74th CA and 896th AW

74th Coastal Artillery Anti-Aircraft and 896th AW

John Wilson's photos from first training in the US through Africa...click on his photo to view them.
He had 3 albums, the first was labelled "US - Africa"
(more photos coming soon)
John J. Wilson  Click on the photo to view the photo album.

This booklet was kept by Cpl. John J. Wilson and is posted in his memory and the memory of those who served with him.

Cover page 8 page 13 page 18 page 23 page 28 page 33
Foreword page 9 page 14 page 19 page 24 page 29 page 34
page 5 page 10 page 15 page 20 page 25 page 30 page 35
page 6 page 11 page 16 page 21 page 26 page 31
page 7 page 12 page 17 page 22 page 27 page 32

The Booklet to the left was apparently the Thanksgiving dinner menu for Battery "H" of th 74th Coast Artillery unit while they were based at Portsmouth, Virginia on November 26, 1942.

Click on the image to view the booklet.

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