6.20

The Russian Arctic Circle experienced a high of 30C degrees this week. 11.6.20
That means a possible long fire summer with a lot of forest destruction.

How a Kenyan climate change documentary inspired the world. 2.6.20

One billion people will live in insufferable heat within 50 years. 5.5.2020

Huge Wildfires In Siberia Right Now. c30.4.2020
 5 million acres of forest and grassland are ablaze in Russia. California ...
The Amazon dry season could be worse than last year's dangerous fire season.

Meteorologists say 2020 on course to be hottest year since records began. 30.4.2020

IMF chief: $1 trillion post-coronavirus stimulus must tackle climate crisis. 29.4.2020

US to have Major Floods on Daily Basis Unless Sea-Level Rise is Curbed 15.4.2020

Bezos to commit $10b to fight climate change. p25 DomPost 19.2.2020.

10 videos on climate change you can watch right now:
 An Inconvenient Truth
 An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
 Years of Living Dangerously
 Chasing Ice
 Chasing Coral
 Before the Flood
 Dear Future Generations: Sorry
 The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it
 School strike for climate - save the world by changing the rules
 Climate Change- The Facts.  - 4.3.2020.

Climate Change is Drying Up the Colorado River, Putting Millions at Risk
of Severe Water Shortages. 26.2.2020.

JP Morgan, the world's largest financier of fossil fuels, warn climate crisis
is threat to human race. 26.2.2020.

Human emissions of fossil methane have been underestimated by up to 40%. 26.2.2020.

The dead sea / Tasmania's underwater forests disappearing in our lifetime. 26.2.2020.
Jeff Bezos to donate $10 billion to climate action. But in 2018 Amazon emitted 
44 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents into the atmosphere - 
roughly equal to the annual emissions of Norway. As its employees have 
complained, Amazon Web Services still goes after the oil and gas industry. 2.20.

SumOfUs has 15 million members. 15.2.2020.

Adopt a carbon tax to protect tropical forests. 12.2.2020.

By 2100, 13 million in the US could be forced to move inland. 7.2.2020.

Even if the world manages to keep to the Paris Agreement goal of limiting
global mean temperatures to 2 °C above pre-industrial levels, climate change is
coming. The best way to protect ourselves from its effects is to drastically 
cut our emissions by deploying renewables, electrification, and energy
-efficiency measures. But we'll also need to adapt to the changes that are 
coming. c12.2.2020

Congress Adopts Exxon Mobil-Backed Law Promoting New Gas Pipeline. 7.2.2020

We have the vaccine for climate disinformation. 2.2.2020

Central Banks Warn of Financial Crisis from Climate Change. 31.1.2020.

4 Encouraging Ways Climate Politics Went Mainstream in 2019. 27.1.2020
Australia's Wildfires Part of a Vicious Cycle of Food & Fire. 1.2020

Looming climate disaster. In 2019 the oceans reached their highest temperature.
-DomPost 15.1.2020.

13 Australian animal and bird species may become locally extinct 14.1.2020
following the devastating bushfires.

US listed climate activist group as extremists alongside mass killers. 13.1.2020

Australia is Being Burned Alive. 4.1.2020.
There is nothing natural about the disaster that has claimed 24 lives, 
1516 homes and 11.3 million acres of land. 

Scientists warned that global warming risked making Australia's fire season
start earlier, finish later and become more intense. 
A 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that in 
SE Australia, the frequency of very high and extreme fire danger days is likely to rise 4-25% by 2020 and 15-70% by 2050. 
2019 had been OZ's warmest and driest year on record. 
December's mean temperature was 3.21C warmer than the average for the month;
Oz warmed 1.4 times faster than the global average.
But pro-coal Prime Minister Morrison has denied the link between climate change.
His "$2bn AUS fund is another ad hoc measure without a clear long term strategy
to address climate change. Nor is it anywhere close to enough." - Merzian.
The Australia Institute has called on the creation of a National Climate 
Disaster Fund, which would be financed by a $1 AUS levy for every tonne of CO2 
resulting from the production of coal, gas and oil in the country. The levy 
could raise $1.5bn pa. This modest levy would help shift the economic burden to
the coal and gas companies that are fuelling the climate crisis.
 A 2017 analysis by Deloitte Access Economics found natural disasters cost Oz 
$9bn per year on average. The cost could reach $27bn per year by 2050.
 Swiss Re, one of the world's largest insurance companies, found direct 
economic losses only represent a fraction of the true economic impact. Across 
the world, the economic cost of wildfire has increased in recent decades. 
In 2017, direct economic losses from wildfires amounted to $21bn worldwide - up
from $6bn in 2016. - Climate Home News 11.1.2020.

A staggering 1 billion animals are now estimated dead in Australia's fires.
A gay bar is holding a 12-hour drag event to raise funds for Australia's deadly
bushfires. The blaze has already killed a billion animals and destroyed over 25
million acres of land. 9.1.2020

2019 2nd warmest year on record, ends hottest decade yet - Climate Home News 8.1.2020

Australia is on fire and their Prime Minister is so beholden to corporations 
he cant bring himself to admit that there's a climate crisis. WTF! 6.1.2020

UN scientists say reclaiming wasteland can capture enough carbon to halt
Climate Change for 20 Years. 4.1.2020

Anthropogenic climate change has become so large that it exceeds even
daily weather variability at the global scale.  - Washington Post 3.1.2020

Netherlands Court Rules Emissions Reductions a Human Right. 20.12.2019
Closes 14 March 2021

 The Uninhabitable Earth, 2019, by David Wallace-Wells. 
A terrifying rundown of the horrors which await in an ever-warming world. With 
poetic brilliance, Wallace-Wells draws from the latest research in climate 
science to give us an elegant final warning. Runaway wildfires, submerged 
cities, polluted air and global pandemics - these and other climate-induced 
catastrophes not only await in the very near future but in some cases have 
already arrived. 
 Consider just 1 point - The Paris climate agreement's goals are hopelessly 
optimistic. The main objective was to keep global average temperatures below 
2C higher than pre-industrial levels. We're going to smash right through this 
ceiling. The UN IPCC 2018 report states that if governments take aggressive 
action on global warming now, and immediately enact all policy changes agreed 
to in Paris, we'll probably still get an increase of 3.2C. Currently, no 
industrial country is even close to enacting all the policy changes. So our new
best-case scenario looks pretty bleak. If countries woke up tomorrow and 
miraculously met Paris emissions targets, the world's ice sheets would still 
collapse within our lifetime. This would eventually cause over a hundred cities
to flood, including Miami, Shanghai and Hong Kong. At 3C, southern Europe would
be in permanent drought, and the annual area of the United States scorched by 
wildfire would increase by 600 percent. Remember, this is an optimistic view.
  (Estimating a worst-case scenario by 2100, the UN put forward the staggering 
figure of 8 degrees. At this temperature, equatorial regions become completely 
uninhabitable. Huge firestorms would devastate our forests. Two-thirds of the 
world's cities would flood, and tropical disease would thrive in what we once 
called the Arctic.)
 We think of Earth as a gradual, almost lethargic system which takes millions 
of years to change. This is a dangerous fallacy. More than half of carbon 
emissions have come in the last three decades and the overwhelming majority 
since World War II. The planet has been brought to its knees within a single 
generation - and that the task of saving it rests solely on our shoulders now.

    Some points from the intro:
  The 1997 Kyoto meeting considered a 2C increase a catastrophe. The Marshall
Islands Foreign Minister called in genocide. In the 20 years since, we've 
produced more emissions than in the 20 years before. 
  The last IPCC report says that even if we implement the Paris Accord, we'll 
likely heat 3.2C, melting the icesheets. The current model may estimate warming
in 2100 by 50%. Slashing emissions may still bring 4-5C. At 2C, 400 mn more 
people will suffer water shortage, & major equitorial regions will be 
unliveable. There will be 32 x as many heatwaves in India & they will last 5x
as long. At 3C, Southern Europe will be in permanent drought. Droughts in N
Africa will last 5 years longer. At 4C, Latin America alone will have 8 mn more
cases of dengue. River floods will grow 30/20/60 x in Bangladesh/India/UK.
Global damage could pass $600 trn. Even if we stop at @C by 2100, our 
atmosphere will have 500ppm C. This last happened 16/60? mn years ago when the 
planet was 5-8C warmer, raising the sea 130m. CC cant be reversed. It will
outlive all of us. The worst outcomes will be so long from now that we discount
them- in fact for longer than humans have been around. The UN says that on
today's path we'll be 4.5C warmer by 2100. 1 Nobel Prize winner estimates there
is a 1 in 3 chance we'll exceed the UN's worst case scenario.  At 4C the world
will be in a permanent food deficit. 2017 Hurrican Harvey was a 1 in 500,000
year event - the 3rd since 2015. Normal has ended.

 NASA's website on global warming and climate change.
shows planetary boundaries, & how vast the possibilities of doom are.
 Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet 2015 
by G Wagner and M Weitzman.
Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs the Climate, 2014. 
 "A brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon 
the core "free market" ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, 
and remake our political systems. In short, either we embrace radical change 
ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world. 
The status quo is no longer an option. In This Changes Everything Naomi Klein 
argues that climate change isn't just another issue to be neatly filed between 
taxes and health care. It's an alarm that calls us to fix an economic system 
that is already failing us in many ways. Klein meticulously builds the case 
for how massively reducing our greenhouse emissions is our best chance to 
simultaneously reduce gaping inequalities, re-imagine our broken democracies, 
and rebuild our gutted local economies. She exposes the ideological desperation
of the climate-change deniers, the messianic delusions of the would-be 
geoengineers, and the tragic defeatism of too many mainstream green initiatives. 
And she demonstrates precisely why the market has not--and cannot--fix the 
climate crisis but will instead make things worse, with ever more extreme and 
ecologically damaging extraction methods, accompanied by rampant disaster 
capitalism. Klein argues that the changes to our relationship with nature and 
one another that are required to respond to the climate crisis humanely should
not be viewed as grim penance, but rather as a kind of gift--a catalyst to 
transform broken economic and cultural priorities and to heal long-festering 
historical wounds. And she documents the inspiring movements that have already
begun this process: communities that are not just refusing to be sites of 
further fossil fuel extraction but are building the next, regeneration-based 
economies right now. Can we pull off these changes in time? Nothing is certain.
 Nothing except that climate change changes everything. And for a very brief 
time, the nature of that change is still up to us."

How to talk about climate change with family and friends. 20.12.2019
Respect your conversational partner and find common ground
Enjoy it
Ask question
Listen, and show you've heard
Tell your story
Action makes it easier (but doesn't fix it)
Learn from your conversational partner
Keep going and keep connected.

Some figures from Our final shot at mitigating climate change:

A Decade or Two Left to Stop Our Worlds From Ending. 22.12.2019
To stop the intertwined threats of ecological, economic, and political collapse.

10 million children are at risk due to air pollution from the fires,
which have raged since July and are calculated to have released .36 billion 
tonnes of CO2 1.8-18.9.2019. In Malaysia and Indonesia .. destroying the 
habitat of endangered species like the Sumatran orangutans and rhinos. - 17.12.2019.

Victoria Falls dries to a trickle after worst drought in a century. 7.12.2019.

Oz is the 3rd biggest fossil fuel exporter, has high emissions
and plans to use a loophole to meet its Cop25 pledges.  - 6.12.2019.

Not slashing emissions? See you in court.
A pioneer in sustainable innovation explains why she has spent the past decade 
fighting the first lawsuit to force a government to act on global heating. 
Nature 576, 379-381 (2019) doi: 10.1038/d41586-019-03841-5

Cement Has a Carbon Problem. Here Are Some Concrete Solutions. 21.11.2019

All New Rooftops Must Be Covered in Plants or Solar Panels in France. 12.11.2019

At a 1.4% leak rate, natural gas is more harmful than burning coal
over a 20-year period. 7.11.2019.

Just 20 Companies Are Responsible for 35% of All Greenhouse Gas Emissions
According to a new report by the Climate Accountability Institute.
- Tabitha Whiting 30.10.2019.

Want to Solve Climate Change? Solve the Economy. 4.10.2019.
'The climate apocalypse is coming. To prepare for it, we need to admit that we 
can't prevent it.' ... Every billion dollars spent on high-speed trains .. 
is a billion not banked for disaster preparedness, reparations to inundated 
countries, or future humanitarian relief. Every renewable-energy mega-project 
that destroys a living ecosystem,.. the giant hydroelectric projects in Brazil,
the construction of solar farms in open spaces, rather than in settled areas -
erodes the resilience of a natural world already fighting for its life. Soil 
and water depletion, overuse of pesticides, the devastation of world fisheries
- collective will is needed for these problems, too, and, unlike the problem of
carbon, they're within our power to solve. As a bonus, many low-tech 
conservation actions (restoring forests, preserving grasslands, eating less 
meat) can reduce our carbon footprint as effectively as massive industrial 
changes... - Jonathan Franzen, New Yorker magazine 8.9.2019

2/3 of North American bird species are at risk of extinction from climate change.
Nearly 3 billion birds have already disappeared from the U.S. and Canada 
in the last 50 years.  - 26.10.2019.

Children in Palestine demand climate justice. .10.2019.

School kids on the march for climate action in Gambia. .10.2019.

XR (Extinction Rebellion) demo in Sri Lanka. .10.2019.

An XR rebel in Rome on day 6 of the hunger strike.  .10.2019.

Prague, Czech Republic. Extinction Rebellion CZ danced for the planet. .10.2019

The Past, Present and Future of Climate Change.
Replacing the fossil-fuel technology which is reshaping the climate remains 
a massive task. Contains excellent graphics. 25.9.2019.

Banks will subject $2.9 trillion in assets to climate testing. 23/09/2019
Bill MCKIBBEN, Falter, 2019. Some excerpts.
p11. The Pope 2015 'The earth our home is beginning to look more & more like an
immense pile of filth.' In 2017 15k scientists issued a 'warning to humanity':
We face 'widespread misery & catastrophic biodiversity loss'. p12 If you weigh
the earth's vertebrates, humans make up 30% of the mass, farm animals 67%, &
wild animals only 3%. We have half as many wild animals as we did in 1970. p13
If life on earth was scaled to a day, civilisation began a 5th of a second ago.
p14 In 1972 'Limits to growth' predicted an uncontrollable decline in 
population & industrial capacity within 100 years. p15 In 2015 the Paris 
climate talks set a goal of holding temperature increases to 1.5C. In 2018 IPCC
reports we may reach that in 2030. Our warming the planet will 'extend longer
than the history of civilisation' - Nature. p20 Dead zones in oceans where 
fertiliser & topsoil pours off farms; great gyres of plastic in the seas; 
suburbs taking over ag land taking over tropical forest. By banning chemicals
we are healing the ozone hole. p21 We've raised CO2 from 275 to 400 parts/mn
in 200 years & are on our way to 700. The extra heat is like 4 Hiroshima bombs
a second. The C released to date would form a column 25m in diameter from here
to the moon. We put 40 bn tons of C into the air pa. In 2019 scientists said we
are warming the oceans 40% faster than thought. p24 In 2018 Capetown nearly ran
out of water. The highest-tech city in the developing world, Bangalore has had
drought since 2012. Italy's ag heartland is 4F hotter than in 1960 & faced 
drought in 2017. p25 In 1987 a 1000 blazes broke out in California. The fire
season is now 78 days longer in the US West than in 1970, & in some parts never
ends. Prolonged drought then a record heat wave then a spark. In 2009 173 died
in the suburbs of Oz in a fire. In 2016 Alberta's tar sands fire chased out
88k. In 2018 80 died in a fire in Greece. p26 The flames create their own 
weather systems driving back firefighting aircraft with their winds. They
cannot be controlled. In 2017 Kansas had its largest fire in history. Dry 
places get drier, wet places wetter. p27 In 2017 Hurricane Harvey dropped 127 
bn tons of water sinking Houston by 2 cm. In 2018 Hurricane Florence dropped
more. In Calcutta the number of cloudburst days has tripled in 50 years. p28
2500 US toxic sites lie in flood-prone areas. p29 Everything frozen is melting.
Climate change is costing the US 240 bn pa & the world 2.2 trn pa, 1.6% of GDP.
In 2018 Hurricane Maria killed 5000 in Puerto Rico & will stunt lives for y'rs.
In 2017 the UN noted the number of chronically malnourished has grown to 38 mn.
In 2018 child labour has risen to 152 mn driven by conflicts & climate disaster.
143 mn are predicted to be displaced by climate change by 2050. p30 feedback
loops. Recently the Arctic sea surface temperature rose 7F. Degradation of 
tropical woodlands from fire drought & logging has turned them from C sinks to
C sources. p31 Emissions rise more slowly but CO2 is spiking faster. California
5 yr drought, the deepest in thousands of years, raised the Sierra Nevada an
inch as 63 trn gallons evaporated, killing 102 mn trees. The drought broke 2017
with record floods causing 1 bn damage to a dam. p32 The 2017 firestorm in Napa
killed more than any in 100 years. The southern Calif. blaze was the largest in
history, fire jumping 10 lane highways. In 2018 rain on the burned hills caused
mudslides killing 21. p33 In 2018 a fire tornado in Mendocino rose 39k feet
above Redding. Then a fire in the town of Paradise killed scores. The president
recommended taking! p34 By 2100 the oceans may get hot enough to stop O2
production by phytoplankton by disrupting photosynthesis causing mass mortality
in animals & humans. Melting ice sheets will create quakes & tsunamis. p35
As the last Ice Age retreated 8000 yrs ago, part of Norway's continental shelf
gave way drowning the landmass that connected Britain to the Netherlands & 
causing 65' waves. It's possible that CO2 will rise to 1000 parts/mn causing
human cognitive ability to drop 21%. p36 A 2017 study in Oz found wheat
productivity has flatlined as temperature increased 1C & rainfall declined 1/3.
Yields may decline in 20 yrs. A 2018 report found a 2C rise could cut US corn
by  18%. p37 The US grows most of the world's corn. A week of high temperature
can stop corn from fertilizing. In 2010 a Russian heat wave wrecked the grain
harvest & exports were banned, helping trigger the Arab Spring. p38 The food
distribution system has 14 chokepoints all vulnerable to climate change. Brazil
grows 17% jof grain but rain in 2017 stranded 3000 trucks. Plant nutrition 
drops with temperature. 55 mn in India risk protein deficiency. 138 mn could
suffer from loss of zinc, essential for maternal & infant health. p39 Crop
pests thrive in the new heat: 2C could drop wheat yield 46%, corn 31%, rise 19%.
In the Holocene - the last 10k years, CO2 & sealevel were stable. In 2003 IPCC
predicted a sealevel rise of .5m by 2100, ignoring icesheet melt. p40 14k years
ago as the Ice Age ended the sea rose 60'. Millions of yrs ago in the Plicene
the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed in 100 yrs. The Antarctic lost 3trn tons
of ice 2015-2018. The rate of melt has tripled since 2012. Now several metres
of sealevel rise are predicted in the next 50-100 yrs. Basements from NY to
Mumbai may be uninsurable by 2020. If we dont take much stronger action now
it may cost $535 trn in the future. p42 There's a 12% risk that global output
could fall 50% by 2100. We may see 200 mn to 1 bn climate refugees by 2050. p46
By 2050 the ocean may contain more plastic than fish by weight. Since 1950 
we've wiped out 90% of the big fish. 270k sharks are killed daily for their 
fins. p47 The oceans trap about 93% of the heat, warming 9 times as fast as in 
1960-80. Without them the air would have gotten 97F hotter since 1955. p48 The
Great Barrier Reef, the largest living structure on earth, is half as living as
3 yrs ago. The reef is now terminal. p49 A mn tons of CO2 gets absorbed by the
ocean each hour reducing its pH from 8.2 to 8.1 making the sea 30% more acid.
It may drop to 7.7 by 2100 killing most fish. p50 By 2050 the coral reefs will
be dead. p60 The North China Plain with 400 mn, will be the hottest spot for
heatwaves. By 2100 half the world's population will be exposed to deadly heat
for 20 days pa. Already increased heat & humidity has cut the amount of work
that can be done outside by 10%. p62 As sealevel rises we can retreat 'in a 
strategic & calculated fashion' (difficult) or in disarray in response to
devastating storms. p83 Even if we hit the Paris target of 2C, a quarter of the
earth will suffer drought & desertification by 2050 over 20-30% of the world
land surface. California faces a drop of 70-80% in its water supply.
  p73 Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' 1962. In the 1970s Exxon knew of the 
effects of CO2 increase. In the 1980s Shell knew. p76 'Thus began the most
consequential lie in human history'. Exxon et al. formed the Global Climate
Coalition hiring veternas of fights against the tobacco industry. With the
National Coal Assoc'n & the American Petroleum Institute it campaigned against
a tax on fossil fuels insisting that more CO2 would 'end world hunger'. 2
months before the 197 Kyoto meeting Exxon's CEO declared the earth was cooling.
p77 Many of the Global Climate Coalition went to work for Bush. In 2017 90% of
Americans didnt know there was a scientific consensus on climate change. p79
In 2018 Exxon was sued for lying to investors. This disinformation campaign 
cost us the generation that might have made the difference in the climate fight.
'Predatory delay' - the slowing of needed change to make money off 
unsustainable, unjust systems. 
 p87 The average black US family has wealth of $1700 & that's been falling.
 p122 The Koch brothers' network shut off the possibility of serious action on
climate change. p125 The key positions in the Dept of Energy's renewable energy
office were filled by their people. p126 Trump pulled the US out of the Paris
accords in 2017. 
 p176 The average person touches his phone 2,600 times a day. 87% of people 
with smartphones wake up & go to sleep with them. p177 We sepnd 10 hours a day
looking at a screen & 17 minutes exercising. In 2012 when 50% of Americans had
smartphones, there were abrupt shifts in teen behaviours. The number of teens
that get together with their friends every day dropped by 40% from 2010 to 2015.
p178 Teens who spend 3 hrs a day on devices are 35% more at risk of suicide. 
3 times as many teens killed themselves in 2015 as in 2007. 
 193 The World Happiness Report for 2018 found the most cheerful countries were
Finland, Norway, Denmakr & Iceland. US came 18th. 
 p220 The fight over climate change is about money, power & justice. On Earth
Day 1970 20mn Americans (10%) demonstrated, forcing Nixon to sign the Clean Air
Act, the Clean Water Act & the Endangered Species Act. p221 was started
in 2008. In 2009 it held 5200 rallies in 181 countries. In 2018 the 15 yr old
Swede Greta Thunberg staged a school strike. Extinction Rebellion staged civil
disobedience in London. For months the fossil fuel operatives follow my every
move with video cameras. Koch-funded legislators passed anti-protester bills.
Trespassing near critical infrastructure can get you 10 years in prison. In
Philippines, Turkey & Russia protest is often lethal. As Naomi Klein said, if
we cant get a serious carbon tax from a corrupted Congress, we can impose a de
facto one with our bodies, buying time for the renewables industry to expand.
p223 In 2011 civil disobedience against Keystone began at the White House.
1253 went to jail. In 2018 Pope Francis said that fossil fuels needed to stay
underground. p225 Nuns recently built a chapel with a solar roof in the path of
a pipeline. 
 p235 IQ is dropping 7 points per generation. 
 p243 Suicide has gone up 25% from 199 to 2018 across most US ethnic & age 
 - Some excerpts from Falter by Bill MCKIBBEN, 2019. 

UN IPCC report warns ocean warming has crossed a tipping point. By 2100 coastal
flooding will be 100s of times more frequent. If emissions continue to rise
70% of the permafrost could thaw releasing 10s to 100s of bns of tons of 
CH4 & CO2. By 2100 sealevel will rise by 30-60cm if warming is well below 2C.
Annual coastal flood damages will increase 100 to 1000 times by 2100 with some
island nations becoming uninhabitable. -p22 DomPost 27.9.2019.

A net 5.2 Gt of CO2 was released each year in 2007-11. Of this only 2% was 
reported in countries' inventories. - 15.8.2019

Plants remove c 3gt pa of carbon from the atmosphere. But humans release 11 gt
pa of CO2. Reductions in our emissions are unavoidable. -14.8.2019 DomPost p22.

Climate Change - The main threat faced by the Small Island Statess. 14.8.2019

IPCC: Urgent action needed to tackle hunger alongside climate crisis.
'The report leaves no doubt about the devastating impacts that large-scale 
bioenergy, carbon capture and storage (Beccs) and afforestation with 
monocultures would have on water availability, biodiversity, food security, 
livelihoods, land degradation and desertification - a tsunami of threats 
that make large scale bioenergy and Beccs completely unacceptable and 
In one scenario, use of forestry and land to store carbon causes crop prices 
to soar 80% by 2050, translating into an extra 80 to 300 million people 
suffering from undernourishment ... Extensive use of bioenergy - including with
carbon capture and storage - puts an additional 150 million people at risk of 
hunger if used to reduce emissions by several gigatonnes of CO2 per year. 
- IPS 8.8.2019.

Stinky seaweed chokes American coast due to hotter oceans and deforestation.
Slimy, stinky brown seaweed that ruins beachgoers' vacations from Mexico 
to Florida may be the new normal unless Brazil halts Amazon deforestation.
The pernicious effects are many: fishing boats have trouble starting their 
engines. Beaches are disgusting for tourists. Fish choke because the seaweed 
absorbs too much oxygen. Turtles struggle to find a place to lay eggs. When 
they do, the babies cannot make it from the shore out to sea. And dead seaweed 
sinks, smothering coral reefs.
No one has calculated how much damage is being done to countries' fishing and 
tourism industries. In the British Virgin Islands, the layer of seaweed is two 
meters thick. Punta Cana, a beach in the Dominican Republic that is famous for 
its clear water, has turned brown.
Scientists named it the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt (GASB). In 2015 and 2018,
it stretched over nearly 5,592 miles. In June of last year, its biomass 
exceeded 20 million tons. - IPS 6.8.2019.

July was Earth's hottest month ever recorded, melting 197 bn tonnes of water
from the Greenland icesheet (raising sealevel by .5mm). Paris hit 42.6C.
Large wildfires from Siberia to N Alaska burnt mns of ha.
- p72 Sunday Star-Times 4.8.2019.

Climate Science 101. Learn about the progression of climate science,
get a basic understanding of anthropogenic climate disruption, and find out 
what has been learned in recent years. 3.8.2019.

Dramatic Antarctic thaw surprises scientists. It lost an area of sea ice the
size of Mexico in the 3 years 2015-17, as much as Arctic lost in 30 years.
- p20 Wellington Dominion Post 4.7.2019.

5% of climate warming is from aviation with contrail cirrus the biggest 
contributor, bigger than the CO2! The UN scheme Corsia to offset air emissions
ignores this. - Dom Post p B4 29.6.2019.

Subscribe to John Englander on Sea Level Rise Risks and Solutions  [email protected]

April 400th straight month with hotter temperatures. In April CO2 reached 410
parts per million for 1st time for 800,000 years. - DomPost p B4 19.5.2019.

Speeches of 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. 3.5.2019.

Climate change, mental health and consumerism -George Monbiot. .3.2019.

The demonisation of the Swedish teenager against climate change. 28.3.2019.

Banks have financed fossil fuels with $1.9 TRILLION since the Paris Accord.

UN aviation body blocks online climate critics. 27/03/2019

On the Green New Deal. 25.2.2019.

While global warming grows, ExxonMobil plans to increase fossil-fuel production.
Funds with $32trn of assets have joined to put pressure on the world's biggest 
emitters.  8.2.2019

Nowhere in global discourse do Big Oil and Big Ecology come together
.. as in Davos..
In one room Al Gore.. "We are putting 110 million tonnes of man-made, heat-
trapping, global-warming pollutants into the very thin shell of the atmosphere 
as if it were an open sewer, and we do that every single day"..
A study of Proc. of Natl Academy of Sciences.. Greenland is melting 4 times
faster than assumed.. The Hothouse Earth report: we are on track for a rise of
4-5 degrees even under the Paris Agreement targets.. A cascade of [feedbacks]
will turn the Amazon to semi-desert.. Much of the world would be uninhabitable.
.. Opec leaders are in another room asserting that nothing much is  going to
change.. '.. to 2040 oil will continue to dominate.. The key drivers are trucks,
aviation, petrochemicals.. 2% of the world.. has never flown..' Big Oil [is in]
irreconcilable confliect with the planet evangelists.. coal accounts for 30% of
greenhouse gases.. 8% of CO2 comes from the 1 bn cars on the roads (to be 2 bn
in another generation). Even if electric vehicles EVs reached 300 mn by 2040..
this would cut new emissions by just 1%..
  The 15 'Princeton wedges',.. measures needed to cut emissions to zero while
meeting the surging energy needs of China, India.. :
 Triple nuclear power to 1200 gigawatts; increase wind power by 10 to 2m 
turbines; increase solar panels by 100 to 15k square miles; replace 1400 coal
plants with gas; fit 800 plants with carbon capture & storage (CCS); double
vehicle efficiency from 30 to 60 mpg & halve mileage driven;.. stop tropical
deforestation; ..
  The biggest cause of global warming is farming & loss of forest, .. meat
eating,.. Govts spend $.56 trn a year of farm subsidies..  The chief culprits
are US, Europe & rich OECD.. Part of the money goes into .. sugar .. aiding &
abetting our misnamed obesity epidemic. It is not an epidemic. It is a state-
promoted & funded addiction syndrome ...
 - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at Davos 27.1.2019 reported in Dom Post p16 29.1.19.

Extreme Weather in 2018 Was a Raging, Howling Signal of Climate Change. 31.12.2018

Hurricanes Florence and Michael in 2018 each caused $25 billion damage.

Driving climate action at the necessary pace and scale will require bold
targets and clear timelines from governments ... 21.12.2018

Project Drawdown - a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming.
- ed. Paul Hawken 2017.

Long term thinking about climate change challenges widely held assumptions. 20.7.2018

How to Save the Oceans. 26.6.2018.

Singapore-based firm Wilmar accused of link to massive rainforest destruction
in Papua, Indonesia. 26.6.2018.

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. 17.6.2018

Bill McKibben's 5 Big Messages on NZ and Climate Change. 24.5.2018
Electrify everything we can as quickly as possible...

NZ Buildings Create 20% of our Emissions! 16.5.2018

Costa Rica to Become the World's First Zero-carbon country. 14.5.2018

Photovoltaic power plant in El Salvador. Credit: Edgardo Ayala/IPS.
GGGI Eyes Expanding Role in Triggering Pro-poor Green Growth. 12.1.2018.

Create Sponge Cities to Tackle Worsening Floods. 6.1.2018.

Climate Change is Hurting Children the Most: Here is How to Protect Them. 6.1.2018.

Climate-Related Disasters Cost $400 Billion in 2017. 6.1.2018.

A large group of climate scientists regard the IPCC reports as much too
conservative. The Heartland Institute & ALEC are part of a campaign by
corporate lobbies to cast doubt on globalwarming by fossil fuels.
- pp 142-143 N Chomsky, Masters of Mankind 2015.

The Political Responsibility in the Collapse of Our Planet. 5.1.2018.
We spend 10 million dollars per minute, to subsidize the fossils industry. 

“Only Our Youth Can Save the Planet” – Kumi Naidoo. 23.12.2017.

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Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. 

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Spread awareness on the climate crisis and its solutions. Join Al Gore December 4-5. 26.11.2017. 

Hurricane-force winds destroyed houses, schools and entire food crops in Fiji. 24.11.2017.

Lobbying & Sponsorships at COP23 Corrupted Climate Talks. 24.11.2017.

1000 Profitable Solutions Sought to Solve Climate Change. 22.11.2017. 
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Climate Change Poses Alarming Threat to Food Security in Pacific Islands. 16.11.2017.

Economic Development vs. Climate Action: Rebutting Deniers. 16.11.2017.

ExxonMobil, Shell told to attend human rights investigation over climate change. 11.11.2017. 
"This is an unprecedented moment in the climate justice movement ..."

Chocolate Industry Drives Rainforest Disaster in Ivory Coast. 30.10.2017.

Big banks signed the Equator Principles promising to lower their climate 
But they're still financing dirty tar sands oil pipelines and coal-fired power 
plants that would devastate the climate.
Tell big banks: Stop financing climate destruction. 17.10.2017.  1st April 2006.

Climate Disruption Could Pose "Existential Threat" by 2050. 2.10.2017.
Flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Houston pushed down the Earth's crust 2 cm!
200 million climate refugees by 2050 from sea level rise alone - Jeff Goodell, 
'The Water Will Come.' France aims to be carbon neutral by 2050.
Article in the journal Science Advances, titled "Thresholds of Catastrophe in the
Earth System," shows that if humans continue adding carbon to the oceans as we 
are on course to do, a global mass extinction event could be triggered by 2100.

How Many More "500-Year Storms" Will People Endure Before They Start Abandoning Coastal Cities? 2.10.2017.

Climate Change Refugees Face Militarized Borders. 2.10.2017.
Todd Miller's book, Storming the Wall, looks at corporate border militarization
against climate refugees and the emerging movements for environmental justice.

Will the US's Trillion Dollar Investment in New Infrastructure Withstand Tomorrow's Disasters? 1.10.2017.

How to talk to your friends about the climate crisis. 1.10.2017.

If Now Isn't the Time to Talk about the Climate Crisis, Then When Is?  1.10.2017.

Climate Change & Soil Health: Loss of food & political instability. 1.10.2017.
A free download.

Stand Up for Cleaner Cars, Soil Health and the Climate Crisis, & much more. 2017.

Greenland Is Burning: Wildfires and Floods Surge Worldwide. 5.9.2017.

Climate breakdown is happening before our eyes. Understand it and take action. 3.9.2017.

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun. 3.9.2017.

We're Nowhere Near Prepared for the Ecological Disaster That Harvey Is Becoming. 3.9.2017.

What Does Climate-Smart Agriculture Really Mean? New Tool Breaks It Down. 27.8.2017. 

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New Tool Separates Wheat from Chaff for Climate-Smart Ag Finance. 26.8.2017. 

Climate Scientist on the National Climate Assessment. 24.8.2017. 

I'm just one person, what can I do? 2017. 

A huge wildfire is raging in Greenland. 1.6 million hectares of Russia are on fire. 17.8.2017.

The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming,
by Paul Hawken (Editor), 256 pages. 16.8.2017. 
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and an interview.

The Status of Climate Change Litigation. 16.8.2017. 
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Germany's Transition From Coal to Renewable Energy. 15.8.2017.

Damning Federal Climate Change Report Leaked. 9.8.2017.

China Seeks to Export Its Green Finance Model to the World. 2.8.2017.

Biological Annihilation as Warming Reaches Levels Unseen for 115,000 Years. 1.8.2017.
By 2100 20% of humans could become ACD refugees due to rising seas alone.
In France, the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned beginning in 2040.

Electric Utilities' Early Knowledge & Ongoing Deception on Climate Change. 30.7.2017.

Russia Ordered to Pay $6 Mln for Seizing Greenpeace's 'Arctic Sunrise'. 20.7.2017.

Climate change is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. The companies 
driving it must be pursued and stopped. - Lucy Lawless 20.7.2017.

A pathway to halting the increase in global emissions by 2020. 13.7.2017.

Just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions.
ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Chevron are among the highest. See the list here.
G20 public finance for fossil fuels is 4 times more than for renewables. 10.7.2017

G20 Told to End Public Subsidy of All Dirty Fuels by 2020. 7.7.2017.
G20 governments are pouring four times more public finance into fossil fuels 
than they are into clean energy projects.

The three-minute story of 800,000 years of climate change
 with a sting in the tail. 7.7.2017.

Unsustainable population growth & destruction of natural environments
- Is global civilisation on the edge of collapse? 6.7.2017.

A melt area in Antarctica has formed larger than Texas.
It's Raining in Antarctica While Trump Slashes Climate Science Funding. 4.7.2017

Meet the Activists With a Plan to Make Climate Change Matter in Elections. 3.7.2017

The Planet Is in Our Hands: Countering Trump's Climate Crimes. 2.7.2017.

Record high temperatures grip much of the globe - more drought,
more food insecurity, more famine and more massive human displacements.  28.6.2017.

Any Way to Help Slow Down Climate Change... Individually? 28.6.2017.
The greed of the largest corporations seek unlimited high financial benefits. 
And the greed of those politicians keen on holding temporary power at any cost.

Climate Destabilization Is Causing Thousands of New Species Migrations. 27.6.2017.

Dissidents Ramp Up Action Against Climate Destroyers. Who Will the Courts Defend? 23.6.2017.

Choose people over oil. Greenpeace is taking Arctic oil to court. 22.6.2017. 
The Norwegian government is opening up a new oil frontier in the Arctic for the
first time in 20 years. Burning oil causes climate change that fuels extreme 
weather and puts people's homes, health and families in danger.

Call on the UK Antarctic Place Names Committee to name the iceberg
that is about to form from Larsen C the #ExxonKnew Iceberg. 19.6.2017.

Drought Pushes 1 in 3 Somalis to a Hunger Knife-Edge. 17.6.2017.

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. 15.6.2017.

Why We Need to Save Our Oceans Now - Not Later. 7.6.2017. 
By 2050 the oceans could contain more plastic than fish.
Governments need to conserve at least 10 percent of coastal and marine areas.

A great summary of US sabotage of international climate change resolutions. 3.6.2017.
 Both parties have supported massive oil and gas infrastructure and extreme 
energy excavation: tar sands and fracking. Both parties have also supported 
wars for oil and gas. The Clinton-Gore administration and the Kyoto Protocol:
 the US pushed 'free market' pollution credits. 
Under the Kyoto Protocol climate gas emissions increased 58% 1990-2012.
In Copenhagen, the US undermined efforts for an agreement with enforceable 
reductions in climate emissions. Snowden leaked documents showing intense US 
spying on other nations participating in the climate talks. The most important 
spying was on the Danish government where the US leaked a draft of a plan for 
enforceable emissions standards; and on China ... the Copenhagen climate talks 
were deliberately scuppered by a dirty tricks operation carried out by the NSA 
and other US security agencies - including the leak to The Guardian of the 
Danish text.  The US wanted:
* to protect their politically powerful fossil fuel industries, and their right
as a nation to carry on polluting;
* to avoid having to pay out billions of dollars in climate funding to 
developing countries;
* to deny China the global leadership role it sought to secure for itself, and 
instead leave it humiliated;
* to present the USA and its President Barack Obama as trying against the odds 
to secure a climate agreement, in the face of obdurate resistance by other 
  The operation was spectacularly successful. The rest of the world were played
for suckers. China emerged with a bloody nose. And the US was free to carry on 
letting rip with its emissions.
 Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign claimed that she and Obama saved the 
world from China. 
The US Undermines the Paris Agreement: Obama insisted that the 31-page 
agreement exclude emissions reductions targets and finance requirements from 
the legally binding parts of the deal because making those binding would have 
required US Senate approval, which he could not achieve due to the power of the
oil, gas and coal lobbies influence, especially over the Republican Party. Also
excluded from legal enforcement was a clause in the agreement that would expose
the US to liability and compensation claims for causing climate change.
 The day before Trump's announcement ExxonMobil shareholders and investors 
voted to require the company to report annually on climate related risks to the
corporation. This took decades of work by shareholders inside ExxonMobil. 
The oil and gas industry must be held responsible for their role in the climate
crisis. Litigation against ExxonMobil for hiding the truth about climate change
for four decades is advancing in what will be the crime of the century with 
great liability.
 Jobs in clean energy in the US are at 800,000 and growing and around the world
at 10 million workers.

On the Thawing Tundra, Researchers Race to Understand Black Carbon's Climate Impact. 3.6.2017.

UK Lobbying to Weaken EU Climate Targets. 2.6.2017. 
On 14.5.2017 100s marched through Auckland Uni for divestment. 
We will lay our bodies down. We will keep it in the ground.
We wont stop until we're done. We will fight until we've won.

As Trump Ignores Climate Change, Seas Threaten to Swallow Alaskan Villages. 28.5.2017.

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. 25.5.2017.

Scientists Predict There Will Be No Glaciers in the Contiguous US by 2050. 23.5.2017.
Depletion of dissolved oxygen in Earth's oceans is occurring much faster.
Thawing permafrost accelerating in all Arctic countries.
1 fire in central Siberia burned 10,000 acres in 1 day.

Koalas to become extinct in NSW by 2055. In the 1930s they were slaughtered in
100,000s for the fur trade. - Dom Post 21.5.2017.

Jeremy Brecher, 2017 'Against Doom: A Climate Insurgency Manual'. 21.5.2017.

Buoyed by Trump, the Climate Change Counter-Movement Gains Momentum. 20.5.2017.
Think tanks paid $7 billion 2003-2010 to create a climate change counter-
movement to disseminate massive amounts of disinformation around climate 
science and generate widespread distrust of climate scientists in the US.
On April 28, the Trump administration took down the vast majority of the EPA's 
Climate Change Website, including pages for: Basic Info, Causes of Climate 
Change, Future of Climate Change, Science, Impacts, Extreme Weather, Adapting, 
Reducing Emissions, What EPA is Doing, and What You Can do. 

Vulnerable Voices Lash Out as Companies Sway Climate Talks. 18.5.2017.
Developing nations and environmental groups are challenging some of the world's
biggest companies and wealthiest countries over the role corporate lobbyists 
play in United Nations climate change negotiations.

Climate Change Has Changed the Geography of Honduras' Caribbean Coast. 17.5.2017.

Coral Reefs Generate Half of Earth's Oxygen - & They Could All Die Off by 2050. 16.5.2017.
The Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation, IPO, has cooled the planet for most of 
the 2000s, explaining the warming pause. It appears to be changing to its
warming phase. This is likely to raise the temperature 1.5C above its 
pre-industrial level about 2026. - IPCC report, DomPost 11.5.2017.

Standing on the sidelines is no longer an option.
Short video from on The Global Divestment Mobilisation 15.5.2017.

Hundreds of Thousands Mobilize for Climate Justice. 2.5.2017.

US Business Schools Failing on Climate Change. 1.5.2017.
Chapman, RB. Time of useful consciousness: acting urgently on climate change.

The vast glacier-fed river which flowed from Canada's Yukon territory
across Alaska to drain into the Bering Sea has disappeared in just four days. 26.4.2017. 

Chomsky: US Is the "Most Dangerous Country in the World". 26.4.2017.
- Climate change and nuclear proliferation.

Fish swim around bleached coral in the Great Barrier Reef.
Great Barrier Reef Reaches "Terminal Stage" as CO2 Levels Rise at Record Rate. 26.4.2017.

Climate Change Solutions Can’t Wait for U.S. Leadership. 26.4.2017.  

UN says East Africa's deadly famine is the worst humanitarian crisis since WW2. 19.4.2017.  

Mitigating Climate Disaster Will Require Both Systemic and Lifestyle Changes. 18.4.2017.  

Abrupt Climate Change Is Happening Faster Than Before. 16.4.2017.  
Why 20 percent of western North American forests has been destroyed since 2000
turning a small carbon sink into a large carbon source.
Why Gulf Stream flow has decreased by 40% since 2000.

City of Sydney Adopts Net Zero Emissions Plan. 12.4.2017.

See 'An Inconvenient Truth' Sequel Trailer Take on Trump. 12.4.2017.  

Melting sea ice breaks new records - an Arctic sanctuary is more urgent than ever. 30.3.2017

Trump Signs Executive Order Obliterating Regulations on Carbon Emissions and Pollution. 29.3.2017.
 The US dumps its skimpy pledges that it made at the Paris climate accords.
Deregulation of oil and gas allows energy companies to spew pollution unchecked.

Chomsky: Trump's First 100 Days Are Undermining Our Prospects for Survival. 29.3.2017.
Enriching the rich and powerful while kicking in the face the vulnerable.
US corporations own half of the global economy.

Climate Breaks All Records: Hottest Year, Lowest Ice, Highest Sea Level. 29.3.2017.

As climate disruption moves into overdrive, Trump's cabinet denies climate change. 26.3.2017. 

Release of Arctic Methane "May Be Apocalyptic".
The Permian Mass Extinction event was methane hydrate. 24.3.2017.
A 50-gigaton "burp" of methane from thawing Arctic permafrost is highly possible.
Such a "burp" would be the equivalent of 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide. 
(Humans have released  1,500 gigatons in carbon dioxide since the year 1850.)

Protect human rights, public health, and the environment from corporate greed. 24.3.2017.

Join the People’s Climate Movement! 24.3.2017. 

Record low sea ice at both poles. 24.3.2017. 

Seven Things That Need to Happen to Keep Global Temperature Rise Below 2C. 23.3.2017. 

New Evidence Confirms Risk That Mideast May Become Uninhabitable. 17.3.2017.

Climate Science Denial Network Funds Toxic Chemical Propaganda. 12.3.2017. 
US's top environmental officer Pruitt rejects climate change science. DomPost 11.3.2017.

Trump Cuts Regulations as Oceanic Dead Zones Release Massive Amounts of Methane.
Ocean dead zones have grown from 146 in 2003 to over 400 today. 9.3.2017.

The Great Barrier Reef, the largest living thing on Earth, may disappear by 2030. 23.2.2017.
   Before Taking Office: Nominated former ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex 
Tillerson to be Secretary of State and climate change denier and fossil fuel 
industry insider Scott Pruitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency 
(EPA). Pruitt did everything in his power as Oklahoma's attorney general to 
undermine the EPA, including leading multiple lawsuits against it. 
These two were confirmed and now sit by Trump’s side in the cabinet.
   Day 1: Purged nearly all mentions of climate change programs from the White 
House and State Department websites – with the very notable exception of a 
webpage promising to eliminate climate change policies proposed and implemented
by the Obama Administration. - The Climage Reality Project, 22.2.2017.

Front-runner for Trump Science Adviser Post Agreed Not to Disclose Fossil Fuel Funding. 22.2.2017.

Climate and Health. Our CO2 stays in atmosphere 1000 years. 16.2.2017.

Greenpeace takes Norway to court for Arctic drilling. 16.2.2017.

 Russian Sanctions, Arctic Drilling, & Exxon. 16.2.2017.

It's too late to do anything about climate change.... right? 15.2.2017. 

Drought Could Cost Sri Lanka Billions. 3.2.2017.

2016 hottest year for 3rd straight year. 20.1.2017.

A plan to slash salaries of individual federal employees to just $1. 20.1.2017.
Read the petition.

Xi Jinping: UN climate deal 'must not be derailed'.
The relevance of law lies in its enforcement. It is thus incumbent on all 
countries to uphold the authority of the international rule of law, exercise 
their rights in accordance with law and fulfill their obligations in good 
faith. The relevance of law also lies in fairness and justice. All countries 
and international judicial institutions should ensure equal and uniform 
application of international law and reject double standards and the practice 
of applying international law in a selective way, thus ensuring genuine 
equality and justice in the world. ... Big countries should treat smaller ones 
as equals instead of acting as a hegemon imposing their will on others ...
No country should open the Pandora's box by willfully waging wars or 
undermining the international rule of law. Nuclear weapons, the Sword of 
Damocles that hangs over mankind, should be completely prohibited and 
thoroughly destroyed over time to make the world free of nuclear weapons. 
Guided by the principle of peace, sovereignty, inclusiveness and shared 
governance, we should turn the deep sea, the polar regions, the outer space and
the Internet into new frontiers for cooperation rather than a wrestling ground 
for competition...
  We should build a world of common security for all through joint efforts. No 
country in the world can enjoy absolute security. A country cannot have 
security while others are in turmoil, as threats facing other countries may 
haunt itself also. When neighbors are in trouble, instead of tightening his own
fences, one should extend a helping hand to them. As a saying goes, United we 
stand, divided we fall. All countries should pursue common, comprehensive, 
cooperative and sustainable security...
 We should build a world of common prosperity through win-win cooperation. 
Development is the top priority for all countries. Instead of beggaring thy 
neighbor, countries should stick together like passengers in the same boat. All
countries, the main economies in particular, should strengthen macro policy 
coordination, pursue both current and long-term interests and focus on 
resolving deep-seated problems. We should seize the historic opportunity 
presented by the new round of scientific and technological revolution and 
industrial transformation, shift growth models, drive growth through innovation
and further unleash social productivity and social creativity. We should uphold
WTO rules, support an open, transparent, inclusive and nondiscriminatory 
multilateral trading regime and build an open world economy. Trade 
protectionism and self-isolation will benefit no one...
  We should make our world clean and beautiful by pursuing green and low-carbon
development. Man coexists with nature, which means that any harm to nature will
eventually come back to haunt man. We hardly notice natural resources such as 
air, water, soil and blue sky when we have them. But we won't be able to 
survive without them. Industrialization has created material wealth never seen 
before, but it has also inflicted irreparable damage to the environment. We 
must not exhaust all the resources passed on to us by previous generations and 
leave nothing to our children or pursue development in a destructive way. Clear
waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver. We must
maintain harmony between man and nature and pursue sustainable development.
  We should pursue green, low-carbon, circular and sustainable way of life and 
production, advance the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in a balanced 
manner and explore a model of sound development that ensures growth, better 
lives and a good environment. The Paris Agreement is a milestone in the history
of climate governance. We must ensure this endeavor is not derailed. All 
parties should work together to implement the Paris Agreement. China will 
continue to take steps to tackle climate change and fully honor its obligations...
  Between 1950 and 2016, China provided foreign countries with over 400 billion
yuan of aid, and we will continue to increase assistance to others as its 
ability permits. Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, 
China has contributed to over 30% of global growth each year on average. In the
coming five years, China will import eight trillion US dollars of goods, 
attract 600 billion US dollars of foreign investment, make 750 billion US 
dollars of outbound investment, and Chinese tourists will make 700 million 
outbound visits. All this will bring more development opportunities to other 
Fourth, China remains unchanged in its commitment to multilateralism.
Multilateralism is an effective way to preserve peace and promote development. 
For decades, the United Nations and other international institutions have made 
a universally recognized contribution to maintaining global peace and 
sustaining development... Speech - IPS 19.1.2017.

Atlantic Ocean Current Could Collapse Within 300 Years. 18.1.2017.

Trump's Suppression of Climate Science Echoes Restrictions Under Stalin. 15.1.2017.

2016 Was the Year of Shrinking Ice. 13.1.2017.
It will be a surprise if Antarctica's Larsen C glacier remains intact for 1 more year.

Chomsky: With Trump We face Threats to the Survival of the Human Species. 3.1.2017.
Home Truths About the Climate Emergency. 1.1.2017.

2016 was very extreme - a grim glimpse into our future. 
- NOAA & BAMS State of the Climate. Dom Post p B2 12.8.2017.

DISOBEDIENCE, a film about a new phase of the climate movement:
courageous action that is being taken on the front lines of the climate crisis 
on every continent, led by regular people fed up with the power and pollution 
of the fossil fuel industry. 2016.

The collapse of the Delaware-size Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica has begun. 
In 2016 we entered the nonlinear phase of climate change. 30.12.2016.

We Have Released a Monster: Previously Frozen Soil Is "Breathing Out" Greenhouse Gases. 29.12.2016.

Rapacious consumerism and climate change. 22.12.2016.

Collapse of West Antarctic Ice Sheet Reveals Inadequacy of Current Climate Strategies. 21.12.2016.

Climate Related Financial Disclosure for Business: An Imperative for 2017. 15.12.2016.

Latest Climate Report: "The Arctic Is Unraveling". 13.12.2016.

As North Pole Melts in November, Wildfires Rage Across US 
Well Into WinterLatest Climate Report: "The Arctic Is Unraveling". 13.12.2016.

$5 trillion of assets have committed to divest in fossil fuels. 13.12.2016.

Climate Action Is Up to the Rest of Us Now. 4.12.2016.

Bolivia's 2nd largest lake is now just a dry salty expance. - Photo NY Times.
Bolivia Is in a Drought State of Emergency. 3.12.2016.

Most Popular Climate Story Told Half a Million People the Science Was a Hoax. 2.12.2016.
kg of greenhouse gases/kg of food = 25 for beef, 6 for pork, 3 for chicken,
1 for bread or lentils. Cattle produce methane which over 20 years traps 84
times as much head as CO2. 1 kg of beef produces as much greenhouse gases 
as driving 74 km. - 'For the love of meat with M Evans', Choice TV 1.12.2016.

North Pole gets heatwave as winter descends. Arctic up 6C. Dom Post 19.11.2016.

Climate Change: 'The World Will be Transformed' video: Chomsky, Attenborough, ... .11.2016.

Climate Finance for Farmers Is Key to Averting 1 Billion Hungry. 29.11.2016.

Judge Won't Dismiss Youth Climate Lawsuit; Stage Set for Historic Trial. 19.11.2016.

Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists and Climate Science Deniers at the Marrakech COP22 Talks. 17.11.2016.

Global temperature anomalies (difference from 1961-90 average) 1950-2016 ex WMO.
2016 likely hottest year on record. 16.11.2016.

Will organized human life survive in anything like the form we know?
We are "accelerating the race to disaster." 15.11.2016.

"The world is still heading for temperature rise of 2.9 to 3.4 this century"
- UN Environment Programme and are answering it by 11.11.2016.

Fossil Fuel Industry Has Back-Door Access to UN Climate Talks. 9.11.2016.

1/5 of the Great Barrier Reef died off this year during a major bleaching event.
Climate Disruption's Legacy: Megadroughts, Extinctions, Obituaries for Reefs. 7.11.2016.
'In September we passed 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere.'
  'Wildlife numbers have fallen by 58 percent since just 1970.'
'We are bearing witness to the collapse of wildlife.' 
  'Invasive insects now cause at least $77 billion in damage every year.'
  '120 million in the lower 48 US states are experiencing drought.' 
'California entered the sixth year of its drought.'
  'Widespread desertification of the Mediterranean will overtake huge swaths of
this lush region and render the ecosystem there "unrecognizable."'
  'Oceanic algal blooms will worsen.' 'The Western Antarctic Ice Sheet has lost
a kilometer of ice in just the last 7 years.'
'Huge fires across Siberia have burned millions of acres year after year.'
  Trudeau's government 'approved a "carbon bomb" - a $36 billion liquefied 
natural gas project called the Pacific Northwest LNG Project.'
Clinton boasts how she has pushed for more fracking around the world.'
  Lord Stern: 'the global economy could "self-destruct" if the world continues 
to burn fossil fuels as it is doing right now.'
  'We are witnessing the destruction of the biosphere of the planet.'

Climate Doomsday – Another Step Closer. 28.10.2016.

Changing Climate Threatens World's Smallholder Farmers. 20.10.2016.

Greenpeace launch 'summer of action' against oil companies. 20.10.2016. 

Greenpeace sues Norway over Arctic oil drilling. 20.10.2016.

Calling All Climate Activists: "Go Out and Get Yourself in Some Holy Trouble". 20.10.2016. 

Unforeseen Consequences: The Death of Trees. 20.10.2016. 

Millions of Trees Are Dying Across the US. 16.10.2016. 

The great derangement - climate change & the unthinkable, 
by Amitav Ghosh, 2016. A selective summary.

Our Changing World: Readers Share Their Climate Stories. 27.9.2016.

SEC Probes Exxon over Accounting for Climate Change. 23.9.2016. 

See also here ex ceres. 

Bill McKibben, Recalculating the Climate Math. The New Republic. 22.9.2016. 
How much more new digging and drilling can we do?
Zero if we want to prevent global warming from cooking the planet. 
We must start a managed decline in the fossil fuel industry immediately.

Toxic Slime Spreads Across World's Oceans, causing collapsing populations
 of sea lions, seals, various bird species and fish around the planet.
A quarter of India is turning into desert. 
We inject over 30 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. 13.9.2016.

How We React to Climate Change, Told Through the 5 Stages of Grief
A 15 minute video. Or

In Arctic, Ancient Diseases Reanimate and Highways Melt as Temperatures
Hit "Frenzy" of Records. 21.8.2016.
Russia sent troops trained for biological warfare to quarantine the area.

Australia's New Climate Science Denialist Senator Malcolm Roberts. 19.8.2016.
Arable Lands Lost at Unprecedented Rate: 33,000 Hectares… a Day! 18.8.2016.

Thirty Million, a 35 minute documentary on the effects sealevel rise
will have on Bangladesh. 30 million people will be displaced over the coming 
decades as it loses 17% of its land as global sea levels rise by one metre. 

Ice melt may release Cold War-era toxins. 9.8.2016.

The Front Lines of Climate Disruption: Collapsing Mountains, Shattered Lives. 1.8.2016. 

Climate Victims: Every Second, One Person Is Displaced by Disaster. 1.8.2016. 
 Disasters displace three to 10 times more people than conflict and war.

Australia Appoints “Mr Coal” As New Climate Change Minister. 22.7.2016.

Bankrupt Coal Miner Peabody Energy Paid Climate Denialist
to Write Greenhouse Gas Reports. 11.7.2016.

Sharing the World's Resources in a Time of Escalating Climate Emergency. 10.7.2016.

Nicuaraguan Lake. -Flores/IPS.

The response to the 2015-2016 severe El Nino which has effected over 60 million
people from Southern Africa, to South-East Asia to Latin America - remains 
severely underfunded. 7.7.2016.

The Brutal Landscape of the Climate Crisis. 1.7.2016.
 Naomi Klein explains how the fossil fuel and
extraction industries are forms of violence to the land and
water, to indigenous peoples, and lead to other, more extreme
forms of violence. She draws attention to a new study which
demonstrates how western drone strikes have followed the
‘aridity line’ - where there is less than 200mm of rainfall a year
- with astounding accuracy.
“Klein calls this the ‘brutal landscape of the climate crisis’. She
writes of the communities of peoples who have been
'sacrificed' in our pursuit of fossil fuels - those living in the
mountains which have been levelled for coal, those in the
Niger delta region dealing with a toxic legacy that will last
generations; those living in Fort McMurray, ablaze in a region
of tar sand mining. This is an angry, yet compelling and
highly readable account.

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration Has Passed the Point of No Return. 24.5.2016.

The Guardian launches phase II of its climate change campaign. 21.4.2016.

5 Pacific islands lost to rising seas as climate change hits. 10.5.2016.
Large parts of the Earth's oceans will be depleted of oxygen by 2030. 7.5.2016.
200 million climate refugees by the year 2050?

As Climate Disruption Advances, UN Warns: "The Future Is Happening Now". 3.5.2016.
One can subscribe to the Google Groups "Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group" 
group at [email protected]
On 27.4.2016 they sent out an e-book, Environmental Climate Change, edited by
Gustavo Sosa-Nunez & Ed Atkins, 239 pages.

Climate Change Dries Up Nicaragua. 23.4.2016.
Will the Middle East Become ‘Uninhabitable’? 23.4.2016.
33 countries face extremely high water stress in 2040. 23.4.2016.
Africa’s Human Existence Is at Severe Risk. 23.4.2016.
Going Beyond 'Dangerous' Climate Change.  
The 22 page Paris agreement makes no mention of fossil fuels!
 Video of talk at LSE by Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change
at the University of Manchester. 1hr 39m. 12.4.2016.
California drought now the norm? 10.4.2016.

Climate change projections have vastly underestimated the role that clouds play. 8.4.2016. 
Researchers said that a doubling of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere 
compared with pre-industrial times could result in a global temperature 
increase of up to 5.3C - far warmer than the 4.6C older models predict.

A call to face up to NZ’s critical risks. .4.2016.
Green economy Keep it in the ground
Climate change will wipe $2.5tn off global financial assets. 5.4.2016. 

Agriculture on the Brink. Higher temperatures mean more droughts, ... 5.4.2016. 
Greenland ice cliff: 

Sea-level rise over the next 100 years could be nearly double earlier estimates. 3.4.2016.
Antarctic Loss Could Double Sea Rise by 2100 
devastating coastal communities around the globe. 31.3.2016.

Climate Disruption in Overdrive.
Submerged Cities and Melting That "Feeds on Itself":
 Cruise ships in the Arctic, ongoing insect and animal extinctions, predictions
of global food shortages, and record-breaking ice melt in Greenland. 29.3.2016.

Feb 2016 mean surface temperature anomaly.
Last month's difference from the base line temperature marked the greatest monthly departure on record.
 The next biggest departure happened just the month before, in January 2016. 24.3.2016.

Targeted marine protection provides best hope for the Arctic. 17.3.2016.
Record-breaking temperatures 'have robbed the Arctic of its winter'. 15.3.2016.  
Extreme Weather in Louisiana as Feds Prepare to Lease Gulf of Mexico for Drilling: 
 After two days of intermittent rain, 14 inches of rain fell Friday night in Louisiana. 
This extreme weather event took place 12 days before the US Department of the 
Interior's Bureau of Land Management will auction drilling leases to 43 million
acres of federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico. 15.3.2016. 

Every degree of heat increase melts an additional 30 feet of ice, each year...
glaciers comprise a primary water source for millions of people ...
we should expect the loss of most of the globe's land glaciers by 2100...
 if Antarctica melts, global temperatures will rise an average of 12C, 
and major cities like Berlin, Shanghai, New York and numerous others will 
cease to exist. 15.3.2016. 

February breaks global temperature records by 'shocking' amount. 14.3.2016.

Filmmaker Josh Fox to Hillary Clinton: Be Real About Fracking and Climate Change.
"Fracked gas is the worst fuel we can use with respect to global warming and 
climate change." Our major cities are just leaking gas out into the atmosphere.
 Boston is leaking 4 percent of all gas delivered to Boston; Philadelphia, 
3 percent; New York, 2 percent; Washington, DC, 5 percent. When you look at 
Los Angeles, where they both mined for and delivered the gas, 17 percent. 
 Fracking in 2005 was made exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act by an act 
of Congress. 
We've already warmed the climate by 1 degree. We have enough carbon dioxide 
and methane in the air already to warm us by another half of a degree. That CO2
that's already in the atmosphere will continue to warm the earth for the next 
several decades. So we're already, for all intents and purposes, at 1.5C. 
At 2 degrees warming, huge climate impacts happen. At 2 degrees warming, 
we start to engage a process whereby we have five to nine meters of sea level 
rise. Five to nine meters of sea level rise means New York goes under water, 
Philadelphia goes under water, Boston goes under water, DC goes under water, 
Miami, Charleston, I mean, you don't want to get to 2 degrees.
   At 2 degrees warming we lose 30 to 50 percent of all the species on the 
planet, you know, that's a lot of goodbyes. So How to Let Go of the World has 
a lot to do with letting go of that "save the world" impulse. It has to do with
letting go specifically of the world that must change, which is the world of 
greed and competition. 10.3.2016. 

Noam Chomsky: Decisions that will determine decent human survival.
Species destruction is at the level of 65 million years ago, ending the age of 
the dinosaurs.  10.3.2016. 

A New Strategy to Address Climate Change: Suing for Community Rights.
The United States ranks well below other wealthy nations in terms of 
environmental protection. As James Gustave Speth has pointed out, a third of 
our plant and animal species are threatened with extinction; half of our 
wetlands and 90 percent of our old-growth forests have been destroyed; and 
nearly half of rivers, streams and lakes fail to meet the quality standard set 
by law. 9.3.2016.

A New Wave of Climate Insurgents Defines Itself as Law-Enforcers:
 Break Free From Fossil Fuels campaign participants will define themselves to 
the movement, the public and the courts not as criminals, but as law-enforcers 
trying to enforce legal rights and halt governments and corporations from 
committing the greatest crime in human history. 7.3.2016. 

Climate Disruption's New Record: Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Highest Point in 15 Million Years.
  Global groundwater levels are dropping, making water scarcity an issue for 
two-thirds of the world's population. In addition, planetary temperatures keep 
rising and ice melt in the Arctic continues apace as January global warmth 
broke all-time records.  In the last six years, oceans have risen by five 
millimeters per year, which is a rate not seen since the ending of the last 
Ice Age - and it is accelerating. 1.3.2016. 

We Can't Solve Climate Change Without Teaching It - Why More Classes Are Heading Outside. 28.2.2016.

This year's intense El Niño - added to our warming climate 
is prolonging what's already the longest global coral die-off on record. 

Fiji devastation from Cyclone Winston shows 'urgent need' to adopt Paris climate deal. 25.2.2016.
Seas Rising Faster than in Past 2800 Years. 24.2.2016. 
Why We Need to Keep 80 Percent of Fossil Fuels in the Ground:  
If we don't - if we dig up the coal and oil and gas and burn them - we will 
overwhelm the planet's physical systems, heating the earth far past the red 
lines drawn by scientists and governments. 20.2.2016. 

Abrupt climate change has been ongoing in North America's Rocky Mountains,
with higher temperatures contributing to a pine beetle infestation that has 
decimated millions of acres of forests. This ecological reorganization is just 
one example of many that will occur globally unless we address climate change. 

Database of individuals involved in the global warming denial industry. 13.2.2016.
How Do We Define Climate Pollution's Cost to Society? 
 A court ruling challenged government officials to come up with a dollar amount
that represents how much a ton of carbon pollution will "cost" society over the
long run. Every year, the government recalculates how much carbon costs.

Naomi Klein: Climate Change "Not Just About Things Getting Hotter". 4.2.2016.

Freak Storms and Butterfly Die-Offs: This Is Your Climate on Fossil Fuels.
The year 2015 will go down in history, at least until next year, as the hottest
year ever recorded on the planet. Extreme weather events, fueled by 
anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD), continue to pile up, to the extent that
they are quickly becoming normalized. 2.2.2016

For why Climate Change is the  world's #1 problem, see below for the book 
Unprecedented, by David Ray GRIFFIN, 2015.

How Climate Change Affects Children:
 4 million children indoor air pollution related deaths,
 20 million children live in crisis-torn countries,
 50 million children live with families making less than $3.10/day,
 70 million children in at risk areas do not have access to
clean water,
 160 million children live in areas with high risk of flooding.
  The humanitarian situation in East Africa is deteriorating at an alarming 
rate due to El Nino-induced weather patterns caused by climate change. 
- Save the Children, 18.1.2016.

What's My Carbon Footprint? 2016

Climate Insurgency After Paris:  
At COP21, the governments of the world made a promise to the people of the world 
- and immediately betrayed it. The Paris climate agreement doesn't prevent one 
molecule of greenhouse gas from being put in the atmosphere,... 19.1.2016

What to expect from El Niño. The third-recorded super El Niño is underway. 18.1.2016
 Zero deforestation before 2025 is possible.  
The Brazilian government must move to a new paradigm - one where economic 
growth, social justice and agriculture are not considered separate from the 
maintenance of the forest and the ecological services it provides. 11.1.2016

The Melting Arctic's Dramatic Impact on Global Weather Patterns:
 As climate disruption progresses, sea and land ice in the Arctic are melting 
at a record pace, and Arctic temperatures are rising two to three times faster 
than the rest of the planet. Arctic warming is irrevocably changing planetary 
weather, and several leading scientists warn of dire impacts. 5.1.2016

Climate Disruption Amplifies Atlantic Currents' Contribution to Sea Level Rise:
 The Atlantic Ocean current circulation pattern is being slowed by climate 
disruption, a pattern shift that has global, and potentially catastrophic, 
implications, according to scientists. In 2009 and 2010, the shift was linked 
to a sudden five-inch sea level rise on the East Coast. 3.1.2016

Shifting the Terms of the Debate: How Big Business Covered Up Global Warming:
 US businesses seriously weakened the Kyoto Protocol, leading it to require 
only a 7 percent reduction in emissions, and then President Bush refused to 
sign on to even that. In just four short years, big business had managed to 
halt efforts to protect the planet. 1.1.2016 

US Fund to Fight Global Climate Change Is Less Than Annual Payout to a Single For-Profit College:
 $800 million is a great deal of money, but it is actually less than US 
taxpayers provided in the past year to each major for-profit college company - 
which have all been under investigation by law enforcement agencies for 
deceiving their students, lying to government regulators and other abuses. 

Global impacts of 2015 El Niño appearing. 19.12.2015
Climate Protest, Paris 2015 

Some wonderful photos from 350 of protests at the Paris talks. 16.12.2015
 And a video from 350 of protests at the Paris talks. 16.12.2015. 
Did World Leaders Sign a "Death Warrant for the Planet" at COP21? 
 While many in the climate justice movement acknowledged that this year's 
climate deal is an improvement from the past, the dire projections from the 
scientific community about our impending climate catastrophe suggest the deal 
amounts to too little, too late. ... casts much of the blame on corporations' 
stranglehold over governments and policy debates, ... 15.12.2015

Top Climate Expert: Crisis Worse Than We Think;
Scientists Are Self-Censoring to Downplay Risk:
 The climate crisis is more severe than even many scientists have acknowledged.
Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research says many 
scientists are self-censoring their work to downplay the severity of climate 
change. 9.12.2015

US and Western Governments Push Corporate Interests Ahead of Planetary
Necessities. 7.12.2015

Neo-Colonial Expansion in the Guise of Addressing Climate Change:
 The Problem With REDD+ 7.12.2015.

Total is implicated in a web of industry associations that are trying to kneecap real climate action,
including organizations like the American Petroleum Association, which views 
the Paris climate summit as driven by 'narrow political ideology'. 
 Right now world leaders are in Paris negotiating a new climate deal. 
We need to make sure climate legislations answers to people and planet, not 
corporate profits. This is a 350 petition you can sign. 6.12.2015.

Paris Climate Summit Opens With Dire Warning.
 When the climate summit opened in Paris on Monday, the mood was overwhelmingly
pessimistic -- largely about the current state of the global environment. 
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon set the tone when he warned that the impacts of 
climate change are growing. "3 out of 4 humanitarian disasters are now 
climate-related. Economic losses have increased by more than half over the past
decade. And ecosystems, and food and water supplies are under increasing 
pressure." 4.12.2015.

How Climate Inequality Hurts the Most Vulnerable and Least Responsible:
 A new report by Oxfam has found the richest 10 percent of the world's 
population produce half of the earth's climate-harming fossil fuel emissions. 
The poorest half - about 3.5 billion people - are responsible for only around 
10 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions. 3.12.2015.

Techno-Optimism and Bad Science in Paris: The Problem With Carbon Capture and Storage:
 As world leaders, activists and corporate lobbyists converge on Paris for 
international climate talks, some are advocating technological solutions to 
address the climate crisis. The problem? In many cases, there is little 
research that says the technology will effectively reduce emissions. 3.12.2015.

From Rising Seas to Walruses, the Arctic's Endangerment Affects Us All:
 As climate disruption advances, life in the fragile Arctic ecosystem is being 
irrevocably changed. Endangered species are on the brink, and melting 
permafrost could eventually release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere 
than humans have already emitted. 1.12.2015.

Which countries are doing the most to stop dangerous global warming? 1.12.2015
Major powers pledge $20bn for green energy research. 30.11.2015 
Global Warming's Unacknowledged Threat: The Pentagon: 
 Despite being the planet's single greatest institutional consumer of fossil 
fuels, the Pentagon has been granted a unique exemption from reducing - or even
reporting - its pollution. The Pentagon's role in weather disruption needs to 
become part of the climate discussion. 30.11.2015

Capping Emissions Is Not Enough: An Interview With the Architect of the Kyoto Protocol:
 Economist and mathematician Graciela Chichilnisky, the architect of the Kyoto 
Protocol, discusses the crisis of climate change, Kyoto's significance nearly 
two decades after it was first signed and the prospects for an international 
agreement coming out of the upcoming Paris climate talks. 29.11.2015.

Paris climate summit: Why more women need seats at the table. 29.11.2015
Want to have a real impact on climate change? Then become a vegetarian.  
  Between widespread economic disparities, population growth, unsustainable 
agriculture and climate change, a study partially funded by Nasa predicted that
civilization as we know it could be steadily heading for a collapse within the 
next century - and the window to create impactful change is narrowing. That 
means millennials are potentially the last generation during which creating 
meaningful change is possible. But how do we accomplish this?
  It's time to start a dietary revolution.
  Millennials represent $200bn in economic worth, and if a statistical majority
of our generation become vegetarians or vegans, or at least eat significantly 
less meat than previous generations, we have a chance to have a real economic 
and thus environmental impact... c26.11.2015

ANZ campaign goes international - ACCR update.
ANZ is one of the world's largest fossil fuel lenders and so the campaign 
to change it has gone international. 26.11.2015.

Al Jazeera mini documentary on the climate movement. 26.11.2015
ExxonMobil, Koch-Funded Climate Denial Echo Chamber Polluted Mainstream Media: 
A new study shows that the climate denial echo chamber organizations funded by 
ExxonMobil and Koch family foundations produced misinformation that effectively
polluted mainstream media coverage of climate science and polarized the climate
policy debate. 26.11.2015.

Will Paris Climate Talks Be Too Little, Too Late?
Temperature, CO2 Thresholds Breached as Climate Disruption Intensifies:
 Well in advance of the upcoming COP21 climate conference, the "safe" global 
temperature threshold of 2 degrees Celsius, which governments are aiming for, 
is already out of reach. Meanwhile, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, 
temperatures, sea level rise and extreme weather events continue to set 
records. 24.11.2015 

Climate Change May Increase World's Poor by 100 Million, by 2030 Warns World Bank.
  The UN's heavily-hyped Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were 
approved by more than 160 world leaders at a summit meeting in September, are 
an integral part of the world body's post-2015 development agenda, including 
the eradication of hunger and poverty by 2030.
But that ambitious goal, warns the UN's sister institution, the World Bank, 
can be thwarted by the devastating impact of climate change on the world's 
poorest people... 13.11.2015

Weather disasters linked to climate change.
Scientists have been reluctant to link weather events to global warming. Now, 
32 groups of scientists in 20 countries have analyzed 28 weather disasters in 
2014 - and found half of them linked to human-caused climate change. 10.11.2015

UN Predicts Millions of Climate Refugees to Come:
the UN warns of 50 million climate refugees within a decade and the melting of 
Greenland is accelerating. 3.11.2015 

Climate Denialism: A Brief History. 1.11.2015
How Will We Reach an Ecological Civilization and Who Will Build It? 1.11.2015 
 2015 Likely to Be Hottest Year Ever Recorded - New York Times. 
See its stunning graph of Average global temperatures since 1880. 25.10.2015

Exxon Knew Everything There Was to Know About Climate Change by the Mid-1980s
 and Denied It. - The Nation. 25.10.2015.

NZ Green Party Climate Change and Inequality campaigns. 19.10.2015
How the World Bank Undermines Climate Change Efforts. 18.10.2015 
In November, nearly 200 countries will meet in Paris to agree a new climate deal.
Find out below how their pledges - known as Intended Nationally Determined 
Contributions or INDCs in UN jargon - compare in our in-depth analysis of 
14 key countries and blocs. See which countries are doing the most to stop 
dangerous global warming. 17.10.2015 

Climate Action Tracker is an independent science-based assessment,
which tracks the emission commitments and actions of countries. 
The website provides an up-to-date assessment of individual national pledges, 
targets and INDCs and currently implemented policy to reduce their greenhouse 
gas emissions. NZ is labelled inadequate. Click on NZ to see how inadequate its
plan is. PM Key shut down NZ's biofuels recycling initiative. 

CAIT Climate Data Explorer gives GHG Emissions Excluding Land-Use Change
and Forestry Per Capita - our carbon footprint.

The International Energy Agency, IEA, tracks Climate Plans.
But I can't find its WEO2015SpecialReportonEnergyandClimateChange.pdf

On 25.9.2015 the Greens held a conference, Climate Goals for New Zealand in 2030.
 Here are its presentations, and the paper 'Climate Goals for New Zealand in 
2030: An Ambitious Domestic Emissions Target within an Appropriate Share of 
the Global Budget'. 9.10.2015 
Welcome to a New Planet: Climate Change "Tipping Points" and the Fate of the Earth:
  The latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change make 
for increasingly hair-raising reading, suggesting that the planet is 
approaching possible moments of irreversible damage in a fashion and at a speed
that had not been anticipated. 9.10.2015

10 Million at Risk of Hunger Due to Climate Change and El Niño, Oxfam Warns. 9.10.2015
The Global South Will Make Its Contribution to Fighting Climate Change. 
An analysis by Climate Interactive found that the national contributions to 
date would result in expected warming of 3.5 degrees Celsius by 2100.
  Another estimate, by the Climate Action Tracker, predicted that the 
combination of government climate action plans, if implemented, would bring 
global warming down to 2.7 degrees Celsius. 9.10.2015 

A story of hope: the Guardian launches phase II of its climate change campaign.
With crucial climate talks on the horizon, Keep it in the ground turns its 
focus to hope for the future - the power to change and the solar revolution. 
Join us and help make that change happen. 6.10.2015 

Seven practical steps to protect our cities from the effects of climate change. 6.10.2015
 350, Coal Action Network Aotearoa and Greenpeace NZ, 
we are calling on the our government to stay away from the Paris climate change
negotiations later this year. What happens in Paris this year will potentially 
shape the future of our planet. It is one of the most important political 
meetings of our time. And we don't want Tim Groser there to wreck it! 28.9.2015

Chevron May Yet Have to Pay Billions for Its Ecuadorian Catastrophe:
Like ExxonMobil, Chevron has a very long history of bad behavior and disregard 
for people and the environment. Rulings made in Ecuadorian and Canadian courts 
against the fossil fuel giant for polluting the Amazon's waterways may finally 
hold the company accountable. 28.9.2015.

Reversing Climate Change: What Will It Take?
 Protecting the earth's climate is in the long-term interest of everyone. 
Yet, efforts to cut carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions to a climate-safe
level have been defeated for decades in arenas ranging from the United Nations 
to the US Congress. A new book Climate Insurgency: A Strategy for Survival. 
 Climate Protection as a Legal Duty. ... challenge the legitimacy of the 
governments and corporations that are responsible for climate destruction. 

The Pope on Poverty, Immigration and Climate Change:
  Watch the Video and Read the Transcript. 25.9.2015.
 28.9.2015 from : The Pope told the United States, 
the largest arms dealer in the world, to end the arms trade and he told the 
United Nations to ban nuclear weapons and to seek diplomatic rather than 
military solutions to conflicts. The pope's call for ending nuclear arms comes 
at a time when bi-partisans in Washington are spending a trillion dollars to 
upgrade US nuclear weapons. The pope's visit encouraged activists to protest 
war and militarism in Washington, DC and linked war to poverty and the 
environmental crisis. It also coincided with ongoing protests at Hancock Air 
Base from where drone attacks originate. ...
  Pope Francis criticized international financial agencies, which subject 
countries to oppressive lending systems. Far from promoting progress, he said, 
the terms of those arrangements generate greater poverty, exclusion and 
dependence. These criticisms come at a time when corporations are sitting on 
$15 trillion in cash while austerity is demanded by bankers to take away the 
safety net of poor and working people. Around the world there are economic 
stagnation and fragile economies on the brink of recession or trying to get out
of recession, yet corporations and wealthy individuals are hoarding their 
wealth arrogantly ignoring widespread suffering. An example is 32-year-old 
hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli's move to raise the price of a life-saving 
medication from $13.50 a pill to $700.

Relentless Wildfires, Water Scarcity and Marine Die-Offs:
Living With Climate Disruption: Recent scientific reports reveal that 
and global ocean circulation patterns are shifting due to climate disruption, 
which will have dramatic affects across North America, Europe and Asia. 

India's monsoon not bringing enough rain.
Right now, the monsoon is 12 percent below average and dropping, and [India is]
headed for a pretty serious dry season. 20.9.2015

President Obama's Gravest Error: Trusting Shell to Drill in the Arctic.
... it is impossible to protect the Arctic and address climate change while 
allowing Shell to drill for oil 70 miles off the coast of Alaska. 16.9.2015 

... 1.5 million American households live in extreme poverty,
and that number includes at least 3 million children. ... failure to act on 
global warming will cost $44 trillion more than investing in low-carbon energy 
solutions... 9.9.2015 

Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, Capitalism vs the Climate, 2014.
 "A brilliant explanation of why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon 
the core "free market" ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, 
and remake our political systems. In short, either we embrace radical change 
ourselves or radical changes will be visited upon our physical world. 
The status quo is no longer an option. In This Changes Everything Naomi Klein 
argues that climate change isn't just another issue to be neatly filed between 
taxes and health care. It's an alarm that calls us to fix an economic system 
that is already failing us in many ways. Klein meticulously builds the case 
for how massively reducing our greenhouse emissions is our best chance to 
simultaneously reduce gaping inequalities, re-imagine our broken democracies, 
and rebuild our gutted local economies. She exposes the ideological desperation
of the climate-change deniers, the messianic delusions of the would-be 
geoengineers, and the tragic defeatism of too many mainstream green initiatives. 
And she demonstrates precisely why the market has not--and cannot--fix the 
climate crisis but will instead make things worse, with ever more extreme and 
ecologically damaging extraction methods, accompanied by rampant disaster 
capitalism. Klein argues that the changes to our relationship with nature and 
one another that are required to respond to the climate crisis humanely should
not be viewed as grim penance, but rather as a kind of gift--a catalyst to 
transform broken economic and cultural priorities and to heal long-festering 
historical wounds. And she documents the inspiring movements that have already
begun this process: communities that are not just refusing to be sites of 
further fossil fuel extraction but are building the next, regeneration-based 
economies right now. Can we pull off these changes in time? Nothing is certain.
 Nothing except that climate change changes everything. And for a very brief 
time, the nature of that change is still up to us."
 - Held by Wellington Library. 5.9.2015 
Here are some excerpts.

Methane Monster II ~ Demise of the Arctic 4.9.2015.
An in-depth look at Runaway Feedback Loops and the situation in the Arctic and 
the world. She explains the odds that things will rapidly spiral out of control
soon, escalating into near term extinction a few decades from now.

Without Context, Environmental Images Obscure Who's Responsible for Climate Change by Finis Dunaway:
 Popular environmental images have helped bring ecological consciousness into 
the mainstream, but they have also masked the systemic causes of long-term 
degradation. ... recent book, 
'Seeing Green: The Use and Abuse of American Environmental Images',
... 23.8.2015 

The New Climate "Normal": Abrupt Sea Level Rise and Predictions of Civilization Collapse:
 With up to 10 feet of sea level rise expected by 2050 and a report predicting 
the collapse of organized society within three decades, this month's climate 
dispatch provides a harrowing overview of the latest studies and indicators 
that show abrupt climate disruption is upon us. 4.8.2015 

Pushing for the Dismantling of Anti-Climate, Pro-War Economies:
 Climate change does not merely promise poverty and despair on an unprecedented
scale, but also war - on a scale, and with weapons, that may be far worse than 
dangers resulting from our energy choices. Earth's military crisis, its climate
crisis and the paralyzing economic inequalities that burden impoverished people
are linked. 20.7.2015 

Best Brains Tell the Story ... but Will the Government Act?
Will the Government order Treasury to prepare an analysis of the economic, 
environmental and social risks posed by climate change? That's the big 
question in the wake of the appearance before a Parliamentary select committee 
last week of a group of New Zealand's top thinkers concerned about climate 
change. 9.7.2015 
The presentation to the NZ Finance and Expenditure Select Committee 1st July 2015
 Rise in Carbon Dioxide Could Restrict Growing Days for Crops:
 While plants in temperate zones may benefit from higher temperatures, 
global warming's impact in the tropics threatens catastrophe for food security.
 Some regions could lose up to 200 growing days a year,... 28.6.2015 

Honestly Framing the Climate Crisis:
 Let's start being honest with ourselves. Words have power. Our political 
leaders and their corporate sponsors are engaged in thermo-chemical warfare on 
planet Earth, recklessly placing all life forms at grave risk for the sole 
purpose of aggregating obscene wealth and power. 21.6.2015. 

A new book, 'Prosperous Descent' by Samuel Alexander.
  We, human beings, are not citizens of any particular nation-state, 
the borders of which are artificial constructs of limited moral relevance. 
Rather, we are citizens of the cosmos, members of a global community of life, 
today more so than ever before. Our moral obligations, therefore - our 
commitments to justice and sustainability,  cannot and should not stop at the 
borders of our own communities or our own nations. Justice and sustainability 
are global challenges demanding a global perspective, even if our actions and 
interventions must inevitably be local and concrete. 18.6.2015. 

Global warming hiatus never happened.
 Studies had suggested that global warming slowed or paused since 1998. 
More thorough research shows the global warming "hiatus" likely never happened.

Dirty development. Chinese miners last year dug up 3.87 bn tonnes of coal,
more than enough to keep all four of the next largest users - the United States, 
India, the European Union and Russia - supplied for a year. ... The fuel China 
dug up last year alone will produce around 9bn tonnes of carbon dioxide as it 
burns, more than all the coal used around the world in 1990. 
  Click on the links at the bottom for other stories in this series:
The new coal frontier - Galilee Basin, Australia;
The tar sands sell-out - Alberta, Canada 6.6.2015 

New Zealand's Climate Change Target. Submission by Climate Justice Taranaki.
[email protected] 3.6.2015 

1.2 Million People Found Jobs in Renewable Energy in 2014.
 China, the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter, reduced its coal use by 
about 8 percent in a single year; Canadian scientists don't find genetically 
modified salmon fit for human consumption; France will reduce its greenhouse 
gas emissions by at least 40 percent within 15 years; ... 3.6.2015 

NASA recently released a study that reveals that the planet's polar regions
are in the midst of a stunning transformation,
and showed that the massive 10,000-year-old Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica 
will soon completely collapse - perhaps as soon as 2020.
And these trends are on track to speed up, as March saw the global monthly 
average for atmospheric carbon dioxide hit 400.83 parts per million. According 
to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it was the first time 
the average surpassed 400 parts per million for an entire month since such 
measurements began in the late 1950s. ...
 In California, the ongoing megadrought is already responsible for having 
killed 12.5 million trees in that state's national forests,  ... 2.6.2015 

Video: Translating climate change to music.
Imagine setting global warming to music. That's what a student at University of
Minnesota has done, basing his composition on actual temperature data since 
1880. 29.5.2015 

Oil company bosses' bonuses linked to $1tn spending on extracting fossil fuels. 28.5.2015
 Climate change: tackling the greatest human rights challenge of our time: 
Recommendations for effective action on climate change and human rights: 
This report argues climate change is not just an environmental issue, but is 
fast becoming a massive human rights challenge. It is an issue of justice and 
inequality for the millions of people and communities around the world who 
already are experiencing climate harms. It is also an issue for future 
generations who will suffer increasingly severe loss and damage. The 
international community's historic and present failures to take urgent action 
to mitigate climate change is further threatening these rights, especially for 
vulnerable peoples and communities who are already experiencing the adverse 
impacts of climate change. However, if the international community acts 
urgently with ambition and scaled-up resources, it can reduce the very worst 
climate impacts.  

An image of thermohaline (heat, salt) driven ocean circulation
in the North Atlantic and other ocean basins.
North Atlantic circulation slowing down already?
A predicted global warming effect is a slowdown in North Atlantic Ocean 
circulation. New research shows recent decreases that are unprecedented in 
the past 1,100 years. 27.5.2015.

The Atlantic Ocean circulation may already be slowing down.
Check out its wonderful movie on CO2! 23.3.2015. 

Sunday Star-Times 24.5.2015 pB12. GLACIER RETREAT AT RISING PACE.
The Antarctic peninsula region is now losing 56 billion tons of ice a year.

Scientists now say global warming has been "hugely underestimated".
 Anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD), and unsustainable human consumption, 
coupling to destroy habitats, have annihalated more than half of the vertebrate
population on the planet in 40 years. The icecaps are melting causing erratic 
jet stream behavior, which in turn has lead to prolonged spells of extreme 
weather in Europe, North America and Asia. Rising sea levels are already 
attacking atolls & coastal cities, but far worse is to come.
California, Central America, & northern South America are facing their worst 
dry spells in 50 years. Britain & Iran are also facing drought.
In Greenland, "dark" snow atop the ice sheet is now creating positive feedback.
More carbon dioxide in the oceans is wiping out fish.
  Google now admits that funding the American Legislative Exchange Council, 
a lobbying group that pushes climate denial, was a mistake. Its CEO now says
"Everyone understands climate change is occurring and the people who oppose it 
are really hurting our children and our grandchildren."
 Global energy use and carbon dioxide emissions will likely double by 2100.
  Yet the NZ Key government has taken the stance, Why should we act if the big 
players won't? My question is: When the planet is facing one of its greatest 
crises, how can National MPs look their kids in the eye, & say 'We did nothing 
because it wasn't in our interests.'? 

Australian Tax Breaks Help Fund Climate Science Denier Mark Steyn's Libel Defense in the US. 22.5.15
 Shell accused of strategy risking catastrophic climate change.
Environmentalists say presumption of global temperature rise to 4C undermines 
multinational's ability to talk with authority on climate change. 19.5.2015.

Failing to take action on climate change, by cutting New
Zealand's emissions, will be extremely expensive to the New Zealand economy,
- Green Party, in response the release of an unbalanced and inaccurate 
Government discussion document on the target they will take to the critical 
global climate conference in Paris later this year.
 The New Zealand Treasury found that if New Zealand continues
on its current trajectory of increasing emissions, the cost to
taxpayers of even a modest 5% reduction target will be up to
$52 billion. Reducing our emissions will lower this cost.
But beyond the fiscal cost of inaction, report after report has
found that moving to a low carbon economy is a major
economic opportunity, yet this Government continues with its
twentieth century mindset of seeing emission reductions as a cost.
  The Discussion document is at
Summary of top findings.
Public Meetings: 13th to 21st May at cities throughout New Zealand 
ex Sustainability Matters 13.5.2015.
The head of the Abbott government's Business Advisory Council claims climate 
science is a new world order conspiracy involving the United Nations, 
democracy-hating environmentalists and Chinese communists. 9.5.2015.

Experts warn of "cataclysmic" changes as planetary temperatures rise.
The majority of glaciers in Canada are expected to be gone by the end of 
the century. According to recent studies, we are at the very beginning of a 
period of "abrupt" climate disruption. About 12 million people living in 
coastal areas will be displaced during the next 85 years.
 While the Amazon is continuing to absorb more carbon than it is releasing, 
a tipping point is coming as deforestation, drought and fires there continue 
to remove precious trees at a frightful rate - 1.5 acres of rainforest are lost
every second. ..  For three years running Russia has been losing an amount of 
forest the size of Switzerland every year. 28.4.2015.

IPCC: More Than All of Observed Warming Has Been Caused by Humanity's Emissions. 25.4.2015.
 Climate Change Gag Order Part of Broader Industry-Tied Attacks on Science. 10.4.2015.
Damage caused by a ton of CO2 is 6 times higher than the value that the US uses
 to guide regulations - Stanford scientists. 12.1.2015.

 Between 60-80% of coal, oil and gas reserves of publicly listed companies are unburnable
if the world is to have a chance of not exceeding global warming of 2°C.  

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an Australian-based, not-for-profit climate change 
solutions think-tank. The group coordinates research...

One Million Climate Jobs:
Tackling the Environmental and Economic Crises. 2014.

A remarkable electronic dashboard created by The Guardia n shows some of the key indicators of planetary health, including projected population growth. IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] The anti lobby: Center for Research on Globalization Which companies caused global warming?

 350 Aotearoa 04 909 7305, PO Box 19-134, 
Courtenay Place, Wellington 6149, New Zealand | 18-24 Allen St, Wellington 
Oil Free Wellington

Go Fossil Free - fossil fuel divestment campaign.
Why investors should consider reorienting their portfolios towards low carbon 
energy by replacing fossil fuel stocks .... 

A link for info on divesting in oil shares. 22.5.15

Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility - targets bank AGMs.
Caroline [email protected]  

Sustainability Matters in NZ  [email protected] 

Sustainability Matters in OZ  

ShareAction | The movement for Responsible Investment - targets oil cos AGMs. 
Truthout Technical Administrator [email protected]

In 2013 [the oil cos] spent some $670bn on exploring for new oil and gas resources. One might ask whey they are doing this ...
 The melting of Antarctica was already really bad. It just got worse. 18.3.15
As the seas rise, a slow-motion disaster gnaws at America’s shores. 4.9.2014.

How special interests try to intimidate scientists, and how best to fight back - Michael E MANN, attacking the IPCC ...
 Corporations are not going to save us from climate disruption: 
The Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture, SEFA and the Oil and Gas 
Climate Initiative are among the many partnerships between industry, 
governments, the UN and the private sector that appear designed primarily 
to prevent serious challenges to the current business model. 

Environmental justice activists' engagement with governments,
global organizations and corporations holds many lessons in fighting for 
justice in the criminal legal system. 

Arctic methane.
 See also

Arctic methane:  
a scientist went on his biannual tour of the Russian arctic ocean, checking 
for toxic plumes of methane gas bubbling up from the ocean. He'd previously 
seen hundreds of these plumes, about a meter wide each, emitting gas 50 times 
more damaging to our climate than carbon dioxide. This time, as he came across 
the first plume, he couldn't believe it. It was a KILOMETER wide. A vast column
of gas entering our atmosphere. He sailed on and found another a kilometer 
wide, and another, and another. Hundreds of them.  

"Only if reduction of the non-CO2 [methane] forcings is achieved, AND CO2
growth is slowed, will it be possible to keep global temperature within or near
the range of the warmest interglacial periods... N2O is especially important 
owing to its long atmospheric lifetime, of the order of a century. There is 
substantial potential for reducing its growth rate, which is due in part to 
excessive use of nitrogen in fertilization practices... implies the need to 
phase out coal use, except where the CO2 is captured and sequestered, and to 
impose the same constraint on development of unconventional fossil fuels. 
In practice, achievement of these goals surely requires a price (tax) on CO2 
emissions sufficient to discourage extraction of remote oil and gas resources 
as well as unconventional fossil fuels." - p1938-9.
"The ultimate climate whipsaw occurred with snowballEarth events,most recently
at the end of the pre-Cambrian, ca 540 Myr BP, when the oceans froze ... 
volcanic CO2 accumulated in the air until a super greenhouse melted tropical 
ice, and the albedo feedback whipped the planet to hellish hothouse conditions"
- p1946. "(d ) Planet Earth today: imminent peril. ... An ice sheet response 
time of centuries seems probable, and we cannot rule out large changes on 
decadal time-scales... a feasible strategy for planetary rescue almost surely 
requires a means of extracting GHGs from the air." -p1949-1950. 
'Climate change and trace gases', J Hansen et al., Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 
(2007) 365, 1925-1954. The paper severely criticises IPCC (2001, 2007) 
as underestimating dangers. 

'Air NZ's emissions dilemma' pC1 Dom Post 6.4.2019.
Air NZ emits 3.5m tonnes of CO2 pa. International emissions are not counted.
Globally the number flying has doubled since 1999 & will double again by 2037.
Aviation was not included in the Paris Agreement. Buying C offsets are at $22/t as of
Jan. 2019. Other gases emitted by air travel about double the C footprint. The use of
offsets allows the industry to grow while others shrink - 'an underwhelming response'
- Otago Uni Prof Jas Higham. NZ's per capita aviation emissions are 670kg - higher
than those of US, Canada & Oz. The average Kiwi produces 7.7t of C pa, double the
global average. Reining in the airlines is not an option to neoliberal govts. But
Air NZ is doing more than other airlines. Atmosfair ranks it 13th of 125 airlines.

A Carbon C offset calculator at
 For example wellington-auckland return on AirNZ Climate impact: 
334 kg CO2, compensation 10P, CEP efficiency 62/100
 wlg-sydney return on AirNZ Climate impact: 1,260 kg CO2, 71/100 CEP

Emissions for one car per year (12,000 km; middle class model) 2,000 kg.
Another C offset calculator is
- ex Chris Watson 2019, author of 'Beyond flying - rethinking air travel in a 
globally connected world' 2014

By 2021, airlines that fly internationally will have to offset any extra emissions under a UN agreement (called the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, agreed on in 2018 in Montreal).

'Aust slammed as emissions hit record high'. Dom Post 2.10.2017:
"While the rest of the world is moving ahead to renewable energy, Australia is
stuck in the Dark Ages with its reliance on dirty fossil fuels." - Tuvalu PM.

Carbon Tax or Carbon Market?
The world's two best-known climate economists disagree radically on most issues. 
But they agree on one: The most effective policy for slowing global warming 
would be a price on carbon. 17.5.2015. 

Shift to Renewables Seems Inevitable, but Is It Fast Enough? 8.5.2015.
Kitty Stapp, Inter Press Service: Climate change may be one of the most 
divisive issues in Congress today, but despite the staunch denialism of 
Republicans, experts say the global transition from fossil fuels to renewables 
is already well underway.

Triassic Mass Extinction May Give Clues on How Oceans Will Be Affected by Climate Change.
... rapidly rising atmospheric CO2 levels can be expected to be similar: ocean 
acidification, oxygen depletion of the oceans, hydrogen sulphide poisoning and 
disruption of food chains through the killing off of photosynthesisers in the 
ocean. Studies of ancient mass extinctions such as the one at the end-Triassic 
inform us of the possible consequences of our own CO2 crisis. 13.4.2015. 

Sir Geoffrey PALMER's lecture "New Zealand's Defective Law on Climate Change",
held at VUW's Faculty of Law on 16.2.2015. 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Climate Change...
Corporate lobby groups urge governments not to act, while concerned citizens 
push for immediate action... a new report by The Energy and Resources Institute
(TERI), a think-tank based in New Delhi that has compiled an exhaustive 
assessment of the world's progress on climate mitigation and adaptation [with] 
detailed forecasts of what each country can expect in the coming years, 
providing a blueprint for action...
 Trends, risks and damages. The Global Sustainability Report 2015 ranks the top
20 countries most at risk from climate change based on the actual impacts of 
extreme climate events from 1980 to 2013.
 The TERI report cites data compiled by the Centre for Research on the 
Epidemiology of Disasters.. which maintains a global database of natural 
The study found a 10-fold increase to 525 natural disasters in 2002 from around
50 in 1975. By 2011, 95 percent of deaths from this consistent trend of 
increasing natural disasters were from developing countries... 

Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the CO2 Crisis? by David Ray GRIFFIN, 2015, Clarity Press.
Held by WCL.  
Here are some excerpts.
 This is perhaps the most important book on the world's most important 
problem. It has 100s of references. Please get it out from your local library,
- or if they dont have it, ask them to get it, as WCL did.

John Key forewent any moral or political leadership when he asked, 
why should we do anything when the big polluters aren't? That excuse
failed when the US & China signed a carbon emissions agreement on 11.11.2014.

We May Have Reached a Climate Tipping Point.
The "Mega-Drought Future," 
the Disappearance of Coral Reefs and the Unwillingness to Listen... sea levels 
north of New York City "jumped by 128mm (5 inches)" in just two years...
the jet stream is no longer contained to its previous patterns...  the giant 
craters in Siberia that are believed to have been caused by methane gas 
eruptions in melting permafrost are now sparking fears of the unfolding of an 
Arctic natural disaster.   

Human activity has compromised about half of the natural processes that maintain the stability of our planet.
... BP is being pressured by their investors. ... 

Climate disruption.
Climate change report: prevent damage by overhauling global economy.
Reducing emissions can generate better growth than old high-carbon model, 
says co-author of report, Lord Stern. 

A global climate-change Quaker site.
 EPA estimates that the oil industry emits at least 127,000 tons of hazardous air pollutants every year ...  

South-Asians at riskfrom glacier melt. 
  Chapter 10, Corruption & Global Warming, of COCKCROFT, Laurence (2014) below,
warns that the 100 billion expected to flow thru existing climate change funds 
are very likely to be in large part illegally siphoned off. Graphic examples 
are given of credit systems already hijacked.

VUW Prof. David FRAME's argument is offensive to me.

$550 billion in subsidies for producing or consuming fossil fuels in 2014.
By one count, such handouts led to extra consumption that was responsible for 
36% of global carbon emissions in 1980-2010. 

Zimbabwe's famed forests could soon be desert.
 Aerosol emissions in North America and Europe have moved the ITCZ south. 
This is the belt of monsoon rainfall encircling the Earth near the equator 
that migrates seasonally between the hemispheres.  

Population-related problems, like anthropogenic climate disruption, stem from resource use in the West.
By 2030 demand for food will have increased by 40 percent, global demand for 
water will have increased by 30 percent, and nearly 4 billion people will be 
living in areas of "high water stress." 

High risk for future U.S. megadroughts.
 How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: Responses to the most common skeptical arguments on global warming.  
Climate Deniers Exposed: Top Scientist Got Funding From ExxonMobil, Koch Brothers, Big Coal.  
 Arctic Voices: Resistance at the Tipping Point. Paperback, 2013
by Subhankar Banerjee. 
See also here.
 Why the Climate Change Movement Must Demand Energy Industry Nationalization.
The Bayway refinery, the site of extensive environmental damage, and the 
subject of a legal battle between Exxon and the state, in Linden, New Jersey, 
February 27, 2015. - Photo: A long-fought legal battle to recover $8.9 billion 
in damages from Exxon Mobil for the contamination and loss of use of more than 
1,500 acres of wetlands, marshes, meadows and waters in New Jersey has been 
quietly settled by the state for around $250 million. 

Monsanto: the biotech industry would pretend to side with the scientists
sounding the alarm on global warming - when the largest contributor to global 
warming is industrial agriculture, with its GMO monoculture crops. 

World Leaders Lack Ambition to Tackle Climate Crisis.
 2014 NZ documentary Hot Air, the politics of climate change 1988-2009,
Chris Barton of NZH. NZ Climate Coalition funded by US interests. Exxon
funded the Heartland Institute. The New Zealand Business Roundtable brought out
several pseudo-experts.

The 'Third Industrial Revolution' 2011 by Jeremy Rifkin, a review.
Pathways for Transforming from the oil economy to a green economy.
And a review of his 2014 book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society: the internet of 
things, the collaborative commons and the eclipse of capitalism.

Planet Ocean [UK]- the film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The pillage and destruction of the ocean's life.

What you can do to take part in solving the climate crisis.
Al Gore's 2006 movie, An Inconvenient Truth.


Fuelling dissension: coal and coal mining in 21st century New Zealand (2019)
by Young, Jane. Held by Wellington Library.

Chris Baker, CEO of Straterra representing NZ minerals sector, argues
that if we dont mine coal, others will. - Dom Post pA7 27.6.2017.

'The government is quietely planning to flog off more of our precious public
conservation land to mining interests, in the highly questionable hope that the
production of coking coal is going to make a sustained rebound... If it made
sense, the gov't wouldn't be working so hard to keep it secret... blocking
F&B's Official Information Act requests ... mining will increase the likelihood
the animals, plants & outstanding rocky landscapes will be destroyed ...
the reason for the secrecy is the gov't knows its proposals to destroy more
high-value conservation land will be opposed by the majority ... In 2010 ...
50,000 marched down Queen St to say no to mining in high-value conservation 
land. Sacrificing our unique env't in a vain attempt to prop up the dying coal
industry would be a disastrous move. Let's hope the gov't works this out before
it's too late. - Kevin Hackwell, Forest & Bird, Dom Post 21.6.2017.

A secret coal-mining plan will carve up a crucially important biodiversity
hotspot in the Buller Plateau. 'This is public conservation land, & the most 
ecologically valuable area on the plateau.' The plans were developed for the
ministers of conservation, energy & resources, & economic development after
discussions with Buller's mayor. - Dom Post 2.5.2017.
 The development of more coal fields when the planet is starting to burn
is surely eco-terrorism.

Australian mine planned on NZ conservation land.
It too will be moving the related powelliphanta patrickensis, another small 
community of threatened native snails. 16.10.2010. 

The population of rare native land snails, 6000 powelliphanta augusta, moved
from a West Coast mountain to make way for coal mining are struggling to 
survive & may die out in the wild. Yet Minister of Energy Gerry Brownlee who, 
in a recent speech about opening up conservation land to mining, highlighted 
the relocation of the Mt Augustus snails as an example of how 
"mining and good environmental practice can sit side by side". 19.9.2009. 


Rethinking energy 2020-2030. By A Dorr & T Seba. .10.2020.
100% solar, wind & batteries is just the beginning.

Lloyd's insurer Apollo to stop underwriting Adani coal mine. 2020.

UK banks' £25 billion support for global coal. 5.12.2019.

500,000 marched in Madrid on December 6, midway through COP25.

 Research unveiled at COP shows investors spent $745 billion on new coal 
development since the 2015 Paris Agreement. More than 1,000 new coal plants are
planned worldwide. Expect bank headquarters and fossil funders to be big 
campaign targets in 2020. This COP was a failure because many politicians and 
delegates protected the interests of the fossil fuel industry. Never has the 
disconnect from the scientific imperative been so wide. But the scale of people
power was also unmatched. - 17.12.2019.

In the 1960s-1970s a US nuclear power plant at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
leaked. Servicemen have already died. Strong winds took contamination to
NZ's Ross Base 3km away. - Dom Post 10.5.2018 p18-19.

The Bentley Effect (a movie): When the coal seam gas industry staked a claim
on the Northern Rivers shire of Australia, alarm bells rang out. Touring NZ to .11.2017.

Trump's Breathtaking Hypocrisy on Coal Mining. 23.9.2017.

Reclaiming Coal Country After Decades of Corporate Land Grabs. 24.7.2017.

These Companies Plan to Expand Coal Power Worldwide by 43%. 7.7.2017. 

Insurers urged to stop underwriting coal projects. 7.7.2017. 

In the UK solar power is beginning to beat coal power. 16.4.2016.

The world's largest private coal producer filed for bankruptcy.
“This is a company that wilfully and deliberately sought to delay, 
dismantle or destruct climate action. Perhaps if they had spent more time and 
money diversifying their business rather than on lobbying against climate 
action and sowing the seeds of doubt about the science, they might not have 
joined the long, and ever growing, list of bankrupt global coal companies.” 16.4.2016.

Disgraced coal baron Don Blankenship received the maximum possible sentence. 8.4.2016.

Since 2000, the amount of global electricity produced by solar power
 has doubled seven times over. Even wind power doubled four times.
Every time global wind power doubles, there’s a 19 percent drop in cost, 
and every time solar power doubles, costs fall 24 percent. 6.4.2016.

It's time to make the fossil fuel industry pay to clean up its own messes. 6.4.2016.

America's Largest Coal-Fired Power Plant Will Soon Be a Solar Farm. 5.4.2016.

Protestors block a coal train from entering downtown Missoula, Montana, in 2015. (Photo: Blue Skies Campaign) 

How Montanans Stopped the Largest New Coal Mine in North America.
Waging Nonviolence: The defeat of the Otter Creek mine is one example of a 
larger, encouraging trend. Climate activists and land defenders are learning 
to take on the world's biggest energy companies, fight huge fossil fuel 
projects and win. 3.4.2016.

Trillion dollars wasted on coal.
A report of Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and CoalSwarm, explains that 
coal-generating capacity equal to 1,500 coal plants is either in planning or 
construction at a valuation of a trillion dollars. 31.3.2016.

Coal Plants Risk Global Water Shortage.
The world's 8,359 coal power plant units consume enough water each year to meet the basic needs of 1 billion people.  25.3.2016 

Climate-Change-Denying Lawyer Is Revealed to Be Working for Coal Company:
 a Washington, DC-based lawyer, climate change denier and Fox News regular, is 
also being paid as a "regulatory counsel" for the coal company Alpha Natural 
Resources. He has repeatedly filed lawsuits against leading US climate 
scientists. 22.3.2016 

Oregon First to End Coal Era: Landmark Ban Sets National Standard for Clean Energy. 18.3.2016
Coal ash - the waste product created when coal is burned for electricity, is making water unfit to use. 18.3.2016 
The Energy & Environment Legal Institute, a group best known for filing lawsuits seeking climate scientists' personal emails, has secretly received funding from Arch Coal, 
one of the largest coal producers in the US. 27.2.2016 

Digging Up a Mountain of Debt:
 As coal companies go broke, they're leaving taxpayers holding the bag. 
Taxpayers have already lost out on $30 billion. 26.1.2016 

Coal's Collateral Damage:
Coal powered the industrial revolution and kept the lights on for billions of 
people over the past century. As it collapses, remember that the industry's 
pain can't compare with the suffering it brought to the people and creatures 
who make their homes in the world's most ancient mountains. 5.5.2015 


The Bulletin 15.7.20: Judith 'Collins also comes into the top job [as National
Party leader] after a career filled with scandal. Out of every MP discussed in 
the 2014 book Dirty Politics, she was by far the closest to the ruthless attack
bloggers at the heart of the book, and an enthusiastic participant in their hit
jobs. There was the Oravida scandal - you can go back and read a timeline of 
that on Newshub at 
which involved some seriously dodgy looking dinners and donations. On a less 
damaging but still politically pertinent level, Collins was also involved in 
matters like the awarding of the contract for Mt Eden Prison to private prison 
operator Serco, which ended terribly. She considered crossing the floor to vote
against the otherwise bi-partisan Zero Carbon bill.'

20 years of collusion between NZ First & the fishing industry. 
- p44-45 Sunday StarTimes 8.3.2020.

Time to rein in the cash in local politics?
Property developers were the main donors to WCC mayoral candidates. 13.8.2019.

Blowing the whistle on our big banks. The BNZ files. 'Banking Bad' book 2019 by
Adele Ferguson. Whistleblower Jeff Morris lost his job & family. The regulators
are too close to the banks. - Sunday Star-Times 4.8.2019 p24-25.

Convicted developer Liu bankrolls Maori Party & calls in favours from Labour's 
David Cunliffe & National's Maurice Williamson, John Key & Jami Lee Ross. 
Dirty donations sully political integrity. - Sunday Star-Times 6.5.2018 pA1,A2.

Thompson and Clark spy for many government departments. PM warns ministers.
Southern Response used them to spy on earthquake insurance claimants. 12.3.2018.

  Green Party Ministers will proactively release their ministerial diaries, 
to show who they've met with and why;
  Green Ministers, MPs and staff will not accept corporate hospitality, such as
free tickets to events unrelated to their work. - James Shaw 3.3.2018.
Let's see if other party ministers are clean enough to follow suit!

NZ 1st minister Shane jones appoints a political donor to chair the Independent
Advisory Panel for the govt's $3bn provincial growth fund. Rodger Finlay is 
a former oil & gas chairman & gave a donation to Jone's failed bid for the 
Labour leadership. - DomPost pA2 26.2.2018.

In 1998 Work&Income spent 100k on a mock wedding. In 1999 Christine Rankin
descended on a flying rig at a Work&Income conference with images of ML King, 
Gandhi & herself. - DomPost 22.2.2018.

Close the loopholes in our tax system and crush multinational tax avoidance. 19.10.2017.

Bridges Both Ways: Transforming the openness of New Zealand government, 
Max Rashbrooke, 2017.

A shadowy multinational lobby, the US Digital Economy Group, wins tax victory.
Ministers Joyce & Collins back down. Chief Ombudsman investigates. 
- p A10 Dom Post 18.8.17.

Politics housing Social housing candidate has links to Manus detention centre. 7.7.2017.

Most Kiwis think the economic & political system are set up to take care of 
the rich & powerful instead of them. - Dom Post p A2 4.7.2017.

NZ trust disclosure laws easily allow money-laundering from one of the most 
corrupt countries in the world: the brutal regime of Azerbaijan. - Neil 
Chenoweth & Susan Edmunds, Australian Financial Review, Dom Post 2.5.2017.

2% of our land was sold to foreigners in just 2016. Land Information Minister
Mark Mitchell dismisses it as 'no big buy-up'. - Dom Post p A6 21.3.2017.

Passports for sale. Dom Post p C10 18.3.2017.

Transport Ministry workers made redundant after communicating their concerns
about now convicted fraudster. 10.3.2017.

Closing housing tax loopholes would solve our housing crisis - G Morgan. 26.1.2017.

Key gave Thiel citizenship for $1 million. He's now buying up NZ land. 26.1.2017. 
23.8.2016: Chinese Wm Yan aka Bill Liu aka .. wanted by Interpol for fraud in 
China, buys his freedom in NZ for $43 mn. He'd bought off prosecution for fraud
in Oz in 2007 for $3m. He was given NZ citizenship by Minister Shane Jones 
after lobbying by Dover Samuel.

Men found criminally liable of environmental pollution in Argentina
OKd by NZ's Overseas Investment Office to buy prime New Zealand rural land.
Prime Minister John Key's personal lawyer lobbied both him and the Revenue
Minister not to change New Zealand's foreign trust rules. 29.4.2016.

Is the govt jumping on benefit fraud to distract from bank fraud?
16 million in benefit fraud was detected in 2010. Piddling compared with 
$2.2 billion the banks tried not to pay in taxes. 16.4.2016.

John Key's token response to the Panama Papers. 12.4.2016.

John Key in denial about the Panama Papers.
Foreign firms that register in New Zealand can operate with impunity when it 
comes to complying with (a) our money-laundering and terrorism financing laws 
and (b) our international obligations on such activities. 5.4.2016.

John Key puts defamation costs on the public tab. 22.3.2016.

Fonterra squeezing small firms. 8.3.2016.
On bribing the Saudis. 29.12.2015 
 If you've done something to really annoy the Establishment - 
hello, Kim Dotcom, Heather Du Plessis Allen, Nicky Hager and teapot tapes 
photographer Bradley Ambrose - not only will you rocket to the top of the 
priority list for the Police and their scant resources, but chances are 
they'll overstep their lawful authority while turning you over. Meanwhile the 
dodgy behaviours and payments documented in Hager's book Dirty Politics will 
go un-investigated ... 18.12.15.

Police raid of Hager wasn't a suspect, he was a journalist
with legal protections that the Police simply overrode without a seconds 
thought because his work had humiliated and embarrassed the Government. 18.12.15 


US firms were recipient of the massive federal government bailout
launched to help US small business survive through the coronavirus crisis. 
The list includes struggling small firms like the businesses owned by Donald 
Trump, by his extended family and by his millionaire political appointees. 
It also includes a $2 million plus handout to the Yeezy fashion label owned by
multi-millionaire Trump loyalist Kanye West, between $150k and 350k paid to 
the anti-tax lobby firm headed by famed small government advocate Grover 
Norquist, the $1 million handout to billionaire property developer and 
Republican fundraiser Joe Farrell, and between $150-300k to the always cash
-strapped Church of Scientology, Also,amounts of around $350,000 to a whole 
lot of pop bands, including struggling up and comers like the Eagles, Guns n 
Roses, Pearl Jam and Nickelback. 7.7.2020 via Scoop.

Westpac breached its anti money-laundering obligations 23 million times. .4.2020

Neoliberalism Simplified: The Biggest Coup In History. 5.11.2019. 

Oil, gas and coal interests gave $20 million to current Senators & Representatives 
to influence their votes around industry-friendly measures, from dismantling 
the power of regulatory bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 
to approving the Keystone pipeline, to opening up the outer-continental shelf 
to drilling.

NGOs Blast US for Undermining Criminal Court. 8.4.2019.
As it paves a destructive path against international institutions and 
multilateralism the Trump administration is steadily undermining the UN.

How is The Official Unemployment Rate 3.8% When 37% of the U.S is Unemployed? 26.3.2019
MI5 authorized to commit serious crime such as torture and murder both inside 
Britain and outside. - Dom Post p B3 6.10.2018.

LitCol Parkinson fired by FBI after he blew the whistle on colleagues using an 
FBI plane to fly to Reno, for the sole purpose of engaging prostitutes.
- Whistleblower & Source Protection Program  12.4.2018

As a veteran, Mr. Parkinson has the right to appeal his termination before the
independent Merit Systems Protection Board, but the Department of Justice has 
sought to prevent his use of a whistleblower defense there.

Avaaz 'hit with a 168-page court subpoena from Monsanto...
it "commands" us to hand over every private email, note, or record we have 
regarding Monsanto, including the names and email addresses of Avaazers 
who have signed Monsanto campaigns!!' -16.2.21018

On 7.2.2018 Hoang Duc Bindh was sentenced in Vietnam to 14 years in jail for 
livestreaming fishermen marching to file a lawsuit against a Taiwan-owned steel
plant's spill of toxins into the ocean. The fishermen were stopped & beaten by
authorities. - Dom Post 6.2.2018.

Human rights abuses in West Papua during 2017.

Republicans pass massive, radical social engineering project they call a tax bill. 
The Republican tax bill will end cancer treatment for Medicare patients. ...
a massively corrupt scam designed to finance enormous tax cuts for millionaires, 
billionaires and large corporations at the expense of working families. 3.12.2017. 

Activists in St. Louis, Missouri, demonstrated to say 'No Justice, No Profit.'
Police violently attacked them. 28.11.2017.

In Los Angeles police arrest citizens who speak 20 seconds more than allowed. 24.11.2017.

UK trade minister lobbied Brazil on behalf of oil giants. 24.11.2017. 

Trump's purging of scientific committees is part of a broader war on science. 30.7.2017.

Under Trump's Orders, EPA Considers Gutting Lead Rules  
Even as Water in Schools Tests Positive. 21.7.2017.

Whistleblower at the CIA: An Insider's Account of the Politics of Intelligence.
by Melvin A Goodman 2017.

Naomi Klein, 2017, No is Not Enough. (Allen Lane). Thinking up alternatives. 12.7.2017.
See also

French uranium mining leaves 100s of millions of tons of radioactive waste,
making the the traditional owners of the land in Niger, the Tuareg, & their
livestock, & making their children malformed or dead. Hollande sent in French
special forces into Mali allowing its army to commit genocide on Tuareg & arabs,
& removing the people from their land, while Al Quaida waits in the desert.
- 'Orphans of the Sahara, Al Jazeera TV 7.7.2017.

What Happened to the US's Wealth? The Rich Hid It. 6.7.2017

He exposed Stratfor snooping on activists on behalf of corporations,
& plans by intelligence contractors to hack and smear activists.
Now he's under attack by the US government.  4.7.2017.

Trump's FBI Nominee Offered Corporate Clients Legal Advice
at Forum on ExxonMobil Climate Change Investigations. 20.6.2017.

The Australian government will pay $AU70 million compensation to 1905 men
it detained on Manus Island between 2012 and 2016. 14.6.2017.

 - Malcolm Rands, Facebook 1.2.2017.

Wall Street and Telecoms' Impressive Control of Congress 5.5.2017
With enough money, companies can buy legislators' votes.

Book: Disaster Capitalism - Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe. 1.5.2017
by Antony Loewenstein

Hidden Purging of Millions of US Voters. 30.4.2017

Chinese Workers Paid $1 an Hour to Make Ivanka Trump's Clothes. 28.4.2017

It's Profitable to Let the World Go to Hell. 28.4.2017
 Disaster Capitalism, 2017 by Antony Loewenstein.

The Panama Papers, One Year On - shenanigans of the EU's biggest banks. 26.4.2017

Giroux on Cruelty and Isolation in US Politics. 22.4.2017.

See also American Nightmare: Facing the Challenge of Fascism by Henry Giroux.
America at war with itself, by Henry Giroux is held by WCL.
For other books of his see

World Bank Ignores Land Grabbing. 4.4.2017.
Sales of huge land areas of Ethiopia to foreign investors, have led to 
starvation and forced displacement. -Documentary 'Dead Donkeys Fear no Hyenas'.

A farmhand loads genetically modified corn seed.
Behind a Corporate Monster: How Monsanto Pushes Agricultural Domination. 20.3.2017.

Monsanto Isn't Feeding the World -- It's Killing Our Children. 15.3.2017.

The Deep State: Trump will not dismantle the extra-constitutional 
power structures. His fake populism only serves to bail out the 1%. 13.3.2017. 

Shell's operations in Nigeria hide behind subsidiaries to dodge accountability
for human rights abuses. 27.2.2017.

Ecuador Votes to Bar Politicians From Having Assets in Tax Havens. 22.2.2017.

Veterans march with Water Protectors and Native American elders through 
freezing temperatures, snow and wind to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline 2016.

Runaway anthropogenic climate disruption, chronic wars and economic inequality. 14.2.2017.

Exposing the Myths of Neoliberal Capitalism. 9.2.2017. 

Liam Fox, the UK's secretary of state for international trade, founded 
Atlantic Bridge, registered as a charity, but part of UK's dark money network.

How Corporate Dark Money Is Taking Power. 8.2.2017.
Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Tells Press to "Keep Its Mouth Shut". 28.1.2017. 

Protesters against Trump's inauguration may get 10 years in prison. 25.1.2017. 

John Podesta: One of the Most Powerful Corporate Lobbyists in the World. 7.11.2016. 

800 Journalist Murders since 2006. 4.11.2016. 

UN Must Fight Tax Evasion, Says UN Expert. 28.10.2016. 
Corruption, bribery, tax fraud and tax evasion have such grave effects on human
dignity, human rights and human welfare that they shock the conscience of 

Sugar industry bought off Harvard scientists, skewed dietary guidelines for decade.
Harvard researchers got hefty sums to downplay role of sweets in heart disease.
The perils of trusting industry-sponsored research to inform policy and the 
importance of requiring scientists to disclose conflicts of interest. 13.9.2016.
Those who got 17 to 21 percent of calories from added sugar had a 38 percent
higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease compared to those who consumed
8 percent of their calories from added sugar.
Sugar Is Worse Than Salt for Blood Pressure.

 150 Million Workers in India Just Staged the Largest Strike in History  
to Resist Neoliberalism. Unions have a 12-point "charter of demands" that 
includes not only higher minimum wages but better enforcement of labor laws, 
an end to privatization of the public sector, guaranteed pensions and social 
security protections for all workers, and an end to foreign investment in 
India's railway, insurance and defense industries. 16.9.2016.

Greasing the Wheels. An Aussie report reveals a web of political donations,
special access and secret lobbying behind controversial mining projects. 1.9.2016.

Lawbreaking corporations have been giving judges luxurious paid vacations
under the guise of “judicial junkets,” labelled as educational seminars.
But these junkets aren't about education — they're about giving corporate 
allies and anti-regulation zealots a chance to indoctrinate judges.  19.8.2016.

29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-up Of 9/11.

Koch Brothers' Congressman Seeks to Block Efforts to Prevent Chemical Catastrophe.

DOJ Overruled Recommendation to Indict Money-Laundering Bank Over Too-Big-to-Fail Worries.

Introducing America Rising Squared (AR2):
Republicans' "Creepy" New Assault on Climate Action. 5.6.2016.

Barclays Bank (and other banks) set about rigging the $US 5.3 trillion a day
 global foreign exchange market. New proceedings against Westpac. 23.5.2016.

Results of Glyphosate Pee Test Are in "and It's Not Good News". 14.5.2016.

The Pentagon Absolves Itself for Bombing a Hospital. 4.5.2016.

Dark Money Attacking Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 1.5.2016.

What Is Shadow Lobbying? How Influence Peddlers Shape Policy in the Dark. 21.4.2016.

Shadow World - the Shocking Inside Story of Global Arms Trade. 21.4.2016.
From Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, from Margaret Thatcher to Tony Blair, 
Shadow World reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade, the only
business that counts its profits in billions and its losses in human lives.
  US govt agencies sent over 70 shipments of microorganisms to Iraq which were
used in their bio warfare vs Iran in the 1980s. - US Senate Riegle Report 1994.

The IMF and the Panama Papers.
Corporate tax evasion and the workers who are fighting back. 16.4.2016.

400 Arrested at US Capitol Protesting Corruption and Money in Politics. 13.4.2016.

Several Democrats' superdelegates work as lobbyists for banks, oil companies. 

Estimates are that $7.6 trillion in individual assets are in tax havens,
about one-tenth of the global GPD.  9.4.2016.

Wall Street Should Pay a Sales Tax. 9.4.2016.
Monsanto - glyphosate, the most-used agricultural chemical in human history. 7.4.2016. 
Panama Papers: World Leaders and Rich Lawbreakers Exposed in Massive Data Leak. 6.4.2016. 
A network of secret offshore deals and vast loans worth $2bn leads to Russia’s president. 4.4.2016. 
How the Supreme Court Made Economic Inequality a Whole Lot Worse: 
 Since the late 1970s (and more frequently over the past decade), the Supreme 
Court has issued a series of rulings that have benefited businesses and the 
wealthy at the expense of the working class and the groups that support them. 
This has, arguably, made it a court for the 1%. 1.4.2016.

The right wing Parliament in Venezuela has a bill providing amnesty for crimes
the oligarchs and their operatives have committed since Hugo Chavez was elected
in 1999. This bill provides a catalog of their political offenses over 16 
years. In 45 articles, it covers all manner of crimes committed from 
misdemeanors at a public rally to felonies like terrorist acts involving 
explosives and firearms. They are admitting crimes to overthrow the government
by undermining the economy and creating political havoc. 
How US funding Venezuelan oligarchs through US AID and the National Endowment 
for Democracy polluted their civil society. 28.3.2016. 

The Political Economy of Argentina's Settlement With the Vulture Funds. 22.3.2016.

Bees & butterflies may be at risk of extinction.
Bayer, one of the world's biggest producers of bee-killing pesticides, is SUING
the European Commission to lift its ban on the pesticides that are driving bees
toward extinction. 15.3.2016. 

France Honours Saudi Crown Prince for 'Fighting Terrorism and Extremism'.
President Francois Hollande has awarded the Legion d'Honneur, France's highest 
honour, to visiting Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef. 8.3.2016. 

Children Are Dying From Pneumonia, but Greed Is the Real Killer:
Why is the world's second-largest drug company so stingy when it comes to 
providing poor nations with a life-saving vaccine? When the bulk of its cash 
comes from sales in the industrialized world, why is it allowing children to 
die in the world's impoverished places? 8.3.2016.

The Fossil Fuel Tycoons Trying to Buy the US Election:
An elite group of millionaires and billionaires with ties to fossil fuels have 
spent more than $100 million in this US election cycle. An analysis of Federal 
Election Committee data has turned up 124 "megadonors" who are executives or 
major investors in the fossil fuel industry. 8.3.2016.

Thanks to the NZ government's asset sales programme, we're sitting ducks for power companies. 25.2.2016.

The Public Is Being Looted By Privatization And Deregulation.
Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the United States itself are now 
being looted. 24.2.2016.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Enabled the 2009 Coup in Honduras. 23.2.2016.

In Europe, Are the Chemical Industry's Interests Taking Precedence Over People's Lives?
The European Union has still not regulated usage of endocrine disruptors, 
chemical substances with colossal health impacts. 6.2.2016. 

Republican presidential candidates propose cutting wealthy and corporate taxes by well more than US$10 trillion. 3.2.2016.

"Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what 
to have for dinner." - James Bovard - 1994.

US academics have been collaborating with Monsanto
on strategies aimed at not just promoting biotech crop products, but also 
rolling back regulation of these products and fending off industry critics. 3.2.2016. 

The latest corporate tax evasion scam:
 Billionaires and other shareholders already enjoy special lower tax rates than
the rest of us. This is just one more tax break they utilize. 30.1.2016. 

Stock buybacks are about a half trillion dollars per year.
And it's all being used for the sole purpose of jacking stock price so 
voracious CEOs and their shareholders can make a killing. Not one dime of this 
money is going into expanding operations, hiring more employees, Research and 
Development or improving productivity.  The lone objective of this farce is to 
inflate stock prices to line the pockets of filthy-rich one percenters. 29.1.2016.

Monsanto just filed a lawsuit against California, to stop the US state adding glyphosate
(the active ingredient in Roundup) to its list of known carcinogens.  26.1.2016. 

the Corrupting Influence of Money in Politics ...
Congress is controlled by large corporations...
 11 corporate leviathans have wrested more than $711 billion in profits for 
their investors... Senate Minority Leader recently fought for the protection 
of a billion-dollar tax loophole pushed by Wall Street investors...
[3 named senators] have gotten over $3 million combined from the oil industry..
  Sen. Hillary Clinton did not put her name on Senate legislation to close the 
loophole... Congress does not, in fact, represent the people, but rich CEOs... 25.1.2016. 

How the Kochs Tried to Discredit Reporter Jane Mayer
After She Exposed Their Empire. 21.1.2016. 

A double standard in how the US mainstream media report civilian deaths,
depending on whether the US military is fighting the wars or not.  21.1.2016. 

US plans to develop Afghanistan's oil, gas and minerals industries.
An analysis finds at least $17 billion in questionable spending in Afghanistan. 18.1.2016. 

Reality Checks: The Economy, The Climate Crisis, The False Advertising of the TPP, US Militarism. 17.1.2016.

The FDA Has Only Banned Three Chemicals Out of Nearly 100 Known to Cause
 Health Risks. 13.1.2016. 

How Corrupt Is the American Government? 7.1.2016.

The IMF Changes its Rules to Isolate China and Russia.
The nightmare scenario of U.S. geopolitical strategists seems to be coming 
true: foreign economic independence from U.S. control.  19.12.15 

Your life savings could be wiped out in a massive derivatives collapse. 31.12.2015
 Philanthropy Hurts Some of the World's Worst Problems: 
This interview with author of No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates 
Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy,... 29.12.15. 

The exaltation of markets - as if they were some ideal mechanism
for distributing resources - should be rejected as the self-serving tool of 
the wealthiest elite, operated at the expense of everyone else. Other, 
non-market modes of distribution have provided and can offer improved social 
conditions. 25.12.2015 

Corporate Charity Is Corporate Power. 24.12.2015
How Apple Is Hurting the US Taxpayer: 
Apple avoided paying $9 billion in US taxes... , the richest companies are 
hiding trillions of dollars overseas. 24.12.2015 

Whistleblower Speaks Out Against USDA, Corruption and Systemic Pesticides. 23.12.2015
Half of all Americans Are Living in or Close to Poverty. 23.12.2015 
 Five Scandals That Show Why We Need Structural Reform in the Banking Industry:
 Since the 2008 financial crisis, criminal violations at the world's leading 
banks have resulted in huge costs and tarnished the reputation of the entire 
financial system. An examination of five banking scandals underscores why 
structural reform of the banking system is urgently needed. 6.12.2015 

The internet is in danger of being privatized. is an organization fighting this. 6.12.2015
Pounding the Table, Israeli Officials Malign International Criminal Court: 
 When a prosecutor with the International Criminal Court initiated a 
"preliminary examination" into Israel's actions in Palestine, the Israeli 
government began a vigorous campaign to undermine that court and its prosecutor. 30.11.2015.

More whistleblowers have been jailed under Obama
than under all previous US Presidents combined. 29.11.2015. 

'Pricing the planet - the buying & selling of nature' Al Jazeera 20.11.2015:
Species as financial products. Economist Pava Sukhdev [PS] - on making nature
a commodity> Economist G Heal, Columbia; Pascal Canfin ex EU Greens MP. Ricardo
Bayon founder Eko Asset Management. By 2048 the last fish will be taken from
the ocean. giles Boeuf, Prest, of Natural History. Christophe Bonneuif
historian, Center for Scientific Research. Extinction is 100-1000 faster than
the last .5 bn years. Pablo Solon director, Focos on the Global S. Ken Osbourne
naturalist - destruction of sanddunes. In US species privatization is in the
hands of the banks: they sell credits for wetlands, snakes, salmon, & many
species. Mi'l Jenkins Ecosystem Marketplace, $2-3 bn 
regional payments/year. 
World business council for sustainable development
Mark Terce nature conservancy 8.8.2017 
GFC lost 5 trn. 

Why the United States Leaves Deadly Chemicals on the Market:
 Thirty years ago, corporate interests began to control not just the political 
process but the science itself. Industry not only funds research to cast doubt 
on known environmental health hazards; it has also shaped an entire field of 
science - regulatory toxicology - to downplay the risk of toxic chemicals. 17.11.2015. 

The TV3 Expose censored from NZ TV.
This doco covers the exposure of the Paritutu and New Zealand community at 
large to the chemical 2-4-5-T, manufactured at Ivan Watkins Dow in New Plymouth
between 1962-1981, and the disastrous effects it had on those exposed.
 Visit for more information.
Paritutuiwd is a community designed and operated site, dedicated to scientific 
archival documentation of this issue.
 Poisoning Paradise film maker Clyde Graf has written: It was deemed to be 
unfair to the chemical manufacturers, for TV3 to screen this doco ... and they 
were fined around $17,000.  

Sugar Industry Threatens To Scupper WHO.
The sugar industry in the US is threatening to bring the World Health 
Organisation to its knees by demanding that Congress end its funding unless the
WHO scraps guidelines on healthy eating. 4.11.2015. 

Eco-apocalypse - Indonesia Is Burning.
 It is currently producing more carbon dioxide than the US economy. In three 
weeks the fires have released more CO2 than the annual emissions of Germany. 31.10.2015. 

The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government, by David Talbot.
The author has exposed the face of evil incarnate in Allen Dulles, the hit-man 
for the power elite, & the longest-serving director of the CIA.  Dulles' 
decade as director of the CIA was a dark period in US politics. The spymaster 
saw himself above the nation's laws, subverting US presidents, colluding with 
Nazis & Mafiosi, using the same ruthless tactics he employed abroad - targeting
foreign leaders for assassination & overthrowing governments not in line with 
his goals. The author implicates Dulles as being behind the assassination of 
the Kennedy brothers. 30.10.2015. 

Canada is killing indigenous people - 1181 women and girls in the last 30 years. 19.10.2015.
 Inside Saudi Arabia: Butchery, Slavery and History of Revolt:
 Meet the new head of a United Nations panel on human rights: the Kingdom of 
Saudi Arabia. This video report looks inside the brutal reality of this 
police-state monarchy, and reveals the untold people's history of resistance 
to it. With a catastrophic war in Yemen and looming executions of activists, 
"The Empire Files" exposes the true nature of the US-Saudi love affair. 11.10.2015. 

Environmental Activists Continue to Face Interrogations at US-Canada Border. 7.10.2015.
 Monsanto and Syngenta Tighten Stranglehold on Global Food Supply:
 There is a corporate monster in the making: a conglomeration of two Big 
Agriculture entities, Monsanto and Syngenta. If allowed to consolidate, the 
first- and third-largest biotech companies will gain near complete control of 
the global food supply. 7.10.2015. 

Bankruptcy Lawyers Strip Cash From Coal Miners' Health Insurance:
As coal companies go bankrupt or shut down throughout Appalachia and parts of 
the Midwest, the immediate fallout includes lost jobs and devastated 
communities. An Indiana case stands out as an example of how financial deals 
hatched far from coal country can also endanger the future safety net. 5.10.2015. 

Guatemalan Activist Murdered After Court Suspends Palm Oil Company Operations:
 A day after a judge suspended operations of a palm-oil company suspected of 
causing a massive fish die-off on a Guatemalan river, three community leaders 
were abducted by company workers and an outspoken local teacher was murdered 
by unidentified assailants. 5.10.2015. 

Clandestine American-led interventions
have fuelled the explosion in terror networks across the Middle East, Central 
Asia and Africa. 2.10.2015. 

U.S. soldiers still fighting in Afghanistan
- are under orders to be "culturally sensitive" regarding . . . 
the sexual abuse of children. 2.10.2015. 

A book by Erik LOOMIS, Out of sight, the long & disturbing story of corporations
outsourcing catastrophe. 2015, Perseus distribution, New York.
In the tradition of Naomi Klein, a powerful new analysis of labor and 
environmental harm in the age of globalization by an award-winning scholar and 
public intellectual.
When jobs can move anywhere in the world, bosses have no incentive to protect 
either their workers or the environment. Work moves seamlessly across national 
boundaries, yet the laws that protect us from rapacious behavior remain tied to
national governments. This situation creates an all-too-familiar “race to 
the bottom,” where profit is generated on the backs of workers and at the 
cost of toxic pollution.
In Out of Sight, Erik Loomis—a historian of both the labor and 
environmental movements—follows the thread that runs from the Triangle 
Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York in 1911 to the collapse of the Rana Plaza 
factory building outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2013. The truth is that our 
systems of industrial production today are just as dirty and abusive as they 
were during the depths of the industrial revolution and the Gilded Age, but 
the ugly side of manufacturing is now hidden in faraway places where workers 
are most vulnerable.
  Today, American capitalists threaten that any environmental regulations will 
drive up the cost of production and force them to relocate our jobs to a 
country where they don’t face such laws and can re-create their toxic work 
conditions. It wasn’t always like this. In his insightful book, Loomis shows
that the great environmental victories of twentieth-century America—the 
Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the EPA—were actually union victories. 
This history is a call to action: when we fight for our planet, we fight for 
our own dignity as workers and citizens. Out of Sight calls upon us to fight 
for regulations that follow corporations wherever they do business and put the 
power back in workers’ hands. 
   Excerpt p168: Like NAFTA, the TPP would effectively encourage American 
corporations to move operations into countries with terrible human rights, 
labor rights, & environmental records, providing no legal framework to make 
companies responsible for what happens in outsourced factories. It allows 
companies to take advantage of Vietnam's 28c/hour minimum wage & buildings that
might collapse or burn. ... This would continue to allow American companies to 
operate without consequences. .. 25% of American jobs could be outsourced to
 Asia - 36 million people out of work. ... There is absolutely no reason we 
should have the slightest bit of confidence after 20 years of NAFTA & nearly a 
decade of recession & stagnation, that corporations & politicians are telling 
the truth when they call the TPP a job creator.
  Chapter 5, The climate is for sale, deals with dirty oil.
 - I highly recommend this book. Available at Wellington Public Library. 1.10.2015. 

The pharmaceutical industry spends hundreds of millions on lobbying
and campaign donations every year. 1.10.2015. 

US Special Ops Forces Have Deployed in 135 Nations.
 Every day, in fact, America's most elite troops are carrying out missions in 
80 to 90 nations, practicing night raids or sometimes conducting them for real,
engaging in sniper training or sometimes actually gunning down enemies from 
afar... 29.9.2015. 

CIA Continues to Deny Use of Torture,
Shrugging Off Prosecutions Outside the US. 21.9.2015. 

State Corruption Wreaks Environmental Havoc in Malaysia:
 Following a corruption scandal involving the prime minister, Malaysia faces 
ongoing economic turmoil, human rights abuses and environmental destruction. 
A spate of unregulated mining and logging is depleting the nation's natural 
resources, supporting the human trafficking racket and creating other long-term
problems. 17.9.2015. 

Battle Over Flaming Water and Fracking Reignites
as Analysis Prompts Call for Renewed EPA Investigation: At the heart of the 
fracking controversy is the contention that it contaminates drinking water. 

Book: 'Open Veins of Latin America: five centuries of the pillage of a continent'
c1997 by the late Uruguayan journalist, author and poet Eduardo Galeano. 
Few history books are as ambitious or have been as influential as this one. 
Held by Wellington library. 5.9.2015. 
Here is a sample of its story.
 This same book provides a knowledge base with which to understand 
the contemporary evolution of the relationship between colonialism, capitalism 
and racism. 7.9.2015. 
  Also by Eduardo Galeano is 'Children of the days' on torture in Uruguay, 2013.

The Honduran Coup's Ugly Aftermath.
Hillary Clinton helped a right-wing coup in Honduras remove an elected 
left-of-center president, setting back the cause of democracy and enabling 
corrupt and drug-tainted forces to tighten their grip on the poverty-stricken 
country.  26.8.2015. 

Trump Says He Can Buy Politicians, None of His Rivals Disagree.
"When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do." 8.8.2015. 

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an "Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery". 3.8.2015.
 Documents Published by WikiLeaks Reveal the NSA's Corporate Priorities: 
  They prove that economic spying by the United States is pervasive, and that 
it's wielded to benefit powerful corporate interests. 19.7.2015. 

Poor Bear the Brunt of Corruption in India's Food Distribution System. 15.7.2015.
 The U.N.'s most mighty members have never seriously considered laying down their arms 
or sharing their wealth in an unequal world.  They have been busy instead with 
the Great Games of the day, like securing oil and other resources, dominating 
client states and bringing down unfriendly governments...
 Most of the money and energy at the U.N. in recent years has poured into 
peacekeeping, which is typically a kind of military intervention outsourced by 
Washington and its allies. The organisation, dedicated in theory to ending war,
is ironically now a big actor on the worlds battlefields. It has a giant 
logistics base in southern Italy, a military communications system, contracts 
with mercenaries, an intelligence operation, drones, armored vehicles and other
accouterments of armed might.  Meanwhile, the Department of Disarmament Affairs
has seen its funding and status decline considerably...
big powers (with Washington first among them) have been the most ardent 
blockers strenuously opposed to a strong U.N. in nearly every respect, except 
military operations.
The big power blocking has been especially strong when it comes to global 
economic policy, including proposals to strengthen the Social and Economic 
Council.  The same powers have also kept the U.N. Environment Programme weak, 
while opposing progress in U.N.-sponsored climate negotiations...
The U.N. has weakened as its member states have grown weaker.  The IMF, the 
World Bank and global financial interests have pushed neo-liberal reforms for 
three decades, undermining national tax systems and downsizing the role of 
public institutions in economic and social affairs.  Governments have 
privatized banks, airlines and industries, of course, and they have also 
privatized schools, roads, postal services, prisons and health care.
The vast new inequalities have led to more political corruption... 26.6.2015. 

Who Pays Taxes in the US? Everyone but the Super-Rich:
 Why are our seniors paying higher taxes on their Social Security benefits than
billionaires pay on stocks? After 40 years of large corporations infiltrating 
and subverting our democracy - they've grabbed so much power that they've 
essentially written themselves out of our tax code. 6.6.2015. 

Princeton University study: Public opinion has "near-zero" impact on U.S. law.
By Represent.Us 19.5.2015. 

Wikileaks Cables Show US Attempts to Topple Democratically Elected Governments.
 In thousands upon thousands of secret cables, these U.S. government officials 
honesty and candidly describe their attempts to topple democratically elected 
governments in the region. 18.5.2015  
 Five Major Banks to Plead Guilty to Rigging Currency Markets. 
Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Barclays and UBS are 
expected to plead guilty to felony fraud and antitrust charges. 16.5.2015. 

Republicans Aim to Preempt Local Democracy, Target Fracking Bans:
 Texas recently approved legislation gutting municipalities' authority and 
making the city of Denton's fracking ban unenforceable as part of a larger, 
ALEC-backed strategy to preempt local democracy nationally. 9.5.2015  

The New Corrupt Elite That Is Running Our Economy:
Social anthropologist and author Janine Wedel has spent decades getting to the 
bottom of how powerful people wield influence. In her view, old ways of talking
about formal systems of power and corruption don't begin to capture new 
realities. 9.5.2015. 

Corporations Are Bribing Bill Instead of Hillary:
If you're interested in watching how money influences politics, you would be 
smart to not only track who Hillary accepts campaign contributions from, but 
just as importantly who is lining Bill's pockets as well. Federal rules did 
not preclude Bill from cozying up to corporations. 8.5.2015  

Abandoned Uranium Mines Plague Navajo Nation.
In the 1940s, surveyors discovered significant uranium deposits throughout the 
desert landscape of the Navajo Nation reservation. With the end of the Cold 
War, uranium mining companies moved off the land. They were not required to 
clean up their mess and left it behind. 8.5.2015. 

Big Banks Claim Reform Will Hurt the Economy.
Seven years after financial hell broke loose, we are far from fixing a bloated 
and dangerous financial system - and that the system can't fix itself. 8.5.2015  
The Case That Blew the Lid Off the World Bank's Secret Courts.
  Bolivian protesters and global activists exposed the dark side of trade pacts
and paved the way for the battles to come. Bechtel was defeated by a narrative 
about people fighting for their water, and of a corporation content to see them
killed in order to squeeze the poor for profits it never earned....
 Bechtel's case against Bolivia sparked a second rebellion. This one was global
and just as powerful, a citizen action campaign that stretched worldwide. 
In the end, Bechtel would walk away not with the $50 million that it demanded 
from Bolivians, but just 30 cents and a badly damaged public image. The case 
also ripped the mask off a system of secret trade courts that today sits at 
the heart of the trade debate. 29.4.2015 
 Congress Gives $334 Billion Tax Break to 25 Richest Americans. 29.4.2015 
 Guatemalans deliberately infected with STDs sue Johns Hopkins University for $1bn.
 Orphans, prisoners and mental health patients were deliberately infected in 
the experiments. 2015 

A Long History of Predatory Practices Against Developing Countries.
About "vulture funds" and how they represent a threat to the development of 
indebted poor countries. And a resolution sets in place a process of 
negotiations towards an international legally binding instrument on 
transnational corporations and their liability in the area of human rights. 20.4.2015 

The Chevron Tapes: Secret Videos Reveal Company Hid Pollution in Ecuador. 16.4.2015
 "Their lives smell of oil." 
These are the words that Ecuadorian lawyer Juan Pablo Saenz used to describe 
the living conditions of his clients: 30,000 residents of the Oriente in the 
Ecuadorian Amazon who say that oil giant Texaco - since bought out by Chevron 
- dumped 18bn gallons of toxic waste in their region. Friends of the Earth 
reported: "Death, miscarriages and birth defects cut a swathe through 
communities, threatening some indigenous groups with extinction. 
The destruction of the rainforest environment, noted for its biodiversity, 
was similarly devastating."  

Transnational Companies Driving Deadly Conflict in Guatemalan Indigenous Territory. 16.4.2015
Environmental Terrorism Cripples Palestinian Farmers. 
The regular cutting down of olive trees and the prevention of access to these 
trees by Israeli security forces often forces Palestinian farmers off their 
land. Israeli settlers can argue that the land has been abandoned and then move
in and take it over. 16.4.2015 

A Nation's Shame -Trillions in New Wealth, Millions of Children in Poverty.
The U.S. has one of the highest relative child poverty rates in the developed 
world.  14.4.2015 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has had a no fly zone in place
overseen by ExxonMobil. Any media or independent observers who want to witness 
the tar sands spill disaster have to ask Exxon's permission. 

How Corporations and Law Enforcement Are Spying on Environmentalists.
 In the eyes of the oil and gas industry, simply bearing witness to industrial 
pollution is the new environmental extremism, and that view is being shared 
with law enforcement at every level, with the industry's ties to intelligence 
and law enforcement agencies becoming more formidable. 

The Privatization of the State.
 Dumping toxic waste in the 3rd world. 
 A handful of corporations are essentially buying our public elections.
A tiny fraction of the wealthiest 1% of all Americans - about 0.1% - with 
privately sourced campaign contributions, creating a profoundly undemocratic 
dependency between political candidates and an economic elite. 

$182-Million Halliburton Bribery Scandal in Nigeria.
British lawyer facilitated bribes through secret Swiss HSBC accounts. 

Why would the US want Venezuela's government overthrown?
 HSBC Money Laundering Wrist Slap. 
The leniency shown former CIA Director (and retired General) 
David Petraeus by the Justice Department in sparing him prison time for the 
serious crimes that he has committed puts him in the same preferential, 
immune-from-incarceration category as those running the financial institutions 
of Wall Street, ... 

U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 Trillion Overseas to Avoid Taxes:
 Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc., Google Inc. and five other tech firms now account
for more than a fifth of the $2.10 trillion in profits that U.S. companies are 
holding overseas, according to a Bloomberg News review of the securities 
filings of 304 corporations.

No public accountability for the GCSB. By former MP Keith Locke.
 How the US Funds Dissent Against Latin American Governments. 
The U.S. provided right-wing dictatorships in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, 
Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador with technical 
and military support for the goal of hunting down and killing political 
opponents. Some estimate that Operation Condor killed 60,000-80,000 people.

Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States. Video documentary
recounts the final phase in the U.S.'s metamorphosis from a republic into an 
empire. It also outlines the financial, business and geopolitical interests 
underlying the War on Terror. 

The CIA And America's Presidents. A potted history of the ongoing 100s of 1000s
of murders by the CIA. 

These Republican congress-women owe their rise to the money men
at the top of the party, not the activist, anti-abortion base. Their rise shows
how the free market establishment within the party and on its fringes seeks to 
groom and control a new diverse face for the GOP.  

Book: Paul STREET. 'They Rule: The 1% vs Democracy' (Paradigm, 2014). 
You can take it out of WCL or buy it at
It paints a dark picture of where our country is heading, pandering to the 
corporate lobby. It covers hugely important issues & shows us where our PM is 
dragging us. So far the law society shows no interest in the constitutional 
issues. I thought this description at paradigm sells the book short as its s
ignificance is much wider than the US:
This book reflects on key questions raised by recent movements and statements 
about the status of American politics and polity from the Tea Party to Occupy, 
from the 1% to the 47% to the 99% that is the rest of us. These questions have 
also been raised by previous generations of labor, farmer, socialist, 
anarchist, and populist protestors and critics: Who owns and rules America 
beyond the pretense of democratic popular governance? The nation's economy, 
society, culture, and politics are torn by stark class disparities and a 
concentration of wealth in the hands of a privileged few. What is the price of 
that savage inequality? And what can 'we the people' do about it in defense of 
democracy, a livable natural environment, and the common good of all? ...
  Excerpts: p44: In 1980 the top 1% of Americans had 9% of the national 
income. By 2007 this had increased to 23%. By 1998 they controlled 38% of the 
nation's worth. In 1983-2001 the top 1% gobbled up 52% of the growth in 
financial net worth. In 2002-7 it received 2/3 of the nation's income growth.
By 2005 it received more income than the bottom 50%, & the top 300,000 earned 
more than the bottom 150 million. By 2010 the top 1% got 93% of the nation's 
income gains. By 2011 the top 400 had more wealth than the bottom 150 million;
the bottom 40% owned only 0.3% of the nation's worth.
  p45: In 2007-2010 US families lost 39% of their wealth, the median falling 
from $126,000 to $77,000.
  p51: In 2011 51% of US adults were middle class, falling from 61% in 1971,
although working much longer hours.
  p52: When the real estate and stock market bubbles burst 2007-8, tens of
millions saw their net worth & retirement incomes devastated - the end of the
middle class dream.
  p53: By 2010 the top 20% accounted for 60% of US consumption, & the top 5%
for 25% of it. 
  p55: In 1996-2011 the number of US families in poverty rose from 0.8 to 1.5 
million. 1 in 7 Americans depend on the government to meet basic food needs. 
Millions go to bed hungry. Its infant & maternal mortality rates are now worse
than Cuba's.
  p70: 'Growth is a political sedative, .. preventing the construction of a 
just & sustainable economy.' - G Bonbiot. 
 Kempf's book 'The rich are destroying the earth'.
  p72 Chomsky's 2012 essay: 'If the [environmental] catastrophe isnt ...
averted, in a generation or 2 everything else we're talking about wont matter.'
  p75: The skills gap explanation of US inequality is belied by 9 basic facts..
  p79: The very rich have enhanced their fortunes in ways that appropriate 
from society & contribute nothing to the broader community....
- The use of political influence to receive & enjoy giant taxpayer giveaways
& subsidies. The Federal Reserve System lends unlimited amounts of money to
banks at near 0 interest & allows them to lend the money back to the government
at much higher rates. The 2003 Medicare drug benefit bill prohibited the
government from bargaining for lower prices on drugs - a $50 billion pa gift...
  The hyper-risky financial derivatives market - a leading cause of the 2008-9
financial crisis, sold real estate securities designed to fail, ...
Corpns were deemed 'too big to fail' & AIG was bailed out by $150 billion from
the taxpayer. (Many other examples are given on p80-81.)
  p83: Govt should work for the public & common good, not the nation's leading 
centers of wealth & power.
  p80: The closing down of livable wage jobs in the US & the export of
employment to repressive & low-wage peripheries... Corporate & financial 
profits were restored in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis largely because
the working class majority paid for them thru taxpayer bailouts, slashed social
services, layoffs, & reduced wages, hours & benefits.
  p94: The financial services industry's share of US corporate profits rose 
from 10% in the 1980s to 40% in 2007.  p95: The dismantlement of US industry
accelerated with the use of cheap labor abroad.
  p97: Obama's White House bailed out GM & Chrysler by reducing entry level 
wages from $28 to $16/hour, a price paid by workers, not investors.
  p101: The banks bailed out by Bush & Obama lobbied in 2004 to remove
restrictions o borrowing. It was no longer enough to be able to bet $12 for 
every $1 they held... For the 5 biggest banks it went to 20-1. For Merrill
Lynch to 40-1. Cheating was no longer a side game, it was the primary game.
  p108: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) made it easier for
multinationals to exchange capital & goods across national borders without
concern for workers rights or environmental regulations: 'an agreement for the
rich & powerful in the US, Mexico & Canda, ... excluding ordinary people'.
  p111: US taxpayers bailed out big US capital for more than $14 trillion
2008-9 thanks to federal policymakers, despite US capital not being bound to
the US!
  p122: The book 'Unequal democracy: the political economy of the
new gilded age' 2009 by Larry Bartel, a political scientist at Princeton.
  p123 TW McChesney: The US is firmly in the hands of a moneyed oligarchy,
probably the most powerful ruling class in history.  
Noam Chomsky: the Republican & Democrat parties are both far to the right of 
the population on the major issues.
  p125 In 2013 the US House stripped food stamps from that farm bill,
threatening to deny a basic support to 50 million who can't afford adequate
food, while rushing to give $197 billion over 10 years to big corporate
agriculture, ... demanded by the corn, rice & sugar barons who fill campaign
  p126: The nation's system of unchecked political contributions amounts to
the legal bribery of candidates - ex President Carter in 2013.
  p128: Corporations are granted limited liability (so you're not personally
liable if you murder tens of thousands in Bhopal) & perpetual life, making
them able to dominate not only the economy but the electoral process.
  p130: 2007-2012 a major propaganda offensive by the carbon industrial complex
reduced the % of Americans who believed in climate change from 71 to 41%.
  p199 after the Snowden revelations: America does not at the moment have a
functioning democracy - ex President Carter in 2013.
  p204: We are being reconfigured into a neo-feudal society, an oligarchic
society where increasingly the bottom 2/3 are hanging on by their fingetips.
You have a shrinking middle class & an elite .. making obscene amounts of
money at our expense... the security & surveillance state ... the wholesale
surveillance & monitoring of virtually every American citizen... THe NSA has
run all sorts of scenarios on economic collapse, & especially climate change.
And they're preparing. - Chris Hedges, Real News Network, 2013.

  The corporatization of democracy is in my view the world's biggest problem 
after climate change.  John Key is leading us down a parallel track, giving 
the trans-nationals what they want with trade treaties such as the one he 
signed with Korea with no prior consultation with parliament or the public.
Sadly it looks like our Labour Party may support these treaties: in 2015
David Parker told me that MFAT had advised him these treaties wouldn't affect 
our environmental laws!

A few examples of the US government condemning other nations for actions
it takes consistently.  

For Every Dollar Spent Influencing US Politics, Corporations Get $760 Back.
Between 2007 and 2012, 200 of America's most politically active corporations 
spent $5.8 billion on federal lobbying and campaign contributions. What they 
gave pales compared to what those same corporations got: $4.4 trillion in 
federal business and support. 18.3.15. 

Institutions meant to limit human suffering and protect the public
from the excesses of the market have been either weakened or abolished.  
The consequences can be seen clearly in the ongoing and ruthless assault on 
the social state, workers, unions, higher education, students, poor people of 
color and any vestige of the social contract. Free-market policies, values and 
practices - with their emphasis on the privatization of public wealth, the 
elimination of social protections and the deregulation of economic activity - 
now shape practically every commanding political and economic institution in 
the United States... 18.3.15. 

The WikiLeaks founder accused Israeli authorities of supporting Hamas group
at its early stages in order to divide the Palestinian resistance.  

The World Bank, Poverty Creation and the Banality of Evil.
The World Bank's neoliberal policies and internal culture have led to land 
grabs, mass displacement and poverty creation around the world.  

Signs of an Emerging Police State.
Since the passage of the 2001 PATRIOT Act, the United States has become 
increasingly monitored and militarized at the expense of civil liberties. 
The 2012 passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has allowed 
the military to detain indefinitely without trial any US citizen that the 
government labels a terrorist or an accessory to terrorism, while President 
Obama’s signing of the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive 
Order has authorized widespread federal and military control of the national 
economy and resources during “emergency and non-emergency conditions.” 
Since 2010, the Department of Homeland Security’s If You See Something, Say 
Something™ campaign has encouraged the public to report all suspicious a
ctivity to local authorities, even though actions that the DHS identifies as 
“suspicious” include the constitutionally protected right to criticize 
the government or engage in nonviolent protest.
 ... The Military Commissions Act signed into law in 2006 by Bush gives the 
president the right to appoint a commission of just himself or as many other 
people as he wishes who then have the power and authority to declare anyone 
citizen or foreign national a military combatant, remove them immediately 
without notification to any body. ... October 10, 2012.

NAFTA's Chapter 11 Overrides Public Protection Laws of Countries. 29.4.2010.
 In 2014 the US threatened to withhold $.3 bn in foreign aid if El Salvador did not buy Monsanto seeds. 
 See also

Book: COCKCROFT, Laurence (2014)                                        
Global corruption : money, power and ethics in the modern world. 
364.1323 COC 2014 Tauris, London. 

p7 Chapter 2 China Nigeria Indonesia Russia Mexico Peru. 
ch 3 Impact on individuals, national economy & the environment. 
p8 The high political price of fast-growing
Asia fueled by corruption. Chapter 6 The West tolerated corruption on 
a huge scale in the Cold War - anticommunism trumped all else until 1990s, 
when the World Bank saw corruption as slowing growth. Chapter 7 main driver 
of corruption is party political funding, how to survive on very low salaries, 
& multinationals expanding market share in corrupt countries.
  Chapter 8 courageous fighters of corruption; international conventions.
  Chapter 9 the resilience of corruption - shadow economies, secrecy 
jurisdiction, govts need for energy overrides concern about corruption.
  Chapter 10 climate change & funds susceptible to corrptn.
  Chapter 2: p15 Nigeria - Royal Dutch Shell & Halliburton fined .6 billion 
in 2009. In 2004 7 ministers took bribes of .2 billion from the French co. 
Sagern. Nigerian oil was worth 1200 billion 1980-2010 =10k/capita. 
1.5 billion pa in oil is stolen. 
p19 Peru's president Fujimori put into power by Escobar, leader of the 
Colombian drug cartel Medellin, & welcomed by the World Bank & IMF; kept in
power by $ from drugs & arms dealing. He siphoned off most of the NGO $ from
Japan. p22 "The costs to the Peruvian economy were extremely high, c50% of the
revenue due the govt & 4% of GDP. This was a regime denuded of resources by its
leadership, masquerading as a promoter of liberal democracy & an open economy,
but actually designed from the beginning to serve only the interests of an
embedded network in military circles who had chosen the President for this 
p178 how the US & EU contributed to rise of corruption in 5 gas-rich republics
that broke off the Soviet Union in 1991.
  Chapter 10, Corruption & Global Warming, warns that the 100 billion expected
to flow thru existing climate change funds are very likely to be in large part
illegally siphoned off. Graphic examples are given of credit systems already

Book: FEINSTEIN, Andrew (2012) 
The shadow world: inside the global arms trade.
 Chilling, heartbreaking & enragin, Feinstein exposes the lies, corruption 
& death-dealing at the heart of the modern arms trade: the scandalous BAE 
Systems deals involving Britain & Saudi Arabia, the US Congressional Military 
Industrial Complex, the terrifying organizations, backroom deals & the victims.

Book: FRASER, Malcolm, former Australia PM (2014) Dangerous allies.

Pentagon Can't Account for $1 Billion in Afghanistan Emergency Reconstruction Aid. 25.4.15.

Editor Of Major Newspaper Says He Planted Stories For CIA.
ULFKOTTE said the aim of much of the deception was to drive nations toward war.
He is the author of a book currently available only in German, 
"Bought Journalists" (Kopp 2014.)...
In his book "The CIA and the Media," Watergate reporter Carl BERNSTEIN quotes 
William B. BADER, former CIA intelligence officer, in his testimony before 
the Senate Intelligence Committee. Baeder said:
"There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don't need to 
manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [CIA] people at the 
management level."

How many lives has the Duke of Edinburgh taken?" 11.5.2012.


Book: BATRA, Raveendra N, 2008 
The new golden age: the coming revolution against political corruption 
and economic chaos. "American government is corrupt. Those who have enough 
money can almost get anything they want from our government, whether it is 
tax breaks, or subsidies, or policies and laws changed, removed, or added." 
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Available at WCL. 
 p99 Reagan reduced tax rates for the rich below those at the bottom.
 p102 40% of the 2001 $1 trillion tax cut went to the rich, in return for a
$4 billion bribe to politicians. 1950-80 top income tax was 70-90% & Social
Security tax on low incomes 4-9%. By 2005 these changed to 75% & 15%.
 p103 Economists rationalize the self-interest of big business that make most
poorer & the rich fabulously richer.
 p165 Bush & Cheney's contempt for the armed forces. Cheney's Halliburton
profiteered from no-bid contracts.
 p189 39 million Americans below poverty line. Under tricklism 45 million have
no health insurance; minimum wage has dropped to $5/hour. 5 million homeless. 
5 million hungry.
 p191 Poverty is caused by official corruption, policy that enriches the rich
& impoverishes the rest.
 p193 Samuelson & Stolper predicted free trade would lower wages & increase
profits. Globalization has spawned povery in America & billion-dollar payoffs 
for CEOs. p194 Free trade has been disastrous for workers in rich countries.
 p210 In our money-dominated system, which politician has the guts to stand up
to corporate crooks & cronies?


The U.S. has been conducting drone strikes in Yemen for 16 years,
yet these operations have had little public transparency, and zero 
accountability, despite the tragic mistakes and the deep legal, moral, and 
strategic questions they raise. Over 1/3 casualties of these extrajudicial 
drone killings are civilians. 18.11.2018.

The terrible costs of the forever war and the moral rot that perpetuates it. 17.6.2018.

Courts Must Hold Executive Branch Accountable for Drone Strikes. 14.7.2017.
Trump is killing record numbers of civilians with drones with no accountability.

Killer Drones in the Empire State. 8.5.2017.

 Song, DRONING ON 14.8.2016. Chorus: 
Targeted killing, It's a game that's so thrilling.
Watch my stock in the war machine soar!
Yay we've hit another jackpot! Dont call me a crackpot,
dead civilians dont matter any more.

Collateral damage we call enemy combatants:
Kids & pregant mothers, Not to mention bleeding brothers
make my stock in the war machine soar!

We aint gonna grieve no more no more
As we watch our war stock soar!

Quit your complaining
It's the taxpayer we're draining
U're a fool if u're not in on the kill!
We've bought off the Congress, & greedy politicians.
It's all on the taxpayer's bill.


U can call it a warcrime, but I want more all the time.
There's no future in ending this war.
The Security Council runs this war machine.
But that's something we like to ignore.

Keep the public in the dark & there's no accountability.
Making money's a walk in the park, I call it serendipity.

My favourite game is dropping bombs by drone
I do it easily sitting on my throne.
U've gotta be in 2 win - killing's no sin.


Oh We're glad to be in 5 eyes, we're as happy as can be.
Uncle sam can make us targets with our simcards and pcs.

Please dont call john key a war crim. 
He's just a business man.
Likes to play golf with obama
& join the warcrimes top clan.

The surveillance state.
Dont knock it mate
cos its your fate.

This song was a response to reading
The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government's Secret Drone Warfare Program.

Donate to the Drone Whistleblower Fellowship for Cian Westmoreland. 21.8.2016.

Ban Weaponized Drones from the World.

Ramstein, Germany, is the hub for America’s global drone war. 7.7.2016.

Former US drone technicians speak out against programme in Brussels. 6.7.2016.

US Veterans Join Petition for Snowden. 27.6.2016.

Killer Drone News Blackout Continues As Mainstream Media Ignore 4 Whistleblowers 8.12.2015.
The four drone whistleblowers are represented by attorney Jesselyn Radack, 
national security and human rights director of the ExposeFacts WHISPeR program.

Ramstein, Germany, is the hub for the United States' global drone war. 18.7.2016.
The "war on terror" is a gravy train for those who spin through the revolving 
doors of the military-industrial complex.

The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government's Secret Drone Warfare Program.
By Jeremy Scahill and the staff of The Intercept. 2016. 'Obama has codified 
assassination as a central official component of American foreign policy.' 
Anyone killed in a drone strike is labeled as an enemy killed in action. 4.5.2016. 
Here's a summary.

'National Bird', documentary about Washington's devastating drone wars. 22.4.2016.

Inside Drone Warfare — Videos. 13.3.2016.

Who Is the US Killing With Drones? 150 people in Somalia. 11.3.2016.

A Drone Protestor Heads to Jail. She will serve six months for photographing
a protest of an airfield in upstate New York where missions are carried out. 23.1.2016. 

Drones and the Imperial Mindset:
 From Bush to Obama, the message is clear: In a permanent war on terror, 
the entire planet has become a battlefield. 18.1.2016. 

US Air Force Whistleblower on the Ugly Truth Behind US Drone Killings:
... former US Air Force drone operator and whistleblower Brandon Bryant and 
Drone filmmaker Tonje Hessen Schei talk about the process of becoming a drone 
operator, what it's like to kill someone you've never met from thousands of
 miles away... 31.12.2015 

Deputy chief minister of Pakistan's North West Frontier & tribesmen
offer funeral prayers in front of dead bodies who were killed 30.10.2006.
Who is dying in Pakistan drone strikes? See the Naming the Dead project. 

Woods, Chris (2015) Sudden justice : America's secret drone wars. 
This explores the secretive history of the US use of armed drones and their 
key role not only on today's battlefields, but also in a covert targeted 
killing project that has let to the deaths of thousands. Wellington Public Lib.

Dirty wars: the world is a battlefield. By Jeremy Scahill, 2013.
War crimes by Rumsfield, Cheny, Bush, Obama, ... in the Middle East & Africa.

Civilian casualties from US drone strikes.
Brookings Institution reports that in the United States-led drone attacks in 
Pakistan, ten civilians died for every militant killed.

Fresh evidence of CIA drone strikes on rescuers. 2012.

Drones causing mass trauma among civilians. 2012.

Get the data: Drone wars.

Drone Pilots Have Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Frozen by Feds for Exposing US Murder.
For having the courage to come forward and expose the drone 
program for the indiscriminate murder that it is, 4 vets are under attack from 
the government they once served. 28.11.2015. 

Obama's Drone War a 'Recruitment Tool' For Isis,
Say US Air Force Whistleblowers.  The killing of innocent civilians in drone 
airstrikes has acted as one of the most "devastating driving forces for 
terrorism and destabilization around the world". 20.11.2015.

Whistleblower Leaks Trove of Documents on Drones
and Obama's Assassination Program. 16.10.2015.

UK government tries to justify its illegal execution by drone
of two British men in Syria. 10.9.2015.

Assange On 'US Empire', Assad Govt Overthrow Plans - 'The WikiLeaks Files'.
 Julian Assange paints a picture of systemic US torture and killing as well as 
the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of billions of people right around
the world. 10.9.2015.

Obama Apologizes for Deaths of Hostages in Drone Strike.
Does the US Know Who It Is Killing? 28.4.2015.

US Military Veterans Target U.S. Drone Strikes in TV Ads.
A group of military veterans is taking aim at U.S. drone strikes overseas with 
graphic TV ads directly asking Air Force pilots to stop flying the unmanned 
aircraft, calling the operations immoral and illegal. 11.4.2015 

'Drones violate national sovereignty (Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Gaza etc.),'
defying international law, rendering the planet more hate-filled, anarchic and 
vulnerable. Drone attacks target Muslims and people of color.

Spy Drone Can See What You are Wearing From 17,500 Feet -Video.
"It is important for the public to know that some of these capabilities exist."

Sixty Percent of Global Drone Exports Come From Israel, 24% from the US.
The besieged Gaza Strip has served as the leading testing ground for both 
armed and surveillance drones. 

Drones - a marketexpected to more than double in size from $5.2 billion
to $11.6 billion, over the next decade. 


Big Pharma Quietly Enlists Leading Professors to Justify $1,000-Per-Day Drugs. 5.3.2017.

Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars and a 40 Year War Couldn't. 10.3.2016.

How the CIA in Afghanistan produced a million heroin addicts in Pakistan. 23.2.2016.

Book: Dawn PALEY, Drug War Capitalism (AK Press, 2014). Available at WCL.
The drug war is less about cocaine or marijuana that it is about social,
economic & territorial control. Paley lays bare the ways state & corporate
interests are advanced under the pretext of fighting drugs in Latin America.
Territory is cleared for foreign direct investment & the extractive industries
using militarization. The violence & forced displacement is felt acutely by
poor & working people & migrants in resource rich or geographically strategic 
areas. There is no longer a clear distinction between drug cartels, state
forces, & transnational capital.

Book: Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs,
by Johann HARI, Bloomsbury. A review: The century-old drug war has been an 
enormous failure, doing little to stop either international drug trafficking 
or addiction to illegal substances. A humane policy that combines legalization 
with nonpunitive drug treatment is long overdue.


EMPIRE Aotearoa, New Zealand.

NZ should not let Oz dictate its policies in the South Pacific. 6.3.2018

Dr Cleo Pascal laid out a damning alternative to the assumption that NZ is a
best friend to Pacific island countries. In attempting to integrate them into 
the economies of Oz & NZ using the PACER Plus free trade agreement, we make 
them poorer & closer to China. - Dom Post p A9 1.3.2018.

Here's a brief history of the signing of the Treaty
and the events that followed:
  In 1840, Maori rangatira (chiefs) and British settlers signed two different 
versions of the Treaty of Waitangi - one in English and one in Maori. The two 
treaties had significant differences in their translations. In the Maori 
version, the British Crown gained governorship over British subjects living 
in New Zealand, while Maori would retain rangatiratanga (sovereignty) over the
land, forests, rivers and taonga (treasure or that which they deemed precious). 
The Crown believed the English text gave the power to govern, create laws and 
hold power to them. A charitable interpretation is that this was a 
misunderstanding. A more cynical (and more likely) interpretation is that the 
British Crown purposefully did this to gain sovereignty.
  At the time of signing, the population in Aotearoa was 80,000 Maori and 
2050 non-Maori. Would Maori chiefs really have given sovereign power to a 
people they outnumbered 40 to one? I don’t think so. It's also important to
note more Maori chiefs signed the Maori version of the text than the English 
one, and that the Maori version of the text is the only version recognised 
under international law.
  Despite this, in the years following, significant numbers of British 
settlers arrived, and the British Crown took over governance of all areas of 
life. A long and ongoing process of colonisation ensued. ‘Colonisation’ 
meaning the process of establishing control of a people through laws and 
force. Here are some examples:1
    In 1841 the British Crown began seizing Maori land by creating the Land 
Claims Ordinance which deemed all “unappropriated” land property of the 
    In 1852 the British Parliament was established without Maori 
representation. Only men who owned land individually could vote. Maori owned 
land communally and so did not qualify.
    In 1863 the New Zealand Settlements Act was established to enable the 
Crown to seize land from Maori tribes who had been “in rebellion” 
against the Government. This led to the confiscation of four million acres of 
land (roughly the size of Cape Reinga to Auckland).
    In 1864 the Native Reserves Act put all remaining Maori land reserves 
under Crown control.
    In 1867 the Native Schools Act decrees that English should be the only 
language used in the education of Maori children. Maori are required to donate
their land for the schools. Beyond basic reading, writing and arithmetic, the 
curriculum for Maori is heavily skewed towards instruction in manual and 
domestic skills.
    In 1881 about 1600 government troops invade the western Taranaki 
settlement of Parihaka (where my family are from). This village was a place 
of peaceful resistance to the confiscation of Maori land. [Read 'Ask that 
mountain' 1975 by Dick Scott.]
    By 1896 the Maori population was slashed in half by introduced disease 
and war.
    By 1939, almost 100 years after the Treaty was signed, Maori retain just 
1 percent of the South Island and 9 percent of the North Island.
    In 1950 the government began a three-decade long process of uplifting 
children from their homes - more than half of whom were Maori - and putting 
them into state ‘care’ where many faced horrific mental, physical and 
sexual abuse.
    In 1953 the Maori Affairs Act forced “unproductive” Maori land into 
Crown ownership.
    In 1967 the Maori Affairs Amendment Act introduced compulsory conversion 
of Maori freehold land with four or fewer owners into general land.
    In 1971 Maori made up 40% of the prison population, while forming only 
around 10% of the country’s total population. Prisons did not exist prior 
to British settlement.
    In 1977 the government announced a housing development on Ngati Whatua 
land at Bastion Point in Auckland.
    In 2004 the government passed the Foreshore and Seabed Act under urgency. 
It made the Crown the owner of the foreshore and seabed (except for the 
privately owned parts).
    In 2015 the government announces a marine sanctuary off the Kermadec 
Islands, an area where Maori fishing rights were meant to be guaranteed by 
the 1992 Maori fisheries settlement. They do so without compensation or 
As a result, today, Maori own just five percent of all land in New Zealand.2 
As compensation for the 95% loss of land, the Crown has paid iwi (tribes) and 
hapu (sub-tribes) $2.5 billion in all Treaty settlements combined.
Sound like a lot? It’s not.
The Crown currently spends almost $1 billion every year on prisons where Maori
make up 51% of incarcerated people (despite being only 15% of the overall 
population). Treaty settlements also make up less than 2% of our annual GDP.
As for the reo (language), in 2018, just one in five of us can speak Maori 
All of this, the seemingly inevitable outcome for a people who have had their 
language, culture and land stripped away for generations.
 - Laura O'Connell Rapira, 6.2.2018


EMPIRE other

Millions tortured, castrated & killed by the British Empire.2020
The entire history we are told about British imperialism is a lie.
Environmental destruction, imperialism & racism are all connected.

Time for the World Bank and IMF to Be the Solution, Not the Problem. 7.5.2020

See no evil - NZ's betrayal of the people of West Papua, 2018, Maire Leadbetter
This book gives the facts in brutal detail. Her are a few excerpts.

The Brazilian coup approved by the US that ousted the elected Workers' Party
was a brazen ploy to implement austerity, privatization and deregulation. 5.3.2017.

A nomadic Afghan trading family drives its camels along the ancient Silk Road. 
The Silk Roads, A new history of the world, by Peter Frankopan 2015.
This is a compulsive read, taking you thru all the vast & violent empires of the 
world. Grab this from your library. 
 To order The Silk Roads for £24 (RRP £30) go to

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, 
a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be 
left to irresponsible action." - George Washington.

The US Government - the most Criminal Organization In Human History?
Neoconned Washington claims that as History chose America to exercise its 
hegemony over the world, no other law is relevant. 11.1.2016. 

The US Is Leading the World into a Whole New Kind of Disorder.
Tariq Ali's latest book is The Extreme Centre: a Warning. 



From ECO's Tieke 27.3.2021. Fisherman fined $13,000 for not protecting seabirds. 
Longline tuna fisher fined $15,000. Hawke's Bay fishing boat operator Esplanade
No 3 Ltd unaware of boat's illegal catches. MPI/DOC: NZ's National Plan of 
Action to protect seabirds.
 .3.2021. Pacific-joint-statement-against-Deep-Sea-Mining-DSM.pdf
PIANGO, a coalition of Pacific Regional NGOs, calls for a ban on deep sea 
mining within our waters and beyond. 
"Scientists regularly warn against the devastating and irreversible damage to 
ecosystems and habitats; the resulting biodiversity loss, including of many 
known endemic species and others yet to be identified, that will be affected 
and most likely will never recover; the risk of giant sediment plumes 
travelling beyond the mining sites, smothering and potentially destroying all 
life forms on the sea floor. "Pacific governments keen to pursue DSM have to 
ask themselves, to what extent are they willing to destroy the ocean's life 
support system during a time of climate, and planetary emergency and in what is
known as the age of extinction. Our governments must ask themselves who stands 
to gain the most from the destruction of our ocean."
PMs Report on Fisheries .3.2021, co-chaired by a commercial fishing rep, is a
missed opportunity. It largely ignores Precautionary Management, as set out in 
the UN Fish Stocks Agreement. This affects orange roughy straddling stocks and 
highly migratory species like tuna and sharks. Our international obligations
required by section 5(a) of the Act, are barely addressed.  Without the UN 
Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) we wouldn't have a 200 nautical mile 
Exclusive Economic Zone. We have an unqualified obligation to preserve and 
protect the marine environment (Article 192). Key sections of the 1996 
Fisheries Act have never been applied: no habitats of significance have been 
defined or applied in its 25 years! NZ agreed under the Convention on 
Biodiversity Aichi biodiversity targets and in Sustainable Development goals to
"By 2020 sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems to avoid 
significant adverse impacts" (Target 14.2).
 We need to protect vulnerable marine ecosystems, at risk biodiversity, and 
consider the oceans as a whole, not as just an unlinked bunch of fish stocks.
Report reveals how 'frighteningly little' we know about ocean. 23.3.2021

MFE report Environment Aotearoa 2019 by MFE & Stats NZ:
Native ecosystems look bleak. 2/3 are in danger of collapse & 4000 species,
including 90% of seabird (species), 84% of reptiles, 76% of freshwater fish.
The known 11,000 species may be 20% of what exist, so we have a biodiversity 
crisis of unknown magnitude - Ken Hughey, DOC's Chief Science Adviser. Stoats, 
possum & rats cover 94% of the land. Native forest is down from 80% to 26%. 
Rivers in pastoral areas have on average 11 x as much e coli, 10 x as much N, 
& 3 x as much P as rivers in native land cover. 82% of river length is unfit 
for swimming due to campylobacter. Bold reforms are needed to change this.
- Scott Larned, NIWA's Chief freshwater scientist. 
Since 1977 NZ glaciers have lost 1/4 of their ice. -DomPost pA8 20.4.2019.

Read online magazines of Forest & Bird, NZ's leading environmental watchdog.

Lake Taupo water turns to poison. 23.12.2017.

CATS & BIRDS: UK cats kill 1-4 bn birds pa including many endangered species.
Oz cats kill 1 mn birds per day. NZ's 1.4 mn cats kill over 20 mn animals pa. 
Bells on collars cut kills by 50%. 1 feral cat on Ruapehu killed 102 bats in 7 
days. We need restrictions like the Dog Control Act. - Dom Post Editor 19.12.2017.

NZ ranks 23rd for safety and security, 16th for education, 17th for health
and 13th for environment. 4.12.2017. 

"National's efforts on environmental issues are overwhelmed by its need to 
pander to the most conservative elements of its farming & corporate support
bases." - On the Productivity Commission, p A11 Dom Post 5.10.2017.

Intensive Livestock Farming Endangering Our Health. 2.8.2017.

Poor performance of local government in relation to the environment
- Geoffrey Palmer 2.8.2017.

New Talisman Gold Mines wants to dig up Karangahake Gorge, one of the most 
incredible natural wonders of New Zealand! 

Our dismal record recycling tyres. In NZ 70% of tyres end up in landfill.
In Europe it is 5%. In US & Japan 20%. - Dom Post pC1 20.5.2017.

Recall that the NZ govt gives $25m in seismic survey subsidies?
VUW geophysics prof Rupert Sutherland said Greenpeace's campaign was
"essentially lying for financial gain." Greenpeace's Kate Simcock rejectsed 
this. "Seismic surveys have been shown to disrupt essential activities for
whales ..." GNS geophysicist Stuart Henrys said seismic reflection "is well
regulated & there was research to underpin that." -DomPost 8.5.2017 p A2. 

Wellington Harbour chemical contamination. - Dom Post pC1 6.5.2017.

The Whanganui River.
When Rivers Hold Legal Rights - The Whanganui River's new status. 26.4.2017

The Environmental Defence Society to review NZ's resource management system. 10.4.2017.
Environment Being Failed By Those Protecting It. 6.3.2017.
The gaping holes in our environmental compliance, monitoring and enforcement regime- EDS. Environmental Policy 'Polluter Pays'.

23.2.2017 Minister for the Environment to redefine a 'poor quality' river 
as 'excellent'. - Radio NZ. 

A Gareth Morgan's Opportunity Party policy: Polluters Pay. 20.1.2017.

Big industrial-scale irrigation schemes around NZ
will mean a higher risk of gastro illness outbreaks like the one in Hawkes Bay.
Say no water contamination - Stop the Ruataniwha irrigation dam. 23.8.2016.
Genevieve Toop of Greenpeace said on TB 22.8 that the enquiry on Havelock's
polluted water must look at "the deterioration of water right across the 
country thanks to industrial dairy farming'. 
 John Key made a feeble attempt to brush this aside. 

Mike Joy 2015 Polluted inheritance, New Zealand freshwater crisis.
Shocking revelations how our government is hiding the truth on the destruction
of our rivers and lakes by dairy farming, & committing ecocide on our native 
fresh water fish & eco-systems. Available at Wellington Library.
 For updates see Freshwater For Life at and on facebook
 See also

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. See 
  For example June 2014:

The Morgan Foundation works on a number of environmental issues.
Gareth Morgan 


A Movement Grows to Protect Up to Half the Planet. 13.2.2020

We Can't Let the Far Right Co-Opt the Environmental Struggle. 6.8.2019

164 land defenders murdered in 2018. 30/07/2019

Home to pygmy elephants, orangutans and Sumatran rhinos.
Green bonds - a mask for environmental destruction. 8.3.2018

Rewilding America. 5.11.2017

These graphs are from Rod Oram's column for Newsroom,
In search of unconventional solutions. Its next figure shows how far outside
the ecological ceiling we are now. The Stockholm Resilience Centre's book 2004,
 Global Change and the Earth System: A Planet Under Pressure.

Monsanto's super poison that kills plants in its path -- except for Monsanto's.1.10.2017.

Destruction of rainforest in Borneo paves the way for palm oil plantation.
Top Food Companies Fail to Protect Environmental Activists. 26.9.2017.
Oxfam: environmental defenders are facing down multinational corporations and 
the devastating impacts of their industries on local communities, rivers, 
forests and Indigenous ways of life.

The Poison Papers: EPA Collusion With the Chemical Industry. 29.7.2017.

Pepsi, Disney, and Gap fund the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a secret money group
that lobbies against the environment. 21.6.2017.

Video: World Day to Combat Desertification. 18.6.2017

Vietnamese timber traders pay millions in bribes to Vietnamese & Cambodian
officials for illegal trade in logs in national parks. - DomPost 9.5.2017.

International Monsanto Tribunal Calls for Human Rights Over Corporate Rights. 26.4.2017

Polluted sites.
Shocking images show Arctic pollution blight. 30.3.2017

Tactics Used to Attack Environmental Protections. 30.3.2017

Collusion between Monsanto and the EPA. 29.3.2017

Environmental Activist Cáceres's Killers Received US Military Training. 4.3.2017
Murdered in Honduras for protecting a river sacred to the indigenous Lenca people. 

A look at the powerful pesticide industry & its effect on the developing world. 15.11.2016
Based on the book 'Circle of Poison' by David Weir. US poisons banned in the US 
are exported around the world, causing birth defects & much more. Carter's ban on 
them was overturned by Reagan. Monsanto's Roundup is made in Cancer Alley, LA.

The mega-dam in the heart of the Amazon, on the Tapajós river, has been cancelled!
After 30 years fighting to protect their home, the Munduruku People 
won one of the most important battles for their river. 1.2 million of us from 
around the world hadn't stood in solidarity with them to say no to this dam!

Why Is the US Military Still Burning Its Explosive Waste in the Open Air?
 Explosive materials in the US military's massive hazardous waste stream are 
still being destroyed at "open burns." 21.1.2016. 

5,000 kilometres of Indonesia are on fire right now.
While children choke to death and members of the government wear face masks to
conduct official business, countless endangered species including orangutans, 
leopards, the Sumatran rhinoceros, and Sumatran tiger are dying while their 
homes burn.
  It's being called the greatest environmental disaster of the 21st century 
-- and it's a direct result of corporate greed. These fires could have been 
100% avoided if not for corporations like Starbucks, PepsiCo, and Kraft Heinz 
recklessly burning Indonesia's forests to plant palm oil plantations. 8.12.2015.

By Noam Chomsky & Laray Polk, 2013: Nuclear war and environmental catastrophe.
'No legal exercise of sovereignty by any country can be tolerated which 
interferes with U.S. plans'. The Marshall Islanders as radiation guinea-pigs.
Here are some of what it covers.. 1.5.2017


 EXTINCTIONS - NEW ZEALAND, AOTEAROA wants a Global Ocean Commission.

 25% of marine mammals are on a path to extinction. 98% are at risk
due to fisheries & cc. In the last 100 years, 200 species of vertebrates have
gone extinct. Of our total of 9mn species, 90% are undiscovered. Species known 
to be threatened: 1204 mammal species, 1469 bird, 1215 reptile, 2100 amphibian,
238 fish, 1414 insect, 2187 mollusc, 732 crustacean, 237 coral, 12505 plan.
25k of 95k species assessed are threatened. - Daily Mail Science 26.3.2021.

Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction. 10.9.2020

Fisheries Minister sides with industrial fishing and overrules DOC enlarging
the subantarctic sanctuary around Campbell Island. - Dom Post 24.6.2000 p11.

1 cat killed all but one of the banded dotterel colony at Eastbourne, 
Wellington. - DomPost 22.1.2020. Why aren't cats compelled to wear bells??
Forest & Bird estimates cats kill 112 mn native birds a year. -DomPost 4.2.2020

We have 4016 plant & animal species at risk of extinction - the highest 
proportion of threatened indigenous species in the world. 
- Ellen Rykers on The Dig: Community Conservation - The Solution To The 
Biodiversity Crisis? (SCOOP) via XR 16.12.2019.

New strategy aims to halt decline in biodiversity. More than 4000 nataive 
plants & animals are at risk of extinction. - Dom Post p12 6.8.2019

NZ has 4000 species at risk of extinction, more than any other country!
See Mike Joy's charts. 22.2.2019.

Submissions on it close 31.7.17: email
 3000 species have not been assessed for lack of information. 800 of 13,000 
species assessed risk extinction including the Maui dolphin, NZ sea lions, 
bubblegum corals, kiwi, kea, rock wren, wrybill, kakabeak, eels, bats, Archey's
frog & the robust grasshopper. But funding is inadequate - nature has been 
turned into a theme park.

Orange roughy certified as sustainable despite its stocks having crashed!
-see ecolink for Jan-April 2017.

Extinction fear for the short-tailed bats in the Waiohine Valley.
- DomPost 10.5.2017.

'Our forgotten endangered species. NZ has one of the highest rates of native
species decline on the planet. With more than 900 of them approaching
extinction ...' Ged Cann, Dom Post 25.3.2017.

Climate change, greedy governments & TNCs drive species extinction. Our rare
polyphanta snails have tiny homeranges, often a fraction of a hectare.
Yet when a company coveted the Dirty Coal under one, Minister of Energy Gerry 
Brownlee allowed it to put those snails it could find in fridges til they 
figured out what to do with them. And there half of them died. Brownlee spun 
this as an example of how "mining and good environmental practice can sit 
side by side". For the genocide against this species, natural justice demands 
that we put Brownlee in a fridge til we decide what to do with him. 

 Minister Simon Bridges gave Chevron an oil lease in the habitat of the Maui 
dolphin, another act of genocide. Then he lied to the public saying 
"Chevron has a good but not perfect record." He didn't tell us that in 30 years
Chevron dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into pristine Amazon 
rainforest in Ecuador, that they owe the people there $10 billion using its 
immense wealth and corporate influence to wriggle out of all responsibility. 

- Excerpt from my supporting speech to FA Select Committee on TPP, 2016,

We need to set up a Crimes against the Planet Tribunal to try these men.

'Most of our sea birds at risk of extinction.' - 'Our Marine Environment 2016'
by Ministry for the Environment. 
Reported by Charlie Mitchell & Rachel Thomas, Dom Post 28.10.2016.

We have 985 threatened species + 2772 at risk.
That is, 80% of our birds, 88% of our lizards, 72% of our fresh water fish.
We have lost 90 of our wetlands & 80% of our dunes. 
There is no plan to prevent extinctions. $33m pa would provide enough poison &
trapping to stop the loss of native species. 16.9.2016.

DOC recognises 2700 native species as being at risk of extinction,
yet actively manages just 10 per cent of them.

 Our native fish are going extinct due to dirty dairy, etc.; 
get these from your library:
 *What's that living in my stream? Freshwater fishes, 1914 Amber McEwan.
"Join a stream care group - ask your regional council or DOC. Replant stream banks.
Pollution is not OK. We need to know about native fish in order to save them!" 
McDowall, R. M. 1939-2011:
 *Conservation of New Zealand's freshwater fishes.
 *Freshwater fishes of New Zealand, 2001. 
 *New Zealand freshwater fishes: a guide and natural history.
 *The Reed field guide to New Zealand's freshwater fishes, 2000. 
 *Ikawai : freshwater fishes in Maori culture and economy, 2011.

We rely too readily on the poison 1080.


40% of world's plant species at risk of extinction. - The Guardian 30.9.2020

Cat wars, by Peter Marra, Smithsonian:
US Outdoor cats kill around 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion small mammals pa.
The Toxoplasma threat makes outdoor cats a public health issue. 

Protect 30% of Earth to avert ‘irreversible’ biodiversity loss.18.2.2020.

What ended snowball earth 2 bn years ago.

Time for an ecocide law, by Cat MacLennan. Ecocide covers direct damage as well
as the cascading impact on the worlds climate. Ecological Defence Integrity 
lobbies for this crime to put put under the International Criminal Court. This
would force gov'ts etc to prioritise clean generation & production.  DomPost 13.1.2020.

The Trump Administration has announced plans to gut the Endangered Species Act.
- Sierra club 14.8.2019

One million species threatened with extinction. 2019.

UN Report: 1 Million Animal And Plant Species At Risk Of Extinction. 15.5.2019.
Great figures.

Biosphere Annihilation - 200 species extinctions daily.11.5.2018
As Arctic ice goes we lose the shield protecting frozen methane. See 
'There Is No Time Left'. We are losing up to 90% of the insects that make soil
& provide food.

Better Technology Isn't The Solution To Ecological Collapse.
We cannot innovate our way out of planetary disaster. To avert ecological 
collapse, we need to ditch our addiction to GDP growth. 4.4.2018.

Increased CO2 makes Global Mass Extinction Event Possible by 2100. 29.9.2017.

As Habitat Fragmentation Increases, So Does Extinction Risk. 9.7.2017.

EPA Violated the Law When It Approved 59 Bee-Killing Pesticides. 18.5.2017.

Giraffes Are Disappearing, but the US Can Help Stop Their Silent Extinction. 3.5.2017.

How to Stop Mass Extinction. 2.4.2017.

Tell Interior Secretary Zinke to restore the lead ban in wildlife refuges. 21.3.2017.

Republicans Dismantle the Endangered Species Act. 5.3.2017.
Opening up ecologically "critical" lands for industrial development.

60 Percent of 504 Primates Sliding Toward Extinction. 25.1.2017.

Endangered Species Database "Outdated," Underestimates Risk of Extinction.

7 in 10 mammals, birds, fish, amphibians & reptiles have been wiped out in
50 years. Expanding agriculture (livestock, palm oil,..), mining, 
hydroelectricity, new roads, .. - Living Planet Report of World Wildlife Fund. 
Dompost 29.10.2016.

So what can we do?
Welcome to WWF's Action Center.

Extinction, a radical history by Ashley Dawson, 2016.
 In the face of capitalism's irredeemably rapacious & impoverishing system, 
we must dream of & build a more biologically diverse world.

"Catastrophic Declines" in Earth's Wilderness. 15.9.2016.

Extinction: A Radical History, 2016, a book by Ashley Dawson.
Humans have caused great devastation to air, water, plants and creatures.
We are in the midst of a catastrophic extinction. 15.9.2016.

Life Itself Is Being Patented, Privatized and Re-engineered.
Ashley Dawson's book: Extinction: A Radical History. 21.8.2016.

Are We Looking at a Mass Extinction Event? 4.8.2016.

Wildlife Trafficking Needs to Be a Policy Priority Before It Is Too Late. 5.6.2016.

Another wave of bird extinctions in the Americas?
Several bird species are taking their final bows on the global evolutionary 
stage. The situation in northeast Brazil is particularly dire. Forest 
destruction has reached continental-scale proportions. 12.4.2016.

Watch for free the BBC series 2012-16 'Indian Ocean With Simon Reeve'.
As Indonesia's palm oil industry & rising population devours its forests, wild 
life is decimated. Yet on the main street of Jakarta you can buy endangered 
slow loris primates with their teeth extracted with pliers so they won't bite 
you. The illegal Wildlife Trade is worth 10 bn/year. Corruption in high places 
ensures that these markets flourish without prosecution. Even rare Sumatran 
tigers & orangutans are for sale.
 The Kimberley region of Oz is being mined at such a rate that in 20 years the
port at Port Hedland will be bigger than Shanghai's. The wilderness there is
being stripped of all its resources at a hefty price to the environment. 
The Kimberley marine area hosts more diversity than the Great Barrier, with
most species found nowhere else on earth. New species are discovered almost
weekly. Yet less than 1% is protected.
  2/3 of the world's coral areas are dead or at risk. 90% of the worlds large
fish have been annihalated.  If we dont change our behaviour, we'll be left
with a lifeless ocean. Protected marine parks where fishing is banned ensure
that fish have a place to breed & let numbers recover from over-fishing. In Oz
& NZ this idea has overwhelming public support. The Philippines has also 
created no fishing areas. Marine sanctuaries are only part of the solution.
  We need international cooperation to police the high seas from relentless
This will take you to Simon Reeve's website with his books & TV programmes.
His books include Tropic of Capricorn, One day in September, The New Jackals
Links include 'WWF Heroes for a living planet'.

The Sixth Mass Extinction:
We are currently experiencing earth's sixth great mass extinction crisis.
 S Pimm, an expert in conservation biology, has published a study in Science 
on the causes of species decline. The number one culprit, by far, is habitat 
destruction. 3.1.2016 

Mass Extinction: It's the End of the World as We Know It.
... we are well along in the process of causing our own extinction...
We're in serious human-population overshoot. We're driving to extinction at 
least 150 species each day. .. An interview with Guy McPherson, professor 
emeritus of evolutionary biology, natural resources and ecology. 8.7.2015 

Earth Enters Sixth Extinction Phase With Many Species - Including Our Own:
If it is allowed to continue, life would take many millions of years to recover
and our species itself would likely disappear early on". 22.6.2015. 

Species extinctions human chronic disease on the rise as climate disruption mounts.
"I honestly feel there's not much hope for normal ecosystems in the ocean"
without a dramatic shift away from the current business-as-usual fossil-fueled 
economy. A 'major study published in Science recently found that human activity
has already pushed the planet beyond four of its nine "planetary boundaries." 
The conclusion of the study said that at the rate things are progressing, 
the coming decades will see the earth no longer as a "safe operating space" 
for human beings, let alone most other species. The four boundaries we've 
already crossed are the extinction rate, deforestation, atmospheric carbon 
dioxide levels, and the flow of nitrogen and phosphorous (land fertilizers) 
into the oceans. This is precisely why climate scientists have recently begun 
begging their respective governments to leave the rest of the planetary fossil 
fuels in the ground.' ... 
The World Health Organization already estimates that ACD (anthropogenic 
climate disruption) will cause at least an additional 250,000 deaths per year 
around the globe between 2030 and 2050.. . With experts calling our current 
time period the sixth great mass extinction event in earth's history, 
we have been warned to expect between 30 to 50 percent of all current species 
to go extinct by 2050 due primarily to ACD...
  ... the largest glacier in East Antarctica, the Totten Glacier, 
is being melted by warming oceans. The Totten's annual output now releases 
enough water over two and a half days to fill Australia's Sydney Harbor - 
and its pace is only increasing... the US Congress, where 53% deny the reality 
of ACD. In the Senate 72% refuse to acknowledge climate reality...

Stanford researcher declares that the sixth mass extinction is here.
Paul Ehrlich and others use highly conservative estimates to prove that 
species are disappearing faster than at any time since the dinosaurs' demise. 



In both NZ & USA attitudes towards those on welfare has hardened. DomPost 4.1.20

The top 1% of Kiwis earn $235k pa or own $8mn. The richest know how to offset
their tax. The top 8/25 got rich thru property. 14% of Kiwi households are 
worth >1.5mn. The top 10% in NZ own 60% of all wealth. In 2015 the wealth of
the top 0.01% in NZ = 21% of GDP. A class divide looks to develop with the
opportunities for some denied to others. - Susan Edmunds, p7 DomPost 1.1.2020.

NZ is only half as well-off as indicated by GDP!

The NZ minimum wage went up to 17.70/hr on 1.4.19. The Living Wage rises to 
21.15/hr in Sept.

'Government for the Public Good, The Surprising Science of Large-Scale 
Collective Action' BY Max Rashbrooke 
A dominant idea of the last few decades IS that markets should take over more 
of the tasks previously done by governments. Casting a broad sweep through the 
evidence on privatisation, deregulation and other market-based reforms, it 
shows they have often not delivered. But rather than just criticising the 
market, the book makes a strong case for government, showing how classic 
public services have often proved far more effective than we generally think, 
and outlining a positive vision for how government could work still better and 
regain people's trust, in the twenty-first century. A powerful defence of 
active government, the book shows how, around the world, forums that allow c
itizens to intelligently debate issues together and directly shape policy are 
already delivering better public services and deepening democracy. At a time 
when ideas and politics are in turmoil, the book offers a new way to navigate 
our future together.  - 5.11.2018.

UN calls for politicians to do the right thing. Good housing is a human right.
- Human Rights Commissioner David Rutherford, Dom Post p A6 6.4.2018.

The high cost of poverty, by Rob Stock, DomPost p A11 21.2.2018.
Artist Sam Orchard gave MPs a report on it at Xmas. SaveMyBacon charge 46%
interest/month. Jeni Cartwright of Child Poverty Action: raising income from
42.7k to47.7k may see 84% taken back in tax. Auckland Prof Innes Asher on poor 
diet. Fuel tax hits the poor hardest. Many poor cant get the $521 kiwisaver tax

A stocktake of housing by Shamubeel Eaqub commissioned by the Housing Minister
shows massive failings. 9 out of 10 homeless are turned away & are hidden from
data ... The govt must double the number of state houses & build 500,000 new 
dwellings in the next 10 years. - Dom Post p A2 13.2.2018.

Land, Housing and Capitalism: The Social Consequences of Free Markets in Aotearoa
 by Shane Malva, ESRA> How our housing market has produced huge capital gains
for owners while harming and displacing thousands of people.  23.12.2017.

The falling housing market is leading to stark inequality betweeen old & young,
rich & poor, officials have told the new government. - DomPost pA2 8.12.2017.

National oversaw the extensive expansion of state surveillance,
& handing the info to foreign powers. It extended the state’s search and 
surveillance powers to 70 agencies. It changed the Resource Management Act 
to restrict the public’s ability to challenge resource consents. It imposed 
punitive obligations on beneficiaries. It attacked legal aid, and the ability 
of defendants to contest state prosecutions.
 Key  passed retrospective legalisation to validate illegal spying. It scrapped
local democracy in Canterbury; it over-rode local democracy after the 
Christchurch earthquake; it stripped workers of key protections; it privatized 
ownership and much of the profits in energy companies previously owned by all 
kiwis. It removed the right of prisoners to vote, ... 16.11.2017

How a Kiwi Free Grocery Store Is Cutting Food Waste -- and Hunger. 24.9.2017.

See also this link. 2017.

It is time for action on inequality and the environment:
- Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. 21.8.2017.

James Crow's petition to Parliament on homelessness
and the committee’s report. 10.8.2017.
NZ Child Poverty Action Group.
General Enquiries, Celia Hayes P (09) 302 5260, M 027 367 8299, 
PO Box 56 11, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141, New Zealand

'NZ homelessness worst in world' - Dom Post 22.7.2017 p A2.
In 2013 census 1% of the population were 'severely housing deprived'.

New Zealand's children near the bottom of the pile: new UNICEF report. 18.6.2017.
The adolescent (15-19) suicide rate is 15.6 per 100,000 - the worst of all 
countries measured. New Zealand has the 6th highest teenage birth rate - 
23.3 birth per 1000 females aged 15-19. ...

'Direct democracy better than forced voting.' 100s of examples of everyday
democracy - Emily Beausoleil & Max Rashbrooke, DomPost 12.5.2017.

NZ's net worth was $815 bn in 2010. Property covered 45% of our wealth
& business assets 18%. Trusts held $73 bn. 
- Max Rashbrooke & Stats NZ Wilma Molano.  - DomPost 3.5.2017.

Wellington youth clinic Evolve turns away 500 since Jan. Huge numbers of teens
with depression & anxiety unable to find work & flats. 'Healthcare for our
young people shouldnt be treated as a nice-to-have.' 
- Green MP Julie Ann Genter. DomPost 3.5.2017.

Kids going hungry in school holidays.  - Shabnam Dastgheib, DomPost 2.5.2017.

The homelessness crisis is reaching new levels - ask the Government 27.4.2017

'Shamubeel Eaqub warns NZ is in danger of becoming divided on class lines
between landlord & tenant. NZ is in danger of sliding into a new Victorian era
class system based on the ability to afford a home. - Matt Steward, Ged Cann &
Jared Nicoll Dom Post 25.3.2017.

The growth in dairy & tourism are begging huge questions of environmental
sustainability. Our economy grew 3% in 2016 only because of population growth. 
Economic activity per person grew at less than 1%: NZ has been trapped in low 
growth since 2007. Our debt & housing dominated economy will not deliver 
long-term prosperity. Iceland has a backlash against tourism because of the 
crowding at pristine environments & shortage of rentals. 
- Shamubeel Eaqub, Sunday Star Times 19.3.2017.

'A Wellington rental squeeze causing dozens to compete for same flat is 
"a problem of success" & not a sign of crisis says PM Bill English.' 
Dom Post 3.3.2017.

Salvation Army's State of the Nation report slams government for record
numbers of prisoners, allowing immigration to drive record house prices,
& entrenched child poverty. - Dom Post 7.2.2017.

Too much power in the hands of a few - The Opportunities Party. 7.2.2017.

'Rebooting the Regions', Massey University Press. Only 6/16 regions had income
gains in last 30 years. Reasons for income divergence: more service sector 
jobs, globalization offshores jobs, manual jobs mechanized. Govt must manage
the decline. Review by Shamubeel Eaqub p A11 Dom Post 12.12.2016.

New Zealand's Inequality Eruption. - Gareth Morgan. 8.12.2016.

The rise of inequality in New Zealand. - Gareth Morgan. 8.12.2016.

The Future of Work in NZ. Technology could wipe out 49% of jobs in 15 years. 5.11.2016.

Inequality, Housing and Economic Growth. 21.10.2016.

Beneficiary parents who refuse to disclose child's father
to WINZ stand to have their benefits substantially docked. 16.9.2016.

So much for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that New Zealand 
signed, where we pledged that the wellbeing of the child would always be 
paramount. Scaring up a bit more money from absent partners is obviously far 
more important to the likes of Social Development Minister Anne Tolley than 
ensuring that the child concerned is not further disadvantaged. 

Kiwi mortgages now total $340 billion. That's a gold coin cube with a side of
70 metres. - Gareth Morgan foundation.

Homes are unaffordable because the market is flooded with cheap credit
 not because we are building too few. 4 things the government needs to do. 9.9.2016.

Ask your library to subscribe to
Check out
Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change III, &
Economic and Social Research Aotearoa (ESRA),
 Launched 2016 (David Robie): Asia Pacific Report

Generation Rent, Rethinking NZ's priorities (2015) by Shamubeel & Selena Eaqub.
It calls into question priorities at the heart of New Zealand's identity.

Wealth & New Zealand by Max Rashbrooke, 2016. A summary.
  Max Rashbrooke is also the author of 
Inequality; a NZ crisis 2013
The inequality debate: an introduction 2014.

Check out the cartoons of Kiwi satirist Martin Doyle.

Mind the Gap Documentary - the failure of Neo-liberal economics in New Zealand
 and what we could do about it. 15.8.2016.

The wealthiest 10% of people in NZ, c340,000 adults, have more wealth than 
everyone else combined. Between 2004 and 2010: the wealth of the top 1% - 
about 34,000 people, increased from $94billion to $147billion; that's 
$4,323,529 per person. While the poorest 10% of people saw their net debt 
increase from $5.7 billion to $7.4 billion. Today we have 20,000 fewer state 
houses per capita than in 1991 and we have 34,000 people are in severe housing 
deprivation who need homes. All economic decisions are moral decisions, and it 
appears this Government's morality lies in prioritising the mega-wealthy, and 
positioning themselves for tax bribes in election year 2017.
  We need to call out this joke for what is. The gap between the Government's 
words and the Government's deeds when it comes to ending poverty is astounding.
We need to remind MPs that what we - the voters - want is: less conversation 
and more action.

The Big Kahuna, 2011 by Gareth Morgan & Susan Guthrie.
A simple, fairer tax system for all New Zealanders.


The great leveller, by Walter Scheidel. He follows on from Piketty, chronicling
the fall of empires from epidemics, system collapse, etc.
He argues that the rich get richer until shocks like wars come along.

The bottom 90% own 12%, the top 10% own 88% of the stock market. 27.7.2020
And, within that the top 1% own 54%.

John Maynard Keynes: Capitalism is the extraordinary belief that
the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the 
benefit of all. 21.1.2020 by William Hawes, Author of the ebook 
Planetary Vision: Essays on Freedom and Empire.

Inequality, Stagnation and Instability ? the New Normal for Finance Capitalism. 30.1.2020

How Failed Ideology, Self-Delusion, Greed, and Exploitation Made America
the Worlds First Poor Rich Country. 22.1.2020

How the Finance Industry Fueled Four Decades of Inequality in America. 3.1.2020

When labour income stagnates, but capital income skyrockets, democracy implodes
into extremism, like fascism, authoritarianism, theocracy. 

In 2008, 861,664 families lost their homes, and $3.3 trillion in home equity.
By 2011, a full 11.6 million homeowners were underwater on their homes.

The housing bubble .. Debt was the crack of the early 21st century.
 And we bailed out the dealers. 18.12.2019. 

42% of Americans who get cancer will go bankrupt as a result - Umair Haque.

America's Fascist Collapse is Going Global, by Umair Haque 11.12.2019.

America and Britain are Textbook Examples of a New, Gruesome Phenomenon:
Rich Nations Self-Destructing Into Poor Failed States, by Umair Haque 10.12.2019.
Our societies have now become too poor to afford public goods and social systems.
 The only two rich societies in the world with falling life expectancies, 
incomes, savings, happiness, trust are America and Britain. 

From 1979 to 2012, the top 10% of US earners made, on average, $144k in 1979 
& $254k in 2012, 76% growth. The bottom 90% made $33k in 1979 and $30k in 2012,
a 9% decrease. - Politifact.

The World Bank Needs to Understand Poverty
and What it Actually Costs a Family to Live on. - IPS 13.8.2019.

Climate Change Deniers Violate Human Rights. 15.7.2019.

Tell NZ Finance Minister G Robertson & Revenue Minister S Nash we want
an international tax system that is fair for everyone. c 1.7.2019
See also here.

Another global financial crisis for developing countries? 18.9.2018

Healing the Open Wounds of Predatory Capitalism BY Umair Haque 3.7.2018.

Exponential exhaustion of natural resources, ... steep inequality . a vision new sharing economy. 9.3.2018

Wealth Concentration Continues to Increase. 23.1.2018

Costa Rica demonstrates that prosperity can exist with a low per capita income
through investments in social necessities such as education and health care. 27.11.2017.

1 in 5 US households are in debt. 27.11.2017.
Billionaires increased their wealth by 20% last year. 

The richest 1% took more than half of all income growth since 1979. 1.10.2017.

Papering Over Poverty. - John Pie 18.6.2017.

To Make Our Democracy Functional, We Must Confront Economic Inequality. 19.9.2017.
Larry Bartels, author of the classic work Unequal Democracy.

Ranking governments on how they tackle the gap between rich and poor. 24.7.2017.

Homeless Youth: Public Schools Are Doing What Government Won't Do. 29.6.2017.

UN Response Teams Underfunded as Costs Hit .5 Billion. 28.6.2017.

Global Devaluation of Work Drives Up Unemployment in Brazil. 28.6.2017.

More Bang for Your Buck: Saving Lives by Investing in the Poorest. 28.6.2017.

Inequality is caused by economic policies that, since the 1980s, have
increasingly been set by transnational corporations. Globalization during the 
era of industrial capitalism has always enhanced dependence, inequality and 
exploitation. - Chomsky. 23.6.2017.

Disposable Americans: Extreme Capitalism and the Case for a Guaranteed Income.
A book by Paul Buchheit. 21.6.2017.

Trump's Deep Cuts for Struggling Families - and Tax Cuts for the Top. 21.5.2017.

Growing Inequality under Global Capitalism. 9.5.2017.

1 Percent of USTaxpayers Receive More Than the Bottom 80 Percent. 6.5.2017.

Rethinking America’s Social Safety Net. 15.3.2017.

A People's Agenda. 15.3.2017.

Ralph Nader, Making America Great at Americans Expense. 15.3.2017.

World Vision feeding centre, Somalia.
Foreign Aid Is Not the Problem -- Inequality Is. 6.3.2017.

The world's 8 richest men control as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity. 18.1.2017.

Vast Inequality in Retirement Pay. 27.12.2016.
 100 CEOs Have Retirement Money Equal to That of 41 Percent of US Population!

In Greece home repossessions are exploding. 24.11.2016.

Peter Frase, 2016, Four Futures: Life After Capitalism.
Review - will robots bring utopia or terror?

Consolidation wrecked the US job machine. The digital revolution is an 
aggressive destroyer of jobs. - 'In search of the next American job?', 
Al Jazeera TV 3.11.2016.

A Bleak Unemployment Report And Even Bleaker Projections.
Employment rates have not recovered from the financial crash of 2008 - 
27 million more people were out of work in 2015 compared to the pre-crisis 
  By 2017 more than 300 million people are likely to be unemployed. This does 
not include a shadow figure of at least another 30% to 50%, especially from 
developing countries... This does not include 60 million refugees...  21.1.2016

Oxfam's new report, An Economy for the 1%,
shows the wealth of the poorest half of the world's population has fallen by a 
trillion dollars since 2010, a drop of 41%, despite the global population 
increasing by 400 million.
 The wealth of the richest 62 people has increased by more than 0.5 trillion  
to US$1.76 trillion.  As a priority, Oxfam calls for an end to the era of 
tax havens. Tax havens are unjust. 18.1.2016 

Max Rashbrooke, 2015 Wealth and New Zealand.
How wealth has come to be so unevenly distributed, and why this imbalance is 
something we can no longer ignore.

Unequal democracy: the political economy of the new gilded age, 2008, a book by
LM Bartels. - On how the US system creates increasing inequality.


IMF warns of looming $30 trillion debt crisis looking. -p22 Dom Post 18.10.2019

Lessons From China: Fostering Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction By Daud Khan. 18.4.2019.

Managing Chinese Investments By Daud Khan. 18.4.2019.

World Bank Financializing Development. 26.3.2019.
The World Bank has legitimized the notion that private finance is the solution...
Governments will bear more of the costs of greater financial fragility and crises. 

Most people in the US are in financial distress.
66% couldn't cover a $1000 emergency. 18.3.2018

Billionaires, Fiscal Paradise, the World's Debt, and the Victims. 5.1.2018.

 - thanks to

On the 17 UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. .10.2017.

See here for these 17 goals.
Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Austerity-Driven UK ia in the Middle of a Debt Crisis. 4.10.2017.
8 million people in the UK in debt: this  may cost British banks £30 billion. 

A Universal Basic Income for Aotearoa NZ. 15.9.2017.

No policy change by the G7 Central Banks since the 2007 financial crisis. 2.9.2017.

Capitalist Economies Create Waste, Not Social Value. 18.8.2017.
This excerpt from Creating an Ecological Society 2017 by Fred Magdoff and Chris
Williams, looks at the immense levels of waste created by capitalism today, 
including by the prison-industrial complex, food system, housing & US military.

Roosevelt's New Deal flew in the face of economic orthodoxy. 16.8.2017.
But current Leadership Failure Perpetuates Stagnation.

David Kotz 2017: The Rise and Fall of Neoliberal Capitalism,
Harvard University Press. A review. 

Universal Basic Income Is About Trust and Decency. 8.8.2017.

'Optimism over despair - on capitalism, empire & social change', 2017 N Chomsky.
Interviews with C.J. Polychroniou.
In 2008 the US gov't rescued the banks with $16 trillion. But corporate 
capitalism continues to run to the precipice with regard to the environment, 
as profits take precedence not only over people but over the sustainability of 
the planet itself. 5.8.2017.

Financialization Has Turned the Global Economy Into a House of Cards. 24.7.2017.

Nation-states that refuse to serve international finance capital run the risk
of economic collapse leading to insolvency caused by capital flight. 
- Prabhat Patnaik, co-author of A Theory of Imperialism. 10.7.2017.

Southeast Asia: From Miracle To Debacle. 7.7.2017.

Plundering Argentina, Greece & Puerto Rico. 26.5.2017.

Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist. - Kate Raworth 25.5.2017.

8 short videos and more. - Kate Raworth 25.5.2017.

Fiscal Austerity Has Been Blocking Economic Recovery. 16.12.2016.

Why the Government's Top Campaign Finance Watchdogs Have No Teeth. 14.9.2016.

We consider that conventional economic theory has proved of almost no relevance
to the ongoing and chronic failure of the global economy and to the gravest 
threat facing us all: climate change. - Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME).

Today's Economic Hard Times Are the Culmination of a Long Series of Crises.
Peter Dolack's book, It's Not Over: Learning From the Socialist Experiment. 23.8.2016

New World Bank Policies Imperil Environment and Land Defenders. 8.8.2016.

We're in the Eye of a Global Financial Hurricane. 24.5.2016.

Sadistic Capitalism: Six Urgent Matters for Humanity in Global Crisis. 13.4.2016.
1) unprecedented global social polarization and inequality 
3) unprecedented means of violence & control over global communications
5) the rise of a vast surplus population inhabiting a "planet of slums," 
alienated from the productive economy, thrown into the margins and subject 
to these sophisticated systems of social control and destruction. 
6) a disjuncture between a globalizing economy and a nation-state-based system 

We Need to Leave Too-Big-to-Fail Banks Alone - not! 12.4.2016.

Reining in CEO Pay: Market Discipline at the Top.
How top executives like former Republican presidential candidate can walk away 
with $100 million after nearly wrecking a major corporation? 12.4.2016.

Panama Papers: Act now. Don't wait for another crisis - Thomas Piketty. 10.4.2016.

Bank Whistleblowers United tell us how politicians can restore the rule of law to Wall Street and avoid the next financial crisis in 60 days without any new legislation. 8.4.2016.
Puerto Rico Moves to Suspend Payments on $72 Billion Public Debt. 7.4.2016.

For Personal and Planetary Well-Being, Localize the Economy. 6.4.2016.
Helena Norberg-Hodge is one of the most significant environmentalists of our time.

Globalized Monoculture Is Consuming the Planet. - Helena Norberg-Hodge. 31.3.2016.
"Economic growth has little to do with human needs. It is far more a measure 
of how much profit corporations are bringing in." "A broad education campaign 
is needed that shows the clear linkages between the global economy and climate 

Too Rigged to Fail: The Homeowner Hamster Wheel of Mortgage Fraud. 29.3.2016.
"Focusing on reversing the process of global deregulation is the single most 
important and strategic way to turn things around." 
"The global consumer economy doesn't just feed existing tensions; 
in many cases, it actually creates them."

The Indisputable Role of Credit Ratings Agencies in the 2008 Collapse,
and Why Nothing Has Changed. 20.3.2016. 

A Warning From the Bank for International Settlements:
[companies] don't have the money to repay the debt or the earnings-potential to avoid default. 11.3.2016. 

Former Economic Hit Man Returns to Take on the "Death Economy".
In John Perkins' 2016 edition of 'The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man', 
he revealed his first-hand experience of this violent and coercive phenomenon. 
Here is a summary of part of this important book.
And a txt version.

'Gathering storm' for global economy as markets lose faith. 7.3.2016.

Wall Street's Savage Reckoning: Clouds Gather Over G-20 Summit. 1.3.2016.

Getting the names and faces of hedge fund billionaires before the public
can help tell a vivid story of what's gone wrong with our economy and politics. 28.2.2016. 

Suddenly banks everywhere are in deep trouble.
 Remember, if you're not at the table, you're on the menu. 11.2.2016. 
Regulating Banks vs. Displacing Them: Where Clinton and Sanders Disagree
on Wall Street.
 Sanders: the financial sector, the heart of any economy, ... generates immense
profits for itself, but is a leech on the productive economy ...
 "Free trade" in the real world operates as economic imperialism by codifying 
the current market advantages held by US and other Western corporations. 
US corporations compete... this "competitive" arrangement is due in no small 
part to the historic inequity created by Western colonization of virtually all 
of what we now euphemistically call the "developing world."
... Sanders has opposed every one of the new age "free trade" deals - including
the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Central American Free Trade 
Agreement (CAFTA) and permanent normal trade relations with China/ 10.2.2016.

The IMF Changes its Rules to Isolate China and Russia. 6.2.2016.

The Subprime Specter Returns: High Finance and the Growth of High-Risk Consumer Debt:
 Unlike the toxic home loans that led to the 2008 global financial crisis, 
the recent return of subprime is in auto, credit card and personal loans. 
Creating an economy that depends upon leveraging household balance sheets of 
the most vulnerable... 18.1.2016. 

'China To Spark Global Financial ICE AGE With Depression
Sending Markets Crashing By 75%'. Global deflation is going to wipe around 
75 per cent in value off the American S&P stock market. 17.1.2016. 

Fed chairman on the 2008 financial crisis:
"As a scholar of the Great Depression, I honestly believe that September and 
October of 2008 was the worst financial crisis in global history, including 
the Great Depression. If you look at the firms that came under pressure in 
that period. . . only one . . . was not at serious risk of failure. So out of 
maybe the 13 of the most important financial institutions in the US, 12 were 
at risk of failure within a period of a week or two." A chart suggests that 
the Fed's primary objective was to reflate stock and bond prices to help the 
banks grow their way out of insolvency and avoid government takeover. 15.1.2016.

Some 500,000 fewer people are employed by the public sector in the US
than before the 2015 crisis. 
 By Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel laureate. He was Chairman of President Clinton's 
Council of Economic Advisers, and Senior VP and Chief Economist of the World 
Bank. His most recent book, co-authored with Bruce Greenwald, is Creating a 
Learning Society: A New Approach to Growth, Development, and Social Progress. 11.1.2016. 

John Key advocates theft by Banks? 20.3.2013
The Reserve Bank's Open Bank Resolution: if a bank is in difficulty at 5pm, the
Reserve Bank is to freeze all the bank's accounts & take 10-80% of deposits to
pay the bank's losses. John Key has also said that the insurance banks in Oz 
pay is too dear for our banks. See also p129 Totalitaria by Ian Wishart, 2013.

Paul Craig Roberts 2013: The failure of laissez faire capitalism.
Clarity Press - a review.
 p17 American corp'ns have moved millions of jobs offshore. Rights granted by 
the Constitution have been abolished.  America has degenerated into a 
warmongering police state. The executive has freed itself of accountability.
 p18 The military-industrial complex & financial oligarchy have seized power.
The Supreme Court has enable the purchase of the gov't. 
 p150 The US has the highest inequality & poverty in the OECD.
- Held by Wellington Library.

Letter to Editor, Dom. Post, Wellington 17.7.2012 by David Ruddlesden:
 The Libor scandal is the biggest financial scam in history, involving an 
$800 trillion market & the Rothschild banks worldwide. They are defrauding 
every person & org'n that holds a bank a/c. by corrupting the fractional 
reserve system, banks have employed fiat money, derivatives, casinos & 
leveraging. The risk capital of JP Morgan is a massive 500:1 & an astronomical 
2000:1 for Goldman Sachs - the bank mangaing NZ's asset sales. Wall St has been
bailed out to the tune of $30tn & in this, coupled with bailouts in Europe, we 
are witnessing the destruction of nations & their peoples because of the 
austerity measures being imposed. Sovereign states become insolvent & the banks
foreclose, thus gaining a country's assets at fire-sale prices. Iceland, 
bankrupt a few years ago, is now on the road to recovery. It rejected the 
Rothschild banking model, put banking back in control of the people, & jailed 
corrupt bankers & politicians. 


Stay Home? Wash Hands? 2 Billion are Homeless, 3 Billion Have No Water. 15.5.2020

Why older humans are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses like Covid-19:
 That our drinking water is polluted by nitrates [from farm fertilizer] is well
known. A byproduct is a sinister chemical DMNA (dimethylnitrosamine) which
closes down our livers' control of our immune systems. 
- Dr Robin Fraser, DomPost 4.5.2020.

Obesity of Kiwi kids 'truly awful'. NZ is 2nd worst in OECD for child obesity,
with 39% of Kiwi kids obese. UNICEF director said a sugar tax could help. This
had reduced consumption in many countries. Health Minister has ruled this out,
focussing on reducing sugar in processed food & drink, labelling & education.
Prof Swinburn was highly critical of this stance. -p10 DomPost 17.10.2019

A crisis in funding for international family planning. 29.10.2016.

To IOI: start protecting rainforests. 21.9.2016.

How Big Pharma's Industrial Waste Is Fueling the Rise in Superbugs Worldwide. 21.9.2016.

Pharmaceutical corporations play the role of modern-day lords of the manor.
They have taken a good that was once considered off-limits for private 
profiteering and turned it into an expensive commodity - causing suffering and 
death. How can we reverse this medical feudalism? 1.2.2016. 


More than half of the Commonwealth countries can still throw you in jail 
just for being gay - thanks to old British colonial laws. - Allout 5.4.2018.

Alumni of This Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group Are Serving in Federal, State and Local Governments. 29.5.2017.

100 arrested accused of being gay in Chechnya. 3 murdered. 5.4.2016.

Christian Universities Increasingly Apply for Exemptions
From Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination Rules. 3.4.2016. 

In 75 countries around the world, it's a crime to be gay.
 There's a top presidential candidate in the U.S. who accused lesbian, gay, bi,
and trans people of waging "jihad" against Christians. A powerful U.S. 
religious extremist who says that AIDS is "God's judgement," 
and we'd have a cure if we stopped supporting gay rights.
There's a lawmaker in Russia who said being gay is a "contagious disease" 
that's "on a level with drugs and alcoholism."
Then there's the president of Zimbabwe, who threatened to behead gays, 
describing them as "filth" and "worse than pigs and dogs."
All these people are real. And they're all getting on with their hateful 
business as you read this email. They all share one hope: that those who 
believe in love and dignity will do nothing to stop them. 
26.1.2016 ex


When Drill baby drill! turns to Spill baby Spill! 
God's counting on me, God's counting on you.
 - From Pete Seeger's last song.

OIL - NZ (See OIL - WORLD below.)

 Ranking of NZ banks by 350 - 22.11.2018.

A Fossil Free future. 19.10.2017.

Seismic blasting in Taranaki Basin will injure Maui dolphin, Blue Whale & zooplankton. 3.10.2017

The mayors of Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City have agreed to completely 
outlaw diesel vehicles from the centre of their cities by 2025!
Yet Greater Wellington Regional Council? is removing our zero emission trolley 
buses and accepting tenders for new diesel buses with 15 years lifetime.
 - Paul Bruce, Sustainable Solutions Wellington, 021 0271 9370.

We need to respond to the NZ oil lobby's ad 23.3.2017

Actor Lucy Lawless joined other Greenpeace New Zealand activists in stopping a 
Shell-contracted drillship from departing the port of Taranaki for the Arctic 
in 2012.

Greenpeace activists protest outside the Petroleum New Zealand Conference at SkyCity.

Statoil still has plans to drill on the East Coast.

May 4-16, 2016: A global wave of mass actions target
the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects — to keep coal, oil and 
gas in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy.

NZ govt gives a number of subsidies to oil, including nearly $2m towards oil 
conferences over the term of the Government, $25m in seismic survey subsidies, 
the WWF estimates $46m per annum on tax breaks and we have the 4th lowest tax 
plus royalty rate in the world. - Gareth Hughes, Green MP 15.4.2016.
$100k taxpayer cash given to petroleum conference run by Petroleum Exploration
Association NZ by Energy Minister Bridges. Green MP Gareth Hughes said millions
in grants & tax breaks were going to the industry that made $2 billion
profit a year. National spent $237k wining & dining industry executives. $50 mn
in funding had been given to the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority,
devoted to renewable resources & less thatn $17 mn to NZ Petroleum & Minerals,
said Bridges. - Sunday Star-Times 10.4.2016.

May 4-16, 2016: A global wave of mass actions will target
the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects — to keep coal, oil and 
gas in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy.
 Break Free is a global wave of civil disobedience to shut down fossil fuel 
projects in May. There are peaceful, people-powered actions being planned 
all over the world, and New Zealand is no exception. 
  In Aotearoa, some of the biggest climate villains are the banks, using our 
money to profit from the climate crisis. The "big four" Aussie banks operating 
in Aotearoa have $38.5 billion invested in coal, oil and gas projects.31.3.2016

'We should be proud of this international industry [oil].' 
by National Minister Judith COLLINS.  
'Oil is our 4th largest export after dairy, meat & wood. 
It brings in c$2.2 billion p.a... It provides c4000 jobs a year & another 4000
in other parts of the economy... Oil is our largest export to [Oz]...
Fracking, that great bogeyman of the far left, .... US oil reserved increased
by 50% from 2009... Taranaki ... now has the lowest unemployment in NZ...
Geonet website to see just what resources we've got.' 
- Collins' Sunday Star-Times column Right uppercut 1.2.2015.
  But she didn't point out we import 2/3 more oil than we export. Or that 
the sector has the lowest job creation rate of any sector of the Taranaki 
economy per unit of GDP. Overseas research shows clean energy and energy 
efficiency create 4 times more jobs than fossil fuels.
And I don't see resources at 'Welcome to GeoNet - the official source of 
geological hazard information for New Zealand.'
Was she confused with GNS Science?
 And no mention of the destruction of Taranaki farmland by fracking. 

Chevron warns it wouldn't be able to clean up big oil spill off East Coast. 20.5.2010.


Fossil fuel giants Shell and BP fight against climate legislation. 28.9.2020
 6 or more others are also lobbying against climate measures in the US & Oz.

BP to cut oil and gas production by 40% as it sets out road to net zero. 5.8.2020

Oil giants help fund powerful police groups in top US cities. 30.7.2020

Powerful fossil fuel executives are trying to hijack our recovery from COVID-19. c14.7.20

France calls for minimum carbon price to counter oil crash. 27.4.20

Chevron Trying To Destroy Environmental Lawyer Who Defeated Them In Court. 30.1.2020

Oil with UV sunlight is twice as toxic as oil alone. It becomes toxic at very
low concentrations. The oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of
Mexco spread over 145,000km. - pB5 DomPost 15.2.2020.

America's Radioactive Secret. Oil-and-gas wells produce a trillion gallons
of toxic waste a year, making workers sick and contaminating communities. 21.1.2020

How to Criminalize Pipeline Protests. 20.8.2019.

How to Really Fight Climate Change - uncovering the root causes. 16.8.2019.
"The fossil fuel industry and its products accounted for 91% of global 
industrial GHGs in 2015, and about 70% of all anthropogenic GHG emissions 
[since 1988]. If the trend in fossil fuel extraction continues over the next 
28 years as it has over the previous 28, then global average temperatures would
be on course to rise around 4ºC above preindustrial levels by the end of the 
century. This would entail substantial species extinction, large risks of 
regional and global food scarcity, and could cross multiple tipping points in 
the Earth’s climate system, leading to even more severe consequences."
- Carbon Majors Report.

The top 20 companies have contributed to 480bn tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent since 1965.
Billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent:
Saudi Aramco 59.26
Chevron 43.35
Gazprom 43.23
ExxonMobil 41.90
National Iranian Oil Co 35.66
BP 34.02
Royal Dutch Shell 31.95
Coal India 23.12
Pemex 22.65
Petróleos de Venezuela 15.75
PetroChina 15.63
Peabody Energy 15.39
ConocoPhillips 15.23
Abu Dhabi National Oil Co 13.84
Kuwait Petroleum Corp 13.48
Iraq National Oil Co 12.60
Total SA 12.35
Sonatrach 12.30
BHP Billiton 9.80
Petrobras 8.68
- The Guardian 9.10.2019.

The Fracking of Rachel Carson - Silent Spring's Lost Legacy. 1.6.2019.

ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP and Total have invested over $1Bn
in the three years following the Paris Agreement on misleading climate-related 
branding and lobbying. 23.3.2019.

Norway calls for $1 trillion fund to sell some oil and gas stocks.
    Norway's giant wealth fund deals $405m blow to coal industry
    Norway $900bn oil fund set to ditch coal shares
    Norway fund divests from Asian firms over deforestation
    Norway to ditch $8 billion of coal assets in state pension fund. - 8.3.2019

'Oil spill would help coastal towns, says BP'
because the cleanup would boost their economies. BP told an Oz gov't agency
that a diesel spill would be 'socially acceptable'. BP had not identified any
social impacts. BP did not discuss impacts on recreation, tourism, the fishing
industry or the right whales that migrate thru the area. BP underestimated
the impact on wildlife. Greenpeace's Nathaniel Pelle said Statoil's proposed
drilling could spread 40 mn litres of sludge along 750 km of coast.
- Sunday Star Times p B12, 8.4.2018.

Greenpeace Activists remind Shell to attend hearings into their climate responsibility
in Philippines. 21.2.2018

The Polar Boom: Corporations Flock to Melting Arctic for Oil and Trade Routes. 16.2.2018

Trump Announces Plans to Open Nearly All U.S. Waters to Offshore Drilling. 4.1.2018.

I Was an Exxon-Funded Climate Scientist. 14.9.2017.

Seventeen Million in US Live Near Active Oil or Gas Wells. Such proximity has
been linked to heart, lung and brain problems, cancers, ... 6.9.2017.

The company that owns the Dakota Access pipeline sues Greenpeace. 2.9.2017.

Lucy Lawless spied on by oil co's. 17.8.2017.

 NZ Superannuation Fund to divest $950 million away from companies with high 
exposure to the fossil fuel industry. -KY 15.8.2017.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Lead to Massive Health Costs. 11.8.2017.
Health costs are US$2,758bn for G20, against $444bn subsidies.

Norwegian youth prepare to meet Arctic oil drilling. 10.8.2017.

Greenpeace followed & photographed by spy agency Thompson & Clark.
The info indicates that it was foreign oil companies behind it and they did it 
with the knowledge of the NZ Government. 10.8.2017.

Stories of Indigenous-led Resistance to Oil and Waste. 5.8.2017.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies.

France just banned all new oil and gas projects. 1.7.2017.

Sacrifice Zones Part 2: Petrochemical Development Threatens the Pacific Northwest.

Tillerson was head of the oil giant Exxon when it was secretly funding
international climate change denial projects. Now on 6.6.2017 he visited our
Parliament as Trump's Secretary of State.

UN government delegates discuss the power and persuasion of the fossil fuel industry.
And how its power has resulted in an alarming lack of effective climate policy 
to address our planetary emergency. 2.6.2017.

Indigenous Alliance Launches Divestment Campaign Against US and Canadian Pipelines. 26.5.2017.

Chevron Was Lying to Get Out of Paying for a Cleanup. 23.5.2017.

Protected Species in Gulf of Mexico Could Take Decades to Recover
 From Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. 18.5.2017.

Indonesia sues PTTEP Australasia for $3bn for Oz's worst oil spill. 
- DomPost 6.5.2017.

The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? 13.5.2017.

Trump Plan to Turn Public Lands Over to the Oil and Gas Industry. 13.5.2017.

When It Comes to Fracking, Argentina Dreams Big. 9.5.2017.

Fossil Fuel Companies Spend Big in Heated Special Elections for Congress.
Fossil fuel companies are itching to mine federal lands. 7.5.2017

Study Finds Fracking Is Strongly Related to Increased Infant Mortality. 1.5.2017.

Torture and Death Threats by oil company for Conservation. 30.4.2017.

Oil companies cause 200-300 bln rubles in environmental damage a year. 23.3.2017.

Chevron, Aera Energy Sue to Block Monterey County, California's Voter-Approved Ban on Fracking. 14.3.2017.

Genocide for Amazon People & Petroleum Exploration in Bolivia. 28.2.2017.

Living Near Oil and Gas Development linked to Childhood Leukemia. 28.2.2017.

Shell's operations in Nigeria hide behind subsidiaries to dodge accountability
for human rights abuses. 27.2.2017.

Populist Coalition Beats Back Chevron in California Refinery Town. 13.2.2017.

Hear some victims of fracking in Oz & US. Next is Lancashire, UK. 2016.

Fire boats battle the blazing oil rig Deepwater Horizon, 2010.

BP Safety Failures as It Heads Back to Gulf of Mexico. 18.12.2016.

Portland opposes transporting or storing fossil fuels near their city. 11.11.2016.

Tell President Obama to step in and STOP the Dakota Access Pipeline today.
141 protectors were arrested in one week - some of them were held in dog kennels 
and marked with numbers on their bodies. 8.11.2016.

Under Obama 10 Million acres of public land & 15 Million acres of public
offshore waters have been turned over to energy corporations for fossil fuel 
extraction. These leases cost the richest companies $1.50 an acre.
What do we get? Decades of pollution, oil spills, contaminated water, and 
catastrophic climate change. 7.11.2016.

Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow Food in California May Contain Toxins. 29.10.2016.
Oil companies have been quietly selling wastewater for irrigation for decades.
Chemicals included 16 carcinogens or reproductive toxicants.

Environmental Groups Are Taking the Norwegian Government to Court. 27.10.2016.

Stand Up to the Fossil Fuel Industry. 25.10.2016.
 Tim DeChristopher stopped an illegitimate Bureau of Land Management 
oil and gas lease auction, serving 21 months in prison.

Freeze New Fossil Fuel Development. 25.10.2016.

Democracy Deferred: Ohio Removes Anti-Fracking Measures From County Ballots. 22.10.2016.

This is The People vs. Arctic Oil. 20.10.2016.

Radioactive filter socks sit in an abandoned gas station in Noonan, North Dakota.

Where Has the Waste Gone? Fracking Results in Illegal Dumping of Radioactive Toxins.

 Pollution caused by mining in a river in ElSalvador:

El Salvador celebrates win against mining company.
Australia-based OceanaGold ordered to pay El Salvador $8 million for legal fees.
Over 200,000 of us signed petitions targeting the mining company and 
the World Bank - SumOfUs.  15.10.2016.

A hand covered in crude oil from one of the hundreds of open toxic pits Chevron abandoned in the Ecuadorean Amazon rainforest.
Ecuador's Legal Battle With Chevron Foreshadows Global Corporate Coup D'état.

Hey California, Why Are You Allowing the Use of Oil Wastewater To Irrigate Our Food?

US courts let Chevron and the United Nations off the hook for their law-breaking
in Ecuador and Haiti. In 2010, UN troops discharged raw sewage into a river 
that caused a cholera outbreak that has now killed over 10,000. 
Chevron was saved from paying US$9 billion in compensation awarded by Ecuador's
Supreme Court in 2013 to victims of pollution in Ecuador's amazon 1964-1992.

An offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. EPA allows offshore platform 
operators to dump unlimited amounts of fracking chemicals mixed with water from
undersea wells directly into the ocean. 
(Photo: Jonathan Henderson / Vanishing Earth).

EPA Plans to Allow Unlimited Dumping of Fracking Wastewater
in the Gulf of Mexico. 23.9.2016.

Recalculating the Climate Math.
The numbers on global warming are even scarier than we thought. 22.9.2016.

Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment, 2016
by Wenonah Hauter.
 A history of the fracking industry, Frackopoly exposes how more than 100 years
of political influence peddling facilitated the control of our energy system by
a handful of corporations and financial institutions. It provides the public 
policy backstory and the history of deregulation that has turned our 
communities into sacrifice zones.
 The book also examines the powerful interests that have supported fracking, 
including leading environmental groups, and looks at the growing movement 
to ban fracking and keep fossil fuels in the ground.
 Get it from your library.
Here is a summary of the introduction.

To Fight Clean Power Plan, Fossil Fuel Companies Paid to meet State Prosecutors.A>
How to hobble Obama's climate policy agenda. 10.9.2016.

EPA's Science Advisors Tell Agency Not to Downplay Fracking-Related Water Contamination.

Lakota Lead Native Americans, Ranchers and Farmers in Fight Against Access Pipeline.

Oil Pipeline Accidents Are Worsening. 11.7.2016.

SEC Charges "Frack Master" Chris Faulkner, Shale CEO and Industry Advocate, with $80 Million Fraud. 7.7.2016.

A controlled burn of oil spilled during the Deepwater Horizon disaster.
Obama Administration Approved Gulf Fracking During Deepwater Horizon Disaster. 7.7.2016.

Fracking's Air Pollution Puts Infants and Children at Risk of Developing
 Heart, Lung Problems. 14.5.2016.

How BP Used Public Arts in the UK to Further Oil Plans in Mexico and Australia. 13.5.2016.

New York State Refuses Permit for Constitution Pipeline
in Major Victory for Anti-Fracking Organizers. 10.5.2016.

Inspection Reports From TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline Expose Risk of Future Spills. 5.5.2016.

35% oil companies bankrupt this year +30% next year? 1.5.2016.

Exxon Knew CO2 Pollution Was A Global Threat By Late 1970s. 27.4.2016.

A Pipeline Defeated: How a Small Town Saved Itself. 25.4.2016.

Funding of climate change denial by ExxonMobil. 22.4.2016.

6 Years Later Gulf Residents Hold Online Town Hall on BP Spill Health Impacts. 19.4.2016.
BP used 1.8 million gallons of highly toxic Corexit dispersants.

The Shadow Lobbyists Protecting Fracking From Regulation: The IOGCC. 16.4.2016.

Jesse Coleman, Greenpeace: As a self-proclaimed "government agency," the 
Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission pays no taxes, registers no 
lobbyists, and freely converses with elected officials and government 
regulators. It is truly the best of all worlds: industry funding, government 
position of authority and no oversight.

Bernie Sanders Calls for National Fracking Ban.
The state of New York banned fracking in 2015. 15.4.2016.

Timor-Leste Brings Maritime Dispute with Australia to United Nations. 15.4.2016.

Fracking Wastewater May Be Messing With Hormones. 13.4.2016.

The Deepwater Horizon Disaster: 75% of BP's court fine is tax-deductible,
meaning that US taxpayers will foot most of the bill for the largest oil spill 
in history. 9.4.2016.

Shell's Demands for Relinquishing Oil Rights to Fragile Region. 8.4.2016.

7 Million Americans Are at Risk of Experiencing Frackquakes. 6.4.2016.
64 percent of all marine resources lie beyond national jurisdiction, so 
an international treaty is one of the only ways to work on marine conservation.
After 115 years of coal-fired power, Scotland is officially coal-free. 

Protecting the Seas to Save the Land. 6.4.2016.

Environmentalists Join Forces in New Orleans To Foster A Growing Alliance
 to Combat Climate Change and Fossil Fuels. 2.4.2016.

Fracking, Not Just Fracking Wastewater Injection, Causing quakes in Canada. 2.4.2016.

Biofuel or Biofraud?
The Vast Taxpayer Cost of Failed Cellulosic and Algal Biofuels. 22.3.2016. 

The Oilman Who Loved Dictators: How Texaco Supported Fascism:
 Texaco Oil helped Francisco Franco win the Spanish Civil War, putting him in 
a position to aid the Nazis in the far larger war that followed. Three-quarters
of a century later, climate change deniers are testimony to the enduring power 
of Big Oil. 22.3.2016. 

The West Coast Is the World's Fifth-Largest Economy: Can It Unite to Stop Big Oil? 20.3.2016.

Exxon's Never-Ending Big Dig: Flooding the Earth With Fossil Fuels. 19.2.2016

14.2.2016 A 5.1 earthquake in Oklahama was caused by injecting briny wastewater
left over from underground oil and gas production. The industry is resisting
cutting back on injections.

Army of Lobbyists Push LNG Exports, Methane Hydrates, Coal in Senate Energy Bill. 13.2.2016

Oil Industry Caused 2005 Swarm of California Earthquakes. 13.2.2016

Byproducts of oil sands bitumen extraction, tailings ponds are an environmental
hazard that wreaks havoc on the surrounding ecosystems. (Photo: Amanda Creech)
The Oil Industry Won in Alberta. Now First Nations Look to Heal Their Land. 13.2.2016

Following Truthout Investigation, Settlements Halt Fracking Off California.
 Federal regulators have agreed not to authorize offshore fracking operations 
in the Pacific Ocean until they complete an environmental review of the 
practice. The moratorium, following a 2013 Truthout investigation, is the 
result of two legal settlements between environmental groups and the 
Interior Department. 3.2.2016 

Tim DeChristopher: "I Consider Myself to Be a Fossil Fuel Abolitionist".
 In 2008, climate activist Tim DeChristopher disrupted a Bureau of Land 
Management oil and gas lease auction in Utah. He was convicted of two federal 
felonies. DeChristopher speaks about how his time in prison and his faith have 
influenced his activism. 2.2.2016 

Big Oil and Gas Want Them Out, but One Small Clan Is Standing Up to Pipeline Expansion. 2.2.2016

Fossil Fuel Spill Tracker 2015: A Map of Environmental Disasters:
 Shipping oil and gas across the United States and Canada is a dangerous 
business. After media attention moves on from major accidents, the community 
costs remain.  26.1.2016 

The Tyranny of Big Oil. 23.1.2016

Fracking Industry-Linked Earthquakes in Oklahoma Crack Political Party Lines. 23.1.2016

How to Stop the Fossil Fuel Industry From Wrecking Our World:
Even as the climate crisis makes it clear that fossil fuels are yesterday's 
energy, the momentum of two centuries of development means new projects keep 
emerging. 20.1.2016 

Eating the Fossil Fuel Elephant, One Bite at a Time:
 If the fossil fuel industry's costs far exceeded profits, oil, coal and gas 
would surely be left in the ground. Each of us must utilize every tactic we can
to ensure this goal. Let's start by making the industry's costs significantly 
outweigh profits.... Ten Small Ways to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint ... 17.1.2016.

Rice University's Baker Institute and the Academic Cover It Provides
for Fossil Fuel Interests. 15.1.2016 

Revoke ExxonMobil's Corporate Charter for Climate Destruction and Cover-Up:
 Corporations are created by states and therefore states can legally compel 
lawbreaking corporations to dissolve. We should petition state attorneys 
general to challenge the corporate charters of companies like ExxonMobil, which
has lied to the public for decades about climate change. 13.1.2016 

Historic Trial Lets Activists Who Blocked Oil Train Cite Climate Change Threat
in Their Defense: 5 climate justice activists go on trial for tying themselves 
to a 25-foot tripod structure to block a mile-long oil train.  12.1.2016 

Exxon's Climate Cover-Up Gets Bigger:
Documents Suggest All Major Oil Giants Have Lied Since 1970s:
 A new exposé from InsideClimate News reveals nearly every major US and 
multinational oil and gas company was likely aware of the impact of fossil 
fuels on climate change at the same time as Exxon - since the 1970s. 1.1.2016 

The Power of Dirty Oil Money.

BP oil spill: 30 pictures of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico.

Greenpeace's director discusses how the oil industry has manufactured consent
for the carbon age, and how they are going to be defeated. 17.12.2015 

Fracking Expands in Latin America, Threatening to Contaminate World's
Third-Largest Aquifer. "No one will be able to live in places where they decide
to extract these hydrocarbons because everything they leave behind is dead." 7.12.2015 

As New York State Probes Exxon, Oil Giant Targets the Journalists
Who Exposed Climate Change Cover-Up. ... money from Exxon and the Koch brothers
constituted the sort of epicenter of denial ... 3.12.2015 

Western State Regulators Struggling to Keep Up With Radioactive Fracking
and Drilling Waste:
 The question of how to handle the toxic waste from fracking and other oil and 
gas activities is one of the most intractable issues confronting environmental 
regulators. Concerns about corner-cutting through illegal waste disposal have 
grown as oil prices have plunged over the past year. 30.11.2015 

US Determined to Control Venezuela's Oil.
U.S. spying showed Washington is determined to take control of Venezuela's oil 
resources. 21.11.2015. 

Fracking Goes on Trial for Human Rights Violations. 15.11.2015

Our governments are still throwing billions to subsidize oil, gas & coal.  14.11.2015 

Obama Administration Approves Pipeline Expansion
Set to Feed First Ever Fracked Gas LNG Export Terminal. Meet the Lobbyists. 14.11.2015 

A petition: Tell world leaders: kick fossil fuel industry out of climate policy. 12.11.2015

Exxon's Climate Cover-Up:
 Sharon Eubanks, the former US Department of Justice attorney who prosecuted 
and won the racketeering case against Big Tobacco, is calling for the 
Department of Justice to look into whether Exxon violated the Racketeer 
Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. 22.10.2015 

Death by Fracking.
The maniacal drive by the human species to extinguish itself includes a variety
of lethal pursuits. One of the most efficient is fracking. One day, courtesy of
corporations such as Halliburton, BP and ExxonMobil, a gallon of water will 
cost more than a gallon of gasoline. Fracking, which involves putting chemicals
into potable water and then injecting millions of gallons of the solution into 
the earth at high pressure to extract oil and gas, has become one of 
the primary engines, along with the animal agriculture industry, for 
accelerating global warming and climate change. 21.10.2015 

Obama Cancels Plans for Oil Leases in the Arctic Ocean. 21.10.2015

After the Frack: Hydraulic Fracturing's Intense Thirst:
 While water contamination continues to be a serious concern when it comes to 
fracking, a slew of scientific and government reports published in recent years
points to perhaps a more immediate environmental threat: 
unsustainable groundwater and surface water withdrawals. 11.10.2015 

Brazil to Auction Fracking Licenses in the Amazon:
 Brazil is about to auction hundreds of fracking blocks across the country, 
extending deep into the Amazon rain forest, including the territories of remote
and vulnerable Indigenous peoples. Registered bidders include BP, Shell and 
ExxonMobil. 8.10.2015 

Pentagon Prepares For Century of Climate Emergencies and Oil Wars.
  The US Army is preparing for a new era of war for oil. 9.8.2015 

Six Tiny Island Countries to Sue Big Oil for Disrupting the Climate:
 The People's Declaration for Climate Justice adds to several other 
climate-oriented legal cases already bubbling in different locations around the
globe. Now we wait and see if the Southeast Asian decree will result in 
culpability for any of the world's largest fossil fuel giants. 24.6.2015 

Warming Waters Are Drastically Altering Ocean Biodiversity:
 Major changes in ocean biodiversity due to climate change are more extreme 
than anything our planet has seen in 3 million years; 20-year-old Boyan Slat 
is getting ready to deploy the first-ever ocean cleaning system; earthworms 
could be a solution to our climate crisis;... 10.6.2015 

The People vs. Shell: "I may not go to jail, and I hope I don't,
but to sit on the sidelines and let disaster unfold, for countless people and 
whole ecosystems, does not feel to me like a moral possibility," the author 
writes of her plans to blockade Shell's Arctic drilling rigs... 10.6.2015 

Environmental Group Warns Santa Barbara Oil Spill Cleanup Workers to Protect
Their Health. 5.6.2015 

Greenpeace video targets Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic. 4.6.2015

David and Goliath in the Amazon: Oil giant Chevron's
"Goliath" of monetary resources seems to be buckling under the pressure of 
the Ecuadorean Amazon's "David," fueled by global support and undeniable 
evidence of Chevron's atrocious human and environmental rights record against 
indigenous people. - Some TPP issues here. 4.6.2015

US Interior Department Compelled to Reveal Extent of Fracking in Gulf of Mexico:
  The US Interior Department must reveal records on the use of fracking 
technology in the Gulf of Mexico under a recent legal settlement. The extent 
of Gulf fracking is currently unknown and environmentalists say it poses 
a serious threat to coastal communities and marine life. 4.6.2015

 did not work for me. 4.6.2015 

Exhausting Legal Options, Residents of Texas Town Take Direct Action
to Enforce Fracking Ban:  After the Texas legislature passed a bill rendering 
Texas' first fracking ban unenforceable and limiting municipalities' ability 
to regulate the oil and gas industry across the state, residents of the town 
of Denton are using nonviolent direct action to stop the operations of Vantage 
Energy, the first company to resume fracking in the city. 4.6.2015

Fort McKay, a town that got rich on oil from the tar sands,
and has been wrecked by it too. 30.5.2015

Colombian takes BP to court in UK over alleged complicity in kidnap and torture. 23.5.2015

Gilberto Torres survived Colombia's death squads. Now he wants justice.
He is one of only two Colombian union activists to be abducted by 
paramilitaries and live. Now BP and other oil firms face allegations they were 
complicit in human rights abuses. 23.5.2015

BP and Ocensa - the oil companies and the assassins.
Colombian trade unionist Gilberto Torres claims oil firms BP and Ocensa funded 
paramilitaries who abducted and planned to murder him. 23.5.2015

Expanded Fracking. 22.5.2015

Major Climate Denial Funders Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund
handled $479 million of dark money. 22.5.2015

BP's close ties with the UK government. 22.5.15

BP ditched Arctic concerns for strategic deal with Russia. 22.5.15

Edinburgh University Bows to Fossil Fuel Industry. 22.5.2015

Where there is oil and gas there is Schlumberger.
It's ubiquitous in fossil fuel operations across the world, has more staff than
Google, turns over more than Goldman Sachs, and is worth more than McDonald's -
yet you won't have heard of it. Meet the oil world's most secretive operator.
  But with a plea deal with the US authorities finalised at the end of last 
month, Schlumberger set a corporate record, receiving the largest corporate 
criminal fine for sanctions violations in US history.
 Its crime, to which it pled guilty, was to involve its US staff in 
sanctions-busting transactions with both Iran and Sudan, and for its 
(unsuccessful) attempts to mask such transactions from the authorities. 20.5.2015 

Fossil Fuels Subsidised By $10m a Minute, Says IMF.
'Shocking' revelation finds $5.3tn subsidy estimate for 2015 is greater than 
the total health spending of all the world's governments. 
  The vast sum is largely due to polluters not paying the costs imposed on 
governments by the burning of coal, oil and gas. These include the harm caused
to local populations by air pollution as well as to people across the globe 
affected by the floods, droughts and storms being driven by climate change.
 The IMF said the resources freed by ending fossil fuel subsidies could be 
an economic game-changer for many countries, by driving economic growth and 
poverty reduction through greater investment in infrastructure, health and 
education and also by cutting taxes that restrict growth.
 The need for subsidies for renewable energy - a relatively tiny $120bn a year
- would also disappear, if fossil fuel prices reflected the full cost of their
 Obama and the G20 nations called for an end to fossil fuel subsidies in 2009,
but little progress has been made. The president of the World Bank, told 
the Guardian that it was crazy that governments were still driving the use of 
coal, oil and gas by providing subsidies. 'We need to get rid of fossil fuel 
subsidies now,' he said. 19.5.2015

Hey Chevron, Oil and Democracy Don't Mix. 19.5.2015

Resistance to Shell's Arctic Drilling Grows on Land and Sea:
Seafaring activists in a fleet of kayaks are planning a direct action off 
the coast of Washington State to protest Shell's plan to drill in the Arctic 
and the Port of Seattle's decision to allow Shell oil rigs to dock at the port. 17.5.2015

Drive to Drill: Energy Lobbyists Behind Governors' Crusade for Atlantic Oil. 6.5.15.
Sue Sturgis, Facing South: The oil and gas industry's success in getting 
Atlantic drilling back on the agenda can be traced in large part to the 
lobbying efforts of the Outer Continental Shelf Governors Coalition - 
a secretive group founded in 2011 to revive and expand offshore drilling in 
the wake of the BP disaster.

TransCanada Keystone 1 Pipeline Suffered Major Corrosion Only 2 Years in Operation.
A mandatory inspection test revealed a section of the pipeline's wall had 
corroded 95%, leaving it paper-thin in one area (one-third the thickness of a 
dime) and dangerously thin in three other places, leading TransCanada 
to immediately shut it down. 5.5.15. 

In historic move, BP's shareholders adopt global warming resolution. 28.4.2015.

The Divestment Dividend. Students, professors and alumni telling their schools
to put their money where their mission is by shunning oil, gas and coal assets.  28.4.2015. 

Five Years After the BP Oil Disaster:
A Barrier Island for Nesting Birds Devoid of Life.
Yet a BP report on the condition of the Gulf paints a picture of the Gulf Coast
on the mend. According to the report, "Available data does not indicate the 
spill caused any significant long-term population-level impact to species in 
the Gulf," and "affected areas are recovering faster than predicted." 

At $8.9 million, Oil Industry Is Top Spender on Lobbying in California in 2014.

Three years later: Burnaby refinery is still leaching oil with no end in sight. 24.4.2013

In northern Ecuador CHEVRON is fighting a landmark $9.5 billion judgment
for dumping millions of gallons of toxic wastewater into rivers and leaving 
unlined pits of contaminated sludge that poisoned thousands of people. 
In southern Ecuador the government is selling drilling rights to a vast swath 
of indigenous lands.

The Obama Administration, Shell and the Fate of the Arctic Ocean.
Think of drilling in the Arctic as a future catastrophe in a single enticing 

The Halliburton Bribery Scandal in Nigeria.

Book: KLARE, Michael T (2012) The race for what's left:
the global scramble for the world's last resources. 
 Review: 'Our corporate empires have decided to rip apart the planet in one 
last burst of profiteering. If you want to understand the next decade, 
I fear you better read this book.'
The impact the coming shortage of natural resources will have on the future of 
the human race. Deep-offshore oil and gas -- Invading the Arctic -- Tar sands, 
shale gas, and other unconventional hydrocarbons -- Mining's new frontiers -- 
Global "land grabs" and the struggle for food. 
 p192 There is huge acquisiting of arable land going on. In 2011 China set up 
a $2.5b soybean op in Brazil on .5m acres. p106 By 2009 110m acres, the size of
Sweden, was being acquired, 1/2 in the sub-Sahara. Massive joblessness.
 p214 High food prices are set to remain causing malnutrition & starvation for 
100s of millions. Control of raw materials is going to a handful of giant 
resource TNCs. 
 In 2009 BP was the 4th largest TNC with an income of .4 trillion. After 
Deepwater cost it 50bn, it may no longer be viable. p219 In 2009 China lent 
25bn to Russia's oil-co for a pledge of .3mn barrels of oil/day for 20 years. 
In 2010 China did a similar deal with Venezuela. 2015  Wellington Library 

Extensive Industry Influence Over EPA's National Fracking Study. 19.3.2015

Drilling by Occidental Chemical Corp. destroys a town near New Orleans.

Congo: Don't destroy a protected national park for oil!

In July 2012, after a 19 year long fiercely-fought and expensive lawsuit
about the dumping of toxic waste in Ecuador, a $19 billion judgement was 
executed on Chevron.  


Time for a Democratic Global Revolution. The UN Security Council is dysfunctional. 28.8.2020

New Zealand Progress on open government finally. 26.1.2018


On anti-semitism. 2018

Journalist targeted by Israeli sniper. The Palestinian journalist wore body
armour clearly marked with a Press sign. 31 Palestinians have been killed since
protests began 30.3.18. - Dom Post p b2 9.4.2018.

Gordon Campbell on the attacks on kiwi singer Lorde, over Israel. 2.1.2018

New US Anti-Semitism bill makes Jews a protected class, immune from criticism. 28.9.2017.
Assange: Real Threat To US Is Not Russia But Israel.

A small Bedouin community facing annihilation at the hands of Israel's soldiers
delayed demolition of their community with a giant stone sign reading 
'We shall remain'.

Stop supporting Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land.
Petition of Amnesty International 20.6.2017.

Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike as Trump Visits Israel. 21.5.2017.

Palestinian men sit in the shade next to a destroyed water reservoir.
Gaza Strip's electricity ends. 15.5.2017.

NZ's new Foreign Affairs Minister Brownlee destroys 'his govt's bold &
courageous move, which called Netanyahu's belligerent govt to account & 
expressed a widespread international frustration at Israel's behaviour. .. 
He heads the most rightwing Israeli govt in history, as former US secretary of
state John Kerry said. [His] policty of continuing settlements is part of a 
deliberate balkanisation programme ... ' - DomPost Editorial 5.5.2017.

Psychological Warfare to Try to Break Palestinian Hunger Strike. 11.11.2016.

Israel's New Law Barring Entry to BDS Supporters. 11.3.2017.

Israel Legalizes Theft of Private Palestinian Land. 10.2.2017.

By Making Palestinian Villages Invisible, Google and Apple Maps Facilitate Their Demolition. 22.12.2016

"I Will Never Move Until I Die": A Tale of One Man's Resistance in Hebron. 3.11.2016

Women's Boat to Gaza: 13 Activists illegally detained in international waters.
The continuing Israeli blockade, naval and land blockade, of Gaza, a 
25-mile-long tiny strip, five miles wide, with 1.9 million people living in it,
a brutal blockade which controls all its electricity & food. 13.10.2016.

Green MP to join Women's Peace Flotilla. 22.7.2016.
Green Party MP Marama Davidson will be joining a women's peace boat in 
September which will highlight the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Al-Nakba - Episode 4. Series on the Palestinian 'catastrophe' of 1948
that led to dispossession and conflict that still endures.
Search on Nakba for related videos. For example,

Life in the shadows: Palestinians in Lebanon.
Decades after migrating to Lebanon, over 250,000 Palestinians are still denied 
basic social and economic rights. Apr 13, 2016

New York Governor's Unconstitutional Order Enables Israeli Occupation. 15.6.2016.

Israel Sentenced a 13-year-old Palestinian Girl to Prison. 19.4.2016.

Israel Hired PR Firm to Market Occupation to Black, Latino & LGBTQ Communities. 17.4.2016.

Israel is on the Brink of a Tyranny of the Majority:
disenfranchising Palestinian parliament members. 26.2.2016.  

How Israel is determining what Palestinians learn in school. 19.2.2016.

Greatest Threat to Free Speech in the West:
Criminalizing Activism Against Israeli Occupation.
 On 18.2.2016 the U.K. government announced that it is will be illegal for 
local [city] councils, public bodies, and even some university student unions 
to refuse to buy goods and services from companies involved in the arms trade, 
fossil fuels, tobacco products, or Israeli settlements in the occupied 
West Bank...
 There is a very coordinated and well-financed campaign led by Israel and its 
supporters literally to criminalize political activism against Israeli 
occupation, based on the particular fear that the worldwide campaign of 
Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment, or BDS - modeled after the 1980s campaign 
that brought down the Israel-allied apartheid regime in South Africa - 
is succeeding.
 The Israeli website +972 reported last year about a pending bill that 
'would ban entry to foreigners who promote the [BDS] movement that aims to 
pressure Israel to comply with international law and respect Palestinian rights.'
 The US, France and Canada have also banned boycotts against Israel. 19.2.2016.

Israel-Backed Group Sues Food Co-op for Boycotting Israeli Products:
 An organization backed by pro-Israel lobby groups and the Israeli government 
itself has again sued a grocery co-op in Olympia, Washington, for boycotting 
the sale of Israeli goods. In 2012 and 2014, courts ruled that the anti-boycott
litigants pay damages to the co-op's board members. 4.2.2016.  

The battle for justice in Palestine, by Ali Abunimah, 2014.

The Only House Left Standing: The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall,
 Foreword by Robert Fisk, Trolley Books, 2012.

BOOK: Mornings in Jenin, 2010 by Susan Abulhawa. 
Required reading for all Zionists!
Another book of hers is The blue between sky and water.


POLLUTION - NEW ZEALAND (See below for rest of world)

Non-natural chemicals are increasingly found in our groundwater.
They are unmonitored. Our Freshwater 2020 by Ministry of Envt & Stats NZ
surveyed 723 of these contaminants at 51 Waikato sites. 91% had 1 or more.
For example PFAS, banned in 2011, could remain for decades. - DomPost 17.4.2020

Supermarkets demand perfect fruit & veg's. This requires pesticides by growers.
Distributor T&G Global's website has a long list of specs for growers. 
Tolerance for defects is low. Consumer NZ's Feb report highlights the risk of
pesticide to humans & env't. On 16 fruit it found 16 pesticides, 9 banned in 
the EU. 1 was acephate, toxic to insects birds & aquatic life. None of the
organic produce had pesticide. Consumer NZ's researcher Belinda Castles 
(contact via says NZ regulation is behind 
international standards. These chemicals end up in our waterways & drinking 
water, says Zara Sullivan of Morrinsville. In Jan' 70 scientists called for 
eradication of pesticides & the use of natural farming. NZ has 1600 pesticides,
300 for fruit & veg's. Env'tal lawyer Professor Catherine Iorns,
( 04 463 6389) says pesticides should be banned. 
- Bonnie Flaws, Sunday Star-Times 15.3.2020 p50.

Polluters get money for nothing - from an oversight within NZ's main tool for 
addressing climate change. - p56 Sunday StarTimes 16.2.2020.

Dirty dairying has seen 200 farmers convicted & 6000 abatement notices in last
decade. - Just a fraction of the true offending says Fish & Game.
This pollutes waterways throughout NZ. - DomPost 26.8.2019 p8.

NZ is the 10th worst country for the amount of urban waste per person.
We can no longer send 15 million kg pa of recyclable materials to China for 
reuse and recycling. 14.6.2018.

'What Federated Farmers never tell you is the 97% they classify as rivers are
all the larger rivers. 75% of the nutrients & problems in our rivers come from
the smaller streams that dont meet FF's criteria and therefore dont require to
be fenced off.' - Mike Joy. Lake Wairarapa is supertrophic - nearly extinct.
Until the 19060s the Ruamahanga flowed into it but the Lower Valley Development
Scheme, designed to protect farmlands from floods, cut it off. Wastewater 
plants of local towns pour into it. Only 3% of wetlands remain. - The story of
the Ruamahanga River, Dom Post p C2 24.2.2018.

2263 contaminated sites in Wellington - a searchable list. 12.2.2018.

Countdown to phase out plastic bags.
NZ worst of all 34 OECD countries in landfill waste per person. - TV1 4.10.2017.

The Regenerators: A better way to farm. 13.7.2017.

Government and Regional Council Side with Polluters Over Waikato River Clean Up. 12.5.2017.

Coes Ford in Summer 2017 - hardly flowing and full of algae. - Fish and Game.
Fighting for NZ's Rivers and Lakes. 12.2.2017.

This from AD 4.1.2017:  The marketing:
                      The reality:

Freshwater For Life reports on freshwater in New Zealand,
& actions improve our water quality for the health of people and environment.
Myth: We'll lose money if farmers have to lower their environmental pollution.

 Download a free copy of the E-book 'Squandered' - The Degradation of 
New Zealand's Freshwaters, by Dr Mike Joy:
 "In this book I show how in the last few decades environmental protection was 
deregulated, allowing a few to profit by polluting on a massive scale, and how 
that has led to the destruction we see today. I also show how this reality is 
denied and covered-up so that relatively few are aware of the full extent of 
the damage."

 We need to educate our Ministers:

Minister for Climate Change Issues
 	Hon Steven Joyce
Minister for Economic Development
Minister for Regulatory Reform 
 	Hon Simon Bridges
Minister of Energy and Resources 
 	Hon Dr Nick Smith
Minister for the Environment 
 	Hon Nathan Guy
Minister for Primary Industries 
 	Hon Todd McClay
Minister of Trade 
 	Hon Maggie Barry
Minister of Conservation 
 	Hon Louise Upston
Minister for Land Information 
	Hon Paul Goldsmith
Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs 
	Hon Paula Bennett

Lord of the Rings actor Bruce Hopkins is sure to get a bucket of manure tipped
on his head. That's what happens to those brave enough to challenge our claims 
to be clean & green. He's concerned at the damage done to our 'sewer pipe' 
waterways by dairy farming. Mike Joy slammed as a traitor for telling NY Times 
that our 100% Pure brand was fiction. John Key accused him of wanting our 
economy to grind to a halt. J Milne editorial,Sunday StarTimes A2-3 18.12.2016.

Mike Joy: Orthodox economics conceals real costs of agriculture. 28.10.2016.
 Orthodox economics is concealing a bizarre reality that dairying is a net cost
for the New Zealand economy when externalities are included.

Beautiful but deadly: poisonous Lake Forsyth's neon blue streaks. 28.4.2016.
Consuming one teaspoon of the alga could be deadly. Banks Peninsula.

Polluted Inheritance, New Zealand’s Freshwater Crisis, by Mike Joy 2015.
Gov't policy prioritises short-term economic growth over long-term
environmental sustainability. This book is held by WPL. 28.4.2016.

TAKE ACTION: Sign the petition to stop Government funded river pollution. 18.4.2016.

New Zealand’s clean rivers damned by industrial dairying. 18.4.2016.

Up to 100 Years' to Restore Waikato River. 14.4.2016.


The toxic air we breathe / The health crisis from Australia's bushfires. 26.2.2020.

Airplanes are flying over indigenous land in Canada and pouring thousands of 
litres of toxic glyphosate on their forests. 30.1.2020.

US drinking water contamination with 'forever chemicals'. 22.1.2020.

Indonesian fires could cost palm oil companies up to $15bn. 13.12.2019.

A small town, a chemical plant and the residents' desperate fight for clear air.2019

How the Plastics Industry Is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World. 20.7.2019

30 x 30: A Blueprint For Ocean Protection. - Greenpeace 4.4.2019.

The plan to bury 3.6 million pounds of nuclear fuel on a beach,
next to an earthquake fault, in a tsunami zone is a disaster waiting to happen. 15.1.2018.

Estonia leads the way in waste management. 2014.

90% of plastic in ocean comes from just 10 rivers: the Nile, the Niger,
Yellow, Haihe, Pearl, Mekong, Amur, Ganges, Indus & Yangtze. The last is the
worst, carrying 1.5 mn tonnes of plastic into ocean pa. - Helmholtz Centre for 
Environmental Research. Last week the UN resolved to reduce marine pollution.
- DomPost 13.12.2017 p B3.

We use 1 million plastic bags/minute. We put 8 million tons a year into the 
ocean. There are 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. The UN has just 
passed a non-binding declaration on plastic. 99% of plastic is from fossil fuels.
- Al Jazeera 9.12.2017 1130am.

Rising Seas Seeping Inside a US Island Nuclear Waste Dump. 29.11.2017.
See here for more. .. a radioactive half-life of 24,100 years. Carbon News, 29.11.2017.

Pollution kills 9 million people a year. 14.11.2017.

In 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency finalized the Clean Power Plan
that required dirty power plants to cut the dangerous emissions polluting our 
air and changing our climate. Trump intends to repeal it. 11.10.2017.

Government Won't Remove Thousands of Tons of Toxic Chemical Weapons Dumped Off US Coasts. 3.10.2017.

Fukushima Plant Is Releasing 770,000 Tons of Radioactive Water Into the Ocean. 19.8.2017.

Millions at Risk From Radioactive Fires. 10.6.2017.

US Firms Move Production Overseas - & Their Pollution. 30.5.2017.

Nuclear Waste Storage Tunnels Collapse in Washington. 12.5.2017.

Big Pharma's Pollution Is Creating Deadly Superbugs While the World Looks the Other Way. 8.5.2017.

The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos? 13.4.2017.

Air pollution now kills 3.3 million people prematurely every year
- more than HIV, malaria and influenza combined – with emissions from diesel engines among the worst culprits. 13.4.2017.

"It's a Cover-Up, Not a Clean-Up": Nuclear Waste Smolders in Sites Across the US. 31.3.2017.

Dealing With Toxic Contamination: Do Nothing. 17.3.2017.

The Republican-dominated House is about to repeal Obamas regulations that
forbid pollution of waterways adjacent to mining operations. 2.2.2017.

A Billion People in India Aren't Being Warned About Toxic Air Pollution. 24.1.2017.

Poisoning the Well: The US's Unsafe Drinking Water Outrage. 4.1.2017.

US Military Plans to Dump 20,000 Tons of Heavy Metals and Explosives Into the Oceans. 16.11.2016.

Toxic Air - The Invisible Killer that Stifles 300 Million Children. 4.11.2016.

When Whales Cannot Hear: Ocean Noise Doubling Every 10 Years. 5.6.2016.
The amount of sound humans are injecting into the oceans is so intense and 
frequent that it is, at times, literally killing whales. Much of the damage is 
being done by Navy sonar training and testing. 
 See the film Sonic Sea:

Post-Mortem on 13 stranded North Sea sperm whales finds their stomachs full of
plastic. This occurred near Tönning in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).
The Average North American throws away 185 pounds of plastic each year.
Eating less meat will reduce Earth's heat! Livestock production is the single
largest driver of habitat loss. The meat & dairy industry uses 1/3 of earth's
fresh water. It takes 550 gallons of water to make 1 hamburger. It takes 1000 
gallons of water to make 1 gallon of milk. 3000 children die each day due to 
drought & poor water sources. If we shared the grains used to feed 
"artificially bred" animals in order to please the overfed, we could feed all 
7 billion. The people who take part of this obscenity are parents, teachers, 
priests and spiritual leaders who "preach" about love, compassion and morality.
That's how selfish, corrupt and blind our society is!
- Olga Cárdenas on FB 30.3.2016.

Radioactive Contamination From Fracking Wastewater Spills. 11.5.2016.
Over 3,900 accidental spills of oil and gas wastewater in North Dakota alone.
[Radium] contamination in spill sites will remain for thousands of years.

Chernobyl worst nuclear accident of all time.
The 1986 meltdown exposed 572 million people to radiation. 
Book “Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation,”, by TJ Jorgensen. 28.4.2016.

Our Drinking Water Systems Are a Disaster; What Can We Do? 18.4.2016.

Air Force Members Blame Health Horrors on Toxic Exposure. 17.4.2016.
Many US air bases are toxic contaminated sites.

Monsanto's Evil Twin: Disturbing Facts About the Fertilizer Industry.
Emissions From Chemical Fertilizers Are a Major and Persistent Greenhouse Gas 
Pollutant. 12.4.2016.  

US base has been polluting the local water system. 10.4.2016.

WHO: 13million people die each year as from environmental exposures,
such as air pollution and secondhand smoke. There are simple solutions to save 
lives around the world, like reducing tobacco and coal use. $24 billion worth 
of tobacco products were exported in 2014... 9.4.2016. 

Toxic Teflon Chemical, C8, Found in Tap Water in Several States. 8.4.2016.

UNILEVER must clean up its mercury mess. 7.4.2016.

9 states detonated 2150 nuclear bombs and dumped waste in Fourth World territories.
Since the US began uranium mining on the Spokane Reservation
and bomb making in Yakama ceded territory, it has created the most radioactive 
region in the world. Millions of indigenous peoples living in Fourth World 
territories around the world have been and continue to be exposed to nuclear 
radiation and toxic chemicals. 28.3.2016.  

Rusting barrels of radioactive waste near St Louis airport: 

Seventy years of nuclear weapons research and production --
and the related disposal of millions of gallons of highly radioactive waste -- 
have left a legacy of contamination across the United States, threatening both 
human health and the environment. 19.3.2016.  

More Plastic Than Fish in Oceans by 2050
helps drive calls for reduced plastic use. 14.3.2016.  

15,000 Abandoned Uranium Mines:
This video report represents the first in a 15-part mini-series titled, 
"Nuclear Power in Our World Today," featuring nuclear authority and 
whistleblower Arnie Gundersen.  12.3.2016.  

Tyson Foods Accused of Dumping More Poison Into Waterways Than Exxon, Dow and Koch. 13.2.2016.

Court Rules That Corporations Should Pay to Clean Up Their Disasters. ...
Earthjustice demand that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalize 
so-called "financial assurance" rules that require companies stay financially 
viable enough to pay for the potential cleanup of any toxic substances that 
they produce. In other words, these rules prevent companies from causing a 
toxic spill then declaring bankruptcy to avoid the cost of clean up. And these 
rules have actually been in place since 1983, when they were issued as part of 
the EPA's "Superfund" law. But that agency pretty much ignored them until 
a 2009 court ruling ordered the EPA to start enforcing these regulations. 
Since that 2009 case, the agency had once again started to ignore these 
important rules ... 10.2.2016.  

10 Things They Won't Tell You About the Flint Water Tragedy.
News of the poisoned water crisis in Flint has reached a wide audience around 
the world. The basics are now known: The Republican governor, Rick Snyder, 
nullified the free elections in Flint, deposed the mayor and city council, 
then appointed his own man to run the city. To save money, they decided to 
unhook the people of Flint from their fresh water drinking source, Lake Huron, 
and instead, make the public drink from the toxic Flint River. 4.2.2016.  

We Need to Address Our Plastic Problem Now. 3.2.2016.

15,000 Abandoned Uranium Mines Protested At DC EPA Headquarters. 1.2.2016.

WHO's stark new warning about deadly levels of pollution
in many of the world’s biggest cities, claiming poor air quality is killing 
millions and threatening to overwhelm health services across the globe. 18.1.2016.  

Beijing grinds to halt as second ever 'red alert' issued over severe smog. 18.12.15.

Underground Fire Burns Near Radioactive Waste Dump in St. Louis Area:
A fire is smoldering beneath a landfill in a densely populated suburb of 
St. Louis - and it has been there for five years. The fire in Bridgeton, 
Missouri, is less than a quarter of a mile from a large deposit of nuclear 
waste. 24.10.2015 

Coal Ash: The United States' Multibillion-Ton Toxic Legacy:
US coal-fired power plants produce 140 million tons of ash a year, most of it 
dumped in open storage ponds that contaminate drinking water with arsenic and 
heavy metals. Now presidential candidate Jeb Bush is promising to scrap EPA 
regulations before they have been implemented. 24.10.2015 

Cosmetics companies have flooded hundreds of products with microbeads
- tiny pieces of plastic that do not biodegrade. Instead, they go down 
the drain and pass unfiltered through water treatment plants where they become 
a new source of pollution. 18.10.2015 

Healthy Oceans Key to Fighting Hunger.
Seafood offers a large amount of animal protein in diets around the world, 
and the livelihoods of 12 percent of the global population depend directly or 
indirectly on fisheries and aquaculture. However, the impacts of climate 
change, plastic waste pollution, illegal fishing, and acidification. 15.10.2015

Tepco Dumped 850 Tons of Radioactive Groundwater Into the Pacific Ocean:
 Last week, the Tokyo Electric Power Company dumped 850 tons of radioactive 
groundwater into the Pacific Ocean; this season may see the worst El Niño event
in 65 years; outdoor air pollution kills more than 3.3 million people around 
the globe every year; and more.
  Watch the Video and Read the Transcript.  23.9.2015 

Estonia leads the way in waste management. 2014.

PRISON - New Zealand

'Letting Corrections drive debate is a sure road to prison building. The 
alternative ... is to reduce prison numbers, changing bail laws ... or parole 
laws ... a choice between building prisons or building homes & hospitals...
Do not build the mega-prison. We cannot say it enough ...' - Liam Martin,
lecturer in criminology, VUW, pA7 DomPost 9.3.2017.

PRISON - overseas

2.2 million adults are currently incarcerated in US jails and prisons, with 
another 4.7 million on probation or parole. ex 5.3.2018

We should be locking our prisoners in classrooms with inspiring teachers &
throwing away the key. Our prison population has encountered lots of vote-
winning sticks & few vote-losing carrots. I hope [Minister of Prisons Davis]
listens to the top academics who've urged him not to build the new [$1bn] 
prison & ignores the calls from those clamouring for yet another expensive
hi-tech monument to failure. - Dave Armstrong p A7 Dom Post. 26.2.2018.

Hundreds of thousands of people are locked up in local US jails before trial,
simply because they cannot pay bail. 20.6.2017.

America's Toxic Prisons: The Environmental Injustices of Mass Incarceration. 1.6.2017.

Most Crime Victims Prefer Rehabilitation to Harsh Punishment. 30.10.2016.

NZ is jailing our citizens at 3 times the rate of the Irish.
We imprison 203 per 100,000 compared with 152 in Oz & 78 in Germany.
'Our politicians still appear frozen by the fear of looking "soft on criminals"
We're all paying a rising price for that lack of courage & vision.'
-Gordon Campbell 27.10.2016.

Abolish Long-Term Solitary Confinement: It's a Threat to the Public. 24.7.2016.

How Private Prison Companies Use Big Tax Breaks and Low Wages to Maximize Profit. 9.4.2016.

Let's End Torture in U.S. Prisons.
Survivors call solitary confinement "living death." 4.4.2016. 

The Guantánamo in New York you're not allowed to know about. 2016.

That photo is from Arresting the Carceral State,

The World's Biggest Prison System:
 The United States holds by far the most prisoners of any other country, 
in both absolute numbers and per capita. This video report explores the dark 
reality of US prisons: their conditions, who is warehoused in them and the 
roots of mass incarceration. Watch the Video. 1.10.2015 

Book: SCHENWAR,Maya (2014)
Locked down, locked out - why prison doesnt work & how we can make it better. 
Berret-Koehler, San Francisco:
 Angela Y Davis, Masked racism: reflections on the prison-industria comples fails
 1 in 40 American kids have a parent in prison. (1 in 15 for black kids.)
 p109 Rev Jason Lydon of Boston's Black & Pink
 p154 Transformative (vs restorative) justice focuses on safety & healing of 
survivors. - Transforming the conditions that perpetuate violence. 
 p181 Di Grenell Maori antiviolence activist ex Whangarei
 186 avoid prison with education, health care, housing, food, child care, 
healing & antiviolence programs.
 p187 Susan Garcia Trieschmann - Curt's Cafe heals & transforms youth.
+1 847.868.8385 Susan Trieschmann, Curts Café -
 links to Sol Anderson working for LIFT(ing people out of poverty)

New Literature Tackles Big Questions on Mass Incarceration:
 A wave of new literature on mass incarceration is emerging that both offers n
ew information and casts a critical eye on our existing understandings. 4 books:

  The First Civil Right: How Liberals Built Prison America, Naomi Murakawa, 
Oxford University Press, 2014.
  Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era, Dan Berger, 
University of North Carolina Press, 2014.
  Caught: The Prison State and the Lockdown of American Politics, 
Marie Gottschalk, Princeton University Press, 2014.
  A Costly American Hatred, Joe Dole, Midnight Express Books, 2015.

These 5 Corporations Are Quietly Making Billions Off Incarceration:
The Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO Group. Between them, these 
two firms pulled in about $3.3 billion in 2014 running scores of private 
prisons and immigration detention centers.

Attempts at reforming the monstrous machine that is the prison industrial complex
are futile. For more than 20 years, the state of California has deflected, 
co-opted or subverted any legislative, voter-driven or judicial mandates for 
"prison reform."


The Conviction of an Activist for Laughing. 11.5.2017.

Police at a Black Lives Matter protest 2015.
FBI & Homeland Security target Black Lives Matter. 11.11.2016.

John Pilger Exposes Australia's Shocking Secret in Utopia. 16.8.2016.

Australia's version of apartheid. 29.1.2016.

Australia Gears Up to Celebrate Anniversary of Colonial Slaughter:
 The original Australians are the oldest human presence. To the European 
invaders, they did not exist because their continent had been declared 
terra nullius: empty land. To justify this fiction, mass murder was ordained. 26.1.2016. 


A billion people would like to move permanently to another country. 21.7.2020

“Refugees Are Nothing but Commodities”. 16.11.2017.

Philippines Mass Evacuations. Marawi has been heavily destroyed. 360,000 have fled. 10.10.2017.

Children Now More Than Half of the 65 Million Displaced. 23.6.2017.

An Interview With Ingrid Latorre About the Sanctuary Movement. 16.6.2017.

30 million people displaced in 2016 by conflict and disasters. 29.5.2017.

The 21st Century Gold Rush. How the refugee crisis is changing the world economy. 21.12.2016.

1% of the world are on the move! Refugees average 17 years in a camp! 29.12.2016
Read Oxfam NZ's Te Iho magazine.

Criminalizing Solidarity: Syriza's War on the Movements
 Hundreds of people were detained in Thessaloniki. Seventy-four people of more 
than a dozen different nationalities, were taken into police custody. 
Solidarity in Greece is now criminalized, declared contrary to the interests 
of the state. 14.8.2016.

24 people were forced to flee each minute in 2015
& 65 million people displaced - report of the UN Refugee Agency, Global Trends.
See also

Six richest countries host just 9% of refugees. 21.7.2016.

Refugees Stuck in Australia's Processing Facilities Set Themselves on Fire. 11.5.2016.
Papua New Guinea has declared that the Manus Island detention center would be 
shut down, as the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional. The UN High 
Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called for all 2,000 detainees from both 
island facilities to be moved to the mainland. 

Barnett's Five Flows of Globalisation. Coercive Engineered Migration. 5.2.2016.

See here for similar photos.

A New Framework in an Age of Migration.
With the worldwide numbers of displaced people at all-time highs, migration 
has become the watchword for humanitarian crises.  15.10.2015. 

Outsourcing a Refugee Crisis:
US Paid Mexico Millions to Target Central Americans Fleeing Violence. 14.10.2015. 


'Modern slavery in NZ' DomPost pA4 9.3.18.
Half of the 11k migrant exploitation tipoffs sent to INZ were not investigated
2011-17. Of the 5700 cases investigated, only 150 prosecutions were made.

15,000 people in Australia and 3,000 in NZ are in modern slavery
according to the 2018 Global Slavery Index. 15.5.2020

Confronting the Root Causes of Forced Labor in Global Supply Chains. 10.1.2018.

Urge the UN to investigate and close slave markets in Libya. 10.12.2017.

Children Recovering from Domestic Slavery in Zanzibar. 24.11.2017.

The Textile Clothing & Footwear Union of OZ wants Oz & NZ to pass modern
slavery laws - as Britain, France & the Netherlands have - to control brands 
making goods overseas. - Behind the seams, Dom Post p A9, 9.7.2017.

How migrants and refugees end up sold in Libya's slave markets. 20.6.2017.

11% of all children 5-17 are engaged in child labour. - UNICEF 14.6.2017.

Buying a Slave -- The Hidden World of US-Philippines Trafficking. 27.4.2017. 

End Forced Labor in Qatar. 15.4.2017.

There are 21 million victims of forced labour today. 29.3.2017.

The voices of the trafficked. 24.3.2017.

Slave Labor in the Amazon: Risking Lives to Cut Down the Rainforest. 15.3.2017.

Modern slavery awaits NZ migrants -Craig Hoyle Sunday StarTimes pA6 18.12.2016.
Govt watchdog struggles to cope. Dr Christina Stringer on worker exploitation.

What Should Reparations for Slavery Entail? 4.1.2017.

Modern slavery in NZ. - Dominion Post headline pA14 15.12.2016.
Debt bondages to pay recruitment fees of $10,000!

Indian women enslaved in illegal mines forced to provide sex at night. 11.11.2016.

In Bangladesh, climate change has led to deepening levels of poverty -
30% of girls are married before their 15th birthday. A film. 7.11.2016.

Protocol on Forced Labour. Which countries have ratified? 4.11.2016.

Modern-day Slavery in Oman? Domestic workers in peril. 29.7.2016.

Human rights activist Andy Hall is undergoing trial in Bangkok.
If found guilty, he faces 7 years in jail and $11 million in legal costs. 
His crime? Investigating modern slavery and human rights abuses in the supply 
chain of Thai company Natural Fruit. 28.7.2016.

1.6.2016 Dom. Post: India has 18 mn slaves, China 2 mn, N Korea 5%, 
Uzbekistan 4%, Cambodia 2%.

45 million are enslaved. 31.5.2016. Download the full 2016 GSI Report.

End slavery in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan!
- Hear the role of the World Bank. 21.1.2016.



Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK & US Ministers attack our personal security.

'Govt spies were entitled to help Cabinet Minister Tim Groser's campaign
to become head of the WTO. This is the verdict of the intelligence watchdog
Cheryl Gwyn. That doesnt mean she is right.' Her finding centres on security
legislation which says the Govt Commns Security Bureau should provide foreign
intelligence to "protect & advance" NZ's economic wellbeing. The word "advance"
opens up a bulldozer-sized gap thru which the spies can happily & legally 
charge. 'The law subverts the normal sense of "security", which is about 
threats to the nations's safety.' Labour leader 'Little can't see how Groser's
campaign for the job falls within national security, & he's right. The law only
allows it by redefining "security" in unnatural ways.' ... 'The "advancing
economic security" clause is also loose enough to allow spies to snoop on
opponents of the current free-trade orthodoxy, & perhaps has already done so.
It extends the right of spies at the expense of citizen's right to oppose.'
- Editorial, Dom Post 22.6.2017.

The post-Snowden era: mass surveillance & privacy in NZ, KM Kuehn, 2016.
Held by Wellington Library. See also her article DomPost pA9 14.12.2016.

SONG - We spy on you!

we spy upon the people, high up in our steeple
cos we're above the law, hee haw hee haw hee haw!

yes we can break the law, cos john key stands behind us
no punishment is meted out
cos shonky johnkey's got the clout

John Key continues to let GCSB off the hook for illegal spying on Kiwis.
It got NSA to look thru Fiji's pro-democracy Tony Fullman's msgs & bank 
statements, took his laptop, phone & passport. He spent 60k getting it back.
A former tax inspector he now struggles to find work. 
Key's response is to legalize GCSB's spying on kiwis. - TV1 15.8.2016.

NZ thru 5 EYES gives the US NSA access to every phone call & txt & keystroke 
you make on your pc.  In return they spy on us & feed us some tidbits.
  Key said if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about.
But then he certainly had something to hide about his relationship with 
the blogger he was feeding dirt to on the opposition. Was he getting the dirt
from the NSA targeting Key's opposition? We certainly know they target Key &
other world leaders, as well as capturing the commercial secrets of companies.
Easy peasy thanks to John. Knowing our bottom lines makes us easy prey for
US negotiators.

The NZ Intelligence and Security Bill allows even more spying on us by Big Bro'! 17.10.2016.

... many New Zealanders can legally be targeted by the GCSB as 'foreign persons'
if they are active in 'foreign organisations', the definition of which is 
broad enough to include Greenpeace... the downside of New Zealand's 
participation in Five Eyes surveillance is substantial. There was a cool 
reception in Beijing when the Snowden papers revealed the GCSB's spying on 
China. Joining intelligence forces with America against China is hardly the 
way to optimise our trade with that important country...
GCSB gathered Five Eyes intercept data on Brazilian Azevedo in an unsuccessful 
attempt to stop him heading off our Trade Minister Tim Groser to become 
Director-General of the WTO. 15.3.2016. 


Surveillance Valley, by Yasha Levine. How the internet was developed as a 
weapon. Held by WCL.
 Col. Landsale used death squads & torture in N Vietnam & Laos. Godel ran
covert ops. [S Weinberger, The Imagineers of War.] His plans to nuke an island.
1961 Kennedy & cold war. ARPA's Project Agile in Saigon, Thailand, Lebanon & 
Panama trained locals in counterinsurgency & psych ops. Project Igloo used 
sensors in the jungle: when set off that area got bombed & napalmed. It ran for
5 yrs & cost 5 bn (30bn today). But the guerillas learned to confuse the 
sensors on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Later used on the US-Mexico border. The 
Pentagon weaponised anthropology, psychology & sociology with academics at UCLA
& Berkeley for counterinsurgency using RAND. eg The Strategic Hamlet relocated
& starved Thai hill tribes. US race riots policies reinforced structural 
poverty [Charles Murray, The Bell Curve]. The Phoenix Program used murder &
torture in the Phillippines killing 40-80k. By 1970 100s of US officers were 
being fragged (killed by their men). Godel's Air America mission smuggled 
heroin for the CIA covert war in Laos. RAND contractor Russo later helped 
Ellsberg leak the Pentagon Papers. 10k Vietnamese girls were turned into 
prostitutes... This is just from Chapter 1.

Eye in the sky, is a movie showing UK/US use of a drone disguised as an insect
to spy inside a house to kill targets in Kenya without their authorization
knowing innocents will die. - Choice TV 26.1.2020.

Permanent Record 2019 by Edward SNOWDEN - now an ebook at WCL.
How he revealed that the US aimed to collect every phone call, text & email. 
An unprecedented system of mass surveillance with the ability to pry into the 
private lives of every person on earth. 

Whistleblower Guardian for Spies Escorted Out of Intelligence Agency. 14.12.2017

A Turf War Is Tearing Apart the Intel Community's Watchdog Office. 18.10.2017

Shahid Buttar's Ike's Dystopian Dream, and How It Came True. 28.3.2017.

CIA using cyber weapons to hack into smartphones, pcs, tvs & modern cars.
- 'The new cyber warfare', Tyler Wood, wikileaks TV1 8.3.2017.

Mass Surveillance and "Smart Totalitarianism". 19.2.2017.
The US uses over 100 planes to spy on citizens. Google's surveillance capitalism.

Law Enforcement's Secret "Super Search Engine" Amasses Trillions of Phone Records
 for Decades. 5.12.2016.

The FBI is now allowed to hack into computers anywhere in the world. 3.12.2016.

Australian Activists, Dissenters and Whistleblowers Feeling the Heat. 3.12.2016.

US Marine Corps conducts surveillance of Japanese, peace groups and the media.

AT&T Requires Police to Hide Hemisphere Phone Spying. 1.11.2016.
Every day, AT&T adds four billion call records to Hemisphere, making it one of 
the largest known reservoirs of communications metadata that the government 
uses to spy on us. 

Clinton's Criticism of Edward Snowden - a Distraction From the Real Issue:
Surveillance. 16.9.2016.

Corporations Are Making a Killing Off US Targeted Killing. 25.5.2016.
  Jeremy Scahill, author of
  Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, Dirty Wars 
(the book and the film), 2007, Wellington Public Library;
  Dirty wars : the world is a battlefield, 2013, Wellington Public Library;
  The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government's Secret Drone Warfare 
Program, 2016, Wellington Public Library.

25.5.2016. Congress voted to end warrantless email snooping and reform 
the outdated Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) in a vote of 419-0.

New Hacking Powers for Government. 8.5.2016.

UK immigration officers allowed to hack phones since 2013. 10.4.2016.

Forget encryption. In the US and UK, the telcos, including Vodafone, handed 
over their protocol keys long ago & in exchange get paid handsomely. 

Snowden has some important things to say about the downsides to mass 
surveillance:  The NSA mass surveillance programs 'dont make us safe. 
They hurt our economy & our country. They limit our ability to speak & think 
& live & be creative, to have relationships, to associate freely.. There's 
a far cry between legal programs, legitimate spying where its targeted based 
on reasonable suspicion, & .. mass surveillance that puts entire populations 
under a sort of eye that sees everything, even when its not needed'.

The people at the top break the law with impunity here (as in their treatment 
of dotcom) as well as there (eg torture & killing at Guantanamo Bay).

Did you know that the US has black ops in 105 countries?

Digital Dissidents: What it Means to be a Whistleblower. 1.4.2016.
Interviews Snowden, Assange, Drake.

'Chilling Effect' of Mass Surveillance Is Silencing Dissent Online. 20.3.2016.

Secret Court Approves FBI's Classified Changes to NSA Database Access. 11.3.2016.

How the CIA deceives its own employees by 'eye-washing'. 2.3.2016.

Did the CIA kill the Kennedy brothers? 14.2.2016.

Freeing Julian Assange: The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
 - an international tribunal that adjudicates and decides whether governments 
comply with their human rights obligations -  has ruled that Julian Assange 
has been detained unlawfully by Britain and Sweden.
Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all the US presidents combined. 2016. 

Can the Government Spy on My Phone?
 Episode 1 of Rights Lab takes you on a crash course of surveillance law and 
through the streets of Chicago with two activists to find out everything you 
need to know about the secretive Stingray devices that may be capturing your 
cell phone signal. 20.1.2016. 

Here are similar photos.

Beyond the Patriot Act: The Most Harmful State Policy Enacted in the Wake of 9/11.

France's Government Aims to Give Itself - and the NSA - Carte Blanche
to Spy on the World. 5.10.2015. 

'Minority Report' Is 40 Years Ahead of Schedule:
The Fictional World Has Become Reality. 29.9.2015. 

Digital surveillance 'worse than Orwell', says new UN privacy chief 24.9.2015

Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance (New York Times) 24.9.2015

Global Opposition to USA Big Brother Mass Surveillance (Amnesty) 24.9.2015

Global Chilling: The Impact of Mass Surveillance on International Writers (PEN) 24.9.2015

Colombia Collecting Bulk Data Without Warrants 24.9.2015

New Snowden Documents Reveal Secret Memos Expanding Spying:
 Without public notice or debate, the Obama administration has expanded the 
National Security Agency's warrantless surveillance of Americans' international
internet traffic to search for evidence of malicious computer hacking. 5.6.2015. 

You Can Be Prosecuted for Clearing Your Browser History Nation:
 Khairullozhon Matanov, a friend of the Boston Marathon bombers, 
is being sentenced ... 4.6.2015. 

Whistleblowers vs. Fear-Mongering. 28.5.2015.

The NSA's Technotyranny: One Nation Under Surveillance.
"The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control."
-William Binney, NSA whistleblower. 27.5.2015. 

Why the Surveillance State Is Everybody's Problem.
... government surveillance, often disproportionately focused on marginalized 
groups and now affecting nearly every American in one way or another. 22.5.2015. 

Tell U.S. and German Governments to End Mass Surveillance and End Killing
by Drones. 22.5.2015. 

Whistleblower and supporter bios.
Lots of books on surveillance, torture, etc. are cited here. For example, 
  Law prof Marjorie Cohn, author of  
 Drones and Targeted Killing: Legal, Moral, and Geopolitical Issues, 
 Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent; 
 Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law; and 
 The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse.

  Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, No FEAR Coalition and EPA Employees Against Racism.
 Prof Robert McChesney, author of 
Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex Is Destroying America 
(with John Nichols), Digital Disconnect: 
How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Away from Democracy, Rich Media, 
Poor Democracy. 
  Jesselyn Radack, director of National Security & Human Rights at the 
Government Accountability Project (GAP), the US's leading whistleblower 
author of TRAITOR: The Whistleblower & the 'American Taliban'. 
  Justin Schlosberg, author of Power beyond Scrutiny.
  Tim Shorrock, author of 
Spies for Hire: The Secret World of Outsourced Intelligence. 
  Norman Solomon, director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, author of 
War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death. 
  Marcy Wheeler, investigative journalist, author of the 
"Right to Know" column for 
Anatomy of Deceit: How the Bush Administration Used the Media to Sell 
the Iraq War, and Out a Spy. 19.5.2015. 

New Zealanders part of global opposition to USA big brother mass surveillance.

New Zealand spying on Pacific islands, Snowden leaks say.

Don't Want NSA To Spy On Your Email? 5 Things You Can Do.

Book: ENGELHARDT, Tom (2014) Shadow government: Surveillance, secret wars, 
& a global security state in a single-superpower world. Haymarket Books, Chicago

Book: FRASER, Malcolm, former Australia PM (2014) Dangerous allies. 
 America's Pine Gap intelligence facility, located in the center of Australia,
is essential to U.S. signals intelligence (and drone strike coordination), 
and U.S. Marines are stationed in Darwin. The U.S., in other words, makes 
Australia a target of great importance (and likely a de facto belligerent).
p274: We can hardly say that we are not complicit in American drone killings.
  For more see below & under CORRUPTION above.

ENGELHARDT, Tom (2014) 
Shadow government: Surveillance, secret wars, & a 
global security state in a single-superpower world. 
Haymarket Books, Chicago. US $11 from Amazon.
 Chapter 9: Destroying the planet (terracide) for record profits.
... The giant energy cos like ExxonMobil, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, BP & Shell.
.. Not a single terrorist will ever go to jail.. They (funded) think tanks, 
politicians, .. & activists intent on emphasising doubts about the science 
(CO2 warming)... fracking, deep-water drilling & tar-sands production... 
With the Arctic melting, Royal Dutch Shell is testing drilling .. in waters off
Alaska... The lead paint industry, the asbestos industry & the tobacco 
companies all knew the dangers of their products, made efforts to suppress the 
scientific info ... while others suffered & died... 
Where is the national security state when we really need it? Shouldn't its job 
be to safeguard us from terrorists?

Naomi Wolf, The end of America, 2006. A video 2011.
Every US tel co had secret police for surveillance. p36 Snowden was charged
under the Espionage Act created 1917 to punish dissenters & spies in WW1.
Only 3 had been prosecuted using it. But under Obama 8 more were for leaking
classified info'. He brought in S10-21 of the 2012 National Defence Auth'n Act
overturning the 1878 Pasitomitasi Act which prevented the US military carrying
out domestic. The 2012 Act allowed indefinite military detention of US citizens
without trial with no charges & no evidence of a crime. p37-38 It allowd the US
fvt to carry out extraordinary rendition on US streets.


FRASER, Malcolm, former Australia PM (2014) US - a dangerous ally: The United States will eventually use Australia as a base to attack China.

GREENWALD, Glenn (2014)
No place to hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the surveillance state.

Naomi Wolf presents you with the truth. Remember this was done BO before Obama was president. There is an update to this done at the 2014 Liberty forum she is just as critical of POTUS today.
The U.S. government threatened to cease sharing intelligence with Germany
if Berlin offered asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. By Glenn Greenwald.  

HARDING, Luke (2014) The Snowden files. Guardian Books, London.

See pE40 of Sunday Star-Times 1.2.2015 for an interview with Laura POITRAS:
'Attention citizens: You are being watched'. - Simon DAY.
HORTON, Scott (2015) Lords of Secrecy:
The National Security Elite and America's Stealth Warfare.
" ...compellingly details how government secrecy in the name of national 
security is eroding democracy in the United States... a brilliantly devastating
exposé of the shadow government that runs US national security policy."  
 Held at WCL. 
Here is a summary.
RISEN, James (2014)  Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,
Pay any price: greed, power, and endless war. 	Summary at
  Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter for the New York Times, 
RISEN digs deep to discover what endless fighting in the Middle East has cost 
America, from wasted or misappropriated funds to the violation of the basic 
civil liberties that have defined our country. 
  Ever since 9/11 America has fought an endless war on terror, seeking enemies 
everywhere and never promising peace. "James RISEN reveals an extraordinary 
litany of the hidden costs of that war: from squandered and stolen dollars, 
to outrageous abuses of power, to wars on normalcy, decency, and truth. 
In the name of fighting terrorism, our government has done things every bit 
as shameful as its historic wartime abuses -- and until this book, 
it has worked very hard to cover them up.
  Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. FDR authorized the internment of thousands 
of Japanese Americans. Presidents Bush and Obama now must face their own 
reckoning. Power corrupts, but it is endless war that corrupts absolutely.

RISEN's 2006 book, State of War, (not read).
This cites Reporters Without Borders and the Government Accountability Project.

ROBERTS, Paul Craig (2014)  
How America was lost - from 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State
ISBN: 978-0-9860362-9-3, yet to read.

'Even as the view of America as a rogue state consolidates abroad, Americans 
appear largely bystanders at the spectacle of their government running amok. 
People forget the myriad instances of their government's flouting of the 
Constitution and international legal norms - if ever they were aware of them 
in the first place - accepting to live in the increasingly pernicious 
"new normal" with little protest.

This remarkable anthology of columns documents and reminds us of the 
extraordinary developments that, in their accumulation, have led to
the destruction of accountable and moral government in the US.

Few American commentators have cut more clearly through the deepening deceit, 
hypocrisy and outright criminality that has infested official Washington since 
9/11 than Paul Craig Roberts. His scathing critique sheds much-needed light on 
the country's impending nightmare—economic collapse, internal repression, 
ongoing wars, and rising rejection by friends and foes alike.

How America Was Lost marks Roberts as one of the most prescient and courageous 
moral commentators in America today.'

Totalitaria: What If The Enemy IS The State? by Ian Wishart, 2013.
 - A scary summary of technology that is used against us, such as the CIA's 
In-Q-Tel, the NSA & GCHQ's backdoors & smart metres. US, Chinese & Russian 
espionage. The battle between the US & China for strategic supremacy, & so much
more. It is weakened in parts by his Christian & climate change views.
Ron SUSKIND, book. The one percent doctrine: deep inside America's pursuit of 
its enemies since 9/11. 2006. US foreign policy & the war on terror. WCL.
Not read.



Self-interest will deplete an unmanaged resource against everyone's longterm
interest. - The Tragedy of the Commons. See The tragedy of climate change, at
Prof Rt McLachland's Sub to this! 7..6.2019.

192 million tons of soil are lost to erosion from NZ every year. 25.4.2018

Sustainable businesses twice as likely to grow as those not engaged - NZI 9.3.2018

The Green Party’s goal to generate 100% of New Zealand’s electricity
from clean, renewable sources by 2030. 22.4.2017. 

Wellington has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring in light rail.
According to surveys by Let's Get Wellington Moving, Wellingtonians have asked
for a city designed around the needs of people, not cars.
-John Rankin of FAIR, Intelligent Transport, Dom Post p A7 20.3.2017.

Check here for a list of resources put up by Sustainability Matters.

Subscribe to Sustainability Matters.

 Issue 17.3.2016: 

Stern Warns Economic Models Underestimating Climate Risks.
underestimating-climate-risks/ plus

Aligning Agendas and Getting on With It.
Climate change targets are firmly rooted in the Auckland Plan and 
the blueprint for progress is the Low Carbon Auckland action plan.


Shifting the sustainability focus from the individual to the corporation. 3.1.2020

The Sustainable Bioeconomy, a Path Towards Post-Extractivism. 27.7.2018

Big food companies Mars, Nestle, Unilever & Mondelez get 'sustainable palm oil'
from Wilmar. Greenpeace found some of its executives had close links to Gama,
which has destroyed 20,000 ha of rainforest & peatland in Indonesia in the last
5 years. - Dom Post p20 28.6.2018.

31% of fish stocks overfished in 2013. Ships from Spain, Taiwan, Japan, China
& North Korea take 85% of fish. All fishing vessels should be satellite 
monitored. 20-32% of fish imported by the US in 2014 was caught illegally.     
- UN Food & Agriculture Orgn, Dom Post p B3  24.2.2018.

No country in the world currently meets the basic needs of its citizens
at a globally sustainable level of resource use. Read more for NZ's score. 12.2.2018

Promoting Sustainable Population Growth, Key to Raising Human Rights Standards. 13.7.2017.
The Earth's resources  cannot sustain the current population growth rate.
"When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, 
the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money."

Economic Recovery Crucial to Sustainable Development. 13.4.2017.

Solar Creates More US Electricity Jobs Than Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear Combined. 8.3.2017.

Reverse Advertising: Graphic Warning Labels Show the Sinister Side of Products. 6.3.2017.

Sweden Has Run Out of Garbage with Revolutionary Recycling. 28.2.2017.

Corruption, systemic injustice and an obsession with growth and profit
at all costs have put our planet in serious jeopardy. 
Book: How Did We Get Into This Mess? George Monbiot, 19.4.2016.

George Monbiot: Never-Ending Growth Cannot Be Sustained on a Finite Planet.
Author of How Did We Get Into This Mess?

Principles to Catalyse a New Generation of Collaboration for Sustainability.
With the arrival of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 
the COP21 (Paris) agreement on climate change at the end of 2015, there has 
been a rush of new and renewed calls for cross-sector collaboration 
to implement them. 
See also 3.3.2016. 

Sustainable Development Goals Explained: Sustainable Cities and Communities. 12.11.2015.

A Fair Go for Solar - NZ Greens:
 There are 29 different regional rules, forms, fees, and resource consent 
processes for someone to just put up a solar panel on their roof. A household 
that wants to go solar in Auckland likely faces no charges whatsoever 
to connect to the grid, while only an hour and a half's drive down the road in 
Cambridge they face $850 to do exactly the same thing.
  And, once you have managed to navigate your way through that and get your 
panels up, there's currently no guarantee that you will get a fair price for 
the electricity you put back into the grid, it's entirely up to the power 
  So we've got a solution. A simple change to our electricity laws that will 
get rid of these road blocks and empower an independent umpire to ensure 
fairness for New Zealand homes and businesses going solar. 23.9.2015. 

New Goals at the UN Reflect Failure of Imagination for International Development:
 A diversity of people from the world of international development have spent 
the last few years creating their vision for our shared economic future: 
the Sustainable Development Goals. Sadly, by ignoring history, they are unable 
to envision anything outside of the current neoliberal paradigm. 23.9.2015. NZ needs to reduce our fuel demands
by increasing efficiency, starting with the adoption of a 25 year goal of 
reducing transport fuel use by 25% by requiring better vehicle fleet fuel 
efficiency. ...we could achieve 5% fuel savings within 5 years. 2006. 
Their email failed. 


The National Insecurity State: The war on terrorism has morphed
into a new form of authoritarianism that imposes its own brand of terror. 
Its real enemy is not terrorism at all, but democracy itself. 26.2.2016. 

America's Addiction to Terrorism by Henry A. Giroux. 25.2.2016.

The source of that photo.

On terrorism p103. Kissinger's war crimes. The president's power to permit 
torture. The principle of universality: we should apply to ourselves the same 
standards we apply to others -p108.G Bush 'God told me to strike at al Quaida'.
Violations of the principle that only Congress can declare war p109. 
US terrorist war on Nicuragua reduced it to the 2nd poorest country with 60% of
children under 2 with severe malnutrition & brain damage. US terrorism in
Honduras condemned by World Court & ordered to pay reparation - ignored -p113. 
US war of extermination & genocide - p114. US 1980s war of terror with
millions victims in El Salvador written out of history books. UK definition of
terror the same as US defn of counterterrorism -p116-7. A mosque bombing in
Beirut traced to CIA & British intelligence. The 2002 Bush Doctrine: the US 
right to use force to maintain global dominance -p121. 
- N Chomsky, Masters of Mankind 2015, Penguin, Haymarket.

28.1.15 Washington Post via DomPost pA11:
'The trouble with Obama's counterterrorism allies: dictators'
outlines the US arming dictators in Egypt, Syria, Arabia, ...

N Chomsky says US is World's Biggest Terrorist. 20.4.2015

See for new books about politics
in NZ, Australia, Britain and the US. The 1st 2 there 27.1.15 are :

JENSEN, Derrick. 
The industrial economy is destroying and poisoning the earth. His books include
 A language older than words, 2014.
 The Derrick Jensen reader - writings on Environmental Revolution, 2012.
p310 Marine trash kills more than a mn seabirds & 100k mammals & turtles each
year, as well as unimaginable numbers of fish.. There is at least 6 times more
plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean than phytoplankton..' p311 The 
Eastern Garbage Patch is nearly the size of Africa. And there are 6 others. 
Combined they cover 40% of all oceans, 25% of the planet. p314 182k tons of
cyanide is made a year. Those who produce it and contaminate broad reaches of
soil, water & air killing countless living beings are not terrorists but
capitalists & are counted among the finest & most powerful people on the 
planet. p318 A mining spill killed 55 miles - all life was killed. The value of
gold & silver taken from this mine is less than half of what the cleanup cost.
p325 Stop industries that manufacture waste.

SIEFF, Martin.
Shifting superpowers: the new and emerging relationship between 
the United States, China, and India.
'Declaring the US hegemonic moment in Asia to be over, Sieff (formerly chief 
news analyst for UPI) argues that the time has come for US policy-makers 
to deal with the rising powers of China and India as equals (while also 
de-mythologizing common and oversimplified understandings of India as ally and 
China as threat). In order to do this, he notes, it is necessary to understand 
both countries in their individual historical contexts and in relationship to 
each other. He examines this history and provides recommendations as to the 
future directions of US policy. Annotation ©2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR 
 - Not read yet.

TANNER, Lindsay. Sideshow: dumbing down democracy .
When Lindsay Tanner resigned in 2010 as the ALP's federal minister for finance 
and member for Melbourne, having had an 18-year career as an MP, he notably 
managed to retire with his reputation for integrity intact. In Sideshow, he 
lays bare the relentless decline of political reporting and political behaviour
that occurred during his career. Part memoir, part analysis, and part critique,
Sideshow is a unique book that tackles the rot which has set in at the heart 
of Australian public life. - Not read yet.

Portland man: I was tortured in UAE for refusing to become an FBI informant:
The US no-fly list is being used to intimidate American Muslims into spying 
on behalf of US authorities.

Call on WHO to protect people's health by safeguarding the global tobacco treaty
from Big Tobacco's sabotage. Reuters just exposed Philip Morris's covert 
strategy to block, thwart, and delay policies at sessions of the WHO Framework 
Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). 1.8.2017.

Court condemns tobacco giant Philip Morris over secret bid to sue Australia. 17.5.2016.

The source of that photo. BUT will such photos be allowed under TPP?

Toxic Chemical Causes Lung Disease in Producers and Users of Flavored E-Cigarettes:
 Not only are workers in the chemical flavorings and food manufacturing and 
preparation industries continuing to be exposed to diacetyl, but with the 
advent of e-cigarettes, a great many more people may be at risk for the lung 
disease associated with this chemical. 16.12.2015 

Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaires. ...
front groups with longstanding ties to the tobacco industry and the billionaire
Koch brothers planned the formation of the Tea Party movement more than a 
decade before it exploded onto the U.S. political scene.
Far from a genuine grassroots uprising, this astroturf effort was curated b
y wealthy industrialists years in advance. Many of the anti-science operatives 
who defended cigarettes are currently deploying their tobacco-inspired playbook
internationally to evade accountability for the fossil fuel industry's role 
in driving climate disruption. 11.2.2013? 


On US torture sites aided by UK & Canada. On 10.5.18 PM May apologised for 
rendition (kidnap) of innocent victims to Libya. - Al Jazeera World 10.10.2019.

How the US Came to Take an Active Role in War and Torture in Latin America. 30.6.2017
John W. Dower, Haymarket Books: The Violent American Century.

CIA Cables Detail Its New Deputy Director's Role in Torture. 24.2.2017

Human Rights Watch Reports U.S. Government Tortured Children. 3.8.2016

Australia - 'Boiling Anger', 'Simmering Resentment' Over Detention Abuse Videos. 1.8.2016

The CIA, Torture and Blowing the Whistle. 12.3.2016

Guantánamo: Reflections on the 14th Anniversary of a US Penal Colony:
 Guantánamo Bay is an offshore penal colony that's close enough to administer 
with ease, but far enough away to exist on the margins of legality. 13.1.2016 

That photo is from Syria: Stories Behind Photos of Killed Detainees.

Political Coverup of Iraq Atrocities.
The savagery will surely haunt the UK and "allies" for decades to come. 6.1.16 

Why Germany Can and Should Open an Investigation into US Torture.
Grave crimes under international law were committed. The US government has a 
legal obligation to investigate and prosecute those responsible.  19.12.15 

How the Government Made Me a Dissident.
  John Kiriakou, OtherWords: I never intended to make a career out of being at 
odds with the government. Sometimes, though - like when I spent two years in 
prison for blowing the whistle on the CIA's torture program - it's felt like 
the government has gone out of its way to be at odds with me. 22.11.2015 

The Boom and Bust of the CIA's Secret Torture Sites:
 Between 2002 and 2008, at least 119 people disappeared into a worldwide 
detention network run by the CIA and facilitated by its foreign partners.  19.10.2015

The Secrecy of Torture: What Happens When Survivors' Memories Are "Declassified"?
Since the Senate's release of the CIA torture program report in December, f
ormer Guantánamo detainees have been speaking out about their victimization. 
Meanwhile, authorities are struggling to suppress evidence of abuse. 8.7.2015 

The biggest human rights organization in the world is Amnesty International.
This link will give you more info on what they are doing, & help you find a
group to join in your area. 

Abu Ghraid torture:  
Movie 'TAXI TO THE DARK RULE' 2015 NY, Maori TV 12.5.2015.
This documentary shows how VP Cheney, President Bush, & Secretary of Defense 
Rumsfield committed War Crimes against the Geneva Convention demanding &
authorizing torture of prisoners, how they tried unsuccessfully to hide behind 
legal advice given by John You & Alberto Gonzales, that was later rejected by
the Supreme Court, to give legal cover to the extreme torture methods developed
in Guantanamo Bay (GB), & used by the CIA & US interrogation centres around the
world. On 2.12.2002 Rumsfield wrote on one memo 'If detainees can stand 8-10 
hours/day, how come they are only required to stand 4 hours/day?'
  The film includes interviews with Rear Admiral J Huton, former Judge Advocate
General 'well known is the principle of command responsibility established in 
the Nuremburg Trials after WW2, that individuals who order illegal torture will
be held accountable.'; Senator Carl Levin & Chair John Warner of the Armed 
Services Committee; law prof. Doug Cassel;  General Schmidt who conducted an 
inquiry into FBI reports that detainees at GB were being subjected to inhumane 
interrogation; Prof A McCoy author of 'A question of torture' - see,
Tom Wilner, lawyer for 11 Kuwaiti held in GB - 'Only 5% of [prisoners in GB] 
were picked up by the US. Over 90% were picked up by the Northern Alliance 
[Afghan warlords] or Pakistani in exchange for bounty' -the US paid thousands 
of dollars for these prisoners. 
  It details the investigation by NY Times reporter Tim Golden of the extreme 
torture & murder in detention of an Afghan taxi-driver Dilawar - 'the wrong 
man'. Techniques included sensory & sleep deprivation, dressing men in lingerie
& diapers, forcing them to eat shit. 'After 3 days of sleep dep they're just 
bumbling idiots.' There are extensive interviews with 4 of the men who carried 
out torture at GB, of Moazzan Begg, a British subject abducted in Pakistan & 
flown to GB. Habeas corpus - the right to a hearing, was suspended. 
  In 2004, 9 days after the Supreme Court rejected Bush's claim that prisoners
could be held without trial, special review tribunals were set up in a further
attempt to get around the law 'You have no rights. No right to a lawyyer. 
No right to [know] the charges, or the evidence against you.' One shot is of
a sign on the wall at GB 'Guantamo - honor vound to achieving freedom.' 
At the GB Gift Shop you could buy a T shirt 'GB Behaviour modification 
instructor'. Senator John McCain, a POW in Vietnam in 1968, urged reform & the
Detainee Treatment Act. It shows how water-boarding makes the victim think they
are drowning, & will then tell their interrogator what they think they want to
hear, & how on that basis, Secretary of State Colin Powell told UN how this
operator had confessed. It documents the torture used in Iraq's Abu Ghraib
prison, of how Bush & Cheney openly campaigned in the 2006 election for harsher
treatment. The CIA also used corced nudity, standing for up to 40 hours without
respite. When the Supreme Court ruled that interrogation must stick to Article 
3 of the Geneva Convention, Bush introduced a new law giving himself the power
to say what was legal torture. Habeas corpus was no longer a right. He tried
to give himself Immunity from War Crimes. One of the most infamous torturers,
Captain Carolyn Wood, was not prosecuted, but instead given a staff position
perpetuating the abuse.
  As of 11.9.2006 over 83,000 were detained without trial.
See also Amy Goodman on Moving from Assessment to Accountability for "The Bush Doctrine"
on Terrorism. The US has killed 1 million in Iraq, 220,000 in Afghanistan, & 
80,000 in Pakistan. 

CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Calls on Journalists to Tell 'Full Story'
of US Torture. "If the next president decides he wants to torture prisoners, 
all he needs is a stroke of his pen. We need legislation that will permanently 
and formally outlaw torture," 8.5.15. 

The Only Person Being Punished After The Senate Torture Report
is not the former torturers. Or their superiors. 
It's the person who helped expose them. 30.4.15. 

An American torture story by Noam Chomsky.
Majid Khan was at the mercy of CIA interrogators for 1,200 days -- at least. 
During that time, he was stripped. He was forced into ice water baths. 
He was "hung up" for a day in a sleep deprivation position. He was denied 
solid food for seven days. 
After about a year, Majid Khan went on hunger strike to protest the treatment 
he was receiving. The CIA responded with "involuntary rectal feeding and 
rectal hydration." Majid's lunch tray, consisting of hummus, pasta with sauce, 
nuts, and raisins, was "pureed" and "rectally infused." This happened 
repeatedly. Eventually, Majid Khan attempted to cut his wrists. 30.4.2015. 

'A war on witches' by Aaron Fernandes, Al Jazeera, 101 East 1.5.2014.
In the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, women are accused of being witches then
killed. 1 survivor of machete attacks by 5 boy teens spent a year in hospital
recovering then had to return to her village to live in fear with them as they
weren't arrested. Often the police provide no protection. HR Defender Monica
Paulus travels thru the Highlands trying to save women accused of witchcraft.

Aaron Fernandes is a journalist and documentary filmmaker from Western Australia.

The investigations carried out by the Swiss representative
at the Council of Europe in 2006/07 and those made by UN Special Rapporteur on 
Torture in 2005, as well as the 2006 research of the European Parliament on CIA
secret prisons in Europe, Asia and elsewhere reveal a stark picture of the 
disregard of law. By the coordinator of the UN humanitarian programme in Iraq. 

Torturing & assassinating.

From Torture to Drones... The Permanent Court of International Justice
was established in 1920. ... from 1958 to 1975, as coups -- most of them 
U.S.-sanctioned -- allowed military men to seize power in more than 36 nations,
representing a quarter of the world's sovereign states. ... Much of the torture
that became synonymous with the era of authoritarian rule in Asia and Latin 
America during the 1960s and 1970s seems to have originated in U.S. training 
programs that provided sophisticated techniques, up-to-date equipment, and 
moral legitimacy for the practice. From 1962 to 1974, the CIA worked through 
the Office of Public Safety (OPS), a division of the U.S. Agency for 
International Development that sent American police advisers to developing 
nations. Established by President Kennedy in 1962, in just six years OPS grew 
into a global anti-communist operation with over 400 U.S. police advisers.  
By 1971, it had trained more than a million policemen in 47 nations, including 
85,000 in South Vietnam and 100,000 in Brazil.
  Concealed within this larger OPS effort, CIA interrogation training became 
synonymous with serious human rights abuses, particularly in Iran, 
the Philippines, South Vietnam, Brazil, and Uruguay. Amnesty International 
documented widespread torture, usually by local police, in 24 of the 49 nations
that had hosted OPS police-training teams. In tracking torturers across 
the globe, Amnesty seemed to be following the trail of CIA training programs. 
 ... the U.S. spent $500 billion on its intelligence agencies in the dozen 
years after the 9/11 attacks, including annual appropriations in 2012 of 
$11 billion for the National Security Agency (NSA) and $15 billion for the CIA.
 If we add the $790 billion expended on the Department of Homeland Security to 
that $500 billion for overseas intelligence, then Washington had spent nearly 
$1.3 trillion to build a secret state-within-the-state of absolutely 
unprecedented size and power.
  As this secret state swelled, the world's sovereign decided that some 
extraordinary exceptions to civil liberties at home and sovereignty abroad were
in order. The most glaring came with the CIA's now-notorious renewed use of 
torture on suspected terrorists and its setting up of its own global network 
of private prisons, or "black sites," beyond the reach of any court or legal 
  Under Obama, drones have grown from a tactical Band-Aid in Afghanistan into 
a strategic weapon for the exercise of global power. From 2009 to 2015, the CIA
and the U.S. Air Force deployed a drone armada of over 200 Predators and 
Reapers, launching 413 strikes in Pakistan alone, killing as many as 3,800 
people. Every Tuesday inside the White House Situation Room, as the New York 
Times reported in 2012, President Obama reviews a CIA drone "kill list" and 
stares at the faces of those who are targeted for possible assassination from 
the air.  He then decides, without any legal procedure, who will live and who 
will die.

Whistleblower out of jail for exposing CIA torture.

CIA Torture Program Was Dick CHENEY's Baby - CIA whistleblower John KIRIAKOU.

'UK involved in helping US with kidnap & torture'. Sunday Star Times article,

Amazon is now implementing a $600 million contract with the CIA. google for more. 1.10.2014
FBI give me back my email to wikileaks.

Move Your Money UK is a national campaign to spread the message
that we, as individuals, can help to build a better banking system ... 


TNCs - NEW ZEALAND See also TNCs - WORLD below:

Key government can't say NO to corporate lobbyists.
And on how Big Pharma makes its profits. 3.3.2016.


Globalization Is Just a Contemporary Word for Financial Colonialism. 13.3.2017.
John Smith's 2017? book 'Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century: Globalization, 
Super-Exploitation, and Capitalism's Final Crisis.' 

Unions Critical to Building the Social Justice Movement. 6.9.2016

The RCEP - China's TPP. 20.6.2016
America should write the rules. America should call the shots. 
Other countries should play by the rules that America and our partners set, and
not the other way around. - Obama to Washington Post 2016 on TPP I think.

Nestlé's global supply chain relied on impoverished migrant workers in Thailand,
and alleged slave and child labor. This shows that the Swiss multinational 
and the Thai military junta are not so different when it comes to human rights 
abuses. 2.3.2016. 

Noam Chomsky 2012 How the world works.- On the global state of affairs.
I think this is his best work. It includes essays such as:
 What Uncle Sam Really Wants - a dissection of US foreign policy.
 The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many - examining the new global economy, 
food, Third World 'economic miracles' and the roots of racism.
 Secrets, Lies and Democracy - the CIA's actions in relation to religious 
fundamentalism, global inequality and the coming eco-catastrophe.
 The Common Good - unmissable writing on equality, freedom and the media.
See also

I've put the links for Aotearoa/NZ first.


How to achieve a progressive and inclusive trade agreement with the CPTPP.
Submission to Foreign Affairs Committee by Greg Rzesniowiecki 18.4.2018

Whose Interest TPP? 4 recommendations for good governance, Greg Rzesniowiecki 27.3.2018.
'What we see is a financial system rigged in favour of powerful individuals and
corporations, unequal participation in governments and international 
organisations, and communities suffering from a reduction of social services, 
imposed austerity, privatization of public utilities, the misplaced priorities 
of political leaders and a general absence of genuine representation.' 
- UN Human Rights High Commission.

Speeches from the Wellington Rally and Don't Do It! Petition Handover 08/03/2018.


CPTPP = TPP2: the only change is that 22 of the 1,000+ original provisions have
been suspended. So it still contains the core investor protections that will 
restrict the ability of Parliament to make laws in Kiwis' interests. There has 
been no health impact assessment or analysis of costs and benefits, as the 
governing parties called for when in opposition. The Crown has not discussed 
how it intends to strengthen protections for Maori, as recommended by the 
Waitangi Tribunal. The Prime Minister called climate change her generation's 
nuclear-free moment, but this agreement underwrites the neoliberal status quo 
and prevents government action on environmental concerns. - TPP Free 6.2.2018.
The 11 nations that are party to the agreement meet in Chile to sign it on 8th March. 

The EU multilateral investment court keeps the pro-investor rules and 
an international tribunal to enforce them. - JK 1.2.2018.

TPPA 2.0: some concerns on intellectual property & Pharmac have been addressed.
But Investor state dispute settlements continues, with reduced scope. 
Prof Jane Kelsey cites an 'information deficit' & the longterm costs of 
the deal versus minimal gains for beef & dairy. - Dom Post pA9 29.1.2018.

The deal offered by the TPPA involves much more than removing tariffs
and other barriers to trade.  It also requires the parties to provide within 
their domestic economies an unimpeded level playing-field for international 
corporations. TPPA is in reality a charter for multinationals, giving them 
carte blanche to do what they like and able to object to any measure that 
limits their operations or places them at a disadvantage. 5.11.2017.

The Aotearoa Independence Movement (AIM), a campaign of CAFCA
(Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa) for a non-aligned Aotearoa based
on policies of economic, military and political independence.

Ecuadorian Citizens Commission on Investment Protection .5.2017.
Ecuador Shows There Are International Precedents For Countries Quitting 
Oppressive "Free Trade" Agreements.

TPPA Bulletin #95 June 2017.
  10 demands for future trade and investment agreements: 1. An end to secrecy. 
2. Democratic oversight. 3. Unrestricted right to protectthe public interest 
and the environment. 4. Regulation of overseas investment. 5. Protection of 
international law. 6. No Investor-State Dispute Settlement. 7. Honour the 
Treaty of Waitangi. 8. Exclude local government - Elected local government 
bodies must be free to make, and be accountable for, their own decisions.
9. Retain the role of the State. 10. Promote the free flow of knowledge and 

For years PM Key has been bringing in skilled migrants instead of training our
young people in these skills & saving them from the scrap-heap of his 
neo-liberal vision. This pushes house prices up and the hope of our youth down.
His actions cleave our society into the haves and the have-nots. 
Why then do the media never question his strategy? 17.10.2016.

National MP Chester Borrows arrested for injuring TPP protesters 22.3.2016. 
-DP 3.8.2016.

TPP - how does this fit our democracy? 29.6.2016.
A conspiracy in plain sight to defraud the public of their democratic state. 
Letter to our Governor General by Greg Rzesniowiecki.

Greg Rzesniowiecki's submission on the TPPA. .4.2016.

Action Station's people-powered submission on the TPPA. 12.4.2016.

It’s Our Future's submission on the TPPA. .4.2016.

My submission on the TPPA. 10.3.2016.

The TPP charade continues. 8.4.2016.
MPs have been given just five days to consider thousands of public submissions 
on the TPPA after the timeframe was drastically cut from the usual four weeks. 
This affront to democracy is the latest in a series of outrageous shortcuts 
the Government has taken to pass the TPPA, despite the ongoing public 
opposition to the deal.

We dont need ISDS:
the European Union has developed a new, judicially balanced and transparent 
system for resolving trade disputes. Canada has dumped the ISDS measures and 
replaced them with the new EU proposals. 14.3.2016. 

Upper Hutt Council adopts an anti TPP resolution 27.2.2016.

The NZ government called for submissions on TPPA by 11.3.2016.
  Email your submission to 
Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade (FADT) Select Committee
Attention: Mark Mitchell FADT Chair.
The Select Committee clerk. 19.2.2016.

It's Our Future - Kiwis against the TPPA. Bulletin #84.
What an amazing protest!
Thanks to all who supported the protests, in Auckland and across the country, 
on 4.2.2016. 15-30,000 people marched down Queen St in one of the biggest 
protests in a decade. During the day, activists undertook rolling blockades of 
traffic across the city centre around the Sky City casino where the TPPA was 
signed. It has shaken the government and they are on the back foot. Despite 
the barrage of media spin in favour of the TPPA (especially in the Herald) 
we are winning the battle for public opinion.
  See there for links where u can see or upload your demo photos & videos.
  What happens next?  - See site.
Research and Fact Sheets:
Five research papers have now been published on the TPP Legal website, 
on Parliamentary process, Investment, te Tiriti, Environment, and the Economics
of the TPPA. Others on Internet/IP and Local Government will follow soon.
A simple flyer with a summary of the key facts on a double side A4 is here. 
Copy it and share it far and wide. ActionStation has launched a new series of 
Fact Sheets on different aspects of the TPPA.
  MFAT roadshows are at or
 Select Committee hearings expected March-April.  10.3.2016 

Is the TPPA really a good deal for all New Zealanders?
Will people and governments be allowed to protect public health and the 
environment? Or will corporate lobbyists get to set the terms?  This website 
will help you, and everyone you share it with, make up your own minds. 3.3.2016

At the signing of the TPPA on 4.2.2016, 15,000 people gathered in Auckland
to protest the TPPA and 3000 people participated in non-violent direct action. 
Lori Wallach on the TPP speaking in Auckland Jan 2016. 26.1.2016
Jane Kelsey on the TPP speaking in Auckland Jan 2016. 26.1.2016

Petition the Governor General to Command the Government
to put the question of TPPA to a binding referendum prior to any signing c4.2.2016. 

For the government to truly represent us, we need Real Choice.
... on whether the NZ government should hold a binding referendum on ratifying 
the TPPA. 

ActionStation - Kiwis standing for a fairer society

Wikipedia. The photo is a 2014 protest in Wellington, New Zealand
from Section 8.6 Protests. 

My speech on TPP to the Porirua City Council 16.12.2015.

Wendy Blanche's speech on TPP to the Upper Hutt City Council 16.12.2015.

Anthony Maddock's speech on TPP to the Upper Hutt City Council 16.12.2015.

Jenny Olsen's speech to the Dunedin City Council 14.12.2015.

The #TPPA text has been released on the MFAT website And you can sign up here to get a copy of the analysis of the TPP text via ActionStations 5.11.2015

This is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade TPP webpage. 9.10.2015
 New Zealand's Open Government Programme commitment reporting.  9.10.2015 

This has many articles on TPP.

Exposure to being Sued by Corporates:
Public Interest and Trans Pacific Partnership  - ECO. 17.4.2015 

Trade agreements are about more than business -
they're about who has final say in the way people around the world live, what 
they eat, how much they are paid, what medicines they can buy and whether they 
have jobs. Such agreements shape economic policies that impact billions of 
people. The discussions surrounding these agreements are far too important to 
done in secret. 

Jane Kelsey: Secrecy surrounding partnership negotiations
perceived as an assault to fundamental democratic values... the politicians 
still seem to believe they can get away with signing a deal of this magnitude 
while keeping it secret. New Zealand Trade Minister Groser and his colleagues 
insist that it's impossible to negotiate such deals under public and democratic
  Yet the European Commission has released a series of legal texts it has 
tabled in the parallel Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) 
negotiations with the US. In early January, the commission announced it would 
publish the whole text once negotiations are concluded, well in advance of its 
signature and ratification.

Sign the petition to our Minister of Trade: Make TPPA Negotiations Public.

Fightback - a socialist take on TPP.
This includes a review 16.11.2015 of Jane Kelsey's 2015 book, The FIRE Economy.
 'Kelsey rigorously documents the institutional embedding of neoliberalism in 
Aotearoa / New Zealand.' 
 Here is my summary of the 1st few chapters. 9.4.2016 

Groser fobs off Official Information Act obligations.
The High Court ordered Trade Minister Groser to revisit his refusal to release 
TPPA documents under the Official Information Act. He waited to the last 
possible minute to say he wasn’t going to appeal, but couldn’t decide w
hat if anything he would release until 5 February 2016 – the day after he 
aims to sign the deal. The Court recognised this was really frustrating but 
didn’t have enough basis to order the Minister to act more promptly, 
So the cat and mouse game of secrecy continues.

TPP Action in Dunedin, Upper Hutt and Porirua addressed the respective Councils
in regard to the Greater Wellington Regional Council decision of 4.11.15. 
Jen Olsen with the support of Sir Alan Marks (Wise Response) and Stuart 
Mathieson et al spoke to the Dunedin meeting. 

Analysis of the TPPA text.
Jane Kelsey and Barry Coates are coordinating a series of research papers, 
revealing the details buried in 6000+ pages of the TPPA text. These research 
papers are authored by leading academics or experts, peer reviewed and 
referenced. They are a credible source of information. Be warned, they are not 
light reading!

A guide to the TPPA’s processes: The first expert paper from Jane Kelsey 
explains the processes in NZ and the US if the TPPA is signed, how the US can 
pressure other countries to make more concessions, what has to happen before 
the agreement can come into force, and how its processes can fetter our 
regulatory sovereignty.

Legal analysis of investment chapter: The expert paper on investment by 
Amokura Kawharu provides a technical assessment of the chapter and how it 
increases the risks New Zealand faces under the TPPA.
Research papers on Labour, the Environment, Local Government, Economics, 
Internet/E-commerce, Health, Public services, Finance and te Tiriti will follow
in .12.15-.1.16.

Petition to the Governor-General.
Real Choice results of the referendum - & then they took the results to Parliament

Question time interrupted by democracy.

Motions on the TPPA by Paul Bruce to Greater Wellington Regional Council on 4.11.2015.

A moving song, Don't Swim Between the Flags, by Ruth Mundy, about refugees
fleeing from war. I heard her sing it last night to the crowd outside 
Parliament to support refugees. 11.9.2015.

This is not just a question of asset sales.
What is at stake is our ability as a self-governing democracy to decide our 
own laws ... We have already sold off into foreign ownership a higher 
proportion of our national assets than any other developed country. The TPPA 
means that control over what remains, now and into the future, is in effect 
handed over to international corporations. This is a heavy price to pay for 
a trade deal... 4.11.2011. 


Why You Can’t Have Free Trade and Save the Planet. 1.5..2018.
Trade has increased environmental degradation & global inequality.
Switching to renewable energy would use up vast amounts of land.

'Free Trade' Agreements Serve Corporations First. 22.2.2018.
Promoting class warfare in the name of 'free trade'.

 ex popularresistance.
Amazon pressures workers for greater output & fires them if they fail to perform.

End the corporate power grab known as ISDS. 15.9.2017.

At the BRICS meeting on the sidelines of the G-20, they called for
a more open global economy and for a rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory,
open and inclusive multilateral trading system. - Pepe Escobar 10.7.2017.

Police Repression at G20 Summit as 100,000 Take to Streets. 8.7.2017.

The TPP May Be Dead, but Big Pharma's Still Getting Away With Murder. 3.4.2017.

Seeding the Future Against Destructive Neoliberal Capitalism.
And how NAFTA made the Santiago the "river of death." 19.2.2017.

New UN Report Shows Just How Awful Globalization and Informal Employment Are.
61% of the world's workers "labor in the informal economy, where employment 
relationships are not legally regulated or socially protected." 29.10.2016.

Neoliberalism's Decades-Long Attack on Public Universities. 16.10.2016.

Philip Morris, with gross revenues of US $64 billion in 2010, sued Uruguay,
with a GDP of US $32 billion that year, under the investor-state dispute 
settlement (ISDS) provisions of international trade deals. The tobacco company 
claimed Uruguay's health warnings reduced the value of its investment and trade
mark rights to sell cigarettes in Uruguay. The ICSID trade tribunal upheld 
Uruguay's right to protect its people's health. 5.8.2016.

TPP's devastation of the environment. 23.5.2016.

Does TPP Article 18.78 prohibit employees from quitting their jobs
 and working for another company in the same industry? 10.5.2016.
 An excerpt of comment 11.5.16 by JK: 
if 39.2 TRIPS and US Uniform Trade Secret Act have civil penalties that 
cannot coexist with employees subsequently working for competitors, then that 
would already be a problem for US states that ban non-compete clauses.
Link to California’s law in this article:

Another Secret Trade Deal Leaks, Shows Corporations Still in Control.
 TTIP dumps protections for environment and public health. 5.5.2016.

Damning UK government report on TTIP. 27.4.2016.

A Trade Deal for the 21st Century:
An Alternative to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 5.4.2016.
Ten Huge Drug Rip-Offs -- and Big Pharma's Massive Price-Gouging Campaign. 29.3.2016.

What Bill Gates Isn't Telling You About GMOs:
 Some of the world's most powerful figures tout the benefits of GMOs, 
but what's the real story? Facts on the ground expose the PR spin, half-truths 
and outright propaganda that have come to dominate a public conversation that 
is not so much about engineering genes, but engineering truth for the benefit 
of multinational corporations. 26.3.2016. 

Fools or Liars on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
The TPP offers almost none of the classic benefits associated with free trade, 
since it does very little in terms of reducing trade barriers. The deal is 
about increasing corporate profits at the expense of the public in all of the 
countries that are party to the agreement. 22.3.2016.

Across Latin America, Governments Criminalize Social Movements to Silence Dissent:
The situation for activists in Latin America, - especially for communities that
stand in resistance to the expansion of extractive industries such as palm oil,
mining and energy production - has become increasingly dire as leaders and 
movements have faced criminalization and charges for their struggle. 18.3.2016.

Eating in the Dark: Consumers Have a Right to Know What They Are Buying:
 The pushback against labeling genetically engineered food is simply an 
admission by manufacturers that we wouldn't want to eat their food if we knew 
what they were putting in it. If this is the case, then perhaps such 
controversial substances shouldn't be in food at all. 18.3.2016. 

"Broken Promises": How Congressional Democrats Are Pushing the TPP to the Brink:
the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) might die, not because it is a bad deal for
working families, but because it wouldn't grant rights to tobacco companies. 9.3.2016.

Some Real Costs of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
This shoots down the government's projections of the benefits of TPP. 3.3.2016.

The TPP is mainly about imposing new rules favored
by large multinational corporations. 2.3.2016. 

Sneaky Change to the TPP Drastically Extends Criminal Penalties. 24.2.2016.

Corporate Power Doesn't Always Win:
Remembering the Free Trade Area of the Americas. 11.2.2016. 

Tufts researchers: while the US job market is projected to take the biggest hit,
the TPP would lead to 771,000 job aggregate losses over the next 10 years in 
all member nations. 3.2.2016. 

Gordon Campbell on why the TPP is something we shouldn't sign,
and that Labour should oppose... The Tufts study torpedoes MFAT's analysis of 
the TPPA... TPP will function as a transnational scythe to push down labour's 
share of wealth across all its participating member countries. 26.1.2016 

Democracy, Not Corporatocracy.
What does a corporatocracy look like? Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World 
Economic Forum, says, 'the sovereign state is obsolete.' Instead, WEF's goal 
is to give a greater role for corporations in global governance through '40 
Global Agenda Councils and industry-sector bodies.' In essence, the Global 
Redesign Initiative of the World Economic Forum seeks to privatize government. 

Kiwis have turned out in huge numbers to say that this government has no mandate
to sign the TPPA. A majority of Kiwis reject the TPPA according to a TV3 Reid 
Research poll, but the government is planning to sign it anyway. They have 
responded to concerns over the TPPA with secrecy, arrogance and spin. 19.1.2016

TransCanada is suing US taxpayers for $15 billion
for Obama's alleged violation of NAFTA chapters 11, 19 and 20 in denying the 
pipeline permit... 
 Example 4: World Bank and the International Monetary Fund accused of 
extortionate "strings." ... 
 Example 5: The governments of Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan and 
Kenya are selling off well-watered, fertile land to global corporations 
secretly seeking minerals or fossil fuels. 
  Example 6: Papua New Guinea officials secretly signed a 20-year agreement in 
2011 with Canada's Nautilus Minerals company for the world's first deep-seabed 
mine. When PNG cancelled, Nautilus won a UN Commission on International Trade 
Law one-arbitrator judgment.  17.1.2016 

The Billions Made by Lawyers When Multinationals Put Countries in the Dock:
Today, 159 countries have joined one of the world's most important commercial 
arbitration tribunals - the International Centre for Settlement of Investment 
Disputes convention - and the number of cases filed has rocketed. 16.1.2016. 

  "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me
to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned
and an era of corruption in high places will follow,... " 
 -- U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Letter 21.11.1864.

US$15 billion ISDS claim has been lodged by TransCanada against the US
over Obama's decision to refuse permission for construction of the KeystoneXL 
pipeline from the Albert tar sands projects: This case is a real test for 
whether governments can take action on climate change. 11.1.2016. 

TransCanada, This is What Democracy Looks Like. c11.1.2016.

The Corporation Behind Keystone XL Just Laid Bare the TPP's Threats to Our Climate. c11.1.2016.

Some 500,000 fewer people are employed by the public sector in the US
than before the 2015 crisis. 
 By Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel laureate. He was Chairman of President Clinton's 
Council of Economic Advisers, and Senior VP and Chief Economist of the 
World Bank. His most recent book, co-authored with Bruce Greenwald, is 
  Creating a Learning Society: A New Approach to Growth, Development, and 
Social Progress. 11.1.2016. 

Philippines Islanders Unite to Resist "Land Grab" Palm Oil Companies:
 Farmers on Palawan are being tricked into giving land away to palm oil 
companies with local government support. Those who resist the land grabs are 
now in fear for their lives following the murder of a prominent campaigner. 

Bleak Prospects for Latin America Under Trans-Pacific Partnership. 8.1.2016.

TPPA could trump climate accord.
Trade deal gives polluters power to sue governments who try to implement the 
Paris agreement 11.12.2015. 

Aotearoa NZ Peoples' TPPA Demands. 14.11.2015.

Its Our Future will keep you in the loop on the TPPA
& help you find resources & info on it. 

Some legal opinions on the TPPA 2.12.2015:
 #1: Treaty Making, Parliamentary Democracy, Regulatory Sovereignty & The Rule 
of Law, by Prof. Jane Kelsey.
 #2: Chapter 9 on Investment, by Amokura Kawharu, University of Auckland 
 # Jurists letter on ISDS. 

Reform Is Not Enough to Stem the Rising Tide of Inequality Worldwide:
Reformist approaches to addressing global inequality are entirely inadequate 
because they bypass questions of power and corporate control over the planet's 
productive resources. Elites' reformist strategies have more to do with 
avoiding a social and economic transformation. ... The Class Warfare of the 
Transnationals ... neoliberalism have set the public agenda on global poverty 
and inequality... a critique of Piketty ... 1.1.16. 

Thanks to Free Trade Agreements, Transnational Companies Are Suing Developing States:
Free trade agreements are increasingly putting global South nations at risk 
of being sued by companies based in the US and Europe. Argentina, Venezuela 
and India have all faced suits in a financial arbitration system that many are 
calling neocolonial. 29.12.2015. 

Every one of the 12 TPP countries still has to ratify the deal
before it goes into force, which means there's still a great chance for us to 
stop it.  28.12.2015. 

Human rights activist exposed secret agreement between the Congolese government
and French nuclear giant Areva.  23.12.2015.

The reality that corporatism cannot deal with the urgent problems faced in the US
 and around the world is becoming more obvious.  People power is growing as 
more see that the current system is unable to operate in a functional way.  
People power is having an impact, forcing the country to listen...
The UN climate talks, COP21, are now recognized widely as a failure, at best 
a framework to be filled at a later date. Why were countries unable to confront
climate change? The dominant economic and political power in the world is the 
United States. We are ruled by corporate power which is corrupted by Big Energy
 ... 21.12.2015. 

Make British American Tobacco Pay.
"British American Tobacco has been implicated in conducting illegal activities 
in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Comoros. A documentary by the BBC 
revealed that BAT engaged in corporate espionage and bribed politicians and 
policymakers in the name of buying political influence and undermining tobacco 
control policies. 15.12.2015. 

Superbug Apocalypse: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Harms Public Health:
 If you thought the only reason to be concerned about the Trans-Pacific 
Partnership was eight years of government secrecy surrounding the trade deal, 
think again: The TPP's relation to the growing likelihood of antibacterial
-resistant strains of bacteria in our food is the stuff of nightmares...
 The World Trade Organization ruled that labeling foods with country-of-origin 
is a barrier to trade... 9.12.2015. 

Corporations, Not People, Have Been Made Stakeholders in the New Global Order. 7.12.2015.

The Rise of the Illegitimate Authority of Transnational Corporations.
Transnational corporations are demanding the right to what they call 
"competitiveness": lower taxes, control over lawmaking, and the right to sue 
governments for affecting profits. In her new book,
 Shadow sovereigns: How global corporations are seizing power, Polity Books,
2015, Susan George shines a light on the secret corporate coalitions that are 
influencing critical government decisions and posing a direct threat to 
Here is a summary.

We've known for decades that free trade agreements are bad news
for American workers. But, now that the full text of the Trans-Pacific 
Partnership has been released, we know that this massive trade deal is a major 
threat to our environment as well. Last week, the full text of the TPP - 
aka SHAFTA - was finally released to the public. Unfortunately for our 
environment and our food supply, the final deal is even worse than we 
previously thought. In the words of Michael Brune, the executive director of 
the Sierra Club, "We now have concrete evidence that the Trans-Pacific 
Partnership threatens our families, our communities, and our environment." 
He added, "It's no surprise that the deal is rife with polluter giveaways that 
would undermine decades of environmental progress, threaten our climate, and 
fail to adequately protect wildlife because big polluters helped write the 
deal." And, after reviewing the details, the Sierra Club wasn't the only group 
that expressed their concern. Wenonah Hauter of warned about the 
devastating effect on our right to know what's in our food. She said, "The 
language included in the TPP is more aggressive than previous trade deals and
 provides broad new powers for other countries and foreign corporations to 
challenge U.S. food safety and food labeling measures." In other words, GMO 
food producers can challenge our labeling laws if they predict that those laws 
will interfere even slightly with their prospective profits.  11.11.2015. 

Trans-Pacific Partnership Text Released - a Look at What's Inside:
 Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future, a group best known for 
its advocacy of an open and neutral internet, discusses how the TPP agreement 
would affect the internet and what access to redress would look like under the 
corporate-driven agreement. 10.11.2015 

TPP expands Trade Tribunals to Undermine Virtually Any Policy in the Public 
 It will Prevent Legislation To Combat Climate Change: The greatest planetary 
crisis of our times is climate change. How many times in this nearly 6,000 page
document is climate change mentioned? Zero. Not once. In fact the TPP will 
undermine climate change legislation and policy by encouraging more extreme 
extraction and export of oil and gas. It will give big oil the power to sue in 
corporate tribunals to prevent any laws written to prevent extraction in order 
to protect the Earth from climate change. And, corporate trade agreements will 
undermine any climate solutions that come out of the UN meeting in Paris. 
The TPP will be law and any climate agreement will not be able to be 
inconsistent with the rights of oil and gas to extract, export and profit from 
carbon polluting products.
 - 9.11.2015 ex

TPP Fears Confirmed with Release of Trade Deal Text.
"The TPP is a disaster for jobs, and environment and our democracy. It is the 
latest stage in the corporate capture of our society,"  
The TPP is widely seen by critics as a climate disaster, with lack of 
protections and “toothless” provisions in the deal’s environmental 
chapter that could threaten to undermine decades of struggle for the 
Others warn that the “corporate court” poses serious threats to the 
climate by discouraging strong environmental regulations since corporations 
will be able to take legal action against governments for public policies 
such as limiting mining or fossil fuel extraction.
 In fact, the text of the deal reveals new and expanded rights for corporations
to take such legal action against governments. Analysts say the rules will 
empower fossil fuel companies and other corporate giants to challenge 
environmental and other regulations, and ultimately worsen climate change.
  There have been over 600 such corporate challenges to over 100 government 
policies through similar mechanisms in other trade deals, such as NAFTA. 6.11.2015 

A US corporation, Sun Belt Water, is suing Canada for $10.5 billion
for banning the export of water. Under these agreements, water becomes by law 
a commodity that can be traded and if a corporation wants to export it, 
governments can't stand in their way. Say goodbye to your local lake? 
 The lawsuit has upset environmentalists who are angry that companies wanting 
to make money exporting water are using NAFTA to override environmental laws. 6.11.2015 

TPP Is "Worst Trade Agreement" for Medicine Access, Says Doctors Without Borders. 14.10.2015

The Final Leaked TPP Text Is All That We Feared. 13.10.2015

The US Strategy to Create a New Global Legal and Economic System: TPP Video.
  It's a Corporate coup d'état, war by stealth. 12.10.2015 

WikiLeaks Publishes Final TPP Intellectual Property Chapter.
"The new monopoly rights for big pharmaceutical firms would compromise access 
to medicines in TPP countries. The TPP would cost lives."  10.10.2015 

As TPP Deal Inked, Guatemala Labor Case Unmasks Free Trade's Empty Promises. 10.10.2015

9.10.2015 Pro-TPP lobbyists like the MPAA have spent over $261 million3 
this year alone to make sure they got what they wanted in the deal. 
- ex

8.10.2015 ex TPPA Bulletin #76: THE FIGHT CONTINUES.
On the agreement at Atlanta of the 11 Trade Ministers: a poor deal concluded, 
with only marginal market access for NZ dairy exports and confirmation of many 
of the worst fears of campaigns: investor-state dispute settlement provisions, 
costly copyright restrictions, increased costs for Pharmac, restrictions on 
the operation of SOEs and an array of other measures that amplify the 
influence of foreign investors and multinational corporations.
  As Bryan Gould notes in the NZ Herald:
The TPPA is a blueprint for extending the operation of those corporations 
without their having to bother with the restrictions that might be placed on 
them by national governments in the interests of their domestic populations.

Here is Prof Jane Kelsey's reaction. 8.10.2015.

Secret Trade Negotiations Threaten Sustainable Development Goals.
World leaders and Pope Francis met in New York Friday to announce 'a plan to 
transform our world', the Sustainable Development Goals. Yet as the United 
Nations announce goals to be achieved by 2030, a crucial but secret trade 
meeting is taking place to advance the Trans Pacific Partnership, which will 
set the economic rules for 40 percent of the world economy, and threatens to 
undermine the U.N. goals before they have even begun. 2.10.2015.

How a Dispute Over Dairy between Canada and New Zealand Helped Sidetrack
the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Eli Lilly, an American drug manufacturer, sues 
Canada for .5 billion under NAFTA. Lone Pine Resources, a Canadian oil and gas 
company, sues Canada for .25 billion under NAFTA. 1.10.2015. 

UN Charter and Human rights treaties prevail over free trade and investment agreements.
  UN Independent Expert Alfred de Zayas today urged the UN system and 
Governments across the world to radically reform the international investment 
regime by putting an end to free trade and investment agreements that conflict 
with human rights treaty obligations. In his report to the Human Rights 
Council, he called on States "to conduct human rights, health and environmental
impact assessments before and after entering into bilateral and multilateral 
investment agreements."
 "Over the past decades free trade and investment agreements have had adverse 
impacts on the enjoyment of human rights by interfering with the State's 
fundamental functions to legislate in the public interest and regulate fiscal, 
budgetary, labour, health and environmental policies."
  "States that ratify human rights treaties also enter into agreements that 
prevent them from fulfilling their human rights obligations. Revision of the 
investment treaties must ensure that in case of conflict, human rights prevail."
  "In the light of widespread abuse over the past decades, the Investor-State 
Dispute Settlement mechanism, which accompanies most free trade and investment 
agreements must be abolished as contra bonos mores, because it encroaches on 
the regulatory space of States and suffers from fundamental flaws including 
lack of independence, transparency, accountability and predictability."
  "This dispute settlement mechanism has mutated into a privatized system of 
'justice', incompatible with article 14(1) of the International Covenant on 
Civil and Political Rights, whereby three arbitrators are allowed to override 
national legislation and the judgments of the highest national tribunals, 
in secret and with no possibility to appeal. This constitutes a grave challenge
to the very essence of the rule of law."
  The population is often not aware of these challenges because it is excluded 
from the elaboration and negotiation of these treaties. Parliamentary adoption 
must follow public debate and must not be fast-tracked. "All trade and 
investment agreements - existing and future - must represent the democratic 
will of the people in exercise of their right to public participation."
  His report formulates a 'Plan of Action' with concrete recommendations to 
States, Parliaments, National Human Rights Institutions, the Human Rights 
Council and civil society. He urges the Human Rights Council to systematically 
examine the adverse human rights impacts of bilateral and multilateral free 
trade and investment agreements, and to refer the clash between the 
international investment regime and the human rights regime to the UN General 
Assembly for discussion and settlement.  ... 17.9.2015. 

Welcome To The Trade Deal Wars.
TPP has been developed as the economic/trade arm of the "pivoting to Asia". 31.8.2015 

The Obama Administration Just Blew Off Human Trafficking Concerns to Pass the TPP. 10.8.2015

Greasing the Wheels of the TTIP Lobby:
 The prospective EU-US trade deal TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment 
Partnership) could be the world's biggest such treaty. 20.7.15. 

Almost $200 Million Donated To Representatives To Pass TPA. 24.6.2015

Critics of Trans Pacific Partnership are not politically irrelevant.
A rebuttal to NZ Trade Minister Tim Grosser. 15.7.2015. 

You might enjoy this video explaining Investor State Dispute Settlement, ISDS.

The political money behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
The U.S. Business Coalition for TPP spent at least $659 million on federal 
lobbying and campaigns in 2014.
 Coalition members spent about five-times more on federal lobbying 
($554 million) than they spent on political campaigns ($105 million). 
This spending does not include money members of the U.S. Business Coalition
 for TPP gave to dark money political nonprofits that engage in electoral 
activity. 1.6.2015. 

the path is clear for the president to push the triple threat of treaties
through Congress ... The first one, the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), 
is expected to come to a Congress this fall. It will be followed by the 
TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade-in-Services
Agreement (TiSA). ... Members who supported Fast Track in the House received 
nearly $200 million from corporations who will profit from the treaties...
"This is the end of the United States. Our colonizing nation has been colonized
by corporations and rich people - many of whom identify as transnational 
entities. Sovereignty has sold to the highest bidder. We, the people, are 
indentured to the power holding elite." 29.6.2015. 

What NAFTA Can Teach Us About the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal:
The North American Free Trade Agreement has served as a template for agreements
that cover US "free trade" relations, but opponents maintain it is a cautionary
tale of what can go wrong. Here is a primer on the Trans-Pacific Partnership 
dispute and what NAFTA can teach us. 18.6.2015. 

The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe:
 While some companies target sites within the United States to dump pollution, 
more commonly, they either move production overseas or ship waste abroad. 
Corporate control over the US government continues to ensure that trade 
agreements do not include environmental restrictions on corporate actions. 18.6.2015. 

Capitalism and the TPP: A Kinder, Gentler Totalitarianism:
Distracted by propaganda, Americans have failed to recognize the complete 
fusion of corporate power and government decision-making (the definition of 
fascism, according to Benito Mussolini). Corporate strategy now dominates our 
government and dictates all government policy. 18.6.2015. 

The international treaties being negotiated by the Obama administration.
Wikileaks calls them the "Triad Treaties": the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),
the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and 
the Trade-in-Services Agreement (TISA). 
  If these three agreements become law, they will fundamentally alter global 
governance in favor of multinational corporations and big finance and will set 
our work for social, economic and environmental justice back decades at a time 
when we can't afford that if we want a livable future. 11.6.2015. 

Don't Believe the Hype About the Benefits of Free Trade:
The minimal economic and social benefits of the Central America Free Trade 
Agreement ... 9.6.2015. 

Julian Assange on the TPP:
Secretive Deal Isn't About Trade, but Corporate Control.
  Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!: As negotiations continue, WikiLeaks has 
published leaked chapters of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership - a global 
trade deal between the United States and 11 other countries. The TPP would 
cover 40 percent of the global economy, but details have been concealed from 
the public.   Watch the Video and Read the Transcript. Example:
"what if the government or a state government decides it wants to build 
a hospital somewhere, and there's a private hospital, has been erected nearby? 
Well, the TPP gives the constructor of the private hospital the right to sue 
the government over the expected - the loss in expected future profits." 29.5.2015. 

Here's how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill.
Using data from the Federal Election Commission, this chart shows all 
donations that corporate members of the US Business Coalition for TPP made to 
US Senate campaigns between January and March 2015, when fast-tracking the TPP 
was being debated in the Senate:
Out of the total $1,148,971 given, an average of $17,676 was donated to each 
of the 65 yea votes.
The average Republican member received $19,673.28 from corporate TPP supporters
... The amounts given rise dramatically when looking at how much each senator 
running for re-election received... 
"It's a rare thing for members of Congress to go against the money these days,"
said Mansur Gidfar, spokesman for the anti-corruption group Represent.Us. 
"They know exactly which special interests they need to keep happy if they want
to fund their reelection campaigns or secure a future job as a lobbyist. 
How can we expect politicians who routinely receive campaign money, lucrative 
job offers, and lavish gifts from special interests to make impartial decisions
that directly affect those same special interests? As long as this kind of 
transparently corrupt behavior remains legal, we won't have a government that 
truly represents the people." 27.5.2015. 

Investor-state dispute settlement.
5.1 Apotex v. the United States,
5.2 Centurion Health Corporation v. Canada,
5.3 Chemtura Corporation v. Canada,
5.4 Dow AgroSciences v. Canada. 

Tell Congress: No more secret climate attacks.
Reject TPP's "Terrible Polluter Protections"! 2015. 

Top 10 Most Pernicious Investor-State Dispute Settlement Lawsuits. 2015.

The Incredible Arrogance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Crowd.
 For the elites, trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are 
a no-brainer. ... the losers are ... tens of millions of workers who get lower 
wages  ... 21.5.2015. 

Senator Reads the TPP and Exposes Its Contents.
"'Congress has the responsibility to ensure that any international trade 
agreement entered into by the United States must serve the national interest, 
not merely the interests of those crafting the proposal in secret,' Sessions' 
team writes in a document that lays out the top five concerns with the Obama 
trade deal. 'It must improve the quality of life, the earnings, and the 
per-capita wealth of everyday working Americans. The sustained long-term loss 
of middle class jobs and incomes should compel all lawmakers to apply added 
scrutiny to a 'fast-track' procedure wherein Congress would yield its 
legislative powers and allow the White House to implement one of largest global
financial agreements in our history - comprising at least 12 nations and nearly
40 percent of the world's GDP.' . . .
  "The Sessions document then goes point-by-point for five full pages through 
the TPA trade deal, laying out why it wouldn't help Americans - rather, 
it would likely hurt American workers ..." 19.5.15. 

Senior Republicans change their minds on the TPPA .

There are huge pay-offs involved .
Leaked documents from the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) negotiations
reveal a further push to undermine democratic rights 
WTO ruled against the US rights to use country of origin consumer labelling
for meat products.
For story-telling about the TPPA’s health impacts in NZ
see Erik Monasterio’s address to the Association of Salaried Medical 

TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You've Never Heard Of. 2 Minute Video.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could cost us our internet freedom, labor 
rights, access to affordable medicine, the safety of our food, and protections 
that keep our water and air clean. 16.5.2015. 

Obama Bribes Abe to Support the TPP by Unleashing Japanese Military. 5.5.2015.

100 legal scholars call on Congress, administration to protect democracy
and sovereignty in U.S. trade deals.
A copy of the letter discussed in this release.

The fate of democracy depends on how we respond to the TPP.

The Battle Over the Trans-Pacific Partnership and "Fast Track" Gets Hot. 28.4.2015.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is blatantly unconstitutional.
Neoliberalism and corporate contributions seem to have blinded the deal's 
proponents so much that they cannot see they are selling out the sovereignty 
of the United States to foreign and multinational corporations... 
The Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) section gives foreign firms a 
special right to apply to a secretive tribunal of highly paid corporate lawyers
for compensation whenever the government passes a law to do things that hurt 
corporate profits - such things as discouraging smoking, protecting the 
environment or preventing a nuclear catastrophe... ISDS awarded $2.3 billion 
to Occidental Oil Company against the government of Ecuador over its 
termination of an oil-concession contract... Abdicating the Legislative 
Function to Multinational Corporations... Preempting Government Sovereignty... 28.4.2015.

TPP: loss of national sovereignty. 26.4.2015.

TPPA: What benefits, what cost, and what do we lose?
Malaysia's former PM launches a book by the Malay Economic Action Council 
(MTEM) last Friday, entitled TPPA: Malaysia is not for sale. 17.4.2015.

Another example of what we can expect if our government signs us up to the TPPA:
  Oil Company Tries to Shake Down California County for $1.2 Billion for 
Banning Fracking.  13.6.2014 

Dishonest White House Response to Warren's Attack on Secret Panels in Trade Deals.
NZ's Jane Kelsey: 'The most egregious threat to the environment is the 
investment chapter, in particular the prior consent by all countries except 
Australia to investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). The vast majority of 
investment arbitrations under similar agreements involve natural resources, 
especially mining, and have resulted in billions of dollars of damages against 
governments for measures designed to protect the environment from harm caused 
by foreign corporations. The US is also demanding that contracts between 
investors and states that involve natural resources also have access to ISDS.' 

Free trade agreements (FTAs), have resulted in lost jobs, stagnant wages,
increasing inequality and other negative consequences for workers.  

Proposed TTIP Agreement Is Profoundly Undemocratic.
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) being negotiated in 
secret between the European Union and the United States, and the potential 
adverse impacts of this agreement on the economy, employment, corporate 
regulation and the environment... For example, in Canada, they introduced a ban
on the poisonous fuel additive MMT, and they were immediately sued by a US 
corporation called Ethyl, which produced exactly that fuel additive. 
The Canadian government was told that it had no right to block this suit, and 
in the end they backed down, they paid out compensation to the company, and 
they had to drop the ban, even at the same time that a similar ban was being 
introduced in all other countries around the world...
Slovakia reversed a health privatization, which had been brought in earlier 
by a previous government and which had been very unpopular. The new government 
reversed the health privatization, and was immediately sued by a Dutch company 
[that] was benefitting from the privatization. The corporate court found in 
favor of the Dutch company and awarded it 22 million euros in damages. 
Similarly, a French company, Veolia, is suing the government of Egypt for 
raising the minimum wage. Philip Morris is suing the government of Australia 
for plain packaging requirements on all cigarettes, and Vattenfall, the Swedish
company, is suing the government of Germany for $4.7 billion for deciding 
to phase out nuclear power.
This is a fundamental challenge to our national sovereign democracies...19.3.15

For hundreds of millions of people all over the world, generic drugs
are a cheaper alternative to the more expensive drugs sold by Big Pharma. 
If the TPP goes through, real live breathing people (Doctors Without Borders
 estimates about half a billion of them) will effectively lose affordable 
access to the medicine they need to survive. 

In his State of the Union address, President Obama asked for "fast track"
authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secretive trade deal that 
opponents have called "NAFTA on steroids." The TPP would push jobs overseas, 
weaken food and consumer safety standards, circumvent environmental laws, 
restrict Internet freedom, and roll back financial protections. 
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Sink the Middle Class.
 '.. TPP would give big pharmaceutical companies virtual monopoly patent power,
let corporations sue countries in international courts over regulations that 
those corporations don't like, and gut environmental and financial rules.' 27.1.2015.

Trade Agreements Rigged to Protect Capital From Democracy. 12.3.2015.

Uruguay Takes on London Bankers, Marlboro Mad Men and the TPP.
From the bankers' perspective, Uruguay is setting a bad example by taking care 
of their people instead of catering to global financial speculators.
The litigation in various trade tribunals against the governments of Uruguay, 
Australia and Thailand has already intimidated both New Zealand and Britain 
into delaying proposed cigarette label changes similar to Australia's. 

The government of Uruguay, South America's second smallest nation
with only 3.4 million people, has the world's toughest laws mandating graphic 
health warnings on cigarette packages. Phillip Morris, which makes Marlboro, 
the world's best selling and most valuable cigarette brand, has sued Uruguay 
in a World Bank trade tribunal, not only to overturn the nation's labeling law,
but to seek $25 million in damages to their "brand," which they describe as 
their most valuable asset.  

Suits against Canada since 2005 under NAFTA til 2014.
From the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 

US multinational Ethyl Corp's 1997 suit over Canada's restrictions
of the gasoline additive MMT because it was a suspected neurotoxin that had 
already been banned in Europe. The company sued for $350 million. Canada was 
forced to repeal the ban and paid out US$13 million in an out of court 

NAFTA Chapter 11 as supraconstitution.

Trade Tribunals Favor Foreign Trans-National Corporations.
Trend Spotting: NAFTA disputes after fifteen years.

TPP: Implications for Canada. 6/19/14. States have paid as much as $935 million
in taxpayer funds to investors, and investors' claims range from $27 million 
to about $ 1 billion... 

Investor-State Attacks: Empowering Foreign Corporations to Bypass our Courts,
Challenge Basic Protections.  
NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor-State Cases
- Lessons from the Central America Free Trade Agreement. 2005. 


I've put the links for Aotearoa/NZ first.


The SIS broke into the Indian High Commission for MI6 and the Iranian Embassy
for the CIA. 1.7.2020.

Nukes still in dozens of Kiwisaver funds. - Mindful Money. p25 DomPost 25.10.2019.

'New planes at odds with peace: MP' - DomPost p9 11.7.2018. MP Golriz Ghahraman
'We need to move away from following the old world order of the US, UK, Oz &
diverge from investing in the war industries & focus on what we can do best,
instead.' NZ should focus on search & rescue, & supporting scientific research.
But there was pressure to continue to invest in combat equipment like the P8s.
'NZ has always been really great at building our own path, especially when it
comes to peace & disarmament. My hope is we do stand up for a different 

5 reasons not to spend billions on replacing the Orions. 10.7.2018.

NZ's disgraceful role in the slow genocide of West Papua.
An excerpt from 'See no evil, NZ's betrayal of the people of West Papua'
by Maire Leadbeater 2018, Otago University Press.

NZ military secretly operating at CAOC, Qatar airbase. - Stuff.
1 in 5 airstrikes in Iraq 2017/18 killed civilians. The coalition [NZ] fails to
investigate these. 'a massive gap between what the coalition & its govts say 
they're doing .. & what's actually happening on the ground. That gap is not 
just important for moral & ethical reasons - because a lot of innocent 
civilians are dying - but also for strategic reasons - you cant win a war when
you're levelling whole cities & destroying families'. While Isis might . be
defeated, 'the grievances, anger & resentment that the . campaign has 
inculcated among Iraqis & Syrians is going to fester.. a new group [may] 
emerge. Then we will be having the same conversations 10 or 15 years down the
line.' - Azmat Khan & Anand Gopal for NY Times. ex DomPost p A5 17.2.2018.

Most New Zealanders want us to have an independent foreign policy.-Keith Locke

NZ's mission in Iraq has undergone a significant change without the public 
being told. For more on this story from HR campaigner Harmeet Sooden, see
Dom Post pA5 12.2.2018.

NZ's Rocket Lab to launch satellites for Spire Global to track ships & planes,
& for Planet Labs for photography for defence & intelligence agencies.
-Dom Post 12.12.2017 p A10.

  2 Wilfred Owen poems:
  If we want to remember the fallen, we could at least spend a moment berating
the leaders who betrayed them and the community that pressured them to go. 
You can rely on the military establishment to deck these endeavours in glory 
primarily for recruitment purposes, with the next killing ground in mind. 
- The Scoop Editor  17.10.2017.

Brigadier Hugh McAsian says the use of white phosphorus in Iraq was justified.
-Dom Post 2.7.2017. HROs warn its use carries deadly risks.

NZ follows US recalibrating diplomatic relations along 'national security 
state' lines, relegating diplomatic power under hard power. NZ Foreign Affairs
advice must not be overridden by NZ security & intelligence specialists.
NZ has followed US reduced commitment to UN peace operations. Except for China
Security Council members have given up supporting these. NZ must support the
UN as the means for international rules. 
- Terence O'Brian, Centre for Strategic Studies, Dom Post 2.5.2017.

Along with our fallen, let us remember every ANZAC Day, 1) Moral courage:
the courage to be different & to dissent, 2) Moral responsibility for those
we kill in war, 3) The toxic side of nationalism. 
- Historian Malcolm McKinnon, p A9 Dom Post 25.4.2017 

'.. a very dark & devious coverup by our Defence Force & a complicit gov't...
It was a dreadful & deceitful coverup when Defence bosses knew only too well
what happened. And Cabinet ministers followed like blind sheep.' 
- Duncan Garner on SAS killings in Afghanistan reported in 'Hit & Run' 2017 by 
Nicky Hagar & Jon Stephenson. Dom Post 25.3.2017.
 For more, see 3 articles in Dom Post 13.2.2018: p A4 'It's all about plausible
deniability ... why the NZ Defence Force & political leaders obfuscate when it
comes to foreign military operations is due to .. a culture of impunity. This 
extends to the intelligence community. They engage in stonewealling ... they
know best ... why complicate things by ... engaging in public debate? ... 
-Paul Buchanan;
pA8 editorial 'Questions about Iraq': the US pressures NZ to recommit to Iraq
& dont want Labour to carry out an independent inquiry called for by A Little.
'The govt cant keep fudging these issues forever';  pA9 'Transparency & 
accountability missing' by Jon Stephenson.

CIA used to undermine Kiwi waterfront workers in 1951. 
- Sunday Startimes pA4 19.3.2017.

'Activists' 'blood offering' at spy HQ'. 
GCSB intelligence helps US drone strikes. Dom Post 4.3.2017.

The 4th contingent of 106 NZ soldiers to begin training Iraqi troops as part of
Task Group Taji. The group has trained over 12,000 soldiers since they began in
May 2015. - DomPost 29.10.2016. 

'Cleansing kiwisaver of bombs & baccy' - See DomPost 28.10.2016 for Vanguard's hit list.

KiwiSaver providers dump $109m of weapon and tobacco investments. 13.9.2016.

Stop Kiwisaver Fund Managers from investing in weapons! 30.8.2016.

NZ government puts buying submarines above our health needs. 1.4.2016.

Gordon Campbell on the Defence Force's spending bonanza:
While slashing the health system, our government plans to spend $11 billion  
in the next ten years on new gear for our Defence Forces! ...
The $11 billion military spend-up is outlined in a 27 January 2016 article 
(paywalled) in Jane's IHS Aerospace, Defence & Security publication...
 The money will be spent on new frigates, new cargo planes to replace the C-130
Hercules and new surveillance aircraft to replace the Orions. That cost by 2025
will be 3.5 times more than the most fanciful MFAT estimates of what the TPP 
will deliver us by 2030. How on earth can John Key be talking about tax cuts 
in 2017 when this country is facing a state spending programme of this 
And all done to save New Zealand from - what, exactly?  ...
It looks more like the Defence Force is simply rolling over its current force 
structure, and plucking off the shelf the next generation of gear to fulfill 
roles that belong to the Cold War era, 30 years ago or more. Meanwhile, 
the current government is expecting that it can spin the public into going 
without the next generation of specialist care and new medicines, in order to 
help pay for this military bonanza.
There is absolutely no rational justification for Defence extravagance on this 
11 billion dollars ... A fraction of that money ... would utterly transform 
our health system. 19.2.2016.
Profiting from War: NZ weapons & military-related industry: 
The report outlines links between the New Zealand Government and the local and 
international weapons and military-related industry. It provides background 
information about the companies involved, their clients and the New Zealand 
government's support for that industry.
 "Sadly, what we found doing this research is that despite NZ participating in 
numerous arms control treaties, it is actively encouraging the export of 
weapons componentry and military-related goods and services," said Valerie 
Morse from Peace Action Wellington.
The support for the industry comes in three forms: funding for research and 
development, funding of trade promotional activities, and government 
contracting and investments with multinational arms companies.
 "One of the discoveries we made was the Callaghan Innovation Fund's provision 
of multiple taxpayer-subsidised grants over the years 2012-2016 to Cubic 
Defence, the NZ subsidiary of US arms-producing companies, the Cubic 
Corporation, that holds contracts with the Israeli Defence Force and the US 
military and is listed among the world's top 100 arms producers."
... "there is $136 million of New Zealand taxpayer money that is going towards 
Super Fund investments in major arms manufacturers." ... On [17.11.2015], there
was a community blockade of the conference. 29 were jailed.

'Other people's wars, NZ in Afghanistan, Iraq & the war on terror.' 
By Nicky Hager. 2011 Craig Potton Publishing.

NZ wiki cable number 2. NZ spying on Fiji. 13.12.2010.

48 Japanese prisoners of war & a guard shot dead in the Featherston POW camp 
for refusing to work during a peaceful sitin. - 25.2.1943. Reptd TV1 25.2.2018.


The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continued. - George Orwell.

The Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire - U tube video.

Trump orders sanctions against International Crimes Court officials
and their families after ICC appeals judges authorized an investigation into 
allegations of war crimes by U.S. military and intelligence personnel. 12.6.2020

Libya - Enforced Disappearances, Arbitrary Detentions, Attacks on Civilians. 6.5.20

The Great Indian Internet Shutdown Is the Troubling Future of Protest Control.23.1.2020.

The US role in the coup in Bolivia. 3.12.2019

War on Yemen won't end as long as U.S. funds Saudis. 25.10.2019

22.12.2018 Al Jazeera. The shadowworld: the global arms trade network.
Under Reagan & Rumsfeld, $2mn/month in profits from illegal arms sales to Iran 
were used to sustain the contras overthrowing Nicuaraguan's democracy. 
In 'Empire' Michael Hardt argues that the US is in a permanent state of war. 
Rumsfeld provided chemicals to Iraq to gas Iran.
In the 1980s the US sent 70 shipments of germ warfare to Iraq to use vs Iran
-1994 Senate report. Bush and Obama's doctrine 'the world is a battlefield'
gave the US the right to a war anywhere regardless of international law.
  Trita Parri 'Treacherous Alliance' on US & Iran.
 US marines covert ops in Iran. Seymour Hirsch on the Disposition Matrix,
an algorithm used by Obama to kill people without warrant or trial. Codepink.
70 companies vying for a $1 bn drone contract. Chris Hedges of NY Times.
Vijay Prashad 'The poorer nations'. L Wilkerson former Chief of Staff to
Secretary of State - how the NSA creates a perpetual state of war. Robert Fisk
interviewed bin Laden for the Independent in a bunker built by the CIA.
Eduardo Galeano 'Mirrors : stories of almost everyone'.
 How Blair ordered the Serious Fraud office to close down its enquiry into
bribery by British Aerospace. And much more.

 The obits for George Bush Senior have "no mention of the brutal, civilian
-extinguishing covert wars he waged in Central America, his funding of 
terrorists in Nicaragua, the pervasive illegality of the Iran-contra scandal 
perpetrated by his top aides and possibly himself, the explosion of wealth and 
income ushered in by "Reagonomics" which persists today, his escalation of the 
racially disparate Drug War, his slashing of domestic programs for the poor 
accompanied by a deficit-causing build-up in the military budget, the racially-
tinged (at least) attacks on welfare-queens-in-Cadillacs, the Savings & Loan 
crisis resulting from deregulation, his refusal even to acknowledge AIDS as 
tens of thousands of the Wrong People died, the training of Muslim radicals in 
Afghanistan and arming of the Iranian regime, ..." 
- Gordon Campbell column, 5.12.2018.

Britain, France and the Americans are continuing to sell weapons to the Saudis. 23.10.2018.

Musta'ribeen, Israel's agents who pose as Palestinians. 11.4.2018.

The world's 5 major arms suppliers are the 4 permanent members of the UN
Security Council & Germany. 24.3.2018.

the US is escalating an arms race with Russia and China. 18.3.2018.

Defend the Sources & Whistleblowers Who Shine Light Onto Government Secrecy.

'UK colluding in Saudi war crimes says Corbyn' -DomPost p B1 9.3.2018.

On the war in Syria, by W Hawes. Gulf States & NATO backed terror proxies. 20.2.2018.

'The Pacific nuclear timebomb' a film by Mark Willacy, Al Jazeera 10.2.2018. 
How the Marshall Islands are paying for US tests. How leaking nuclear waste is 
assured by their cheap containment option. How the US is yet to pay the bns 
in compensation it was ordered to.

'Child for cattle abductions rise in South Sudan'
Child abductions have risen during South Sudan's civil war as desperate people 
try to make a living. One child is said to sell for 20 cows, worth about $7000.
- Dom Post pB3 6.2.2018.

Escalating Conflicts Risk War Globally. 4.2.2018.

Okinawa invaded by US 1945, 1 in 4 killed. US seized much of it for military 
bases. US choppers over protests create so much noise & fear, teaching stops.
Most US A bombs in Okinawa were aimed at China in Cold War. In 1962 a launch on
China was ordered but not executed. US has a chain of military bases in S Korea
down to Jeju. US has 4000 bases in US & c1000 in 47 other countries. 
US controls foreign affairs of Japan, S Korea & Germany.
CIA set up Pine Gap base in Oz. In 2015 US blockaded Chinese oil ships. While
Obama spoke out against nuclear weapons he spent 1 trn upgrading them. Smoke
from a nuclear war will drop the temperature below 0C every day for 10 years
preventing food crops.
- 'The Coming War on China' by John Pilger, Al Jazeera doco 10.12.2017.

 Source: SIPRI Arms Transfer Database (20 Feb. 2017)
Arming Poor Countries Enriches Rich Countries. 15.12.2010.

'Child Soldiers: Reloaded' - Al Jazeera 25.11.2017:
the US contracts to mercenary groups like Blackwater & AEGIS with branches all
over the world. They subcontract to Saracen, etc who supply them with ex 
child soldiers ex Peru, Uganda & Sierra Leone that get retraumatized fighting in 
Iraq & Afghanistan. The latter get paid 250/month saving the US a lot of $. 
 Sources include Prof McFete, Natl defence Uni; Garda world, Global Staffing;
Academi; Prof Christensen, Royal Danish Defence College; various former child
soldiers; Peter Singer author of Corporate Warriors; Stephen Armstrong author of
'War PLC'; Tim Spicer CEO of Sandline that provides military support for govts &
large cos; Rbt Pelton author of 'Licenced to kill'; Powell's Chief of Staff on
the 100,000s private forces employed by the US military by contract. One ex child
soldier told how he was told to kill his parents or be killed, & of being 
injected with cocaine so people appeared to him as chickends to kill.
  In 2010 Congress investiagated such contracts but not the use of child 
soldiers. $30-60 bn went to fraud & waste in Iraq & Afghanistan.
 Young people are exploited becoming seeds for future violence.
The mercenary cos poach retired generals such as Graham Binns who got Aegis a
contract in Iraq. Nich's Soames, a former defence spokesman for the UK 
Conservative Party & a grandson of Winston Churchill, chairs Aegis.
 M'l Thibault was chair of US Commission on Wartime Contracts in Iraq & 
Afghanistan before getting a job with a military co. Obama 'Every American that
serves joins an unbroken line of heroes.' But bodies of contracting soldiers are
not even returned to their families. Aegis now protects the US Embassy in Kabul,
& is now owned by Gardaworld.

French & US military supported Chad dictator Habre who killed 40,000. -Al Jazeera

US Provides Military Assistance to 73 Percent of World's Dictatorships. 24.9.2017.

51 Countries Sign Ban on Nuclear Weapons Despite US Opposition. 23.9.2017.

A Supermarket for State Surveillance and Border Wars. 15.9.2017.

The violent American century: war and terror since World War II, JW Dower.
2017, Haymarket Books. Held by WPL.
  Air war, including the terror bombing of civilians, 
emerged as a central strategy of the victorious Anglo-American powers. 

US public’s attitude to nuclear war. 5.9.2017.

Legal deal over CIA torture a milestone. 2 psychologists designed 
waterboarding, slamming men into walls, stuffing them inside coffin-like boxes,
exposing them to extreme temperatures, starving them & keeping them awake for
days. - Dom Post 19.8.17 p B4.

Will Trump Prolong Afghan War to Secure $1 Trillion in Mineral Deposits? 4.8.2017.

The US War Against Civilians in Syria. 28.7.2017.
The US-led campaign has killed as many civilians in Syria and Iraq as were 
killed in the previous two and a half years of the Obama administration.

In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power
- a book by historian Alfred McCoy 2017. US spying and using torture in multiple 
countries have undermined US moral authority, as have aggressive bullying for trade
deals & holding back climate agreements in the Obama era.
  p55 1946-2000 US & Russia intervened in 117 elections (11%) via campaign cash
& media disinformation. The US was responsible for 81 of these - 8 in Italy,
5 in Japan & several in Chile & Nicaragua stiffened by CIA paramilitary action.
The US helped installed military dictators Mobutu in Congo, Suharto in Indonesia & Pinochet in Chile. 1958-1975 they created a reverse wave from democracy
as military coups succeeded in over 36 nations. 
- Are we in NZ naive to think that CIA money has not intervened here?
CIA used to undermine Kiwi waterfront workers in 1951. 
- Sunday Startimes pA4 19.3.2017.

Navy Introduces Toxins to Drinking Water, Then Expands Operations. 13.7.2017

US military overseas.
The 1953 US coup against the democratically-elected prime minister of Iran. 3.7.2017

Sorry, Meals on Wheels, Our War Machine Is Hungry. 27.6.2017.
US taxpayers pay $8.36 million per hour for all the wars since 2001.

A World of Winless War: US Special Ops Forces in 137 Nations. 27.6.2017.

Killer Drones and the Militarization of US Foreign Policy. 24.6.2017.

One Person Displaced Every Three Seconds. 23.6.2017.

From War to Cholera, Yemen Is Facing World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis.
10,000 people have died amid the ongoing U.S.-backed, Saudi-led war in Yemen.
It has destroyed the country's health, water and sanitation systems. 23.6.2017.

Life in the refugee camps designated for Eritreans in Ethiopia. 23.6.2017.

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense
than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom. 
- Martin Luther King.
A Billion Dollars Worth of Weaponry Go Missing in Iraq. 2.6.2017.

US Military Bases Back Dictators, Autocrats and Military Regimes. 17.5.2017.

The US Never Stopped Training and Arming Brutal Latin American Regimes. 8.5.2017.

The US spends a trillion a year on defence & security, more than all the other
countries combined. "It is inexcusable .. We've had a lot of false info - fake
news .. the US has been able to say .. Russia hacked the election. This is 
coming from who? From the intelligence agencies that are fighting against 
Russia with all their hearts & minds. They can't be trusted. This is important
to recognise. I think the Snowden movie shows why they cannot be trusted...
The media [has played] along accusing him [Assange] of rape & holding him on
these bogus charges. ... The [US] Empire's in its last days." - Oliver Stone,
film maker, interviewed by Garry Maddox. Dom Post 2.5.2017.

Mass Starvation in Yemen: Ending It Requires Admitting Who's Causing It. 4.5.2017 

Sister Maura Clarke, killed by the US-trained El Salvadoran military in 1980. 3.5.2017

How does living under the occupation affect the lives of ordinary West Papuans? 1.5.2017

Senegal 2015.
A Constellation of American Military Bases Across Africa. 28.4.2017

Printing Money and How Governments Pay for Wars - Richard Wolff. 26.4.2017

US Provided Cover for the Saudi Starvation Strategy in Yemen. 9.4.2017.

Donald Trump's War Crimes. 6.4.2017.
Using white phosphorous & depleted uranium, this administration has killed an 
unusually large number of civilians, in violation of US and international law.

UK Is Making Arms Boycotts Illegal. 31.3.2017.

Amnesty: Hundreds of Iraqi Civilians Killed in US Airstrikes. 31.3.2017.

 Bribri celebrate their resistance against the commodification of their forests
in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica: US Occupation Disguised as Humanitarian Aid. 15.3.2017.

Naval Exercises Add Trillions of Pieces of Plastic Debris to Oceans. 16.3.2017.
The US Navy will have left behind 500,000 pounds of flares and trillions of 
microfibers. Until 1987, chaff strands were made of aluminum coated with lead -
44 tons of it were released in one year over 2.7 million acres.

WikiLeaks, Year Zero and the CIA Hacking Files.
Hacking into us via Apple, Google & Samsung. 10.3.2017.

American Carnage: Fighting the Forever War. 8.3.2017.

US Evading Responsibility for Health Impacts of Burn Pits in Iraq. 7.3.2017.

NATO's depleted uranium bombs causing massive cancer in Serbia & Montenegro
-Dr Danica Crujicic, Clinical Centre of Serbia. Reported by Al Jazeera 2.3.2017

Military recruiting - child predators with monthly quotas. 20.2.2017.

Mapping the War Machine. 9.2.2017.

Honduran Politicians, US Aid Implicated in Killings of Environmentalists. 7.2.2017.

US Protests in the 1960s. Received 26.1.2017.

The Ongoing Genocide in Myanmar. 8.1.2017.

Noam Chomsky, Who Rules the World? 2016.
 U.S. policies post-9/11, 
and the perils of valuing power above democracy and human rights.

America's most elite troops deployed to 138 nations in 2016.
US Special Operations Forces Deploy to 138 Nations, 70 Percent of the World's Countries. 6.1.2017.

Cops of the Pacific? The US Military's Role in Asia in the Age of Trump. 14.12.2016.

The Anatomy of US Military Policy: An Interview With Andrew Bacevich'. 5.12.2016.

"Militarized Neoliberalism" and the Canadian State in Latin America. 20.11.2016.
 Todd Gordon and Jeffery Webber's new book, 
The Blood of Extraction: Canadian Imperialism in Latin America.

US army breaks its contracts with impunity - sending men back to war. 18.11.2016.

US forces accused of committing war crimes in Aghanistan & CIA detention 
centres 2003-04, by Criminal Court at The Hague. - DomPost 16.11.2016.

Navy's Use of Depleted Uranium in Coastal Waters Threatens Humans, Wildlife. 1.11.2016.

The F-35 is a weapon of offensive war, serving no defensive purpose.
It is planned to cost the U.S. $1.4 trillion over 50 years. Because starvation 
on earth could be ended for $30 billion and the lack of clean drinking water 
for $11 billion per year, it is first and foremost through the wasting of 
resources that this airplane will kill. 1.11.2016.

Time To Stop The Next War Now. Some scary reading here. 24.10.2016.

End Australia's offshore detention centres on Manus, Nauru and Christmas Island. 24.10.2016.

  Some books available from
A Global Security System: An Alternative to War by World Beyond War
War Is Never Just by David Swanson
Waging Peace by David Hartsough
War No More: The Case for Abolition by David Swanson
When the World Outlawed War by David Swanson
The End of War by John Horgan
Look Not Unto the Morrow by Robert Fantina
They Were Soldiers by Ann Jones
War Is A Lie by David Swanson
An Indigenous People's History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Dissent: Voices of Conscience by Ann Wright and Susan Dixon
Addicted to War by Joel Andreas
Transition to Peace by Russell Faure-Brac
Living Beyond War by Winslow Myers
Is Civilization Possible by Blase Bonpane
Guerrillas of Peace by Blase Bonpane
Guerrillas of Peace on the Air by Blase Bonpane
Common Sense for the 21st Century by Blase Bonpane 

The will to resist - Soldiers who refuse to fight in Iraq & Afghanistan,
by Dahr Jamail 2009, Haymarket Books, Chicago. Held by Wellington Public Library.
  p10 By the end Of the Vietnam war, the US transformed from production to
consumption. p11 We began to use force to feed our demand for cheap oil.
Those around Obama have no interest in dismantling the imperial presidency or
the vast national security state. p12 The corporate forces that control the state
will never permit real reform. We will never achieve energy independence. That
would devastate the profits of the oil & gas industry. It would wipe out tens of
billions in weapons contracts, spoil the financial health of a host of private
contractors from Haliburton to Blackwater, & render obsolete US Central Command.
p13 Obama has allocated a trillion $ in defense spending & the doomed imperial
projects in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Surviving Torture in a CIA Secret Prison:
Khaled al-Sharif of Libya Recounts Horrors. 14.10.2016.

The Military Logic of Punishing Chelsea Manning's Suicide Attempt. 30.9.2016.

Stop Selling Weapons To Saudis. 26.9.2016.

In 2013, the Arms Trade Treaty received an overwhelming 'yes' vote at the UN.
In 2014 NZ became the 45th country to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). 7.9.2016.

Chilcot Report Used In War Crimes Lawsuit Against George W. Bush. 5.9.2016.

Obama has bombed 7 nations. Clinton claims he has not been militaristic enough.

US War Crimes or "Normalized Deviance". 24.8.2016.

 Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq 1,455,590
 Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed In U.S. War Of Iraq 4,801
 Number Of International Occupation Force Troops killed In Afghanistan: 3,487
 Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan $1,707,682,935,419 
- 21.8.16 ex

A Preview of The Coming War on China by John Pilger. 5.8.2016.

U.S. Bombing in Libya without congressional authorization. 5.8.2016.

France's Terror Spiral Ends When France Stops Being a Rogue State. 3.8.2016.

CIA Rebels Behead Kid And Other U.S. Successes in Syria. 29.7.2016.

Australia, UK, US Complicit in Indonesian Massacres, International Judges Say. 22.7.2016.
500,000 Indonesians killed in anti-communist purge at height of Cold War.

Behind The CIA Desperate Turkey Coup Attempt. 19.7.2016.

Send Our War Criminals to the Hague Court.
They engineered the Iraq War, as blatant and illegal an aggression as Hitler's 
invasion of Poland in 1939.  12.7.2016.

Targeted for implicating criminality by the US war machine.
Few journalists know the cruelty of government censorship as well as James 
Risen, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist at The New York Times. Watch the Video.

Radioactive Waste and the Nuclear War on Australia's Aboriginal People. 11.7.2016.

Rebecca Gordon 2016, American Nuremberg
The US officials who should stand trial for post 9/11 war crimes.
A summary of this important book by Rebecca Gordon, 2016.

"Just Take Me to Jail": Remembering Muhammad Ali's Refusal to Fight in Vietnam. 7.6.2016.

How The US Dominates The World Arms Trade. 5.6.2016.
Its customer base includes half of the world’s nations. 
40% of those exports end up in the Middle East. 

On any day, elite U.S. forces conduct covert missions in an estimated 70 to 90 countries.
Special forces have been sent to 147 countries —  75 percent of the world’s nations last year alone. 5.6.2016.

How the Pentagon punished NSA whistleblowers.
May 22, 2016 - Snowden calls for whistleblower shield.
Mark Hertsgaard's new book, Bravehearts: Whistle Blowing in the Age of Snowden 
(Hot Books/Skyhorse).

US backed Chad dictator Have jailed for life in Senegal. H killed 40,000 &
tortured 200,000. Feted by Reagan 1987. 1.6.2016 Dom Post.

Silencing the United States as It Prepares for War. By John Pilger
A third of the members of the United Nations have felt Washington's boot, 
overturning governments, subverting democracy, imposing blockades and boycotts.
The US War Machine's Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American
 a $1 Million Home. 23.5.2016.

US Officials Responsible for Torture Should Be Prosecuted Under Nuremberg Protocols

'Human Suffering Has Reached Staggering Levels’
 - United Nations Secretary General. 14.5.2016.

Navy Allowed to Kill 12 Million Whales, Dolphins in Pacific. 14.5.2016.
America's Illegal Wars on the World. 14.5.2016.

The Navy has knowingly broken laws that are supposed to protect endangered species.

How Obama Made Assassination Formal US Policy.
Jeremy Scahill co-author of 'Inside the Assassination Complex', 
by Edward Snowden.

Australian Government Boasts of Helping US Kill Its Own Citizens in Middle East.

Inside the Assassination Complex, by Edward Snowden
Whistleblowing Is Not Just Leaking - It's an Act of Political Resistance. 4.5.2016.

Washington Brings Regime Change To Venezuela. 3.5.2016.
Obama declared Venezuela to be an "unusual and extraordrinary threat 
to the national security and foreign policy of the United States" .

"Boots on the Ground" in Iraq: Here We Go Again. 3.5.2016.

The Hidden Costs of US Air War: more civilian killings, ... 27.4.2016.

Big money in politics drives grave inequality and war. 22.4.2016.

Hired to Sell a Murderous Foreign Regime to the US Public,
Ketchum operates in 70 countries

Nuclear warhead spending rose higher under Obama than under any US president.
The cost over thirty years is more than $1 trillion. 18.4.2016.

Book by David Swanson: Ten Revealing War Lies.
Here are videos and text from it. 13.4.2016.

The US Is Militarizing the Pacific. 12.4.2016.

The Military Waste Machine Is Running Full Speed Ahead. 12.4.2016.

Noam Chomsky on Germany's Weapons Exports to Israel, Saudi Arabia
and the Refugee Crisis. 9.4.2016. 

David Swanson of author of War Is A Lie.
 Its 2nd edition
is 6.4.2016. He blogs at and 
Director of World Beyond War.

Human Rights Lawyer on US War Crimes & the Refugee Crisis.
...the conviction of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair on war crimes 
charges at the 2012 Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission... 
Prof Francis Boyle is the author of 1) Tackling America's Toughest Questions,
2) The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence,
3) Palestine, Palestinians and International Law, Breaking All the Rules 
and 4)The Palestinian Right of Return Under International Law. 5.4.2016.

Guantánamo and the Politics of Fear.
Center for Constitutional Rights: Out of the nearly 800 people who have been 
imprisoned at Guantánamo over the last 14 years, only eight have been convicted
of a crime. 4.4.2016.

Israeli intelligence minister calls for the ‘targeted killing’
of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists.  4.4.2016. 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. traces US interventions in the MidEast over the past 75 years
 in “Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in Syria.”  1.4.2016.

The CIA and the Pentagon Are Shooting at Each Other:
 The CIA and the Pentagon are funding and training two Syrian militias that 
are actively trying to annihilate each other. In short, the US government is 
in a shooting war with itself. It is a frictionless machine lubricated with 
blood. 1.4.2016.  

President Obama: "Arms Dealer in Chief".
In 2001-2011 77% of the world arms trade was supplied by the United States, 
about 11% by the European Union, about 5% by Russia, less than 2% by China. 

9/11: The FBI Report and the Dancing Israelis.
 See her for another view.20.3.2016.  

Israeli Defence Minister admitted, that the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi
and the installation of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi was planned. 

How Much Did the US Know About the Kidnapping, Torture, and Murder
of Over 20,000 People in Argentina? 15.3.2016.  

On Disappearing People. If you thought things had much changed under Obama,
think again. 15.3.2016.  

Syria: Another CIA Supplied Group Hands Its Weapons To Al-Qaeda. 15.3.2016.

Why Peace People Should Care About Money in Politics:
War is and always has been a money game played by a few but paid for by the 
rest. Weapons manufacturers and other military-dependent corporations wine and 
dine our elected officials and lobby to prioritize war above all else, and 
the citizens are left to pick up the trillion-dollar bill. ... The main 
contributors? The notorious weapons manufacturers Lockheed Martin, Northrop 
Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Dynamics. ... In 2014, the US gave a 
total of over $90 billion to just these 5 corporations... The US gave $138 
billion to private contractors during the Iraq war in exchange for security, 
power plants, food, and more. Of that amount, 52% went to just 10 companies. 
The top money maker? KBR, the former subsidiary of Halliburton that has for 
years conducted illegal business in government-sanctioned countries. 
Halliburton's former CEO? Dick Cheney, Bush's vice-president ... 14.3.2016.

Last year's $3.1 billion in US military aid to Israel
was no longer acceptable, Netanyahu made clear. 11.3.2016.  

Obama has used the military to wage open or hidden wars in more countries
than any president since the second world war. Obama has ordered thousands of 
unknown people be killed by drone strikes in ten or so countries. He has used 
clandestine means for illegitimate regime change from Honduras over Ukraine to 
Iraq ... 11.3.2016.  

Navy Secretly Conducting Electromagnetic Warfare Training on Washington Roads.

Saudi Arabia's Exploding Christmas Gifts From Hillary Clinton.
While Hillary Clinton's State Department was deeply invested in getting weapons
to Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars in 
donations from both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the weapons manufacturer 
Boeing. The weapons supplied are the same ones used to kill civilians in Yemen.

"Saving" East Timor: How One of the 20th Century's Worst Mass Murders
Was Covered Up. This was a conspiracy to steal East Timor's oil and gas. 
In the 17 years since East Timor won its independence, the Australian 
government has taken nearly $5 billion in oil and gas revenue. 5.3.2016.  

"it was the United States that destroyed Syrian democracy in 1949
when the CIA sponsored the first coup d'état in the country ending democratic 
rule. It is again the United States that has destroyed the possibility of 
a democratic outcome of the current popular uprising." Hillary Clinton's 
Terrible Vision for Syria. 
On Assad, click here. 27.2.2016.
How a Dick Cheney-connected company got rich while U.S. soldiers got poisoned.

10 Secret Armies of the Central Intelligence Agency.
As more evidence mounts that the US government was secretly assisting 
the Islamic State, it might be time to point out a few instances when the CIA 
created secret armies. 19.2.2016.  

Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured.
The number of wounded is put at 1.9 million. 
Economic losses are estimated at $255bn. 11.2.2016.  

Feeding the Military-Industrial Complex.
 The US military procurement machine may be the single most successful system 
of wealth transfer ever devised, but as a provider of working equipment to 
defend the United States against realistic threats, it is becoming more and 
more dysfunctional with every passing year. 7.2.2016.  

As China seeks to exert its own presence in the region,
especially in the South China Sea, the US military is heightening its foothold 
on Pacific islands to counter China's naval power. 7.2.2016.  

Millions have died as a consequence of the actions of this one American
"cowboy". 5.2.2016.  

As Yemen Bleeds, British Profits from Weapons Sales "Bury Human Rights".
Why care about human rights or outright savagery when there are arms to be sold?  

"The only place you and I disagree . . . is with regard to the bombing. 
You're so goddamned concerned about the civilians, and I (in contrast) don't 
give a damn. I don't care.". . . "I'd rather use the nuclear bomb. . . 
Does that bother you? I just want you to think big." 
- Richard Nixon to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on the Watergate tapes

"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." - Albert Einstein.
Obama Plans Massive Military Escalation and the Media Barely Seem to Care.
U.S. troops are going back into Iraq, our presence in Libya is escalating, and 
Obama has widened the war in Afghanistan-all without much of a public debate. 

"War," said Major General Smedley Butler, "is a racket ...
possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious."

US-Trained Military Officials Face Prosecution for Dirty War Atrocities in Guatemala:
The beginning of the legal process against former Guatemalan military officials
ends more than 30 years of impunity and begins to bring justice for the 
families of the disappeared. But when will the US government be held 
accountable for its role in war atrocities? 26.1.2016. 

"Staggering" Violence in Iraq: The Legacy of US War and Occupation. 23.1.2016.

Western Powers Protect Arms Markets Ignoring Civilian Killings.
"The majority of the Obama administration's major arms sales have gone to 
the Middle East and Persian Gulf, with Saudi Arabia topping the list with over 
$49 billion in new agreements."   16.1.2016. 

Watch Israeli Occupation Forces Shooting Palestinian Demonstrators Video.
As this video demonstrates, live fire amounts to an enjoyable blood sport for 
the Israelis charged with enforcing the occupation.  16.1.2016. 

The US in 2016: No Money for Social Programs, Cash to Burn For The military.
The US government has poured hundreds of billions of dollars into into military
programs like the F-35 fighter, while slashing assistance for the poor, 
homeless, and hungry.  14.1.2016. 

"The major western democracies are moving towards corporatism. Democracy has 
become a business plan, with a bottom line for every human activity, every 
dream, every decency, every hope. The main parliamentary parties are now 
devoted to the same economic policies - socialism for the rich, capitalism for 
the poor - and the same foreign policy of servility to endless war. This is 
not democracy. It is to politics what McDonalds is to food". -John Pilger

New Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal Propaganda, Executions,
coveting Libyan oil and gold. 7.1.2016.

Because We Say So, 2015 by Noam Chomsky.
2011-2015. His classic penetrative analysis ... With lucidity and a rightful 
sense of urgency, Chomsky highlights ruthless war crimes and discusses climate 
catastrophe and nuclear weapons. - Review by Ed. 
Some issues: p31 62 159: the gutting of US democracy & the US Constitution. 
p77 genocide of Palestine. p137 US is a rogue state. p160 drones. 
p166 181 191 oil. p178 the US war machine. - Held by WPL.

US Intended to Destroy Civilian Populations During Cold War:
Declassified Document. A plan for the "systematic destruction" of explicitly 
targeted "population" in all cities, including Beijing, Moscow, Leningrad, 
East Berlin, and Warsaw.  26.12.2015.

1 in 8 of the babies in the world are born into violence and chaos, UNICEF:
In 2015, more than 16 million babies were born into conflict areas or into 
dangerous journeys to flee those war zones, primarily in the countries Syria, 
Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and the Central African Republic. 

Iraq, Afghan war costs $4 trillion.
 'This Ship is Sinking' Says Former Bush Official.
U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, is honest about the unfixable corruption 
inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign policy. 

CRS Report for Congress, Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress,
Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 2004-2011. 
From 17.12.2015. 

U.S. government has stopped reporting on its own and other nations' arms sales.
It is no longer documenting one of its biggest and most deadly businesses. 
Instruct the Congressional Research Service to resume its reporting on the 
arms trade.  From 17.12.2015. 

Clinton Tops List of Arms Company Donations.
Hillary Clinton has received more money from arms and military service 
companies than any other candidate during the 2016 presidential campaign.  

Marc PILISUK and Jennifer ROUNTREE, The Hidden Structure Of Violence (2015).
Monthly Review: Widespread violence, they argue, is an expression of the 
underlying social order, and whether it is carried out by military forces or
 by patterns of investment, the aim is to strengthen that order for the benefit
of the powerful... It also documents the relatively small number of people and 
corporations responsible for facilitating the violent status quo, whether 
by setting the range of permissible discussion or benefiting directly as 
financiers and manufacturers. The result is a stunning indictment of our 
violent world and a powerful critique of the ways through which violence is 
reproduced on a daily basis, whether at the highest levels of the state or ...
  A valuable book, highly recommended, available at WC Library. 1.12.2015. 

Horrors Wrought On The World Since 9/11.
120,000 air strikes in seven countries,  occupation of Afghanistan for 14 
years, Iraq for over 8 years, and destruction of Libya, Syria and Yemen, 
1.6 million people killed, mostly civilians, and 59.5 million people driven 
from their homes. 30.11.2015. 

US Has Killed More Than 20 Million In 37 Nations Since WWII. 30.11.2015.

U.S. Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Stop "illegal" War on Assad.
... a US Congresswoman who served two tours of duty in Iraq  is now telling 
Americans that The White House, The Pentagon, and most especially the CIA are 
together engaged in an "illegal" effort to overthrow the government of 
a sovereign country.  25.11.2015. 

U.S. Senator: "War On Syria Was An Unlawful War Of Aggression".
"I was pleased by the Russians' intervention against the armies invading Syria.
With their support, the Syrian Army has made dramatic strides against the 
terrorists".  22.11.2015.

"Scarier" Times Ahead in Africa:
... the soaring deployments of US Special Operations forces and the number of 
US military bases. 18.11.2015. 

It's a $cam! The US Way of War in the 21st Century:
 In 2011, the final report of the Commission on Wartime Contracting estimated 
that somewhere between $31 billion and $60 billion in taxpayer money had been 
lost to fraud and waste in the US "reconstruction" of Iraq and Afghanistan. 
In recent years, the cost of reconstruction never stopped growing. 13.11.2015. 

22 U.S. military veterans die by suicide every day. 12.11.2015.

Washington Prepares for World War III.
As far as the Pentagon is concerned, a military conflict with China and/or 
Russia is inevitable, and this prospect has become the driving force of its 
tactical and strategic planning. 6.11.2015.

The Perils of Obama's Latest Undeclared War.
This should perturb even proponents of a U.S. war against ISIS. 6.11.2015. 

US and Israël Begin the Colonisation of Northern Syria. 6.11.2015.

Averting a World of Failed States and Resource Wars.
For the first time, the nations of the world will have to step beyond national 
thinking and embrace a higher goal: the safety of the ecosphere and all its 
human inhabitants. 4.11.2015. 

Electing The President Of An Empire, by Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin.
Obama is running a global terror program of a kind never seen before.  28.10.2015. 

US senators and generals conspire to arm
and back a new terrorist army aimed at Iran. 12.10.2015. 

WikiLeaks Cables Shed Light On US Foreign Policy:
Washington has had a policy of promoting sectarian warfare in Syria for the 
purpose of destabilizing the Assad government. 8.10.2015. 

A Secret War in 135 Countries.
US Military Forces Deployed in 70% of All Worlds Nations. 
SOCOM prefers to operate in the shadows while its personnel and missions 
expand globally to little notice or attention.  "The key thing that SOCOM 
brings to the table is that we are -- we think of ourselves -- 
as a global force..." 24.9.2015 

Objecting to War: The Human Conscience vs. the US Military:
Military conscientious objectors give us powerful insight into our own nature, 
and they can be strong and credible voices for peace. 27.9.2015. 

Congress, Pope Francis Calls Out the 'Industry of Death'.
 The "People's pope" condemned the arms trade, war profiteering, and even 
the war on terror itself.  26.9.2015. 

Noam Chomsky explained why he believes the U.S. poses the greatest threat
to world peace. "[The United States] is a rogue state, indifferent to 
international law and conventions, entitled to resort to violence at will. 23.9.2015. 

Privatizing the Apocalypse: How Nuclear Weapons Companies Commandeer Your Tax $:
 For the $35 billion or more that US taxpayers will put into this country's 
nuclear arsenal annually to support the narrow interests of a modest number 
of companies, the payback is fear of an apocalyptic future. 23.9.2015. 

People's Tribunal Decries US War Machine in the Philippines:
 The stories told at the International People's Tribunal on Crimes Against the 
Filipino People highlight an aspect of US foreign policy that often gets 
overlooked: US military involvement in the Philippines and its destructive 
consequences. 20.9.2015.

Russia and the Changing World, by Vladimir PUTIN.
A string of armed conflicts under the pretext of humanitarian concerns has 
undermined the principle of national sovereignty, which has been observed for 
centuries. 19.9.2015.

"Psychopaths Are Running The World."
Former US Marine Blows Whistle ... 15.9.2015.

Secret Warfare -U.S. Special Forces Expand Training to Allies With Histories
of Abuse. 11.9.2015.

A Refugee Crisis Made in America.
Will the U.S. accept responsibility for the humanitarian consequences of 
Washington-manufactured wars? 11.9.2015.

Assange On 'US Empire', Assad Govt Overthrow Plans - 'The WikiLeaks Files'.
 Julian Assange paints a picture of systemic US torture and killing as well as 
the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of billions of people right around
the world. 10.9.2015.

The U.S. military and NATO have now gone on the offensive
against news organizations that present journalism which is deemed to 
undermine the perceptions that the U.S. government seeks to convey to the 
 ... conservatives in the Reagan administration - embracing as an article of 
faith that "liberal" reporters contributed to the U.S. defeat in Vietnam - 
moved aggressively to discredit journalists who wrote about human rights 
violations by U.S.-backed forces in Central America. In line with those hostile
attitudes, news coverage of President Ronald Reagan's invasion of Grenada in 
1983 was barred, and in 1990-91, President George H.W. Bush tightly controlled 
journalists trying to report on the Persian Gulf War. By keeping out - 
or keeping a close eye on - reporters, the U.S. military acted with fewer 
constraints and abuses went largely unreported.
  This so-called "weaponizing of information" turned even more lethal during 
the presidency of Bill Clinton and the war over Kosovo when NATO identified 
Serb TV as an enemy "propaganda center" and dispatched warplanes to destroy 
its studios ... Despite this willful slaughter of unarmed journalists, 
the reaction from most U.S. news organizations was muted. ...
... "once you kill people because you don't like what they say, you change 
the rules of war." Now, the Pentagon is doing exactly that, literally rewriting
its "Law of War" manual to allow for the no-holds-barred treatment of "enemy" 
journalists as "unprivileged belligerents."
Despite the 1999 targeting of a news outlet in order to silence its reporting, 
a case for war crimes was never pursued against the U.S. and NATO officials 
responsible ... 
During the presidency of George W. Bush, the Arab network Al Jazeera was 
depicted as "enemy media" deserving of destruction rather than being respected 
as a legitimate news organization - and the news network's offices were struck 
by American bombs ...  in Kabul .. & Baghdad... 
  During the Obama administration, the concept of "strategic communication" - 
managing the perceptions of the world's public - has grown more and more e
xpansive and the crackdown on the flow of information unprecedented. 
More than any of his predecessors, President Barack Obama has authorized harsh 
legal action against government "leakers" who have exposed inconvenient truths 
about U.S. foreign policy and intelligence practices... 7.9.2015 

CIA and the Media: 50 Historical Facts the World Needs to Know.
 Why do prominent US journalists routinely fail to question other deep events 
that shape America's tragic history? 1.9.2015 

Stopping the Next Wars.
The TPP is the economic arm of the Asian Pivot. As part of the military arm, 
the US is forcing new bases on ecologically sensitive areas in South Korea and 
Okinawa. Read about the horrors the people of Jeju Island are experiencing 
and their brave resistance here.  31.8.2015 

70 Years After The War, Okinawa Protests New US Military Base.
35,000 demonstrators raise placards reading 'Do not yield to authority' during 
a rally to protest the Futenma U.S. air base on Okinawa, Japan.  31.8.2015

Occupy Peace - Fight For Peace, Not For War by Paul Craig Roberts.
 Is it possible, that the way we act is often in direct conflict with who 
we think we are?   29.8.2015 

4 Million Muslims Killed In Western Wars: Should We Call It Genocide?
 Since the vast majority of those killed were of Arab descent, and mostly 
Muslim, when would it be fair to accuse the United States and its allies of 
genocide?  23.8.2015 

U.S. Provides Cover for Use of Banned Weapons in Yemen.
 The United States is providing a thinly-veiled cover virtually legitimising 
the use of cluster bombs - banned by an international convention - by Saudi 
Arabia and its allies. 23.8.2015 

Obama on Iran: The Specter of World War III.
 A powerful factions within Congress and the state apparatus are determined 
to carry out a war against Iran that would have incalculable consequences.  11.8.2015 

Mikhail Gorbachev: US Military an 'Insurmountable Obstacle to a Nuclear-Free World'. 8.8.2015

Laos After the Bombs. From 1964 to 1973, the US dropped two million tons
of bombs on Laos. The horrendous effects are still being felt. 8.7.2015 

Global Cost of War Was $14 Trillion Last Year, 13% of the world's GDP.
"Last year alone it is estimated that 20,000 people were killed in terrorist 
attacks up from an average of 2,000 a year only 10 years ago," 21.6.2015 

Abolish Secretive Special Ops Forces. 13.6.2015

Washington's Death Squads.
The United States government has become ever more dependent upon the murderous 
operations of secret death squads. 10.6.2015 

Why Bush, Blair, and others in their administrations should stand trial. 9.6.2015
"These Are War Crimes": Shocking Details Emerge of US Resident's Torture by CIA. 5.6.2015

The US Militarization of Africa Is Well Underway,
and Nothing Good Will Come of It. US proxy wars & secret ops in Africa. 30.5.2015. 

War Is A Racket, By Major General Smedley Butler 1881-1940, USMC.
A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems 
to the majority of the people. 
  Chapter 4: ... The only way to smash this racket is to conscript capital and 
industry and labor before the nations manhood can be conscripted. One month 
before the Government can conscript the young men of the nation - it must 
conscript capital and industry and labor. Let the officers and the directors 
and the high-powered executives of our armament factories and our munitions 
makers and our shipbuilders and our airplane builders and the manufacturers of 
all the other things that provide profit in war time as well as the bankers 
and the speculators, be conscripted - to get $30 a month, the same wage as the 
lads in the trenches get.
Let the workers in these plants get the same wages - all the workers, 
all presidents, all executives, all directors, all managers, all bankers - 
yes, and all generals and all admirals and all officers and all politicians 
and all government office holders - everyone in the nation be restricted to 
a total monthly income not to exceed that paid to the soldier in the trenches! 

Prosecuting Crimes against Humanity.
  Israel is attempting to do away with the laws protecting us all from crimes 
against humanity. 24.5.2015. 

US Complicity in Operation Condor Terror Campaign:
  Operation Condor was a campaign of systematic repression and assassination 
of left-wing dissidents, carried out by right-wing, dictatorial Latin American 
governments. While the US directly supported the governments that carried out 
these human rights violations, it also secretly expressed support for their 
state terror campaign. 24.5.2015. 

US Domestic Military Expansion. 23.5.2015.

Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism,
But From Those Claiming to Fight it.  By Glenn Greenwald. 
  The UK, Australia, France, NEW ZEALAND and Canada - joining the U.S. - have 
a seemingly insatiable desire to curb freedoms in the name of protecting them. 
It claims that the UK government seeks a ban on broadcasting and a requirement 
to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and 
social media or in print. 14.5.2015. 

Saudi-Led Coalition Bombing Yemen With Banned US-Made Cluster Munitions.
A 2008 treaty banning cluster bombs was adopted by 116 countries - although 
not by Saudi Arabia, Yemen or the United States. According to Human Rights 
Watch, the US-supplied cluster bombs have landed near rebel-held villages in 
northern Yemen, putting residents in danger. 7.5.15. 

The harsh realities of Israel's occupation of the West Bank
and Ramzi Aburedwan's dream of building a music school that could provide 
Palestinian children with an alternative to the violence and humiliation that 
is their everyday lives. 1.5.2015. 

US Wages ''War on Terror'' in the Philippines.
A legal report on the Philippine government's extrajudicial killings from 2001 
to 2010 found that the vast majority of victims are activists, government 
officials and other noncombatant members of the opposition. Of the 390 people 
killed within that time frame, 32 percent were officers or members of activist 
groups, 15 percent were elected government officials, 15 percent were 
journalists, 10 percent were farmers and the rest were others such as lawyers 
and religious leaders. Only 8 percent of those victims were armed rebel 

Palestinian legislators and political prisoners detained
by Israeli occupation forces. There are currently 6000 Palestinian political 
detainees in Israeli prisons, including almost 500 administrative detainees.  
 See also
 The battle for justice in Palestine, by Ali Abunimah. Haymarket Books, 2014. 
Held by WCL.

Obama's Record Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq. 9.4.2015

Israel Using Live Ammunition for Palestinian Crowd Control.

The Cambodia Tribunal aka the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, consists of both Cambodian and international judges, and has exclusive jurisdiction over selected crimes.
For NZ's support & Dame Silvia Cartwright's role see here.

Compare the International People's Tribunal on Crimes Against the Filipino People.
The Great Game in Afghanistan. Having spent an estimated $1 trillion
and sacrificed the lives of 2,150 US soldiers, Washington finds itself 
increasingly consigned to observer status in Afghanistan.  

Obama budget allocates $8.8 bln to fight ISIS, help Iraq:
 Obama's fiscal 2016 budget requests $8.8 billion to fund U.S. efforts to fight
ISIS militants, bolster Iraq's army and strengthen the "moderate" opposition 
in Syria. 

America has been at war 93% of the time - 222 out of 239 years - since 1776.

Saudi Arabia becomes world's biggest arms importer amid regional concerns:
 Saudi Arabia has become the world's largest arms importer. Spending on arms 
by Saudi Arabia rose to $6.5 billion, rising 54 percent as compared to last 
year. The biggest beneficiary of the strong Middle Eastern market continues to 
be the United States, with $8.4 billion in arms exports in 2014. 9.3.2015

What would happen if an 800-kiloton nuclear warhead detonated above midtown Manhattan?

An Iraqi Holocaust 2.7 Million Iraqi Dead From Violence
Or War-imposed Deprivation. The West has now commenced its Seventh Iraq War 
since 1914 in over a century of Western violence in which Iraqi deaths from 
violence or violently-imposed deprivation have totalled 9 million.  

Book: Dirty wars: the world is a battlefield, J SCAHILL 2013. At WCL. Not read.

World's Most Evil and Lawless Institution - the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government?
... McNamara stated that after WW2, General Lemay, who'd firebombed Tokyo 
killing 100,000 civilians and dropped the atomic bomb, said:
 `if we'd lost the war, we'd all have been prosecuted as war criminals. 
And I think he's right. He, and I'd say I, were behaving as war criminals. 
LeMay recognized that what he was doing would be thought immoral if his side 
had lost. But what makes it immoral if you lose and not immoral if you win?'...
Fred Branfman is an American anti-war activist and author of a number of books 
about the Indochina War, including Voices from The Plain of Jars, 
Life Under an Air War,. He can be reached at

Book: Chomsky & Vltchek, On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare.
2013. Western power and propaganda. A sample: p7 8 million died in the Congo
killed by militias backed by multinationals after resources. p8 Vietnam, the
worst crime since WW2. Kennedy's use of napalm & chemical weapons. Kissinger's
genocide in Cambodia. p9 US bombing of Laos & Cambodia: companies still refuse
to share info to aid de-bombing. In Cambodia US bombs killed more than Khmer 
Rouge. p13 Under Leopold 2, 10 million died in the Congo. If you didnt perform
well on the rubber plantations your hands would be cut off ... Belgians killed
more people in Africa that what was then the population of Belgium. p18 France
massacred the entire population of Grenada & nearly all on Easter Island.
Partition of India led to one of the worst massacres in history, comparable to
the Western-backed 1965 coup in Indonesia, & present-day genocide in Congo.
p31 They are freer to speak in Beijing than on BBC. p32 China, Turkey & Iran 
run more uncensored stories than the Western media. p36 Western propaganda can
trigger coups & conflicts, calling the most peaceful country the most violent,
& calling Western nations that have terrorized the world for centuries, the
true upholders of peace & democracy. p41 The West has little independent
reporting. p43 The 1986 bombing of Libya was timed for prime-time TV. When the
US marines invaded Fallujah, the marines threw out & tied up the patients in 
the hospital because it was distributing casualty figures. Radiation levels
there now are about the same as in Hiroshima. Radiation in some places in Iraq
are now fatal - because of use of uranium shells.

'Scorched Earth - legacies of chemical warfare in Vietnam' by Fred Wilcox, 2011.
 Also by him, 'Waiting for an army to die: the tragedy of Agent Orange.'

Book: Small wars permitting: dispatches from foreign lands, by Christina Lamb 2008.
  The mind-gobbling misery that Bush & Blair unleashed with their War on
Terror to cover their grab for oil, propping up dictators, is but one subject
given detail in this must-read book. Some random points:
 p124 The ongoing killing of chn in Rio. Eco-martyr Chico Mendes, one of many
rubber-tappers murdered. Tappers &nut-gatherers. He saved 3 mn acres by 
non-violent means. Ranchers hired more gunmen than cattlehands. In 1980 Wilson 
Pinheiro, head of CONTAG, the union for ag workers, assassinated. Not 1 of 
those who've murdered 1500 rural workers were tried.
 p209-222 The child slave trade that produces our chocolate - as well as coffee
& cotton in the Ivory Coast. UNICEF's Ackebo Felix. p217 Abidgan's market of 
young girls for sale. The Catholic Christians Fund.
 p317-327 Zimbabwe: Mugabe's genocide, destruction of agriculture & 
infrastructure, depopulation of cities forcing millions to leave; 1 in 3 in 
Harare with mental disorders.
Fahrenheit 9/11, 2004. This exposes how Bush's BP Cheney's Haliburton ripped 
off iraqi oil & US taxpayers. Other war crims include Rumsfield & Wolfowitz.
Of 535 members of Congress, only 1 had a son in Iraq.
Full Movie with dutch subs.
Official Trailer

Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror. 2003
A 52 minute movie. It ties it to the neo cons and the PNAC report 
'Rebuilding America's Defenses'.

Iraq under siege, the deadly impact of sanctions and war. 
2000 Edited by Anthony Arnove.
Get this book from your libary for US & UK war crimes.
Sanctions killed a million people, half of them kids.
Depleted Uranium shells have left a poison legacy that will last thousands of
 The chapter by Chomsky, US hypocrisy is laid bare as it uses weapons of mass 
destruction to destroy Iraq's infrastructure in its greed for oil.
 The chapter by a Catholic woman Kathy Kelly, a founder of Voices in the 
Wilderness, describes how US citizens taking medicine to Iraqi children lays 
them open to 7 years in jail & a million dollar fine.
 Other remarkable chapters are by John Pilger, Robert Fisk, & many more.
 Chapter 16 lists groups working to end sanctions on Iraq. These include
  American Friends Service Committee
  Pastors for Peace
  National Gulf War Resource Center
  National Catholic Peace Center
  Peace Action
  Physicians for Social Responsibility
  Voices in the Wilderness
  Voices of Conscience (Canada)
  Women's International League for Peace & Freedom 



'..PR distraction' by DomPost p17 29.1.2018:
.. [DairyNZ] equates urban & rural water pollution, tho only 1% of NZ's 
waterways flow thru urban areas (where 86% of the population lives) while 43%
flow thru pastoral land (where 14% of the population lives)... found that the
greatest negative impact on water quality in NZ had been "high-producting 
pastures that require large amounts of fertiliser to support high densities of
livestock".  Toxic algal blooms are increasingly common in rural waterways..
ecologist Russell Death said there was little evidence water quality was .
improving after 20 years of decline .. [and need] to support scientists such as
Mike Joy who speak out against the dairy industry.
... DairyNZ is following a well-worn playbook to minimise its own 
responsibility. That's its job - last year it collected $66mn in levies, part 
of which is expected to be used to lobby for farmer's interests...

'Spinning the freshwater debate.' By Charlie Mitchell.
'Powerful lobbyists start a grassroots freshwater campaign. Has the water 
debate been compromised?' ... Swim Fresh's 'We'll be fine' song. Their spin is
that people are not swimming in the rivers because they are cold, not because
of pollution. This disinformation is funded & conceived by Blackland PR, 
a consultancy to influence the public on issues that threaten a corporation's
reputation. 'It has used those skills to try & build public support for oil & 
gas exploration,' etc. 'The campaign is staffed by Massey University's 
communication, journalism & marketing students. ... other water campaigns 
[such as Choose Clean Water] have pointed to degraded waterways as the 
consequence of an extractive economy.' ... 14,000 km of NZ rivers are unsafe 
for swimming because of fecal matter' alone. ... "The public's seen this many
times before, like the experts who used to say that smoking is safe ... Swim
Fresh isnt simply neglecting the issue, it's trying to stop the change that
would improve our rivers." 'During last year's election, the most vigorous
opponent of Labour's proposed water tax was lobby group Irrigation NZ' via 
'Silvereye Communications, the Wellington PR company founded by Jo Coughlan'
sisterinlaw to Bill English & husband of Conor English, former president of
Federated Farmers. "We have relationships with all political parties ..."
Other clients include Federated Farmers, Agribusiness NZ, & Milk NZ. Fonterra
pays $6m/year to a PR firm. By contrast, Greenpeace, Forest & Bird, Fish & Game
lack well-connected lobbyists. Whereas these industries are represented by
powerful groups with significant reach into media & political spheres.
'These issues are rarely discussed in NZ.' - p A7 Dom Post 30.1.2018.

Greater Wellington Regional Council: Stop funding the Wairarapa dams
and other irrigation schemes. 28.6.2017.

Make our rivers swimmable & our ecosystems sustainable. -TOP 28.6.2017.
    Water is a public resource. Its commercial use shouldn't be a freebie.
    Polluters to pay for the damage they cause.
    Resolving the issues around ownership.

7 Steps Government Can Take NOW To Save New Zealand's Waterways. DomPost 9.6.2017.

Murky water standards & policy. - p17 of ecolink for Jan-April 2017.

The govt's Clean Water document merely calls for monitory macroinvertebrates,
the MC Index, with no actions proposed to remedy issues. There needs to be
clear guidelines in the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.
It also lacks direction for stock exclusion in water, dams, contamination.
The govt ignores the advice of its Chief Science Advisor & the Land & Water 
Forum. It must also address how water is allocated, urban intensification,
P & N levels. OECD: these issues require govt action.
 - Hugh Logan, p A7 DomPost 23.5.2017.

Secretary for the Environment Vicky Robertson: 'The simple answer of too many
cows = more nitrogen is, we can't actually back that up with evidence'.
 - TV News 27.4.2017. Really! 
This is the sort of crap we expect from the minister, but not his department.

Nitrogen levels are worsening at over half of monitored sites.
72% of native freshwater fish at risk of extinction.
1/3rd of native freshwater invertebrates are in the same category.
- 'Out Freshwater Environment 2017', by Ministry for the Environment & 
Statistics NZ, Dom Post p A6, 26.4.2017.

Freshwater advocate Murry Rodgers calls for a moratorium on new dairy farms &
irrigation schemes. We need to reduce dairy herds for sustainable nitrate 
levels. - Coalition for Clean Water. - DomPost p A9 26.4.2017. 

Chief scientist Sir Peter Gluckman highlights harsh realities about our fresh water
 due to intensive farming and urbanisation. 120 pages. 12.4.2017.  

State of our waterways is past a tipping-point. - Radio NZ. 12.4.2017.

Stand up for fresh water! - Submissions closed 28.4.2017.

Mike Joy: Tax fertiliser, the source of nitrogen. The market is growing for
plantbased milk. Farmers can have less cows & make more $. -Sunday TV1 26.3.17.

Protect Aotearoa's rivers, lakes and streams. 11.3.2017.
 Outstanding! Listen to what people say!

ex Action Station 10.3.2017.
ex Action Station 10.3.2017.

Forest & Bird quits water forum. 'By .. ignoring .. recommendations from the
Land & Water Forum, the Gov't has truly snatched defeat from the jaws of 
victory' - Mark Hanger, Dom Post 9.3.2017.

Env'tal Minister Smith said requirements to improve health in smaller creeks ...
did not require being monitored, reported on, or tested...' Maps given show 
that the vast majority of swimmable rivers not included. - Dom Post 4.3.2017.

There is now a 1 in 20 chance of getting campylobacter from swimming in a 
river rated Excellent by the Ministry of the Environment. Nitrogen levels
that enhance algal bloom & kill fish etc will go unchecked.
Mike Joy: "It's like saying OK a lot of people are exceeding the 50kmh speed 
limit so in 20 years we're going to have 90% of the people obeying the rules 
but [meanwhile] we're going to shift the speed limit to 100kmh." 
National genuflects before dairy returns of $8 bn. 
- Gordon Campbell, The Wellingtonian 2.3.2017.

'Who'd willingly wade into a "Smithable" river?"
"Instead of dealing the sources of faecal contamination going into our rivers"
said Choose Clean Water spokesmerson Marnie Prickett "National just wants to
make it legal for more poo to be in the places NZers swim." What worries me 
is that if I swim a river Smith deems "swimmable" I could still have, according
to the Ministry of Health, a 1 in 20 chance of getting sick from campylobacter.
Or looking at it another way, if 20 cabinet ministers go swimming in a river & 
only Nick Smith gets violently ill, it's okay to swim there. Perhaps we need a 
new term "Smithable" which denotes an officially "swimmable" river that no sane
person would swim in. [Voters will] decide if Smith's scheme is like most of 
our rivers, full of excrement. - Dave Armstrong, Dom Post 28.2.2017.

National's definition of 'safe to swim' ignores periphyton (slime) containing 
cyanobacteria caused by fertiliser & cow poo. Under the new rules a river is
swimmable even if there are short term blooms "reflecting moderate nutrient
enrichment &/or alteration of the natural flow'. This is deliberately phrased
to allow rivers sucked low by irrigation in summer to continue to be used as
farm drains growing slime. 
 Dissolved oxygen & nitrates are also set to protect farming rather than the 
ecosystem's health. Ecologist Mike Joy pointed out Smith's argument that the 
95% confidence level is like a 1 in 200 risk 90% of the time is wrong as e coli
events occur in summer with high temperatures & low flow. "This annual 
averaging is a crock of s...." Labour's David Parker: I believe Mike Joy when
he says that we are now pretending that rivers are safe that 20% of the time 
are going to have e coli levels which are unsafe to put your head under. The
gov't has let lots of clean rivers get dirty. - Dom Post 28.2.2017
Does that mean Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA) is in LALA land?
"New Zealand's most comprehensive source of water quality, water quantity and 
air quality data. View the current state and trend information for New Zealand."
- Or is this now just spin?

 The Delusions of our Environment Minister:
10 years ago the limit for e coli/100 mm in our lakes & riverswas 130. 
To allow more pollution from farms the govt changed it to 260. Now they are
changing it to 540! Dr Mike Joy says this means a 1 in 20 chance of getting
campylobacter. Nick Smith says this makes 400 km more of lakes & rivers 
swimmable!! - Dom Post 24.2.2017.

Demo' at Te Papa's water conference 21.2.2017:

 Environment Minister Smith declares poor quality rivers excellent.

Government spin: Clean water, 90% of rivers & lakes swimmable by 2040.

Chief scientist for the Environmental Protection Authority is copping flak
for declaring the Waikato River one of the cleanest in the world.
Marc Schallenberg of the NZ Freshwater Sciences Society says nitrate and e coli
concentrations have been increasing over time. "In 10 years time the Waikato 
River will be average among these world rivers," Dr Schallenberg said.
"And these rivers, most of them, are in very poor condition. They're in 
catchments populated by huge numbers of people." She said on TV1 2.11.2016:
'Efforts to improve its water quality should be put on hold til science which
is more robust proved that they were needed.' - Unbelievable codswobble!


Coca-Cola Sucks Wells Dry in Chiapas, Forcing Residents to Buy Water. 14.9.2017.

Trump Threatens Water Supply of Millions. 29.6.2017.

Mercenary Firm TigerSwan Targeted NoDAPL Water Protectors
With Military-Style Counterterrorism Measures. 2.6.2017.

One Quarter of US Drinks Substandard Water. 4.5.2017
18,000 water systems violated the Safe Drinking Water Act in 2015. Trump eyes 
deep budget cuts to programs safeguarding drinking water and public health.

US water supplies have become repositories for industrial waste. 28.4.2017
200 million Americans are exposed to the carcinogen Chromium 6 alone. 
In California hundreds of wells have been contaminated with 1,2,3-TCP, 
a Big Oil-manufactured chemical present in pesticides. ...

Clean Water Is a Basic Human Right. 26.4.2017

Lake Erie garbage patch.

Why the Paris Climate Summit Will Be a Peace Conference.
Every fraction of a degree less warming achieved in Paris and thereafter will 
mean that much less blood spilled in future climate-driven resource wars. 5.11.2015 

Nestle Has Been Pumping Water Out of California Without a Permit for 25 Years. 22.4.2015


co = company, gb/s = gigabyte/second,
NGO = non-governmental organisation,
NSA = National Security Agency,
WW2 = World War 2


a real financial transaction tax can generate more revenue than is needed ... 10.4.2016.

Ten Steps Toward a Future We Can Believe In. 10.4.2016.
1. Don't Trust the Mainstream Media
4. US as empire
5. Don't Let Anyone Steal Our Hope
6. Study the Shadow State

We offer this vision of a left agenda. 8.4.2016.
Cessation of all arms shipments abroad.
Cessation of any aid abroad intended for occupying armies.
Elimination of all US or other nations' overseas military bases.
An end to the use of military force as an instrument of national policy...

Building Democracy Without the State.
People resort to alternative forms of autonomous organization to give their 
existence meaning again, to reflect human creativity's desire to express itself
as freedom. These collectives, communes, cooperatives and grassroots movements 
can be characterized as the people's self-defense mechanisms against the 
encroachment of capitalism, patriarchy and the state. 3.4.2016.

Time Banks: A Tool for Restorative Justice and Community Strength.
Timebanking is mutual credit, where whenever somebody provides a service to a 
member in a timebank, they get credit, which they can redeem for that same 
amount of time to get something they need from someone else in the network.


27.1.2016 I was deeply shocked to hear our PM on the news last night deliver
a bare-faced lie on the TPPA. 'These investor state resolution
provisions are there to protect the NZ Government.' Please tell me he didn't
say that! In fact the Trans Nationals are using these right now to sue 
governments! TransCanada is suing US taxpayers for $15 billion for Obama's 
alleged violation of NAFTA (a treaty with similar provisions) in denying the 
Alaskan pipeline permit. Papua New Guinea secretly signed a 20-year agreement 
in 2011 with Canada's Nautilus Minerals company for the world's first 
deep-seabed mine. When PNG cancelled, Nautilus won against PNG under similar
arbitration. These are just 2 of a huge number of examples I could cite.
Perhaps even worse for the fate of the planet is the verdict that the TPPA 
could trump the Paris climate accord. Trade deal gives polluters power to sue 
governments who try to implement the Paris agreement - NZ Herald 11.12.2015. 
  What sort of respect can we have for a man who can lie to the nation
so glibly with a smile on his face?

22.9.2015 to the Dompost, a rebuttal to Dom Post 22.9.15
"Research suggests TPP no threat to NZ sovereignty" by Export NZ's 
Catherine Beard at

21.12.2014. Ethical investment, WTO type deals, TPP. 
AMP Kiwisaver members will be dismayed to learn that AMP is the 2nd largest 
investor in OceanaGold, a company that may well bankrupt El Salvador, as that 
country fights to preserve its last remaining fresh water reserve. I think most
kiwis want their investments to be ethically based rather than just about the 
money. OceanaGold is suing El Salvador for banning a metallic mine that would 
destroy its last remaining water resource. In spite of calls to drop the unfair
lawsuit, this mining corporation is bent on suing El Salvador for protecting 
its natural resources. AMP, one of Australia's largest investment funds is the 
second largest investor in Oceana. [It has now reduced its stake in this 
company.] I'm concerned about AMP's silence over OceanaGold's unfair lawsuit 
against El Salvador. As the second largest shareholder in OceanaGold, I want 
AMP to ask it to drop the lawsuit. El Salvador denied OceanaGold a mine that 
would deplete the country's last remaining water resource. My investments 
should not be used to deplete a country's water and override its sovereignty.
    90% of El Salvador's water is already polluted, putting low-income families
and communities in danger of waterborne illness, food shortages, and the added 
expense of buying bottled water. The tribunal is making decision by the end of 
the year, OceanaGold should drop the lawsuit now. If OceanaGold wins 
El Salvador will be forced to pay $301 million which could render the country 
  Unfortunately our government is pushing for the TPP agreement with a similar 
mechanism of resolving disputes, heavily skewed towards multinationals being 
able to sue member governments should their legislation reduced their
profits. An example is the lawsuit Philip Morris suing the Aussi government 
for plain packaging laws on cigarettes that would reduce its profits.
  Bilateral and regional investment treaties such as DR-CAFTA that OceanaGold 
is using against El Salvador, have seen massive expansion in recent years. 
And increasingly, many of these include so-called 'investor-state'
resolution clauses of the type being used in the El Salvador case.
Currently some 2,700 agreements internationally have such clauses, ICSID 
reports. Meanwhile, although the tribunal has existed since the 1960s, 
its relevance has increased dramatically in recent years, mirroring the rise 
in investor-state clauses.
ISCID itself doesn't decide on how to resolve such disputes. Rather, it offers 
a framework under which cases are heard by three external arbiters - one 
appointed by the investor, one by the state and one by both parties.
Yet outside of the World Bank headquarters on Monday, protesters expressed 
deep scepticism about the highly opaque ISCID process. Several said that past 
experience has suggested the tribunal is deeply skewed in favour of investors.
'This is a completely closed-door process, and this has meant that the 
tribunal can basically do whatever it wants,' Carla Garcia Zendejas director 
of the People, Land & Resources program at the Center for International 
Environmental Law, a watchdog group.
'Thus far, we have no examples of cases in which this body responded in favour 
of communities or reacted to basic human rights violations or basic 
environmental and social impact.'
Zendejas says the rise in investor-state lawsuits in recent years has resulted 
in many governments, particularly in developing countries, choosing to 
acquiesce in the face of corporate demand. Litigation is not only cumbersome 
but extremely expensive.
'Governments are increasingly wary of being sued, and therefore are more 
willing to accept and change polices or to ignore their own policies, even if 
there's community opposition,' she says.
'Certain projects have seen resistance, but political pressure often depends 
on who's in power. Unfortunately, the incorrect view that the only way for 
development to take place is through foreign investment is still very 
engrained in many of the powers that be.'

Note - much of this is taken from
See there for links to more info.

4.8.2014 Sunday Star Times. Are we ensnared in the web of the war-machines? 

I applaud the article 'NZ Super Fund has deadly portfolio', 3.8.2014, for 
drawing attention to its holdings in Israel Chemicals, a company selling 
phosphorus to the US for shells used in some of the wars defiling our planet. 
I really hope that the media will start to investigate the companies making 
money out of these wars and our ties to them. lists the top arms 
makers and buyers. The top 2 arms producers are Lockheed and Boeing who made 
$7 billion profit in 2012.

These multinationals have no morals - they are driven by profit. 
And those politicians in their pockets need to be exposed for what they are. 
Companies need to be reined in by laws that aim to make their products 
acceptable. Closer to home, Air NZ & Qantas buy their so-called Dreamliners 
from Boeing - one of the top companies destroying the dreams of so many.
 We need to pressure Air NZ & other companies ensnared by the war-machine, 
to buy what they need from companies that don't promote killing.

The US gives Israel billions in US-made arms. sipri gives the largest arms 
exporters as USA, Russia, Germany, China, France & UK. Oz trails behind in 
20th place.

I hope that your paper can give us more on this evil underside.

Plausible deniability, UK arms trade 8.9.14 

I've just read Deception in High Places - a history of bribery in Britain's 
Arms Trade (2014 Pluto Press) by N Gilby. I was struck by parallel developments
here in Aotearoa: 1) the use of Plausible Deniability; 2) derailing unwanted 
investigations of the Serious Fraud Office (SFO); 3) sacrificing integrity for 
jobs & profits; & 4) refusal to respect international law.
  On (1) we have heard a number of times of John Key hiding behind "I dont 
remember" & "not in the National Interest" to discuss things.
  On (4), Key has promoted the rape of our native forests for a 
few jobs until this resource is gone, & allowed the polluters of our rivers 
to go unpunished - fines would reduce the profits of farmers & power companies.
  Key has set up a narrow-focus investigation of the allegations that a 
government minister attempted to undermine our SFO .
 The UK SFO investigated massive corruption by British Aerospace (BAe)
in Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa & other countries. Arms sales by BAe & 
other UK manufacturers provide a lot of income & jobs. 
These companies pressured politicians & they shut down the investigation.
The UK skuttled the UN international agreement against corruption begun in 1976
even after Britain was isolated in international discussions for its position.
p117-127. In 2011 the OECD summarized the steps each country had taken to
enforce a UN Convention that requires companies convicted of corruption to face
severe penalties. The UK's list of steps was miniscule. It fought to cover up 
BAe's corrupt practices, tho the US c1998-2010 fined BAe $479m for corruption 
in  Czech Republic, Hungary, Saudi Arabia & Tanzania. This was not a serious 
problem as BAe earned $33b in 2010 for military contracts. p183. 
  On 4) I only mention Key pulling out of the Kyoto Accord, as it is bad for
the economy if CO2 polluters have to pay for their part in pushing the eco 
system into the world's 6th greatest extinction period. He argues "Why should
we do our part if others aren't?"
  NZ needs to clean up its engagement with the industrial-military complex.
Our government supports 5 Eyes spying on its citizens.
Our NZ Super Fund invests in Israel Chemicals, selling phosphorus to the US 
for shells used in some of the wars defiling our planet. Our national airline
buys its Dreamliners from Boeing. lists the top arms makers and 
buyers. The top 2 arms producers are Lockheed and Boeing who made $7 billion 
profit in 2012. 

Key announces support for another US war. 8.10.2014

Hey ho, hey ho, its off to war we go!

Or so our PM says. He should see this as a chance to lean on Big Brother
to stop the US flouting international law.
Their war crimes are legionary & they refuse to be held accountable by any
international court. They have undermined the authority of the UN,
which should be our best hope for solving international conflict. 

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) 24.10.2014 Dom Post

Sir Graeme Harrison's article 'Globalisation is embraced by NZ Governments' in 
the DomPost 24.10.14 blatantly ignores the difference between the Trans 
Pacific Partnership (TPP) & previous deals he lists. The TPP like WHO deals 
gives away the sovereignty of our Supreme Court. Any NZ legislation that might 
curb the profits of the US multinationals behind these will be dealt with by a 
tribunal that will milk our government for millions.

Example: Chevron's oil spills in Canada contravened Canadian laws so Chevron's 
oil rig was shut down. Chevron then forced the Canadian government to pay it 
millions per day as long as the oil rig was shut down. A current case involving
the tobacco lobby is being dealt with against our neighbour Oz at the moment.

This is not a game we want to play. Like Trade Minister Tim GROSER, Sir GH 
ignoring this loss of our sovereignty, insults our intelligence.

BRIDGES gives Chevron an oil lease. 9.12.2014

In awarding an oil lease to Chevron, our Minister of Energy & Resources,
Simon Bridges has made what must surely be a criminally misleading
"Chevron has a good but not perfect record."
He must be held accountable for this lie.
Let me just recount a few of Chevron's evil legacies to the planet.

I: Over three decades of oil drilling in the Ecuadorian Amazon, Chevron dumped 
more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into pristine rainforest.
The company owes people living in the Amazon $9.5 billion - but has repeatedly 
refused to pay up, using its immense wealth and corporate influence to wriggle 
out of all responsibility. Now, we finally have a chance to make Chevron face 

Indigenous and farmer communities are taking their fight to the International 
Criminal Court (ICC), a body that can legally prosecute individuals and 
corporations for crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

II: Chevron dominated the economy and politics of Richmond, California treating
it like an old-fashioned company town. In 2007, Gayle McLaughlin, candidate of 
the Green Party, became mayor. She and her allies on the city council began 
calling Chevron out, especially after a 2012 refinery fire that sent 15,000 
people off to area hospitals for treatment. Chevron has pulled out the stops, 
spending some $3 million to campaign against McLaughlin and her slate, and to 
use its corporate clout in support of more business-friendly, opposition 

Chevron and the Moving Forward political alliance it underwrites say they're 
just protecting the company's interests in Richmond, and are dedicated to 
preserving the city's "quality of life." Mayor McLaughlin and progressives 
around the country point to Chevron's well-heeled electioneering as a textbook 
example of big money co-opting politics and taking over government.

III: Chevron's oil spills in Canada contravened Canadian laws so Chevron's oil 
rig was shut down. Chevron then forced the Canadian government to pay it 
millions per day as long as the oil rig was shut down. A current case 
involving the tobacco lobby is being dealt with against our neighbour Oz at 
the moment.

Cut the crap Bridges!
Yet another minister misleading Parliament & the public. 

Dirty Business by our Big 4 Banks. 16.12.2014.

Last night I watched DIRTY BUSINESS on 60 Minutes. It dealt with how 
the Big 4 Australasian banks, ANZ (who made $7 billion profit last year), 
NAB (5 billion), Commonwealth, & Westpac (8 billion), have invested in 
international land grabs devastating local communities. 2 examples:

 1. These banks financed the grabbing by a sugar company of land that
Brazilian indigenous people have held for 1000s of years. It is not only the
lives taken, the pollution by pesticides of their streams, their sick children,
but the loss of their ancient heritage that was chronicled.

 2. They financed Pnnom Penh Sugar with a Human Rights abuse history of
forcing people from their land to grow sugar cane. We heard from
Oxfam CEO Helen Szoke how the Big 4 are breaking at least 6 ethical
commitments they have signed up to, as well as a UN Global Contract
committing to responsible investment in the global agricultural industry.
She illustrated the horrific impacts on the lives of people the Big 4
have made. She tells how ANZ cut and ran in Cambodia under pressure to fix
the mess it left behind - whole villages had their rightful land & crops
bulldozed. We heard how PP Sugar gave a paltry $50 compensation to one victim
who said
'We're suffering. We dont have enough jobs or spare compensation from the
company. So please ANZ, help the people with their suffering.'
 Lawyer Eang Vuthy of the group Equitable Cambodia spoke of ANZ's damage
to the people demanding ANZ pay $5m compensation out of its $7 billion profit. 
He said 'You cannot run away from your responsibility. You have to take 
responsibility to address this...' We saw the placard of a local reading 
'ANZ Bank of Thieves'.

It is time we had some ethical directors elected to the boards of these 



- for opening the doors to the TransNationals by signing WTO treaties welcoming them to come in & plunder our resources & take our jobs, while being too spineless to advocate protection for people & environment; - for allowing Auckland housing to buckle our economy & smash the dreams of would-be home owners, while being too spineless to rein in speculators. - for lying to Parliament that he had no contact with Whale Oil Blogger Cameron Slater. - for joking about rape in our jails & pulling pony-tails. HEROS: SUE BRADFORD
Sue Bradford for championing the poor & the powerless.
Sue Bradford on wikipedia. 

Nicky Hager for exposing Our Wise Leader's corrupt tactics, at great personal cost to himself.
Nicky Hager's website, exposing
    the military,
    intelligence agencies,
    public relations activities, and
    the unseen sides of politics. 

JOHNO SMITH of South Auckland 
phone +64273116274, email
Johno Smith for climbing a Pacific oil rig in Greenpeace protest.
'I am not a hero- I am just one man from a global movement that has used his 
skills and taken a stand for what is right. #TheCrossing' 
"Yes I have done [those] things and a lot more. Rest assured none of it is for
fame but more to create a world that is better for all species and habitable 
for future generations. I am keen to help. I definitely believe that power is 
in the community. It is in our youth and is one reason I do what I do. 
To inspire others like a snowball effect." - 18.12.15.
Climbing this rig took a lot of guts!
 Saving kauri tree 2015. 

A volunteer seeking change in the criminal justice system. Community lawyer.
TV News 8.3.2016 "Evidence has told us for years that this wasnt working. 
So hurry up old people in the beehive." - 17 year olds to appear in Youth Court
rather than adult prisons. Children in state care: by age 17 1 in 5 deal with 
SIPS at a cost of $.1m each; most aged 7-8. By 21, 90% of these are on the 
benefit, 20% jailed, 40% on community sentences. 8.3.2016. 

GORDON CAMPBELL, a fearless journalist.

SOME OTHER HEROS: "I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today-my own government."-Martin Luther King Jr. 1967. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere... there are two types of laws: just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." - Martin Luther King Jr., "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" 1963. "When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered." -Martin Luther King Jr. 1967.

What Happens to a Dream Deferred? Ask Martin Luther King Jr.
Stand up for what is right, rather than what is politically expedient.
A monied, oligarchic elite calls the shots in Washington, while militarized 
police and the surveillance sector keep the masses under control. 17.1.2016 

A Time to Break Silence. By Rev. Martin Luther King - Audio and Transcript
"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world r
evolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must 
rapidly begin the shift from a "thing-oriented" society to a "person-oriented" 
society."  17.1.2016 
Internationally Recognized Rights Defender Berta Cáceres Murdered in Honduras. 8.3.2016


2020 election - Mike Joy's voting guide:

John Key’s toxic legacy.
Gareth Hughes's parliamentary speech went viral.

MPs' emails 23.9.2016.

is a list of Kiwi Peace groups. 

New Zealand Fabian Society.
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Their talks for 2015 were 

  The Enduring Legacy of Neo-Liberalism Sir Ted Thomas Wellington 11 February
  The Centre-Left Economy: Why it Needs to be Spoken About Professor Nigel 
Haworth, Phoebe Fletcher and Vernon Tava Auckland 12 February
  The Precariat Charter Professor Guy Standing Wellington 19 February
  Piketty's Capital: for New Zealand Dr Geoff Bertram Christchurch 27 February
  Labour Markets Professor Guy Standing Auckland 4 March
  Crunch Time for the TPPA Professor Jane Kelsey Wellington 4 March
  High Noon for the TPPA Professor Jane Kelsey Auckland 5 March
  Poverty, Violence, Debt: Gender is Relevant Catriona MacLennan, Marama 
Davidson, Kylee Quince & Rebecca Fountain Auckland 11 March
  Developing a New Economic Agenda for the Left David Coats Wellington 12 March
  A New Kiwi Dream? A Generation Zero Perspective Carlos Chambers & Generation 
Zero Wellington 30 March
  The Continued Threat of a Failed Financial and Banking System by Dr Robert 
Howell Auckland 2 April
  Defending Democracy and Citizen Rights; the Purpose of Investigative 
Journalism Nicky Hager Wellington 9 April
  Universal Basic Income & BIEN Network Perce Harpham Wellington 29 April
  The Future of Journalism and Our Democracy Alison McCulloch, Myles Thomas 
and Keith Ng Auckland 7 May
  Smart Choices for Christchurch – A Tale of Two Networks Peter Harris and 
Dick Werry Christchurch 19 May
  Reflections on the UK Election Dorothy Macedo Pat Webster Geoff Hayward 
Wellington 25 May
  A New Kiwi Dream? A Generation Zero Perspective Leroy Beckett Auckland 27 May
  The Case for Capital Gains Tax in a Progressive Economy Dr Deborah Russell 
Auckland 4 June Wellington 10 June
  In the Middle of It - Book Launch Rev Bob Scott Auckland 24 June
  Gender, Power and New Zealand Culture Catriona McLennan and Prue Hyman 
Wellington 25 June
  The Continued Threat of a Failed Financial and Banking System Dr Robert 
Howell Wellington 10 July
  Wellbeing Economics and the future of Work Professor Paul Dalziel Wellington 
15 July
  Unleashing Auckland: how new approaches to urban development can get our 
biggest city moving again! Shamubeel Eaqub, Dita de Boni Martin Udale 
Auckland 16 July
  The Fire Economy Professor Jane Kelsey Wellington 5 August
  Why we need to change the way we talk about poverty and inequality Max 
Rashbrooke Auckland 13 August and Christchurch 8 October; Max Rashbrooke and 
Marianne Elliott Wellington 14 September
  Civil Society and the role of the NGOs Kim McGregor, Richard Northey and 
Priyanca Radhakrishnan Auckland 20 August
  Laudato Si' - Pope Francis on the care of the earth and its people Lisa 
Beech Wellington 2 September
  The Future of Energy Auckland 8 September
  Inclusive Capitalism or Investing for a Long Term – Rethinking the 
prevailing Orthodoxy Auckland 22 September
  Investing according to your values – or putting your money where your 
mouth is Auckland 26 September
  The Corbyn Phenomenon - An Appreciation Mike Smith
  Housing Auckland - creating a safe, warm, economical and well-designed city 
Philippa Howden-Chapman, Bernard Hickey, Mark Todd 
  Nicky Hager Dirty Politics One Year On Christchurch 23 October
  Geoff Bertram Climate Change Economics Wellington 29 October
  Helen Clark - Inside Stories Claudia Pond Eyley & Dan Salmon 
  The Investment Approach to Welfare Colin James and Dr Pat Webster 23 November
  Songs for the Movement Auckland 27 November

Common Unity Project Aotearoa - an urban community project in Epuni, Lower Hutt
growing food, skills, enterprise and leadership with local families. 


Hear and be Heard. - I can't recommend Tom's courses enough.


  Failing to Prepare for Climate Change Trumps all Other Concerns in 
Global Risk Assessment for Next Decade - issue 21.1.2016.

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